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(generated from captions) OK. Let's do it. Oh, yeah! Nicely done. $500 for Justin as well. There was the big one. Fantastic news. your way here today, Justin, So, you know, you've earned which is always a gratifying feeling. Thank you very much. Well done, Nath. Good stuff. Let's see the money. Shazam! Miss Emma Gurney Here is the lovely What a cracking game. television, ladies and gentlemen, And speaking of cracking good Network, 'It Takes Two' starts. don't forget, tonight on the Seven Let's hope that old Russ Robertson here in the Deal-a-Drome last week. does a litte better than he did Love your work, audience. Love your work, Russ. and of course back here See you for ITT tonight, in the Deal-a-Drome tomorrow. for more of this kooky family fun 'Bye now. Tonight - leave for East Timor hundreds of Australian troops lies critically ill. as the country's President, to Canberra Aborigines welcome politicians then march on Federal Parliament. send shoppers scurrying An explosion and fire

from a Sydney mall. as a Sydney cat-walk model. And Megan Gale's final night

I dunno what else to say. Mixed emotions, yeah, This program is captioned live. with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. of troops to East Timor Australia's rapid deployment on the ground within the hour will see hundreds more soldiers our existing peacekeeping force. backing up has been declared A state of emergency on the country's leaders. following assassination attempts are on their way - Australia's troop reinforcements

left Sydney today. 120 soldiers from the elite 3RAR

have dictated, As the events in East Timor to get ready. we didn't have a great deal of time They were packed up and ready to go of the request from East Timor. within 24 hours A show of force off Dili, too - of troops already on the ground. HMAS 'Perth' here in support a changing of the guard. Outside President Horta's home, The compound has been secured peacekeepers. by Australian and New Zealand evidence of the gun battle In front of them, up to three times. in which Mr Horta was shot It was at about this time yesterday that Ramos-Horta was returning from his early morning walk.

to home, As he made his way up the hill he would have heard the gunfire

those bullets were meant for him. and seconds later realised Alfredo Reinado The fugitive rebel leader was killed in the crossfire. reprisals from his supporters. Authorities now fear

on the streets of Dili at present, The situation, we're advised, remain calm.

This is the shattered rear window four-wheel drive. of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao's to becoming a victim. It shows how close he came last night He went on national television a 48-hour state of emergency. to declare Six years ago they became citizens the world's newest nation. of what was then to lose their second president. Today they fear they could be about remains in an induced coma President Ramos-Horta in Royal Darwin Hospital has been today. where Seven's Geof Parry Geof, how is the president? as serious but stable Ian, he's listed

He is described as stable. He has 2,

posly 3 gun shot wounds. He had a posly 3 gun shot wounds. He had

very series injury to his right very series injury to his

lung. He suffered massive blood

loss. He will have

loss. He will have surgery tomorrow

and on Friday and possibly next

week. Doctors do expect he will

week. Doctors do expect he will make

a good recovery. That's thanks the Australian the Australian good immediate icks. a good recovery. That's thanks to

Flown in late yesterday, to Royal Darwin Hospital the President was rushed for immediate surgery. fragments of bullets, Last evening surgeons removed and indeed a fragment of shrapnel. at least two gunshot wounds He'd suffered to the lower right chest and right shoulder blade.

The assassination attempt inflicted serious gunshot wounds has been one that has indeed on the President. as first feared, There was no stomach wound, was badly damaged, almost fatally. but his right lung to be alive. I believe he is extremely lucky He'd suffered massive blood loss - 1.5 times his total supply. eight litres, quite a bit of blood. His Excellency obviously lost was the Australian medics, What saved him a supply of whole blood, and his own inner strength former military chief. as testified by Australia's to pass it on to him - General Cosgrove asked me

that he's a wily and tough fellow.

