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Tonight - an ambulance officer

faces court accused of raping a

woman during a first-aid class. He

will strenuously defend all

allegations. Hospitals consider

cancelling elective surgery as

Swine flu cases surge. We're not

yet at the peak of the epidemic and

it's going to get worse. And

Sydney's noisiest suburb -

residents forced out of their homes

and into hotels. Really bad. I mean,

when your cup and saucers are

rattling in your cupboards. Good

evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm

Deborah Knight. Also, supermarkets

under the spotlight. Calls for an

inquiry into petrol pricing. And

toughen up - the male midwife

telling women to embrace the pa telling women to embrace the pain

of childbirth. telling women to embrace the pain

But first a senior volunteer with

St John Ambulance has been stood

down as he faces rape allegations.

The instructor is accused of

assaulting a young woman during a

first-aid class. As a St Johns

volunteer, Claudio Martinez is volunteer, Claudio Martinez is

supposed to help those in sickness,

distress and danger. But the 41-

year-old today faced Liverpool

Court accused of sexually

assaulting a young woman taking his

first aid class. According to

police, it happened at the

charity's Fairfield headquarters at

a regular evening meeting for

volunteers two weeks ago. It's

alleged Mr Martinez took the woman

into another room, away from the

rest of the class, then touched her

and had sex with her without

consent. Outside court, Martinez

let his lawyer do the talking. He

will strenuously defend all

allegations. St John Ambulance says

it's cooperating with the

investigation. As soon as we found

out, the member was stood down out, the member was stood down

which just means that they're

unable to participate in any St

John activity, or be a John activity, or be a

representative of the organisation representative of the organisation

in any way. They routinely conduct

criminal background checks for all

volunteers and say Martinez didn't

have a record. Police say other

students who attended first aid

courses here may have been

approached in the same way, and

detectives have promised, if they

come forward, their information

will be treated in the strictest of

confidence. We have offered all the

members at the division some

support and there's a small team of

people going out to speak to them

this week. St John has appealed for continued public support. Mr

Martinez remains on bail. His case

returns to court in September.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Swine flu

has claimed its fifth life in New

South Wales. It comes as hospitals

are forced to use cardiac bypass

machines as a last-ditch attempt to

save the most severely affected

victims. This is the front-line in

the battle to save critically ill

Swine flu victims. Isolated in

intensive care units, their lungs

are so full of mucus, they're being

kept alive with machinery that is

normally used in open heart surgery.

A machine takes blood from the

veins of the body pumps it through

an oxygenator, puts oxygen into the

blood, then returns their blood to

the heart. It's a way of keeping

alive young people who are going to

get better, if we can keep them

alive long enough. The death toll

from Swine flu continues to climb.

A 55-year-old man died on Saturday

in St George Hospital. The

gentleman that died has got, again,

severe underlying illnesses. There

are now signs the hospital system

is in danger of being overwhelmed

by Swine flu patients. Hospital

emergency departments and wards are

at maximum capacity. The hospitals

are absolutely full of patients

with Swine flu that wards are

having to be closed. with Swine flu that wards are

having to be closed. In a normal

winter 25 cases a day present to

hospital emergency departments, but

that's now spiked to 175 patients a

day as Swine flu takes hold. that's now spiked to 175 patients a day as Swine flu takes hold. With

the health system under stress,

authorities are postponing non-

life-threatening surgery to make

room for an expected surge in Swine

flu patients. And in some hospital

departments, more than 50% of staff

are off work with influenza. Swine

flu is expected to peak next month

with up to one-third of the

population infected. The Australian

Government has an order for vaccine

to cover 10.5 million people if we

need to have two doses. But the

vaccine may not be ready until

October when the flu season's over.

John Hill, Ten News. There's been a

mixed response from consumers to

the petrol price war being waged by

Coles and Woolworths.

Coles and Woolworths. One

politician has likened shopping at

the chains to smoking, but that hasn't stopped Australians grabbing

some cheap petrol. The supermarket

petrol price war has fuelled the

fight over Coles and Woolworths'

dominance of our grocery shopping.

We can't keep going on like this.

