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(generated from captions) divide in the emails have revealed a bitter

divide in the Greens over two

key policy issues. Over the weekend, internal division over

the Greens policy on school

funding emerged, and also on

the preferences with Labor.

Greens leader Bob Brown joins

us from Adelaide. Thanks for

joining us. G'day, Virginia.

policy when it comes Can

policy when it comes to funding

for private schools versus

state schools? The Greens

policy is to have the wealthier

schools reduced in funding, and

that will go to the poorer

state schools. But it won't

happen because Julia Gillard

has said she won't change the

funding formula in the next

period of government, and Tony

Abbott is sticking with that.

We have a very pleasant surprise surprise here in the form of

the mining tax. We will use

the that to give added funding on

the Australian education

system. In what way? You take

money from the mining tax,

whole bring in - of schools would it go to? It

would go to the public school

system, because they are less system, because they are less

well equipped, they tend to have teachers not properly

paid, they tend to have in

various parts of Australia not

money to be able to bring them money to the teaching facilities and the

up to the standards of the wealthier public consolidation.

We would like to see that

happen. From the $20 billion a year collected from

Tony Abbott will minerals tax, none of which

Tony Abbott will check, and

only half of which Julia

Gillard will collect, we would

pump that money into the public

education system, where 70% of

Australian children go, to help

them catch up. You had a much

tighter and harsher policy

plank in place for the last

number of years, and that is to to 2003 reduce private school funding

to 2003 and 2004 levels. These

days, you don't believe that is

writ in stone any more, do

you? No, that policy stands. I

that news story, you will made that clear. If you read

that news story, you will find

that is the case, very general

gentleman. You said in the last little while that

it circumstances have changed, so

it is not necessary to pull it is not necessary to pull

away $1,000 per student, as it

was in order to reduction in private school

funding to those levels.

Circumstances have changed. We

can't pull away any money from that system, because as I

explained to you five minutes ago, the government is not going to change the formula,

nor is the opposition. But

better than both of them, the

which we Greens will use the mining tax,

which we would levy at 40%, to

help to give the public school

system, where 70% of children

go, the funding boost that they need. I will talk more about that at the Press Club on

Wednesday. The Greens are

coming up with the strongest

funding proposal for the

education system right across

the board, at a time when the the board, at

big parties are ducking their

responsibility to get a return to the wealth of the responsibility to get a proper

country, and Tony Abbott says

he won't collect anything at

all, which means - we are

hearing both parties talk about

cuts. When you get cuts across

the board, we are going to have to worry to worry about the whether system after the election,

whether it's a Liberal or a

Labor government, but not with

the Greens I'm not wilfully ignoring what you said, the Greens I'm not wilfully

ignoring what you said, but

it's surprising that's one

providing area where you run up

the white flag and say, neither

side will change, when you

normally talk about having leverage. This is what is

causing fracture in your party,

because some believe that is a

stone that should be be removed away from it, so and you should not

and you should not be

away from it, so why run up the

white flag? You are

editorialising about running up

the white flag is off the white flag is off beam. I am running up the green flag

for go for education funding.

If you listen carefully to what

I have said, the Greens will

deliver more money into the

education system, when neither the

the government nor the

Coalition, have the wherewithal to

get a proper return on Australia's mineral wealth.

The Newspoll still has the

Labor Government narrowly' head on a two-party preferred basis.

What is your reading of today's

polls, which direction do you

think the country is heading?

A good one as far as the Greens

are concerned. The Greens are concerned. The Greens have

gone up a point to 14%, which

is extreme ly high in terms of

the Newspoll. The feedback - I

am in Adelaide today - the feedback I am getting everywhere, in airports and on

the streets, is very strong for

the Greens. Both big parties

are on the nose, feel are fed

up with the bickering, the

inability to get together for a debate, and when they have debate, and when they have a

debate they won't have the

Greens represented, because we

are the ideas based party with

a vision for Australia. The

feedback for the Greens is very

strong. I'm very heartened by

that because we are running a

very professional campaign and

we are bringing forward the

ideas in national dental healthcare system, for ending the

destruction of forests and for

big parties a proper carbon levy, where the

big parties are ducking on

climate change. I climate change. I know it's just this morning the new

figures from the Newspoll, but

on your reading of them, does

14% translate into lower house

seats? It's a hard ask for us

to win lower house seats, but to win lower house seats, but

Adam brand in Melbourne, the

bookies have shortened his

odds, he is running a great

campaign in Melbourne, the same with Grayndler, and in Brisbane, with our candidates in

the Greens seat of Denison, Adelaide and Fremantle, and in Adelaide

where Geoff cowsr is standing

in Hobart. We are campaign strongly, and in the strongly, and in the Senate,

and in the ACT where Lin

Hatfield Dodds is standing,

that's a cliffhanger It will

determine the immediate fate of

legislation in the Senate. are campaigning strongly and

people are giving us excellent

feedback. Good to talk to you