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Tonight at you will then storms can

and will deepens. The club engaged

in widespread and it up retreating

must pick up some of the son. Sara

Catt brought to be stoned the

police. He tweaked at Bart's

police. He tweaked at Bart's the

state run here puts Mike here

believes the opposition leader and

First. Protests are war and the

result new heating and scheme. At

first but Rozsa to the savage

birching of a back pack her Coogee. Later and

Later and the bullets and it looked

at you about my new pit crews that

is fantastic for kids. Was this

evening come at the end I'll since

it would not put them up and store

despite confirmation that its star

Rick wrote when much quicker than

first thought. Police charges could first thought. Police charges could

the follow after an order to review of

the sums he manages to respond to

bridge the gap until. The past five

seasons. As owner of the Melbourne

Storm, the Barbican has been

increased since April. He had done

it and have he had reached this

took up an as it is much was. Is it

for? That is something for the

police to investigate and we have

run the findings to them. An order

run the findings to them. An order

it by the accounting firm found

that the club reached the cup or that the club reached the cup or

$3.17 million. So how did this $3.17 million. So how did this

happen? Through his we had some

rights. Even after these order it,

John admits that it on if he could

rule have been. Apart from the

coach come at none of the

coach come at none of the players

or three directors would accrue to

be interviewed or provide evidence.

He says that the penalties would

have warranted. The club engaged in

what could have allowed the

choosing and must pick its meeting. choosing and must pick its meeting.-medicine. Several players

receive money

receive money from additional

sources. There's no evidence that

any of the new and the coat was

cleared as well. Well boss David go

up so is that there will be no

additional punishment. It we're

happy with the punishment that

readers up with. There were also

reaches with gift cards, it appears, run to

run to assistance will be paid for

the East cards. Now put the omens

are already one per and $3 million

over for next year. As for them and

John had again considers the chief

rout, former chief executive Brian

Walden. I think it's at an offer

much because he does and what it would use it is too

much because he does not need the

break. A simple mistake on his

Twitter account that but for a role

reprised. He axed and then made an

off the record tweet to a

journalist very public. It went the

wrong direction.

wrong direction. His reference to

the Prime Minister was made public

with one wrong clique. It is one of those terms that probably sounds

good for people do so end and this

applies to them and probably most

of Austen might have the sort of

labels put on them. He found

support from an unlikely corner.

Answers and that he didn't name for these come as to

these come as to cause offence to

the Prime Minster. And so has an

ruse to have that have. The Prime

Minister had more important topics

to talk about it on the subject of

her locks, so if there she is only

good humour. The first woman, it good humour. The first woman, it

may be the first writ had - are

less others will into the history.

We have got

We have got to have good candidates

and we will complete alarm up next

couple of days. Since making the

gaffer at his morning, a her foal

has shown all the hallmarks of the

right thing. Ten News has tried

repeatedly to cut it is up as well,

it's over there has been no reply.

Innocent and this one has be

careful which but new professor!

The producers that it

The producers that it and a number

of plant to ease traffic and her

mother had is on affordable. She

has to have to set the record

straight about and 40 swollen to

injure. It is the marcher and

Jana's the literary tradition come

at the changing of the guard at

Tiananmen Square. It was the first

stop on my feet to hear of her

speculation that China to her but there is

speculation that have marred his speculation that have marred his

roles were with fixtures to it but

are struggling Government is

planning major news binding on the

trophy crippling Sydney. It takes

you longer to get around Sydney

than it does to get Newcastle its

mark extra money has put her

committed to pony in for his two

which would close the missing link

loans. to the CBD. It should make more

loans. Sick and tired of getting

stuck in traffic. Altering the

Olympics are at Karachi: That

Olympics are spending remains a to

have Rich but Staples me put it. We

need to be sure that we could

afford what we promise to deliver.

Critics have called it and other pace this pre-election promise.