This is another that's going to

force independents out of the

marketplace. But it's not been

enough to spur the consumer

watchdog into action. The ACCC says

it's monitoring the promotion. For

three days only, shoppers who spend

$300 on groceries in one go,

receive a petrol discount of 40

cents per litre. I didn't spend

that much but I am going to get

some petrol though. I'll see how

much I get off. Just to go and

spend $300. No, I wouldn't. Others

prefer the alternatives. Cause we

usually shop at ALDI, you'd

probably save that anyway what

you'd pay on fuel. Nationals

Senator Barnaby Joyce has likened

Coles and Woolworths to a bad habit.

I can walk into the majors, you

know, it feels good but it's like

having a smoke - it feels good, but

bad for you in the long term.

Another senator thinks food

labelling standards in our

supermarkets are misleading and

will introduce a bill to put the

Australian back into Australian

made. Nick Xenophon wants to put

the squeeze on producers who take

advantage of loopholes in existing

laws. If we are what we eat, then

we need to know what we eat and at

the moment, food labelling laws in

this country are a joke. What is

the point in me growing an

Australian product and putting it

on the shelf when someone from

Brazil and they undercut me and

mislead the consumer? The Bill will

also target the misuse of words

like 'daily' and 'fresh'. At the

moment, you need both a lawyer and

a magnifying glass to work out at

the supermarket shelves. What

actually is happening at the moment,

laws in this country for food

labelling, are a joke. Murray

McCloskey, Ten News. A perfect

storm' of major building projects

is causing anger and inconvenience

for Rozelle residents and they may

have to put up with it for years. have to put up with it for years.

The noise and vibrations are so bad,

some have been moved into hotel

rooms. It's a suburb shaking to its

very foundations. Major work will

continue around the clock in the

next couple of weeks. It's so bad,

the RTA has offered hotel rooms to

those worst affected, but says its

just 12 homes. Graeme Roache took

up the offer. It was really bad,

really bad. I mean, when your cup

and saucers are rattling in your

cupboards and you feel like your

side wall's about to tumble in on

you. But for Denise Nicholl,

shifting her family isn't practical.

The noise, our bedrooms are at the

very front of the house. So we're

pretty worried and last night we

did hear the noise going on through

the night and it went on until, I'd

say, 4:00 this morning. The cause -

widening works on Victoria road for

the duplication of the Iron Cove

Bridge and a new busway. Despite

RTA promises, huge trucks have been

using tiny local streets. The

biggest issue for me was those

trucks were proceeding up and down

every 5 minutes until midnight on

Sunday evening. It's just the start

- and part of what the mayor calls

a perfect storm of projects - the Sydney metro construction will

overlap, followed by two others -

hammering Rozelle for a decade.

It's a symptom of everything that's wrong

wrong with planning in NSW. Uncoordinated Uncoordinated projects, financially

questionable that have dubious

benefit for the people of NSW but

have a huge impact on residents. A

sensitive Premier rejects the

criticism. Yes, it is being co-

ordinated, yes it is being

monitored and yes, where there is

inconvenience we'll try to minimise

it. The residents here say their

objections are not simply a case of

not in my backyard. They'd be more

understanding, they say, if the

projects themselves made more sense.

They doubt the traffic or transport

benefits. The problem is we don't

believe this is going to solve any

problems at all. Eddy Meyer, Ten

News. A look at sport now with Brad

McEwan. It's nearly time for Origin

III. In NSW team is about to hit

the paddock for its final heads out

at some all stadiums. What is the

latest? The Blues had just to end

up. All eyes will be on the captain.

This will be his fault Station.

Queensland heads the a final round.

They add desperate for the claims

work -- clean sweep. Darren Lockyer

could be his 30 games than they do

not want to send him out a loser.

Will the Blues had the courage to

drive past the hotel? This is so

interesting. Will they do what? For

safety reasons it is not that the

safest place to be if you are

wearing blue. Today the Reds have

steered the blues. It worked for

Steve Mortimer in 1985 to see how

much people hate hacienda and

worked for them. Who knows he may

think it's worth his time going

down the. He is a very important

part of that team. We will have

more on tomorrow night's big game

in sport.

If you thought standing up to surf

was hard, these guys will prove

laying down is no easier. The

world's best bodyboarders converged

upon Cronulla this week for the

Shark Island Challenge. As you can

see some struggled in the

conditions, we'll have more of them

and some who succeeded later in

sport. Plus the Wallabies team for

Saturday's opening Bledisloe Cup

match in Auckland. And a win for

Australian cricket courtesy of

former prime minister and cricket

tragic John Howard. Police say

bones found on the Central Coast

could be those of a missing mum.

