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(generated from captions) Australia's Burma fury - Tonight - banned from helping cyclone victims protesters clash as aid workers are and now a new storm is approaching. Found dead in an outback mine shaft -

for little Imran Zilic. the tragic end to the 2-week search sex monster tries to explain Pleading insanity, Austria's the evil crimes against his daughter. Welcome to Tens Late News. Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson. Also tonight... about what we've done. WOMAN: We are very proud over a nude photo with her husband. ..the teacher sacked are fighting to get her back. Now parents

But first - after searching for 19 days, police have retrieved the body

from an outback mine. The body was discovered in a 7-metre mine shaft

of Coober Pedy in South Australia. near the opal mining town from his Perth home by his father, The little boy had been taken under the Mental Health Act. who is now being held

how the child died. Police can't yet say

on cyclone-ravaged Burma tonight A major storm is bearing down the slow-moving rescue operation. with fears it could jeopardise The United Nations has warned from starvation and disease 1 million survivors could die if aid doesn't get through, to accept foreign emergency workers. but Burma is refusing Another day of desperation in Burma turned to anger. has elsewhere in the world at the Burmese Embassy in Canberra This picket line was meant to be peaceful - Move back away from police! with Burma's military leaders What patience the aid agencies had is also running out. United States and the United Nations. Authorities have denied access to the before some visas are granted - It could be four days the embassy is on a local holiday. the international aid agencies in? Why won't you let It's beyond frustrating, that gets worse by the day. I mean, it is a level of tragedy that tragedy first-hand And one man who is now witnessing is World Vision's Tim Costello, now in Burma. one of the few Australian aid workers

There is simply no question that the scale of the response demands a far more open door

and save lives. if we're going to get to people hasn't swung open. That door, for whatever reason, of this isolated country Despite the immense needs there was a small sign of hope today little closer to what is used to be. as some began to try to get life a if not years, to fully realise. That effort will take months, Josh Murphy, Ten News. could go on for years. The effects of the crisis in Burma the nation's rice crop The cyclone has destroyed around the world. and that will push up prices And ever-rising tide of humanity - to feed every year. 73 million more mouths for the world In the Philippines, at 16 million 18 years ago a population that was manageable is now up to 90 million. Little wonder there is poverty - sustained by scraps of plastic, poverty so deep that life is only other people's rubbish. scavenged from about 10 pence from the recyclers. A kilogram of the scraps will fetch

but not anymore. That used to buy a bowl of rice one thing and one thing only - food. Life at this level is about at the end of a day's work like this Their only ambition rises in world food prices. We talk blithely about percentage it is a pretty simple equation - To them, or not. it is either having enough to eat This is life on the edge.

just tip them over that edge. If you make it any harder, you will to helping these people. Jane Walker now devotes her life She took me through the slum on top of rotting piles of garbage. that has grown up, literally, what they have now. They don't deserve on top of them, it is tough. Then to go and throw lack of food It's not right. it is not right - should not have to live like this. human beings

It is, like, very disgusting.

colourful taxi took us across Manila Even the driver whose to feed his young family. is struggling it hurts almost everyone in Asia. When the price of rice doubles,

I must work double. Yes. Really? of tonnes of rice which had landed. At the docks, we found thousands it is just very expensive. There is plenty - The Philippines once exported rice. biggest importer Now it is the world's you can see why. and high above the city as far as the eye can see. Ever-rising population means concrete No rice is getting grown here. what they need to do most of all Of course, is simply grow more food. But as populations grow ever bigger there is less and less land from which to feed them.

in the Philippines, What is happening here as in most of Asia, to rice paddies like these is that the land given over by urban sprawl - is being constantly encroached on you can see behind me here - the sort of thing as towns and cities grow ever bigger. What goes on in there?

rice gene bank. This is the international the best hope for a solution Scientists believe lies in a giant walk-in fridge. have their genetic secrets unlocked. 100,000 varieties of rice wait to

Each different variety to increasing yield may contain the secret or resistance to climate change? Absolutely. The alarming thing about 10% of these rice varieties. is there we only had knowledge on 90% are largely uninvestigated. on a Manila's rubbish dump But the children born

can't wait for the scientists. are now getting an education Some at least

and possibly a way out of poverty thanks to the efforts of Jane Walker, food at the heart of everything. but even in this school We can't educate these children without providing food.

