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(generated from captions) This morning - in an explosion at a Sydney school. a man badly burned in a critical condition A 15-year-old driver which killed his mate. after the crash for Australia's bobsled team, And good news at the Winter Olympics. allowed to compete This program is captioned live. News with Ann Sanders. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Morning Welcome to Seven's Morning News. Hello. for third degree burns A man is being treated at an Islamic school after an explosion in Sydney's south-west. at Austral have been evacuated Students at Unity Grammar College from their classes. and joins me now. Seven's Paul Kadak is at the scene Good morning, Paul. Can you tell us what happened?

Well, good morning, Ann, it happened

just before nine o'clock, this

morning, just as students were

arriving here at unity grammar for

the school day. There was a gas leak

and explosion near the school's

canteen. A 50-year-old man was

caught up in the explosion. He

suffered serious injuries in the

blast. The school went into lock

down, about 200 odd students were

moved away from the area to the

school's carpark to make sure they

were safe. The school has confirmed

that there were no students hurt in

the incident but we have had a big

emergency response here. About a

dozen fire vehicles here. They have

been in the area to try to contain

the source of the leak and to make

sure it hasn't spread further. We

have had confirmation from police

who believe they have sealed the

source of the leak. How badly

injured was that man? He was very

badly hurt in this blast. We have

heard from paramedics that he third

degrees Burns to 60% of his body, to

his back, his face and his neck.

Paramedics were able too stablise

him on the ground. They

him on the ground. They called in an

air ambulance. We are told he is in

a serious condition in hospital. All

the students are OK. Have they gone

back into the school? Where they

now? Zblnchts most of the students

have been picked up by their

parents, very relieved to have their

students back after getting the call

from the school. Some students we

believe are still at the school

being looked after by staff until

they can be picked up. Thank

very much, Paul. they can be picked up. Thank you which smashed into a power pole The driver of a car in Sydney late yesterday - killing the passenger -

to have a licence. wasn't even old enough

his parents' car without permission The 15-year-old had taken and along with a friend,

his little sister from school was on his way to pick up when he lost control. of the Holden Commodore There was little left power pole yesterday afternoon. after it slammed into this This is quite a high impact are very unforgiving. and unfortunately the power poles was killed instantly. 15-year-old Mohammad Afchal

minutes before the crash. He'd been talking to friends and say goodbye as normal You know, we just shake hands and then this happened. I wish I talk more to him, you know. that he passed away. Now I'm shattered completely distraught onlookers Police were forced to hold back the unlicensed driver as paramedics tried to stabilise a few hundred metres from his home. who'd crashed just discovered the wreck. Witnesses say his mother children in the house, I heard her yelling out to her And ran up the street. "Stay there, just stay there". back down screaming hysterically. Then I saw her come running to free Abdul Zreika It took more than an hour

before being rushed to hospital. who was placed in an induced coma It's horrible. Kids just don't listen

what happens, you know what I mean. and when you don't listen, that's they saw coming... Locals say it's a tragedy Oh, it's a drag street.

from young youths at night-time. It's just non-stop dragging for young drivers. ..prompting yet another warning Please just slow down.

Just because you can drive a car you can drive a car well. doesn't mean is celebrating Australia's female bobsled team after a judge ruled in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. the girls will compete upheld an appeal The Court of Arbitration for Sport and Astrid Loch Wilkinson. by Cecilia McIntosh against the Irish The girls battled it out as to which team should compete - both are in. did a little chest pump. Lots of screaming and we and so happy about the result, We're really, really excited was included. especially that the Irish team on February 23. The competition starts in Brisbane's west last night There were dramatic scenes in an 8-hour stand-off with police involved with a man armed with a gun. and streets locked-down Residents were evacuated to a Toowong unit block after officers were called about a man threatening violence. hearing gun shots. Some witnesses reported I did hear a gunshot go off "I've got to get out of here, and that's when I said, "Get my daughter inside". at 3am. He eventually gave himself up in the apartment. Police found a firearm 2,000 customers in Australia Toyota is contacting more than to fix faulty brakes. as part of a worldwide recall will receive a letter this week New-model Prius owners to a Toyota dealership. advising them to take their car free of charge in under an hour The fault will be fixed in a long line of problems but it's just the latest

for the car manufacturing giant.

Toyota is recalling the 2010 Prius,

more than 133,000 in the US to

pre-programme the braking software.

The brakes can stop working briefly

on bumpy roads, pushing harder on

the pedal can help. After the recall

of 8 million other Toyotas, the

problem with the glass electric

Prius is a PR disaster. There have

been so men different formats, to

now braking issues. This is very

damaging to them. Toyota's president

today issued an apology. We are debl

our commitment to quality as a life

line over our company. What did

Toyota know and when? Earlier this

month, the company changed the brake

program of Prius Esk manufactured

without informing the US

of the safety problem. After 19 without informing the US government

deaths said to be lenked to the ack

sell Ray tore problem, consumer

groups charge a pattern of secrecy.

The Federal law is very clear on

this matter. And Toyota should have

recalled them. They are going to get

the largest penalty that you can get

as a result but it's not enough.

Could the US government have forced

earlier recalls? State farm

insurance said today, it warned the

department of transportation in 2007

of a pattern of Toyota accidents due

to unintended acceleration. Safety

groups said DOT got 100 complaints

about Prius' brakes. There are calls this morning for two senior Australian politicians to resign or be fired, over major policy bungles. Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce has been condemned for comments on government debt,

while Peter Garrett's been blamed for the deaths of four workers. Colin Brierley literally received the shock of his life after entering his roof last October. REPORTER: You're very lucky to be alive?

So they tell me. He was electrocuted by incorrectly installed foil insulation. This is, really is a safety hazard towards people's lives. Four others have died installing the product under the Government's home insulation program. After repeated calls for action, Environment Minister Peter Garrett finally suspended its use yesterday. If he can't ensure that funding is spent in a way that doesn't kill people, well, he doesn't deserve to be a minister. 37,000 homes are considered at-risk but the Government will only inspect 10%. Owners who miss out, will have to pay themselves. I will take whatever necessary steps I have to to ensure that the program continues to be delivered safely. But that doesn't include stepping down. Instead, the Government is demanding the head of Shadow Finance Minister Barnaby Joyce after he claimed Australia is struggling to pay off its debt. Despite being contradicted by economists he kept up the attack this morning. If they can't manage the debt they certainly can't manage us. The comments that we heard from Senator Joyce really mean that Mr Abbott's got no choice but to sack him straight away. I think the fact they're attacking him so savagely shows he has the capacity to wind them. The Opposition's stepped up its economic assault - seizing on a speech from Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens. In it, he says if governments don't restrain spending, interest rates could go up. Kevin Rudd is making it worse by spending so much money. But the Government says

Mr Stevens made it clear the comments didn't apply to Australia. Sloppy Joe hasn't done his homework again. The Government has denied reports Australian soldiers could soon go into combat wearing uniforms made in China. The Defence Force is believed to have recently struck a deal with a Chinese company to provide camouflage material. It is unacceptable from a security perspective. It is unacceptable from a perspective of supporting domestic textile manufacturing and we're going to fight like hell to make sure they reverse this decision. But the Government insists all material for uniforms will continue to be made in Australia. Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has unveiled the David Jones Autumn/Winter collection in Sydney. The supermodel's back home to launch the latest creations from some of Australia's top designers. This year we have such a strong collection for the winter, so there's lots of beautiful inspiring colour coming through for the season, which is nice. David Jones says they've gone all out this year after a modest 2009 due to the financial crisis. Next in Seven News - Australian experts behind a campaign to reduce drownings in Asia. Never before seen photos of the September 11 attacks. And a Star for a Starr - the former Beatles drummer honoured in Hollywood. energy and fibre with all the protein, of two Weet-Bix and milk. Never-before-seen pictures of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center have been released. The photographs were taken from the sky above the chaos by the New York Police Aviation Unit. They show the North Tower on fire, before the dust and debris hit the city after the attack. The images were released after Freedom of Information requests. Royal Life Saving and the Federal Government have joined forces to try to save children from drowning across Asia. Up to 350,000 children drown each year.

They're setting up a research centre in Bangladesh. Justin Scarr from Royal Lifesaving joins me now. Good morning Justin, a child drowns every 45 seconds in Asia.

How will your centre help to prevent

this? The statistics are horrific,

the research centre will focus on a

number ever strategies to prevent these number ever strategies to prevent

these drawnings, strategies that

Australian communities know too well, the strat

well, the strategies of swimming

lessons for children, barriers and

rescue and resuscitation skills.

rescue and resuscitation skills. Why is the toll so dramatically high in

Asia? It's about exposure. Literally

water is everywhere across rural

Asia. If you take a country like

Bangladesh. There is more water than

land. The children are exposed

through water trough its, rice

fields, wells, cooking vessels. We

need to work very hard improving

strategies. Justin drownings have

also risen in Australia, what has

been done to improve water safety

here? We have seen over 70

here? We have seen over 70 since Christmas Eve. We are young

children, we are seeing older people

but it's about man taking

unnecessary risks. We need to work

much harder to get those messages

out to the communities and we are

hoping this work in partnership with

the Australian Government and AusAid

in countries across Asia will help

life saving agencies will be more

effective. Good luck with the

program. Justin, thank you very much. US First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a new campaign against childhood obesity.

The 'Let's Move' initiative will provide parents with advice on cooking healthy meals and encourage children to be more active. This isn't about inches and pounds and it's not about how our kids look. It has nothing to do with that. It's about how our kids feel and it's about how they feel about themselves. The campaign hopes to eliminate obesity within a generation. To finance now, and joining me is Westpac senior economist Matthew Hassan. Good morning, Matthew. The latest consumer sentiment survey is out this morning. What's it showing?

Well, it shows Australian consumers

are still in a relatively good mood

in February, although a little bit

concerned about where things may be

heading particularly on the interest

rate front. The Inedged about 2. rate front. The Inedged about 2.6%

lower and remained at a strong level

overall. The result was a little bit surprising especially given

surprising especially given the Reserve Bank's decision to hold fire

on interest rates last week. But

clearly, consumers are concerned

about what lies ahead in particular,

we asked a specific question about

their expectation for mortgage

rates, 12 hos ahead, overwhelming

93% expect further rises, with 63%

expect an increase of over 1%

expect an increase of over 1%. The

sentiment suggested consumers were

in a good mood for now. More signs

of a cooling off in housing markets

That's right. Housing finance

approvals dropped another 5.

approvals dropped another 5.5% in

December. Most of the driver here is

the wind down of home buyer

activity, that's said we are seeing

some softening in upgrader activity

that may be a result of those interest that may be a result of those

interest rate rises. Overall we are

still holding at a relatively high

level overall. Thank you very much, Matthew. Checking the markets: There appears to be another amazing survival story out of Haiti, with a man claiming to have spent 27 days buried under rubble following the country's devastating earthquake. Doctors say the 28-year-old is emaciated and extremely dehydrated. Authorities are still trying to confirm his story. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is in Haiti as part of her role as United Nations goodwill ambassador. She's visited a small village which shelters 120 orphaned children and met with UN officials. The Jolie-Pitt Foundation has donated over $1 million to Haiti. Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has been given his own star under the evening sky. It was the first time a star had been laid on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at night. Ringo's band mates John Lennon and George Harrison have already been given stars but Paul McCartney hasn't yet accepted an offer to adorn the famous footpath. It was really beautiful to be part of that. And besides that, we made some great records. The ceremony also marked the walkway's 50th anniversary. Next in Seven News - breaking news on the Port Adelaide Magpies. And the Aussies torment the toothless Windies in the second one-day match.

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Welcome back. In a developing AFL story this morning, the future of the Port Adelaide Magpies remains uncertain after the proposed merger between the club and Port Adelaide Power fell through. The Power had hoped to save their local affiliates from financial ruin and reunite with the club they were forced to separate from when entering the AFL in 1997. The South Australian Football Commission has voted against the proposal, saying it's high-risk and irresponsible considering the perilous financial situation of the clubs. The West Indies have vowed to come back in Friday's third one-day international match after last night's crushing loss to the Aussies in Adelaide. A disappointingly small crowd witnessed the hosts defeat the Windies by eight wickets and take a 2-0 series lead. Things started woefully for the tourists

as Doug Bollinger snared Windies captain Chris Gayle

on the first ball... COMMENTATOR: He's gone on first ball! ..before taking his second wicket to have the visitors reeling at 4/16. With eight wickets down there was a hint of a wag in the Windies' tail. It's definitely six. But it was quickly subdued as some brilliant fielding restricted them to a paltry total of 170 runs. And that's an unbelievable finish to the West Indies' innings. It was never likely to be enough with Shane Watson signalling his intentions early on. That'll do.

The Aussie total raced past 50 before Shaun Marsh fell for 27.

He bowled him. Watson continued his impressive summer of cricket with some big hitting helping him to another half century... Go get him. ..before being caught off the bowling of Kemar Roach for 53 runs. Oh, that's out. Ricky Ponting took up where Watson left off to have the hosts cruising. That's great use of the feet. The Australian captain made his own half century in style as the hosts brought up the win inside 27 overs.

There it goes. A big wicket for Australia. The NRL's 16 clubs will be the big winners from this Saturday's inaugural All Stars match on the Gold Coast. League boss David Gallop has announced

they'll share the one and a $500,000 windfall from the sell-out match. The money will be spent by the clubs on community projects. The match falls on the second anniversary of Kevin Rudd's apology to the stolen generations. It's an opportunity for us

to highlight the community initiatives we have in place - some new ones out of the back of this game. The occasion will be even more special for Scott Prince. The Titans star has been named by the Federal Government as an Indigenous ambassador. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

VOICEOVER: If it happens, it's on Seven News and Yahoo7. Whenever you want it. Checking the weather now - a trough over Queensland is generating thick cloud and showers and storms. A high is keeping the rest of the East Coast clear but still humid. Thick cloud over WA is causing a few showers, heaviest in the south. Around the capitals - Mostly fine in Brisbane today. Sydney should stay sunny. Hot in Canberra, with some showers. Late storms developing in Melbourne. Showers for Hobart. Another scorcher for Adelaide today before a late shower. Humid but cooler in Perth. An afternoon storm for Darwin. And that's Seven News to now. We'll leave you with some pictures of Melbourne Zoo's cutest new arrival who makes her public debut today.

I'm Ann Sanders, thanks for your company. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia