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what's going on inside me. You don't really know

It can't be that bad. I mean... (SIGHS) It is. It is. I'm sorry. what this is going to mean. I...I don't know gonna want to keep me. I... I don't even know if you're... over this, God...I will probably lose you but I just have to tell you. I have to tell you what happened. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Also - a

breakthrough in the mining tax

negotiations - we'll go live to

Canberra for the details.

And the bush remedy that could help

treat skin cancer.

It's something that's readily

available to the public.

But first, convicted killer Dr

Jayant Patel has been sentenced to

7 years jail, but he could get

parole in 3.5 years. The disgraced

surgeon showed no emotion as the

judge told him what he did was

"morally reprehensible", and he was

being punished as a criminal.

After two nights in prison on

suicide watch, Jayant Patel was

driven back to court. His devoted

wife - also a doctor - arrived

early, sombre-faced, to hear his

fate. The Crown Prosecutor asked

Patel spend at least the next 10

years in jail and be registered a

serious violent offender for

causing multiple serious deaths.

But the killer surgeon's lawyers

asked for four to five years,

wholly suspended.

He deserved mercy.

The court heard the 60-year-old had

been blacklisted from state to

state in America and targeted

vulnerable hospitals without

past. telling of his appalling medical

So he choose Bundaberg, a town

where wounds still run deep - his

victims scoffing at claims the

dodgy doctor deserves his freedom.

His victims wanted a crushing

sentence - many are disappointed.

It should have been life on each

charge. Justice John Byrne gave the

disgraced surgeon just 7 years. He

could be out on parole within 3.5.

Just hope the bloke upstairs gives

him the final sentence.

He is guilty, you do the crime, you

do the time.

Patel's lawyers are expected to

appeal. He still faces eight fraud

charges and another of unlawful wounding.

Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News.

Julia Gillard is on the verge of

her first big win as Prime Minister,

with a deal imminent on the mining

tax. Ten's Political Editor Paul

Bongiorno joins us. Paul, what have

you been told about this deal?

After three days of intense

negotiations with three of the

biggest Myners, BHP Billiton, Rio

Tinto and extractor, a breakthrough

has been achieved on three of the

areas of the miners are most

concerned about - that is the right,

the 40% rate, when it will kick in,

the super profits have been

redefined, and how the tax will

apply to existing projects.

Julia Gillard will obviously time

is as a victory, but is it more of

a cave in to the mining companies?

The government has always said it

wanted to negotiate about this tax,

but Julia Gillard is in a stronger

political situation than Kevin Rudd

was. She will say it is a win for

common sense. It will be

interesting to see how the greens

respond to this, but I can tell the

Labor will be mightily pleased that

this unseemly brawl will no longer be dominating the headlines.

A massive land and sea search is

continuing for an Estonian

backpacker who's missing in the

Sutherland Shire. For more, we're

joined by Ten reporter Evan Batten,

who's at Cronulla. Evan, when was Pirjo Kukk last seen?

It was Tuesday night that

lifeguards the last saw her. They

have been aware she has been

sleeping rough on the beach for the

last couple of weeks. When

yesterday morning they found no sign of

One of the scenarios they are

considering is that she has met

with a foul play. Today the search

has picked up the pace, with a lot has picked up the pace, with a lot

of SES volunteers joining the

search as they look for clues, the

missing articles, or anything else

that will tell them what has

happened to the missing backpacker.

It's very difficult terrain,

there's a lot of sand dunes - hence

we need a lot of people to do the

land search. We've also had helicopters checking to 8km offshore, the Westpac helicopter offshore, the Westpac helicopter

and fixed wing, so it's quite an

extensive search.

extensive search.

That search we just heard about is

about to be suspended - the Sun is

about to set, so with the fading

light it is not safe for the

searchers to continue. They will be

back first thing tomorrow morning

before then. unless there is any sign of her

Police are investigating the death

of a 42-year-old woman at a unit

block in Chifley. The body of the block in Chifley. The body of the

mother of triplets was discovered

early this morning, after concerned

neighbours called police. Officers

are treating the death as

suspicious, but said there was no

sign of forced entry into the flat.

Neighbours have described the woman

as a fitness fanatic who lived

alone. Police are urging anyone who

may have information about her

death to come forward.

A new driver rip-off has been

uncovered, with some users of the

M5 forced into clogged streets

despite paying the toll. But

government. there's no sympathy from the state

It's a weekly ritual - one of the

city's busiest road tunnels closing

for maintenance. The M5 east is

frequently shut off to traffic, but

drivers are still being charged

tolls on city-bound lanes, with no

warning given about the closure.

Turning onto a toll road and paying Turning onto a toll road and paying

for the privilege of using that

road, and being stuck in a queue,

is very frustrating.

For instance, a driver that enters

the M5 at Fairford Road For instance, a driver that enters

the M5 at Fairford Road is charged

the $3.80 toll at the on-ramp. But

there's no indication that just 5km

away they'll be forced off the

maintenance. motorway because of the tunnel

traffic information. They need to be given up-to-date

The toll rort means night drivers

are paying full price for zero time

benefit. In most cases they're funnelled straight back onto clogged local roads. funnelled straight back onto

Paying for something you don't get

entitles you to go and complain.

Well, in this instance, the

Minister for Roads should protect

the public interest.

Both the NRMA and opposition are calling for improvements, so

drivers are better warned about

closures before paying tolls - not

just at motorway entrances, but

across the entire Sydney network.

Like SMS alerts and better signage.

The RTA needs to provide more

information on its electronic information on its electronic

messaging signs to motorists.

The Roads Minister's office claims

drivers are still avoiding numerous

sets of traffic lights, despite the

tunnel closures.

Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Another oversized truck has

ploughed into a Sydney tunnel,

causing traffic delays. The

semitrailer set off more than 50

sprinklers as it entered the

airport tunnel on General Holmes

Drive at lunchtime. The road

flooded, shutting two of the four

lanes for an hour. The RTA will

return tonight to try to fix the

sprinklers, damaged by the truck,

which didn't stop. Police are

reviewing security vision to try to track the driver down.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has

joined mourners in Far North

Queensland for the funeral of local

military hero Benjamin Chuck. The

private was one of three commandos

killed in Afghanistan when their

Black Hawk helicopter crashed

during a night-time deployment.

When he wasn't completing one of

his three tours of Afghanistan, Ben

Chuck would always come home to

Yungaburra. The tiny Tablelands

town simply closed down today to

properly farewell a comrade in arms,

a national hero, a favourite son.

Ben's love of all things outdoors

was captured perfectly in the

setting for his funeral today by

the waters of Lake Tinaroo, among

family and friends, commando mates

and hundreds more, because in these

parts everybody knew Ben Chuck.

Benn has been called many things

over the last few days - a great

mate, a man of honour, a fine

Australian, even a hero. The one I

like the most is our son.

Ben, your dash was so dashing. And

we are so proud of you.

It's Prime Minister Julia Gillard's

first soldier funeral. She was

joined today by Opposition Leader joined today by Opposition Leader

Tony Abbot and Queensland Premier

Anna Bligh under a wind-swept

marquee. At one point in the marquee. At one point in the

service, a helicopter swooped in,

only metres from the mourners, to

highlight a small part of Ben's

life plan after the army.

And it was a commando mate of Ben

Chuck's who read a letter penned by

his girlfriend Tess, too emotional to read it herself.

Ben Chuck's body was cremated at a

private ceremony this afternoon,

and his ashes scattered to

highlight a life well-lived.

Tim Collits, Ten News.

John Howard remains committed to

becoming the vice-president of

cricket's international governing

body, despite a humiliating knock-

back. Asian and African countries

have combined to snub the former prime minister.

