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Tonight, tough talking unionists

lay down a challenge to Labor.

Pumpkin's father to serve just 12

years for her mother's murder. And years for her mother's murder. And

the lotto winners who thought the

confirmation email was a joke.

Staff are very excited, customers

are very excited They all know now

that it's a lucky shop here.

Also, a teenage surfer's brush with

a bronze-whaler. And back in the

fast lane - Australia's second

world championship gold in record

time! Jessicah Schipper. Don't stop

glory! now She doesn't! She goes for

But first, unions have upstaged

Labor's national conference, Labor's national conference,

lashing out at the Rudd

government's refusal to scrap the

building watchdog. Covering the

conference for TEN News is Brad

Hodson and he joins us now. This

has livened up what has so far been

a fairly lacklustre event? There

was criticism that debate was it

not progressing and voices were not

being heard all in the process of

presenting a unified front to the

public. Today we saw why they went

to so much effort and it was

industrial action that could open

the floodgates. Construction union

protesters shatter the carefully

orchestrated piece of the A L P

national conference. I am an Labor

Party member. Next door they protested the governments refusal

construction commissions which to scrap the building of to scrap the building of

police the militant construction

unions. Had it not been closely

managed this is what some years

wanted to see on the conference

floor. We should be up there making

a point and not shuffled out into

every him up the bat. If an access

Economics report commissioned by

the union is correct, a lot of

these workers will soon be out of

the job. I have come back with news

that we find very disturbing. They

say there will only be a few

thousand jobs to go in the industry

in the next few years. I don't see

a basis for those numbers. In a

conference that is still yet to see

any issue put to a vote, the big

crack in the vote came from within.

Ministers had the same explanation

for why many don't understand the

announcement of the Prime Minister

on green jobs. Things should move on green jobs. Things should move

fast and everyone can make a

mistake. Everyone can make a

mistake. I don't think he had the

best of days yesterday. The

conference organisers can relate to.

The father of Pumpkin, the little

girl dumped at a Melbourne train

station, has been sentenced to life

in jail. The self styled martial

arts expert could spend as little

as 12 years behind bars for his

wife's murder. Flanked by a burly

prison guards the 56-year-old kept

his emotions in check as he was

poured in. You are convicted and

sentenced to imprisonment for life

for the murder of your wife. He

barely flinched as his life

sentence was handed down for the

murder of his wife. You were

prepared to kill her if she did not

do what you wanted. And that was

clearly an attitude that he had for

some time. His sentence could be as

brief as 12 years before parole.

The pound he does not take into

account the dumping of his daughter

at Southern Cross railway station

in September 2007. The judge

described this act as cool and

callous. She was left with little

more than the clothes on her back.

-- cool. Days earlier he strangled

his wife with a tie and her body

was found in the boot of a car in

Auckland. The self-styled martial

arts expert was on the run for five

months in the US before being

arrested in Georgia and extradited

under high security to New Zealand.

Pumpkin now lives with her maternal

grandparents in China. She is still

confused over the fact that her

mother is gone. The courtroom drama

is far from over, he maintains his

innocence and has lodged an appeal

against his sentence. A man

convicted with his own suicide note

is about to be sentenced for

murdering his partner - whose body

was hidden for 7 years. Today heartbroken family members

told the judge of their anguish.

told the judge of their anguish. It

is a question that has haunted the

family for years. What happened to

Lisa? It just goes on and on.

Mother of two, she was last seen in

1999. Her partner and the confessed

to strangling her in 2007, when he

left a suicide note. The note cold

place where to find her skeletal

remains, wrapped in plastic in a

shed on his property north of

Orange. He said she snapped after

she threw a cup of coffee at his

face. Today her family told of the

firm -- torment they suffered for

so long thinking she was lost and

then learning she was murdered. The

loss of our daughter, Nice and

friend has shaken us to the court.

Adding to the anguish is that her

father died before the confession.