More on that next. Also tonight - a

second man charged with murder over

the airport bikie brawl. And an

Aussie stuntman makes history with

a death-defying jump in London. I

knew I was going to make the

distance. I just wasn't sure when I

was going to land or where I was

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Police say it is a coincidence that

wander after 50,000 dollar reward

was offered remains were found. A

man was on a walking track when he

found the skeleton several hundred found the skeleton several hundred

metres from the dirt-track. It is

approximately six metres below for

a cliff face. The body itself

appears as though it has been there

for some time. She went missing

seven years ago. Police hope to

confirm the identity of the remains

within a couple of days. A second

man has been charged with murder

every fatal bite people inside

Sydney airport. At the 75 row at --

the 26-year-old, insurer remember the 26-year-old, insurer remember

has been charged with rioting. A

man died after being - and stabbed

inside the Qantas domestic terminal

in March. As the type 2 diabetes

epidemic -- epidemic worsens,

jockeys are one of those in the

worst category. At Castle spends

his days at the wheel of BP Greig,

exercising. often eating junk food and really

exercising. Here say prime

candidate for Type 2 diabetes. The

most exercise I get is when I am

unloading and loading my truck.

Truck drivers are especially

vulnerable. Most of the places that

are available to us as truck

drivers tend to be fast food outlet.

On average, people live with that

type 2 diabetes for seven years

before they have diagnosed. If you

don't evaluate your risk, you could

end up with terrible damage. For

diabetics to rely on injecting

insulin may have their day is over.

Experts are piling an automatic

pancreas which automatically

releases insulin into the body. We

are giving back the life that the

disease has taken away from them.

This 11-year-old has a trump

attached to her stomach that feeds

her insulin. It tells her when she

is eating carbs and what her blood-

sugar level is. An artificial sugar level is. An artificial

pancreas would do all the work for

her. I would not have to go out of

the classroom it's called to test.

It is undergoing final testing in

the United States. Diabetes

Australia are asking everyone to

assess their own risk through a

questionnaire on-line. There has

been a brazen bid to steal the

running of unease to tradition. The

store committee has been rocked by

the news that its precious gift may

be sold off and sold elsewhere. It

is an event steeped in tradition

but when State Government funding

was pulled and losses mounted,

organisers were forced into some

tough negotiations. You cannot run

a business if you cannot pay your

bills. It is as simple as that.

It is my understanding that the

athletics club sought a proposal

from the City Council. It was not

the case that the council said it

we want the event and this is how

we're going to get it. The backlash

from the community, athletes and

path -- past winners has been

unequivocal. The whole race will be

lost if it goes to Ballarat. If the

offer is not snapped up, the next

race could be the last. Let's take

a look at the weather now without

resident garden gnome! It you're

hiding in the bushes but it is a

gorgeous day. It was beautiful but

it was just the 24-hour period, a

window of blue sky. It will be

closed again tomorrow, quite chilly,

15 degrees in the west and 16

degrees coastal. There is their

chance of a shower and even a late

thunderstorm tomorrow. The snow

should lower down to around 1,000

metres with snow showers across the

likes of the snowfields in the next

two days. The Northern Tobal Lens

might even get a dusting of snow as

it gets very chilly in that neck of

the woods. There was some hail and

sleet in country NSW and it is

always all happening when it comes

to your weather photographs.

And what about this shot! For a

glorious night in Sydney, make the

most of its! Some showers tomorrow

and may be a thunderstorm. The

trucking magnate going back to the

future and a bid to boost jobs --

is next. Violence returns to the

streets of Belfast. Rioters clash

with police over the annual march.

And fans flocked to the London

Stadium for what would have been

Michael Jackson's comeback tour.

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This program is captioned live. Vic

Lorusso is in the traffic

helicopter. Some problems on the Cumberland highway?

Cumberland highway? We have spotted

again excellent writing near the

motorway. It has been moved. Take a

look at the impact to the peak hour

traffic. It goes through Mary lens

end all the way through to South

Wentworth will. Let's hope the traffic has passed.

One of Australia's richest

businessmen is taking his message

to the streets in the hope of

tackling unemployment. Lindsay Fox

is reuniting with former ACTU hard

man Bill Kelty, to revive an old

job creation program. It's a recipe that the billionaire trucking

magnate has cooked up before and

now he's again dishing out his response to spiralling unemployment.

Have I got a deal for you!

Have I got a deal for you! Lindsay

Fox and former ACTU chief Bill

Kelty are pounding the pavement

embarking on a tour of 20

communities around the nation

'hardest hit' by the global

financial crisis. Nobody could have

envisaged we'd have anything like

what we have today. I don't think

there's been anything like it since

the Great Depression. The Keep

Australia Working campaign will

engage local business leaders in an

attempt to help create and retain

jobs. With an unemployment rate of

over 7%, Melbourne's south-east was

the first destination. This is the

best chook place in Dandenong, so

there's great potential to open

another one and another one and

another one. See they agree.

Dandenong needs it. It's not the

first time the pair has joined

forces to tackle unemployment -

following the 1991 Recession, they

took their travelling jobs roadshow

around the nation, helping more

than 50,000 people join the

workforce. We did it for 18 months

and it was the most rewarding

experience of my lifetime. But they

haven't made any promises to beat their previous achievement, this

time around. If we can make a

difference to one or two or 10 or

1,000 people's lives, then we've

actually made a difference to those

people's lives. The tour heads to Tasmania tomorrow. Rakhal Ebeli,

Ten News. Relations between

Australia and our biggest trading

partner are buckling with China

refusing to charge or release Rio

Tinto executive Stern Hu Mr Hu's

been held in Chinese detention for

more than a week, accused of spying

and espionage. He's been denied

access to his family and legal

counsel. Resolving this matter

can't be done by megaphone

diplomacy, can't be done by some of

the screaming and yelling that

we're hearing from the Opposition.

We're talking about a telephone not

a megaphone. Australian officials

aren't allowed to contact Mr Hu

again for one month. The

Government's stand-off with China

don't seem to be doing it any

damage in the opinion polls The

latest Newspoll shows Malcolm

Turnbull's satisfaction rating up

from 25% to 31%. Turnbull's satisfaction rating up

from 25% to 31%. But the positive

points end there for the Opposition

leader. He's more than 40 points

behind Kevin Rudd as preferred PM.

And even runs third as preferred

leader in his own party. The two-

party preferred basis is relatively

a 10-point lead. unchanged with Labor still holding

a 10-point lead. unchanged with Labor still holding

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock. And

Jacqui, Corporate Australia is

regaining its confidence? Bill, it

seems big business is beginning to

see the light at the end of the

economic tunnel. On the back of

rebounding consumer optimism and

stronger retail sales, the survey

of business confidence recorded the

first positive reading this year.

The key measures of employment and

crucially forward orders posted the

largest monthly increases in more

than a decade.

than a decade. Profitability also

improved over the month, but that's

as wage growth remained flat. NAB's

business survey findings put a

rocket under the local market today.

The ALL ORDS surged nearly 3% as

good gains were seen almost right across the board.

And that's finance news for now.

Tonight we'll find out how US

consumers are fairing with the

release of the latest retail trade figures.

figures. There have been violent

clashes on the streets of Belfast

as militant Catholics hurled petrol

bombs, bricks and bottles at police.

Officers armed with riot gear

charged into the crowds while water

cannons blasted protesters out of

the way. At least seven policemen

and several demonstrators have been

injured. The rioters were

attempting to stop a parade by

about 1,000 Protestants for the

annual Orange Day march. There's a

new war of words over Michael

Jackson's death. His father has

attacked producers and producers

have hit back over claims Jackson

wasn't up to his comeback concerts,

which should have started tonight

in London. It was the day British

fans had been waiting for. Cause

this is thriller. And tickets or

not, they came to say goodbye. I

can't believe they are coming to

see him perform. I'm here to mourn.

I never would've thought that in my

entire life. I'm devastated.

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT tour

would've started tonight. A massive

50 shows at London's O2 arena. Even

though there's no concert tonight,

we're making our own carnival

atmosphere. We're making this what

it would've been if Michael was

here. But Joe Jackson says it was

all too much. Breaking his silence,

the King of Pop's Dad has blasted

the gruelling schedule saying

Michael wasn't fit enough. He only

agreed to do 10 shows but they went

and added all these others.

Prompting a war of words with Prompting a war of words with

concert producers who say it was

Jackson, who upped the workload.

No-one was pushing him into it.

