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(generated from captions) than a health agreement. Oh, I

think, you know, we're still a fair way away. way


While the Coalition now looks set

to back the Kevin Rudd health plan,

it's stepping up its attacks on the

Government over asylum seekers and

border protection. Joining us in

Minister the studio is Shadow Immigration

Minister Scott Morrison. Good

us here. morning and thank you for joining

us here. Good morning, Ron. Let's

first talk about the actual core

issue here - we've just seen our

100th asylum-seeker boat arrive

since Kevin Rudd was voted into

office, and we tend to think of

these people as asylum seekers -

the unavoidable fallout from

conflict in Sri Lanka and

Afghanistan. But is that really

what it's all about? There's always

been people seeking asylum around

the world for tragic reasons, for a

very long period

very long period of time. But

Australia has not always been a

soft touch. It's not just since

Kevin Rudd came to office - it's

since he started rolling back the

border-protection regime that he

inherited from the Coalition

Government. I mean - in particular,

since he bungled the issue with the

'Oceanic Viking' and gave that

special deal, more than half the

boats that have arrived on his

watch have arrived since then. We

watch have arrived since then. We

now have more boats and arriving

today and more people arriving each

month than at any other time,

including when the Howard

Government solved this issue.

What's the difference? The first

thing Kevin Rudd and the Government

needs to do is admit he's got a

problem. He's in complete border-

protection denial. I refer to him

as a border-protection sceptic. He

thinks this issue is not a big

issue, as he told

issue, as he told a an audience in

Perth last week. 100 boats on his

watch should not be business as

usual. Clearly people like John

Howard would beg to differ - it had

a huge impact on his government. It

violates Australia's sense of

fairness - we're a generous country,

Australians want to we take 13,500 refugees every year.

Australians want to make sure that

we're the ones deciding who is

taking up those places, not those

smugglers who seek to come via people-

smugglers and put themselves in a

position in advance of the others. The Rudd Government says it's

actually spending more on border

protection now than the Howard government

is government did, yet the assessment

is that, before the next election,

we are likely to see another 70

boatloads arrive. How do we wipe

out this problem? First, you've got

to have the resolve and you to be

serious about stopping it. Kevin

Rudd said before the election he'd

turn back boats. That was a message

to say he'd continue the strong to say he'd continue the strong

dun border-protection regime. He hasn't

dun that. He needs rougher too

reverse that position and get

serious about the issue. The

Coalition has talked about the

retrucks intrucks of temporary- protection

protection visas, but also we would

not compromise protection. Even

when people's claims are being

rejected, they're on their way

rejected, they're on their way here

for their appeals. If it was the

Coalition, that plane the other

night into Sydney would not have

been on its way to Sydney - it

would have been on the way home. Do

we see a return to the Pacific

Solution? We haven't ruled any of

those issues out. We will do, as

Tony said, what it takes in order