Four times and so a person and

ruthlessly the Government had

promised to the him for his

detention. Traffic is something

that the Premier has become even that the Premier has become even

more familiar with but the visit

has also been criticised but a

position as he symbols don't. They

have labelled it as an expensive

first opportunity but the poem here

is not by it. This is being it is not by it. This is being it

of delegation from be forced on up to

of December. The upon Mr has

cleared another hurdle on and you

wait and it's an election date.

With a major speech and economics,

Julia Gillard has declared herself

and I can make conservative and

less of a risk than Tony at that.

With all the floor of I have

become-campaign launched minus the

balloons, it duly killer wants you

to know:

to know: I want to move forward.

Its move forward together. Mixed

move forward together. She is no

longer a nifty. I have done some

things from the days there was 20

and 31. Antonia but is the risk,

not her. I believed in strong

budget surpluses. Those expecting

he spent up big and

he spent up big and forget it.

People wanting Republican forget it

as well. I don't believe we're very

it. She needs a country far from

one of the bike of the Raj. She was

at the lack of coherent action on

climate change. Some things have

gone off track. When it comes to an

is facing cost-of-living per share

don't think there feeling

don't think there feeling at the

end moving forward at all. The

opposition leader continues to

Martin D prisoner to of asylum

seekers. Why are we put in them up

in four-star hotels, I'm looking at in four-star hotels, I'm looking at

our guys who were fighting wars!

The Prime Minister's us that Labor

and a Coalition and not for her

part on Refugees. I think there are some knitting points of

some knitting points of agreement.

Kevin Rudd was pressing the flesh

with the UN Secretary General while

hugely but was refusing to be drawn

wide acclaim but on the night of

the blue chip through, she reneged

on a deal to hold off on to the

polling friends were clear. We do

know that she's no budget euro and,

just red meat of his politician.

just red meat of his politician.

The Prime Minister has a to do list,

she has tick the box and economic

status does this bring us any

closer to find up election that

took it does not seem far off. In

12 his breeches she used to phone

we have got governing to do,

several times. That phrase was

absent into deeper and Oxbridge.

She went right he

She went right he found that a

virus to her playing for her after

to some here. It is the last of the

states and territories which it has

not exude a slip on Mr. She has got

some barn storming to do. It allows

her to get back by Saturday morning

in time to see the Governor-General.

On Saturday afternoon the Governor- General

General lies overseas so have the

best in his four and August poll

date. Still ahead - the Premier

accused of concealing poems to

demolish homes. Also tonight, and

others as but arrested over the

brutal birching a very backpacker

in Sydney. Under new it issued upon

it without dealing

We have more than in the up and

storms will pick up some

storms will pick up some of will

and eating's independent directors

are just responded to the News of

the sacking. Read and write an open.

What did they have to sleep you

make good evening. You can see the

legal officers by her and the don't

directors have come up. Is it true

and glass struggle but they will

continue to look at whether it will

pursue the court action. There has

court action

court action against his run to it

and there were. At a fiver into

three days. A founder of this

working were he know this morning.

Would it on to members, question

that number's went don't do as well.

They want to know what you are

there to go on as well. Perhaps it

and it's a bit disappointed but

dismissal. To walk away from

dismissal. To walk away from us to

do his shirts room. Until such time

as you get a full my trip in court as you get a full my trip in court

and in its ignition buttons of her

peers of finishes. In her view of

we needed it for an independent

inquiry and then the court action

should run its course. There were

plenty of shots at news and it did

plenty of shots at news and it did

so and that there was a conflict of

interest. Peter also have barred it

should apply our agents, saying

that it should have known what was

going on with these to recur. The

fight continues at this stage, we

will wait as Horton fault but we

have orders holes for you later on in sports.

They suspect has been arrested in

the brutal attack on an Irish

Tourist in a Sydney eastern suburb.

His partners are already serving

four years. Kristina

With homes under

With homes under the threat of With homes under the threat of

demolition over a rail tunnel,

residence in Newtown are blaming

Kristina Keneally for keeping them

in the dark over the governments

plan. As planning minister she

signed the approval of the concept

into 1008 but failed to tell home

owners. Why did she take the

appropriate steps to identify this

area as a corridor for rail

protection, and if she didn't know, why did she know?

why did she know? When with a guide why did she know? When with a guide

to tell us? The only reason we know,

is that it was leaked to us. I can

appreciate why they are blaming the

premier, she is the one that are

printed in the first place. She was

forced to reply to the claims in

Beijing. Be is not in the realm of

a concert plan to lay out the

specifics of a project. That will

be done through a specific project

application. That project

application. That project

application will go through a

public consultation progress. Homes

will be demolished if RailCorp

decides to build a tunnel from

Newtown to win its station. Newtown to win its station.

Residence here also been supported

by the Greens, whose candidate for

the State election has a strong

chance of unseating the Member for

Mariko well, deputy premier Carmel

Tebbutt. Carmel Tebbutt should be

worried about her seat.

worried about her seat. We feel we

have been asked to pay the price

for so Morse poor State planning.

The Labor Government is looking at

the wrong option here. The Greens

favour a tunnel entrance close to

the city. A Sydney council is

cutting cut traffic congestion with

a crackdown on apartment car spaces

and on-street parking permits.

Becomes as developers find new ways

to get more people into

to get more people into unit.

Behind this store is the picture to Behind this store is the picture to

city living. There is a common

lobby area, and one of the

apartments. Here is a self-

contained studio apartment. Jockey

apartments are designed for

flexible living with the option of

using his second apartment for a

family member, friend or tenant. Each department has

Each department has its own kitchen

and bathroom with a share bloke

laundry. This man bought a jockey

apartment for his daughter and

least the spare room. At the time

they were to have a party, they can

integrate. But if they want privacy,

they can have the independence. 40%

of apartments in the new one

Central Park development it on

Central Park development it on

Broadway in the city will be dual

key and will sell for between 80

and am $50,000 and $1.2 million.

Signet needs to look at more

affordable solutions with high-

density Labor -- living. The closer

it is the more attractive it will

be. Changes to a farmer living up

sweeping across the city. Canada by

a council wants to enforce a

a council wants to enforce a One

car pair apartment in the roads.

This is a bid to cut down on

traffic congestion. The M4 dumps

freeway traffic onto away roads.

Victoria Road, which is the busiest Victoria Road, which is the busiest

road in Sydney also does that. A

car chase game is also played

porridge building, but residents

will have to pay. Brad McEwen looks

at the sports

at the sports headlines, but you'd

be forgiven for thinking the

Melbourne Storm best scandal is the

only thing in time. There is plenty

of on-field action this week and.

And Brett Kimmorley meat gets his And Brett Kimmorley meat gets his

game and its it too. It will be

playing his 300 game because the

Roosters. Shane Mostar and claims a

career-best figures in the Lords.

Also ahead, Caddell Evan's brave

bid to continue in the Tour de bid to continue in the Tour de

France. He is having X-rays, we

will see later.

I hope you are loving these winter

days, because I have three more

beautiful ones coming your way for

the weekend. Temperatures

the weekend. Temperatures today

were a team. It felt Chile, because

of the wind chill. That was because

of the south-west has that reached

63, as an Arab Penrith. News on the

dam levels they are down to 56.

Have had 7%. That is despite tented

20 am mills across the catchment. Time

Time to put a smile on your face.

You are in the running to win the

palace in Monica Buzzolan limits .

A full snow report and some

interesting weather

interesting weather information

later. Up next, the body of the

latest Australian soldier killed in

Afghanistan arrives home. Also, Mel

Gibson's ex-girlfriend bows to tell

all. And the Beatles fan who scored

unique photos by turning up at their homes.

that a banker

Commonwealth Bank employees Maybe that's why we have

so you don't have to do yoga Holden Cruze -

and sometimes it doesn't

Him and

I'm This program is captioned live.

There are a few problems out there

on our roads. Where the

on our roads. Where the problems?

Right here. There is a broken-down

truck heading northbound on the

Pacific Highway near the Myrna Vale

Road. The RTA are alongside it. The

traffic is really starting to build

and we have good queues stretching

back into Chatswood. Big delays

heading home from

heading home from the Pacific

Highway. The major problem is set

when for us for-Wentworth Falls in

the mountains. The rescue

helicopters on the way. A truck and

car have collided. If you're a

professional driver that road is

completely closed. The body of the

Afghanistan has arrived 17th Australian soldier killed in

Afghanistan has arrived home in

Brisbane. Nathan's family and

soldiers were present for a rant

ceremony. The 23-year-old's fiance

spoke of the loss of her soulmate spoke of the loss of her soulmate

and best friend and how she had

intended to spend the rest of her

life with him. He will be buried in

his home town in northern NSW. A

new airport scam has fleeced more than $80 million

than $80 million from Australian

bank accounts. Foreign crimes and

is it so that-foreign crime

syndicates are paying money to shop

plan is to supply on ATMs and steel

details. The cameras are used as

part of an elaborate scheme. The

shoppers are given huge money to pace-place at

pace-place at the cameras off of

the ATM. A $20,000 or $40,000 is

very attractive and is being

accepted by a group of people.

There are also more sinister

methods. They have been incidences

where threats have been issued. The

international syndicates based in

be mainly the UK and Canada are considered to

be mainly Sri Lankan nationals. One

Geelong woman has lost nearly

$6,000 and another in Melbourne has

been faced $4,500. The customer

keys in their pin and before they

know what they are captured it from

a spy camera above., a very small

Adlard it seems that they can make

a hell of lot of money. A task

force has been set up

force has been set up to tackle the

Leopards game. More than 40 US have

been made but police say that the

only way to stop the scam is for

banks to introduce new NT skimming

technology. The banks will not

admit how much money has been lost,

instead giving this advice. Just

make sure when you enter European

you are hiding the number. There

will give you some more confident.

will give you some more confident.

Now it is time for the ING Direct

Finance Report. You had as excited

today, a rally to start off and

then a lacklustre finish? The

market hit a to retire early in the

day despite a soft lead from Wall

Street where retail sales for June

fell twice as much as expected. But

pinching while American shoppers are

pinching their pennies, the ABSA

says that how love of cars rolled

on. Over at 30,000 vehicles were

purchased in June which was an 8%

increase on this time last year.

Figures on Chinese growth a lot of

local stocks into the red. There

was an

was an issue with a profit

downgrade. Investors will lead the

share to be down 25%. This is fine

and news for now ahead of the

United States reporting Callander.

United States reporting Callander.

Spectacular explosions and fires

have destroyed an entire city block

in Los Angeles. It tore through a

production area for titanium golf

clubs. He caused the roof to

collapse and spewed chunks of

burning titanium into

than burning titanium into the air. More

than 200 firefighters battled the

flames, three people were injured.

Mel Gibson's ex girlfriend says

that she will tell false story

about their failed relationship in

hand time. She pleaded with

reporters for privacy but promised

she will spill the

she will spill the beans. I will

tell everything later but not right

now. The Russian singer has

reportedly been receiving death

threats from Mel Gibson fans to

blame her for the King for audio

recordings of a man believed to be

Mel Gibson abusing her. Pictures of the Beatles

the Beatles are about to go under

the hammer in the UK. This is not

just the photos but the story of

how they were taken. They were

beyond famous by the turns out that

all the fans who wanted to meet

them could have just knocked on

did. their door! That's what Sue Baker

did. I went to Paul McCartney and

he said did you go to the other

houses and I said no, we don't have

the addresses. And so he gave the

address is to me. Sure enough,

George Harrison was happy to pose

outside his bungalow. John Lennon

was welcome for and

was welcome for and Ringo was keen

for a chat. The would last for

about what they were doing in

different songs but then after a

while they would ask us about

ourselves which will week -- we

were just amazed that. It was mind-

blowing that these big stars would

blowing that these big stars would

be interested in us because we were

just kids. A now she is an adult

with a priceless collection of never before seen

never before seen photos that she

is putting up for auction. She

knows she is lucky, she now cannot

get anywhere near the old house.

Have you got permission to be

filming? We don't. I would ask you

to turn it off then. The so she let to turn it off then. The so she let

it be with memories of

it be with memories of her former

triumphs. Soon to come, new test

for Alzheimer's disease. Also a

former Prime Minister at Paul

Keating mashers us at Bob Hawke and

the families they reckon sticky

incense make perfect pets.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's headlines - the Melbourne

Storm celery candled-salary cap

scandal was far worse than

previously thought. The police are

now being called in. The state

Opposition Leader has learned

first-hand about the potential

perils of social networking. They

tweeter about the Prime Minister's

hair went public after he pushed

the wrong button. And Julia Gillard

was in campaign made after he-she

was in campaign made after he-she

addressed at the National Press

Club. She declared herself less of

a risk than Tony Abbott. One of the

most famous feuds in the Australian

political history has barked up

again. Paul Keating has had a go at

Bob Hawke. Paul

Bob Hawke. Paul Keating is less

than impressed at it with the

latest book about Bob Hawke so he

wrote an angry letter to Bob then

sent a copy to the strain newspaper

so we can all read it. He claims

that Bob Hawke went missing with

emotional problems for four of his eight years in office.

Bob Hawke

Bob Hawke accepts that he had a

battle with depression. --

depression. Blanche rise the you're

suicidal in that time. It occurred

to me. It was not something there

was with me in -- for a long time

but in the very deep depths of I

did think so. But that past. His

record. biographer wife shoots down at

record. The evidence simply does

not support Paul Keating's

assertion. He almost sounds heard

when he says:

Blanche fires back that he has

ignored all the nice thing she says

about him in the book. He is

about him in the book. He is kind,

a great family man, a great father,

physically beautiful. It has taken

some of the attention away from the

current political issues. It as

someone with then intense interest

in politics, I have enjoyed it.

However this end, it will probably

not be with yours sincerely.

not be with yours sincerely.

Alzheimer's disease could be

detected up to 10 years before

systems-symptoms appear. They have

proposed changes to the guidelines

used to just a knows the disease.

By the time you diagnose the

disease it's really very late. It

is a devastating disorder to the

family, it is a

family, it is a costly disorder.

The guidelines are expected be

adopted across the world within

months. A paraplegic man has become

one of the first in the world to be

fitted with bionic legs. He was

told he would never walk again when

he injured his spinal cord but

today he defied the odds and took

his first few steps. I knew deep

down the my day would come around

get back off on my feet, I

get back off on my feet, I just

didn't realise it would be so soon.

The robotic it's a skeleton is the

brainchild of two New Zealand

inventors. Now I bet we can make

your skin crawl tonight! And insect

loving family is turning their

passion for big bucks into a

booming business. They are breeding

stick insects. Bonding

stick insects. Bonding with guards

might not tickle everyone's fancy

but at this school teacher it

enjoys hanging out with her 60

pecked stick insects. They think I

am a complete nutter but I always

said that everyone needs a hobby

and I can't knit said this is it

for me. Now she and her husband

have their hands full breeding

stick insects for rape

stick insects for rape growing pet

market. They Tweed to the idea

after buying some for their son.

They laid stacks of eggs and when

they hatched they had at a bigger

enclosure. They have sold dozens of

the peculiar pets from their home

on the centre of pets. The insects

eat only gum leaves and they don't scratch or sting.

scratch or sting. They don't harm

us, you can feel the cause but

they're quiet gentle. While the

creatures it won't bite, they do

need to be handled carefully. Their

legs can come off if roughly

treated. It can grow up to 30

centre is a name for himself for

around $20. I personally think they

have got a lot of charisma. The pet store

store has a loss of them and their

alluring new customers. If you are

renting then they don't really care

if you have a stick insect. They

have now collected more than 2000 A

X so in six will be sticking around

for some time yet. Brad things they

are more relaxing to watch them

goldfish. They are alright! I watch them in my garden.

them in my garden. The Melbourne

Storm could be fielding a pub team.

We will find out what they are

referring to next. Plus crouching

Tiger Benji Marshall Phelps

hundreds of Tiger Cubs earned their

stripes and Shane Watson's first

five-wicket haul puts Australia back on top

the first with iPod integration

This program is captioned

This program is captioned live. Of.

John Hartigan says the Storm could

end up fielding a pub team after

the report on the salary cap

scandal revealed breaches of more

than $3 million, almost double

original predictions. It is the

report news Ltd says provides the

brief the NRL were right on the

money when they talk to premier

ships and all this year's

competition points from the

Melbourne Storm.

Melbourne Storm. So, how did this

happen? The answer is that we had

some Rats are now ranks. happen? The answer is that we had some Rats are now ranks. John a

hardy can confirm the storms breach

has totalled more than $3 million.

That was 80% higher than the 1.7

million it predicted by the NRL and

were projected to be 1.3 million it predicted by the NRL and were projected to be 1.3 million

over next year. The blame is

over next year. The blame is that

laid at the feet of Storm

management. Brian Waldron, Matt

Hanson, Paul Gregory, Peter

O'Sullivan and Cameron Vale. One of

those so-called Rats and the ranks,

Peter O'Sullivan, is currently

working here at the Roosters. The

club bosses not prepared to make

any comment until Lee has had a

chance to read the Deloittes report. That is

That is something that the rest are

Max need to look at. We will not

investigate any come backed by him

at the Roosters. These suggestion

that the top four players are going

to make up half the salary cap,

they are going to finish up with

the possibility of having a pub

team. Up one of the team said to

capitalise on that break up of the Storm, the Broncos,

Storm, the Broncos, say they will

not be chasing Greg Inglis or

others. We made an offer and it was

refused, so we will not be going

any further with that. Any others? And no.

Bulldogs veteran Brett Kimmorley

will make a decision on his future

in the coming weeks. He's torn

between three clubs and a future coaching role as he prepares

coaching role as he prepares for

game 300 against the Roosters on

Sunday. A slice of league history.

Yes, Noddy, yeah.

Brett Kimmorley set to become the

first halfback to join league's 300 club.

It's been a really good journey.

I've enjoyed it and the fact I get

to become part of the 300 club is

something I'm very, very proud of.

Been a tremendous competitor -

great will to win. Got to be up

there with one of the greatest

halfbacks over the last 20-30 years.

halfbacks over the last 20-30 years.

Moore likens 'Noddy' to 349 gamer

Terry Lamb who watched over today's session, but the 33-year-old's

future at the Dogs remains

uncertain, amid talk of joining

Canberra or the Eels.

You'd have to talk to my manager if

you want to know what meetings he's got on.

Despite signing halves Trent

Hodkinson and Kris Keeting for 2011,

the Dogs are still desperate to

hang onto Kimmorley, as a player or

even a coach.

I think he's got a lot to offer the

junior kids coming through the

system. That decision rest wholly

and souly with Brett at the moment. I do

I do have an option to become a

coach and that's the toughest thing

at the moment - is weather you can

tear your self away from here

because you want to keep on playing football.

Wests- Tigers players put on their

coaching hats for a kids clinic

today. They're expecting a much

tougher task against the 15th

placed Cowboys on Monday.

They've got 8, 9 Origin stars and a

couple of test stars in there too,

so definitely not taking them

lightly at all. Robert

Robert Lui Returns to half back,

pushing lawrence back to the centres.

Shane master -- Watson has starred

the first Test at Lord's.

Hussey got the aussies above 250 with Hussey got the aussies above 250 with a gritty unbeaten

with a gritty unbeaten 50.

Bollinger the last to go -

emphatically. It would turn out to

be a good score.