Those reports are false. Michael

would not make it to London unless

we intervened and gave him some

help. At the Jackson family home,

the legal wrangling continues over

Michael Jackson's exact cause of

death, custody of his three

children and his estate. Katherine

Jackson wants a bigger say in her

son's estate lodging more court

papers against the two men Michael

appointed as administrators. At

least the drug speculation could

soon be over. Toxicology reports

could be complete, this week. In

the United States, Emma Dallimore,

Ten News. The crew of the space

shuttle Endeavour' will make a

sixth attempt to launch after

lightning aborted yet another lift-

off. It's the third time in as many

days that bad weather's delayed the

mission. Controllers were hoping to

blast off between a break in the

clouds. But lightning flared up

right before countdown. We made a

valiant attempt today. The vehicle valiant attempt today. The vehicle

held in and the team in real good

but it wasn't our weather day.

Hydrogen leaks already caused two

previous delays. The crew is

attempting to deliver the final

piece of equipment to Japan's giant piece of equipment to Japan's giant

space lab. They'll try again on

Thursday. The male midwife telling

women to toughen up and endure

childbirth. Reaction to that next.

Also, a man seriously injured after

being hit by a tram at Haymarket.

And a daredevil's leap of faith -

the Aussie stuntman who conquered London's Tower Bridge.

This program is captioned live. The

top stories this news hour -

Rozelle residents are up in arms

over extreme noise and vibrations from over extreme noise and vibrations

from rail, road and bridge projects.

Some are being offered hotel rooms

and free ear-plugs to cope with the

ongoing construction. Swine flu has

claimed a fifth victim in New South

Wales. Health officials are warning

the surge in cases is putting hospitals under extreme pressure.

Some elective surgery is now being

cancelled. And a senior volunteer

with St John Ambulance has been

stood down while he faces rape allegations. The instructor is

accused of sexually assaulting a

young woman during a first-aid

class. A man has been wedged under

a tram sparking a major rescue

operation at Haymarket. The light-

rail carriage had to be jacked up

so emergency workers could get to

the 50-year-old. He was trapped for

about 20 minutes then rushed to St

Vincent's Hospital where he remains

in a serious condition. The accident happened accident happened at lunchtime near accident happened at lunchtime near

the corner of Pitt and Hay Streets,

stopping light rail services. Mums-

to-be have been put on notice

tonight by a British professor. He

claims today's mothers are too soft.

Dr Denis Walsh says women should

forget the epidural and just put up

with the pain of childbirth. Can

men really ever know the pain of pregnancy?

pregnancy? Well, a UK professor

doesn't think pain during birth is

all bad. In fact, he believes being

in that sort of agony is good for

you. We know the physiology of pain

in labour contributes to labour

rhythms that regulates it. In some

way we know it releases endorphins

that help women adjust and cope

with pain. While Dr Walsh is

telling mother's to harden up',

most mums are telling him to pull

his head in. He's obviously never his head in. He's obviously never

had a baby. He hasn't got a clue,

mate. That's why women are built

for it and not men. He couldn't

handle it. He'd die. His view that

pain actually best prepares women

for the responsibilities of

motherhood, has some support. I

have had two natural labours and I

found them both to be very

empowering experiences and also the

recovery was good. She says

avoiding painkillers worked wonders post-pregnancy. I

post-pregnancy. I felt well and we

could really focus on cuddling

Sophia and just becoming a family.

About one-third of all births in

Australia now involve some form of

painkilling medication. Dr Walsh

insists 20% of those women don't

need any help. He also blames risk-

averse doctors for the so-called

Epidural Epidemic. There is no good

evidence to show that women

choosing epidurals or other forms of pain of pain relief are making a

decision that interferes with the

bonding of their child. Dr Walsh

says women are more frightened than

ever about delivery, despite it

never being safer to have a baby.

Frank Coletta, Ten News. An Aussie

stuntman has become the first to somersault across London's Tower

Bridge on a motorbike. Robbie

Maddison flew over the 7.5 metre

gap upside down.

gap upside down. 3:00am in London

and a world first. This is Robbie

Maddison. An Australian dirt bike

rider and now the first man ever to

fly across the Tower Bridge on two


wheels. The gap is 7.6 metres and

he did it upside down, with no

hands. That one trick was amazing.

It was really uncanny to see the

bridge upside down. It was just so

overwhelming for me. The landing's

totally blind so to ride towards it,

it's a bit of a rush. The it's a bit of a rush. The jump has

been done before, but

unintentionally. 50 years ago a

double-decker bus driver realised

too late the bridge was being

raised. I knew I was going to make

the difference. I just wasn't sure

where I was going to land or when I

was going to land. The 27-year-old

already holds the world record for

the longest motorbike jump and

there's so much more to do. Egypt's

got some pyramids and I heard

China's got a great wall, so we'll see what happens. I see what happens. I just want to

keep pushing the career. It makes a

lot of sense and it's a lot of fun. Sarah Horsley, Ten News.

Sport is next with Brad McEwan and

the subject of race is raised in

State of Origin's war of words. Yes,

one of Queensland's greats claim

the Blues overlooked a player

because of his racial background.

We'll cross to Brisbane for details next.

Plus one of the Wallabies' best

returns, but will it be enough to

break a 23-year drought at New

Zealand's Eden Park? And Adam

Goodes is the king of the kids, but

is he a fan of the Swans' new youth policy?


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call: That's:

The NSW captain

The NSW captain Kirk is putting in

a courageous performance in a bid

to play in Origin III tomorrow

night. He is training impressively

despite that painful rib injury? It

yes, and put it this way, every

time the cost will sneezes that it

is like some and stabbing him in

the ribs. He will need a pain-

killing injection just to go out on

the field. He has not trained all the field. He has not trained all

week but he is here for the final

training session. Who will be doing

a bit of contact work and put the

ribs to the test because the

Queenslanders will target him. This

is a show of Courage from him

because he says that the game means

so much to the future of NSW rugby

league. As Brett Morley took time

out to get away from all the hype, Kurt was

Kurt was declaring that he was

going to play. I could have been

rolled out last Tuesday. It is an

uncomfortable, painful injury but

they cannot do any more damage and

you cannot take this jumper for

granted. There might never come granted. There might never come

around again. I definitely want to

play and get a win a peer. And is

expecting some extra attention. I'm

sure will be targeted and sure will be targeted and I'm fine

with that. Yes, we will target him

for sure. More pressing for him is

avoiding the state's first clean

sweep in 14 years. I would be

disappointed as captain to be the

leader of a team that has gone 3-0.

For it we're focused heavily. We

want to hold the trophy with our

heads held up with a heads held up with a 3-0.

Promotions are high among the

locals, Queensland great attending

a tribute to a Queensland great and

offering some tips to a NSW tame.

Stick to a core group of players

and build from there. The formula

works! There is one player that Sam

would put straight in. I cannot would put straight in. I cannot

understand why Jaynie Seal has not

got a start. He is as colourful as

ever but I'm not sure about the

accuracy! NSW will have their accuracy! NSW will have their

jersey presented tonight by Chris

Johns. You could toss and so

effusive main gates as well because

they need to win this. It will be

unbearable if they win again!

unbearable if they win again! West

hooker says that he cannot wait to

test and will be as Jonathan

Durston. The 20-year-old half-back

has joined other players to the has joined other players to the

club's clinic as you pay it

prepares to go head-to-head against

the Australian international. It is

a test on looking forward to. It

has always good to test yourself

against the best in the game and

there's no doubt that Jonathan is the best.

the best. The Tigers have distanced

themselves from speculation that

they are looking to recruit at

Brett Seymour. There is just one

change to the Wallabies line-up. change to the Wallabies line-up.

I'll look returns from injury as

the Wallabies have looked to return.

If only winning the cup was If only winning the cup was as

simple as giving the ball alive. If

you deserve it. You do not pick up

trophies like that unless you

deserve them. Some extra size will

certainly help. The number eight is

going to be back from a broken hand

and is confident that two weeks in

club matches have him match-fit.

Physically these tests have always Physically these tests have always

been tough but I think that the

mental side is going to get us over

mental side is going to get us over

the edge and than death and the red

forehead. I'm just going to respond

to Howard unfolds on the day. We

have got a lot of fresh keen blokes

on the bench as well. There is just

two backs on the seven-man bench -

James O'Connor and the newest face

in the squad, 21-year-old

Queensland half-back. And the way

that he has performed that he has performed in training

it looks like he's been here for

some time. They have not won at

Eden Park in 23 years and their

freshest memories not for a good

one, Hamed 39 points to 10 their

last year. I think we are in better

shape and we have got that shape and we have got that

background and experience in terms

of realism. The Wallabies will

leave for New Zealand tomorrow.

leave for New Zealand tomorrow.

