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(generated from captions) Alright. Tonight...'ll have what you need. is about to explode. Donna's marriage to your father (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hey. You OK? I just want to go home. I'll take you. OK. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight -

we'll weather the economic storm... Kevin Rudd assures business leaders We are all in this together come through this thing. and together we are going to

queue for food. struggling Australians It's just hard. what everyone else has. Not everyone can afford raise fears for patient care Ward closures

at a major Sydney hospital. this is a reduction in beds This is cost-cutting, that's really quite disastrous. And the Sydney high flyer bank fraud. accused of a multimillion-dollar Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Also - at tomorrow's by-elections. the Premier braces for a bloodbath And - helping save their species. at Taronga. The devilish new additions But heading Ten News - are on the way down again home loan interest rates with one of the big four banks a taste of things to come. The fall is likely to the big end of town today. The PM paid a visit The corporate elite were there about the financial crisis. to talk to Kevin Rudd We are all in this together come through this thing. and together we are going to Industry has welcomed the Government's economic security measures to boost growth.

would have met with business leaders You would have thought the PM An even greater stimulus big rate cuts by the Reserve Bank. with financial markets factoring in

Obviously they are very concerned a significant rise in unemployment. about the possibility of can home owners expect? So just how much relief is currently 6% The Reserve Bank cash rate to be 5% or below by Christmas. but the money markets now expect it to their lowest level in five years, That would take official rates down around $200 a month potentially saving borrowers if passed on in full. on the average home loan One bank jumped the gun today cut its variable home loan rate as the ANZ

by another 0.25%.

a meeting with small business owners. Across town, Malcolm Turnbull held How's it going? a softening in sales They're reporting

but are trying to remain optimistic. feeding through to small business? What about those rate cuts

What about these guys here? Of great concern, though, and what impact that will have on demand for Australian commodities.

A lot depends on China. The worse China looks will be. the bigger the Reserve Bank cut Nobody can be precisely certain the world economy is heading about exactly where over the next six to nine months. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. after two days of financial carnage It promised so much on the Australian share market but this morning's rally fizzled out by the afternoon. Jacqueline Maddock Ten's finance reporter is at the stock exchange. a strong lead from the US? The local market couldn't retain

That is right. Despite the earlier

at strength of the local market

continues to be gripped by fears of

a recession and concerns that a

global slowdown will see Chinese demand

demand for Australian commodities

dry up. As a result it was again

our mining heavy weights which

weighed heaviest on our market,

extending their horror at losses we

saw yesterday. As you would expect

we also saw some weakness in

banking stocks. How are our banking stocks. How are our

marketplace now compared to last

week? Today the All week? Today the All Ordinaries

ended down about 1% and it is only

a couple of points higher than it

ended on that holiday of Black

ended on that holiday of Black

Friday last week, so essentially

this week we have seen all the

gains made on a couple of positive

trading sessions be wiped off.

Let's take a look at those market

details of little bit closer.

All eyes will be on Wall All eyes will be on Wall Street

tonight to see if the US market can provide a bit of positive direction

to the local market next week. Thanks, Jacqueline. has hit a 15-month low The price of oil much further, and it's expected to fall thanks to the financial crisis, are maintaining profits, and while petrol companies

there's only pump pain for drivers. Oil prices are crashing dump excess supplies as demand contracts and producers back onto the market. But despite the lower price, at the pump. there's been little relief eight cents too much at the pump, We're paying at least we're all facing, and given these hard times companies x keep a very close eye on the petrol even more. to make sure we don't get ripped off in the value of the Aussie dollar. Some blame the freefall

at $1.06 US dollars a barrel Last month oil was trading 83 US cents. and the dollar was buying Both have taken a major dive. Overnight oil hit a low of just under $70 US a barrel

and the dollar was worth 69 cents. has fallen further than the dollar But the NRMA says the oil price for high petrol prices. and blames oil companies It's the oil companies, their big profit margin their refining margin,

the price to be kept up. is the one that's causing at the service station. Don't blame the guy oil will continue to fall. Analysts predict never was justified But mostly the price then everybody tries to bail out, and once it broke and people are talking about $59.0

by the end of the year. and people are talking about $50 the rising cost of running a car But with motorists facing

the higher cost of living, and coping with

are tightening their belts. it's clear many people Mechanics report

by delaying services. some people are trying to save money Instead of servicing 20,000km, 30,000km. they're stretching it because vehicle components wear out. But that's leading to higher costs

