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Tonight, Australian soldiers

wounded. Five diggers hurt in an

Afghanistan bombing. Two dead, 40

children injured - the bus crash

with a hero driver. World athletics

in crisis - the female champ with

male sex organs. Hello, I'm

Jacqueline Maddock, welcome to

Ten's Late News. Also tonight, Big

Brother con. How duped contestants

were photographed naked. But first,

five Australian soldiers have been

injured in a bomb attack in

Afghanistan. The troops were on

foot patrol in the country's south,

when home made explosives detonated.

The Defence Force says the soldiers

have suffered minor, non life-

threatening wounds and are

recovering well. They're expected

to return to duty in the near

future. The attack future. The attack on the

Australians has happened on the

eighth anniversary of 9/11. It is

now morning and Ground Zero in New

York, where a special ceremony has

been planned. Two bright been split

up the New York City sire --

skyline on the eve of the 9/11

terraced attacks. This morning,

vice-president Joe Biden will

attend a sombre ceremony at Ground

Zero. More than 100 volunteers who

worked at the centre after the

towers collapsed will read the

names of the victims. Even though

the attack happened nearly one

decade ago, for first responders,

it still feels like yesterday. That

expression way your life flashes

the before you, it does. He saw a close

the absolute devastation at Ground

Zero, where more than 2,700 people

died. Today construction is still

being completed for a memorial

museum. It is not Ground Zero. Now

it is a sign of rebuilding and a

sign of real hope. The seer, for

the first time, the country's

national day of mourning will also

be a national day of service.

President Obama is encouraging

Americans to take part in volunteer

work in honour of the lives lost on

Mein 9/11. He will later made with

family members of victims who died

at the Pentagon. Former Secretary

of State: Powell will deliver a

keynote speech at a tribute.

Earlier this week, victims were

also honoured on Capitol Hill with

a plaque. For those of us who work

here, this might have been the

eternally target of flight 93. We will remain

eternally grateful for the heroes

of that flight. Great for Americans

plan to show their appreciation

with volunteer events across the

country today. Coming together in

spite of one of the worst tragedies

to hit US soil.

to hit US soil. A school bus driver

is being praised for helping dozens

of injured children after a crash

south of Sydney. Two people were

killed in the head-on collision,

while none of the children were

seriously injured. 40 children were

on the bus, when it collided with

the car. The bus slammed into a

rock face and trapped the children

and driver on board. I heard this

big 'boom boom' and then I looked

up and everyone was screaming, and

then there was blood everywhere and

so like it was really crazy and

everyone was crying and all that.

The students, some as young as five,

were forced to climb out a broken

window, with the help of their

injured 67-year-old driver. And the

bus driver is to be commended for

her quick response. It's understood

the driver of the car may have

suffered a heart attack, causing

him to veer into the path of the

bus. He died at the scene, his

passenger died a short time later.

Some of the children suffered minor

injuries and were taken to hospital

but released this afternoon.

but released this afternoon. Sore

chest from the seat where they've

actually gone forward. On board

were the McNeill's three children,

who survived with barely a scratch.

The eldest phoned her parents to

tell them they were all right. She

was kind of a bit teary, but yeah,

I just told her it was all OK many

times, it was all OK. The bus

driver remains in a stable

condition in hospital with a broken

Ford. The accident has sparked new

calls to fit all school buses we'd

seatbelts. A woman has been found

not guilty of killing her newborn

baby 40 years ago. The 50 7-year-

old was tried in Perth Children's

Court because she was just 17 when

the child died. Our reporter was in

court for the verdict. court for the verdict. Today's

decision brings to an end an ordeal

that has lasted many years for the

woman. She was only charged with

the wilful murder just two years

ago, after telling a councillor in

NSW that she had drowned him. It

was 40 years ago as a trainee nurse

in a south-west of Derby way that

the then 17-year-old concealed her

pregnancy from her family and

colleagues. After giving birth, she

did disposed of the body in a

hospital been. But it was found

just days later in a rubbish tip.

At the time the woman told the

police it had died of natural

causes. She was only charged with

concealing the bird. Decades later,

she confessed to drowning the baby

ill and a hospital waste paper bin.

At trial, the defence claimed the

confessions were false and said the

baby had died naturally. baby had died naturally. Today, the

judge found her not guilty of

wilful murder, saying the state had

not excluded blood loss as a

reasonable cause the death. He also

said it was a reasonable

possibility the woman falsely

believed she had drowned a baby.

The woman's lawyer spoke on her

behalf outside court. She is very

relieved at the verdict, it has

been a long and hard journey for

her. After 40 years, she can now

put all this to rest and 10 get on put all this to rest and 10 get on

with her life. The woman left court

flanked by her and her supporters,

not wanting to make any comment.

International athletics is in

crisis tonight, over the

controversial runner Caster Semenya.

The world champion has both male

and they now sex organs. Just two

days ago Caster Semenya was a cover

glammed up girl on a glossy magazine. All

glammed up and looking the model of

success after winning the women's

world 800m in Berlin. But the

moment she crossed the finish line,

questions about her gender were

being asked. Scans and examination

revealing she is biologically an

hermaphrodite. She has internal

testes, and no womb or ovaries. The

immediate concern is her physical

really well being. The health issues

really pertain to cancer, either

her ovaries or testes. Sydney

sports doctor Louise Tulloh

believes Semenya's case is a

massive conundrum for all sports.

She's in a very small and very

variable group who don't fit our

standard categories, so we don't

have a race for her to run at the

moment. Former athletics great

Raelene Boyle says athletics

officials must act. The medals need

to go back, the record needs to be

poor young woman, ignored and unfortunately, this

poor young woman, person, needs to

work out how she's going to live

her life. There's no doubting the

challenges Caster Semenya now faces,

but she's already been through the

mill throughout her childhood,

where she was regularly asked to

strip to prove her gender at

athletics carnivals. I really do

feel for her. She's a fabulous

athlete and it's a little unfair athlete and it's a little unfair

she's been exposed so publicly at

this time and at this age.

this time and at this age. And she

hasn't done anything wrong. The International Athletics Federation

may yet disqualify Semenya and ban may yet disqualify Semenya and ban

her from future women's events. The

Spring Racing Carnival is still in

doubt over horse whipping rules.

The RSPCA has weighed in,

threatening to take legal action

against any riders who overuse the crop.

crop. Jockeys were back in the

saddle a day after the snap strike

that threw race meetings in 4

states into chaos. For how long

remains unclear. Jockeys agreed to

return to the track after crisis

talks last night but by Tuesday

they maybe hanging up their silks

again. We can't say that it will or

won't happen. It could jeopardise

the Spring Racing Carnival and cost

the industry millions. Are you

prepared to go on structuring the

Spring Racing Carnival? I think a

lot of the jockeys are? Are you

personally? Certainly. If it was my

choice, I wouldn't be riding here

today, I wouldn't be riding over

the weekend. Jockeys are demanding

the Australian Racing Board change

new whipping rules so they can hit

a horse without restriction, over

the final 100 metres. The board

shows no signs of backing down.

Some people don't like them, but

that is not a good enough reason to

change them. The RSPCA is also

threatening legal action against

jockeys who strike a horse in

breach of the new rules. Simply

cruelty and over use of the whip.

They are rednecks and they are They are rednecks and they are

living in the past. Racing Victoria

says it's looking at ways to keep

the gallops going if there's

further industrial action over the

Spring Carnival, including using

apprentice riders. That is an

option open to us, but option open to us, but we think in

the interests of racing,

commonsense will prevail and

jockeys will be riding into the

future. But some are tipping it

will be a rough ride. Basic

workforce of literacy and numeracy

are improving across Australia. A

national tested students from his national tested students from his

three to nine shows more than 90%

reached minimum educational levels.

Our political correspondent he's in

Canberra, and a better result than

last year. Across Australia, that

is certainly true, although

Tasmania, ACT and NSW might find

themselves outside the principles themselves outside the principles

offers. All of them edging back

slightly in basic skills compared

with last year's results. with last year's results. The back-

to-basics focus on reading and

writing is working. It is pleasing

to see that 90% of Australian

students are at or above minimum

standards. The national test of

children in years three and five

and seven and nine produces 20

measures. Victoria was first in

eight of them. Putting it ahead of

New Savoys and the ACT. Other New Savoys and the ACT. Other

jurisdictions are coming to

Victoria and looking at what we're

doing here and that is a compliment.

The improvement award goes to The improvement award goes to

Queensland, SA and the NT. Scores Queensland, SA and the NT. Scores

were up in 17 of the 20 Tests. were up in 17 of the 20 Tests.

Though a third of the children in

the top bend still based -- fail

basic benchmark. Queensland picked

up after poor results last year.

The fact that these tests The fact that these tests can

Sperry jurisdiction Mike Queensland

bruise the in merits of these

testing approach. Must try harder,

Tasmania and the ACT went backwards

on 13 measures. Can roll lost its

national crown in the process. News national crown in the process. News

that whirls went backwards, but

with something to crow about. We

really are the undisputed champions really are the undisputed champions

when it comes to spelling. The tests are a measure tests are a measure of how many

pass minimum standards for spelling,

writing, punctuation and numbers.

Each child will get individual

results next week. But the school results next week. But the school

by school comparisons, the

political dynamite, they will come

round for the first time at the end

of this year. What it should be is

an indication to government at

where further investment is where further investment is

actually needed. Shane Warne is

kicking up his heels tonight, kicking up his heels tonight,

celebrating his 40th birthday at a

Melbourne night spot. The spin king

and his ex-wife, now current

girlfriend Simone, sneaked in the

back door of Chapel Street's

Cristal Bar. Sporting personalities

arrived on time to wish the cricket

champ a happy birthday. Any wishes

for the birthday boy? Yeah, don't

get old. Despite rumours, there's

been no sighting of Hollywood star been no sighting of Hollywood star

Uma Thurman. Party goers aren't

expected to pull up stumps until early tomorrow. expected to pull up stumps until

early tomorrow. Still to come,

millions of reasons to smile for

Jennifer Hawkins as Myer heads to

the stock market. And nude photos

Big Brother. of girls who thought they were on

This program is captioned live.

The children of notorious

businessman Michael McGurk have

paid tribute at his Sydney funeral,

paid tribute at his Sydney funeral,

a week after he was shot dead. 300

mourners attended the service. His

wife Kimberley and four children

entered the church through a rear

door to protect their privacy.

Inside they described the 45-year-

old as the best Dad ever.

(BAGPIPES PLAY). Police are still

investigating allegations of investigating allegations of

search for political corruption, as they

search for a murder motive.

Today at Concord Hospital, Kevin

Rudd launched the Bernie Banton Foundation. It will educate,

asbestos-related diseases, promote and fund research into

including mesothelioma, which

claimed Bernie Banton's life in

2007. It was one of his last

projects that he discussed with

Karen in his final months. He was

determined to do more, establishing

a foundation that would do greater a foundation that would do greater

work in the years after he had gone work in the years after he had gone

from us Volunteers and employees

will staff the foundation. Supermodel Jennifer Hawkins has several million reasons to several million reasons to smile

tonight. She's signed a lucrative

new deal with Myer, which has

posted a solid jump in profits.

Despite a tough past three years

fine figures aren't totally out of

place at Myer. Profit is up and

debt is down for the retail giant

which will open nine new stores

nationally over the next three

years and hire up to two hundred

extra full time staff. There's no

doubt that Myer's back. I think the

Myer team have worked hard over the

last 3.5 years to get us back in

the game. The $109 million profit

is up 15% on last year. It comes

despite a drop in sales with around

$30 million flowing in via the

government stimulus measures. The

prospect of rising interest rates

not enough to scare the company

from forecasting a significant

boost in sales for the coming year.

It's prompted Myer's private equity

owners to cash in on their

investment by moving towards a

public float. When they see a

company like this, which is an Australian icon, considering Australian icon, considering

demand, in my floating on the exchange - the

demand, in my view. Is going to be

very strong. Already a household

name the prospects for the Myer

float will be further boosted by

the fact preference will be given

to the company's 13,500 staff and

more than 3 million customer card

holders, all but ensuring strong

demand. Jennifer Hawkins is set to

front the float campaign after

signing a new four year multi

million dollar contract with Myer. million dollar contract with Myer.

I'm very grateful. You know, I'm

very blessed and I don't take

anything for granted, to be honest.

Myer can now boast both a beautiful

face and a healthy bottom line.

A positive end to the trading week

for the local market, with gold

again pushing through the US

$1,000-an-ounce mark. For the details, CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. $1,000-an-ounce mark. For the

It was one of the features of the

session, after looking beaten

yesterday, the price of gold and

the Australian dollar staged

comebacks today as the American

dollar continued to move south. The dollar continued to move south. The

weakness of the greenback has been

a feature of the last couple of

weeks. It will continue to be a

important thing for the market over

the next couple of weeks. The stock

market has performed quite well.

The ASX 200 has risen by more than

three-and-a-half %. Even though we

sales and saw weaker Reading's poor housing

sales and yesterday's employment

report. One of the factors that

helped push the market higher today

was much stronger than expected

economic readings out of China,

they did not have an overwhelming

effect on the market today, but

they will have an important

psychological bearing on investors,

in the event of the American market

couple getting the wobbles over the next

couple of weeks. couple of weeks. getting the wobbles over the next couple of weeks. getting the wobbles over the next couple of weeks. getting the wobbles over the next

All To the market in detail. And the

All Ordinaries ended up 0.5% at the

closing bell. The Australian dollar

is buying 86 American cents. Gold

has lost some of its shine tonight.

Oil is trading at $71 US a barrel. Oil is trading at $71 US a barrel. has lost some of its shine tonight.

Scooby the deaf dog is recovering Scooby the deaf dog is recovering

at home after surviving five days

stuck in a cave. He faces some

tough new ground rules, and is now banned from bushwalking!

It was another night away from his

favourite spot on the Newton's

couch, but it was worth it. This

morning he was refreshed and ready

to be picked up by his best friend

Jack. Amazed that he's here. I'm

shocked. Vets put him on fluids

last night to help rehydrate him,

but were amazed at how he came

through his cave ordeal with barely

a scratch. He's carrying a little

probably helped bit of extra condition and that

probably helped him. For five days

Scooby was trapped 6m inside the

cave. A rescue team led by the

RSPCA chipped away at the tunnel.