further surgery tomorrow. The President will have on Thursday. They'll probably wake him up for a good clinical course. We are hoping, in a quiet manner, already been seen by his family. President Ramos-Horta has to be in Darwin yesterday His mother and nephew just happened on their way to Dili would be at the President's bedside. not expecting their reunion has revealed the words Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to the stolen generations. for tomorrow's apology is in Canberra. Political editor Mark Riley will it help the healing process? And Mark, of the motion here Ian, I have the wording towards reconciliation. and it should go a long way it says it three times, It doesn't just say sorry, of past governments apologising for the actions from their families. in removing Aboriginal children in Australian politics The doors open on a new era takes the Prime Minister's seat as a Labor leader for the first time in 12 years. Another first - Parliament opens with an Aboriginal welcome to country. (Didgeridoo plays) Outside, hundreds marched against the mistreatment of Aborigines.

reconciliation but retribution. For some, the cry wasn't Let's go and rape their missuses and rape their kids! See how they like it. There was a more subtle mention of the stolen generations inside. I always wonder what would happen if they would have take me.

And tomorrow there'll be cause for real celebration among the Aboriginal people as the Parliament, for the first time, says sorry to those who were taken. That apology was released today. It says sorry not once but three times.

A small word with a big meaning.

The one word missing from the motion is 'compensation'. But there are many in the Aboriginal communities who argue that is the word that naturally follows sorry. Ian. for tomorrow's apology broadcast, Schools across the State will pause

giving students a chance to witness history in the making. At Croydon Park Public today, children learned some of the background to the issue and prepared their own sorry posters. The Education Department says it's not compulsory. But I think you and I will look back in 10 or 15 years time and think, that was a pretty significant day, and it'll be one of those events where people will say, "I remember that." Teachers say it's all about restoring relationships and repairing harm. And Seven News will have live coverage of Sorry Day with an extended edition of Sunrise from Canberra at 9am. The Broadway shopping centre was evacuated this afternoon, after an electricity substation in the building exploded. The fireball, recorded on this mobile phone camera, erupted into Francis Street. Power was cut, trapping 12 shoppers in a number of elevators for up to an hour. It's unknown as to what the cause of the explosion and ensuing fire was. Investigations are being conducted. Police are now escorting shoppers into the car park to retrieve their cars. An 18-year-old man has been shot dead inside a home in Sydney's west,

just metres from where five children were sleeping. Police believe he was deliberately targetted - but they're not sure why. 18-year-old Chris Emerson moved into 6 Blaxland Street Yennora only a few days ago. Unaware he would die here violently. It's a very quiet neighbourhood and I'm shocked.

Police were called to a reported home invasion, not in the dead of night, but at 10:55 when people were still awake. There were quite a number of males and adults within the house, so it certainly is a brazen attack. Chris Emerson was fully clothed when he was shot at point blank range in his bedroom. Investigators describe the teenager as a good kid with no criminal record. And they believe it's likely he was the intended target. I'm shocked because they're really nice people next door. I'm not sure what happened. Relatives turned up at the house today. Nah mate, don't know what you're talking about. Chris had been staying with the Taufahema family, related to John and Motekiai Taufahema,

found guilty of the shooting death of police officer Glen McEnnallay in 2001. So we need to really back track his movements for the last couple of days, which includes reasons why he'd come to be at that house. Forensic investigators are still working the crime scene. But police are already confident was killed with a shotgun. Chris Emerson

Extraordinarily, some people in the house have told detectives

they heard nothing. Homicide police are speaking with the Taufahemas and Chris's family. Sydney Jewish leaders are demanding the closure of an online shop catering to neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Their call follows a Seven News investigation that discovered the website's home base and its owner's unexpected side line. FILE FOOTAGE: Heil, Hitler. It's a website inspired by one of the darkest eras in world history. Noble Front is an online store selling racist clothing, Nazi regalia, hate-fuelled CDs - even a ladies' fashion range. But it isn't based in Germany or America's deep south. It comes out of this farmhouse on the outskirts of Bathurst. And this is David Pollard, the man behind Noble Front. REPORTER: Mr Pollard! We tracked him down at his local store. He looks timid, but online photos of his tattoos reveal a dark side. You have a product, it's a hoodie that says "I hate black people". How do you justify having that? We're just selling it, we're not forcing it onto anyone. And you're involved with a white supremacist group too?

I'd rather not answer these questions. This is bigotry, this is racial hatred, this is totally unacceptable in our society. Pollard's Nazi-themed website boasts that it's a one-stop shop for white nationalists worldwide. But most people know the 26-year-old for a more gentle and surprising range of products. His main business is a website selling aromatherapy kits, healing crystals, even Indian massage oil. Do you think your customers of that website would approve of your other businesses? They might do. Is spreading race hate a lucrative business in Australia? Will be. You plan to keep the site open then? Until it gets shut down. Right, and you just think that's OK then to vilify people on the basis of race or religion? Yep. Anyway, I gotta go. A court has banned Channel 9 from showing its gangland drama 'Underbelly' in Victoria. The judge said the $13 million series could influence an upcoming murder trial and justice is more important than Channel 9's profits. The suppression order left this Channel 9 representative with little to say. I have absolutely no comment that I can make at the moment, thanks. After months of heavy promotion, the 'Underbelly' series was banned from airing in Victoria until after an upcoming murder trial.

Let me say my client will exercise all its options. Nine's lawyer Brendan Murphy argued the network had spent millions of dollars and: getting the show up and running

Justice Betty King's response was that:

She added: After watching the entire series, prosecutor Geoff Horgan agreed, saying: REPORTER: Are you surprised at all with the outcome? I don't have anything to say, thank you. As part of the order, all advertising and promotional material will be pulled off the Internet

and the 'Underbelly' website, basically, be shut down. Something Channel 9 lawyers initially said was impossible.

Still to come - Megan Gale says goodbye to the Sydney catwalk. Also, hundreds of jobs lost shuts down. as a major car parts company

I'm feeling very ripped off. And the white powder discovery that could explain why your washing's not clean. Australia's biggest car parts distributor has collapsed, leaving 300 people out of work

including employees in Sydney. National Parts workers and their families have been left with no income and are still owed thousands of dollars. Feel pretty cold at the moment, very hard done by. 50 workers at the company's Smithfield factory had to give the bad news to family members after being sacked this morning via email. Now to one of Sydney's grubbiest crimes. The gang that's allegedly been selling tonnes of fake washing powder to unsuspecting shoppers. People thought they were buying Omo until their whites weren't getting as bright as they should have been. 22 tonnes of white powder. More than enough to worry the Federal Police. Turns out it's Australia's biggest fake washing powder heist. It's some form of washing powder, At this point we believe that

but definitely is not Omo. It's hardly washing powder at all, believed to come from China. 185 tonnes was imported between March 2006 and August last year - entire shipping containers. Revesby man Lukas Thamin and his son Peter have been charged with the heist. Mr Thamin faced court with his lawyer today. I'm sorry. I have no comment for that OK. writing on the fake buckets Investigators discovered Indonesian

and alerted the Australian Federal Police. The Australian consumer is being duped into paying for a product that is actually substandard. The powder is no longer sold and was made available through smaller retailers like general stores. worth billions of dollars worldwide, The counterfeit industry is

from fake washing powder to fake fertiliser, its a massive problem in developing countries and its getting worse here in Australia. If you're unsure you've got the real deal, contact Unilever. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have returned to court in one of Britain's most expensive divorce battles. The couple is fighting over the former Beatle's $3.4 billion fortune. It's expected Mills will be awarded around $200 million. Sir Paul filed for divorce in 2006 after four years of marriage, accusing Mills of unreasonable behaviour. for 15 years After gracing the catwalk

Megan Gale is tonight stepping off the Sydney runway for the final time. The David Jones supermodel is set to become a super hero at the movies as our very own Wonder Woman. Megan Gale's spent half her life getting pampered for parades but at 32 it's time to leave her second home. Yeah, there's sadness,

I'm excited because I'm going on to different things in my life. The Australian beauty will launch David Jones' Winter Collection in Sydney tonight. It's her final season as catwalk queen. It will be very much missed and it is, it's always a great energy backstage. I mean, it's the thing I love the most and that feeling just before you step onto the catwalk, the nerves. From the fashion scene to the big screen, she's now preparing for a new movie role as Wonder Woman swapping designer frocks for a little less. She's looking forward to getting into character. I'm doing a lot of research and she's just amazing.