John Hill, Ten News. our hospitals are being run. There's more anger over the way Leading doctors are warning that women and children are being put at risk because a crucial ward is about to be shut. One of the country's top medical teams for women is at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. But overnight it became the latest casualty of the health crisis, with executives revealing the specialist ward will be disbanded next month. This is cost-cutting. And to specially target women and children, a specialised unit at one of our tertiary referral hospitals, that's really quite disastrous. The State Government is grappling with a $300 million health blowout. Still, hospital heads insist the 20-bed ward is not being closed to save money but because its beds aren't being used as much by surgical patients. Patients don't stay in hospital as long, much more surgery comes in as day-of-surgery admissions. People come quicker, they leave quicker. We understand the hospital's been told to cut $40 million. Although not willing to speak on camera today, nurses, obstetricians and senior gynaecologists have said they're both astonished and appalled at the ward's closure, Our members are quite distressed about the closure of that ward. RPA may also close its 10-bed children's ward. That's wrong because the last time I bought my daughter out, I had to end up going all the way to Randwick, and it's a very long trip for me, it's too hard. Is it going to save money to reconfigure the services? Paediatric services, perhaps. But RPA bosses have refused to reveal just how much money the efficiencies would save. NSW teachers have stepped up their fight for more pay. Frustrated with State Government negotiations, the Teachers' Federation has gone straight to the Industrial Relations Commission, of CPI on wages. asking it to examine the impact It says the Government has failed to table a complete pay offer, despite five weeks of talks. In the interim we want 5% in place for our members. We want the commissioner to intervene and put 5% in our members' pockets on 1 January this year. The Federation warned teachers could take further industrial action if their demands aren't met. Voters in four State seats will head to the polls tomorrow with predictions that Labor will be punished for recent turmoil. Labor currently holds three of those being contested by large margins but the Premier is already resigned to losing at least one. He's the 41-year-old bachelor the Liberals hope will give them a one-way ticket to Ryde. Tomorrow's by-elections offer a chance to tell Mr Rees that his priorities are all wrong.

Victor Dominello's a lawyer

and is also Barry O'Farrell's best chance at clawing back the seat held by former transport minister John Watkins, and the word on the street is glowing. Liberal will win. People are sick of Labor. I think the Liberals are going to go very well. That's what the polls suggest, even though Labor holds it with a 10% margin. One vote the Liberals won't be getting, though, is from Mr Dominello himself. REPORTER: So why can't you vote? Because my electoral roll is in North Sydney. Mr Dominello is moving to Eastwood from McMahons Point. Nicole Campbell is hoping it's enough for her to hold onto the seat for Labor. from McMahons Point. I'm here for the long haul. While Mr Dominello has been labelled a "blow-in", Mr Rees blew out of town to Bathurst. O'FARRELL: Mr Rees has done a red-hot runner to Bathurst today to avoid the bad publicity. The Premier's country tour from the seat of Cabramatta, was a long way which Labor holds by a margin of 29%. It's even bigger in Lakemba,

which Morris Iemma held by a monstrous 34%. The major parties have not fielded candidates in Port Macquarie, which is held by the Nationals, but its candidates are under siege from Independents. If we got the Independent up in Port Macquarie I would consider that a win. and retain the existing seats I don't think that that's likely.

Nathan Rees spent last night socialising at the launch of a Belgian chocolate cafe. Tomorrow may not be as sweet. Josh Murphy, Ten News. The plight of Colin the whale captured Sydney's attention for days, now an autopsy has shown just how sick the baby humpback was at the time it was put down. Taronga Zoo pathologists today revealed the calf was suffering from acute pneumonia and had ulcers in his stomach and throat and a number of infected shark bite wounds. It was also underweight and only aged between 7 and 10 days, meaning it must have been separated from its mother just after birth. The autopsy has also cleared up the confusion over Colin's gender - it was, in fact, a male. In sport with Brad McEwan - tough going for the Australian cricket team. Yes, India's on top early in the second Test, all the highlights from Mohali shortly. And someone stop the bus! The Aussie's almost leave Test debutant Peter Siddle behind. We'll hear from Australia's newest Test cricketer about his embarrassing moment. the famous delicacy haggis. And this is of Scotland's World Cup team Today the Aussie members had to pass the taste test. Their verdicts shortly.

Also - we'll have the latest on the Caulfield Cup and an amazing long-range shot on a basketball court, a basketball. except they're not using Next - grammar, punctuation and spelling make a comeback in a new English curriculum. Also tonight -

a construction worker's close call as a crane topples over. And handle with care - Taronga Zoo's devilish new additions. (ABORIGINAL MUSIC) We are one but we are many, and from all the lands on earth we come... Be part of Baz Luhrmann's epic movie 'Australia'. Simply press BigPond on your Next G mobile and receive exclusive previews, behind-the-scenes and more. And best of all, it's free. I am. You are.

We are Australian. (SPEAKS HOARSELY) Break your smoking habit once and for all. (BELL RINGS) (EXCITING MUSIC) This program is captioned live. A celebrity's boyfriend remains behind bars after failing to meet bail. Matthew Rodin has strongly denied claims he tried to rip off a bank for more than $7 million. Police swooped on Matthew Rodin's luxury Rushcutters Bay apartment in an early morning raid. The Sydney businessman has been linked to television presenter and former model Charlotte Dawson. He's been charged with three offences relating to a $7 million loan obtained through his company, NR Marketing. It's alleged the 42-year-old used fake documents to secure a Commonwealth Bank loan for a Darlinghurst commercial property in October last year. The bank became suspicious after he failed to make monthly repayments.

Today in court, Mr Rodin pleaded not guilty to the charges. His lawyers say their client will fight the matter. The magistrate granted bail of $100,000.

But late this afternoon Mr Rodin failed to raise the funds and remains in custody. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. More than 10 weeks after the near-fatal bashing of an Irishman in Coogee, police have released a photo of a second suspect. The man they want to speak with is 19-year-old Kane Desmond Tupuolamoui.

29-year-old David Keohane was bashed unconscious in August. He's since been taken home to Ireland in a coma. Investigators believe Tupoulamoui is one of the men spotted at the Coogee Bay Hotel just before the bashing. A construction worker has narrowly escaped electrocution on the central coast. after his crane toppled over on the Central Coast. The boom brought down powerlines when it collapsed, trapping the operator in the cabin for an hour. Once power workers made the site safe, the operator simply walked clear. Apart from a small cut to his knee the driver escaped unharmed. An investigation is under way. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten news, email them to: or MMS: We're interested in both photos and video. showing off their english skills, While HSC students were busy today showing off their English skills, to bring back basic language skills. a new proposal was announced The plan would see grammar return to the school curriculum for the first time in 30 years.

I really thought there when I teach

us to others we would be OK it I

really thought we would be because

we would be prepared and it wasn't

too unexpected. The focus this he

was on creative thinking and was on creative thinking and

literary interpretation. I thought

it was very fair and reasonable.

The students had plenty of

opportunity to demonstrate what

they understood. 64,000 students

set the tests today. There will be

back on Monday for part two. In

just a few years - years the exam

could have a very different feel because the National Curriculum Board has just released his

proposal which would see a return

to the old days where in this

students become known been focused

on classical literature and grammar.

An assumption that the business is

over by grateful. Without English

proficiency, spoken and written, it

is going to be a long way into

their work. And the difficult part

for many kids. Recruitment agencies

see first hand how far standards

have slipped. Raise a maze of and

littered with mistakes. Cool me

old-fashioned but those traditions

of good handwriting, grammar,

spelling will always be critical in

getting a job. Educators and

governments will debate the

proposal until the end of the breed. One of Australia's most important breeding programs is paying huge dividends. Taronga Zoo today gave us a look at its newest Tasmanian devils. These fiesty joeys taking the number born in captivity in recent months to 34. The reluctant stars are the product of 115 adult devils in the program.