Swan's Co captain Adam goods says

his team has not given up on the

finals despite Paul Roos and saying

it was time to concentrate on the

youth policy. They passed on their

experience to over 500 youngsters

as Adam declared that having a

definite chance of reaching the definite chance of reaching the

finals. I think the weather the

libraries anyone can still make the finals.

finals. We just need to get back to

the FM and Peking does he want to the FM and Peking does he want to

have a crack and have the burning

desire to want to succeed. They

will play Carlton on Saturday. A

blow to England's Ashes campaign blow to England's Ashes campaign

with Freddie Flintoff having a

serious injury cloud hanging over

him. We have been him. We have been handed back an

important piece of our cricketing

history. Former Prime Minister at

John Howard was there to accept the

cricket bat used by Sir Donald

Bradman when he scored at over 100 Bradman when he scored at over 100

runs against Yorkshire in 1934. So

much of the memorabilia, all those

famous Australian

famous Australian names and at the

English names as well. The bat has

been loaned to the International

Cricket call fame which will be

built in barrel, Don Bradman's home

town. The riders have had a day of

rest for after a tough trip through

the Pyrenees. Lance Armstrong had

to contend with a massive media

scrum and the ongoing questions

about the split in his about the split in his team. If

there is a situation where the team

tells us to be in front, it is

windy and it is silly and I make a

selection and I will do it. But I'm

only going to follow the team

orders. Armstrong is third on the orders. Armstrong is third on the

overall list. It was a good day for

Australia or in Jeffrey's Bay in Australia or in Jeffrey's Bay in

South Africa. There were a group of

four for strains to go through. He

will now come up against nine time

world champion Kelly Slater. Seeing

as how the top seeds are all

through you know that you're going

to get a good guys are you just

have to be on your game.

have to be on your game. The going

was a lot tougher for competitors was a lot tougher for competitors

in the nomadic Shark Island

Challenger Cronulla. The 2.5 metres

whirls cross smashed a group of

body boarders. The event was eventually

eventually put on hold and was

expected to resume later this week.

Fund a sure that there would be fun.

In sports tonight, we'll hear from

David Beckham after he was called

stingy and a bad captain by a team-

mate. We're keeping an eye on the

city traffic and some problems are continuing and the continuing and the Cumberland

Highway? This is the hot spot in

Sydney tonight. You can see that Sydney tonight. You can see that

the traffic is stationary after a

four-car accident. This is just the

peak-hour traffic that is

struggling to cope with that

earlier accident. Elsewhere across

Sydney is great feel school holiday traffic.

traffic. Not good news for parents

- there are grey skies on the way.

Tim Bailey's forecast is next.

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There is a definite called change

coming through the city and it is a

shame that you're not still up and

the high country. I can feel the

snow that has been left their! I

made my cotton socks right here. A

clear, crisp and called night for

Sydney. That westerly wind is

knocking temperatures down at the

degrees out moment. Expect it only one or two

degrees out in the greater West

tonight. The West will only be

reached a high of 15 degrees

tomorrow. They could be an odd

shower or even a thunderstorm but

there is some good news coming as

we look at the weekend. It will go

from a shower to Thursday, mainly

cloudy Friday but then increasing

sunshine on Saturday but we sunshine on Saturday but we will

have a sunny Sunday, Monday and

Tuesday. It looks low temperatures

will reach almost 20 degrees around

about Sunday. It will be chilly tonight.

This cloud over Queensland and NSW

that is causing a few showers.

There's cloud over SA that is part

of a trough and there are strong

westerly winds that are of a trough and there are strong

westerly winds that are heavy and westerly winds that are heavy and

thundery. The weather map shows the

explanation - a ridge of high

pressure will move east. A week low

will move into the eastern inland

triggering patchy rain and bringing

the chance of a storm or small hail.

We will see patchy rain across at

him and NSW. We expect there will

be five to 10 centimetres of snow.

-- in the Alps. Showers will ease

over SA, there are showers fought

over SA, there are showers fought Tasmania

Tasmania and showers will develop

later in WA. A bit of everything

for you, it will be cold, showers

and possibly a thunderstorm. A

partly cloudy Thursday, cloudy on Friday and Friday and a good-looking weekend,

sun shines with temperatures

getting almost 20 degrees.

The big blue sky The big blue sky is coming, trust

me! I am not sure about that. That

is at Ten News. We will have

updates throughout the evening. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) COME ON, SIMPSON, OPEN UP. WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE.