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Good morning and welcome to 9am

with Dave and Kim. She's Kim. And

he's daifbl: good morning everyone.

Good morning slim Kim. That's

working for me. I got a telephone

message from you yesterday. I

haven't responded to it yet.

Calling yourself Kimbo. I Calling yourself Kimbo. I never

call you that. You should hear what

he really calls me. Red Nose Day

today. Yes. We've got all of the

bits and the pence which are surprisingly difficult to write

with. Because they're weighted

incorrectly. And the little nobbley

bit means that you write your

things and it messes up the words.

Perhaps it has other applications

like a kid's party. You have a more

sensible design. Yes. What are the

boundaries of a parent's pride do

you think? Well, I know where this

is going? Come on David, tell us

about your outstanding children. No,

I ask the question because I went

to the school concert last night.

The school concert is always

interesting, isn't it, because I

get particularly concerned when a

number of young children come out

with violins. And you do this! And

you know, you have to show pride.

My children don't play violin - thankfully. But David also

discovered much to his surprise

that his son plays trumpet. I

didn't even know. We didn't know

until about a month ago and the

teacher from the school rang up and

said, don't let him give up the

trumpet, he's actually very good.

And we were like, trumpet, didn't

know that he played. There he was know that he played. There he

last night soloing in the school

concert. And that bit wasn't too

bad. Good to see that you're

switched into your childrens' lives.

He's now at the age, my son is 12

going on 13 and he's at the age

where he is concealing things from

us, clearly like trumpet playing.

It's that stage! Well, he might

reasonably think that you perhaps

wouldn't think that trumpet was as

cool as drums. I'm going out this

afternoon and am going to source

the greatest jazz trumpeters on CD

and play jazz trumpet until the

cows come home so he can get right

into it. Good, see. See how much I

know about it, two hands. Generally

it is only one. When you're feeling

poorly, do you reach for the

echinacea or the ginko. Just some

of the complimentary medicines.

What do we know? Should there be

greater scrutiny. The complementary

medicine says yes.

Everyday, nine young children under

the age of four in Australia die,

victims of Sudden Infant Death

Indrom. Today, thousands will take

part in Red Nose Day events and

hear from a mum who experienced

her on losses.

And also how to make money from

things lying around the house.

What's making the news this

morning? A custody hearing will begin today for four Canberra

children found living in filt. The

Government has promised to act

in Adelaide. swiftly following two similar cases

Three boys and one girl were

removed from this house on

Wednesday. Their mother arrested

when they were found home alone.

The 35-year-old was refused bail

on charges of neglect. Neighbours

are shocked at the claims. I found

her a good mother. The kids are

spotlessly clean. Police allege

there was dog faeces in the house

and knives hidden among children's

clothing. A custody hearing is

scheduled for this afternoon.

Politicians are shocked this could

happen just four kilometres from

Parliament. I think it is simply

disgraceful that that sort of thing

happens in a country our ours. It's

the latest in a series of cases

that shocked the nation. In Brisbane, twins died of

malnutrition, while in Adelaide, 21

children were found living in

squalor in two nearby homes. A very

clear need to have much better

sharing of child protection

information, both within and across jurisdictions.

And next week on the show, we'll be

neglect. looking into the issue of child

Dr Jayant Patel will face a US

court this morning seeking bail

ahead of his likely extradition to

Australia. After spending three

months in a Portland jail, the

58-year-old has now offered to

return to Queensland. He's wanted

by Australian authorities in

relation to 16 offences, including

manslaughter, grievous bodily harm

and fraud. The charges date back to and fraud. The charges date back

his time as Director of Surgery at

Queensland's Bundaberg based hospital between 2003 and 2005.

19 Qantas flights have been cancelled today as engineers

prepare to walk auch the job in

Perth. As the pay dispute

Perth. As the pay dispute continues,

the spotlight is now shifting to

the aircraft engineer's union. The

work place Ombudsman is

investigating a so-called black

list of non-union members who may

be called in to work if the strike

continues, but it's feared that

they're being intimidated by other

workers to stay away.

Qantas says all passengers affected

by today's strike have been

re-booked on other flights.

Opposition leader Brendan Nelson

heads to the Victorian electorate

of Gippsland today ahead of this

weekend's crucial by-election. The

result could determine whether he

remains leader when Parliament

resumes after the winter break. Bags packed and heading home. to getting back to the electorate, Looking forward that's for sure. The chilly night air from the Opposition. matched by frosty parting shots you get gas. If you prick a balloon, namely Rudd, he deserves a fail. Frankly for his first seven months in the Prime Minister's office. There was plenty of love though He's a lovely kid. Gosh, he looks like you, doesn't he?

to the high-profile Democrat Saying farewell or wooing her for a Labor future? I'm not going to buy into that. She's just retiring and spend some time with her family. and she's going to go Good on her. I think you can never say 'never'. what will happen in the future? Who knows but what about Brendan Nelson? The Democrats are gone, Brendan, if I was you, mate, I'd be watching your back! when it comes to watching, Brendan's in great shape. and I'll be backing him. He'll be there The test will be this weekend's Gippsland by-election. will take the safe National seat - Dr Nelson has predicted Labor a bold prediction, spell the end of his own leadership. given that would almost certainly Kevin Rudd has his own problems -

it will have new-look Senate when Parliament returns in two months and an Independent with five Greens, Family First holding the balance of power. seven to get any legislation passed. Labor will need the support of all Leonie Mellor, Ten News.