John Howard is all too familiar

with cricket's capacity to

humiliate, but never before on such a grand scale.

I'm disappointed at the outcome. I

wanted to do this job, I felt I

could do it well.

African and Asian nations rejected

his nomination by Australia and New

Zealand to become vice-president of

the International Cricket Council.

I think Australia, New Zealand and

John Howard have been treated very

badly. I think it's disrespectful,

I think it's an insult.

It's usual ICC practice for nations

to take turns with their nominees,

who are rubber-stamped and then

elevated to the presidency two

years later. Adding to the insult,

there hasn't been an explanation of

the reasons for the Howard snub.

His opposition to Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, including banning

the Australian team from touring

during his time as PM, has been

raised as a possible factor.

If that is the reason, then I wear

the negative attitude as a badge of honour.

However, others feel it's more

evidence of a Subcontinental

stranglehold on the game. India

attracts 70% of all the money spent on cricket.

If power follows money, that power

needs to be exercised responsibly

and transparently. That hasn't

happened here.

Both the Cricket Australia and New

Zealand Cricket boards will meet

within a week to discuss their

options, which include resubmitting

John Howard's nomination, finding

another nominee, or giving up their

turn at the ICC presidency.

Incredibly disappointed that our

pre-eminent candidate didn't succeed.

The ICC has set a deadline to

install a new vice-president by the

end of August.

Cameron Baud, Ten News. Cameron Baud, Ten News.

Still to come, tough new laws

restricting the sale of cigarettes.

Also tonight, special security for Also tonight, special security for the new PM's Melbourne home.

And the parental push for children

to be taught ethics in school.

It teaches you what's really good in life.

(SQUEAKS, GROANS) that a banker Service that pleases

This program is captioned live.

Julia Gillard's refusal to move

into The Lodge has turned the

suburban street where she lives

into the nation's safest. Police

have set up a caravan opposite Ms

Gillard's home in the Melbourne

suburb of Altona as they mount a

permanent watch over the new PM.

And officers in the national

capital have mounted a guard over

the new PM's Canberra apartment. Ms

Gillard says she will only move

into The Lodge if she wins the coming election.

From today, it'll be more difficult

to buy cigarettes in pubs and clubs,

with new laws coming into effect.

Tighter restrictions on car child

restraints have also led to a

flurry of last minute booster-seat buying.

18 month old Jayla might not like

it, but this child seat will

improve her chances of survival in

a crash. At a few hundred dollars,

they're a compulsory investment -

and need to be properly fitted.

Cause I'm not too sure myself, so I

come to the experts.

But from today, Jayla's 6-year-old

brother Tahi will also have to be

restrained in the car. What do you

think of the idea of sitting in a

booster seat? It's good? It's now

the same for all kids under 7 -

parents risk three points and a

$253 dollar fine if they don't


We sold a lot of booster seats to

people who thought their children

were out of them already.

From today, convenience stores will

have to cover-up the cigarettes

they sell. The only advertising allowed: cigarettes kill.

Like this morning, I sell

cigarettes to people, and they're

like what happened?'. No cigarettes for sale?".

Bar and pub goers will get a shock

at cigarette vending machines too.

From now on - they'll be operated

by staff via remote control, so

kids can't use them. And from today,

same-sex and de facto couples can

apply to be on the new

relationships register', providing

recognition of their relationship

and easier access to legal

entitlements. $145 - they've

already had takers.

It was a same-sex couple that came

into our Parramatta office, and

they were the first couple to make

an application to register their relationship.

Today also heralds more stamp duty

relief - people buying off the plan

won't pay a cent. Downsizing

retirees escape the levy as well.

The today to Aymar the end of a

controversial trial of ethics

classes in our school, while it

remains to be seen whether they

will keep them. What do you think

is necessary to live a good life?

That was the question posed to

these 10 and 11 year old's in their

final ethics class at Crown Street

Public. You can get what you want

if you have plenty of money.

You don't need too much money and

you don't need to buy too much stuff.

A deep discussion to mark the end

of the three-month trial in ten state schools.

They teach you like a whole bunch

of stuff, like what's right and what's wrong.

The classes were designed as an

alternative for those students who

don't want to study scripture.

Crown Street's P&C says parents are

right behind the idea. It develops

a lot of skills in children, like

the ability to express themselves.

While the ethics class goes on in

one classroom, students enrolled in

scripture take their classes, and

that's one of the church's major

concerns they say scripture and

ethics shouldn't go head to head.

This trial has actually been

polarising and divisive, I think.

The Anglican church also objects to

the subject name, arguing ethics

and religion are linked.

Suggesting the market here is

something different, this is a very

end that is their beaks. It's

frankly none of the churches'

business. John Hill has helped

launch the website parents4ethics.

He says there are plenty of

volunteers willing to be trained to

teach classes should the Minister

roll the subject out across the state.

Parents are exasperated at the

thought that this won't go on next

year. The trial is being independently evaluated. A decision

on its future is expected in a few months.

Church groups are obviously

important stakeholders in this, and

will be involved in the evaluation and in the department's consultation process.

A look at sport now with Adam Hawse,

and Jarryd Hayne vows he's staying

put at Parramatta.

Yes, it's a big relief for Eels

fans. Hayne says he's sorted out

his differences with coach Daniel

Anderson and will not be walking

out on the club.

out on the club. For the first time

in seven years, the Fed Express

does not deliver. Not since 2002

has Roger Federer failed to feature

in the men's final, is out after

losing to Tomas Berdych. A 35-year-

old has been arrested and charged

over the robbery of boxing legend

Jeff pfennig's House last week.

Looking at the weather, Tim Bailey,

still in negative territory. We

feel like paying ones. All week it

has been the case, minus one at

Holsworthy, rich men and again, it

was good to take your electric

blanket to work. Tomorrow we will

be up to one and two degrees.

Sydney's minimum print --

temperature will be seven. If it

fails, that has been five days in a

row 1-7, for the first time in

about 15 years. Yes it has been

cold, but have and those afternoons

being gorgeous? Clear, winter at

its absolute best. An increasing

power -- cloud, their looks like

the temperature will move to 17.

The weekend, fine and sunny and we

may even get 18th in the Great West

on Sunday. Could be some snow

around Leith go tomorrow afternoon.

Right now, one of the best weather

photographs I have seen in a long

time. This is creativity. It is a

tangled web we weave. You may be

holding up a glass of red and

hosting the winning of a Panasonic

CAMRA. Frozen cold bread. -- cobweb.

Another cold day on the way, but it

is Friday.

I next, we look at how the share

market started the new financial

year. Also, Hurricane Alex hampers

the will clean up in the Gulf of

Mexico. And an injured paratrooper

beads the odds to reclaim his wings. MAN: We open on a Melbourne woman Understandably, Maybe that's why we have

A neighbour, who hasn't enjoyed to an exciting new world is investing up to $43 billion To find

This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Hurricane Alex is causing major

delays to the oil clean-up in the

Gulf of Mexico. The storm is moving

away from the Gulf toward Texas,

but high seas and winds have begun

washing tar-balls and oil ashore,

and made conditions too dangerous for boats.

The big focus of our operations

right now would be on water

skimming - trying to deal with the

oil as far offshore as we can. We

are being inhibited right now by the weather.

The first hurricane of the season

is expected to hit Mexico or southern Texas later today.

To the ING Direct finance report

now, with Jacqueline Maddock, and

Jacqui, how did overseas markets

finish up the financial year?

Well, looking at the past 12 months

of trading, unfortunately both the

US and the UK markets outperformed

the 9% gain we've seen locally, but

only slightly. But, the All Ords

did better than Japan's Nikkei,

which fell 5% for the financial

year. Looking ahead, we're still a

long way from rebounding to the

strength of the pre-GFC share market.

The global economy's effectively

run out of stimulus, governments

are paring back stimulus across the

globe and also, the European debt

crisis hasn't played out fully, and

we expect over the next couple of

months that the volatility that

we've seen in markets will continue.

The falls continued today - weak

data weighed on the All Ords.

Metcash bucked the trend, though,

adding 3% after buying the

Franklins supermarket chain.

Resource heavyweights fell, despite

talk of reaching a mining tax deal

with the new Prime Minister.

That's finance news for now. All

eyes, of course, will be on how our

resource stocks perform in London

tonight, on news out of Canberra

that a mining tax compromise has been reached.

Confronting dash-cam video has been

released, of a 16-year-old gunning

down two policemen in the US. After

officer Bill Evans pulled over a

station wagon, Joseph Kane opened

fire with an automatic rifle. The

teenager continued shooting as his

father Jerry walked back, then sped

off, leaving the officer to die. 90

minutes later, the pair tried to

reverse out of a road block, but

were stopped. There was another

shoot-out, killing the father and

son and another officer. Lawyers

say they released the footage to

prove that the officers did not

provoke the fatal attack.

A British paratrooper, horrifically

injured in Afghanistan, has learned

to walk and talk again - and to

skydive. Against the odds, Ben

Parkinson has fought through four

years of recovery to reclaim his Para wings.

He lost both legs and suffered

serious brain damage, but Ben

Parkinson is, in his heart, still a

paratrooper. And today, he proved

it. With a grin on his face, the

injured soldier took off, leaving

his wheelchair and the painful

memories of his recovery behind to

take the leap of his life.

Hurtling toward the countryside - a

feeling he'd been dreaming of for

years. Many said it would be

impossible for him, but the 26-

year-old rose above the doubters to reclaim his parachute. reclaim his parachute.

Ben is said to be the most seriously injured serviceman to

survive a Taliban bomb. It took him

two years to relearn how to talk...


..and how to walk. But skydiving

was his ultimate goal.

Show everyone I can do it.

It's what he did before, and he It's what he did before, and he

wants to show people that he can do

it again.

And so he did, with a textbook landing.

All the way up! All the way up -

whoo hoo!

And a photo finish with the

soldiers he used to fly with and

now has again.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten


Former Little River Band frontman

Glenn Shorrock is celebrating 45

years in the business - a definite

achievement in the turbulent world

of rock'n'roll. And he's marking

the occasion the best way he knows

how - performing for his fans.

When Glenn Shorrock decides to do a

bit of reminiscing, he's not short of material.

All the Little River Band fans will

be pleased, and the twilight fans

and the Axiom of fans. Dress is

more casual or early hippy!

Hey, Junior - behave yourself! Hey, Junior - behave yourself!

His career kicked off when his band,

The Twilights, won a Hoadley's

competition to record at London's

famous Abbey Road studios in 1965,

where they found themselves next

door to the Beatles.

I crept up the corridor and stuck

my head up to the door and heard Penny Lane.

Next there was Axiom, with Brian Cadd.

And then the Little River Band.

(SINGS) # Hang on, help is on its

way... #.

Ticket to America, we started

touring and now we have sold 30

million records and had eight top 10 hits.

It's impossible to pick a favourite,

although one song he wrote was

named as one of the top 30

Australian songs of all time.

# It's time for a cool change... #.

A lot of people relate to it.

Glenn's '45 years of Song' concert

is on at the State Theatre on 10 July.

Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Still to come, the bush remedy

being used to cure skin cancer.

Also, new cars compared - which

ones cost the least and the most to

run for a week.

And a major milestone for an Aussie icon.

I just wish my mum and dad could

have been here to have seen it, you know?

This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour - the

search has been suspended for an Estonian backpacker who's missing

in the Sutherland Shire. 28-year-

old Pirjo Kukk had been camping on

Elouera Beach, but hasn't been seen since Tuesday.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has

joined mourners in Far North

Queensland, to lay to rest local

military hero Private Benjamin

Chuck. He was one of three commandos killed in Afghanistan

when their Black Hawk helicopter

crashed during a night-time deployment.

And convicted killer Dr Jayant

Patel has been sentenced to seven

years in jail, but could be paroled

in half that time. The disgraced

surgeon showed no emotion as the

judge told him what he did was "morally reprehensible."

For reaction, let's go to Ten

reporter Murray McCloskey in

Bundaberg. Murray, this case has

been ongoing for years. Has today's

sentence brought some closure for

the people of Bundaberg?

There has been a lot of talk about

closure hearing Bundaberg. I can

tell you no-one here is prepared to

forgive or forget. They are not

happy with the length of the

sentence, but they are pretty happy

that Jayant Patel is now behind

bars. Let us hear what some of his

former patients had to say about the sentence.

As far as I am concerned, an eye

for an eye, a life for a life. He

has taken three lives, so therefore

he must give up three of his lives.

He should never be allowed out again.

It does not matter whether he got

two, 20 or 30 years. The fact is he

is guilty for what he has done. He

should never have done what he did.

He should never have been employed.

This is far from over. An appeal

seemed to be expected?

I understand appeal papers have

already been lodged, so the

community here will be watching

with great interest and will be

greatly disappointed if the appeal goes ahead.

The weekly cost of running a car is

now easier to add up. The NRMA has launched an internet calculator

letting buyers work out what they're really getting.

This Suzuki Alto comes out on top -

priced at $13,000, it costs around

$88 a week, making it the cheapest

light car to operate. The NRMA has

surveyed 620 vehicles to create a

car cost calculator, giving

consumers the tools to make an

informed choice.

Our advice to the motoring public

is to log onto the NRMA website,

use as much of the tools as they

can, use a calculator.

Suzuki also has the worst-

performing light car, the Swift

Sport, which costs twice as much to

run, at $136 a week. The survey

found more expensive vehicles cost

more to run on a weekly basis.

Depreciation once again, fuel,

depreciation, I know I keep banging

on about it, but it's the biggest

component of the cost of in a vehicle.

The Hyundai i30 is the top-

performing small car at $114 a week.

The most expensive is the Subaru

Impreza WRX at $285.

There can be up to as much as $150

between a car in each class, and

that can be considerably a lot of

money over the 5-year operating cycle.

Toyota's Aurion is a winner in the

large car category. It costs $192 a

week, in contrast to Holden's

Caprice, which costs drivers a

scary $360 a week. And the best

large 4-wheel drive is Nissan's

Patrol, costing $227.

John Hill, Ten News.

Researchers are on the brink of a

fast, cheap treatment for skin

cancer. The Australian breakthrough

is based on tea tree oil.

It's used as a remedy for

everything from pimples to dandruff,

and soon oil from the humble tea-

tree could be used as a treatment

for skin cancer.

I do believe it'll be a fast, cheap

and effective way to treat skin cancer

cancer with something that's

readily available to the public.

Researchers from the University of

WA have spent the last three years

developing the formula alongside

the federal government and pharmaceutical company Novasel.

They have found tumours growing

under the skin of mice have shrunk

just a day after applying the

special treatment, and vanished

after four days. Medical scientist

Dr Sarah Greay says it could have a

similar effect on non-melanoma skin cancers in humans. cancers in humans.

We're not that far off the mark.

And in a country where nearly

500,000 Australians are treated for

non-melanoma skin cancers every

year, at a cost of $264 million,

that is very good news. The next that is very good news. The next

step for researchers is to get

funding for a clinical trial in

humans. If successful, they say tea

tree oil formulas could be

available in six to eight years.

But experts say the research is

still in its early stages. And it

doesn't mean we should all rush to

the chemist and stock-up on tea- tree oil.

It's even more important for people

not to assume that the tea tree oil

preparation they can find in

pharmacies now is going to be the cure-all.


Singer, musician and presenter Rolf

Harris is now getting special

recognition for his world-class

painting. His first exhibition in

London's West End has opened,

celebrating 65 years in the art

world. His favourite piece - a

portrait of the Queen he was

commissioned to paint for her 80th birthday.

I just wish my mum and dad could I just wish my mum and dad could

have been here to have seen it, you know?

know? They were always a bit

horrified that I'd left the art

aside and gone into the entertainment.

Now 80 himself, Rolf has proven

there's plenty of time for both -

and he isn't keen to retire anytime soon.

Adam's back with sport, and Jarryd

Hayne says he's staying with the Eels.

He denies he is about to quit the

club and says he will lift his game.

More next.

Plus - Federer's long reign on Centre Court ends.

And Sonny Bill far from stretched

in a farcical boxing mismatch.

This program is captioned live.

Roger Federer has blamed leg and

back injuries for Roger Federer has blamed leg and back injuries for the shocking exit

from Wimbledon at the hands of

Robert -- Tomas Berdych. There are

a's quest for a record-equalling

7th Wimbledon title is on hold. 7th Wimbledon title is on hold.

Contesting his 25th consecutive

Grand Slam quarterfinal, they

arrive started favourite. But it

soon became clear that this one soon became clear that this one

would be no fait accompli. While

Federer showed glimpses of resuming

normal transmission, his radar was

uncharacteristically wayward, which

left even his opponents are prized.

Down 2 sets to 1, the Federer

nerves were frayed. And by no means nerves were frayed. And by no means

were they soothed by the blistering

Berdych backhand. The Czech wrapped

up the final set 6-4, advancing

through to the semis in one of through to the semis in one of Wimbledon's biggest boilovers. through to the semis in one of Wimbledon's biggest boilovers.

Not many other moments can be

comparing to this one. I am unhappy

with the way I'm playing, I could

not play the way that I wanted to.

Berdych will meet Novak Djokovic

for a place in the final. Who was

much too good for Taiwanese Yen

Hsun Lu. While Rafael Nadal didn't

have it all his own way against

Robin Soderling. And although

replays confirmed Rafa in the right.

The new world number 1 let his

tennis do the talking. Having

recently seated the House of

Windsor, the royal box was now

occupied by one of the Royal

Tenenbaums. Ben Stiller watching on

as British hope Andy Murray knocked

out Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France. out Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France.

It's come too late to win the

series, but Australia has crushed

England in the one day

international at The Oval. Twin

90's to captain Ricky Ponting and deputy Michael Clarke took

Australia to 290. England falling

78 runs short. The pair posted a 155-run partnership, before Ponting

fell for 92. Clarke remained

unbeaten, one short of his fifth

limited overs century. Then seamer

Ryan Harris cleaned up taking 5- for-32.

Lords will host the fifth and final

game. England holds an unbeatable

3-1 lead. Swifts captain Catherine

Cox will play in this weekend's ANZ

Championship preliminary final

despite sporting a broken nose.

Doctors have warned though, she

will need surgery next week,

potentially just days out from

Netball's grand final.

Who said netball was a non-contact

sport? Cox has gone down. Decent elbow, I reckon.

It is a contact sport, no question.

So much is going on in such a short

space, inevitably it happens. space, inevitably it happens.

Sydney captain Catherine Cox left

requiring surgery on a broken nose

and suffering hamstring injury

after the Swifts major semi final

loss to Adelaide. Proof elite

netball is getting tougher.

It is just evolution, we are now semi-professional and some

professional athletes. It means

more time in the team and more

training. Almost as painful - the

loss was the Swifts' first of the

season, costing them a home grand

final. The Swifts do have one more

chance to make the Grand Final this

weekend in Newcastle, they'll face

New Zealand's Waikato Bay of Plenty

Magic. There will be no stopping

their skipper from taking the court.