It is absolutely impossible. Because they won't stay? They won't stay.

to go back to work. There will be pressure on them So she feeds them every day, but the food must be paid for to undo years of work. and the high prices are threatening in part These children are suffering now

because other Asians are getting richer end eating more. and our next destination, India, In both China life tougher for those left behind. lifting some out of poverty is making It's going to hurt either way - economists warning of interest rate pain unless the Treasurer hands down a horror Budget next week. The Government is already signalling welfare reform will be a major target. Four days until he hands down his first Budget and Treasurer Wayne Swan is burning the midnight oil to find every last saving. We've got no choice in this budget but to rein in spending if we're going to spare families from rising prices, rising inflation and rising interest rates. inflation in the short term will remain high, acknowledging its interest rate hikes have started to impact in line with slowing growth. But that work could be undone if the Government takes advantage of a surplus One leading economist says the Government's faced with some ugly choices to avoid further rate rises. We need a horror Budget. That sounds silly, but Australia has an inflation problem. Wayne Swan says there will be 649 separate cuts in Tuesday's Budget and already it seems that welfare to the rich is likely to be one of them. Do millionaires need the baby bonus? Well, you know, I have a different view of that. Welfare for the less wealthy will also be reformed - a new debit card introduced, rather than drugs and alcohol. Where parents are neglecting or abusing their children, we can make sure their welfare payments are spent in the interests of their children. An administrative nightmare, according to critics. Just merely having a card and a pin number is absolutely no guarantee against fraud. I would expect, if the cards come into play, there will be a black market for them fairly shortly afterwards. The cards will be introduced to Northern Territory and Western Australia communities later this year. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Months of economic melt-down have forced many Australians

to tighten their belts. Even the rich are feeling the pinch, giving up some of life's luxuries. Second-hand luxury car auctions like this are drawing crowds across the country, and all agree it's now a buyer's market. Pickles Auctions says its prices have dropped 30% on last year. One happy customer has picked up an S-class Mercedes for his son. The car is over $200,000 new.

It's only done 50,000-odd kilometres and I paid $39,250 for it. The global share market slide - 16% from the ASX 200 since November - has heaped downward pressure on asking prices. Auctioneers say prices are down because the market is flooded with luxury vehicles

pre-loved by executives of failed margin lenders like Opes Prime. Certainly with the stock market, interest rates and margin calls, the house will be the last thing to go, so they'd be looking at the boats and the cars. The luxury boat business was the first hit by a pull-back in discretionary spending. There's not a lot of great news out there for people to rush out and spend the sort of money and invest in a boat.

The Gold Coast's biggest manufacturer laid off 200 workers last month as domestic orders and those from the US dried up. In the 26 years I've been here I've been through this three times - in '87 and 1991 and now this time. But consumer behaviourist Ross Honeywell sees a turnaround in luxury spending within 12 months. A lot depends on the international market and a lot depends on the Budget that's being brought down by the new Federal Government. But I think this will be a relatively shallow downturn and I think the upturn will come sooner than many people think. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News.

An alert tonight to all parents in South Australia, after confirmation that an 11-month-old Adelaide boy has been diagnosed with invasive meningococcal disease. The toddler is in a satisfactory condition in hospital. It's the third case in South Australia this year. Rugby League is tonight mourning the passing of its greatest ever coach. Sports Tonight's Rob Canning joins us and Rob, it's a sad farewell to super coach Jack Gibson. Kath, Jack Gibson's battle with both Alzheimer's disease and dementia came to an end just an hour before tonight's Australia - New Zealand Test match. He transformed the art of coaching for over three decades and was well known for his humorous one-line quips to journalists - he really was an original. Later in Sports Tonight, we'll remember the life of Jack Gibson, super coach. Still to come - what's caused this giant-sink hole that's gobbling up everything in its way. Yes. (Laughs) No worries. Have a good day. See you tomorrow. See you. VOICEOVER: Our restaurants are open early, so say hello to mornings with breakfast at McDonald's. The Australian Football Hall of Fame - where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country an excuse to jump all over their mates' backs. And all the other hall-of-famers we celebrate the true greats of our game with a tribute match featuring the best of the best.

Qantas tonight is warning of delays starting on Thursday This program is captioned live. because of an industrial campaign. The airline's boss says he won't give in to aircraft engineers over a pay dispute.

An inquiry is under way tonight into a monster mishap in Melbourne. This big cargo ship lost power and ran aground in Port Phillip Bay.

It later managed to float free. We certainly had marine pollution experts on standby in case there was any damage to the hull, but thankfully everything was OK. Crew members, including the ship's underwent breath tests, but were given the all clear. The Austrian who kept his daughter locked in a dungeon as a sex slave and fathered her seven children, has tried to explain his actions. Josef Fritzl says he was driven by an addiction that got out of control. Many have wondered how anyone could commit such a crime. Now Josef Fritzl, the father who kept his own daughter locked up as a sex slave in his cellar for 24 years, has explained why. And while he was leading a normal life, she was locked downstairs giving birth to his seven children, three of whom were held captive in the dungeon he'd built - a prison he called his empire. Elisabeth was drugged and dragged downstairs at 18 after she started going to bars and running away from home. Speaking for the first time through his lawyer, Fritzl says: He says he's not a beast, that he treated his second secret family kindly, giving his daughter flowers and books and toys to the children. His explanation won't satisfy the people of Amstetten who have pledged to support the family. "I'm very confident," says this MP, "we can give these people protection, "that we can support them on their journey back to life." A life finally free of Josef Fritzl, who plans to plead insanity to avoid the sort of imprisonment he imposed on his children. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. To finance news and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Tom, financial stocks were the back bone of the market today?

What a difference a result makes.

Earlier in the week the market took

a cautious view of St George's

result. Tonight, the market soared

on the back of the result of the

National Astoria bank. We saw some

good examples of gains from retail

stocks overnight. The big US

retailers posted optimistic gains.

Next week will be an important week for Next week will be an important week

for be heading down of the budget

and on Wednesday

and on Wednesday the wage rise index. People living near a giant sinkhole in Texas are on standby to evacuate their homes. The huge hole seems to be getting bigger by the hour - and more than 60 metres deep. it's now almost 200 metres long A nearby road has been closed because of fears the hole will keep growing. It's swallowed up oilfield equipment and vehicles since it first appeared. It's unclear what caused the sinkhole, but some locals are blaming past oil exploration in the area. Next - I've done nothing wrong, nothing illegal. a teacher's nude photo shoot sparks an unexpected response from students and their parents.

Treat Mum with KFC's Family Fun Bucket including a variety of everyone's favourite KFC chicken and sides plus all the fun of Pictionary Mania! and a tub of Sara Lee's Ultra Chocolate Ice-Cream. KFC's Family Fun Bucket. This program is captioned live. A mother and her baby are lucky to be alive tonight after being hit by a car as they crossed the road. At the wheel was a 70-year-old woman who now faces a low-range drink-driving charge. Paramedics treated the month-old baby boy for a serious head injury before the dash to hospital. His mother hurt her back. A talented young teacher, sacked for posing nude with her husband in a magazine, is fighting to get her job back and she has the support of dozens of parents. Lynne Tziolas and her husband, Antonios, are ranked among our very top teachers. But last week she was sacked because of this photo. It appears alongside an article revealing intimate bedroom secrets in a sealed section of women's magazine 'Cleo'.

We are very proud of what we have done. What we see in the photos is a loving couple

that have been together for six years. While Naraweena Public School says some parents complained, many others are fighting to get her back. Ms Tziolas a great teacher.

My daughter's come a long way since starting Year 1 with her. Do you like her as your teacher? Yes. Why? She's beautiful.

