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(generated from captions) reassured us and one by very orderly we reassured us and one by one boat and reassured us and one by one

boat and into the life raft. A

really terrific rescue

there. In just a couple of

seconds we hear Tony Abbott

will be speaking in a moment.

He is campaigning in Sydney this morning. We understand

that he's been at Pymble Public

School. Very close, if not in

his northern Sydney his northern Sydney electorate

of Warringah, as we heard from

ning Harmsen yesterday. He is

talking about what he sees as

the west under building the education revolution. Let's

cross to pim tobl hear the

Opposition Leader now. Just to BER. I've got an announcement say a few words about the local

to make obviously but because

the announcement that I am

making is prompted by the

of predicament that so many

school communities and so many

taxpayers find themselves in, I

just thought it would be good

to have Peter to have Peter Feather who is a

local parent with kids at the

school talk about the practical

experience of the BER for the

people at this school. So,

Peter, over to you,

mate. Thank you. Can I say on behalf

that we' very happy to get five

BER new class rooms as part of the

BER wha. We're concerned about

is the five class rooms that

are over here are costing are over here are costing about

$3,600 a square metre, we had a

building down here that was

burnt down by arson last year,

being constructed with the same

materials that's costing $1700

a square metre. And almost

comparable building. So that is

our concern as school community and as a taxpayer I am

concerned because obviously my

money is going towards paying double for one class room that almost doubling or in fact

is almost identical to the one

getting replaced but the NSW

department of commerce. So that is the school community's concern in relation to the BER project. Thanks, Peter. Now

Paul Fletcher, this is your

community. Your school, do you

want to just say a few words

about it too? Thank, Tony and

delighted to have you hear in

Bradfield and to Peter Feather

and to the school community of

concerned as we've heard from concerned as Pymble. The community here is

Peter Feather. It's important concerned as we've

that we're able to stand up and

and point out that there is waste

and mismanagement occurring and people rightly want to see

better value for their tax

dollars. So I am very pleased

to be here with Tony Abbott to

make that point and to be

a first-class campaign. OK, supporting Tony as he's running

look, thank you Paul and thank a first-class campaign. OK,

you Peter. As Peter said,

everyone wants to schools. And, yes, thanks to the neglect by State Labor

Governments, a lot of schools

have really needed new infrastructure. So

is not new infrastructure in

schools, the problem is just

the sheer waste and mismanagement which seems to

have been an integral part of

the Building the Education Revolution program. For

instance, you ask yourself why

it is that the - is it that the BER building costs twice the

price per square metre of the non-BER building and at this

particular school you have

$387,000 for the establishment

of the running of the

there's not $387,000 in that,

you have $421,000 in site work,

but no-one can figure exactly

where the $420,000 went in site work. And then you've got a

contingency budget worth there? You've got $425,000 for $153,000 - why is that

design documentation, field

data and site management. Again, why

there all these padded items in

the BER builds? This is the problem. This is a program which has been chronically

mismanage and chronically mis

managed under the direct

ministerial stewardship of the former Minister for former Minister for Education, now if Prime Minister, Julia

Gillard: So in order to

ensure that taxpayers are not

subject to this kind of abuse

by Government in the future, I

Coalition announce that an incoping

Coalition Government will

immediately establish an office

of due diligence within the

department of Prime Minister

and Cabinet. The office of due

diligence will be established

within a week of a Coalition

Government coming to power. All spending proposals will be

office of due diligence. subject to scrutiny by the

Proposals for spending worth

more than $100 million will be

subject to detailed scrutiny by the office of due diligence,

with a particular focus on is

there a detailed implementation

plan and is value for money

being achieved? This is an extremely important initiative

to try to ensure that never

again do we have the kind of

disasters which' WEF seen all too frequently under the current government, typified by

the Building the Education

Revolution program, the rip-off after rip-off in school

buildings and also the

disastrous home insulation program. My colleague Joe

Hockey will separately be

launch ing today a more

detailed tax policy. But the

office of due diligence forms

an important part of that

policy. I will s will be

announcing today officially as

part of that tax policy a tax

receipt that every taxpayer

will receive in future. It's

very important as part of stewardship of public money

that we give an accounting to

taxpayers of exactly what has

happened with their dollar. The

taxpayers of Australia deserve

to know that their dollars run

tax receipt der good management and this

tax receipt will been an

important sign of aur

commitment to be accountable to

want to make now, if I the Australian people. I just

want to make now, if I may, a couple of more general

observations. This is a

Government which cannot be

trusted with public money. This

is a Government which is just a

world champion when it comes to wastes of public wastes of public money. We've

seen today further comments by Reserve Bank board member

Warwick McKibon about the stimulus and

stimulus and the fact that it

way the Government claims and did not waive save jobs in the

how could it? Let's face the global financial crisis in how could it? Let's face it,

its most intense phase lasted about ate weeks. program s such as the building program s such as the building the education revolution

program are longer than the

first worlds war. So why do you

need a program that lasts

longer than the First World War

to save jobs in a crisis that

lasted in its intense phase for just eight weeks? We've also seen other examples of and mismanagement. The

