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(generated from captions) to take a step back. Brooke, I think you need I can't take a step back Bridget everything that she needs! if I know that you can't give about your feelings for me, Nick. You told me Exactly. And you made your choice. a life with Ridge. You decided to make to come over here and control mine. Now, you have no right the way you love me. You're never going to love Bridget of you, isn't it? Well, that's awfully presumptuous No, it's not. It's the truth. You know it and I know it. please don't do this. Now I am begging you - I don't want you seeing her! getting involved with my daughter! I don't want you Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - No apologies, at Iguanas nightclub. John Della Bosca defends his actions would have done the same thing. I believe every other MP

in a deadly smash. A street racer owns up to his role And pulled from schools - the booklet telling teens how to experiment with drugs.

Good evening, also tonight - $1.70 a litre within a week.

is hurting us at the bowser. How the rising price of oil And standing by their man. bar-target Benji Marshall The Tigers refuse to ban But heading Ten News - embattled Labor MP John Della Bosca in State Parliament has taken the floor the Della-gate scandal. to defend himself over with restaurant staff, in the alleged row would have done exactly the same and claims other MPs

in his position. Our State political reporter has been following the story Kevin Wilde and joins us now. of John Della Bosca's explanation? Kevin, what did you make

He was a writer, he was shaken. The

last week and a half has been a bad publicity for him and his publicity for him and his wife.

Strangely, he needed help from a Strangely, he needed help from

colleague to follow the correct

procedure. He was unapologetic. He

told parliament he would not drive

after losing his licence, but he after losing his licence, but

had to do that to get away from the nightclub of this house I believe every other member in the same in the circumstances. would have done the same thing only drink I had that night And I can assure the house that the

was mineral water.

. Despite being stood down as

education minister remained on full

pay. The opposition made the call.

That he is pay should be halved. It

could only go up again if he is could only go up again if he is

clear by police and he goes back to

being a minister. In camera, his

wife was in the focus of the

opposition speeches. A verbal

attack was referred to the ethnic - ethic committee.

It has been an tough day all round,

the Premier forced to deal with his

privatisation plan alive. political enemy and to keep his

The wind as far as to say that

Morris Iemma was acting as it might

at Liberal premier. There was a

the split agreement. Labour MPs cross

Lights in NSW will stay on. energy supply. We are going to secure the State's

future economic prosperity has enough electricity. by ensuring the State It's as simple as that. There are no blank cheques in this. of the Auditor-General's report We will wait to see the results

We'll wait to see the results

Committee's impact statement of the Rural and Regional our final position before we consider of the State's electricity assets. in relation to the sell-off

. It is not quite a done deal, but

clearly it is near they are. There

is no love lost between the

opposition and the government. The

wheeling across Question Time, accusing Morris Iemma. Plenty of fireworks to a street race crash A man has pleaded guilty at St Marys, which killed an elderly couple insists he's innocent. but the second accused driver

of the smash, Today witnesses gave graphic accounts saying the cars were flying. It was a harrowing day in court for members of the victims' family.

Adam McDonald pleaded guilty They watched as 29-year-old of 71-year-old Alan Howle to the manslaughter and his 70-year-old wife, Judith. at St Marys last July The couple died in a smash racing, slammed into their vehicle. when two cars, allegedly street who will be sentenced in August. One car was driven by McDonald, Borkowski, has pleaded not guilty. but the other driver, Robert McDonald on the highway that night Police allege Borkowski was racing in court today but during their brief time together

each other completely. the two men ignored he saw two Commodores Witness Stephen Kerr said just before the collision. speeding at well over 100km/h

at Borkowski and McDonald saying: Mr Kerr was in shock and shouted race through the intersection Motorist Lisa Cartwright saw the cars that sent vehicle parts flying. before witnessing the collision a fire truck, saw the smash from across the road. he said: Describing the speeding vehicles,