He's done really well, especially with reading. She spends a lot of time with them. More than 40 parents have signed a petition demanding her reinstatement. While the school's not commenting today, Lynne's career does still hang in the balance with the Education Department's Employee Performance and Conduct Branch investigating. She's appealing to the Department's top man, himself grateful to be employed purely on performance. 23 years ago I was convicted of a very serious drug offence. I was a drug user and a drug seller. I'd like everybody to see the hypocrisy in it. I've done nothing wrong, nothing illegal. Her husband's also booked in for casual work at the school. He's yet to hear if he's still needed. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Two British explorers have arrived home after an extraordinary year-long journey. Famous for climbing Mt Everest as teenagers, the pair travelled from pole to pole to highlight global warming. Sunrise on Sydney Harbour marked the end of an incredible round-the-world journey for these two baby-faced adventurers. For 14 months the pair have cycled, skied and sailed almost 40,000km across three continents using nothing but human power to raise awareness about climate change. Nicky Gauntlett made the trip to Australia to surprise her son Rob. I had no idea you were going to come. A welcome to country for the childhood friends,

who, two years ago, became the youngest Westerners ever to climb Mount Everest, aged just 19. Their interactive website has charted their journey from the North to the South Poles. We're dog-sledding at the moment. Both agree the hardest part of the trip was when Rob fell through some thin ice and lost consciousness in the freezing water. for it to happen, but we thought it's going to be a great message for other people to realise how quickly the ice is melting. This is the tiny cabin where James and Rob spent the last 80 nights at sea, and now that they've completed this epic journey, they're both excited to touch dry land here at Sydney Harbour. To feel terra firma between your feet, almost wobbling around, trying to compensate for the fact there is no movement. Sea kayaking in Greenland will be their next adventure.

Jacquline Maddock, Ten News.

A mother of six who's dedicated herself to families fighting heart disease has been named the Barnados Mother of the Year. Heather Round and husband Tim lost their son Max to heart disease when he was 13 days old. The couple mortgaged their home to set up a support network and accommodation for families facing similar hardship. uuI think I'm the luckiest mum in the world I've got beautiful kids, a beautiful family and I meet the most amazing families who go through Max's Place - so, thank you. And florists are gearing up for their important day this Sunday how special they are. when Mums are reminded

Sports Tonight is next with Rob Canning. And Rob, Victoria received good news today

ahead of tomorrow night's Hall of Fame showdown?

Yes, Kath - Jonathan Brown has overcome injury and will lead the Big V - a match preview is next, plus plenty more.

Australia, cooking with gas. Teahupoo set for take-off. And Shaun Tait speaks out about injury and illness. MAN: "For all-round excellence, nothing can beat the Mazda6. "It's impossible not to like." "The new Mazda6 is class-leadingly impressive, "inside and out." "Most cars have a fatal flaw, but not this one." New Mazda6. Stunning from the start. The weather - Jetstream cloud across Queensland is not causing any rain. Low cloud over southern Victoria in south-westerly winds is causing drizzle patches. A cloud band crossing western Tasmania from a weak front is increasing showers. Patchy cloud near a trough in south-west WA is causing the odd shower. A large high will keep most of the country dry and lead to a cold night with fog and frost in the southeast. A front and trough system will deliver late showers to south-west WA. Fresh south-easterly winds on the Queensland coast will bring isolated showers. Mostly cloudy in Cairns. Mostly sunny in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin. A frosty start to a sunny day in Canberra. A possible thunderstorm in Perth. Sunny in Alice Springs.

They jumped for her three minutes

to beat the kite world record for

the most people skipping at once.

Hopefully today we can beat the record. And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next - I'm Kathryn Robinson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Rob Canning. Thanks for joining me on Toyota Sports Tonight. A special show for you this evening - it's got nostalgia dripping off it. The centenary Test - an SCG celebration - 100 years of rugby league. The Hall of Fame game - and Jonathan Brown's a certain starter. Tonight's Super 14 - the Force versus the Hurricanes. We've got Shaun Tait's comeback plans. And Glenn McGrath's snap. The V8s from Perth, the NBA play-offs from the States. And surfing from the greatest break on earth. Sports Tonight.

Australia has maintained its stranglehold with another Test thumping. The Kiwis regained some respectability in the second half but by then the match was over. since the two sides first met, 100 years to the day and full of emotion. a game drenched in tradition

by some freakish Australian skill. The Kiwis quickly put in their place Thurston chips over the top. COMMENTATOR: This is interesting. Greg Inglis keeping the ball in play to score the first points. for Mark Gasnier If we see a better try we're in for a special evening. Billy Slater cutting his run short, Issac Luke going close for the Kiwis, Gasnier going all the way. Gasnier, he'll score again. for the home side. Justin Hodges flexing his muscle Cue the carve-up. Dummies, steps, pushes, shoves and he gets it over. Paul Gallen with a try on debut, and when Cameron Smith was ruled to have one of his own Australia led 22-0. The Kiwis with plenty of chances to get on the scoreboard before the break, but every time the line was approaching

so too was an Aussie or a mistake. Their fans summing it up perfectly. Iosia Soliola giving them something to smile about in the second. One to beat, support we need, steps and scores. The Aussies extending their lead flawless boot. through Johnathan Thurston's and Israel, he will score. Pinpoint accuracy - Hodges, Folau The Kiwis with nowhere to go. initiation to Test football. Jason Nightingale having a rough Sam Perrett with a consolation try for the visitors

just before the siren. It wasn't pretty for the Kiwis - at the hands of the Aussies. another pumping as the Kangaroos took the win 28-12. Mark Gasnier with a double will be mixed in with sadness Tonight's celebrations

coach of the game - Jack Gibson - because the greatest ever passed away today. the centenary of Test match football, As rugby league prepared to celebrate of Australia's greatest ever coach - it was forced to mourn the death the news breaking an hour before the match

and a minute's silence was held. Jack Arthur Gibson played 152 first grade games for three clubs - Easts, Newtown and Wests from 1953 to 1964, but it was as a coach he shone. Known for his innovative thinking and cutting-edge coaching techniques, Gibson won five premierships. Over 33 years, the man known as 'supercoach' led Easts, Newtown, Souths, Parramatta, Cronulla and the NSW Blues. of the Order of Australia, In 1988 he was awarded the Medal as a coach". "for service to Rugby League rugby league's coach of the century. Just last month Gibson was named ball due to his deteriorating health, He was unable to attend the centenary restricting him Alzheimer's disease and dementia to a southern Sydney nursing home. and would ask "We are dealing as well as we can

Jack Gibson was 79. blistering final training session The AFL Dream Team has held a Hall of Fame match against Victoria. ahead of tomorrow night's The only concern for the all-stars - has declared himself fit to play. Big V skipper Jonathan Brown is concerned, As far as Jonathan Brown the speculation over his availability for the Big V has been greatly exaggerated. I'm 100% confident, I feel a lot better for doing that yesterday and I'm ready to go. If I was playing for Brisbane I would be playing, so very keen to go. The Victorian skipper even joking about he's fit for the game. how far he's gone to ensure Bomber rang me last Thursday before the Geelong game and are ready for the Vic game." and said, "Make sure you pull out (LAUGHTER) The star-studded Dream Team squad by the skill on the track. Andrew McLeod left stunned we haven't had to manufacture. It's something

As soon as we got there, of their skin to play the boys have been jumping out and watched training and if you were outside you would have saw that,

it was goose-bump stuff. and the noise out there, Even coach Mark Williams admitted has been a career highlight. the past week see there's no psyching needed. If you watched training today you'd about the opportunity They are genuinely excited to belt the Big V at the MCG and make you all sad. There's no doubt about it. Three days of getting together and just really respecting it's been brilliant. All involved in the match are gearing up for a blockbuster. You can sense that they're feeling something special.

Once you get here and you get to me

and the other players you cannot

help but get excited about the prospects

prospects of playing with some great

great players who more than likely

you would never get the chance to

play with again. to flock to the G More than 70,000 are expected of State of Origin footy. for the return David Adamson for Sports Tonight. to Wellington needing a win The Western Force travelled desperately-slim finals chances. to keep alive their In their way, to make it three wins in a row. a Hurricanes outfit looking in New Zealand's Windy City Rainy conditions put the Hurricanes in front. as Piri Weepu So the Hurricanes strike early. COMMENTATOR: before they were on the attack again, It wasn't long the Hurricanes' forwards barging over the Force line. Replays confirmed hooker Andrew Hore as first try-scorer. That's impressive, though. His fifth in 2008. Matt Giteau got the Force on the board after missing successive shots at goal, as Hurricanes half Weepu found himself in trouble for stomping.

Yeah, well, that's a fair call, actually. Second half forced to the boot of Weepu, and the home team was once again was sent to the sin bin for offside, and when David Pocock his defence. inside centre Ma'a Nonu stepped up

Oh, he got nailed! an open try line The tackle setting up for breakaway Scott Waldrom. And Waldrom - he missed it. Less than 20 minutes remaining yet to land the knockout blow, and the Hurricanes were still

put Hosea Gear in the corner. before a rare passing sequence

breathes a sigh of relief. And the whole stadium

It's been a long time coming. more wrestle than rugby, At times, the match seemed and with just minutes on the clock,

from a quick tap. Cameron Shepherd took some initiative This is good stuff here from Cameron Shepherd. Despite winning the race in goal, the long range try was little consolation for the Western Force, their 2008 finals race now over. Andrew Blow for Sports Tonight. So the end of the line for the Western Force. The Hurricanes now in outright second but maybe not for long. The Waratahs can reclaim second spot with victory over the Stormers tomorrow night. We'll take a short break now, but stick around. Cricket's next - Michael Clarke's shock omission touring party. from the West Indies-bound NBA play-offs - Paul's a freak. Plus - the WCT from Teahupoo. with KFC's Family Fun Bucket Treat Mum

favourite KFC chicken and sides including a variety of everyone's of Pictionary Mania! plus all the fun Ultra Chocolate Ice-Cream. and a tub of Sara Lee's KFC's Family Fun Bucket. This program is captioned live. Welcome back. Michael Clarke Australia cricket vice-captain to the West Indies. has delayed his departure and his fiancee Lara Bingle's father Both Clarke's father have been battling cancer. In Adelaide, fast bowler Shaun Tait 3-month break from cricket. since taking an unplanned at a training camp this week, Tait rejoined the Australian squad pull out of all forms of the game. after injuries and illness saw him has been understanding. Tait says Cricket Australia especially in the last few weeks, The support they have shown me, about that sort of thing when I have had chats to them has been great it's opened a bit of an eye and I think

young players as well. especially about managing a special fitness program, Tait now has to play without pain. which he hopes will allow him getting shorter. Cricket just keeps on

reduced to a 16/16 showdown - The IPL's Twenty20 was last night rain shortened the match. didn't mind the reduction - Victorian David Hussey record a 5-run win he helped the Kolkata Knight Riders over the Bangalore Royal Challengers. A rain delay, then equipment failure. The super sopper has stalled. COMMENTATOR: as well. It added up to mayhem at the crease Reduced to 16 overs a side, for lost time. Kolkata looked to make up Brad Hodge went down swinging. Cameron White His Victorian team-mate got rid of Sourav Ganguly. Gone!

David Hussey, Then another Bushranger, hit it much, much further - once, then twice, then a third six. Nobody's gonna catch that. 129 to chase, Hodge was making Bangalore earn every one of them. Oh, he's gone! Fantastic! from Brad Hodge. White teed off and gave the Royal Challengers hope, but again they found a way to fall short, Kolkata home by five runs. In Delhi, Glenn McGrath caused plenty of damage with the ball for the Daredevils. Well, he's broken the bat - not the stumps this time. Three consecutive sixes from Albie Morkel helped Chennai mow down Delhi's 187-run total. The scores all tied up before the final ball - a dropped catch handing victory to the Super Kings. 2-time Players Championship winner Steve Elkington is the best of 15 Australians after the opening round. Elkington is three shots behind the leader, Spain's Sergio Garcia. 2004 winner Adam Scott struggled to find his groove. He'd jumped to a career-high ranking during the week and Adam Scott kicked off his Players Championship just like a world number three should.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, I thought Johnson Wagner's shot was pretty good. What about Adam Scott? Yet old habits die hard. His putter cold from up close. Then this in the middle of three straight birdies. Can you believe it? It's more in his wheelhouse that range, right? Inconsistency with the flatstick dogging his play. The rest of Scott's game followed suit - dropping five shots in four holes, he limped into the clubhouse at 3 over par. Stuart Appleby another with an up-and-down day - -2 at one stage, he finished even for the round. The top of the leaderboard dominated by players who'd enjoyed benign morning conditions. at -6, Spain's Sergio Garcia the pace-setter

countryman Miguel Angel Jiminez in a log jam on 2 under, alongside crowd favourite Boo Weekly - one of the few to fire in the afternoon.

He used every bit of it. The notorious island hole once again bared its teeth, though far less than last year's 51st round shots dropped in the drink,

the names still impressive - Ernie Els and fellow top 10 player Jim Furyk, Oh, get down. Oh!

The Boston Celtics have taken a 2-0 lead in their Eastern Conference semifinal against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Garnett poking fun at the pre-game ritual of LeBron James before play started - King James responding to the taunts in emphatic fashion, but Garnett showed some air time of his own. COMMENTATOR: Here comes Garnett. Garnett finished with 13 points and 12 rebounds to guide the Celtics to a 16-point win. He was one of four Celtics to finish in double figures. Game 3 is in Cleveland on Saturday. 31 points to guard Tony Parker helped San Antonio to victory over New Orleans in Game 3 of their Western Conference semi series. Some audacious moves to the hoop by Hornets counterpart Chris Paul kept the visitors within range. COMMENTATOR: These two point guards are putting on an unbelievable show.

That was Michael Jordan-esque. But the Spurs were too strong in the final stages. The margin blew out to 11. The Hornets lead the 7-game series 2-1.

The start of competition at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti because of a lack of swell. has been put on hold So, in between twiddling thumbs, who can tame the Tahitian giant the buzz is building as to and take the crown. Tahiti's famous reef break Teahupoo this morning - looked more like a mill pond unlike last week's trials, bare its teeth which saw the Tahitian monster some of the most forbidding surf and produce seen at the reef break. big wave specialist Jamie O'Brien win a wild card into the main event, world champion Mick Fanning, he has to go up against Australian not fazing him at all. the upcoming stoush with the 'cause I've got nothing to lose. I have an edge, I guess, They're trying to win world titles and I'm sure they're more nervewracked than I am. Fanning knows it's going to be tough. Yeah, I've got a really tough first heat with Poncho and Jamie O'Brien.

It should be really fun. I'm just going to go out there and try my best.

Most in the know reckon it will be the match-up of the round. because he's really starting to charge, himself - but O'Brien's probably one of the bet,

and he's big and he's fearless.

and everything. He does switch-foot in the tube He's pretty incredible. and he's in the main event. No surprise that he won the trials the locals as the "end of the line". Tahiti's Teahupoo is known by paddle into it up to 8 feet, The world's best surfers will only but even at that height on the world championship. it's the most terrifying wave The wave breaks on razor-sharp reef. and some killed. Many surfers have been injured here

and some killed. The wave breaks on razor-sharp reef.

hungry for more. And yet they come back, should pick up the next few days. Organisers say the swell to what they saw in the trials They're hoping for surf similar which they say was some of the best they've ever seen. For now, though, it's just the locals making the most of the giant at its gentlest. In Tahiti, Simon Hooper for Sports Tonight. Still to come on ST - West Coast's horror season rolls on. The Waratahs' fullback test for Tuqiri. And Wendell's drugs ban is up!

Treat Mum with KFC's Family Fun Bucket including a variety of everyone's favourite KFC chicken and sides of Pictionary Mania! plus all the fun Ultra Chocolate Ice-Cream. and a tub of Sara Lee's KFC's Family Fun Bucket.

This program is captioned live. on the sidelines serving a drug ban, After a lengthy stint for a return to sport. Wendell Sailor is preparing that return The dual international wants to the NRL with St George Illawarra. Wendell Sailor is back in the swing

of his trademark confidence. and he's lost none Oh yeah, that's great. that's sensational. Don't try that at home, kids -

for taking cocaine will end. On Sunday, Sailor's 2-year ban to professional football. Already he's plotting a comeback He's been linked to the Dragons but he's adamant no deal has been done. I've worked with the Dragons over the last six or seven months and they've been very supportive, but until I sign on the dotted line I'm a free agent. Sailor will weigh up French rugby offers, but its rugby league he pines for. He hasn't played the 13-man game for seven years, since leaving the Broncos for the Wallabies. My first priority is rugby league my career in rugby league. and I want to come back and finish The Dragons are a good club make sure I do everything right. but at the same time I've got to Sailor admits have suggested a move to the forwards some of the NRL clubs he's spoken to

as he approaches his 34th birthday.

I think I'd start on the wing. is that my playing weight's back The good thing now and when I went on holidays, to what it was when I got suspended

and that's a good thing. And my speed, I haven't lost, I've freshened the body up. so if anything

is also on the comeback trail. Cowboys forward Luke O'Donnell just three weeks after surgery. He'll face the Sharks on Saturday The medical staff have cleared Luke and he's keen to play.

You want your best players on the field at any given time. Waratahs gun Lote Tuqiri is set to see a whole lot more ball in this weekend's critical encounter against the Stormers in Cape Town. He's been named at fullback, with league recruit Timana Tahu poised for his return off the bench. In the Cape Town mist there was no missing Tuqiri

and his fluorescent orange boots. And coach Ewen Mckenzie wants to see even more a roving licence handing the powerhouse with the Stormers. for the Saturday night's clash certainly touch the ball a bit more. If he plays at fullback he'll

at training - That's been the indication he'll add a fair bit of thrust. Tuqiri's move to 15 his starting debut on the wing allows Matt Carraro to make opportunity to play off the bench. with Timana Tahu given a rare Last time I was on the bench was '98-'99 it's been a while. playing for the Newcastle Knights - with a hamstring injury Tahu hasn't played for two months world rugby's most hostile cauldrons. and will make his return at one of are expected to show up at Newlands Up to 50,000 screaming fans for a game the Tahs must win to maintain second spot of the ladder. This is the reason I came over to play in these sort of games - to come over to South Africa, I've been excited like a kid in a candy shop. And Brumbies backs Stirling Mortlock and Adam Ashley Cooper have emerged from team quarantine after recovering from a severe case of gastro. The pair didn't train today but will start against the Bulls

as the Brumbies fight to maintain their slim chance of making the semifinals. the whole season Underlying this team of self-belief and determination has been a huge amount in Friday night's game - and I'm hoping that will come out I'm confident it will. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. on the tribute game, While all the AFL news has been get the West Coast Eagles a headline. it's taken a freak training injury to a light session at Subiaco Oval, The Eagles were going through when Sports Tonight's camera a team-mate this afternoon caught Chad Jones tripping on and badly damaging his ankle. the X-ray results reveal no fracture The good news for the Eagles is that as a severe ankle sprain. thus being classified A big weekend of punting is ahead and the prices that matter, and with all the fixtures, odds,

here's TAB Sportsbet's Glen Munsie. Welcome to this TAB Sportsbet update. Good evening, everybody. Coming up after Sports Tonight, the Indian Premier League.

Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne going head to head there. Already they've played each other and Rajasthan too good for Deccan earlier in the competition. The overall winner market:

The big game is North Queensland and Cronulla - backing up from the Test see what happens to the players as in all the games. a lot of players, 8 or 9 players, Melbourne - against Newcastle. backing up for them for the Knights there. Very, very good money it's the Hall of Fame. Of course, tomorrow night at the MCG

The Allan Aylett medal - for best on ground performance - that's the medal awarded Jimmy Bartel, as soon as the market went up,

to be the winner tomorrow night. someone had $2,000 on him we're in the second-last round. In the Super 14, The Stormers and the Waratahs - in South Africa. it's a must-win game for the Waratahs If Man United win, it's all over, red rover. They're on the road to Wigan. Kimi Raikkonen is an odds-on chance to win the F1s. Don't worry, there's a lot more sport apart from this. Go to on the Web or even easier get down to your local TAB.


VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings at McDonald's.

Play of the Day - and notice the Red Wings bench react by the Stars Steve Ott. after this hit then gets trash talking Not yet content, the Dallas hard man to that very same bench. But no response this time. the silent treatment. That's what you call He's trying to create some momentum, COMMENTATOR: get a little passion. Look at my right hand there - 'pushing the mute button'. that's what you call

some order The ref skated in to try and restore in the end. but the Red Wings were laughing and took a 1-0 series lead. They recorded a 4-1 victory

Play of the Day. I'm Rob Canning. Goodnight. That's the show. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.