No chance at all. I fully intend to

play and all going to plan we will

win that game and I fully intend to

be there the week after. Jared Haim

has rejected reports he was set to

quit Parramatta over-rate cysts --

falling out with coach Daniel

Anderson. Police team-mates

labelling talk of a rift as a media

beat-up. Even by Blues standards,

this was an extraordinary move.

Jarryd Hayne in damage control.

I want to let all the Parramatta

fence No I'm not leaving. There

were things said in the media, I

was a little bit upset, and our

relationship is sweet. The Eels

star breaking ranks from Origin

camp to pour cold water on a club

feud that's been spiralling out of control.

I think you guys have beaten egg up

a little bit. This is what started

it - a post-match comment on

Hayne's performance against the

Broncos last weekend.

He was not good tonight, in my

opinion, some will not say it. Five

days on, and some were convinced

Hayne was ready to walk out on the Eels.

I'd just I just wish he had spoken

to me first. We're well go out and

play hard. It's another distraction

for the Blues ahead of a game they

must win to avoid a 3-nil series whitewash.

I support him 100%, he is one of

the best coaches that I have ever

had. Their immediate challenge

gelling together a team that's had

eight changes from their Brisbane thrashing.

Gallen believes that New South

Wales have picked a natural in his

Sharks team-mate Kate Snowdon and

believes that he could be a ten-

year prospect. Anthony Mundine's

bid to claim three world titles by

dropping through boxing's weight

divisions is off to a promising start.

Down to 69 kilos, Mundine scored a

unanimous points victory over unknown Argentine junior middleweight Carlos Jerez. Shades of World Championship Wrestling

when Sydney boxer Ryan Waters

issued a challenge. While fight

turned to farce in Sonny Bill

Williams' mismatch with Ryan "Hulk"

Hogan. More bulk than hulk it was

all over before the first round bell.

In Sports Tonight, we will go one-

on-one with cyclists Rory McEwen

and see Diego Maradona throw

punches at one of his coaching

staff at the World Cup. Tim Bailey

has more on this cold weather, the

forecast is next. from it all as well. of extra value

This program is captioned live.

Tim Bailey makes such a fuss as to

whether it is one or two, at the

crack of dawn, my nose cannot tell

the difference. It is just cold. It

has been freezing everywhere. From

the Australian now, our weekly Snow

report. The resorts are very

fortunate that they have put a lot

of capital into infrastructure.

They have been making record

amounts of snow. At threadbare, the

snow-making was the most they have

ever done in their history. We have

not had any substantial snowfalls,

that was the case last night, with

just two centimetres across the

Alps. We will get a dusting on

Friday and Saturday. It really does

look like late July before the

first substantial falls of the

season. Still looking pretty good as we season. Still looking pretty good

as we check the resort Report.

-one at Holsworthy, Richmond, those

temperatures. They will go into

positives tomorrow at only if by

one and two degrees. Sidi will be

about seven overnight, tops

tomorrow or 17. Increasing cloud.

The weekend will be fine and sunny.

A band of debts brain -- debts

drain cloud is generating over the

north-west. In a lingering pull of

cold air, it is causing a few light

showers and a light snow. The

tropical moisture will bring

widespread rain to the East

tomorrow. Cold air will allow

patchy light rain in New South

Wales and Victoria to fall as light

sleet. Rain for northern New South

Wales, five or ten millimetres.

Isolated showers. Damn levels were

down a little today.

Sydney tomorrow, a cold morning but

mostly sunny. Possible shower on

Monday. A special friend, Paolo it

-- Pamela Miguel, off to have a baby. -- Pamela Miguel, off to have a

baby. That's ten used for now. I'm

Deborah Knight, I'm Ron Wilson.

We'll have updates throughout the

evening, you can send us your

stories at The Late

News is at 10.30. Our first

bulletin tomorrow is at six am. Goodnight.

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