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(generated from captions) Tonight - the threat to drag Julia Tonight - the threat to drag Julia

Gillard to the polls over the

Budget. Winter in May - the east

coast freezes, another icy blast on

changer? the way. Is it a computer game

The $8 billion hype over Skype.

From a US unknown to 21 million

viewers - Delta's big break.

Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully.

Welcome to Ten's Late News.

I'm Brad McEwan. In Sports Tonight

- Melbourne's Jack Trengove to

appeal his three match ban.

The Melbourne Storm stripped of

another title following a damning

report into their salary cap scandal.

Today is another reminder that they

will be put under the spotlight.

But we begin with the Budget

fallout and the Federal Opposition

is threatening to force Julia

Gillard to an early election. Joe

Hockey made the threat as the

government began the hard sell of

its toughest financial blueprint in its toughest financial blueprint in

nine years. A Budget for boom times

but the Opposition believes it's

taken a blowtorch to families.

Frankly, it is a budget which is

not responding to the real concerns of the Australian people. not responding to the real concerns

At the very core of the Budget that

was delivered last night is a plan

to spread the opportunities the

spread the benefits of the boom to

every corner of the country.

Cutting $2 billion of support to

families has the Opposition seeing

red. The Government freezing some

payments to households earning

$150,000 a year.

They talk courage but they display

no courage, they talk surplus but they deliver deficient.

This shadow treasurer is just out

there out there with Alice in

Wonderland. Julia Gillard and the

man of the moment visiting a trades

skills centre, spruking their $3

billion investment in training. The billion investment in training. The

Budget is about getting the

economic settings right. We are

getting the budget back into

surplus in 2012-2013, exactly as

planned. But during question time

Labor got a history lesson. I am Labor got a history lesson. I am

about to turn 21. In my lifetime

Labor has never delivered a surplus

budget.. Why should anyone believe

you now? Order! Order!

One measure not in dispute - the

$2.2 billion investment in mental

widespread support. health continues to receive

Attitudes are changing. It's a very

special day in Australian mental

health history in a very tense financial environment.

Joe Hockey has made it clear - the

Opposition is going to do

everything it can to put pressure

on the minority Gillard Government

to call an early election.

Hopefully people will speak up.

They don't have a mandate on carbon

tax. I think it would be an act of

recklessness and an act of folly

for the Opposition to deny this

Government its budget.

The Federal Government says

education was a win at in the

Budget. Neither teachers nor

students agree. One group is happy students agree. One group is happy

with the funding and they're the

mining sector. Over some tasty

treats this group of university

students watched the Federal Budget.

But they were left with a somewhat

sour taste. Really nothing,

nothing's going to benefit me. Was

there anything you liked about the

Budget? Not really, oh, the party

we had (laughs) that's pretty much

it. University is about to become

more costly, with the HECS discount

for up-front payments halved.

Schools however have been heralded

as budget winners with an $800

million allocation. But few were

happy with the breakdown.

We just regret that politicians are

not listening to teachers, parents

and principals on the best way of

spending that additional investment.

The treasurer says the $350 billion

Budget will power the economy to

years. create 500,000 jobs over three

Across Queensland there's

widespread support for the Budget's

sector. backing of training in the mining

They've identified skills as the

single largest constraint to the

growth of the resources sector.

It's just as difficult as any other

industry you must have the skill

set they are looking for.

Paul Bongiorno joins us now. The

Opposition clearly believes this is

the Budget that will put them back

in power? While the opposition

believes that the Government and

the Budget has not been tough

enough it also thinks it has been

too tough on families. The $2

billion that they have a taking

from family payments is at the

wrong time and is hitting people

where cost of living pressures are

going through the roof. Today as we

saw Joe Hockey said that the

opposition will do everything in

its power to force an election. It

would not be doing that if it thought

thought the Budget was a vote winner winner for could turn around the

fortunes of the Government. One problem

problem to an early election is

that the opposition back in 1975

does not have the numbers in at the

Senate so there will be no blocking

of supply. Crannies clear from the

Greens. The independents in the

lower house may get cold feet. They

may deserve the Government and a lot will play it out.

Snow is the blanketing the

Australian Alps as a wintry blast

leaves city goers shivering. One of

the coldest starts to May on record

is warming hearts in the country's

ski resorts. It was one of those

days that could've been better

spent in bed.

I definitely hit the snooze button

a few times today. The early dose

of winter catching many off guard.

This is the first cold outbreak

that we've had for the year, and

that we've had for the year, and

were really feeling it. Snow falls

were recorded as low as 700 meters.

At Mt William the mercury dipped to

minus one. Snow chains were needed minus one. Snow chains were needed

at Perisher. Deep powder still a

month out from opening weekend,

leaving resort operators with high

hopes for a bumper season.

