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(generated from captions) Tonight - the stabbing of a good Samaritan. Three teens and a woman charged over claims a murder case was fixed. Exclusive - the ICAC investigates

Sydney drivers charged extra

for a tankful of petrol. to pay top price backing our World Cup bid. And former Socceroo Tony Vidmar This program is LIVE captioned.

with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. have appeared in court Three young men and a woman of a Sydney good Samaritan. charged over yesterday's murder The victim's grieving family say that he tried to be a hero they're proud but wish he hadn't. was the father of three children - Stoyche Petreski all boys - the youngest born just a week ago.

on Friday night. That's why he was out celebrating He was all the time - he was very good man, you know. came to Parramatta Court Today some of Mr Petreski's family to see those charged over his murder.

They say his wife is inconsolable. She's crying all the time. All the time she's crying. and 19-year-old Sunia Takai 20-year-old Jane Inukihaagana were refused bail. have also been charged. Two boys aged just 16 and 17 obviously, a very serious crime. Very young offenders committing, a fifth suspect. Police say they're still looking for

and describe him as the organiser. They know who he is the first man into the hotel robbery We would strongly believe carrying the firearm. and was probably the man As well as a shotgun, a knife and meat cleaver. police say the bandits were carrying Mr Petreski, from chasing after them. That didn't stop witnesses, including ran out of the White Horse Hotel When Stoyche Petreski he was armed only with a pool cue. they're proud of his actions His relatives say so brave. but they wish he hadn't been to the left side of his body. He died from a stab wound or the victim of an armed robbery If you are a witness to or be confrontational. please don't confront Please comply at all times. is investigating The State's corruption watchdog officials and an accused murderer. alleged links between government

have been dropped Charges against the man and Seven News has an email by a well-placed friend. that suggests he was helped his female co-accused, We can't identify this man, they've been charged with murdering. or the girl

The man was arrested last year have now been dropped. but charges against him The victim's father is gutted.

More so than appalled, at the DPP. I'm disgusted at the decision-makers

how they came to this conclusion. I just can't comprehend Insufficient evidence, they say. are astonished Police, and even some prosecutors, Against Corruption and now the Independent Commission whether the decision was influenced. is investigating and leaked to Seven News, An email, written by the accused "a foolproof strategy" refers to senior levels of government. involving a whole series of events here There has been

an enormous number of questions which raise some very serious allegations and there are which deserve answers. will also investigate The corruption watchdog remained free why the man, a murder suspect,

Supreme Court bail. even after he breached of his female co-accused And it will speak with relatives Well, I couldn't believe it. when she's been had up for murder I mean, how could you believe it and they're letting her out on bail? against a brick wall It's like hitting your head up a way out, it closes. and every time there seems to be of another four people Police have released images last year's race riots at Cronulla. allegedly involved in are wanted for questioning The four men over a series of incidents at police and an ambulance. in which bottles were thrown Police earlier released six images. One woman has since been charged. by Miranda police. A 17-year-old boy is being questioned high petrol prices this long weekend Drivers fed up with now have a new reason to get mad.

charging them almost $3 a tank extra Some service stations have started with a credit card. for paying those whopping bills

isn't already painful enough. It's as if filling up

four years ago, When we bought this car to fill up the tank. it used to cost $38

about a month. It used to last, I don't know, Now it's about -

it's $64, it cost me then! Now adding to the cost are charging extra some service stations if you pay by credit card. I wouldn't be paying by credit card. That would be really inconvenient. it's not their fault - The service stations say credit providers charge them up to 2%

each time a customer uses their card. on top of the cost of a tank of fuel. That's about $2 or $3

is making money out of this. Everyone else The government's making more tax, are making more profit, oil companies banks are making more profits are actually losing ground. but service-station operators

don't blame them, Even motoring groups the cards that charge bigger fees. advising drivers to steer away from Cards like Amex, in particular, high fees compared to the others. are ones that have got very to charge extra Service stations aren't the only ones when you pay by credit card. possible to pass on the fees. In 2003, the Reserve Bank made it and phone companies have all done it. Since then, taxis, airlines when filling up. Now it's set to be an extra cost have begun charging. So far, only a few service stations before they fill up. But they have to warn customers for rail workers It's been a dangerous day

on the Blue Mountains line. clearing a rock fall a large slab of rock, They had just finished shifting this morning, that landed near the track came crashing down the cliff. when a second in anticipation of the collapse. Workers had already moved back disrupted for most of the day Blue Mountains services have been on wet weather. with CityRail blaming the rock falls Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley

has told the State Labor Party conference he'll abolish individual workplace agreements if elected. It's a bold promise, given that Mr Beazley has previously said it might be too hard. It was a welcome fit for a working-class hero.

CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Kim Beazley told the party faithful what they came to hear. When we win next year,

the very first thing I'll do is rip up Howard's IR laws! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That's not the only thing he plans to rip up. Mr Beazley has also vowed to abolish Australian workplace agreements giving collective bargaining power back to the unions. It is plainly ridiculous to think that an 18-year-old kid can bargain on equal terms with powerful multi-nationals.

It's the same policy Labor took to the last two elections and one the unions have, again, been pushing for. But just eight months ago Kim Beazley had grave doubts about scrapping AWAs. There'll be a million of those things in place when we come into office, and you can't wander around cancelling contracts. Today, Kim Beazley has put the interests of union bosses ahead of ordinary Australians.

Unions bosses and ordinary Australians

today launched the ACTU's latest shot in the battle over industrial relations. I refused to sign a contract that cut my pay. The courage that it takes for people to put themselves forward in this way is immense. The State Government is looking for a few good men and women to join the police force, today launching an advertising campaign to encourage new recruits. It's never been a better time to think about being a New South Wales police officer. It's a terrific occupation. I don't believe there's been a time when they have been better regarded in the community. Around 40 officers a month leave for various reasons, including retirement. Last week's State Budget included funding for 750 new recruits. The Socceroos are just over a day away from their first World Cup challenge against Japan. Matthew White is at their training camp in Germany.

Matt, how are the boys feeling about it? Chris, they can hardly wait. The Socceroos say they've had the perfect mental preparation. Forget Brazil - at the moment their focused on nothing other than beating Japan tomorrow night. They've also had a special visitor -

former team-mate Tony Vidmar back from cardiac surgery

to lend the lads some extra heart. After two weeks of intensive training finally, a chance for the players to concentrate on a different kind of ball game. (PLAYERS): Hey!

They're relaxed, but really they're just waiting. And there's only one thing on their minds - Hurry up and let's get to the games It's the biggest game, ever, for Australia. To play against Japan, opening game of our World Cup, it will be unbelievable. The Socceroos took training behind closed doors as coach Guus Hiddink put the finishing touches to a game plan

that remains under wraps. Yeah, he doesn't want Japan to see how we're going to play.

Mark Viduka was back on the training pitch after his injury scare

and team-mates say the captain will lead them out in Kaiserslautern. But there's one man who'll have mixed feelings about the opening match. Former Socceroo Tony Vidmar has arrived to support the team after recovering from heart surgery. It's difficult. Um, you know, you want to be part of it and be out there, but just have to sit back and enjoy it and, hopefully, not get too nervous during the games. The starting line-up for the match against Japan remains a secret, is likely to start off the bench. but it's understood that Harry Kewell is unlikely to make too many changes But coach Guus Hiddink to the team that drew with Holland. for Aussie supporters, It's just one more sleep but last night, descended on Frankfurt 25,000 England fans to watch their team's opening win. Police were prepared for the worst, a few tense moments, but while there were and a couple of arrests, there were no major problems. be putting up with any nonsense. Police have made it clear they won't I'll be back a little later from the England-Paraguay match. with all the highlights and all the rest of the day's sport. Thanks, Mat. Ahead in Seven News - Detainee deaths at Guantanamo, that America calls, "an act of war". Also, the plane ripped apart in midair by a hailstorm. And cyclists bare their souls and other bits to save the planet.

These guys look like they need a bit of a lift to keep them going, so I've prepared a little something with a few things I found around the place. So we've got some prawns on the go in here... Where'd that bait get to, Pete? to thaw out yesterday. I put it out in the sun Ooh. to fill blokes up Actually, the best way is with a bit of this. Just let go of that. Campbell's - the experts in soup. Mmm! That know, good! Just...don't touch that. How's the fishing? Still nothing?

Four people were arrested at Marrickville early today. after a violent brawl outside a hotel including security guards. The fight involved around 30 people, thrown out of the pub at about 1am. It started after a group was with stab wounds. Three men were taken to hospital were questioned by police. Two men and two women And a man was charged with assaulting police in a brawl at Riverwood. Police were called to a restaurant at about 2am after reports of a shooting, but no gun was found. One man was taken to hospital with a minor stab wound. Three inmates of Guantanamo Bay have hanged themselves in what the US claims was an act of war rather than desperation. But the father of Australian detainee David Hicks says prisoners have committed suicide. he's not surprised

at the US military prison These are the first deaths almost five years ago. since it began taking terror suspects and one from Yemen Two men from Saudi Arabia with clothing and bedsheets hanged themselves of the camp. in a high-security section All left suicide notes in Arabic. calls for Guantanamo to be closed. Their deaths have sparked renewed are being violated These people's rights

in the grossest way imaginable in that they are being held, taken from their families, they've been from their countries, they've been taken and held without real charges. they've been drugged, put on planes Like Australia's David Hicks, a court after more than four years. who is still waiting to appear before His father, Terry, says detainees are suicidal. he's not surprised what the Americans should look at I think they're keeping these people in, is the situation that what they're putting them through,

how it works on the mind. what's happened. And the end result is

The camp commander insists were not acts of desperation, the suicides but what he called - had no respect for life, The men, he argued, not even their own. he would like to see the camp closed. President Bush says to end the Guantanamo - We would like