I mean, there are so many things about her that I didn't know that a lot of people don't know. So loving Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, I thought she was Wonder Woman about 10 years ago the first time I met her. Designers say the look this winter is all about the classics and when it comes to colour grey is the new black. Buy a really beautiful classic tailored piece - it can be a jacket. You should start off with a great jacket, some beautiful pants. The hottest trends will be on show to an A-list crowd tonight and it could be a sad farewell. I have no idea how it's going to be. Time for sport with Matthew White. And the ARU bosses aren't happy.

They're not happy with Matt Henjak or the Western Force, more shortly. Also tonight, the body blow that's slowed down the fastest man on earth. And the space-age suits designed to give our swimmers the edge in Beijing. Same age. Same super contribution. The difference? Hers does.

Her fees are lower. Her fees - higher. The Industry Super Fund community services is HESTA. for people working in health and KFC's Super Variety Bucket - Keep the whole family happy with of juicy Original Recipe, six pieces six Crispy Strips, six Kentucky Nuggets a Maxi Popcorn Chicken, and plenty of your favourite sides. KFC's Super Variety Bucket. may step in The Australian Rugby Union Matt Henjak to discipline halfback their troubled halfback after the Western Force allowed the wishes of the national body. to fly to South Africa against at the weekend Henjak was involved in a fight with a suspected broken jaw. that left team-mate Haig Sare when the Force flew out But he was onboard this afternoon. for their three-match trip to everyone in this organisation It would be totally unfair and this team players to go on the field. if we weren't to choose the best the Force not to take Henjak The ARU says it advised before the Super 14 match on Friday. and wants the matter resolved The one-day Tri Series is wide open in a rain-affected match today after Sri Lanka upset India in Canberra. With just 29 overs to face the Indians came out swinging -

70 not out Rohit Sharma's career-best helped them to 5/195. chasing 154 from 21 overs. Another rain break left Sri Lanka what a magnificent shot COMMENTATOR: What a shot, out of the ground. Oh no, it's not. for an eight wickets win They rode their luck with 2 overs to spare. in Perth on Friday. The Aussies play Sri Lanka Australia's Olympic swimmers with a new weapon have just been equipped to help break world records which is predicted

at the Beijing games. to design the Speedo LZR Racer Rocket science has been used swimsuit in the world. which is being touted as the fastest just got brighter. The Beijing spotlight the LZR Racer, a laser show introduced Australia's Olympic weapon. the world's fastest swimsuit - I think this could be the suit further - that'll take you that little bit

going fast and going super fast. I mean, it's the difference between you just feel powerful. Yeah, just being in this suit - And it is rocket science - from water-retardant material. NASA helped test the swimsuit made through the water - In testing it is faster compression is better. the material is faster, the We've got a new core stabiliser position in the water. which will sit us in a better in the water. The grey zones reduce drag the cossie will be green and gold. But, come August,

The LZR Racer is just so light - a tea towel between the fingers, it feels like I'm holding it's like rubbing crepe paper. to see how it performs We'll get the first chance NSW swimming championships. at this weekend's It's so tight-fitting in a hurry. you can't go to the toilet

at the moment It's got a drainage system in it

for that. but I don't think it's meant to be

use it out of the water too. Grant Hackett thinks girls could and want to go out for a night out, Think they're looking a bit flabby

it'll just suck them right in or their jeans over the top and they can put their dress a little bit better. and they'll look Athletics Grand Prix meet A double blow for the Sydney John Steffensen with both Australian star Asafa Powell ruled out. and the world's fastest man world record holder Powell, the 100 metre before flying to Australia cut his knee than expected to heal. and the wound is taking longer so I can start doing some training. I hope it gets better by the weekend in Melbourne next Thursday. Powell is hopeful of competing

Roscoe, I

Roscoe, I have your whole night

planned we are going to

Takes Two. We are going to watch planned we are going to watch It

Sara, a new show then called the

night cap.

example tomorrow. night cap. I will be taking an

Checking finance now half of yesterday's losses and the share market recovered insurance and mining stocks. were all up more than 2%. AMP, BHP and IAG The ASX 200 gained 71 points. JB Hi-Fi lost 8% Among the market movers, in consumer spending. on fears of a fall

Sara's next with the weather big debut on 'It Takes Two', Sara? and how are the nerves before the Oh, Ian, there's just an hour to go in here - so the temperature's rising just like Sydney's weather today. next in Seven News. I'll have the forecast of 'It Takes Two'. Good evening from the set In just over an hour with the first show of the year this studio will be rocking and everyone's a little nervous. we won't feel too much heat. But hopefully with a top of 27 in the city, Unlike Sydney's weather today in almost two weeks. that's our warmest day sweeping through town, Right now there are a few showers it's 20 degrees. temperatures were into the high 20s. Across the suburbs, a couple of degrees below average. But that's still

over Queensland. you can see monsoonal cloud of 100mm to 200mm. That's brought falls 366mm at Townsville. will move out to sea Tomorrow the low in Queensland to ease. causing those conditions is pushing cold air our way. Around the country tomorrow - Rain in Brisbane. Melbourne and Hobart. Fine in Adelaide. Hot in Perth. On Sydney's waterways - A top of 23 in the city. Across the metropolitan area, in the western suburbs, expect highs of 24

with just a few mm of rain. at Manly and Cronulla. 23 on the beaches there's more rain forecast And I'm afraid for Thursday. is for a few showers The weekend forecast

but mainly fine. As for the forecast here Ian,

and put on a great show tonight. hopefully we can overcome our nerves See you on stage at 7:30.

I will see you on stage at 7.

I will see you on stage at 7.30, can

you tell I am feeling nervous Don't

worry, you are going to be an

overnight sensation. You've always

got your day job to fall

got your day job to fall back on. got your day job to fall back on.. And that's Seven News to now but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Evicted because of the colour of her skin. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren. Tonight - what's behind the decision by an Aboriginal group to evict a mum and kids because she's white. TV gang series 'Underbelly' banned in Victoria. Judy Moran's message Underworld matriarch

for a former boss of Channel Nine.

Tough luck, Eddie, this one's for me. Australia's richest schools - the astonishing ways they spend all those taxpayer funds. And how this man walked away from this. On the eve of National Sorry Day, the apology in one Australian town is being overshadowed by the decision by an Aboriginal housing group

to threaten a woman and her children with eviction. She's white. Gavin Alder's exclusive report contains a photo of her Aboriginal husband

whose death two weeks ago triggered the eviction. They told me we'd be evicted from our house because I am white. I was stunned, I was shocked. I couldn't believe they chose those words to tell me that we would be out of our house. Terri Franks might be white but her late husband, Barry, from threatening to evict the family from this rental property because of the colour of her skin. It was two weeks after he passed away - a week after his funeral. I just couldn't believe it. I haven't had time to grieve for my husband because I'm worried about where me and my kids are going to live. Like we're Aboriginal as well and they're going to kick us out of our house because we're white. We're Aboriginal. What do you think Barry would make of all this? He would be devastated. He'd...this house..this house was everything to him, he'd be absolutely devastated. Can I stop? Take a moment. (Cries) Terri and Barry had been together for 18 years -

for 10 of those this rental house, owned by the Bundjalung Aboriginal Housing Corporation, was home to them and their five children - BJ, Jeanie, Lewis, Rosie and Lateisha. How's it affecting the children? They're devastated - they can't sleep, they won't go to school. They want to be here with us. They're now seeing counsellors, apart from their father they're worried about staying in the house where all their memories of their father are. Do you feel let down by the Bundjalung?