Mr Rosetto said the cars braked just before the crash but it was too late. John Hill, Ten News. A controversial school booklet has been scrapped how to experiment with drugs. for telling students Angry parents say a deadly message. the Health Department was sending It's alarming advice, who are considering using drugs. targeting students they use small amounts The booklet suggests not too often. of illicit drugs, Why is it when we get into this area and we give up? we wave the white flag was outraged Anti-drug campaigner Darren Marton at Seven Hills High School last week. when he found the pamphlet message to the students. He fears it undermined his anti-drug suggesting that young people wait In some way, insinuating and illicit drugs is terrible, I feel. till they're 18 to take the brochure has been circulated The Health Department says in years nine and ten amongst high school students across the State. It's advises: taking what she thought was ecstasy. Annabel Catt died last February after sends the wrong message. Her father says the pamphlet I think the intent was one which was then try to do it safely. if you take them, that is not possible to do so. Annabel's death truly shows She took the precautions and she died. We have the State Government promoting brochures that give the green light to illicit drug use. Today the State Government was forced to scrap the flyers. There's a difference between harm minimisation approval for drug experimentation. It's not clear how many students have been given the booklets, but they have been in circulation for at least two years. Evan Batten, Ten News. There are new pictures of a man wanted over the sexual or indecent assaults of six teenage girls. He's of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance,

in his late teens or early twenties, 170 centimetres tall, slim-to-medium build, with buck teeth. police believe it is the same person. The assaults occurred in Sydney's west and north-west over the past two months. Investigators say the man assaulted the girls after threatening them with a knife at bus stops. Anyone with information should call the police. is expected to hit $1.70 a litre within the next week. It follows yet another record surge in the cost of oil and the impact will be felt far beyond the pump. In Europe, the rising cost of fuel and food

had people marching in the streets. The news out of New York overnight could only inflame their mood as crude oil surged to just under US$140 a barrel.

Jittery traders were spooked by a fire on a North Sea oil platform, by Saudi Arabia lifting supply by 200,000 barrels a day. At 200,000, 300,000, 400,000 you're just kind of keeping pace with the demand that's out there. You're not really building supplies and if there's any disruption you're going to see the prices pop. It did drop back, but it's not good news for motorists here,

queuing today for the cheaper fuel of the week. The bottom line for Australians is that the oil price remains very high, whether it's $134 a barrel or $139, which it got to at one point overnight. And that may make this seem like a bargain when it flows through.

Sometime in the next week or so Australian motorists will be paying $1.70 a litre at the pump. But it's not just pain at the petrol pump. Oil has been one of the key factors that's helped double the cost of food across the globe in the past eight years. And, as any Australian shopper knows, we're not immune from that. Farmers in central western New South Wales have begun sowing winter crops. The harvest outlook is promising but prices will almost certainly rise to meet increased costs. The fact that we don't have in many rural areas opportunities to use other forms of transport. and petrol in our farming practice really does have a very big impact

on our businesses and of course the cost of producing food for the nation. And it won't be helped by flooding in the US wiping out grain crops, adding pressure on world supplies. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Swimmer Nick D'Arcy has lost his final chance to join the Olympic team in Beijing. The Court of Arbitration for Sport today upheld the AOC's decision A shattered former champion says he'll now cheer from home.

It was not just about me, it was about achieving more for my country, more for my team and more for everyone that sacrificed to get me here.

D'Arcy's court date on the brawl that landed him in trouble has also been delayed. The witnesses will be in Beijing. The 20-year-old swimmer says he hasn't thrown in the towel completely. Pending the outcome of his court case he might yet aim for the Commonwealth Games in two years. In sport with Brad McEwan, the Wests Tigers won't be banning Benji Marshall from going to Kings Cross. That's right, Deb, it follow's Benji Marshall's confrontation with a fellow nightclub patron. While the Wests Tigers have praised Benji's handling of the incident, leading league figures believe the Cross should be off limits for the safety of players. Marshall introduced a new sidestep to avoid questioning today. Benji, any comment about - (LAUGHS) But there was no escaping these pictures of flashpoint in the early hours of Monday morning. The Kiwi international embroiled in a scuffle at the Sapphire Lounge nightclub after socialising with Eels players. Marshall says he was just a victim and didn't throw any punches. It's the second time in two years Marshall has been involved in a late-night altercation. Still his club won't be imposing a Kings Cross ban. There's these sort of activities happening in the Cross every night of the week. should I be the crusader that tries to solve the problems of the world? I don't think that's realistic. What I've got to do is talk to the players. The Cross has been a hot spot for a host of rugby league incidents, most recently the attempted shooting of Eels winger Jarryd Hayne just blocks away from the Saphire Lounge. On the same night the club owner took a bullet in the leg. For the nearby Rosters the area is a There's been many cases where I've been having a beer and wanted to go somewhere else when it's been past 12:00

and the only place open is the Cross.