Government has purchased it seems phantom water allocations

in if Murray-Darling Basin. Why

wasn't this all looked into more carefully

was spent? And finally, and I

will have more to say about

this later in the day when I go

to Western Sydney, we've had

the $2.6 billion announcement

of the Parramatta to Epping

rail link. The Federal Labor

Government has caught the

Government has caught the NSW

Labor Government's disease of make which are almost certainly make ing big which are almost certainly never going to be delivered

upon because they don't form part of a coherent plan. That is the NSW Labor pattern is the NSW Labor pattern - big announcements before an

election, big failure to

deliver after an election, big

promises before an election,

broken promises after an

election. The NSW State Labor

Government is all spin and Government is all spin and no

action and unfortunately the disease seems to have

contaminated Federal Labor under scbrurld,

it, owes her place as Prime

Minister to the same NSW Labor power brokers who are responsible for that Government's a appalling performance. If we're talking

about ending the waste, we've

got a tax announcement the

office of due diligence, how

much will it cost to produce

these page force every single

taxpayer in Australia and how many people will staff

it? It's a very modest cost

and it is an important sign of our determination to be accountable to the Australian staff the office of due

diligence? We will bring the office

office together using existing

public servants, so we're

public servants, so we're not going to going to be putting extra

public servants on the payroll.

What we will be doing is

getting public servants out of

existing rolls - roles into

this particular role so there

is no major spending proposal

which is not subject to

detailed scrutiny before the

event, not just subsequent analysis. We've got an auditor

general's office and that's

important. That tells us how

things have gone after things have gone after the event but we need more anticipation of how things will

go, that's why this is a very important initiative. You're

talking about a second term

agenda on tax reform: But on

Sunday you said that you'd

respond to the Henry tax review

within one year, so what

happens in the two years

between your response to the en

h Henry and the election? As I

said, we will within a said, we will within a month we will accomplish all the detailed - publish all the

detailed papers behind Henry recommendation. My hope

is that we will foster, through

publishing this material, the

kind of lengthy and intense

community debate on tax reform

that our country needs. Within

12 months the Government will

then respond to that debate. We will indicate will indicate which of the

various Henry recommend'ses we

want to take further. And how

we are commending to take them

further obviously they will be

further debate over that

of time and then going into the election

election we will seek a mandate for reform. Don't public

servants already look at the

due diligence when they look at

policy? Plainly in respect of

these programs such as the

building the education insulation program, the job has

not been done. Now, I know

because I have been a Minister, that it's very easy that it's very easy for Ministers and for departments to develop particular

enthusiasms. Nothing wrong

with. That but before a

decision is made by the whole

of Government, before very

large amounts of taxpayers'

money are committed to these

projects, they do need to be

subjected to subjected to thorough

scrutiny. Can this be done? Is

there a practical implement's plan? Can the dream be converted

converted into reality without

serious waetion? This's what the office of due diligence

will be before In the seat of

Dawson in Mackay a school

called St Joseph s has almost been

been entirely renovated under the building the education lus. Aren't there some

aspects of this program. The

Catholic and private schools

which have been subject

got good value. That's why I say on day one of an incoming Coalition

Coalition Government uncommitted spending that is not going through individual

schools will cease. And any

money that is yet to be spent

will be spent through the

school P & Cs because the

school P school P & Cs are capable of

getting value. We saw during the investing in our schools the investing in our schools

program under the former

Government that the school & Cs

could get - P & Cies can get excellent value for money. We are not against school infrastructure spending, we

just want to see value for money, plainly the schools that

have been able to determine their own projects, manage their own projects have got great value and we want to see

all schools have that opportunity. Your sample tax

receipt shows the it's less than

than 3%. Doesn't this show that

your record on debt an deficit

is not true? As I said

night, in 2012-13, interest on

the debt amounts to almost $6

billion. Now you could build about eight major public hospitals with $6 billion. You

could put in massive new roadworks to relieve congestion in our major cities with $6 roadworks to relieve traffic congestion

with $6 billion. So I make the

point that is $6 billion that

we would be much better off spending on productive assets

and that's why it's very important to get debt and

deficit down quickly. On the

NBN, the NBN Co. is now talking

about 1,000 Megalogenisa bits .

As one of the people there last

night said to you, isn't there inherent waste investing in a

broadband network that may be outdated in just a few

years? And I years? And I just caution

people against believing big promises from a Government

which has chronically failed to

deliver on promises. Now, sure,

it's very easy suddenly with an election

election in election in the offing,

suddenly in the midst of a very difficult election campaign for

the Government to pluck figures out

out of the air and say, "Look,

isn't this going to be

fantastic!" But too many people

have been too disappointed for

too long by this Government and in particular by Labor in NSW

and Queensland. , where we are

so used to big prommings which

never come to

never come to fruition. I could counsel people counsel people against taking

these kinds of airy promise,

airy assurances at face value. Thanks very much. That

Tony Abbott speaking there at Pymble Public School,

surrounded by the press and having spoken also with some

members of the P & C there who

were pleased they say to get

new buildings at their school