But that's going to take time. The Supreme Court has yet to decide overstepped his authority if the President to be tried by US military tribunals. in ordering detainees rocket attacks against Israel Islamic militants have resumed of seven people on a Gaza beach. in retaliation for the deaths crowded the streets Thousands of Palestinians of yesterday's seaside attack. for the funerals of the victims are demanding revenge, Families of the dead Mahmoud Abbas says but Palestinian President peace with Israel is more important. internal political tensions. His comments have inflamed destroyed The ruling Hamas party wants Israel Abbas is trying to seize power. and claims

is being called a hero A South Korean pilot for safely landing his plane in a hailstorm. after its nose was ripped off were also shattered The front windscreens and the radar wiped out. by looking out the side window. He landed the plane was bringing almost 200 students home The Asiana Airbus A321 from a holiday resort. No-one was injured. people going buck naked, We've heard of

have gone bike naked well, thousands worldwide about saving the environment. to spread the message was about raising awareness Organisers say the nude protest the world's dependency on oil. and challenging is a really pleasurable experience, I think that biking as is being naked, are really fantastic. so the two together Riders didn't have to be nude to show how keen and green they are. and many found creative ways from Germany. Matthew White joins us once again Matty, finally a win for Souths.

I certainly did want pick this one. The drought is over. The Rabbitohs got home against the Broncos. Highlights next. Also tonight, the Eels in strife again. A biting allegation - on field this time. And here in Germany, after England's winning start. the Barmy Army's celebrating

and I'm feeling pretty good. I will! Don't burn my pancake! Don't pressure us. Thank you. Thanks. You've done a great job.

Welcome back to another spectac

ular day here in orringen as we

match. wait for the Socceroos opening

the outright premiership lead Melbourne has

at Parramatta today. after a controversial win The Roosters' season is on the edge to the Warriors after conceding five tries

while the Eels' season is in tatters stained the match against Melbourne. after a biting allegation The Storm eventually won 34-22. What became a wonderful football feast will be remebered for the wrong reasons. Parramatta was livid after the Storm's first try.

Then this tackle on Cayless - the match reviewers will be petitioning for overtime. Could it get nastier? Yes, according to Melbourne prop Brett White. He's accused Fui Fui Moi Moi of biting. It goes on report. first-half Eels try-fest - All this masked a sensational prodigal son Tim Smith instrumental. three, all unconverted

is imposing this year. But the Storm's depth of Origin, running in seven tries. They made light of the ravages Webster with a hat-trick. also with three. Williams, for Parramatta,

It's the winner's day here. were rewarded at Aussie Stadium. A hardy bunch of Warriors' fans in the Roosters' right-side defence. The Kiwis exposing brittleness

A lovely ball to that end. outside the eight The Roosters' four points But from that point, the Warriors dominated, Vatuvei with a potent mix of strength, size and speed was unstoppable out wide. And Brent Webb scores beside the posts! The Rabbitohs went 280 days without an NRL victory but they ended the drought against the Broncos last night. In other games - it was an undermanned Dragons outfit by 10 over the Panthers. The Sharks are in great form - by 22 over the Cowboys. And Souths beat the Broncos for the first time in 17 years. Shocking conditions didn't mind the wet. but the Rabbitohs Nathan Merritt in found little brother, Luke, and then veteran Adam MacDougall for a 10-0 lead. What a start for the Rabbitohs! COMMENTATOR:

But the Broncos stuck with them. Anderson on debut. There were just two points in it when Leon Bott pounced but bad handling cost Brisbane and the MacDougall brothers made them pay. MacDougall is in! New owner Russell Crowe was on the beers as, finally, his boys gave him something to celebrate. South Sydney win for the first time in 2006 and Russell Crowe is loving it! This their first win over Brisbane since 1989. It's been a great week for the club. I can't think of a better way to finish than with a win over the Broncos. But Adam MacDougall's hit on Darius Boyd may stop the party. I didn't get a total view of it but he didn't get the headache from shock. Brett Kimmorley ensured it was a shocking night for Queensland sides. Barely a hand laid on him. This was the Sharks second win against the Cowboys this season with North Queensland having now lost six of their past seven games. Albert gets there! And Corey Payne and Ben Creagh had headaches but they were nothing like the ones their Dragons team-mates gave the Panthers. The Bulldogs and the Raiders complete round 14 tomorrow but right now it's Melbourne 2 points clear on top from Brisbane with Newcastle and the Sharks making up the top four. Souths with a win, but still bottom. State of Origin now. The Blues have arrived into enemy territory this afternoon. Dragons centre Matt Cooper travelled north with the side as 18th man. Coach Graham Murray has reacted angrily at criticism from former Blues coach Phil Gould who says Murray should have stayed with his struggling Cowboys this weekend.

I spoke to the chief executive this morning after I copped a spray. Everyone in the organisation knew what was happening

and, as I say, that was put in place a long time ago. So the people that matter - they knew what I was doing. The Blues will have their first training run in Brisbane tomorrow afternoon. The Swans six-game winning streak came to a wet and muddy end at the SCG last night. Despite a crippling injury toll, St Kilda held on to win a thriller by two points. This was the worst of them - Luke Ball copping an elbow in the face from a team-mate. The Saints were the better team all night but they were nearly pipped by what's quickly becoming a trademark Swans' comeback. That got Sydney within two, but the Saints managed to hold on. In matches this afternoon, Port Adelaide thrashed Hawthorn. The Bulldogs beat Fremantle by 14 points. West Coast and Carlton are still doing battle in Perth. And last night, Adelaide by 15 points over the Lions. Melbourne and Collingwood complete the round tomorrow. England have criticised the state of the Telstra Stadium surface ahead of tonight's test against the Wallabies. Seven's Nick Marshall-McCormack is there. Nick, do England have a point or are they just having a whinge? Hello, Mat. The Wallabies say it could be better. The surface has received 75mm of rain in the last week and it certainly got a good workout from the Rabbitohs and Broncos last night. Now, the stadium has had over 1,600 square metres of turf relaid here over the last season and that's really worrying England coach Andy Robinson who says it might not hold up to the intensity of a Rugby scrum. The Wallabies say it'll have to do.

It's not a good sufs compared to

other international stadiums, the

Twickenhams, South Africa, crist

church, from our point of view,

what we have got is what we have got. It's John Connolly's first Test as Wallabies coach tonight - a lot of pressure on him. A team full of fresh faces

are aiming to do better than last year's side who finished up winning just one from 10 matches. Matty, full coverage of the Test tonight on Seven, from 7.30. Thanks, Nick.

England has won its World Cup opener but they were far from impressive against Paraguay. In other matches, Argentina 2-1 over the Ivory Coast. Sweden and Trinidand and Tobago toughed out a 0-0 draw. While England got off to a winning start thanks to an own goal. The barmy army invaded Frankfurt, celebrating England's win like the tournament was already over. But the reality is far more sobering. Their World Cup started well enough...

COMMENTATOR: And it's Beckham who's wheeled away. The skipper's free kick deflected off a defender - 1-0 inside five minutes. We need to get off to a good start in a match

and, luckily, we done that. Beckham wasn't so impressed with the rest of it. wide. Oh, and he just dragged the shot

Paraguay couldn't score, neither could England. I'm unhappy today. We can play much better. Still, they lead Group B. While their fans savour game one, Sweden supporters are bemused. Their highly-rated side couldn't beat minnow Trinidad and Tobago even against 10 men for the entire second half. Avery John earned the first dismissal of the tournament. He's off! CROWD CHEERS When it was needed, Argentina and Ivory Coast added some welcome polish. And then it's turned home by Crespo. A delirious Maradona watched his countrymen turn it on in the first half. Saviola's sublime second goal was enough to seal the points. Stunning goal.

But the African World Cup newcomers prove they'll be no easybeats. Drogba has the goal back! Justine Henin-Hardenne has won her fifth Grand Slam title retaining her French Open crown. She beat Svetlana Kuznetsova in straight sets and says her best is yet to come. The win establishes Justine Henin-Hardenne as one of the greats of the modern game. COMMENTATOR: Oh, terrific defence again from Henin-Hardenne. It was a nervous start from Kuznetsova - a swag of unforced errors. She started the second set well. The Russian in a hurry. An early break for a 2-0 lead.

Fabulous play from Kuznetsova. She's playing with no fear. But Henin-Hardenne levelled at 2-2, back on track.

What a response from Henin-Hardenne. The second set - 6-4. The Belgian becoming the eighth woman to win the French Open at least three times. UMPIRE: Game, set and match, Madam Henin-Hardenne. And Henin-Hardenne becomes the first woman to win back-to-back titles since Steffi Graf, a decade ago. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal play for the men's championship tonight.

That is all for now. I'll be

reporting from Kaiserslautern for tomorrow. Well pronounced, thanks. We'll have that and the seven-day outlook, right after the break.

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