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This program is captioned live. This morning on 9am, for the world's most perfect job the ad campaign one day and perfect the next. in the place that's beautiful advertisers will go to We'll examine the lengths in their products. to attract interest in a heatwave. And keeping the classroom cool to have air conditioning installed. Some parents are actually paying Thursday January 29. A very cool morning to you.

It is quite cool here, isn't it? It

is in here. Southern Australia is

absolutely baking at the moment.

It's a bit scary. 43 in Melbourne

at 6pm last night. Yep. And

Adelaide nearly hit its record peak.

They got to 45 or something like

that. I think they were 44.7. How

do you sleep in the heat?

Particularly if you're a light

sleeper with a whiring mind. Like

you? I don't actually like sleeping

in air conditioning. It's a throw

back from my days when I was a

travelling man and they would put

air conditioning into the hotel

rooms. You would get sick. And

you'd wake up in the morning with

some kind of a three star flu.

Really, that many stars! So, how do

you keep cool if you don't use air

conditioning? I slept in the nude

last night which is very unlike me.

I like to sleep in clothes

generally, but it was so hot and

the kids camped in the loungeroom

because the bedrooms were too hot.

It's not air conditioned in our

place. Not because we don't agree place. Not because we don't

with it, although I would like to

pretend that I'm environmental ,

but because we don't have any. And

the kid's beds were hot, hot to

sleep on. So we let them camp

downstairs. I wonder how people get

through it. Let us know if you have

any hints. You know what I've heard

of - cool sheets. I've never tried

them. But send us in your ideas. making headlines this morning. Now let's take a quick look at what's have arrived in Switzerland International leaders for the World Economic Forum

is crawling to a halt. amid warnings the global economy benefit from another aggressive cut Mortgage holders are expected to in interest rates meets next week. when the Reserve Bank across Victoria and SA And firefighters of strong winds and searing heat are in for another day as they battle to stay in control of the century. during the hottest week stories during the show and at 11:00. Kath Robinson will update those in Ten News at 5:00. And there will be full coverage

VOICE-OVER: Got something you want

to tell us about? E-mail now: to reach beyond 40 again today Temperatures are expected of the country for much of the southern part just as kids head back to school - and stiff new shoes. many in their spanking new uniforms are schools and teachers But how prepared swiltering irritated kids? to deal with a classroom of

The Australian Education Union nearly enough on the basics, is concerned we're not spending force to pay for air conditioning with reports some parents have been in classrooms. Mary Bluett joins us now. And Deputy Federal President

Good morning on a very hot day.

Good morning David and Kim. How hot

is it there? 36.5 and rising. Oh

dear, oh dear. Another hot one for

us. Are teachers and classrooms

generally prepared for these kinds

of conditions? Look, many of our

school buildings are very, very old

and some of them are 20 or 30 years

past their use-by date and were

think about the built in a time when we didn't

issues like having windows facing

away from the sun, building trees

to provide some shade and it is sweltering in many of our

classrooms. What do you want to see

happen? Well, we need a major

investment in rebuilding and

modernising our school buildings. Yeah, it's not just air

conditioning s it? No, and in fact,

we've got a lot smarter around new

buildings and making them so that

you might not use air conditioning

other than once or twice a year. So

when we rebuild the schools or

modernise them, we have to look at modernise them, we have to look

the environmentally sustainable

principles and build that into the

structure so that we have pleasant

and comfortable learning spaces for

our chern. How likely is that to

happen? We hear Education Minister

Julia Gillard and the Prime

Minister talking about their education revolution. Are they

likely to stump up money for

exactly this? Look, I don't know exactly this? Look, I don't

whether they're likely to, but it

would make a lot of sense. Actually

investing in infrastructure like

rebuilding and modernising schools

is a boost to the economy, it

creates jobs. It would tackle some

of the economic issues as well as

providing a much-needed boost for

our school infrastructure right

across the nation. There seem to across the nation. There seem to be

some - well, silly policies I think

in place to do with which schools,

particularly in far North

Queensland, which schools actually

qualify for any sort of money to

buy air conditioning. There was a report in the 'Courier-Mail' saying

that parents were actually paying

for air conditioning in their kid's schools, because the school didn't

qualify for any kind of grant and

there was no money. Look, it's

quite random the way State

governments decide which schools.

What they actually do is draw a

line halfway through the State so

that those in the top half of

Queensland get air conditioning and

the bottom half they don't. But

then in the top half of NSW just

below the border, those schools get

air conditioning and like wise,

when you come to the intersection

between NSW and Victoria. Red mark

over the border doesn't get air

conditioning but Mildura in

Victoria does. We need to look at a more long-term solution around

making our buildings

making our buildings more

comfortable and then providing

some sort of air conditioning for

those times when it's absolutely

necessary. And as a kid who went to

school on the Gold Coast, I had my

experience in those temporarys, the

dong as we called them. The hot

alluminium temporary buildings. The

portables. They were unbearable and

yet they're still in a lot of the

schools. Many of the more portable

classrooms, on a hot day, you're

getting up to 55 degrees a hotter,

and to even pretend that you can

have meaningful learning occurring

in the classrooms is a joke. Tell

us about that. You've been a

teacher yourself. How does soaring

treachs affect the dynamic of the

classroom? Well, you do have to

adjust. Is there any point? Can you

continue a meaningful lesson? Well,

you can probably adjust your

program for a day or so. Where you

get really stretched is where

you've got two, three, four, five

days of protracted heat. There's

only so many times that you can

play the sort of cooling down games

that have some educational value.

So you really need to look at the

temperatures in those classrooms,

because ultimately, we're really

just playing games to try to keep

those kids engaged and not going

stir caitzy with the heat. So, are

you sulgting that parents might as

well keep their kids home if it

persists more than a day? Well, I

think that those parents thinking

about their students going back

over the next week or so, where

there is hot weather, think about

sending them with water bottles. A

scarf or a towel that can be wet

and put around their neck in the

classroom. Schools will make those

sorts of adjustment, and certainly

schools will indicate to parents if

after a number of days they feel

that it is preferrable that if they

can, they keep their children home.

Yeah, yeah. Mary, there was a

report released this week that

found that Australian governments

are spending less than $1,000 per

student than schools around the

world. Pretty much everywhere. Is

this a significant amount? Oh, it's

a very significant amount. It was

over a 5-year period, and compared

to the US and Britain, over $1,000

per student less in terms of

investing in the school buildings.

And if I put that in a different

way, for your average medium sized

school, that's $1.5 million. If you

built that into a 5-10-year program,

that sort of investment would

really make a very significant

difference to our schools. Well, I

know we've had e-mails in the past

before saying if we pulled the

money, if the Government stopped

giving money to private schools

and sunk it into public schools,

maybe we would be better off? It is highlighted by the same report by

'The Economist' who says that 'The Economist' who says that in

the same five year period, the

investment in building and

modernising schools, $10.4 billion

more spent on private schools

on our public schools across the

nation. And that's where the

majority of our children are going.

Yes, something needs to happen.

That's a chat for another time too.

The difference between the public

and private expenditure. Get off

the roof there, because I think

you're up around 40 I hear. 39.9.

Get off there and put a hat on.

Shortly, we'll find out how tourism

Queensland came up with the best

job in the world. And later, the

one stop reference guide for new

parents. But Arianne Spratt will

take part of the Tasmanian pursuit

of stuffing

This program is captioned This program is captioned live.

Foodys prepare to be insanely

jealous. Arianne Spratt's tour of

Tasmania's edible foods condition

with fine wine and heavenly views.

Everywhere you look in Tasmania,

there are stunning views to be

enjoyed. This beautiful landscape

also provides the most amazing

produce. The chefs here are so

incredibly lucky. At Meadowbank

winery, chef Simon West creates

dishes using Tasmanian produce. So

I've been lucky enough to be

invited to Simon's kitchen today.

And what a kitchen - the view is

amazing. And Simon, you're in

charge today. I'm just the sous

chef. What are you going to do for

us? I'm going to do a little pot

roasted quail with a brioche herb

stuffing and sauteed peas and

coslettuse. What I've got here is a

little bit of olive oil in the man.

I'm going to make a little bit of

stuffing just like nanna's sage

herb stuffing at home. A little bit

of onion. Just sautee that off.

Some lovely local bacon here. This

is from organic pigs that has been

cured with leatherwood honey.

Which is a truly Tasmanian honey if

people done know. It's quite a

unique taste. Very unique

Lovely and sweet and subtle Lovely and sweet and subtle flavour

to it. Just get that going. I

reckon it is the earl grey of the

honey world. It's got that

smokeyness about it. So into that

now, some thyme and some sage and thyme and

thyme and tarragon. Because it is

cooler here, the produce is a

little bit behind the mainland, is

it? A little bit, now but not

really. We have some amazing

produce here. Our shellfish,

seafood, poultry, game meats, we

really don't go far away from the

mainland. The quail are just from

down the road as well? Yes, and you

can see, you can smell the flavours

of the herbs in there. And for the

breadcrumb in here, it is a little

bit different, isn't it? Yes,

that's right. I'm going to turn

that stock off otherwise we're

going to lose that. Brioche crumbs.

We make our own brioche. Why do you

do that? Brioche is lighter and

it's full of butter and it's works

great. A little bit of dijon

mustard as well. Just for extra

flavour. Could you use a different

mustard? You can use any you like.

You can see that the briochehas

taken up the butter and the onions

and herbs. Bring it across here and

ready to go. Would you like to just

season those little quail for me?

I'm going to get the stuffing and

roll it up in my hands. So it's

quite tightly packed you've got it?

Reasonably tightly packed. I've got

some tooth picks here and I'll just

bring the little quail together

with the tooth picks. And that's

enough to hold them during the

cooking process? It is, yeah. Don't

need to stitch them? Yes, and just

try to reform the original shape of

the bird. And I'll put four in. So

I know I've got to take four out.

So no-one gets a spare one in their

dinner. OK, well while you're doing

that, I'm going to go ahead and do

my pea dish which is one of your

recipes. On there, I've got some

stock that the birds have actually

been cooked in. Simon is going to been cooked in. Simon is going to

put some poaching liquid in and

it's reduced and I'm going to put

that in there. It's going to have a

knob of herb butter in there and a

good whack of parsley. And I'm just

going to tear some baby cos lettuce

leaves in there as well and this

dish just really works with the

quail. It's sort of delicate but

really flavoursome. And these are really flavoursome. And these are

local peas. They come from a farm

just down the road. Yeah, one of

our staff members has got a farm

just up the road. That's amazing.

Full of peas and she's brought us

lovely fresh peas. And peas do deteriorate really quickly so the

fresher, the sweeter. And that

really is it, isn't it? I can sit

that at the back for a second and

come back to us with your quail.

And they done take very long to

cook, do they, the quail? No, in

this form, the quail will take

about seven minutes. That's

amazing, a really quick dish. I'm

just going to season lightly just

on the skin. A little bit of colour.

Now Simon, you're not a local.

You're not a Tasmanian? No, I've been in Tassie for four and a half

years now. And what inspired you

to come here? Is it the produce?

The produce was one of the main

reasons, and also the lifestyle.

You know, we have a beautiful

lifestyle down here. I'm living 20

minutes from the city and I live minutes from the city and I live in

the country. You know, to be the country. You know, to be able

to access Hobart and be 15 minutes

from work and be in the country at

the same time. So just giving

these birdies a bit of colour. these birdies a bit of colour. What

I'm going to do now is put a

crushed glove of garlic in and a

sprig of thyme and another knob of

butter. You love the butter here? I

do love the butter. And some chicken

stock. So it's sort of like a stock. So it's sort of like a wet

roast. I call it a pot roast. So

the bird has got a little bit of colour there

colour there now. Turn them over

and seal them off on the bottom.

The butter is starting to fizz away

and the flavour is coming out of

the garlic. I'm going to hit that

now with some chicken stock. About

halfway up the birdies. Now I will

I want to bring that back up to the

boil as quickly as I can. That's ready to come straight into the

oven. You can see that come up to

the boil. And I'll start plating

the peas to get ready for the quail.

Just pop them down like that. The

quail will go on top. All right,

I'll just put the quail down here

and take those tooth picks out. You

can see the lovely colour the quail

has picked up in the oven. It has,

they just look perfect. Still

really nice and mois. All of the

liquid contributes to it staying

beautiful and moist and tender. It

does. And maybe just a little bit

drizzle of that over there. Oh

lovely, oh beautiful. Wow, I'm

happy to eat that. Thanks, Simon,

that looks fantastic. Well, we've

done a great job on that, Simon.

We've got great produce, a great

view and cheers and thanks for a

great day. Pleasure, thanks Arianne.

great day. Pleasure, thanks Arianne.

I've never eaten quail. I have, I

went to a cooking school once. Did

you? You? Where they attempted...

Was there a BBQ? They attempted to

get me to do exactly that. Stuff a

quail? Yeah. Remove the bones and

then stuff it. How did you go? It

took me about a week. I kept

thinking, what's the point. You end

up with about that much meat. The

ity bity tiny drum stick. All the

details of the fantastic quail dish are on the website if you would

like to give it a go. Still to come,

the new tricks advertisers are

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Lots of great suggestions to keep

cool. This is from Elizabeth - "I

have a fan at the end of my bed

that grows directly on me".

what's his name? "I also have a

spray bottle of water that I spray

across the fan flow that keeps me

cool. And if she wakes up.". Aren't

cool. And if she wakes up.". Aren't you going

you going to getted we? Wet. Well you going to getted we? Wet. Well no

because it's hot, you get the

tingling mist over your nude body.

tingling mist over your nude body.

Tracy writes, "Like Kim, we don't

have air conand upstairs gets

uncomfortablely warm. I take the

gel packs we have for injuries and

put them in the pillow cases. This allows them to allows them to fall over the edge

into sleep". That's a great idea.

We've got a number of them and

we'll get to them all. Coming up,

advertising, are you aware of the

con? And after the break, how does

$150,000 sound like for sitting on a

beach for six months. We'll see

what it takes to get the best

This program is captioned live.

How's this for a dream job.

$150,000, it's only six months work

and it includes sun baking,

feeding the fish and scuba diving

on the great barrier reef.

Beautiful white haven beach, yeah

right. What's the catch. Anthony

Hayes joins us. Is this for real,

Anthony? I mean, clearly already,

you're creating an interest in

Queensland. Is it for real? We've

created a bit of a monster,

actually. We've had about 8,500 one minute video applications have

arrived in the first two weeks. So

we're a little bit worried about

the final results! But it's a real

job and a fantastic job. And you

should see the house, probably

about $5 million house on Hamilton

Island. So one would think this is

a rather important job if there's

$150,000 and a magnificent house up

here? Well, it is an important job.

Well, obviously it is a bit of fun

and it is a great PR stunt for us,

but I guess the background is we're

in for a tough year in the tourism industry. Not everybody here just

in Australia, but worldwide. The

Premier made it clear to us that

she wanted us to think about

protecting jobs and come up

protecting jobs and come up with something creative and different.

And we've had 2.5 million people go

to the website already to check out

about Queensland. From right around the world

the world I understand? 150

countries we've had applications

from. Nobody from North Korea or

Somalia yet, apparently, but

there's still another month to go.

I have read that you're suggesting

that you want people to be as

creative as they possibly can in

their onapplications. Why is

creativity so important. You don't

need to be creative to feed fish

and sun bake? We're looking for the

world's best communicateor. Six

months, you've got to travel around

the Islands of the Great the Islands of the Great Barrier

Reef. Been to most of those. Tough

love that you have and do a void

yoblog once a week. Sell Queensland

to the world so we're looking for

someone with really good

communication skills. So that is

the point of the job, really, to do

blog? Absolutely. It is a great way

for us to get the word of mouth out

there. We think we've scored

something like $60 million worth of

PR activity in the first couple of

weeks since we launched it. C nsm N,

BBC World News. Aroundly we're in

'Time' magazine this week and the idea is to get idea is to get Queensland out there.

We're doing it tough and we're try

to help the industry out. If

someone is watching at home someone is watching at home and

would like a suggestion on what

might be a good and creative

application. I understand that you

picked this one out to have a look

at. Oh, you have to help me. This

noise and this daily occurrance. I

know, I could go somewhere like...

know, I could go somewhere like...

Hamilton island. Much better, who

says silence isn't perfect. I can

wait to explore the best Australia

has to offer and adventure is never

too far away. I can't wait to feed

the fish, or even name a few. But

what I'm most looking forward to is

going snorkling. I even thought I

could spend a day at the aerial

postal service. And what great

shots would I get from that?

She might get a job in TV after

that too! So that's the kind of

thing. You're looking for people to

post a one minute video and be as

creative as they can. The

application is you've got to send

us a one minute video application

and tell us why you'd be right for

the job. Obviously when you get the

job, have you to do a video every

week telling the world what you're

up to. We're looking for someone

who is creative and different and

obviously the fair share of nutters

already who perhaps won't get up to

the job. Any nudity involved? Yes,

plenty of those. Any

tattooedapplicants. Only the ones we

tattooedapplicants. Only the ones w

ourselves. What was the background

When we kicked it off, we created

two videos and said, we want you to

be different and don't just say, I

want to come to Queensland. We

messed up and didn't put the word -

sample on it, so we confused

people who thought that they were

real applications. As soon as the

confusion was there we said that

and there were 7,500 or 8,000 real

applications on the website now.

People can have a look at them if

they want to check them out. I don't think that

don't think that that's the issue.

I think that maybe people thought

that the job was fake, and the job

actually is real? The job is just

unbelievable. $150,000 for six

months work travelling around. I

mean, it did exactly what we hoped it would do. Particularly the

British for some reason. Every

interview started with - is this

for real. So we've done exactly

what we wanted to do. We timed it

so that when people opened up the newspaper on a Saturday newspaper on a Saturday morning and

a rainy miserable Saturday looking

for a new job, there were whopping

great adds in the paper saying -

the best job in the world, come to

Australia. We think that we timed

it pretty well. January in most

parts of the world is pretty

miserable and a holiday in the

great barrier reef looks attractive.

Of the 8,000 applications that you

had, what percentage of those do you think have a you think have a real crack at the

job? Are most of them toss aways?

Well, not toss aways, but looking

for somebody special. We'll short

list down to 11 candidates and fly

those 11 candidates from anywhere

in Australia or anywhere in the

world, fly them to Hamilton world, fly them to Hamilton Island

where they'll have to go snorkling

and diving and check out their

communication skills there, and

from there, we'll pick from there, we'll pick the

successful applicant and they'll be

in place by July 1. Obviously we're

looking for someone real special.

The only prerequisite is that they

have to do it in English and we're

talking to the world here. And communicateing for six months,

English is the best language.

Therefore, you wouldn't expect -

the successful applicant to be

Australian, necessarily? May well

be, but to be honest, we're really

open mined. We're just looking for

the right person, and the right

person is not just someone who

points at the beautiful scenery

and says, isn't that lovely. We're

looking for someone to experience

it and willing to dive in and try

absolutely anything. We want them

to interview people and get into

the real character and personality

of why Queensland is a special

place to come for a holiday. I'm a

Queensland girl, have been to

Hamilton Island before and enjoyed

it. David, former travel reporter.

Really, the dynamic duo here. We

could probably put our hand up and

do a decent job. What time in the

morning! What time do we have to

get up? Probably, you could sleep

in a little later than you're

currently doing so I think you'd be

OK. How do we apply? Islandreefjob

opinion com is where they need opinion com is where they need to

go and all the information is there.

We look forward to following this

up and seeing who the applicant is

In the meantime, here's some home shopping. Every morning you bring in something here and show us something fast and easy and apparently the H2O mop is no exception to that. Why does it look so easy when you do it? It's not me. It's the H2O steam mop. It's the power of steam and the microfibre pad that does all the work for you. The H2O steam mop also comes with its own carpet attachment. You can clean, refresh and deodorise your carpets that quickly. Are you impressed so far? Have a look at this. Have a look at the black carpet here. I'm going to put honey on here. You're not. Normally you'd usually use a cloth or grab a mop and bucket. You'd probably call the carpet cleaner to try and get that off. Using steam, and the microfibre pad, you can pick up and remove dirt, grease, grime, bits and pieces

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straight onto a hardwood floor. We've got paint here from the kids. It could be scuff marks from the shoes, crayons.

Have a look at how quickly and how easily you can clean that floor. The proof is in the bottom of the pad. You can see all the dirt underneath there. The H2O mop uses the power of steam and the reusable microfibre pads to go where other mops can't. It looks like the steam takes the effort out of the actual cleaning. All at the push of a button. No effort, no harsh chemicals and no more Mr Nice Guy to those marks on the floor. Call the number right now to secure your order.

Only 30 seconds to heat up and it gives you 20 minutes of continuous steam using ordinary tap water. You can combine that with the incredible microfibre cover. Now you can clean all floors and remove scuff marks using one hand. It's so light.

Call the number now and forget the mop and bucket. H2O mop uses 1,500 watts of steam penetrating the dirt in the pores of the floor. The pressure loosens and cleans while the microfibre pad just scrubs it away. And it's super-absorbent so your floors are dried at the same time. That's good. Fantastic, and it works with your favourite detergent. Remember, with a regular mop, even if it looks clean, it's not. With the H2O steam mop's microfibre pad, it's like cleaning with a new mop every single time. The H2O steam mop even converts to your own carpet steamer? Absolutely, so you can erase stains and spills,

deodorise and freshen all your carpets, rugs, mats and high-traffic areas

with this one machine. Designed for the toughest jobs, it comes with two free reusable microfibre pads. They're thick, they're super-absorbent with thousands of micro-pockets so they soak up spills and trap the dirt and the grime for the cleanest floors ever. I heard this product is so popular that you ran out of stock last time? We sell out of stock all the time so you've got to be quick.

We've got stock back. Call the number right now and try one in your own home.

The first 200 customers will get 10 disposable mop pads

plus the two free reusable microfibre mop pads all for just four payments of just $49.95. And you get the 30-day money-back guarantee. Come down here and have a look at this. See on the floor here, even if it looks clean, it's not. Now, having a look at the floor here, it looks clean under the normal light. We're going to turn down the lights in the studio and get you to turn on this blue light -

it's like a CSI light - and it lets you see dirt and grime not seen by the human eye. Can you see that? The H2O mop removes - the steam uses and the microfibre pad

removes dirt and grime not seen by the human eye that quickly and that easily so, whatever your floor, it's not clean until it's H2O mop clean. Wow!

Are you impressed so far?

Yes, I am. I knew you would be. Remember, if the lines are busy, don't miss out - call the number or you can order at the website. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But you've got to be quick. Thanks, James.

Later in the show, dinosaurs,

dragons, fireworks and the zoo that

thumps to the beat. They're all

part of Ann Maree Biggar's list of weekend events around the country.

But up next, the effectiveness of

subtle advertising.

This program is captioned live. Advertising is usually fairly obvious, and is designed to clearly promote a product or service to the public. But what happens when the line between fact and fiction Is it deception or just brilliantly clever? John Gutteridge from advertising agency JWT joins us to defend the actions of the industry.

Morning. You weren't responsible

for any of the - what do we call

them? Viral advertising? Unbranded

content. Various names. Hoax of course is one that you've been

referring to. You believe that these

kinds of advertising, this kind of

advertising is surfacing because

the relationship between the brand

and the consumer has shifted. You

are trying to tell us that are trying to tell us that the

consumer is driving this kind of

advertising? Absolutely. I think

what you've seen over the last

decade certainly has been some

changes in the relationship between

brands and consumers. Consumers

are wanting to be accredited for

their intelligence, and we as

advertising agencies sit down and

we talk to consumers very

regularly. And the feedback that we

get from them is that we no longer want to have communications

delivered to us on a plate. It's

almost insulting. So have fun with

us just as you do with your friends.

And there's a personal yity that we

create in a brand. Before we go on,

let's have a look at them so we

make it really clear. I think the

fist one we've got - well, it

actually ended up being a Witchery

ad, but it was about a girl named

Heidi who met a guy in a coffee

shop and left the jacket behind. I

met this guy in a coffee shop and

yeah, we only spoke for a few

minutes, but I don't know, I can't

stop thinking about him. And oh,

stop thinking about him. And oh, he

left his jacket behind, left his jacket behind, see.

Beautiful and it's got a silk

lining, it's got beautiful striped

interior. I'm Heidi and you can

e-mail me to get your jacket back at

www.maninthejacket Atlanta hot mail.

So, this turned out to be a hoax. A

stunt. An effective stunt. Where's

the value in it? Well, the very

fact that I'm sitting here talking

about it with you both probably

demonstrates how much value and how

much news coverage it's had. 60,000

hits or something. Absolutely, it's

interesting, I'm sure the guys at

Witchery are sitting there thinking

- my goodness be weeb we've

completely overachieved. Because

the jacket is a Witchery jacket and

part of the new line. Exactly. It's

interesting because I think it is

actually very smart and exactly

what we're talking about earlier

where people are and agencies and

clients are thinking of novel ways

of selling their brapbldz and

announcing in this case, a new

range of clothing. Perhaps though,

the area which I think falls into

what you're talking about is the

area of deception, and I think

probably where these guys crossed

the line was when they lied in

terms of - is this a hoax. And then

of course a few days later, it was

announced that it was a hoax. Yeah.

What is the line? There was

possibly the need to just keep the

campaign alive and to continue and

maintain the level of PR. Let's

talk about the line. Did they cross

the line when they did the hoax ad.

Did they cross the line when she

went on national television denying

it was a hoax. Did they cross pt

line when Witchery was contacted

and denied any involvement? It's

hard to say. I think the line is

controlsed when consumers controlsed when consumers feel

violated, and this is the

important thing. I think what those

guys did was they set out to appeal

to a certain group of people. it's quite likely that the people

who are feeling violated and deceived are not necessarily deceived are not necessarily the

people they were trying to talk to

in the first place. If you go on to

YouTube and look at all of the clips that people have since

created in answer to this and

they've actually played around with

it knowing full well it's a hoax

but had some fun with it, you'd

argue that they've done a bloody

good job of appealing to the right

audience. How effective is the net?

YouTube? Sites like YouTube for

people like yourself and your

industry. Snoop very much so. More

so than through television or so?

If you look through 2006 and 2007 I

think you'll see that there has

been an increase of about 35% in

terms of advertising revenue spend

online. If you look at last year, I

think now the Internet has more

users than television viewer, so

there are about 15.a million people

use the Internet now and something

like 13.5 million people watching

TV. So there's your answer right

there. Yeah. Australia has one of

the slowest broadband speeds in the

EOECD. In fact it is the fourth

slowest. We're going to see more of

this, the trend will increase. The

faster the broadband speed, the

more creative you can become

online. Let's have a look at

another one. This one is called

Corn Kernels. See if you can work

out who they're advertising. I got

to work, man. Can you believe it.

With the phone here

OK, 20, 20. It's not working. It's

not working. See. Let's see. See,

that's clever. That just scares that's clever. That just scares me

though! I look at that and I don't

want to use a mobile phone any

more? What are they advertising?

Good question. I don't know. I'm

not so familiar with that. They

were advertising a bluetooth

headset in that and we were saying

as we were watching it, if it is a

hoax, and it is a hoax. I want to

know how they actually made the pop

corn pop? It is amazing how much

money sometimes goes into the

exercises. They're deliberately

framed and the as amateur videos

to make them look all the more

authentic. But csm GI which is a

technique that we use which is

computer generated imaginery,

that has a lot to answer for. That

would be extremely expensive to

produce. How does it translate to

sales. If we don't necessarily know

that the previous one that we saw

is - we don't necessarily realise

that they're selling or flogging a

Witchery jacket or flogging BluTooth

You have to look at how many people

are now aware that Witchery are

targeting a new range of clothing

targeting males. I'm not sure how

many people would have been aware

of that. Or who would have cared,

I suppose. Quite. So often it is

brand awareness. It's changing

perceptions of a bran. You know

contemporising a brand I suppose. I

gets the Witchery guys will be

crunching numbers and soon

determine how successful it was.

And whether the hoax actually back

fires on them. Are big brands

coming to you regularly and saying

we want to do the campaign via the

net or rather via television or the

radio? Absolutely, and it is a

trend. And marketeers and the own

clients are acknowledging the

benefits of going online. It can be

incredibly cost effective. It

doesn't always cost a lot of doesn't always cost a lot of money

to carry out one of the exercises

and there's a well known sun glass

company that ran a campaign that

was online where a couple of guys

were throwing the sunglasses and

landing on each other's heads.

Hilarious. That was another one. Incredibly subtle but people then,

what they do is they watch these

pieces of communication and they

know it's up to them to decode the

communication and work out what's

going on. That in return is

rewarding when they get to the rewarding when they get to the end

of it. I done know if you guys saw

the viral campaign that preceded

the 'Batman' film and there was an

enormous campaign. And I think in

that case, they spent a lot of

money. But all the consumers were

aware that there was the need to decode the message coming decode the message coming through

and they had a lot of fun with it and played with the brand and the

'Batman' movie received a fair bit

of awareness. Absolutely,

challenging the tech savvy youths.

Well done. Still toll come, the best-ever baby tips.

talking about the rev luegsary and

amazing Aerogarden. So today, I

thought ild' show you what all the

buzz is about. So many people have

been sending e-mails through

telling us how happy they are with

the Aerogarden. The feedback has

been overwhelming and a lot of

people are saying they're saving

time and eating healthier and

saving a lot of money. The

Aerogarden not only looks good, but

it's also giving you the fresh

herbs and healthy veggies right

there on the kitchen counter.

You're bringing the garden indoors

and it's not taking up much bench

space. Let's see how it works. The

Aerogarden is a self-watering,

self-feeding garden that grows

delicious natural herbs, fruit and

flowers without the dirt and weeds.

And of course, no pesticides. You

can grow all sorts of things. Your

favourite herbs, tomatos, chillis.

The list goes on. What I really

love about the Aerogarden is that

you're absolutely certain no sprays you're absolutely certain no sprays

or chemicals have been used. And

that's got to the healthy option,

especially for children. And things

grow very fast in the Aerogarden.

It's the NASA proven aeroponics

which helps speed up the growing process. Look, here you've got lettuce grown in the Aerogarden lettuce grown in the Aerogarden and

beside it, lettuce grown

traditionally. Look at the

difference. Imagine growing that

indoors and all of the growth in 36

days. And you'll keep on picking days. And you'll keep on picking

and using the same crop for months.

I can't tell you how many times

I've been to the fridge to find

this. Wilted herbs and soggy

lettuce. A waste of food and a

waste of money. If I add that up

over the year, I've literally

thrown hundreds of dollars in the

bin. Aerogarden continuously grows

herbs and veggies. We've just

cooked a pasta and added a bit of

sauce. There is nothing fresher or

easier than to break off some

basil and add it to the dish

yourself. It's fresh, it's chemical

free, and best of all, you only

pick what you need. One of the best

features of the Aerogarden is features of the Aerogarden is that

it takes care of itself. Germ

nation is 100% guaranteed. It

tells up when to add the water and

nut ri ens and turns the light on

and off to maximise growth. And you

can grow all year around. The

Aerogarden comes with the gourmet

herb seed kit included. All you do

is add water, the organic based

nutrients and you'll start to see

growth in as little as a few days

and then you can start picking in

weeks and enjoying the same crop

for up to six months. And remember,

Aerogarden doesn't contain dirt so

the kids can get involved without

any of the mels. They look

impressive, don't they. Just wait

until your friends come around and

see them in your home and they'll

want one for themselves. And

because they're self contained, you

can put them anywhere you want.

Aerogarden is also ideal if you live in an apartment.

live in an apartment. So now that

you've find out why people are

talking about the Aerogarden, it's

time to get your own and watch the

magic of growing plants year round

on your kitchen bench. Here's how.

Call Global Shop Direct now or go

online and the Aerogarden can be

yours on a 30-day risk-free

30-trial. We know you'll love the

Aerogarden and we'll charge the

balance to your credit card at the

end of the trial period. If you're

not enjoying fresh herbs or salad

greens within 30 days, simply send

it back and pay no more. You can

choose from black or white or ask

about the premium silver model for

just a little extra. You'll also

receive the gormet herb seed kit

absolutely free. Plus, Mr Thr are

other great seed kids available. Aerogarden is a terrific idea Aerogarden is a terrific idea for the unique

gift for someone who has everything.

After the break, Kath Robinson with

the latest from the Ten News centre. And still to come, centre. And still to come, Dicko

with the tunes that may well define 2009.

SONG: # We've been waiting for so long # We've been waiting for so long # Tell me where... # across the Mercedes-Benz new and demonstrator range don't miss the 'Summer Love Sales Event'. Ends January 31.

Time for the news and we're joined

by Kath Robinson.

Good morning. Making news on Good morning. Making news on Ten,

dire predictions from the International Monetary Fund today

that the global economy is going

to get worse before it gets better.

In its outlook for 09, the IMF

predicts the world economy predicts the world economy will

grow by just 0.5% this year. That's

the slowest pace since WWII. It

expects Australia's economy to

shrink by 2.4% and predicts a

forecast deficit of 7% of GDP,

around $80 billion. The deepening

recession will be top of the agenda

at the economic summit in at the economic summit in Davos

where world leaders will speak. Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard

is expected to arrive there later today.

Back home, and firefighters in

Victoria and SA are on high alert

as both States prepare for more high winds and scorching temperatures.

firefighters worked to contain a

grass fire on the Mornington

peninsula. There were widespread

blackouts and transport chaos.

Adelaide experienced its hottest

day in 70 years. 45.7. The day in 70 years. 45.7. The mercury

is expected to soar to 43 in Melbournted to soar to 43 in Melbourne.

And you might remember the very sad

story about former skating

champion Jane Solomon who was 26

weeks pregnant when she suffered a

fatal brain haemorrhage. Doctors

kept her alive for two days to

safely deliver her baby. We'll safely deliver her baby. We'll have

an exclusive interview with the

father of the little girl born. And

I've seen the story and it is very emotional.

How little was she? She was 26

weeks, she was born at 26 weeks. So

she was well under a kilo. She was

tiny. And he makes the comparson,

he takes off his wedding band and

says that her little hand is

narrower than the wedding band.

It's a very sad, a very emotional

story. You can see him kissing the

beautiful little baby. Thank you so

much. See you at 11:00. Yes, we

will indeed. We have so many

e-mails from people with wild and

whacky ideas. Some would argue that

being the coolest dude on the block,

you would have all the answers! Yes! And I do!

Yes! And I do! "I there, you two

crazy kids" writes Ren. "I heard

Kim asking how to beat the heat.

When I was 21, we would put our

summer dresses into the freezer

slightly damp and then quickly go

about the housework in our

underwear. Music Blairing of

course. Once we were done, we would

put on the icy cold dresses and sit

in front of the fan with cold water.

It worked for us, oh the joys of

early 20s". This one is from David.

He says "In relation to keeping

cool, my grandmother who has just

turned 9o would lay a wet sheet

over an upsidedown table and then

put a fan blowing from the outside

so it just disperses cool water in

the air underneath the table. It's

best for keeping babies cooling but

if you have a large enough table

and sheets, you can fit yourself

under there. This was advice given

to many new mothers to keep babies

cool.". So you have four legs and a

wet sheet over the top. Then I gets

you flip up one edge of it and blow

the fan from the other edge and

then have the cool air coming out.

That's actually a really clever idea. Imagine going around there

and walking in and seeing the

entire family under a sheet. It's a

cubby house, you know what kids are

like. With the summer dresses in the

freezer. Although I would be

sitting there with a cold glass of

wine! Of course you would, or three. 'Walle' is the story of a lonely robot left alone to clean up rubbish on the deserted planet earth.

And with the movie now available on DVD, Ann Maree Biggar travelled to San Francisco to see how 'Walle' was brought to life.

When Walt Disney first introduced

us to the famous mouse in 1928,

who would have thought that this

simple little rodent would lead to

this? You're the kid from the this? You're the kid from the fan

club. That snail was about club. That snail was about to charge.

And now, 80 years later,

who would have thought it would

lead to a whole new fantasy world

centred around stuffed toys. Big

green monsters... talking fish...

talking rats... and now, a junk yard.

That's right. A rubbish robot. But

not just any old robot.

A Pixar rubbish robot, and today

we're at Pixar in San Francisco to

meet some of the people behind the

latest Disney Pixar blockbuster latest Disney Pixar blockbuster 'Walle' .

Obviously, the first question -

where does the name Walle come

from? Walle is an acronoy m

standing for Waste Allocation Load

Lifter Earth class. You've been

with Pixar since the beginning. It

must have been an amizing journey? Yeah, especially because we didn't

plan for any of this. Indone know

how you can or if you did, you

probably would fail, because all

the things when we look back that

made the next thing work weren't

logical, often. When we started out

and we were only about 30 people I

think when we actually got the deal

to do 'Toy Story' and start up from

there. Now 15 - well 18 years

later, we're basically 1,000 people

and we're making five pictures and we're making five pictures all

at once. It's a little crazy.

What part of you is in Walle.

is probably the most directly like

me than anything I've ever done, in

the sense thap he's a nerd and he's

a hopeless romantic. And those two

I'm guilty. Well, I was one of the animators

on Walle. And to start off with, on Walle. And to start off with, I

was working on the crowds doing was working on the crowds doing all

of the background characters. The

hundreds of different robots and

then I finally got to work on Walle

towards the end of the show. The

main thing that I love about this

sort of film is that it is sort of film is that it is science

fiction. You know, there's a lot of

science fiction geeks here at Pixar.

80% of the workforce are really

into star wars and things like that,

so getting to work on a movie with

tonnes of robots and set in space, it was great.

Walle being a love story, there's

also the world's interest in the

environment. Does that a key as

much as the love story in Walle? No,

all of the elements kind of came in

to support the story. As Andrew has

said before, this film was unique

in the sense that the character

came first. The story was kind of

written to support the character

that you couldn't get out of the

head. For this one, I think A

felt that this was a trash

competitor robot. What would make

sense? Why would he be left alone.

And the background and the history

and the story that surrounds it and

the ecological aspect that

surrounds it was really just to

justify this great story.

So make sure you bring home a copy

of Walle on DVD this summer. Now

back to the clean-up.

of food going steal, pegs and rubber

bands not fresh. Lucy might be able

to help us. Have a look at this bag

that's open. This is called the

Reseal and Save. You can take any

plastic trip bag, biscuit bag,

pasta bag, cereal bag. You can reseal them this quickly and this

easily. Let's have a look at

what's happening. If I open it up,

see, completely sealed at the top.

Turn it upside down, it's air tight,

water tight and it means that you

can stop wasting time and money on

cling wraps, containers that don't

always work or expensive machines,

you know that can cost a fortune.

So the heat seals it. It looks like

a great way to save cupboard space

too because I end up with so many

plastic containers, lids here and

containers here. This is the proof

of the pudding. You can see it is

so much more organised and so much

more space because you can reseal the original bag that you're

actually using. Cookies, cakes,

candys, anything, you name it. Any

plastic bag. You reckon it's water

tight. It's great for pick nicks.

Imagine all the mums who no longer have to deal with baby food and

biscuits squashed to the bottom of

the bag. See that. Comes off in

seconds. It comes with a handy

supgs cup to put the Reseal and

Save on the splash back or the

cupboard door in the kitchen.

Considering it is something that

you can use every day, how long

will the batteries last? You will probably use the Reseal and Save

every day as well. We've actually

resealed over 300 times from one

set of AA batteries, which means

you can use it once every day for

ten months. That's fantastic. Look

at that. It is instant. The list of

use is endless. How much are they?

I need to know? The Reseal and Save

can be yours for just $49.95, and

if you call right now, when you buy

one, we're giving you the second

one free. So two Reseal and Saves

for the first of one? There's one

thing I have to stress to everyone.

We have a limit of four per

household and there are only $500

two or one sets available. Buy one

and get one free and pay the postage and you can Reseal and Save

all of your plastic bags. Call:

Or order online:

And listen to this, if you don't

love your Reseal and Save or if you

done use it 30 times in the next 30

days, just send it back and we'll

give you a refun. That's

guaranteed. Pretty good. It looks

like it would have lots of uses.

Tell me more situations that you

can use the Reseal and Save? Where

do I start? You can marinade or crumb vegetables. Reseal and Save

the flavour. Perfect for camping.

Keeps your valuables dry. You can

keep one at home for work shops or

gardening. The Home Office or

printer card ridges and documents.

If you call now, you can get two

Reseal and Saves for $49.95. That's

two or the price of one. That's not

all. Remove odours from your hands

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The smell is then again. It is

yours free when you order and