They're considered an endangered species facial tumour disease. because of a quickly-spreading Tasmanian devils everywhere today -

here is another one. See that

behind me? That is a big fat

weekend grinning at you! It is

going to be sensational. going to be sensational. 25-29

degrees tomorrow, blue sky, it just

looks like a weekend. We are looks like a weekend. We are about

to splash into wet. That increasing to splash into wet. That increasing

through the afternoon but on Sunday

it will be 29 to about 32 degrees

and bake Stummer on the way on

Sunday. Their Girls' Big Night Out

in - about 110 beautiful women. I'm

looking forward to this broadcast

and will see you later. Up next - the unlikely winner of the US presidential debate enjoys his 15 minutes of fame. Joe the plumber, old buddy Joe. And the last-remaining Titanic survivor prepares to offload her mementoes. If I have to do it, I have to do it, so that's it. Woolworths, famous for fresh fruit, fresh vegies and fresh meat, proudly introduces the fresh credit card. With the new Woolworths Everyday Money Credit Card, you can count on earning real rewards everywhere you shop, which you can use for all sorts of things, from petrol to your favourite wine to computer games. The credit card, fresh from Woolworths. Apply now at: Or pick up an application form in store.

This program is captioned live. A

check on the traffic now. This program is captioned live. A check on the traffic now. Big

delays - a four-car accident near

the shops on the highway at

Turramurra. We can see the delays

going back towards Pymble going back towards Pymble and

edging back towards Artarmon so a

significant weight as a zoom in on

a highway run. This is the traffic

trying to head towards the F3 after

this accident. Police and ambulance

are back at Turramurra. The good

news is that the F3 he's fine. More

of an update on the Friday traffic later. V8 supercar driver Paul Weel is back home on the Gold Coast after surviving last week's The 29-year-old's Holden was ploughed into at sickening speed during practice on Friday. It's probably a little disappointing that I did get hit, seeing that the two cars went by me previously, and didn't hit me. Weel is nursing a broken spine and internal injuries. He want tougher safety standards for the sport. Just lately, we had an accident in Adelaide, We had Bathurst a couple of years ago, so it's put a bit of pressure on the sport. It'll be eight months before he's well enough

to even consider getting back in the driver's seat. Britt Lapthorne's family has begun the heartbreaking journey home from Croatia with her body. Earlier, her father broke down while scattering petals in his daughter's memory into the waters off Dubrovnik. A month of heartbreak, A month of heartbreak overwhelms Dale Lapthorne. Collapsing to his knees, he is supported by a friend. We're expecting Britt to walk through the door at any time. The reality is that's not going to happen so we know when we get home it's finality. Moments earlier

he had thrown white petals into the sea, where Britt's body was found 11 days ago. Mourning, too, her brother Darren and boyfriend, Simon Imberger.

They played Britt's favourite songs, which had been taken off her Ipod. I just saw Britt's backpack for the first time and that was really hard. The family have begun the journey home with the 21-year-old's body and are expected to arrive in Melbourne on Sunday night. We have to be home, I need to be home, Darren needs to be home, Britt needs to be home. We need to regroup. Britt's friends have organised with a public memorial service to be held next Wednesday, but Dale Lapthorne is already looking to return to Dubrovnik, to keep pressure on Croatian police.

I have this fear it's going to be pushed under the carpet. I'm losing confidence very fast and if I have to come back, I'll come back. James Wakelin, Ten News. John McCain is hoping for a late surge in the opinion polls thanks to the unlikely hero of the final presidential debate. But despite his new fame, Joe the plumber is refusing to endorse either candidate.

We had a good debate last night. It was a lot of fun. In Darlingtown, Pennsylvania, today John McCain said he thought he did pretty well in the final debate, but someone else did even better. The real winner last night was Joe the plumber. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE In the debate... Joe the plumber. ..McCain referred to Joe Wurzelbacher... A guy who's a plumber. a small Ohio plumbing company... ..who works for We're talking about Jo the plumber. ..21 times. Joe. Joe. Joe.

Joe, you're rich. Congratulations. ...using him as an example with Barack Obama's tax plans. of what's wrong He's trying to suggest that a plumber is the guy he's fighting for. How many plumbers do you know who are making $250,000 a year? Wurzelbacher today told a gaggle of reporters he's amazed that quizzing Obama on his tax policies has turned him into a political celebrity. They were using me to make a point so I don't mind it, as long as people actually stop and think.

On 'The Late Show' today McCain apologised to David Letterman for cancelling a recent appearance and to Wurzelbacher for all the commotion... Joe, if you're watching, I'm sorry. ..and he reiterated his position on taxes, with one exception. Now is not the time to raise anybody's taxes except yours,

and I guarantee you, when I'm president, I'll do it. The McCain campaign would like the discussion of Joe the plumber to continue as long as possible - they think it gives them a political boost - but Wurzelbacher says he thinks he's just a flash in the pan.

The last survivor of the 'Titanic' disaster is selling her mementoes from the doomed voyage. Millvina Dean was just 2-months-old when the liner sank 96 years ago. Now she has to auction her treasures to help pay her nursing home bills. You might expect Millvina Dean to be feeling sad right now,

about to sell off part of her history, but having survived the 'Titanic' has left her philosophical. I'm rather an optimist. I don't ever look on the - well, I occasionally look on the dark side but not very often. I mean, if I have to do it I have to do it, so that's it. Millvina was only nine weeks old when the family left England in 1912 as third-class passengers on the 'Titanic', heading for a new life in America. with an iceberg Her father felt the ship's collision and ordered his wife to dress Millvina and her older brother and go up to the deck. They were placed in a lifeboat, but Millvina's father died when the 'Titanic' sank,

along with more than 1,500 others.

The survivors were supported by the Titanic Relief Fund and, 96 years later, Millvina is selling the letters her mother received, outlining their weekly payout of ?1 7s 6d. By far the most poignant of Millvina's possessions being auctioned off is this wicker suitcase. It was given to Millvina's mother when the family arrived in America in 1912 after their rescue. They'd lost everything when the 'Titanic' sank and people in New York filled this case with clothing for the destitute family. Millvina is the last 'Titanic' survivor so she is the only person that was actually on the 'Titanic', Millvina is hoping for at least ?3,000 to pay for her private nursing care now she must stay in a home. Nina Nannar, Ten News. Will the sunshine hold out for the weekend? We'll ask Tim Bailey next. Also, the great grocery giveaway - a shocking sign of the times. We'll ask Tim Bailey next. a shocking sign of the times. It's just hard. Not everyone can afford what everyone else has.

And country crooner Kenny Rogers

on Dolly, touring and his new facelift. VOICEOVER: Now there's more to love about a Quarter Pounder at McDonald's. For a limited time, you can order your favourite with irresistible seasoned avocado. And you can even add bacon. Try one at McDonald's today. Top stories this news hour - a Sydney A-lister is behind bars, accused of more than $7 million in bank fraud. Matthew Rodin, the boyfriend of 'Australia's Next Top Model' host Charlotte Dawson failed to post bail, after being arrested this morning. The 42-year-old is accused of using fake documents to secure a Commonwealth Bank loan for a Sydney property last year. is the latest victim A leading Sydney hospital of the State's health crisis. patient care at the Royal Prince Alfred will suffer when it closes its 20-bed women's ward next month. It's children's ward is also in the firing line as the Government grapples with a $300 million health blowout. And the Prime Minister has moved to reassure corporate Australia we will pull through the economic crisis. We're all in this together and we'll come through this together. The financial fallout is expected to impact positively on interest rates By December, the Reserve bank expects the official cash rate to fall to 5%. In a confronting sign of the tough times, thousands of people have queued for free food from an Australian charity.

and still organisers say it wasn't enough. Get a load of this. The queues waiting for a bag load of fresh and canned food

stretched for hundreds of metres. There's no need to rush, we have heaps of food. In fact, 80 tonnes of it, $25,000 worth, all approaching use-by dates and donated to the Tribe of Judah by manufacturers. A godsend to the needy. It's just hard - not everyone can afford what everyone else has. And it's just hard. Like, I've got five kids and it really does help me out. The church group hands out free or discounted food every day. But this was a much bigger event, the second of its kind, because of the times. We see so many people come in here, I mean, you know, people that have been wealthy and have just gone broke. Another group is organising a lunch next Wednesday for families needing housing. There are so many families out there who are separating. They're living in tents, their children are being dished out to wherever they can put them. Most people we speak to are paying 50%-60% of their income on rent. Those wanting just food were still coming in

four hours after the start. One of them camped there most of the night. Yes, I came here at 2:00. WOMAN: How many do you feed? Just yourself? Yeah, just myself.

Alright, there you go. The Tribe of Judah is expecting demand will only intensify and it will have to plan another mass giveaway soon. Mark Suleau, Ten News.

Let's take another look at the

weather now. You addressed very prettily in pink - and have some good

good company? Breast cancer

awareness month and what about 110

women having a big night in with

just one weatherman?! I love this

year won Friday's! I love this job year won Friday's! I love this job

when I look at my new best friends,

ladies and gentlemen! This is ladies and gentlemen! This is

important. This is for my friend important. This is for my friend

Donna. She is inspirational,

fantastic, she has been battling

for 10 years and she is winning!

The weather runs second!

25-29 degrees tomorrow at your

place - I don't think of a gang

than to allow Monday morning! 40-1

and he still has them outnumbered! Country music icon Kenny Rogers is back touring Australia. Despite selling more than 100 million records over 50 years, the legendary star is still remarkably humble, although some things have changed. He doesn't look 70, and that's the point. performing keeps him young - Kenny Rogers says that and his plastic surgeon. I'm a bionic man - I have no original working parts. I just kind of wonder what I would have looked like if I hadn't done it all. Humble and grateful for his 50-year career,

he nominates 'The Gambler' as the song that probably changed his life, but it's not his favourite. I would probably pick 'Lady', because I think 'Lady' is one of those rare songs that says what every man would like to say and every woman would like to hear. A self-confessed romantic, a lot has changed for Kenny in the 10 years since he was last here. He's remarried and he's the proud father of twin boys, 4-year-olds. They come out and sing with me. WOMAN: It's so beautiful. And he's looking forward to another tour. I never felt I was a particularly good singer but I think I am a good entertainer. And so say his fans, who, at last count, had bought 100 million of his records. Still, he says he's not so great. He once entered a contest for singers who look like Kenny Rogers and lost. Always humble, he laughs about it and that plastic surgery. It is better and better and better, so if I don't die soon it will look great when I am older. Kenny Rogers might be 70 but he has no plans to retire. He says as long as people keep coming to his concerts he will keep on singing. That is so true. His tour kicks off in Brisbane tonight. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. Baz Luhrman's epic movie 'Australia' hits cinemas in just over a month. And today, a taste of what to expect, with the release of the latest trailer for the film, and Hugh Jackman. starring Nicole Kidman Welcome to Australia. You'd be a lot more comfortable You keep your eyes on the road! Mr Drover, there's only one tent.

It opens across the country on November 26. Sport, now, with Brad and an eventful debut for Australia's latest Test cricketer. Yes - Peter Siddle was almost left behind after missing the team bus. He's a colourful character and we'll hear from him next.

It was Mitchell Johnson with a much needed breakthrough. And serving up a test for the Aussie members of Scotland's rugby league team. They'll tell us what they think of haggis. Same super contribution. Hers does. That's a lifetime of difference with an Industry SuperFund. Make sure your super fund statement carries this symbol. This program is captioned live. India is off to flying start in the second Test against Australia in Mohali. After stand in captain MS Dohni won the toss, the home side is 1/104 at lunch. Mitchell Johnson has the lone wicket, while Victorian Peter Siddle now owns a baggy green cap. missed the team bus He may have almost for the side's last training session. Come running out. and the bus was headed down the thing. But there was no chance of Peter Siddle not taking his place as the 403rd Test player for Australia. Just to get out there, get the ball in my hand. Australia handed the ball and a challenge on a batter-friendly Mohali wicket. COMMENTATOR: What a way to get off the mark - it'll be a boundary. Brett Lee's first over an expensive one. handed the ball down the other end Siddle exceeding his own expectation and looking to respond accordingly. Ducking into that was Gautam Gambhir.

But despite Australia's most desperate efforts and Peter Siddle coming agonisingly close, India's decision to bat first was working in their favour... Lovely shot.

..Ponting bringing on Mitch Johnson to curb the momentum. But the Indians didn't discriminate, the boundaries flowing freely, as the opening partnership of Sehwag and Gambhir raced to 50... Lovely timing, this from Sehwag - that's exquisite. ..before Johnson repaid his skippers faith.

Caught down the leg side AT: Caught down the leg side. Sehwag's wicket ending a 70-run partnership, new batsman Rahul Dravid under immediate pressure. He likes it, he really likes it. You can often tell from his appeal. Safe on that occasion, as India dominate the first session. Adam Thompson, Ten News.

The Scottish rugby league team launched their World Cup campaign with the serving of haggis.

The Scottish delicacy is a steamed pudding made of finely minced sheep heart, lungs and liver. It was a new experience for the team's Aussie-based players. What did you think of the haggis, mate? Yeah, good. (Laughter) Bit of water to wash it down? It was beautiful. It was just a bit tangy. What do you think, Chris? Not bad. Pretty happy with it? Better than what I thought, yeah. Armit was obviously telling a few pork pies, by the look of these pictures. The Bulldogs prop was crash-tackled by his haggis hit.

He qualifies for Scotland under the heritage rule.

Australia's newest world champion has just arrived home following one of the most brutal Hawaiian iron man races in recent memory. Craig Alexander returned with wife Nerida and daughter Lucy after winning the gruelling race in temperatures nudging 50 degrees. Alexander is only the third Australian man in 30 years to win the event. The money has dried up for Weekend Hussler to win tomorrow's Caulfield Cup with a late rally for the David Hayes-trained Zagreb. It could be the year for the Kiwis, though. It could be mistaken as the Land of the Long White Cloud - and Bang Home Victoria is currently servicing as home for some Kiwi invaders. Melbourne trainer Russell Cameron has some friends in town at his facilities, one of them with a familiar face - former champion mare Sunline trainer Steve McKee. It's been about six years now since I've been here so I'm happy to be back amongst it. McKee co-trained the great Sunline to 13 Group 1 victories including back-to-back Cox Plates in 1999 and 2000. This year he's back with another mare - 5-time winner and Caulfield Cup contender Boundless. This horse isn't a champion, the other one was so we'll just see if she can lift her own profile tomorrow. The New Zealand Oaks winner recently ran an encouraging fourth behind Nom De Jour in the Group 1 Kelt Capital. And McKee is optimistic about her chances in tomorrow's $2.5 million feature. She would need to run career best to be able to win. Stabled next door to Boundless is another Kiwi hope, Red Ruler. The John Sargent-trained 4-year-old is also coming off an impressive second in the Kelt. a lot of ground He was forced to cover and he still had the audacity to keep attacking the line so I just like his run. Brown is hoping Red Ruler can overcome a 67-year hoodoo and win the race from barrier one. I'd rather be inside trying to get out than outside trying to get in. Brown will need to overcome his own Caulfield Cup hoodoo if he's to win here on Red Ruler, but a successful spring in Sydney has him full of confidence. Riding so many winners in Sydney and also Group 1 winners is definitely bringing me here with a load of confidence on my shoulders. Andrew Brown, Ten News. To the tips

and Michael Sullivan's selections for Caulfield tomorrow. Another milestone for Roger Federer.

He's now officially the world's richest tennis player. The Swiss master moved into the quarterfinals at the Madrid Masters with a straight sets win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga this morning. By doing so he surged ahead of Pete Sampras on the all-time money list. He's now won over $66.5 million. And an AFL scouting trip for players in Ireland has uncovered some extraordinary talent. Remember, it was the first time many of these kids in their lives. have held a Sherrin football

But take a look at this.

It was either fantastic skill or simply the luck of the Irish. If the Swans don't pick him up he might get a try-out with the Chicago Bulls. Ahead in Sport Tonight - former Sydney Kings coach Brian Goorjian returns to town with his new team, South Dragons. They're up against the Sydney Spirit.

Time to go home and try some

haggis! Let's check their traffic. How is the Friday three thought

going? Problems in the North West.