I just go home - it's saved me a fair bit. Mason also agreed with suggestions Marshall was targeted for financial gain, with the instigators cashing in for their set-up photos. Those wankers out there always want to start on Benji

like he's got a sign on his head. Just 'cause he's not as big as the other blokes they seem to give him a fair bit of lip. Police here at Kings Cross have now launched an investigation into the incident. They currently lack evidence to lay charges and have called for any witnesses to come forward. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Shortly in sport, more reaction plus another day of drama for Tiger Woods. but it's ended in what he's described All the US Open play-off highlights coming up, plus Woods's emotional response. And highlights too of Australia's new era in Test cricket starting with a 2-0 series win against the West Indies.s Plus, debate over whether or not to march in the opening ceremony in Beijing Dead for at least a week. Next, a couple face court, accused of starving their twin toddlers. Also tonight, up in smoke, a Sydney drug house torched just weeks after a police raid. And the artistic gee-up creating plenty of controversy. and it therefore is a reversal, a revolution of equestrian sculpture. Don't! WOMAN: Jason, have you brushed your teeth yet? (SIGHS) (VIDEO GAME PLAYS) Jason. Mum, I just did! Yeah? And for how long? VOICEOVER: No matter how well your kids brush, there'll always be germs that are left behind.

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New from Listerine.

One of these travellers might be doing something illegal. These guys? No. But everyone should respect local customs.

The couple kissing? No. But in some countries it's not advisable. The busker? His only crime is bad singing. No, this is the person at risk. Photo, no. Log on to Smartraveller for stuff your mates don't know,

Horrifying details have emerged over twin toddlers whose starved bodies have been found more than a week after they died. The parents have been charged with failing to provide the necessities of life. For more than a week the malnourished, decomposing bodies of the 18-month-old twins lay in their cots at this Sunnybank Hills home. The children were deceased. Police are treating the death of these two children as suspicious.

The little girl and boy were discovered last night when their grandmother came to visit. I think it's disgusting. I feel bad, I should have done something.

she found them dead more than a week ago. It was her 11-year-old daughter who noticed a bad smell coming from the twins' room. She said to her mother, "I know why you've been crying now." The twins were the size of new born babies, both weighed around four kilos. They were only ever bottle fed and rarely had their nappies changed. Their mother's only explanation, "I don't think I fed them enough". The couple has four other children. they were regularly left alone. Neighbours say A number of times I've said, "look, does your mother know you're here", and sent them home. They just never looked after their kid. He used to come around here asking me for water. Those siblings are now in the care of their grandparents. Neighbours now feel a deep sense of regret they didn't do more to help the children. They say, in the time the family had lived here there were plenty of warning signs things were not right. You end up quite shell-shocked in your neighbourhood. And as I said, maybe someone had contacted authorities, who knows? But I tell you what, next time I will be making a phone call. Chloe Symons, Ten News. A western Sydney home found filled with cannabis last week has gone up in flames, in what police believe may be an attempt by a drug gang to destroy evidence. A neighbour captured these pictures on his mobile phone

as the fire took hold at around 11:00 last night. The house was destroyed in the blaze. It was one of 10 properties which police raided last week, seizing hundreds of cannabis plants. But detectives say they removed all the evidence from the home before the fire was lit. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to:

We're interested in both photos and video. It's one of the world's oldest contemporary art festivals and. as usual, the Sydney Biennale has plenty to shock and surprise. Its seven venues set to turn the city into a giant art gallery. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble - the 2008 Sydney Biennale has it all. The bubbles are part of the moving sculpture Cloud Canyons. The toil? 1.5 years work lining up 180 exhibits of contemporary art at seven venues around Sydney.

And the trouble? The controversy some of them will no doubt generate. Like this real stuffed horse by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The horse is suspended from the ceiling, unable to run and it is therefore a reversal - a revolution equestrian sculpture. As well as featuring new works of art the festival also features some older works. and that work When I selected that artist so there is no connection between the two. 'No Future' is a work featuring four women in their 80s singing the Sex Pistols' 'God Save the Queen'. Sings 'God Save the Queen.' Free ferries will transport art fans to Cockatoo Island where there's more to discover, including a mobile of animals made from pieces of luggage.

While at the Art Gallery of NSW, if you hang around this phone long enough you might get a call from Yoko Ono. She will be calling at random times and anyone who picks up can hav a conversation. The 16th Sydney Biennale opens tomorrow until September and it's all free. Lunches made at home are being banned at schools to stop kids getting fat. Its happening in Japan

where students now have calorie-controlled lunchtimes,

an idea being studied for Australian schools.

Those healthy lunch boxes in Ten News tomorrow. Next, Prince William joins Britain's most exclusive club

On life from the Seymour centre, unfortunate we can only see more

showers. If we wanted to live under

grey skies, we would have all lived

- moved to London. The weekend holds

holds promise, a bigger south-

westerly wind. Sure to be wind and

cold, Saturday looking clear.

Liverpool and Richmond, it has been

a minimum temperatures cold. 13-12

degrees. They are eight above

average. One shower, around 20

tomorrow. When I come back, a

little bit of the West End and off- Next, Prince William joins Britain's most exclusive club with its own special costume. that comes And navigating her way into the record books - the sailor who controls her vessel with her breath.

(Sniffs and sighs) I gotta go to work! (Whistles merrily) (Sniffs)

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. Letters check the traffic.

I now have wings, we are off to a

pretty good start. The M4 has a few

headaches. The Sydney Harbour

Bridge, what a beautiful view. That

is the traffic getting home by the

Western distributor. At this stage,

if you're heading by the bridge,

the toll is going to be worth it. The British Prime Minister is sending more troops to Afghanistan. Gordon Brown announced the deployment of an extra 230 soldiers after a meeting with President Bush on the day the bodies of five British soldiers were returned home. They were killed in Afghanistan last week. It is in the British national interest

to confront the Taliban in Afghanistan or Afghanistan would come to us. George W. Bush wrapped up his farewell tour of Europe in Northern Ireland. And with the serious business out of the way, the President tried to show off his basketball skills during a visit to a primary school in Belfast. Former vice-president Al Gore has backed Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. The Nobel peace prize winner officially endorsed the Senator as the Democratic candidate at a rally in Detroit. He also accused the Bush Administration of incompetence and neglect. After eight years of the worst, most serious, foreign policy mistakes in the entire history of our nation, we need change.

The endorsement has renewed speculation that the climate change crusader could be on the Senator's list of prospective running mates. Prince William has had a taste of his future, parading the streets of Windsor in an extraordinary outfit as the newest Knight of the Garter. The ceremony signalled his position in the royal family and his girlfriend's importance in his life. The most exclusive and noble club in Britain also happens to have the most elaborate uniform. Its newest and youngest member, Prince William, certainly looked the part, parading the streets of Windsor in dark blue velvet robes and a ostrich feather bonnet. His outfit matched his grandmother's as she installed him as the 1,000th Knight of the prestigious Order of the Garter. It's an ancient but essential rite of passage in preparation for his future public duty as King. Dressed demurely in black, trying her best to avoid the cameras, Kate Middleton watched from a distance as her Prince became a Knight. So instead of his girlfriend, William had his stepmother on hand to assist with his headwear, meaning there was no fumbling with feathers like Prince Charles did exactly 40 years ago. The 660-year-old Order boasts many senior members of the royal family. They join past prime ministers and others honoured for serving the nation and the Queen. The Prince will be making the most of all this pomp and ceremony while he still can. He'll spend the next two months in a far less glamourous environment, serving with the British Navy as a rookie sailor. It's not until next year he takes up royal duties full time. At Windsor Castle, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A quadriplegic sailor is taking on an extraordinary challenge. She'll sail solo around the coast of Britain in a boat she controls with her breath. On the water Hillary Lister has the freedom that she can never experience on land. One of the world's most extraordinary sailors, she is able to move only her head and controls her boat with just her breath. But she has already broken records, sailing solo across the English Channel and around the Isle of Wight. Now she is going solo around the entire coast of Britain. On land if I want to look at my boat I need to get someone to take my brakes off, turn me around, put my brakes back on. Out there, if I want to have a look at the cliffs or turnaround or change my course, I can do it all myself. It is utter freedom, it is incredible. Once able-bodied, Hillary has a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Sailing has changed everything.

This is how it is done.

A sip-and-puff system of three straws which control her tiller and sails. These are attached to pressure switches which are attached to electronics which control the autopilot, the wenches, all the normal functions of a boat. And there she goes. about three months in that boat Hillary intends to spend completing this extraordinary challenge. She does of course, have a support team

both on land and at sea, but she says she wants them to stay as far away from her as possible. This is one adventure she intends to complete almost entirely alone. Hillary's condition is progressive For now she is sailing on, living her dream. Next, why rising petrol prices could force up interest rates. Also, a trifecta of trophies - Daniel Johns cleans up at the APRA awards. I really love my family, I really love my management And hit and miss - the pie-throwing contest giving some their just desserts. That really hurt, actually. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. MAN: Hi, I'm calling about something I saw the other day that seemed a bit strange. WOMAN: I overheard them planning something. I felt like I had to let you know... MAN 2: ..downloaded documents from suspicious websites. Your detailed information could help keep Australia safe, so if you see or hear something that just doesn't feel right, call the National Security Hotline on: You can remain anonymous. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. 'WEDDING MARCH' PLAYS Todd, I'm here to tell you how you can save on car insurance with AAMI. I mean, who knows what you could buy with the savings. Anyway, give AAMI a ring. You following me, Todd? This program is captioned live. Top stories on Ten. A street racer has owned up to his role in the crash which killed an elderly couple at St Marys last year. Alan and Judith Howle's family was in court for the guilty plea. But they were faced with distressing evidence, as another driver maintained his innocence. Witnesses say cars were flying. A booklet telling school kids how to experiment with drugs - has been pulled from publication. The Health Department flyers have been doing the rounds for two years, to the shock of parents. John Della Bosca has fronted Parliament over the Iguana Joes nightclub scandal which saw him stood down as Education Minister. He refused to apologise, maintaining his actions were above board. He says any of his colleagues would have done the same in the circumstances. There's good news for home buyers it is getting inflation under control. But there could be trouble if petrol prices keep going up. Just one month ago interest rates were on a knife edge. Now with the economy slowing and consumer confidence plunging, the Reserve Bank board believes the rate hikes have done the job. The Reserve's pretty happy with trends at the moment. We spend most on retail spending and that's slowed very notably. The good news for homeowners comes in the release of the RBA board's explanation for why it kept rates on hold this month. Despite the board's ongoing concerns about inflation, it believes the current policy to moderate demand is succeeding. It is good news, you're safe for a few months, not necessarily out of the woods yet. Inflation risks remain very high. The one dark cloud remains petrol - the Reserve warning soaring prices could be the inflationary trigger for another rate hike. Brendan Nelson's future also remains under a cloud. He rallied his party room by telling them Australians are no longer starry-eyed by Kevin Rudd. But it's his star which continues to wane under bad polls. He's plunged four points as preferred prime minister = now 55 points behind Kevin Rudd. The Government accusing Malcolm Turnbull of using focus groups at this Melbourne market research company to gauge opinion on his leadership credentials. He's either paying for the research on himself or the Liberal Party's doing it, but either way even the Leader of the Opposition doesn't know about it. Even his own MPs now setting a deadline on Dr Nelson's leadership. We usually stick with the football team for about a year before they keep losing. Next weekend's Gippsland by-election is looming as the make or break result for the Opposition Leader. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

To some breaking news and Qantas is axing several regional routes because of rising jet fuel prices. Wollongong and Newcastle are two of the centres worst affected, losing links to Melbourne and Sydney from July 18. To the BankWest finance report and the market finished 46 points higher. The average price of petrol in Sydney is $1.56. The cheapest we could find it was $1.50 a litre at Sylvania Heights and Smithfield. Superannuation experts have ruled out any chance of positive super fund returns two weeks out from the end of the financial year.

Despite a share market rebound in April, falls in June have made it difficult

for super funds to climb out of the red. Balanced funds are down about 5%. The short-term loss follows strong gains over the past six years. The cream of Australia's music industry was in song last night for the annual APRA awards. Daniel Johns, Silverchair's flamboyant frontman, took out the trifecta, named Songwriter of the Year for a record third time. His hit 'Straight Lines' also won Song of the Year and Most Played Australian Work. I only do it to write songs and to write music so it's an honour. Everyone says it's an honour - it's such a cliche but it's nice, it's better than winning an award for Best Artwork. Among the other winners - Rogue Traders and newcomer Sally Seltmann.

We've been given a preview of the dress Miss Universe Australia will wear to the finals. Laura Dundovic's flowing frock was created by Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon. It's an interpretation of our cultural heritage, featuring a boomerang neckline, vivid blues to represent the ocean, and earthy tones for the outback. The 21-year-old model will wear the outfit in four weeks at the Miss Universe finals in Vietnam.

We all know he has their taste for

the stage, he is centre-stage tonight with the weather.

Try to get something that will have

you up on your feet applauding, a

fine weekend. In the midst of a grey

grey a thumb, it will not change

tomorrow, overcast, showers, let me

say one word that will help,

. Centre-stage at the Seymour

centre for a show which has knocked

the socks off at Brad now with sport and NRL players warned to act smarter late at night. when they're out and about Yes, after a nightclub incident involving Benji Marshall, there are renewed calls for the game's stars to watch out, that shortly. Also, why Tiger Woods is claiming his latest major is his greatest. And the Test rookie who helped wrap up a series victory for Australia. See ya. MAN: Need a cab, sir?

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This program is captioned live. As you may have seen earlier, the Wests Tigers won't be taking any action against Benji Marshall

over his involvement in a scuffle in a Kings Cross nightclub. But he's been advised to be smarter about where he spends his nights out. Just like the early hours of yesterday, Benji Marshall was ducking and weaving today.

But from at least one fellow player, sympathy about the situation he found himself in. He's a fiery little dude and blokes that are gonna provoke him are gonna get some back. The police have said

in this particular case there was provocation of the kid. The kid handled himself really well. The Tigers won't be following the Sydney Roosters by banning its players from Kings Cross. They believe that telling young men to restrict their social lives just doesn't work.

I think it's about balance, accountability and responsibility and we continue to talk to these young players about that all the time. A word of advice for Marshall from someone who's seen it all. You've gotta be smarter about where he goes and what time he goes. as well It deals him a pretty good lifestyle and he's gotta understand there's gotta be a bit of give and take in there. There's camera phones and there's people out there and they try to provoke you and bang, they snap that photo. It's quite annoying but it's just society now. Leanne West, Ten News. Tiger Woods has moved one step closer to Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 major golf titles, his 14th coming after 19 play-off holes at the US Open. The win maintaining Woods's ominous record of winning majors when leading after three rounds. A day after the Americans celebrated Father's Day, Tiger Woods tore himself away from daughter Sam to cradle the US Open trophy I lost my dad a couple of years ago and I know how special it was in 2002 for me to bring this home, talk to him about it and share it with him. I can't do that anymore First he'd had to endure the standard 18-hole play-off and more, the world number one at times looking pedestrian while his 158th-ranked opponent, Rocco Mediate, continued to punch above his weight. Ha-ha! Rocco slipped midway through the round. Tiger pounced, 3 shots ahead after 10. Oh! Another stroke of genius by Tiger. But the 45-year-old Mediate wouldn't give up. He went 1 ahead at 15,

knocking down a Tiger-like putt for a third straight birdie. Back and forth, back and forth and 90 holes wasn't enough,

we had to go one more. All square after 18, just the third sudden death in US Open history. Woods unable to seal victory with a trademark long birdie bomb. to keep his hopes alive. Mediate needed this Tiger Woods perseveres through Torrey Pines and wins a third Us Open championship. I got what I wanted - I got a chance to beat the best player in the world and I came up just a touch short but I think I had him a little scared at once which was great. This couldn't have been - this is probably the greatest tournament I've ever had. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Australia has wrapped up the third Test against the West Indies, winning by 87 runs. The hosts launched a blistering attack in the morning session before the Aussie bowlers closed out the series just before tea. the West Indies gave it an early nudge.

Dwayne Bravo savage on Beau Casson. He went past 50. So did Man of the Series, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, before the debutant spinner opened the door for the tourists. A sharp catch from Phil Jaques ending a dangerous partnership. Then some straight lines from Stuart Clark... Big appeal for leg before. ..had the Windies on the ropes. That's out. A tender Andrew Symonds watched from the sidelines. He's nursing a minor back injury. The Aussies didn't need him. That's the end of him. After a bold bid the Windies lost their last seven wickets in just 22 overs. And could be out and will be taken. Beau Casson got three of them, Brett Lee got two. Yeah, Lee does it again.

A 2-nil series win, the Frank Worrell trophy still in Australian hands. Test cricket played, I think right through the last three Test matches. a Twenty20 international on Friday. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Australian Olympic officials are defending the decision to ban Aussie athletes from marching in the Opening Ceremony. The track and field team won't march with Athletics Australia originally blaming China's pollution problems. But they've since backtracked, saying it has nothing to do with the city's smog. It's certainly not a pollution problem. It's a logistical thing a pre-Games training camp where they're in and for them to come in to the Opening Ceremony and then go out again, they'd lose three days in training.

The Hockeyroos team named today say they are yet to decide whether they'll take part in the march. And two send-offs in the Euro 2008 game between Austria and Germany this morning. And, incredibly, there wasn't a player involved.

Both of the coaches were banished just before half-time with the sideline official. While they couldn't sort out their differences off the field Michael Ballack decided the result. COMMENTATOR: Ballack! Oh, they do concede. A thunderbolt - raw power! The 1-0 win piloting Germany into the quarterfinals. They finished runner-up in the group to Croatia, who beat Poland 1-0. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight we'll hear from the connections of Takeover Target as the champion sprinter embarks on another assault

on Royal Ascot in the UK.

. Looking at the traffic. How is it

all on the M four? Benign

frustrating, and all in capital letters. We're just flying over Parramatta. The road to your left

is the M4, the road to the right is

Parramatta Road. Whichever road you

take it is going to be

Stay with us, the weather wrap is next. Here, Mum, this one's perfect. I'll pick the car. Now, who should I use for my green slip? Well, that's easy. GIO. ANNOUNCER: Get one of the lowest CTP green slip rates with GIO. I could just borrow yours. You're not getting the beast. GIO: This is a lure. It lures the fish in. VOICEOVER: To make the most of life, I think it's a wobbegong.

. This program is captioned live.

Bit of that on a sunshine on the

way. See the stage at the Seymour

centre, this has knocked the socks

off Broadway, it has done well off Broadway, it has done well in

the West he end. It is called the

altar boys. We are the altar

. It is a satirical look at boy

band. You must see it. If you want

to get a ticket column. What is the

weather doing tomorrow? We. The rain.

On Saturday. We needed a bit of

colour and movement because it has

been a great song. It has not budged

budged for two weeks. Tomorrow, the

same again, around 20 degrees,

showers decreasing. 19 innermost

suburbs, 20 in the city. Thursday,

the big South West, Chile during

the weekend. But we will finally

get some blue skies. Fine and sunny

if only 17 degrees on Saturday and

mainly fine on sad - on

. A band of cloud crosses to sell the . A band of cloud crosses to sell

the lease, but . A band of cloud crosses to sell the lease, but generating no . A band of cloud crosses to sell the lease, but generating no . A band of cloud crosses to sell the lease, but generating no rain. Stronger France brief shower.

Tomorrow, and a week trough

triggering light showers in inland

New South Wales and Victoria. Wind

along the Queensland and New South

Wales. Precipitation, drips and

jobs. Isolated light showers over

much of New South files. Isolated

showers in Queensland and South the

strain caused by. Drizzle clearing

for Southern Western Australia. We

are sick of it not raining properly.

It is falling on the sand and not

in the dams. This visit, we are

overact. A fine and sunny weekend,

trusts make. Tomorrow, it looks like this:

Go and see the altar boys at the Seymour centre. Finally, some eccentric sports fans have been given their just desserts. 31 teams in fancy dress battled it out at the world custard pie throwing championships in England. More than 2,500 pie cases, filled with a mixture of flour and water, were sent flying. Six points for squarely in the face. Three points for a near-miss, that's the shoulder height up. And one point for any other part of the body. The competition started in 1967. This year's winners were from a local radio station. That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin along at 10.30 and we'll have news updates throughout the evening. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Who will win 'Big Brother 2008'? Australia you decide. This week there are six nominees. Vote now for your least favourite housemate and see who gets evicted this Sunday. Brigitte has lost all her possessions if you'd like to see her lose her place in the house as well dial: To evict Terri the grandmother call: Alice loves to exercise. To get her off the treadmill and out of the house call: Nobbi has spent seven weeks in a Kombi. Send him home to four walls instead of four wheels by calling: Terrence loves to tell lousy jokes, if you've heard enough evict him by calling: And finally Cherry - blond and buff and playing the game tough. End his stay by calling: or text their names to 19 10 10. Belong votes cost 55 cents maximum. 190 votes from mobiles extra. Lines close at 7:45pm AEST this Sunday June 22. Terms and conditions go to