We've had 15cm of snow. It's dry

it's light, its everything we want

for the season. Despite the record breaking chill, long term

forecasters are predicting a warmer

than average winter. But don't go

putting gloves and beanies away

just yet. We're expecting to see

the cold air still coming from the

south over the next couple of days.

The Queensland Floods Inquiry has

heard police simply couldn't keep

up with emergency calls on the day

20 people died in the Lockyer

Valley. A senior officer today

went unanswered. admitted more than 800, '000' calls

In 26 years of wearing of the uniform, Senior Sergeant Julie

Cooling says she's never seen

anything like it. As the wall of

water swept through the Lockyer

Valley the police Communications

Centre in Toowoomba was swamped by

calls for help. She told the Floods

Inquiry, on an average they get 350,

'000' calls a week. But on January

10, her staff had 1,446 calls in

one afternoon. 601 were answered,

get through. but 845 - more than half - didn't

I think they were very overwhelmed.

They did a very good job on the day.

She told the inquiry the '000'

screens were scrolling too fast for

staff to keep up. But one person

who did get through was mother of

two, Donna Rice, who was trapped in

rising floodwaters with her son.

The officer who answered her call

though didn't send help but seven

minutes later the fire service did.

Officer Kelly Dockedi Tenaskovich

described the heartbreaking call

from the little boy saying she

heard screaming in the background.

She sent three fire trucks but they

didn't make it in time.

A Brisbane mother has undergone

life-saving surgery after a

shocking accident at a suburban

shopping centre. The 37-year-old

woman was pushing her son in his

pram through the car park when she

was crushed between an out of

control car and a concrete pillar.

Her young son, believed to between

2 and 4 years of age, was thrown

from the pram causing him serious

leg injuries. She was pinned for

several minutes and had to undergo surgery.

We were in the office and we just

heard a loud crashing sound and a

whole lot of screaming.

The 88-year-old driver of the car

has been treated for shock. Software Has bought

A revolutionary cure for this

disease is on trial. Promising

results may see a medical

breakthrough rolled out in six

years. Like all sufferers Jane is

ruled by the only treatment

available. A gluten-free diet. It

is overwhelming. You need to cut

out red and pastor and cakes and biscuits

biscuits and all those nice things

you like. She is one of 34 people

in Melbourne taking part in a

clinical trial of this first

vaccine. It works by desensitising

patience to the toxic components of

the gluten. Us series of injections

will lead to a retraining of the immune

immune system so that people will

not suffer ill-effects. With many

in her family she says it will make

a huge difference to her lifestyle

and budget. He cost about $30 each

week to buy the special gluten-free

products. This site behind the vaccine

vaccine may prove crucial in

diagnosing the disease. Four out of

five Australians are not aware they

suffer from the disease. The

diagnostic test is invasive am not

performed. If we can develop a

better way to diagnose these conditions

conditions it will be very

important. The second phase will be

conducted around the country in the

next 12 months. It may be available

between 2017. I would like to have

a normal diet.

Microsoft has bought out skied in a

record deal. It's raised eyebrows

because the internet video-calling

company is losing money. Yeah, I

can see you now, cool, it's all

good. Face to face across the world

and not a cent to pay. It's no

surprise Skype is immensely popular.

No surprise either it's failed to

turn a profit. Now it's been sold

and the price is surprising. This

is a big day for Skype and this is

a big day for Microsoft. Nearly $8

billion the world's biggest

software company making it's

largest ever purchase. We believe

this is a platform and a set of

services that can reach everyone on

the planet. It's unlikely users

will see change right away...

Experts believe Microsoft plans to

integrate the video calling

software into its 'X-box' gaming

consoles and work tools like

'Office'. If you're authoring a

document, how do you reach out and

connect with someone who's working

on that document with you? Skype

has over 600 million users right

around the world. It's a valuable

brand and customer base, one

Microsoft didn't want falling into

the hands of its rivals Google or


I think Microsoft paid to keep

competitors away. I think there

were a lot of companies looking at

this. It's also a way to point

consumers towards its struggling

search engine "bing" and Windows

phone. The acquisition is entirely

consistent with our ambitious forward-looking, irrepressible

nature. Not everyone agrees.

Its shares dropped 1.4%.

With only an hour's notice, Delta

Goodrem has made the most of the

biggest break of her career. The

Aussie songstress has been beamed

into 21 million homes on 'America's Dancing With The Stars'.

# You make me feel, you make me

feel, you make me feel like a natural woman #.

Delta was called to fill-in on

America's most popular show when

another singer bowed out at the last minute.

She is doing a duet there. Looked

like Michael Bolton. To Sports

Tonight with Brad McEwan.

The Melbourne football Club has

been issued with a please explain

after a number of demons said on

Twitter. That will be up next. Also

tonight, like a red rag to a bull,

the NBA play-offs get fiesty.

And which came first, the chopper

or the car?