And we'll have more on those

stories coming up in the morning

news at 11:00 and a full wrap in

Ten News at 5:00. fish oil, royal jelly, ginko biloba Ecinacea, bilberry, glucosamine,

and the list goes on. Australians

spent $800 million a year on

complimentary medicines what do we

really know about them. Where's the

proof? Consumer organisation

choice choice has called on the

Federal Government to strengthen

the regulation and this morning

we're debating the issue with

Michael Johnson live from Sydney,

and Dr Wendy Morrow from the

Complimentary Healthcare Council. Morning. Let's September Morning. Let's September the boundaries first.

What is the definition of complementary healthca of complementary healthcare? It is

those things, the vitamin C, the

folic acid, red clover and

gluccosamine. The list is extensive. What are the current

recommendations and regulations

regarding the complementary

medicines? Australia has one of the most stringent regulations

internationally. You know other

countries look to our regulations of complementary medicine,

especially from a safety and a

quality point of view. You can

actually be very, very self

assured that our medicines are -

the quality of them is second to

none. So, are they tested? Are each

of them tested? Every product of them tested? Every product is

tested before it goes on to the

market, yes. And individual

ingredients are actually evaluated

by the Government, and put on a

list that are permitted for use in

products, and before a product goes

on to the market, a manufacturer

must actually hold evidence that

their product does what they say

that it does. Therefore, Michael,

given that, why does choice choice

magazine want greater regulation on

magazine want greater regulation on

the products? What a lot of people

don't realise is that the

Government doesn't actually

evaluate those medicines to see

that they work. The manufacturers

do have to hold evidence to

substantiate their claims, but we

looked at a change of weight loss

products a number of years ago, and

we asked some manufacturers to

provide us with the evidence that

they had, and a few gave us some

evidence, and we found that largely

that evidence was quite poor. It

constituted selective trials that

supported their claims that they

wanted to make, so we're concerned

that manufacturers are making a

range of claims out there that

aren't actually backed up by

scientific evidence. And it's

really difficult for consumers to

find reliable information for them

to sort out the science from the

marketing spin around the products.

So, consumers are being misled?

Misled is a strong term. Consumers

just don't have access to

independent, reliable information

easily for them to make informed

choices about the products. What

vitamins and supplements have you

looked at specifically? Well, obviously we've looked at

glucosamine most recently and in

the past we looked at a range of

others. I'm sorry, I don't have all

of the information. What did you

learn about glucosamine? It's an

interesting case. One of the common

criticisms of complementary

medicines is that there's not a lot

of scientific evidence out there

about their effectiveness, and

actual about glucosamine, that's

not true. There are eight high

quality clinical trials that

overall show that glucosamine is p

not much better than a placebo.

What's your reaction to that,

Wendy? Obviously, we would

vigorously deny that and the claim

by choice choice that they have

evaluated the entire body of

evidence just is in fact - I

believe that it is misleading to

say that. Glucosamine, to say that

this is no more effective than a

placebo. There is more to evidence

than clinical trials. Complementary

medicines are new to clinical

trials and the evidence that we

hold are things like traditional

usage, and not just traditional

because grandma said it works well,

so I'm going to try it. But

clinical and traditional use over

sometimes hundreds of years, and

therefore, these products, these

compounds have actually been around

for a very long time. So it is more than just about the scientific

evidence or the double-blind

placebo controlled trials, it's

really about the people who are

using it for an extended period of

time. But, if there's - I done want

to say nothing to hide, but if

there's no reason for concern, why

wouldn't you be encouraging extra

studies and extra trials and extra

criticism of the products?

Absolutely. Look, we're not saying

for a minute that we don't think

that consumers should be better

informed. In fact, the

Complementary Healthcare Council

has been pushing for a number of

years to have people better

informed about the products on the

market and about the individual

compounds like vitamin C and

vitamin E and all of those products.

So, we're actually encouraging the

National Prescribing Service which

is doing research right now about

the information needs and the skill

needs of consumers and healthcare

professionals in finding out more information about the products that

we're using. And so, we're not actually against having actually against having more

information. What we are concerned

about is adding another level of

regulation that can only slow up

this system and ultimately really

increase the cost of it to

consumers. Is that a point,

Michael? Well, we're talking about

a few measures that will give more

information to consumers, so we're

talking about a website for

instance where consumers can go to

get reliable , independent information that's up-to-date about

the effectiveness of complementary

medicines. Secondly, we're talking

about a system where manufacturers

could apply to use a logo on their

product, and that would be an

opt-in system. So manufacturers

would chose whether or not they

applied and then they would present

the evidence that they have.

Someone would review the full body of scientific evidence available,

and if it was good, the

manufacturer could use a logo on

their product that would

distinguish it on their shelf from

other products and enable

consumers to find the products

where there is good scientific

evidence. And just a third thing, evidence. And just a third thing,

we're also talking about the needs

to be stronger regulation around advertising and that's something

that the industry grows with. I

suppose there's another issue here

that the very term "complementary

medicine" suggests that people are

taking these products in tandem

with prescribed medication. Now,

is there a cause for concern there?

Well, people need to be aware that complementary medicines can have

side effects, they can interact

with other medicines that they're

taking. They can interact with

other complementary medicines and

people should really be talking to

their doctor when they are going to

take them or thinking about taking

them. Would you agree with that?

Absolutely. I think there's a need

for better education for medical

practitioners as well so when their

patients tell them that they're

taking a complementary medicine,

that there's a greater acceptance.

Does it not also follow on that it

is important to have reliable and

independent information and

therefore more scrutiny of the

products so that the doctors do

have more accurate information in

terms of combining them with other

traditional remedies, or sorry,

stand remedys? It is not the

giving of information that the

Complementary Healthcare Council is

against. We firmly believe that

there is a need for consumers and

healthcare practitioners to have

better information, that's never

been an argument. But someone has

got to actually pay for the trials,

don't they? They do, and the

Australian Government has just

recently given substantial funding

to research. I know that there's a

new National Institute of

Complementary Medicine that's been

set up to actually help with the

allocation of funding for research projects. Michael, do you think

that generally the consumers think

of complementary medicines as being

both effective and harmless?

Certainly, I think consumers often

think that they are more safe than

ordinary pharmaceuticals, and to be

honest, they probably are, but

people do need to be aware that

there can be side effects.

Especially when you were' talking

about fat soluble vitamins and obviously there are concerns there

and people need to know what

they're doing. You wouldn't just

recommend that someone just goes

and takes iron supplements for

instance? As a naturopath and a

pharmacist, you actually do need as

a consumer to be aware and to

actually make an informed decision

and that's really - that's the crux

of the matter. You need to be able

to make that informed decision in

consultation with a healthcare professional. All right,

fascinating to talk to both of you.

Thank you so much.

As we mentioned earlier, it is Red

Nose Day today and after the break,

we'll look at where the fund

raising dollars are going. Ingham chicken - beautiful, juicy, tasty Tenders, made with 100% Australian chicken breast.

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This program is captioned live.

Once a year, I am more than happy

to be really, really silly for a

really good cause. The annual really good cause. The annual Red

Nose Day fund raiser for the Sids

and Kids Organisation. Behind the

big red hooter is a message which

Lisa Gelbert knows only too well

and she joins us with Leanne Raven.

Before we start with you, Lisa,

let's talk about Sids and Kids

Organisation because you've got the

Wiggles onboard and I know there's

a personal involvement there? There

is, and we've been really excited,

particularly with the 21st birthday

of Red Nose Day to have the Wiggles.

And the Wiggles family have been

touched by SIDS and still birth and

they've been tremendous support.

It's interesting that you mentioned

SIDS and still birth. There's a

broader definition now to SIDS? Yes,

our bereavement services support

families who have a child or baby

die for any reason suddenly, that

could be before birth, or after

birth and through the childhood as

well. Now, Lisa, you've been

through a heck of a traumatic

ordeal. Do you want to tell us

about it? Well, it actually lost

about four and a half years and we

had five miscarriages and a still

born baby boy, Jonathan and born baby boy, Jonathan and another

little boy who lived for two weeks,

Jake. Where did you get your

support during that time? It would

have seemed like a never-ending. have seemed like a never-ending. I was reading something in the

research where you said it was like

being kicked. I felt like I was

laying in the street and more

things happened and my father died

10 days after our still born son

was born. There was a lot of grief

and we didn't find a lot of and we didn't find a lot of support

at the time. My mother was a

fantastic support, but when my

father died, obviously she needed

support too. We found, my husband

and I sort of plodded along as best

we could, and you know,

occasionally friends would do

something really nice, but in the

same respect, it affects the

friendships as well. People find it really difficult, especially if

there's a lot of things going on.

What changed for you? Where did

the air - when did the air become

clear for you? Clearer, when were

you able to walk through it? Look,

it was very difficult. When we

finally went on to have a

successful pregnancy, I feel that

things changed for us, but with

every loss, it opened up not just

the wounds of that loss but all of

the ones that we'd lost before hand

so that was really difficult. And

then I was looking around, I

started a counselling course myself,

because I wanted to support people

going through subsequent pregnancies so I didn't feel that

there were a lot of resources in the area and that's where I came a cross Sids and Kids Organisation

and I was so impressed and letting

people know that it is not just

SIDS losses they're supporting, but

people who are having miscarriages

and stillbirths and you know, I was

just so impressed, amazing what

they do. That's one of the great

frustrations, isn't it for people

who suffer repeated miscarriages.

They don't know, they're z as much

in the dark as people who lose

their baby shortly after and their

pain is just as intense.

Everybody's situation is their own

and people going through their

miscarriage, it's the loss of their

dream, they knew when the baby was

due and they started to plan that

and it is really important to get

that support. Leanne, what do we

know about ssm IDS now and are

numbers on the decline? They are on

the decline. We know that our

Reduce the Risk, Safe Sleeping

Campaign has had a considerable

effect in reducing the number of

SIDS deaths in the country by about

90%. Let's talk about what they are

so new parents at home are really

onboard. A loft the funds go

directly to the safe sleeping

campaign. They do. It's quite a

simple message really. The most

important thing is to place the

baby on the back when aand also,

other things to ensure that the

face is uncovered, so you wouldn't

have doonas or toys and things in

the cot with the baby. Avoiding

tobacco smoke is essential before

and after birth, and also making

sure that they've got a safe

sleeping environment, and we

recommend that babies sleep in a

separate sleep surface beside their

parents up to six or 12 months. Can

I just talk to you about tobacco

smoking. Why is that so dangerous

to a baby? It's one of the risk factors that's been identified

through research, and I guess it is,

you know, it's something that impacts on their development. On

their ability to develop and grow

prorl properly, as it does on the

health of adults before they're

born, you know when they're out.

But it is something that's a really

strong risk factor. For things like

stillbirth as well as SIDS. A

couple of years ago, straight after

we saw a dramatic reduction in the

numbers of babies dying from SIDS.

Soon after that, we were confronted

with the headlines that parents

were worried about their children

having a slight flattening on the

back of their head. And that worried me, because I was

frightened that parents would go

back to the old fashioned ways of

sleeping babies thinking that they

wanted to avoid that. But that's

not necessarily something that they

should be worrying about, is it? No,

we think that there needs to be a

lot of research looking at that.

There hasn't really been a large

national study, but we do know that

a flat head, positional

flagucaffely is not something

that's going to damage the baby's

brain or have any imfact in that

way, so we recommend that it is -

you know, you move the baby. You

move the position of the baby in

the pot so that they're looking at

orp things and their head can be in

a different position, and usually

we think that they grow of that.

Lisa, you mentioned earlier that

you became a counsellor. When

parents have lost a baby, what do

they need to hear, or what do they

need to say? How do you help them?

OK. You can't fix it, and this is

what people tend to try to do. You

can't fix it, it's happened. So I

think the best thing that people

can do is just to be there, to

listen. To let them know about

organisations like Sids and Kids Organisation, and don't be scared

if you get a few tears, because if you get a few tears, because it

is sad. I was going to say is sad. I was going to say there

must be, but does a mother and a father, do they have different

requirements at this stage? Your

husband, the father of your

children, what children, what did he need to overcome his grief? Where does dad go? Does he need to go and talk to other men? What from people sometimes in that whole process, do they sometimes say the wrong thing inadvertantly. Jo I've

come to realise that people mean well. A lot of people said, I know how you feel. And they couldn't, because two people experiencing exactly the same situation are going to react and respond differently. Yeah, you can get it, but never going to know exactly how

someone else feels. I found that

hurtful. Or, "You're young and can

have more". I want that baby who is

dying right now, I want him. So

yeah, I do know that they mean well,

but if people can try not to say

things that are going to be hurtful.

Yeah, for anyone, and I know that

there will be people watching who

will be in the middle of their own

grief and dramas or know someone who has, what can who has, what can you say that can

help them at this point? Does it

get easier? It changes. I've been

successful and gone on to have two

more beautiful children and feel

that our family is complete and

that's really helped. Not everybody

is able to do that and not

everybody wants to embark on that

again. So, I would just say, just

be available to listen to people

and yeah, it's not what you

and yeah, it's not what you say,

it's just making yourself

available. How much extra pressure

did it put on your marriage?

Because we read statistics that I

think up to 70% of marriages fail

after the loss of a baby. What do

you do to try to hang on to that? I

think any trauma or stress can

affect a marriage and it certainly

has. My husband and I have become

closer. We were both determined

to complete our family which was

great. But, it has, it

great. But, it has, it has. And the

different things that people say

and the different things you're

experiencing and because it wasn't

just one loss for us, it continued

over many years, it really did

affect us. It's really only now

that we're talking about it more

because we're supporting other

families through SIDS and Kids, and

I guess one of the things I want to

say is that it is never too late.

Things that happened 5 or 10 or

more years ago, if you still feel

more years ago, if you still feel

the need to talk to somebody, the need to talk to somebody,

they're there, they have

counsellors 24 hours a day, 7 days

a week. And that's the point of

today, to just get people to commit.

It's interesting, isn't it? You see

this thing and you know exactly

what it means. It's an

extraordinarily successful campaign.

Why do you think people respond to

it so overwhelmingly? Well, it was

the first campaign of its sort. Our

founder who was a bereaved mother

introduced it into the country and

it was the first signature day,

doing something for fun for a

serious cause is, you know how you

capture it and there's a huge

awareness out there and we're just

awareness out there and we're just

so grateful for the generosity of

the community, because that's how

we can continue to provide these

services. Our bereavement support, our education

our education to families and new

parents is funded through this. We

receive very little Government

funding. And none for our

bereavement services, so it is

essential that this works every

year for us and we can continue to

provide those services around the

country. And that's the thing too.

Because as you were indicating, Lisa, it doesn't necessarily become

easier, but it changes along the

way and as we know from talking to

the field boys, you know, you mourn

the loss of the next birthday and

the friends who you see with

children of a similar age and it

just doesn't stop. Really, your

work will be ongoing with families

for many, many years, won't st Yes,

those memories are there forever,

and it is important that people

have opportunities to remember their children

their children who have died or

their babies who have died. Just

quickly before we go, where can we

get the merchandise today? If

you're out shopping, go to IGA if

you're getting your groceries, Big W

Best and Less or the Warehouse

Group and lots of other suppliers

as well and you can also get it

online but you're not going to get

it by today, but we're happy to facilitate

facilitate that. If you don't want

to wear a silly nose, you don't

have to. There are bracelets and

pencils and toys. There's limb balm.

Look at this. Oh no, I can't open

this. Is that not the cutest thing

you've ever seen. How good is that.

Ladies, thank you very much

Ladies, thank you very much for

your time. After the break, the

classic Italian dish that has

nothing to do with

nothing to do with Italy. Gary

Mehigan will knock up spaghetti

This program is captioned live.

It's the little things in the kitch

than make the difference and Gary

Mehigan is in with a family

favourite. Good morning. Good

morning. She's calling you little. morning. She's calling you little.

I am. I noticed yesterday actually

that Anglo was here and you were

here and I'm the little guy at the

end. The little chubby guy at the

end. No. I reckon you would be

suspicious of a skinny chef. I was

thinking, every time I say diet,

I'm lying. You know when I say diet

pizza, look at me, what a load of rubbish. My husband was very

impressed with the whole pizza

scenario is yesterday but spaghetti

and meat balls, if I can master

this? I have to give credit to my

wife for this one because there's a

sneaky thing. I this to my daughter

on the pretence that this is what

she loves but it has to be one of

my all time favourites. You know the big Italian,

the big Italian, mafiosa. Plate of

meat balls. Forget the doughnuts,

give me the meat balls now. Johnny

there's only three meat balls.

There's actually nothing Italian

about it, is it? Pasta being

Chinese or Arabic. I reckon it is

more Italian American. I think the

Italians mastered it. What's this

thing? Have we got a rabbit in

there. I'm going to run out of

cooking time. I'll get something

started. This is a pressure cooker.

This is a life saver. My mum used

to use this. Onions and garlic. My

mum used to use this when I was a

kid but it is a pressure cook

What is that stuff? Breadcrumbs and

I haven't put the pupper in because

I'm thinking kids. If I put pepper

in things, my daughter is like,

what's that. what's the black stuff

and she will find the tiniest stuff.

Now, my wife came up with this,

terrible trouble trying to get her

to eat vegetables, she'll eat

broccoli. Your wife? Yeah, as well.

Actually, now you say that. She

made purees, I thought she was nuts,

but she would make a batch of puree

and pop them in the freezer and

when we make meat balls or lasagne

and she knows about it. Every

parent says, I grate it. But if I

grate zucchini, shell anticipate

find it. Yeah. She'll be a forensic

scientist or something, your

daughter. So, that's just beautiful,

that's like baby food. That

actually took four minutes in there.

How do you puree carrots? Boil it

and whizz it up. And this takes

place the the egg. And I did laugh

at my wife, I thought she was off at my wife, I thought she was off

her trolley, but she's done well and I can't remember the name of

the book, but it is available and

it's got lots of little rels pees

with purees. I think I know the

book. And things like cauliflower

puree in carrot cake. Yes, puree in carrot cake. Yes, they

call it like Bang Bang Chicken and

it is like a corn flake coated

chicken. I think the reason that I

did this. You can bung that in

there if you want. We better get

going. Bung it in there. In

principle, these pretend they're

frying but we brown the meat balls.

If I have plenty of time, I'll make

little ones because I like the idea

of little meat balls. I like the

little ones. I'm under pressure

this morning. And for little kids,

their little mouth, they like to be

able to pop it in there in one go.

You can't have bullet size. So

we're going to fry that off and we're going to fry that off and I

don't know if I have time to do

this. Sure. Nothing is frying. Is

it on? No, it's not. We're going to

put this in which is chopped tomatos

and tomato paste and a little bit

of stock and we're going to pretend

that that is now a lovely tomato

sauce and one the meat balls are in

there, you put them into the sauce.

Up don't have to fry them. If you

have a pressure cooker and the

rocker will start rocking and it is

cooked. And what you went up with

is by the magic of television.

Ordinarily, how long would this

take to cook? You know what I do,

and you don't have to cook them all

the way through, but in a normal

oven, I would leave them in for an

hour with a lid on, and if you're

not fussed, 20 minutes on the top

of the stove. But you really will

find a difference cooking it longer

and the tomato cooking down, it

let's really delicious. Much better.

How do you know how much spaghetti

per serve? 80grams it is I think.

So you have to weigh it. You know

what I do, I crack the packet open

and say, that looks about right and

then I put in more and my wife says,

whatever you do, don't eat all of

that and then I do and I sit in

front of the television all night

and sairbgs I shouldn't have eaten

all of that. Yes. Another quick

thing, is that throw the pasta into

the sauce, because what's nice

about it, what's nice about a

spaghetti sparm is that it is all

voted -- spaghetti is that it is

coated on there. That working for

me. When I was a student, I used

to put the pasta in and the sauce

and get the pasta on the bottom and

no taste. And then some peccorino

over the top and you can use

parmesan. Because the sauce is

luscious and gorgeous. And so thick,

isn't it? That's working for me.

Sna you hold. I grate my fingers

off on these. What is that?

Peccorino, and plenty on because it

is lovely and sweet and gorgeous

and you can put in a little bit of

olive oil. And I did put parsley,

which I wouldn't mix, but if you

have kids. Green stuff won't work.

My daughters, now parents. A little

bit of olive oil, sit down darling

and we're off. Lots of pepper. If

you would like the recipe for the

clever spaghetti and meat balls

with sneaky vegetables thrown in.

Download everything. And we have to

remember the Maribyong boat house. Today we're show casing an Australian invention and apparently

it is going to take the cleaning

world by storm, it's called the

Wagtail and the inventor is Willie Irkin and we have Dennis from

Global Shop Direct. What is the

Wagtail? This is a clever

Australian design that's faster Australian design that's faster and

better than any mop or cleaning

tool. In fact, it's a mop, a duster,

a window washer, an all-purpose,

all-surface cleaner that gets the

job done faster and better than

ever before. And, it leaves the

surface completely dry. Now, Willie,

you're the inventor of the Wagtail.

Where did the idea come from? From

the world of professional window

cleaning. My wife wanted the same professional results on her floor

that I got on a window and a mop

that's easier to use than the

regular mop that you have now. Is

it really that much better? Here's

a recent quality mop and some juice

and some grains, let's give it a go.

You may think that the floors are

spotless, but only the Wagtail,

brings it up. With traditional mops,

you bring it on the surface. I

thought that was clean. Wagtail

means spotlessly clean. If I wipe

the tile, nothing on the sock, it's

absolutely dry. And if the floor is

not dry, it's not clean. Right. But

let's better understand how the

Wagtail works. First, the

ult-absorbant microfibre bad

loosens the dirt and then flick it

and you pick up the dirty water so

you get a completely dry water and

it's the best window washer you've

seen. The streamline design let's

the Wagtail go anywhere. The pivot

action makes it so easy to use. You

don't have to put in any effort.

You can't do all of that with

traditional mops. The pad works dry

or wet with just a drop of

detergent or your favourite cleaner

and when you're done, throw the

microfibre pad into the washer. Ta

it is being used by professionals?

Most Australian companies are

using the Wagtail and a great many

overseas because it is lighter,

faster and as you can see, gets

much better results. Now, Global

Shop Direct are proud to bring you

the Wagtail system for home use.

You get the professional ietzed

Wagtail with the patented squigy,

the angled goose neck and the

teleskopic pole. But we want to

give you more. You'll also get the

electro static dust magnet. And

then the none abrasive scrubbing job

for dex and cement floors. And on

top of that, the microfibre

cleaning cloth. The system can be

yours for three easy payments of

$19.95 plus delivery for all that

you see here which is fantastic value. But Global Shop Direct want

to give you more. Call now and use

your credit card and you'll also

receive the Wagtail mini. Just pop

it on to the swivel arm and it is

perfect for the smaller jobs. And

you also get the mini sized dust

pad and scrubbing pad and an extra

angled neck that's an extra $30 of

products that's free when you call

and order now. And of course, with

all Global Shop Direct products, if

you're not completely satisfied,

return it within 30 days for a full

refun of the purchase price less

delivery. But hurry, stocks are limited. Call Global Shop Direct

now. Or go online. Thank you Willie

and Dennis for showing us the

Wagtail from Global Shop Direct.

David revealed to us all that his

son is learning the trumpet and he

didn't know it. He's good too. And

this one is from Gary. Hello Gary.

Hello Gary. - Dear David, it was

clear from our opening dialogue

that injure son knows you far

better than you appear to know him

and you're about to do the very

thing that kept him from telling

you that he was playing the trumpet

in the first place. He knows like

the many viewers out there that

daddy has a severe case of OCD. Do

you really think your boy wants to

be swamped with trumpet music day

in and out". Yeah, exactly. That's

why he's kept it secret. Exactly,

because he knows you'll go, right,

I'll get you the entire trumpet

music over the last many years.

I'll get Miles Davis in his heroin

era. That will get him going! The

latest headlines shortly, but

after the break, David Kirkpatrick

turns junk into joy and trash turns junk into joy and trash into cash.

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This program is captioned live. And

that is Hunter Reyne! He's good.

All right, David Kirkpatrick has

been scouring the countries around

Australia in search of people with

an environmental conscience and he

already found one that's trying to

give back some of what we're

currently throwing away.

You know how I love talking about

the environment. About recycling,

about re-using, about being

careful what you consume. Well,

today, I'm going to introduce you

to a young furniture designer, Greg

Hatten whose most exciting day is

rubbish collection. Greg makes

furniture and landscape features

thab blend function and art and are

made completely from recyclable materials. Not only do they look

great, but with a little thought

and imagination, it's something

everyone can get into. You're

working with trees all the time,

chopping things down so you see a

lot of timber going to waste and

you've got something you're making

up here. Yeah, this is just a

simple stick chair. It's made out

of - this is actually made out of

will owe which is a fairly duerable

timber. And you don't have to be a

rocket scientist. You've just got

like a nail and a bow saw like that.

Can you show us how easy that is to

cut up? It's a pretty simple

operation. Once you get the

geometrayy of the seat right. That

bit has a nice curve so you can

thues. So a complicated measuring

system there? Yeah, it's called the

thumb scratch! The bow saw. Once

you've got it there. You're going

to have the directions for this on

the website? Yeah, we'll put

together a plan to make a small and

simple choir like this and brace it

up with some decking chairs and a

simple drill and a hammer. So you

haven't got tools or saws. Like, if

you're living in a neighbourhood, what's another methodology you

recommend, because you came up with

a great idea? Yeah, I suppose my

theory behind it is if you haven't

got a tool yourself, the best way

to find one is to knock on your

neighbour's door. Two benefits -

you might meet a new friend and

you've got someone else in the

street to talk to and they might

have a great tool collection. Do

you go out looking for specific

things? Like, I'm going to buy a

chair? Or do you look around and

see a peels of timber like this or

like that and it does the talking

to you? Yeah. That makes sense,

that's actually the way I approach

most of my work. A lot of the time,

say for something like this, I'll

make a series of chairs out of Will

owe Material and the Willow is a

noxious weed that grows in

Australia. So the council won't

mind you going down and sawing off

some branches? Well, they might,

there are laws, but I source i

there are laws, but I source it

from private land. One of the

things about having timber in the

round, people say it is not

structured. Willow is structured. Willow is great

because they have such strength.

They use it for cricket bats. In

all of your time, what is the

highlight? The big welcome home

nugget that you found on the heap?

There's a few bits and pieces. One

of the things that I found which is

basically, I didn't have to do

anything to it at all was a hollow

log, probably stood about this tall and it was actually weathered to

the point where only the hard grain

of the timber was left and it had

so many holes and hollows, all I

basically did was put a light in

the middle of it and it is the most

amazing lamp shade and the actual timber, there's nothing required

to it. It stands there in the

hallway. So, just a case of looking

at something and saying is it

really scrap or is it something

amazing that I can make out of this? Everything has potential. this? Everything has potential. As

soon as you put it in a land fill,

then it has no more potential. What

is this? A beautiful finish? Red

gum? It is actually yellow gum but

it's been finished with olive oil.

It is to be used as a chopping

block. You've treated the worm

marks? These tell a little bit of a marks? These tell a little bit of a

story. The tracks start nice and

small and as the actual worm grows,

the tracks get wider as the actual

bug gets bigger so knocked the bark

off and that's just a bit - that

was house paint that was found on

the side of the road in an old tin.

Greg's chair recipe is going to be

on the website, so this weekend,

think before you throw it out. Get

out there and have a look at what

you can make. Greg, thanks a lot. Pleasure.

VP direct joins us and he's giving

away a free Rotoduster. Yes, when you call and order the Twister

Sweeper, you get the Rotoduster for

free. It uses static electricity to

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could help to clean up in a blast

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These are sold for up to $59.95,

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and incredibly useful. TVP Direct

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Now you can sweep up dust and pet

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The Twister Sweeper goes anywhere.

And it easily manoeuvres with just

one hand T is so light and compact

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brooms. And this time, you lls get

the Roto duster. That's right. The

first 300 customers who call can

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and I'll include the Roto duster

which sells for up to $59.95 which sells for up to $59.95 free.

Buy one Twister and get a Roto

Duster free. Roto duster uses

static electricity to pick up dust. static electricity to pick up dust.

It is great for home electronic

equipment and gets into the

tightest of spaces. These have sold

for up to $59.95. Today we're

giving the customers one for freep

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You can go from the carpet to the

hard wood floors and clean the

floors of the house with the Twister and then go over everything

with the Roto duster for the dust

everywhere. It seems like cleaning

would be so much faster. Absolutely.

Call or order on the website. Now,

that's two products for less than

the price of one. Incredible. Thank you.

After the break, the latest from

the Ten News centre, and still to

come, how many wives should a man

be allowed at the one time?

Now time for the news with Natarsha Belling from the

Belling from the Ten News centre.

Good morning David and Kim. Happy

Friday to both of you. It looks

like a decision may be made

tomorrow now on a bail application

by rogue surgeon Jayant Patel.

Patel signed a consent of

extradition form when he appeared

in the US district court in

Portland this morning our time.

Formally agreeing to return to

Australia to face trial on

manslaughter and other charges. It

is expected that Patel could be

back in Queensland within several

weeks if the correct paperwork by

the US and Australian governments

is completed. Patel has been in

jail since the 11th of maemp but

now wants to live with his wife

while the paperwork is finished.

Also making news, the baby bonus

increases to $5,000 next week, but

many hospitals are expecting a rush

of births around Christmas before the Government payment is means

tested. In the morning news, we'll

look at why many families are

divided over the baby bonus and

how many may organ earlier delivery

to qualify for the bonus.

And Greg Norman is going to

extraordinary lengths to shield his

weekend lengths to shield the

wedding from the paparazzi. Norman

has reportedly booked out all 200

rooms of the exclusive Ocean Club

Hotel in the Bahamas and employed

heavy security, all at a cost of $2

million. But it seems that money can't buy everything with a storm threatening to interrupt the

nuptials. The guest list is set to

include two former US Presidents, a

range of sporting hero, singers and

actors. The detailts on those

stories and plenty more coming up.

I wonder if he sold it to a

magazine? Maybe that's why he's

going to awful the trouble? Why

would he bother? Exactly, I can't

imagine that. Wouldn't it be

easier to get a photo and

distribute it. A la Ellen Degeneres.

He looks fit, Greg Norman? So does

Chris Evitt. Can ilg ask the two of

you as mums, is it permissible for

anybody to come up and pat you on

your pregnant stomach? I'm your pregnant stomach? I'm

presuming that was her doctor? Do

people tend to do that people tend to do that with

pregnant women? We were actually

having this conversation this

morning and I found that with

Harrison and definitely this time

around as well that strangers come

up and have a little - pat the

tummy and tell them, of course,

you're having a girl, the way

you're carrying it and are you

eating the right foods. You were' a

bit of an open book. Is that

acceptable behaviour? No. It

depends on who it is. I think it is

really nice when friends and family

do it, but yeah, look... Yeah, do it, but yeah, look... Yeah,

that's right. The difference is is

that if it is someone you don't

know, you want to bite their arm.

You are like, what are you doing?

It is kind of, it's almost like

someone walking past and thinking

that they can give awe squeeze on

the bottom. Up wouldn't think that

that was appropriate. In Italy I

know. Well, you can't mills the

bump. Enjoy and we will see you on

Monday. Have a lovely weekend.

We've got plenty more after this.

Do you wake up feeling exhausted? If so, there's a good chance it could be the pillow you're sleeping on!

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while you sleep. providing you with plenty of support a double-piped boxed-wall edge It features quality 100% cotton cover and a 300-thread count and comes with a 5-year guarantee. Sounds great. all about? What's this HealthGuard treatment of HealthGuard. Let me show you the importance at these pillows here If you have is a look Microlux Pillow compared to the hyper-allergenic that I showed you earlier, these ones are stained and soiled. They really look filthy, don't they? particularly horrible. The feathers look Here's the critical part - micro-organisms. They are loaded with Sounds pretty nasty. Can you tell us more about these micro-organisms? Normal pillows absorb germs from our skin and the air. They can become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, fungus and dust mites. Lovely. The older your pillows, the more likely that they are contaminated. Here's a interesting but a little bit horrible fact. 10% of the weight of a pillow that's just two years old can be composed of dead mites and their droppings. It really can be a nasty little zoo in a pillow like that. So how does HealthGuard help? Well, the HealthGuard used in Microlux Pillows is an environmentally friendly treatment that helps to eliminate bacteria, funghi, dust mites and algae. It's also great news for allergy and asthma sufferers. The other added advantage to the Microlux Pillow is that unlike many other pillows, Microlux Pillows are fully machine washable and you can even tumble-dry them.

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Perhaps you require a Ferrari, a

Lear Jet or a dog but your scrap

for the outlay or have a canine

commitment problem. No problems,

there are people who will give them

to you, sort of. Businessman Steve

Sammartino has come up with a

clever way of putting your idle

knick-knacks to work and he joins

us now to explain. Thank you for

having me. This looks lik