Traffic getting towards southern

Hills - Old Windsor Road all the

way back in 10 Northmead -

Northmead as a result of the

breakdown. Also a busy as

reschedule earlier it

reschedule earlier it through Turramurra towards the F3. We're in for a stunning weekend. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's full weather wrap is next. So busted! Franklins has price busted Bulla 2-litre ice-cream, 8-pack Crunch or 10-pack Splits varieties: Look for this and other Price Busters only at: Right now at Nissan, you can get muddy for a whole lot less. The adventurous Pathfinder comes with a versatile interior, and a 3,000kg brake towing capacity plus free rego, CTP and stamp duty. And there are huge factory bonuses on selected models. So get into your Nissan dealer and get muddy for less. (FUNKY ROCK MUSIC) (RECORD SCRATCHES, MUSIC STOPS) DRIVER: 20 bucks, thanks. VOICEOVER: For a snack with real attitude, try KFC Hot Rods Snack Box. A fiery Hot Rod, chips, plus new Hot & Spicy dipping gravy for that extra flavour kick. Hot Rod? Taste the attitude. KFC Hot Rod Snack Box for just $3.25. Totally busted! Franklins has price busted 670g to 930g Uncle Tobys Plus varieties: Look for this and other Price Busters only at:

This program is captioned live.

From most blokes, being surrounded

by 40 excited women would be

daunting. For Tim Bailey it is just

another day as the office. Did you

say 40? 110 - 110 of my closest

girlfriends! 110 - count them. I

will name them - no I won't. We're

here for a very important reason. 110 women, champagne, Friday

afternoon and they are all quiet - afternoon and they are all quiet -

that must be a record. We are here

for breast cancer awareness month.

It is the Girls' Big Night In. Can

we thank Gen for organising it? And

Brooke for running the local gym at. Brooke for running the local gym at.

And a bid you have been tortured by

Brooke at the local gym? You

organise all of a girlfriend - our

girlfriends! We raised money? girlfriends! We raised money? If

everyone does a little bit it ends

up such a lot. For this hideous

disease we are all happy to be here

to put some money in, had to put some money in, had some raffles and razor to money. The Ron

Wilson as strip - that will be happening

happening later? Don't you laugh! I happening later? Don't you laugh! I

know what's going than in your

mind! Just thinking about Ron

Wilson stripping! I'm very sorry. What's

What's your name? When. Give us a

kiss. 110 girlfriends, 110 big

hearts helping out breast cancer

awareness. A big round of applause!

Love you all. Anyone who knows me

might be watching a home, don't

expect me and then tell about

Tuesday. 25-29 degrees tomorrow - a

round of applause for that. 29-32 degrees on Sunday.

Cloud over eastern Queensland in

onshore winds is generating the odd

coastal shelf. Float around coastal shelf. Float around northern Northern Territory is bringing

bringing storms. A sensational

Saturday tomorrow - moist winds

will bring more cloud to the

Queensland coast and a trough will trigger isolated showers over

Western Australia. The business of

the brolly, predicted precipitation, the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops and

crops - isolated afternoon showers

and storms for southern NSW and

northern Victoria. Showers along

the Queensland coast.

Get your girlfriends together, have a

a night inland raise a whole heap of money for breast of money for breast cancer. Breast

cancer awareness month is right

through the month and it is a bit of

of fun, isn't it? Can we all say -

1, 2, 3 - we love Ron Wilson. We

love Ron Wilson! 110 liars on the

television, ladies in did the man!

Another mostly sunny day in Sydney

tomorrow. Mostly sunny on Sunday

and into the Thirties.

That is it from me. It is

officially the weekend! I have got

the feeling it could be one of the

great weekends of my life. What

about Ron Wilson? We will forget

about this trip? I don't think they

need any encouragement. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson and I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions (TIRES SCREECHING) D'OH! (SCREAMS) AH... NOTHING BEATS TAKING A FAMILY DRIVE WITH OUR NEW SATELLITE RADIO. WHICH OF THE 25 EASY-LISTENING STATIONS SHOULD WE LISTEN TO? I SAY "COOL WAVES." BART: "NEON BREEZE!"