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This program is captioned live. Olympic flame arrives in Australia. Tonight, calls for calm as the the first opportunity I've had This is going to be to run with the flame about it. and I'm actually quite excited dash hopes of interest rate relief. Soaring petrol prices And case dismissed - Anthony Laffranchi dropped. the rape charge against football's and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight, diggers on their special day. the RSL club accused of ripping off And the new face of David Jones - to follow in Megan Gale's footsteps. supermodel Miranda Kerr prepares But first this evening, has arrived in Australia, the Olympic flame bringing with it more controversy. for any protests to be peaceful. Torchbearers have pleaded have openly disagreed But Australian and Chinese officials of those notorious flame attendants. about the role After so much anticipation, carrying the Olympic flame the official plane

touched down in Canberra. marshalled off. The controversial flame attendants

Then the lantern appeared. was presented, An Aboriginal message stick in the spirit of peace. welcoming the flame stick of the Olympic movement. In this way the torch is a message looked on A small group of Chinese supporters

but security everywhere was tight. a hint of what might be ahead. From the Chief Minister is important Participation in this relay who care about human rights. and it is important for those of this symbol of harmony The international journey has been dogged by controversy. Organisers are hopeful the Australian leg will be peaceful

they're expecting the worst. but admit Despite organisers maintaining would play no part in security, the flame attendants

someone forgot to tell the Chinese. the side and behind the torchbearer Flame attendants are deployed along

to respond to any immediate threat. further embarrassment for organisers. The direct contradiction a

around communication. We do have some issues All of security will vest with us. if I can be any clearer than that. I don't know forced into damage control. Organisers Excuse me, we might need to have a discussion.

Torchbearers also split right place for political protests. on whether the relay is the on issues like this If you're going to protest

around a particular event, it shouldn't be centred that's done consistently. it should be something

of what they're trying to say. Olympic torch is the symbol tomorrow. Both sides certain to have their say Leonie Mellor, Ten News. The soaring cost of living of interest rate relief. has dashed any hopes for the first time in seven years. Inflation has jumped above 4% It's inflation at work. of humour about his nightmare, One consumer at least has a sense nothing to laugh about at the bowser. even though there's certainly prices rose 1.3% In the March quarter

for an annual figure of 4.2%, They are quite sobering. I think they demonstrate the pain people are feeling

around the kitchen table.

got a foretaste of that pain The Government at its recent community cabinet. My son, who is a fair cricketer, because we can't afford it. we had to cancel training for him

trying to find coins to buy nappies Today we were scratching around

for our little girl. The hurt was everywhere - food, health insurance, transport and education all up sharply.

And the pain to continue. The Treasurer says to rein in spending. a tough Budget is needed

high interest rates High inflation produces with higher inflation and not dealing produces higher interest rates. It certainly does rate hike sooner, rather than later. and economists predicting another

to raise rates once more. We expect the Reserve Bank

as early as May It's likely they could raise rates Adding to the pressure on rates coming in the Budget. the tax cuts and child care hand-outs But the Treasurer is unapologetic. working families deserve the relief He says they were promised at the election.

to compensate. he have to find deeper cuts elsewhere Though some economists say

to make it easier for ALDI Mr Swan is also promising to set up in Australia and other discount stores to drive down food prices. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. has walked free from court Star NRL player Anthony Laffranchi was dropped. after a rape charge against him A magistrate found to prove sexual assault, there was not enough evidence the alleged victim was drunk. partly because

charge dismissed. Anthony Laffranchi leaves court, for all concerned This has been a difficult time

and I feel for everyone involved.

The former Wests Tigers star a 26-year-old woman stood accused of sexually assaulting in 2006. during end-of-season celebrations had been drinking with friends The court heard the woman in Kings Cross. at Hugo's Bar and Sapphire Nightclub

she caught a taxi to a party Heavily intoxicated, Laffranchi's team-mate Ryan O'Hara. at the Five Dock apartment of the woman says she blacked out, After going inside the apartment, and wearing her pants inside out. to find herself swollen the magistrate told the court In handing down her decision, the woman's intoxicated state atmosphere of the nightclub as well as the sexually charged

to find beyond reasonable doubt make it difficult a case of sexual assault. that this was in fact for their understanding and support I thank my wife and family can now get on with their lives. and I hope that everyone involved How has your marriage suffered? REPORTER: Thanks very much.

The case closed, to focus his attentions on football Laffranchi will now be free the New Zealand Warriors on Sunday. and the Titans' game against

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. believes The family of a slain cafe owner his killing could have been prevented if something had been done about the attacker's mental illness. Gordon Szeto has been found not guilty of murder, even though he confessed to the stabbing and threatened to go on a killing spree. Not only did he admit to killing his former boss, but Gordon Szeto told detectives he also planned to kill another man he'd worked for elsewhere. The former kitchen hand, who made a chilling video confession to detectives, was today found not guilty of murder because he had suffered from schizophrenia for three years. We really believe that this could have been avoided. We want the community to be really aware

with the people that are right alongside them. Szeto believed his girlfriend had been sexually assaulted

and forced to work in a brothel. Mario Acquaro died from blood loss

after he was stabbed 12 times in his neck, shoulder and arm. We will always be in fear of him and other people like him. Detectives say Szeto had warned a local kebab shop owner just days before the killing that he wanted to stab all of his colleagues at Bravo Trattoria. Inside his Crows Nest unit, police found dozens of notes stuck on the wall. They outlined the imagined sexual abuse of his ex-girlfriend

by people he worked with. that Szeto is still very much a danger to the community. He assured the family that, while he's been found not guilty of murder, he'll actually be locked away for a lot longer than if a jury had convicted him of manslaughter. Mario's 10-year-old daughter is now only left with her precious memories of her dad. We did a lot of things but my favourite thing was just spending time with him.

That's something she can never do again. Evan Batten, Ten News. Alcohol-fuelled violence has doubled in the past 10 years, next to nothing has been done to stop it. Now there's a new promise of action, including the naming and shaming of publicans. With 45% of all assaults identified as alcohol-related, violence in and around licensed premises

has emerged as a major problem. Now the Auditor-General has revealed assaults in pubs and clubs have doubled in a decade and licensing laws aren't properly enforced. The Government has got to take more action to stop alcohol-fuelled crimes occurring. He found police were not being trained properly and licensing laws were enforced inconsistently. And he's recommended naming and shaming publicans who break the law

and serve drinks to intoxicated patrons. The Government's promised better coordination between police and Liquor, Gaming and Racing - a responsible drinking campaign, a new police licensing enforcement command with 30 dedicated officers and proper training for police.

Whilst I'm not saying all's well, what I am saying is, since I've been the Commissioner particularly, I've made this a focus, and it continues to be a focus. This will roll out and it will roll out very quickly. The Government's being accused of failing to act quickly enough to deal with alcohol-related crime because many of the issues raised in today's report were first identified at the alcohol summit in 2003. They've been caught out yet again in an area that is of growing concern to absolutely everybody in NSW. The Hotels Association does not support naming and shaming publicans

and claims the figures for assaults in pubs are higher now because police count them differently. John Hill, Ten News.

If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News: We're interested in both photos and video.

A Sydney RSL club is under fire for putting up the price of beer just for Anzac Day. The Harbord Diggers Club says it has to cover extra costs but it's left many with a bitter taste.

It has 'digger' in its title, but this RSL is taking advantage of their special day to turn a profit. I don't know if it's to pay for the stewards working a public holiday or what, or they just can't afford beer now.

Bit silly, isn't it? I suppose the day's there to celebrate the diggers. Sort of taking advantage by putting up the price, wouldn't say it's the best thing, is it? On Anzac Day, Harbord Diggers numbers will swell from a regular 500 patrons to 2,000 attracted by the largest two-up game on the northern beaches. Normally charging $3.30 for a schooner of beer, on Friday members will pay $4 - non-members $5. This is the second year of pricing at this level but it's actually down from what it used to be. Veterans, though, will still get free breakfast and drinks. As a further justification for the price hike, club management says all those extra people means extra costs too - guards and a band at night. the extra costs add up on Anzac Day. The infrastructure, the P.A. system, the lighting, the toilets,

the lighting, the toilets, added security, added glasses.

The RSL was rescued from financial strife when it amalgamated with the Mounties Club two years ago. Its chief executive says he understands the concern but Harbord Diggers still doesn't make a profit. Almost $15 million has been put into capital improvements and paying out the debts of Harbord Diggers. At the end of the day, if it wasn't for Mounties, Harbord Diggers wouldn't be there.

Prices return to normal after Anzac Day but will go up again next year. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Let's take a look at sport now with Tim Webster. The Sharks deny they're offloading some big names? Yes, coach Ricky Stuart fires back over that. And we'll meet the English mother of three whose Sydney shopping list for players is already shaking up the NRL. And what an over for Andrew Symonds - the Premier League's most expensive import

bowled the most expensive over so far when Virender Sehwag teed off on him. Also, the young Wallaby

who's inspired a room full of the game's legends by vowing to play again after brain surgery. Next, a shake-up of taxi fares, with some charges up, while others are down. Also, running out of puff -

the club that claims smoking bans are sending it broke.

And the loyal pet helping a little girl walk again.

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Catching a cab is about to become even more expensive across NSW. A 3.8% increase has been proposed for fares in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, while a 3.2% rise is on the cards for country areas. The taxi booking fee would jump by at least 25 cents. But drivers would no longer be able

or a toll for northbound trips over the Harbour Bridge. The recommendations, by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, will now go before the State Government. The only club in a popular holiday town is facing ruin because of the controversial ban on indoor smoking. And there's a warning that three-quarters of the State's small clubs could go the same way. After almost a century, the game may be up for the Berry Bowling Club. Just 10 months since smoking bans were introduced, and it's been pushed to the brink. because my husband had been a president and he worked so hard to get this club going. The club is the heart of Berry. We have the nice facilities, we have the areas to cater for all functions, and the community will definitely suffer. The dark financial cloud has forced it to cancel all sponsorship and support

for local sporting groups. $100 to schoolkids that represent the South Coast, right through to our football teams, hockey teams, basketball, cricket. The club only has 16 poker machines and has lost 45% of its gaming revenue since April last year. Its overall patronage is also down. And it's not the only small club facing tough times. Three-quarters of clubs in NSW are what we might classify as smaller clubs. They will all face similar consequences and they'll all face the same dramas. Here in Berry the club doesn't have the money or the space to build an outdoor smoking area

and they are not What they want is more people to come inside. The Government is sympathetic to Berry's problems

but is standing by its smoking ban. Our message to clubs is there are opportunities in this as well.

A smoke-free environment can produce additional clientele, perhaps a different sort of clientele, perhaps more families. The club doesn't argue with the smoking ban but officials don't know if they will survive the fallout. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Yet another inquiry has been ordered into Royal North Shore Hospital, after safety problems forced the closure of the children's ward. Changes to fire regulations mean the ward's airconditioning system is no longer compliant.

I've required the director-general today a thorough investigation and advise me of any compliance issues. In the meantime, the paediatric unit will be moved

to another 25-bed ward in the hospital. The Minister couldn't say whether other hospitals in the State face similar fire compliance problems.

Some very clever canines

are helping to speed up the recovery of youngsters at Westmead Hospital. The results are astounding, especially for one courageous little girl. She is barely a quarter of their size but Hayley has reached incredible heights, thanks to these newfoundlands. A brittle bone disease left Hayley unable to walk at age three. But a year later, she powers around the physiotherapy room,

chasing after her best friend, Sophie. I just love her. Because I've been walking with her and playing with her in the gym.

The dogs are used at Westmead Children's Hospital to motivate and distract the children during their often painful recovery.

It's made a huge difference. She's wanting to do things. We sing songs with Sophie

and, whatever Sophie does, Hayley then does. last July, Since the pilot program began, 15 children have recovered with the help of the dogs. But all of them respond to having a dog in therapy, no matter which dog it is you are trying to achieve. And it's not just the kids who benefit - it's therapy too for the dogs' owners. With the dogs, that's what it's all about - motivating the kids, seeing them progress,

and helping their families. I just love it. Just one smile from them and we're gone. So successful has it been, the hospital has decided to fully fund this child recovery program permanently. James Boyce, Ten News.

We love our scruffy old dogs and

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Tomorrow - surprise surprise - that

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should be quite fine.

should be quite fine. It was a

dog's breakfast. It was grey and

gave us the 15 year record. The man

on the moon - you won't believe it. A crucial victory keeps Hillary Clinton's White House dream alive - details next. And the postal worker who caught a falling baby. Thank God I was in the right place at the right time.

GLAM-ROCK MUSIC SONG: # Feel the heat # The summer's on fire # Put to the test # Your power desire # Running free # You know you're the best you can be

# Yeah # 'Cause you are the hero # The hero # You are the hero, yeah! #

It all starts with V, dude.

Let's check the traffic now. Is it

all bunched up? The light to on the

brink on Brian's road just past

Windsor Road. Now blinking amber

and it's a very dangerous spot.

Would show the extent of the delays

they go all way back nearly to the racecourse. Hillary Clinton has pulled off a vital victory in the race to the White House. The former first lady defeated rival Barack Obama in the crucial Pennsylvania primary, but she still has a long way to go. Hillary Clinton has compared herself to Philadelphia's film hero, boxer Rocky Balboa,

and, just like in the movies, she's not giving up the fight. It's a long road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and it runs right through the heart of Pennsylvania. The New York senator's win over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania was one she desperately needed,

because she's trailing her rival on delegate votes, and they will decide the Democratic presidential nominee.

Some people counted me out and said to drop out, but the American people... (Crowd boos) ..well, the American people don't quit, and they deserve a president who doesn't quit either. (Crowd cheers) Senator Obama believes the fact he reduced Clinton's once-significant lead in the state is still some kind of victory. We can't afford to play the same Washington games with the same Washington players and expect a different result. Hillary Clinton's win here in Pennsylvania has decided something else - that the contest for the Democratic nomination is not yet over, and may continue for another nine rounds. Comedians are enjoying the stoush as the Democrats decide who will challenge Republican John McCain in November's general election. The next primaries will be held in Indiana and North Carolina next month. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. An American postal worker has landed the catch of the day. The woman caught a baby girl falling from a bedroom window on the second floor of a home in New York State. No, I don't feel like a hero. I just feel like thank God I was in the right place at the right time. You know, it was a natural instinct, a natural instinct. REPORTER: Thank God you're a good catch? Thank God. Yeah, I guess so. Police say the baby's mother turned her back for just a second. The one-year-old wasn't hurt. There's still no sign of a Brazilian priest

who went missing during a bizarre stunt with helium balloons. Rescue crews fear the 41-year-old may have drowned

after being carried away by the 1,000 balloons he was attached to for a fundraiser. Strong winds carried him out to sea. The local police commander has revealed his last message was, "Please, come save me." Sir Paul McCartney is reliving memories of his happy marriage to his first wife, Linda. The former Beatle has opened an exhibition of Linda's photographic work in London, 10 years after her death from breast cancer. PAUL McCARTNEY: I knew Linda obviously very early days of her photography, so I saw a lot of her work unfold. So I have a personal interest in it, obviously, as my family does. It's my wife, it's their mum. Sir Paul chose the photos for the exhibition. Still to come, more on the Olympic torch's arrival in Australia. Plus, the urgent drug recall affecting more than 1 million Australians.

And the search for the next Aussie Idol, in England,

You have a good day. WOMAN: Right from the very first taste of our new stronger, smoother, 100% arabica bean coffee blend, you'll notice a change at McCafe. So come into McCafe and try the delicious new blend yourself. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a slap in the face for war veterans on our Northern Beaches. Harbord Diggers has increased the price of schooners for Anzac Day. Members will pay an extra 70 cents on the day. Management blames the cost of extra security to handle the crowds.

Relief for star NRL player Anthony Laffranchi - he's walked free from a Sydney court The magistrate ruled there was not enough evidence, partly because the alleged victim was too drunk to remember any details. And three pro-Tibetan demonstrators have just been taken into custody after a high-profile protest in Sydney. They unfurled a banner on the famous Coca-Cola sign at Kings Cross. They insist their protest was intended to be peaceful, and were taken away without incident. Earlier, the Olympic torch arrived in Canberra, amid new controversy about the role of those notorious flame attendants. Political editor Paul Bongiorno joins us now from Reconciliation Place in Canberra, Paul, it was very quiet and peaceful in Canberra today

but police are preparing for the worst tomorrow? Are

Are indeed and the 16 kilometre

route will be lined by the police.

Half the territory police force

reinforced by federal Police from

around the country will be along at

the wide avenues and the torture

itself will be in an 18 vehicle

convoy and will be none of the

exuberance are we saw in Sydney and

no one allowed to approach the

torch. People will be kept back and

organises a reserving the right to

change the course at the last

minute. We saw substantial changes

in San Francisco. Is it likely

there will be changes? If things a

judge to be out of hand or beyond

control of the police they're

reserving the right to change at

the last minute.

the last minute. Maybe they'll go

to Canberra Stadium and run around

there. There are to be landmarks -

the war memorial and police are at

requesting respect for that and requesting respect for that and the

talks will go within about 100

metres of the Chinese embassy

before it goes to the Parliament

House. So there are spots where

people may want to throw on an eye-

catching protest but police are hoping that doesn't happen. A blood-thinning drug linked to dozens of deaths in the US

has been recalled in Australia. Batches of Clexane have tested positive to contamination, and health officials are warning patients to seek an alternative. The life-saving drug Clexane is used by 1.2 million Australians every year. It's meant to help prevent blood clots

but authorities believe a contaminant in the active ingredient, Heparin, has proved deadly in the US. The allergic reactions have ranged from relatively mild reactions, such as skin rashes, to overwhelming reactions, known as anaphylaxis, and there have been deaths associated with the use of intravenous Heparin the US. Australian authorities have urgently recalled five batches of the contaminated blood thinner,

So far, there have been no ill-affects reported here. The faulty Heparin products in the US have been administered intravenously. In Australia, Clexane is injected just below the skin. There have to date been no adverse events reported from the use of Clexane worldwide of a type similar to the US allergic reactions, so this is a precautionary measure. The US Food and Drug Administration says

hundreds of patients have experienced adverse reactions to Heparin use and the contaminant has been linked to at least 81 deaths. Authorities say Australian patients using the affected Clexane products should seek alternative treatment immediately. Hospitals are warned to ration unaffected Clexane batches amid fears of a global shortage. Matt Doran, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report - Australia's highest inflation numbers in 17 years failed to slow our local bourse. The ANZ posted a 7% fall in first-half profit. Qantas finished in the red on worries that rising jet fuel prices would increase costs. The average price of petrol in the city is $1.44. We found it as high as $1.55 and as low as $1.35 at Dee Why. has headed overseas The 'Australian Idol' team as they begin the search for this year's winner. And they've enlisted the help to help with the judging.

50 beaming Aussies posing by the Thames. (All shout) London! Even though they live and work in the UK, one of these performers could still become the next... Australian Idol! There's about 500,000 Aussies living in London, so it's almost bigger than some of the regional centres we go to. The 'Idol' production team hauled the entire show to the other side of the world in search of a British-based star. But not all the judges made the journey, so a few special guests were called in. I think as Australians living abroad we know what it feels like. Tina Arena took Marcia Hines's place. I don't know if I could ever possibly step into Marcia's shoes. They're big shoes. I think she'd pick them up and slap you over the head with them. The mood was much tenser in the waiting room. To be home, especially on home land, performing for my family, would be fantastic. (Sings) # I am the one and only # No-one can take that away from me. # Except, of course, all the actual expats

Brendan Kilkenny is up against. I've never been in Australia, no connection with Australia at all, but the big question is, is Australia ready for me? This year, as always, the competition will be tough, with the judges moving on from here to the Australian capital city auditions, where between 10,000 and 15,000 hopefuls are expected to try their luck. (Shrieks) I'm going home! In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Supermodel Miranda Kerr has flown into Sydney to be the new face of David Jones. The 23-year-old from Gunnedah is filling the high heels of Megan Gale.

In between her official duties, the New York-based model is hoping to catch up with her family

to introduce them to her new boyfriend, movie star Orlando Bloom. I'm not sure if I'll get time to get back to Gunnedah. but who knows if I'll have time? Tonight, she'll be formally introduced to David Jones designers. The until an

When he'll keeping an extra When he'll keeping an extra close

to the weather map and flat as you

countdown to the Bedale Sunday.

Tomorrow at 20 degrees, cloud and

showers. One turning into will bore.

Good one for the diary - may 31 -

the Catholic club but Liverpool for

the miracle babies ball where we're

raising money for newborn intensive

care helping premature babies.

There's the phone number and police

call-out and as we like to help people will help other people. Sport now with Tim, and a super Socceroo flies home for surgery. Yes, Tim Cahill has rushed home. We'll hear from him shortly.

And the young Wallaby vowing to play again despite brain surgery. Also, the English rugby league team owner and mother of three who's in town with a player shopping list that's shaking up the NRL.

And left gobsmacked and whacked - the Andrew Symonds over from hell. COMMENTATOR: It's a massive six!

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this Anzac long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

This program is captioned live. The NRL's silly season is in full swing.

Penrith forward Tony Puletua has signed to join English club St Helens, while Sharks hooker Issac de Gois will join Newcastle next season. And when it comes to the player market, there's a new face in town. She's a mother of three who looks anything but a ruthless rugby league powerbroker. But could Kath Hetherington, the co-owner of English club Hull, be about to strip NRL clubs of their best players? What we're doing is we're looking, seeing what's about and then making some decisions when we go back home. Certain positions are sort of key to us. We're looking for a halfback probably, and probably a prop. a new jersey for Hull. Hetherington today helped design During her short stay here she's also met all the top player agents. Reported targets include Dragons prop Jason Ryles, Rooster Mark O'Meley, Tigers workhorse Chris Heighington, Raiders half Michael Dobson and Sharks Ben Ross and Brett Kimmorley. Well, I mean, they're all good players, obviously, and we're interested in good players, but we've certainly not done any deals with any of those players.

English clubs are circling Kimmorley, who's also been linked

with a midseason swap to St George Illawarra, something coach Ricky Stuart didn't rule out today. Mate, as I said, I spoke to Brett this morning about it and he didn't know too much about it, and it's just something we'll work through. Stuart, though, is insistent it's all speculation, like talk Ryles could do a straight swap with Kimmorley. In some good news for the Sharks they welcome back their captain, Paul Gallen, after he served his suspension for raking at the face of Gold Coast forward Anthony Laffranchi. It was an act Gallen feared could cost him the captaincy. But at least it was nothing personal against Laffranchi.

If someone else had a cut on their head I probably would have done it to any other player at the same time. But it's obviously something I've just got to learn from

and get on with it. Wallabies greats Ken Catchpole and John Eales are among seven former players named as rugby statesmen as the ARU looks to recapture its heartland. Drawn from each decade since World War II, the legends will present Test jerseys and address current players under the new slogan, "Built by rugby, forged in union", and drawing extra inspiration as well as giving it is Wallaby Julian Huxley. He still hopes to play again despite undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumour. I was asked if it's a realistic goal. It's probably not, but people always do unrealistic things. Huxley will make a decision after radiation and possibly chemotherapy. Socceroo Tim Cahill is back in Australia for surgery on his injured foot. The Everton midfielder hopes to be fit and ready

for the start of the English Premier League. Limping into Sydney with his foot in a brace wasn't the way Tim Cahill wanted to return home. But with the best foot surgeons in the world, Cahill is confident he will be back in action in around four months. I'm gonna speak to the surgeon today and try and get things under way and keep training. I'm definitely hoping for preseason, first game of the season, and come back flying, like I did last year. The injury is a break

in the same bone he fractured in March last year. But it hasn't diminished his desire for the Socceroo cause, as he's stressed to his England club manager, David Moyes. My gaffer in England knows my heart's in the Australian team and it's in Everton as well, so it's all about weighing up my options. You know, I want to go to the World Cup, so I want to make it happen - I want to make my dream come true again. I suppose at the moment, now we've got a few injuries and the results have been a bit dodgy, but he just wants me right. He's a great manager, great bloke, and he's looked after me very well. In Champions League action this morning, Liverpool grabbed an early advantage in the first leg of their semifinal against Chelsea. COMMENTATOR: Kuyt can be in. It's Kuyt, it's a goal! But with just seconds remaining in the match, John Arne Riise found the back of his own net. Oh, it's an own goal!

with the last incident, surely, of the game. Chelsea return to Stamford Bridge with a valuable away goal. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The Australian swimming team is dealing internally with the evolving developments surrounding former team-mate Nick D'Arcy's court case and Court of Arbitration appeal.

Head coach Alan Thompson is confident the issue won't harm his team's Beijing preparation. Our Olympic swimmers back into training... Ready, go! ..and gearing up for Beijing. Ni hao. I think that's 'hello'. Every morning Dad comes up and says, "Good morning, Olympian," and I'm like, "Who are you talking to?"

The team is using this week's camp as a means to bond but also to dealing with the ongoing dramas surrounding butterflyer Nick D'Arcy's barring from the Olympics for his alleged assault on Commonwealth champion Simon Cowley. We've certainly brought it up in team meetings and talked about it. There is no point in sweeping an issue like this under the carpet. Having so much attention on the Australian swimming team for different reasons than we're probably used to is strange. Those caught up in the case are reserving their knowledge for the witness box. It's obviously something that I can't talk about because it's a legal matter There's nothing we can do about that. It's all in the courts and the decision is going to be made there. And the team as a whole is all focused on their individual preparations. The team will compete in a short-course competition this weekend. Rob Canning, Ten News. A costly night for Andrew Symonds in the Indian Premier League -

Virender Sehwag smashed him for 30 runs in one over. Adam Gilchrist also had a forgettable night as the Deccan Chargers fell to Glenn McGrath's Delhi Daredevils. Drama, even at the toss of the coin.

V.V.S. says it's a head. Talat Ali says it's a... Adam Gilchrist was given first use of the pitch,

and there was respect for Glenn McGrath, not much for Mohammad Asif. COMMENTATOR: Wow! Into the crowd. Six over square, then an early and familiar exit. Bowled him. The Pakistani quick was skittling the Chargers. Thanks, Rambo! Whoa! Still, the cheerleaders cheered,

and Andrew Symonds took on his old team-mate. Good stroke here from Symonds. And down the wicket, over cover - four more. But he went for just 12, by a big-hitting Rohit Sharma the Chargers propped up at the death.

And again! And that's the biggest of the night. It counted for little with Virender Sehwag in this kind of form. And this time into the first floor, is it? The Daredevils skipper tucked into Symonds - the most expensive import in the competition hit for the most expensive over in the tournament. He's turning it on big-time. 3 sixes and 3 fours, 30 runs in all, an unbeaten 94 for Sehwag and another win for Delhi. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. And in Sports Tonight, Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United Asian Champions League campaigns. continue their And highlights from the NBA play-offs.

Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back next with all the latest on the weather.

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life together. And I understand

she's been watching the forecast.

Thanks very much everyone there and

I really appreciate it. One over

the moon and guess what? I've the

man in the men tonight. The man in

the Moon. This is a magical show at

the Seymour centre. Better still a the-world and why wouldn't it?

You'd better get up early to go and

see, particularly in school

holidays. He's a wharf at the

wonderful. I'm excited. Let's wonderful. I'm excited. Let's have

a good look. Outcomes his a good look. Outcomes his head.

You've to see the show to believe

it's coming to the Seymour centre.

First a couple of shows there's the

Web site. Quite obviously unbalanced and and newsreader in

another life. He doesn't say much

money is entertaining and it's nice

to have your on on my last one. You

know it's cloudy and showery and

has been for the last 11 days in a

row. I can't believe it back. It's

a 15 new record. I'm not joking but

it's almost a full moon tonight so

handy to have you on the television

tonight - the man in the Moon. It's

the last time of be in your

backyard for a long time.

Loud build over north-east New

South last the south-east

Queensland Ian up a trough

triggering thunder in land. But showers heavy in some places. triggering thunder in land. But showers heavy in some places. showers heavy in some places. A

front will bring cool winds and

showers to a South West Western

Australia. And some southerly is in

at the south-east to the Contra

will freshen ahead of the front.

Heavy rain and showers on the Heavy rain and showers on the

northern coast and ranges of New

South Wales. Showers on the Central

News of Wiles post and south-east

Queensland. Showers and storms over

the tropics. Rain over

Queensland. Showers and storms over the tropics. Rain over the South

West to Western Australia. I've

never met anyone like this man. P

is the man in the Moon at the

Seymour centre. For shows left.

Mums, you must be pulling your hair

out. Take the kids along to see the

bigger skewed of men in 15 years in television.

Over the moon to be getting married

rule Serna. I'm going on one of life's great adventures. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Stay with us for updates throughout the evening, Last Sunday, your top four danced for the final time for your votes. Here's another look at their performances and the numbers you need to decide Australia's favourite dancer.