Fire Brigade officers used cutting-

edge rescue equipment to spot

Scooby, and mine rescue experts

repositioned boulders to retrieve

him. Excited, happy and grateful

that the RSPCA would do this for me

and my family. Once home, Scooby

was very keen to see his play-mate

and partner in crime, Oscar the

husky. Jack and mum Melissa then

set to work stripping back the dirt

with a good bath, and a good shake.

Well, life pretty much returns to

normal now for Scooby, although the

Newtons would be very happy if

Scooby gives up his adventurous

ways and lives a life of leisure.

If you think you can manage it,

mate. He's in a lot of trouble.

He's grounded now, he's grounded

indefinitely. He'll be confined to

his lead when we go out on walks

now. But it doesn't look like

Scooby will mind one bit.

Scooby the deaf dog is recovering

at home after surviving five days stuck in Cave.

Next, the reality TV scam that's

ended in a nude-photo scandal. And

With all you have to think about, a free financial health check for your business can make sure your hard work leads to success.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Teenage adventurer Jessica Watson

expects to be back in the water

next week. The Gold Coast boating

community has rallied behind the

16-year-old, working around the

clock for no payment to have Ella's

'Pink Lady' seaworthy. Jessica has

refused to leave her beloved yacht.

She's been helping with the repairs.

When she's out there in the middle

of the ocean, she'll know her boat

inside and out.

inside and out. Any noise, any

grunt and groan, she knows what it

is, so it's good for her. A report

into the yacht's collision with the

bulk carrier, the 'Silver Yang', is

due out in a month.

Cameras have been allowed inside a

Turkish villa at the centre of a

fake Big Brother-style show which sexually abused its female

contestants. Nine women were held

captive for two months after

responding to an ad for reality

show contestants. They soon

realised they'd been duped, but not

before their naked pictures had

been sold on the internet. They

were threatened and told they

couldn't leave. Four people were

arrested when police stormed the house.

The Queensland Premier has defended

her decision to appear on Channel

Ten's 'MasterChef'. Anna Bligh says

she's been promoting her State, not herself.

Taught by her mother, now teaching

her sons to cook, Anna Bligh's

comfortable in a kitchen. It's

cleaner than my kitchen. It's

tidier. But when it's this big and

for a TV audience of millions, the

heat's really on. I do a lot of

speaking in public, I do a lot of

high-pressure things in my job, but

this feels like a lot more pressure

than I'm used to. Make it happen!

If it's not a good dish, we're not going to go going to go soft on the Premier.

It'll be as bad as Question Time.

Like Parliament, there'll be no

favours. No, we're always very

even-handed, but if she gets lippy,

and she starts answering back,

which politicians have a habit of

doing - and she does it to Gary -

expect fireworks. She's been

critically panned, now it's time to

put her pan to the critics. It's

day one on the set of 'MasterChef',

and you're out of your comfort

zone? Oh, yeah. Cook like the world is watching.

is watching. Your time starts now.

First up, the Premier's pitted

against a confident Olympian and

rugged actor. The challenge - 90

minutes to knock up your signature

dish. But did she bite of more than

she could chew, attempting an

entree, main and dessert? Well, the

only chance I had to cook this was

Father's Day, so we had a good

Father's Day dinner, but they won't

be as tough as the judges I'm facing today. Unashamedly flogging

Queensland produce, but what of

those who say she should be finding those who say she should be finding

a recipe to fix Queensland's

problems - not taking holidays to

win a cooking contest. I have no

doubt that people will get

political mileage out of this, and

frankly, it's a bit of fun and

people will make fun of it, but

ultimately, it is a serious

business. To find out if she cut

the mustard, you'll have to tune in

on September 30.

Sports Tonight is next with Rob

Canning. And Rob, it's been a Canning. And Rob, it's been a big

night of finals footy?

Sure has, Jacky, & we'll have all

of the action shortly. Bulldogs

this is Brisbane Lions. The NRL finals begin.

This program is captioned live.

Now to the national weather. This program is captioned live. Now to the national weather. This program is captioned live. Now to the national weather. This program is captioned live. Now to the national weather. This program is captioned live. Now to the national weather. Cairns

can expect a mostly sunny 30

degrees. Brisbane - a sunny 26.

Sydney - sunny and 29. Canberra -

sunny and 22 Melbourne - mostly

sunny with a top of 25. Cloudy in

Hobart. Windy with showers in

Adelaide. Perth - a possible shower

and 16. Darwin - sunny and 35.

Alice Springs will be windy.

And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is

up next. I'm Jacqueline Maddock, goodnight.

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