-- to the core. The father was only

metres from the shed where her

remains were concealed and he never

knew. The family will return to

court next month when the 43-year-

old will be sentenced.

Private Benjamin Ranaudo, the 11th

Australian soldier to die in

Afghanistan, has been honoured with

a military funeral in Melbourne. As

the Rudd Government paid tribute to

the young soldier, the Prime Minister reaffirmed his commitment

to the war against terror. Full

military honours for the 22-year-

old. He was killed in action in

Afghanistan. The Prime Minister

joined the family of the down

soldier's family and friends at a

service in Melbourne. We regard him

as an Australian Hero. The PM

believes the war in Afghanistan,

which has now claimed the lives of

11 Australian soldiers, is still

worth fighting. At Federal

Parliament there was a memorial

service for at the trainer killed

in the Jakarta bombings. We were

completely unprepared for his death

and the violent manner of his

passing which seems so at odds with

his loving nature. As the Australia

mourns, our troops in Afghanistan

and continue their work. The

Australian troop numbers in the

war-torn nation are increasing as

planned. As part of the 60

commitment soon coming to an end,

there is a homecoming that the PM

does not seem to know about. I do

not have the precise timetable of

that. A security detachment remains

in place to protect our embassy

staff in Baghdad. The Rudd

government has not ruled out for

week in nursing out veterans. I

think it is something we should do.

-- officially recognising our

veterans. A Sydney woman who won

$40 million in last night's

Powerball draw, thought the

confirmation email was a hoax. 5

million tickets were sold for the million tickets were sold for the

record jackpot, but in the end

there were just two winners.

Hundreds of hopefuls clutching

slips turns out and news agencies

across western Sydney with wish-

list complete. Writ would be nice

to it take a holiday and held up

relatives. # It would be nice. If I

win I will take my husband around

the world. At this Penrith news

agency many queued to see if they

had the golden ticket. A lot of

people were not sure. They thought

they had the potential winner. This

afternoon NSW lotteries confirmed

that this man had sold the $40

million ticket. The staff are

excited, everyone knows it is the

lucky shop now. The winner did not

list a contact phone number so she

received the good news in an email.

The woman thought it was a joke,

she shares the record $80 million

Powerboard jackpot with her

Melbourne father. -- Powerball. For

the rest of us there is always the

next big one. Saturday's $20

million draw. Brad McEwan with

Sport headlines, and we've won our

2nd gold medal at the World Swimming Championships. Jessica

Schipper has won the 200 metres

butterfly crown and reclaimed the

world record as well. It's a

wonderful story of revenge...

wonderful story of revenge... And

ridding some personal demons. That

is right, it is wonderful to see

her win at medal and beat her

Chinese competitor of that beat her

at the Olympics in Beijing. Lucy

was the gale that one got and

trained with Chester Cup prior to

the games in Brisbane. Just a kid

joins us now with the metal. --

trained with Jessica. It took me a

while to get to sleep last night.

It is very surreal. It was nice to

get to the presentation and have

the world record bat. It was

probably it nice to beat Lucy from

China. Especially after the

Olympics last year, just missing

out on that Olympic title. To come

away with this championship title

makes it more special. It is a new

coach this year and that has made a

difference to your technique. I had

never seen it looks so beautiful

and consistent or way through.

Thank you, he is a great church and

in the new plan I cannot complain.

The suit held together well. Adidas

have been great, they have given me

enough suits to get through and I

am more than happy with it. We have

plenty of competition coming up

with others in the 200 metres

breaststroke final so fingers

crossed for some more gold. All the

highlights and reaction from Rome

later in Sport. Plus living up to

his all rounder tag, Shane Watson's

now a Test opener with a half

century after a day of on-field and

off-field drama for the Aussies.

And the Eels really are embracing

their late season charge towards

the finals. This hug went on and on...

And we'll cross live to the

Dragons' showdown with the Storm.

An environmental heavyweight

brought in to save an historic city

site, the details next. Also

tonight, the adventure park

proposal that has residents flying

mad. And Sydney's new marina

project - but who's going to pay?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoo-hoo!

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This program is captioned live.

A judge has ruled former Islamic

spokesman Keysar Trad is a racist,

whose views might have condoned

violence. The Supreme Court has

dismissed a defamation case against

Radio 2GB, after broadcaster Jason

Morrison described Trad as

"dangerous", "disgraceful" and a

"pest". Justice Peter McClellan has

ruled in favour of the station,

saying Trad's comments after the

Cronulla riots appeared to condone

violence, with views that are

disgraceful and offensive to Jews

and homosexuals. It's in the hands

of the rest of the media as to how

they view his future as a

commentator on Islamic issues, and

I imagine it's also in the hands of

the Islamic community. Keysar Trad

will now reportedly have to pay

costs of up to $400,000.

The man who helped save The Rocks

from being bulldozed has joined the

fight to save another historic

Sydney site. Today he was back on

the job encouraging union workers

to impose a Green Ban.

In the battle to save Pyrmont's

historic Union Square, residents

today called in the big gun -

legendary green activist Jack

Mundey, the man credited with

leading the union charge to save

The Rocks from demolition in the

1970s. The Rocks now has well over

a million people a year going to

see the birthplace of convict

Australia and yet would they go

there to see 40-storey buildings?

Like he did 35 years ago, he backed

a call for building workers to slap

a Green Ban on the planned Metro

Station site. To stop Sydney Metro

turning our neighbourhood into

rubble. All those in favour -

please, raise your hand. Union

members threw their full weight

behind preserving the square's 19th

century buildings. Putting your

hand up is the easy part - but I'm

confident when we call on you,

you'll be there en-masse. Hear,

Hear. Union bosses say they'll not

only call on their members to down

tools, but to form a human

perimeter around these buildings to

stop them being demolished.

Residents say other sites,

including a nearby car park, could

house the station. It doesn't

represent as good an option as far

as pedestrian and commuter access.

While final assessments wrap up,

local businesses are pinning their

local businesses are pinning their

hopes on the union-saving Union Square.

Residents say they're dumbstruck by

plans to destroy trees and bushland

to make way for a suburban

adventure course. A major fight is now brewing.

Bidjigal Reserve is a bushland

oasis in the middle of suburbia,

but the sounds of native birds will

be replaced with the roar of

chainsaws, under a plan to construct a high-wire adventure

course. We were simply dumbstruck,

and we realised then that we would

have to fight to keep this

beautiful bush intact. 77 trees

will be cut down to make way for

flying fox rides and a network of

elevated walkways, under a proposal

by UK company Go Ape. Residents say

the development will harm the

native wildlife. As soon as we

start to take out habitat trees, we

upset that balance of nature. And

they fear the estimated 30,000

annual visitors will destroy

sensitive undergrowth. It is

something that should be preserved

and protected for the future use of

the citizens of the shire and the

citizens of the State. The area

also has Aboriginal heritage

importance. The Bidjigal people,

after whom the reserve was named,

once lived in rock shelters in this

region and it maintains cultural

significance. I'm not happy with

the way they are going to interfere

with the wildlife and the habitat

around the place, I don't think

that's right. But Go Ape says it

will be planting even more trees,

and will be working to educate

people about the bush. But

residents aren't convinced. This is

a beautiful piece of bushland and

it should be preserved because it's

all we've got left. The Hills Shire

development application. Council is still considering the

A $300 million marina - one of the

biggest in Australia - is to

transform Sydney's Homebush Bay.

The project is expected to generate hundreds of jobs.

The State Government's about to

make Homebush Bay the largest

maritime precinct in the State. Now

the site of a radio transmitter,

from next year it will be

transformed into a $300 million marina, entertainment and boating

industry complex. It's about giving

people the opportunity to enjoy

their weekends out on the water and

that's why we've specifically

earmarked this massive 18-hectare

site for the purpose of

recreational activity. As well as

boat ramp access, the Government is

encouraging companies to set up

marine repair services and dry

stack storage for recreational

boats, that are currently kept at

private homes. To be able to put

these boats in a big shed, close to

the waterways, that's one of the

things that we're looking at.

Because 40% of boat registrations

are out in the greater metropolitan

area, this facility will become the

western gateway to Sydney Harbour.

The Government is calling for expressions of interest to build

and fund the project. They expect

to create 500 jobs during the

construction phase. What better

thing to do on a Friday then think

about Saturday. There will be more

wonderful weather? That is what a

Friday afternoon should look like,

that is what your weekend will look

like. That was a fine and dry July.

We did not have much rainfall. On

the western side of the southern the western side of the southern

rangers, we had 63 millimetres.

Mainly, it was a dry month. The

forecast for Saturday it is fine

and sunny, 19 degrees. More good

news for Sunday. The winner of the

weather photograph. Have a look at

this photograph. It is from

Penshurst. They when the Panasonic

Linux camera. If you would like to

photographs. be involved send us your


A deal reached in the custody

battle over Michael Jackson's

children, that's next.

Also, underage and over the speed

limit - a child's bizarre excuse for joyriding.

And the pint-sized Picasso painting

well beyond his years. I

I think it was first the Harbour

and the boats and the scenery that captured his imagination.

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This program is captioned live.

Now, the traffic report. Trouble on

the M2. Have a look at what

motorists are sitting in trying to

get to Beecroft. That is three

lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

It is all the way to the lain Cove

west tunnel. An extra 30 minutes

travelling north-west. Another update later on.

Police in the US have pursued a joy

rider whose excuse turned out to be

a little different. It started out

as routine - following as routine - following a car, after a little different. It started out

they received reports it was being

driven recklessly and went through

a stop sign. The chase continued,

but when they finally caught up

but when they finally caught up

with the vehicle, the driver got

out and tried to run off. But the

joyrider turned out to be a lot

smaller than the average driver -

he is just seven years old! He

thought he had a pretty good explanation explanation for taking his dad's thought he had a pretty good

car - he didn't want to go to

church. Let us look at the are n g

fine Match report now. The local

report ended the week on a high.

There are positive signs of hope --

a recovery bring optimism back to

market. The share markets have had

a great run over the past five

months. The Australian sharemarket

from its lows in March is up 35%.

We have had the best five months

run since way back in 1988. Gains

today. were driven by the mining giants

were driven by the mining giants

today. Volumes were light ahead of a bank holiday weekend.

Tonight investors are expecting a

slight fall in US GDP. Next week

the banks will announce if they

will pass anything on.

will pass anything on. Michael

Jackson's mother will get custody

of his three children. The court

deal comes as investigators exposed

the scam Jackson used to feed his

drug addiction. The three children

of Michael Jackson will be raised

by his mother. An agreement has

been reached making Katherine

better a Jackson their guardian. There is no

better a situation for these

children and for them to be raised

and reared under the loving care of

Katherine Jackson. The deal is

between the Jackson family and

Debbie Rowe, she was Michael's wife

of three years and mother of two

holders children. This is not a

money deal. This is not about money.

Joseph Jackson will not be in the

Picture since he no longer lives

with his estranged wife. The

custody agreement will be

formalised on Monday but there are

many unresolved issues. How well

his estate be managed and what

killed him. This powerful drug is

at the centre of the investigation,

mentioned in the search warrants of

the home of Jackson and the home of Jackson and the Office

of his doctor. Michael Jackson is

believed to be an addict he used as

many as 20 aliases to medicate

himself. Investigators to compute a

hard drives and paperwork belonging hard drives and paperwork belonging hard drives and paperwork

to the doctor and Nicoli is

expected to release toxicology

results some time next week.

results some time next week. A new

kid on the block is causing quite a

stir in the art world, and he

really is a kid! Six year old

Keiron Williamson only picked up Keiron Williamson only picked up a really is a kid! Six year old

paintbrush for the first time last

year, on a family holiday to the

year, on a family holiday to the seaside.

seaside. I think it was the boats,

and the harbour, and the scenery

that first captured his imagination.

And since then he's been drawing

and painting ever since. The

budding Picasso has already had his

work exhibited. Critics are calling

his paintings "strokes of genius."

Up next, a teenage surfer's close

encounter with a shark. Also, Miss

Universe Australia's global

challenge. My mum has actually been

scoping out the competition. Miss Ukraine, she's great!

Ukraine, she's great! And London's

new swing school - led by an

Aussie! I've danced at Melbourne

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This program is captioned live. Top

stories this news hour - a Penrith

newsagency has sold one of two

winning Powerball tickets.

An unidentified couple learned by

email they had won $40 million, and

they initially thought it was a

hoax! Unions have upstaged Labor's

national conference.. Lashing out

at the Rudd government's refusal to

scrap the building watchdog. Their

noisy protests livening up what's

so far been a fairly lacklustre

event. And the man who dumped his

daughter at a train station, after

strangling her mother, will serve

at least 12 years jail. 56 year old

Nai Yin Sh-way was speechless as a

New Zealand court heard he had put

his wife through 45 seconds of sheer terror.

A North coast schoolboy has told of

a terrifying brush with a shark,

thrown in the air by a bronze

whaler. Sarah Horsley reports from

the beach where Zac Skyring had his the beach where Zac Skyring had his

close call. It was a very close

call but not close enough for him

because he was back in the water

today. He was surfing when he saw a

1.5 metre shark swim underneath him

then moments later he was bumped

off his surfboard and flown through

the air. I went for my Murnane

serve and was paddling back to shop

after my first wave. -- I went for

my morning surf. It hit me and I

was stunned for a few seconds. Then

I realised and caught the next wave

in and started screaming to my dad.

I sort this big brown shape in the water

water very clear come towards

Senate and smashed him. Then he was

catapulted into the air. He has

three puncture marks on his arm

where the teeth of the shark ripped

through his wet suit. -- white suit.

There is a grace but unbelievably

there are no other injuries forced

to one tooth went through my watch

banned but I was extremely lucky.

He has served most of his life and

this is the closest call he has had.

-- he has been surfing most of his

life. Australia's next entrant in

the Miss Universe Pageant is on her

way to the Bahamas, hoping to take

out the crown. Townsville-born

Rachael Finch left Sydney this

afternoon for three weeks of

competition, but not before a run-

in with a salt-water Croc in the Northern Territory.

The crocodile went to go for the

chicken, then came for me, So I

just had to bolt! Scary? Very scary,

but good preparation for the She'll

also be taking along some less

scary Australian wild-life as gifts

for her competitors from around the world.

An Australian dancer has transfixed the crowds at London's the crowds at London's busiest

landmark - Trafalgar Square. Scott

Cupit had just one hour to do

whatever he liked, so he taught

them how to swing. They dance in

dozens and brought Trafalgar Square

to life. Swing their hips and

tapping their feet and craning

their necks, following their lofty

leader, the Australian

choreographer. I have dance at some

big shows but nothing like this,

this is the most historical and

iconic place. He is advertising his

new swing dance school and it

seemed to work. This is chaos but

it is fun. I am loving it thank you,

I hope you are as well. Maybe after a few more

a few more lessons. I love dancing,

it is fun, energetic, it is

social... In this latest art

installation, nearly 2,000 people

have been chosen to perch upon

Trafalgar Square for one hour each.

So far many people have protested.

Scott knew he did not want to preach, just

preach, just teach. It is an

interactive lesson with the public,

it might be a train wreck but we

will wait and see. It looked like a

swing success. -- swinging success.

Brad's back with Sport, and will

the Dragons live up to their

firepower tonight? The Dragons are

flying, but the Melbourne Storm is

their bogey team. We'll cross live

to Kogorah next. Plus the pictures

that show just how upbeat the Eels are. And that show just how upbeat the Eels

are. And Jess for the record - a

2nd Gold medal for Australia in Rome. 2nd Gold medal for Australia in Rome.

We need an Ashes hero - could be it

be Super Shane to the rescue?

be Super Shane to the rescue? --

could it be?

WOMAN: Oh, excuse me. Could you please help me look for my dog? Oh, I would love to, but... ..I'm allergic to dogs, we all are. Oh. Right, Molly? Nothing gets in the way of a KFC Classic Dinner.

This program is captioned live.

Revenge is sweet for Jessicah Schipper.

Schipper. She's turned the tables

on last year's 200 metre butterfly

champion in Beijing with a gold

medal and world record in Rome.

Jessica Schipper was the reigning

world champion in the 200 metre

butterfly. But she faced stiff

opposition. In lane 5 American Mary

Descenza, who broke the World

Record in the heats, and in lane 7

the Olympic Champion Liu Zige. The

Aussie reeled in the Chinese champ

and then pulled away. COMMENTATOR:

Jessica Schipper... Don't stop now,

she goes for glory, she goes for

gold, Jessica Schipper wins! It has

been such a tough meet, I'm happy

that I was able to come out and do

such a great Pb and come up with my

third World Championship title. The

Aussie onslaught on the pool

continued minutes later when

Christian Sprenger broke the 200

metre breaststroke world record in

the semi-finals. He has the world

record! Christian Sprenger in the

semifinal! I don't know where that

came from, I knew he was going to

be the one to beat so I swam the

race fairly on my own and attacked

that last 50. While former 100

metres freestyle world record

holder Libby Trickett swam her

quickest time ever in the Speedo

LZR suit, qualifying fastest for

the semifinal. All up, seven world

records were broken on day five,

taking the total to 29 for the meat.

Competition leaders St George

Illawarra face off with their

nemesis the Melbourne Storm tonight.

Adam Hawse joins us Live from

Jubilee Oval and finals footy has

arrived early? Both of these teams

are inside the top four. Everyone

is talking about the Dragons and

whether they can break the 30-year

premiership drought. The Dragons

have finally beaten the storm once

in their last six games.

There are few good memories for

Dragons fans when it comes to the Storm

Storm - the '99 decider without

doubt the most painful. In the 10 doubt the most painful. In the 10

years since, St George Illawarra's

fortunes haven't really improved.

They're the benchmark team in the

comp the last few seasons, and

we've always struggled against them.

But under Wayne Bennett, things are

heading in the right direction. I

think everyone's enjoyed a bit of a

new change under Wayne. Things are

different at training, things are

different in games, everything's different in games, everything's

been going good. Roosters rookie

Iwi Hauraki on edge before his NRL

debut against Newcastle - for more

reasons than one. Because I had a bit of a

bit of a scare and I wasn't going

to be playing. But we sorted it out

and I'm playing. That scare a

bungled transfer fee payment, which

would have seen him pulled from the

team. Wests Tigers continue their

finals tightrope when they play

Manly Monday night. If there was

one game to go to get into the

semifinal, we would

semifinal, we would be happy, but

there are three games to win. There

is a lot of pressure on Arsenal

stop Resurgent Parramatta are

daring to dream. Coach Daniel

Anderson revealing his team's tired

after two straight wins. I've given

the boys a fairly relaxed build up.

But we'll ramp it up today. That

message not quite getting through

to Nathan Hindmarsh. The cuddly

veteran showing his well,

appreciation, after some attractive

performances from rookie five- eighth eighth Daniel Mortimer. The Eels

proving they're a close unit as

they rock their way up the table. I

am sure they will be showing more

aggression when they play the

Sharks on Sunday. South Sydney has

resigned their captain until 2012.

Brian Hoffman has been ruled out of

the storm, good news ball the Dragons. Swans midfielder Jarrad McVeigh

says beating the undefeated St

Kilda tomorrow night is not mission

impossible. The 12th placed Swans

only have a very slight chance of

reaching the finals, but there's

still plenty of motivation to end

the Saints' 17-game winning streak.

I don't think it's mission

impossible, I think we match up

well against the Saints and had a

good match against them in Round 1.

We'll give them a red-hot crack.

The Swans have won 6 of their past

7 games at the SCG.

Can Paul Roos get a win against his

former assistant Ross Lyon? The

match on both TEN and ONE HD from 7:30pm.

To borrow a line from Bill Lawry,

it was all happening at Edgbaston

last night. There was the Phillip

Hughes Twitter-gate drama, an

unbeaten 62 from Shane Watson, Brad

Haddin busted a finger, and Ricky

Ponting is just 8 runs short of

becoming Australia's greatest Test run scorer.

As Phil Hughes endures the switch

from golden boy to a man on the

outer, infuriating team hierarchy

wasn't the smartest move. He leaked

news of his own axing via social

networking site Twitter long before

the sides were announced, forcing

selectors into damage control. My

hands are tied as to what I can

save. The players have been

informed and told exactly why they

are in or out of the side.

are in or out of the side. After

five Tests at the top, Hughes was

replaced by makeshift opener Shane

Watson. After a 6-hour rain delay,

the all-rounder entered with a

point to prove. So far the evidence

is encouraging - Watson well

supported by a similarly aggressive

Simon Katich. He looked set for a

run-a-ball 50, before Swann's spin

sent him packing.

sent him packing. Undeterred,

Watson continued on his way, his

maiden innings as Test opener

yielding his second half-century.

He and Ponting remain unbeaten

heading in to day two. Australia's

line-up though is a batsman down.

An 11th hour injury to Brad Haddin

in the final warm-up handing

reserve keeper Graeme Manou a surprise Test debut.

surprise Test debut.

To Michael Sullivan's selections

for the first day of the new racing for the first day of the new racing

season at Rosehill tomorrow.

Tonight, the NRL, AFL and all the

results from Sandown. Have a great

Friday. Vic Lorusso is in the

traffic helicopter. It is a slow

around for West Ryde.

around for West Ryde. We're looking

at Victoria Road. There was a break

down, traffic is local stop the in

the West, traffic is heavy after a

crash on Westport street. Tim

Bailey has all the weather details Bailey has all the weather details after the break.


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This program is captioned live.

Before we go to Tim, some breaking

news from one of the big banks -

and it's not good. Westpac is

putting up its fixed loan rates.

Its 1-year rate is going up by

point 1 of a per cent from Tuesday,

and point 4 per cent for 2- and 3- year fixed rates. Supertext

By Red Bee Media Australia.

Good news but the weekend? We have

found the weather photograph.

Congratulations. This is the winner

of our weather photograph

competition. And a motive cloud

bank. It Wednesday the Panasonic

Linux camera. Your weekend will be

a good one. We want to put your

photographs on television. The

weekend is going to be fine and

sunny, 19 degrees. That is the only

news I have thought you. A

brilliantly settled weather pattern.

The high stretchers all over

Australia giving us perfect blue

winter skies. Here are some people

who are enjoying it. Let us go to

foster. They are surfing. It is the

junior NSW Junior Championships.

They are read boomerang beach. They

are on their way to the Australian

championships. That will be held on

the Sunshine Coast. Congratulate

Sion situ Arnett for sponsoring

that. It was a dry July, our driest

in five years. We were 35

millimetres down on our monthly

average. Tomorrow it will be August

and the forecast will not change.

Fine and sunny, 20 degrees.

Cloud over the south east is

causing light showers and Tasmania,

Victoria and SA. A high will bring

a cold morning with fog patches to

the south-west and land. The rest

of the country will be drive. Light

showers on the southwest ranges of

NSW. A dusting of snow on the

ranges. The weekend - fine, sunny,

temperature 19 degrees. The blue

sky will continue until Thursday.

Well! What a run?

Had a wonderful weekend. Keep

smiling! Isn't he predictable?

That's Ten News for now.Updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at

10:30. Goodnight. Supertext

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia