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Live. The US envoy to Pakistan

and India calls for a united

front against terrorism. The

first funerals have been held

for victims of the earthquake

in Italy. UK police arrest

suspected terrorists after a

top level bungle and Iran's

President holds out a hand of

friendship to the US. Good

morning. Beverly O'Connor with

ABC News for Australia Network.

The US special envoy to

Pakistan and India, Richard

Holbrooke, says all three

countries must work together to

fight a common threat. Mr

Holbrooke made his comments

after talks with Indian

officials but on the question

of strained relations between

India and Pakistan, he said the

US would not intervene. The

visit focused on reassuring and

informing India about the

United States's new strategy on

Afghanistan. Richard Holbrooke

says India, Pakistan and the US

must work together on achieving

stability in the region. We

know it's going to be difficult

but the national security

interests of all three

countries are clearly at stake.

The administration which we

represent is committed to this.

We're going to do it but it's

going to be difficult. The US

is treading a fine line, trying

not to get either Pakistan or

India off side. It needs to

encourage Pakistan to help

fight the growing threat of

militants on the Afghanistan

border and it must reassure

India that Islamabad is not

being faveed. Had chairman of

the US joint Chief of Staff has

stressed the importance of

India's role in the region.

India is a vital leader in the

region and we recognise that

and the role that India plays

is absolutely critical in so

many constructive and positive

ways. India has been reluctant

to talk to Pakistan, saying it

has taken too long to conclude

the investigation into the

Mumbai terror attacks. New

Delhi is also concerned that

Islamabad wants a solution on

the disputed Kashmir region,

something India rejects. Mr

Holbrooke made it clear these

issues would not to be sorted

out US intervention. We did

not come here to ask the

Indians to do anything. We came

here to inform them of our

trips, as we always do, and to

get their views. We did not

come here with any

requests. And just weeks before

a general election in India,

the Government isn't expected

to make any commitments. The

first funerals have been held

for victims of the powerful

earthquake that struck central

Italy on Monday. More than 270

people have died and 28 ,000

are homeless. Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi has been

visiting stricken communities

but some of his comments have

stirred up controversy. Like

many of the disaster's victims,

24-year-old Giuseppe Chiavaroli

was a student at the University

of L'Aquila. His was the first

of dozens of funerals in had

wake of Italy's worst

earthquake in 30 years. The

Prime Minister's declared a

state of emergency and sent in

thousands of troops to help but the often controversial

leader's run into trouble after

advising people forced to

shelter in tents to see it as a

camping holiday.

TRANSLATION: No, I don't think

it was out of place. I think

the children especially need to

be pushed towards a smile,

towards optimism and games.

This is what has to be done

nOed to avoid a pessimistic

atmosphere, negativity,

sickness and death in has to

camps where people are obliged

to stay. The Prime Minister

says free hotel accommodation's

also on offer and foreign aid

is being offered to assist with

reconstructing homes and

historic buildings. We have

launched an initiative in which

we will identify some of the

damaged buildings of artistic

value like churches or other buildings whose reconstruction could be financed by countries who are friends of

ours. Despite the dangers, some

are already returning to their

homes to see what can be

salvaged. I'm lucky but it is a

disaster. We don't have a house

anymore and we don't have

anything left. That's how we

live, camping in a van, because

that is all we

that is all we have. Meantime,

rescuers continue to brave

dozens of strong aftershocks in

the hunt for more survivors. 11

people have been arrested in

raids across the north-west of

England following a major

operation by counterterrorism

officers. It's understood the raids were brought forward

because the head of

counterterrorism at Scotland

Yard left secret documents

about the raids on display.

Late this afternoon at John

Moors university in Liverpool

and counterterrorist police

stand guard over two suspects.

The Asian men, believed to be

in their mid 20s, were stopped

as they walked past the main

entrance of the library.

Frightened student were held

inside as the two suspects were

searched before being taken

away. I popped out of the

library to go to the bank. Two

minutes later there were armed

police everywhere and they

weren't letting us back inside

the library They had two

foreign looking guys over there

pinned to the floors with guns

to their heads and we were told

over the intercom we weren't

allow ed to go near the

windows. They got cuffed up

and faces to the ground. They

had guns to their head good stuff. Simultaneously, police

also raided several other

addresses across north-west

England including this one in

Manchester. The street was

sealed off by armed officers

who local people say took away

three Muslim men from this

house. They had helmets, they

had truncheons, they had guns.

They'd come fully equipped with

police vans, undercover

vehicles, they've come with

quite a lot of equipment. They were telling you to stay in

my sister-in-law's phone mead your homes? Yes, that's what -

and said the police officers

were saying to stay in your

home. Here they were surprised

that the three men arrested

were targeted by police

tackling terrorism. They don't

seem like bad people. They

don't seem like the type of people - when you see someone

you can tell they might be a

bit iffy or there might be

something wrong. Never. Never

ever. Like normal people, they

go shopping and do their

prayers like everybody does

with it being a lrgely Asian

community, everybody egos to

the mosque, does their shopping

or stands outside when itler

warm. Nearby, an Internet cafe

was raided and two men taken

away. 40 miles further north in

the Lancashire town of

Clitheroe, this elderly couple

were greeted by police at their

bed and breakfast. 50 officers

took part in raids in the area

and arrested two security

guards at this DIY superstore.

Tonight, several addresses are

under police guard as the

detailed part of the searches

begins. Iran's President says official talks with the United

States are possible if the

American President proves to be

honest. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's

comments follow calls by the

Obama administration for a new

beginning in Washington's

relations with Tehran. Speaking

to a large crowd, President

Ahmadinejad said Iran would

welcome the hand of the United

States if it's extend would

honesty, justice and respect. TRANSLATION: But if, God

forbid, it is a hand that is

pretending to be honest but in

reality is dishonest, the

response of the Iranian nation

would be had same response it

gave to the former US

President, Mr Bush. Mr

Ahmadinejad also insisted that

Iran has no interest in

developing nuclear weapons.

The Iranian nation has never

been interested in a nuclear

bomb. The Iranian nation

believes that those who have

stored atomic bombs and still

insist on keeping them are

politically backward. For its

part, the US says it will

participate directly from now

on in the 6-nation talks,

seeking to break a dead-lock in

talks on Iran's nuclear program. We the United States

outline the President's goal on

Iran which is to explore diplomatic solutions to the

serious areas of concern. The

diplomatic solution is

necessary to engage willingly

with each other. Meanwhile, an Iranian American journalist has

been charged with espionage.

Roxana Saberi was arrested in

January for continuing to work

in Iran after her press

credentials had expired. Ms

Saberi's lawyer says he's

confident she'll be acquitted

when her trial comes up next

week. US crew members have re

captured their cargo ship after

it was hijacked by pirates off

the Somali coast. This

container ship based in the US

State of Virginia was seized by

pirates as it was heading to

Kenya. The 20 American crew

were taken hostage but managed

to regain control of the ship.

Our priority has been to keep

which the crew safe and do what

we can to communicate with the

crew's families and get them

safely returned. We're trying

to recover a crew member from

the life boat. Somali pirates

have one of our crew members in

a life boat. The US military is

closely monitoring the

situation. This is the sixth

ship in the last week seized by

pirates and highlights how

dangerous and lawless the

waters of east Africa have

become. You're watching ABC

News for Australia Network.

Coming up, Indonesians go to

the polls and it's raining

goals in the Asian Champions

League as title-holders Gamba

Osaka and Kawasaki both score


Security plans for the east

Asia summit in Thailand are

under review after a mass

anti-Government protest in

Bangkok. More than 60,000

protesters took to the streets

of the Thai capital, stepping

up their campaign against the

new Government of Abhisit Vejjajiva. They have answered

the call of the exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin

Shinawatra, who's hoping half a

million people will help in the

final push to oust the

Government. From early this

morning they arrived in their

thousands from across Bangkok

and from Thailand's provinces.

They've joined the rally at

Government House which began

more than two weeks ago. This

woman tells us she came to

demand democracy and to chase

away the cheating Government.

8,500 police and security

officers have been stationed in

this part of Bangkok,

particularly at the home of the

general who is the head of the

Privy Council who the

protesters accuse of

orchestrating the 2006 coup

which deposed their leader,

Thaksin Shinawatra. Mr Tackson

now lives in exile but has made

regular appearances at these

ral yedz via video. We think

of him as a democratic figure

demonised by this Government,

the court and the patronage

system close to the palace in

order to take down the

Democratic system. Protesters

say thal will pressure the

Government until it steps down.

These are the people who voted for the Government which was

forced out in December. They

say the kingdom's elite have

effectively stacked the

traditional and political

systems against the will of the

majority of the people. The

protesters took their

grievances right up to the

current Prime Minister, Abhisit

Vejjajiva, yesterday, attacking

his motorcade which was

returning from a Cabinet

meeting. That meeting was being

held nin resort town south of

Bangkok where Thailand is set

to host the east Asia summit of

Reginal leaders including Kevin

Rudd. Mr Abhisit says the

weekend summit will go ahead in

spite of the protests. There

have been violent clashes in

the Indonesian province of

Papua where separatists have

been calling for a boy caught

of the general election.

Officers opened fire after a

group of 100 people attacked a

police post. Meanwhile, polls

are opening across Indonesia

after a month-long campaign

that's seen the President's

party emerge as the favourite

a. More than 170 million voters

in the world's third biggest

democracy will cast their votes. Indonesia correspondent

Gavin Fang is in Jakarta. If

the polls are right 10 this

election is the Democratic

party of President pseud's to

lose. Right throughout this campaign the party has been

streets ahead of its nearest

rivaless. The latest polls have

it 7 to 10 points ahead of the

PDIP. Another party to watch

will be the Garindra party of

the son-in-law of the former

President Suharto. Some polls

that-V that party surging.

They've spent a lot of money on

television advertising. Whether

the Democratic party can get

its voters to the polls will be

another thing to look out for.

They don't have the

organisational structure of

PDIP or for that matter Golka.

The polls open at around 7:00

and voters have about 6 hours

to lodge their votes. There has

been some concerns about

whether there will be confusion

about the way to mark bagts. In

the past, voters have simply

had to punch the ballot but

this time around things have

changed. If there are going to

be problems we should know

about that fairly early in the

day. As to results, there's no

official results for about two

weeks but late in the afternoon

we'll get a quick count result

which is like an exit poll and

that should give us a pretty

good indication of who is going

to emerge from this election as

the winner. That's our

correspondent Gavin Fang who's

in Jakarta for those elecs.

There have been more protests

in Seoul against North Korea's rocket launch. At the same

time, tens of thousands of

people have turned out in the

streets of Pyongyang to

celebrate the country's weekend

rocket launch. Its neighbours

in the West saw the weekend

launch as a provocation. But in

the show of support, up to

100,000 people turned out on

the streets of Pyongyang,

showing their support for the

launch and their leader Kim

Jong Il who was expected to

attend parliament when it

convenes a new session on

Thursday. The imperialists and reactionaries who have

committed all kinds of

despicable acts tenaciously pursuing anti-North Korean

moves to isolate and stifle us

will be driven into a tighter

corner because of our satellite

launch. Across the border, anti-North Korea protesters took to the streets for the

sixth day in a row. Shouting

slogans and waving banners, it

protesters accuse North Korea

of threatening peace in the region. TRANSLATION: We insist that

there be a stronger sanction

than the one offered by the UN Security Council on North

Korea's Kim Jong Il who

provoked us by using the

missile. The draft resolution

calls for a strengthening of

sanks. The north in turn has

warned it would take strong

steps if the UN censors its

rocket launch. China and Russia

continue to warn there needs to

be some restrain. Chinese media

is reporting a Tibetan court issued death sentences to two

people alleged to have started

fires during last year 's anti-

China protests. The death

sentences are thought to be the

first handed down to those

involved in the fierce rioting

that erupted last year. Two

others received suspended

sentences while another alleged

demonstrator was sentenced to

life in prison. There have been

clashes outside the prestigious

Peking University in Beijing

after a professor claimed more

than 99% of people who

repeatedly complain about the

authorities are mentally ill.

As the size of the protests

grew, uniformed and plain

clothed police forced many

people on to buses before they

were driven away. Protests

about not being able to protest

are an embarrassment for

Chinese authorities. These

people from all over China

rallied after an online

campaign against a university

professor who labelled repeat

petitioners as mentally ill.

They were reluctant to be moved

on as they clutched pieces of

paper voicing their protest as

well as documents and

photograph ed publicising their grievances. Petitioning

Government and the party has

for decades been one of the

rare official channels for

ordinary people to vent

complaints on issues from local

corruption to land disputes and

sackings. Sun Dongdong, head of

Peking University's judicial

expertise centre, later

apologised, saying he used the

wrong words and had hurt

people's feelings. This woman says she lost her 41 teeth

after a beating by officials

when she made complaints. It's

the professor who was mentally

ill, she says, while the

petitioners are law abiding.

Tang Xuechen says he was held

for 480 days in a mental

hospital before escaping by

jumping from a fourth floor

window. He says he wants the

world to know it is not him who

is mad but the corrupt

officials. More than 100

protest ers made it to gates of

Peking University for the

protest. Some claim others on

their way were detained by

officials. European Union

uniformed police and men in

plain clothes helped force some

petitioners on to buses before

the area was cordoned off. The

officials refused to say where

the buses were headed when they

were driven away. The American

billionaire who paid to go into

space for a second time has

landed safely back on earth.

The man paid more than $35

million for the experience and

says it was worth every cent.

With a new set of memories and

a considerably lighter wallet,

Charles Simony floated safely

back to earth. The former

Microsoft executive and two

professional astronauts from

the US and Russia landed their

space capsule in Khazakstan.

The 60-year-old spen his time conducting experiments as one

of six astronauts living at the

International Space Station.

I'm so glad I've done it. I

could accomplish so much more

with the experience that I had.

I probably did more than twice

as much photography, more

complicated experiment and

talked to operators all over

the world. Mr Simony became the

fifth space tourist when he

made his first trip into the at

peer fear in 2007. The second

tour puts him in a league of

his own and he could be set to

stay there with the global

economic crisis having dented

the biggest bank accounts of

late, the age of the space

tourist may have to wait.

You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Our top

story - the US special envoy to

Pakistan and India, Richard

Holbrooke, says all three

countries must work together to

fight a common threat. Now

let's check financial markets:

The Asian Champions League

titleholders, Gamba Osaka, have

strengthened their position in

the group stages of this year's competition with a big home

win. They scored five goals, as

did another Japanese team,

Kawasaki Frontale. The other

group winners were China's

Shandong Luneng and Pohang

Steelers from South Korea.

After three rounds, Gamba Osaka

are the only club still with a

100% record. It was almost

halftime before they managed to

breach the defence, Leandro the

scorer. After that the goals

came thick and fast, Leandro

adding a second. Four minutes

into second half and it was 3-0, the Indonesians add

tooling their troubles with an

own goal from Ambrizal and

three minutes after that Masato

Yamazaki made a 4-0. The revive

came on 67 minutes, Michihiro

Yasuda the scorer. China's

length length looked favourites

to join Gamba Osaka in the

knock-out stages after beating

FC Seoul 2-0. The breakthrough

came nine minutes into the

second half. Shandong Luneng

doubled their lead on 72

minutes through Hang Peng. In Australia, Central Coast

Mariners had no answer to the

attacking powers of Kawasaki.

Jong Tae-Se the first to find

the net after just eight

minutes. Second goal came from

a corner 14 minutes later,

Hiroyuki Taniguchi was the

scorer and Juninho added number

three eight minutes before the

break. Four minutes into second

half can it was 4-0 with Kengo

Nakamura on target and

Renatinho round out the miserable night for the

Mariners with a fifth 20

minutes from time. It took just

one goal to settle matters

between Pohang and China's

Tianjin Teda. It came on 67

minutes, Jin Sung Hwang scoring

with his team in second place

at the halfway point of the group stage. The chairman of

the Indian Premier League is

promising cricket fans

entertainment unlike anything

else in the world. The first

matches will be made in South

Africa in 10 days time after

the tournament was switched

from India because of security

concerns. The first quota of

tickets has already sold out.

It's very exciting to see

players from different

countries who've played against

each other all their lives to

come together, share common

interests and last year it was

fantast took see everyone get

together for the first time. I

think it is only going to be

bigger, better and stronger

this time. The chairman says the tournament won't suffer as

a result of the forced move

from its home country. Now

let's check out the regional

weather forecast for this Thursday.

Finally, the US

First Lady Michelle Obama has

joined her husband for a very

different photo tune. A wax

model of Mrs Obama has been

placed next to one of the US

President at the Madame

Tussauds Museum in Washington.

Artists in London have been

working on the model since

December, watching hours of

video and pouring over hundreds

of photos to get it just right.

The red dress is similar to the

purple gown Mrs Obama wore when

her husband accepted the

presidential nomination last

year. She's only the third US

First Lady to be immortalised

in wax. And you've been

watching ABC News. Let's check

our top stories once again. The

US special envoy to Pakistan

and India says all three countries must work together to

fight terrorism. And the first

funerals have been held after the earthquake in central

Italy. The death toll has now

passed 270. That's the

bulletin. For more news and

current affairs, check out our

website, Australia Network news

Dom. I'm Bev O'Connor. Thanks

for your company. See you soon. Closed Captions by CSI