COMMENTATOR: Edged and gone.

Hilfenhaus again relished English

conditions with two wickets.

That's the one.

But it was tailor-made for Shane Watson. That's close!

The brothers Akmal went the same way.

That's down. That's gotta go.

Afridi tried to hit his side out of trouble.

It's a six. Tremendous bit of time from Afridi.

from Afridi. He's not going to hold himself back.

But went once too often as Watson

had the last laugh.

Catch is it is the call. Johnson is

in business Afridi is out of business.

Tim Paine snagged four catches on

his Test debut.

He's not going to hang around either.

The second last to go after a classy 63. Beautifully bowled.

Kaneria, Watson's fifth wicket- he

joins the likes of McGrath on the

Lord's honour roll.

And that will be that.

He then joined Katich, intent on

adding to Australia's lead of 105. But on

But on 31, Watson did himself in

again when set. Got him this time.

It started a collapse -Ponting

didn't get off the mark.

Redbee123 And may have been unlucky.

Hawkeye suggests it would have

missed leg.

Clarke went the same way. And

And Hussey was out first ball. At

four for 100, Australia leads by

205. X-rays will decide if Cadel

Evans continues with this year's

Tour de France. The two-time

runner-up is battling a fractured

elbow but still came through stage

10 ans gauged and finished in the

main pack. First to recover and

then be healthier game.

then be healthier game. Then we

will see what happens, take a day-

by-day. Team RadioShack Sergio

Paulinho won the stage, and Andy

Schleck hangs on to the low Jersey.

South African surfing mecca

Jeffrey's Bay has turned on

fabulous way as for the opening

round of the billabong Pro. ADR

iambs made a scorching start with

at an easy winner at

at an easy winner at the second

heat of the day. Kelly Slater will

hit the water later this evening.

Felicity Galvez has ups days world

champ or Jewish or shipper at the

Short Course Championships.

COMMENTATOR: She is going to win by

a body length. There was nothing

a body length. There was nothing

else for me is when on the first

day, so there are was a good idea

for me DAB swim before the rest of

the swims up for the rest away.

Coming up in Sports Tonight at 930

on ONE, we will go one on one with

David Gallop. And we will continue

the coverage of the Melbourne Storm salary

salary caps scandal. I don't know

why, but I am wearing a Melbourne

Storm tide today. The bad story

just continues on and on. The head

let's take a look at the traffic.

Still have that problem around

Pymble? It is still here and

blocking the middle lane at a busy

intersection on the Pacific Highway.

The damage has already been done, there

there are huge queues heading from there are huge queues heading from

Chatsworth going north.

Stay with us, Tim Bailey is excited,

he is promising sunshine for the weekend.

That is the first day in a way that

we can officially paint as a rebuff.

Tim Bailey wants to talk about the

snow. The big blue sky that was in

Sydney did not front across

Kosciusko in the last 24 hours. They are

They are throwing up a bit up in

jubilation, if the first start of

the season. 30 centimetres of snow

across the Austrian Alps. Another

front is going to lob across the

Australian Alps is on a Sunday,

Monday and Tuesday and they're

expecting another five to

expecting another five to 15

centimetres. It has been the best

that it has been all season.

At the EU windshield got to about

63, does an hour at Penrith. The

wind chill made the temperatures

get down to 13 degree. Campbeltown

had one degree tomorrow. They could

be a frost on the ground,

be a frost on the ground, but big

blue winter days for the next three days. blue winter days for the next three days.

A higher it will bring a cold

morning with frost and fog to South East

East Australia. He will be a dry

day afterwards.

The predicted rainfall in the

The predicted rainfall in the next

24 hours is isolated showers of the

exposed parts of the NSW Victoria

coastline. Show us some of these

Queensland coast. A Sydney's winter

weather pattern does not get better

than today. High have photocopied

it and that there is an exact

replica -- replica coming for the

next three days.

Big Blue skies for the next three

days. I am Deborah Knight and I robbed

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING )