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(generated from captions) Yes, yes. I love you. I love you too. Don't you know I love him? Why are you doing this to me? No, you don't. Sweetheart, I love you. but we can't let this happen. I am so sorry, It will destroy us. This family has been through enough.

It can't... It's wrong. Please, sweetheart. It can't happen. I'm so sorry. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. the millionaires factory - Tonight - no longer forced to take a record pay cut. the Macquarie Bank boss It's been a very testing year.

in the Sydney airport murder - A sensational development And mowed down - five killed the Dutch royal family. in a plot to assassinate

Good evening. I'm Sandra Sully. And I'm Bill Woods. the new Sydney rail platform Also tonight, that's putting passengers in danger. is no longer fantastic And why plastic at a leading department store. to do the right thing, It will force us all so I think it's good. as the millionaires factory, But first, it's always been known the pinch of the global recession. but Macquarie Bank is tonight feeling have been more than halved - The investment group's profits the first fall in 17 years. Nicholas Moore, But it's the big boss, who has really taken a hit. His $26 million pay cut in Australian corporate history. is the biggest The millionaires factory record-breaking profit results. has suddenly stopped pumping out

It's been a very testing year. Testing to say the least -

the global financial crisis full-year profit in two. has cut the investment bank's With respect to Macquarie, this time last year. nobody saw a halving in profit Macquarie's annual result plunge 52%, Huge one-off write-downs have seen to just $871 million. from $1.8 billion at Macquarie. And it's not just profits plunging the biggest pay cut CEO Nicholas Moore has suffered in Australia's corporate history. Under the bank's profit share scheme, he takes home a little over $290,000. the year before. That's down from $26 million for anyone to swallow. That's surely a bitter pill It's determined by the board.

The bank's chief can't say the 1,000 workers already laid off. whether further job cuts will follow a capital raising is on the way. But he can confirm

Now it's all about rebuilding, of this in a very strong way. and Macquarie Bank will come out Despite the profit slide investment banks in the world Macquarie remains one of the only still booking profits. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. feeling the pinch. And it's not just business

$2 billion in the red New South Wales could be after a massive fall in revenues, to rise further. and unemployment is tipped is at State Parliament. Reporter Eddy Meyer explain this away? Eddy, how does the Government

This is that more than double what This is that more than double what

it projected just a few months ago.

The government says that is

appropriate because it is going to

spend the money sustaining 150,000

jobs - not necessarily creating

them. New South Wales has the

highest unemployment rate in the

country, 6.9%. I asked the

increase. Treasurer if he expects that to

a crystal ball. I don't think anybody has to get worse Clearly, things are going before they get better. We cannot pretend of the world recession. that we will not feel the brunt

increase. That is largely because

New South Wales has a high

proportion of finance and service

jobs. The Treasurer says the credit

rating is up not guaranteed. The

Opposition John Darfur command. national and international, At a time when the economy, was going well, $17.5 billion in revenues this State Government had

over and above what was anticipated. nothing to show for it, no reserves, Today we have these difficult times. to assist us through

The state government is blaming the

global financial crisis. They are

watering down the proposed prison

privatisation? They deny any deal

was done with the unions. The

Prisons Minister says one prison

has already suffered job losses and

he does not want to destabilise

that community it any further.

Another present in western Sydney

will be privatised. a sensational development There's been at Sydney Airport. in the bashing murder A court has heard of the Comanchero bikie gang the president a metal bollard during the brawl. bashed the victim with is at Central Local Court. Ten reporter Daniel Sutton

The allegation is not just that

need highly orchestrated the attack

but that he played an active part

in the bashing which resulted in a

death. He has been in custody with

five other gang members for a month.

application. This has come to light in a bail

with their second child, Heavily pregnant Caroline Gonzales came to court her husband's application for bail. to support to support Mr Hawi It is very important for the family and also to demonstrate to the court to support, that he has a lot of family the provisions of the Bail Act, which, once again, under for bail. makes him a very good candidate the Comancheros' president, Mick Hawi, is facing an affray charge at Sydney Airport in March over the bikie brawl of Anthony Zervas which resulted in the death of the domestic terminal. in the departures hall

For the first time it was alleged

Mick Hawi played an active role in

the assault.

It was also alleged Mick Hawi made

a verbal threat to the victim's

brother. A week later he was shot

repeatedly as he drove into the

driveway of his leg can behind. In

applying for bail, the lawyer of

Mick Hawi suggested he be placed

into house arrest. He has not seen

some eyes any has not seen another

inmate. His second cousin offered

to accompany him if he needed to

leave. The magistrates adjourned

the matter until next week. A major flaw has been uncovered and most modern train stations. at one of Sydney's busiest North Sydney terminal has revealed A risk assessment of the are too narrow sections of the platforms and passenger safety is in jeopardy. Every work day, 40,000 commuters use North Sydney train station. It's the fourth busiest on CityRail's network.

But a risk analysis commissioned by Ten News of the platform. has found the most crowded parts of the platform are also the narrowest. Our cameras caught numerous passengers forced dangerously close to the tracks. At best, major parts of the platform can accommodate a line just three deep. There's a greater risk

of someone falling off the edge of the platform,

Dr Tony Green's a senior lecturer at the School of Risk and Safety Science at the University of New South Wales. He says the risk to passengers at North Sydney is unacceptably high. And that's just going to get worse. Worse, because RailCorp's own figures project

patronage will double in 10 years. $88 million was spent refurbishing the station - it only opened in February - but it's done little to ease congestion. Dr Green predicts in just 10 years the station won't cope. It will be very difficult to move down the sides of those platforms and you're going to have spillage over. What Dr Green's saying is typical of a State Labor government that's focused on today's needs, not the needs into the future. Ten News can also reveal concerns about the North Sydney redevelopment existed within RailCorp. A senior employee quit before the upgrade was finished because they believed it was unsafe for passengers. The advice I have is that the work that's been completed here has been accredited by the Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator. Dr Green believes barriers should be fitted to the platform edge. That proposal's been rejected.

Josh Murphy, Ten News.

77 people in New South Wales are still awaiting test results

to see if they'll become the country's

first confirmed carrier of swine flu.

The Federal Government has called for calm, over fears Australians should stock their pantries in preparation for a flu pandemic. A passenger is rushed from the airport to hospital for swine flu tests - one of dozens of potential carriers singled out

by new thermal imaging scanners. The frontline battle to keep the deadly virus out of Australia has the Transport Workers Union concerned. It's taking Qantas to the Industrial Relations Commission, demanding protection for employees. That the company communicates with them clearly, that they wear masks where appropriate, that they have the proper gloves and protective equipment, and they be informed if a plane has carried a suspected carrier of the swine flu. Flights have been cut back and hundreds of Latin American tours cancelled. Most travel insurance policies don't cover cancellations unless the countries have been declared no-go zones

by the Australian Government. At the moment, travellers to Mexico have simply been told to reassess their travel plans, and out of pocket. leaving many in the lurch There are now 120 suspected cases of the virus in Australia. None have been confirmed. People that meet the suspect case definition are being asked to be home isolated, and public health units are actually following up with those cases. They're also being offered anti-viral medications. A warning to stockpile groceries and supplies has sparked fears a pandemic is imminent. We don't believe there's any need at this stage for people to make any particular preparations. Some chemists have sold out of face masks. I think it's particularly now to pay attention to what is going on in the southern hemisphere. Past flu pandemics have shown pregnant women are most susceptible. If they get sick they can be very sick, and get a pneumonia as a complication. Doctors are urging them to ensure their flu vaccine's up to date. Amelia Adams, Ten News. The driver of the car that had sought to ram the Dutch family but killed five onlookers from injur ies he suffered. has died in hospital from injuries he suffered. Dozens of people were mowed down as the man sped through the crowd, straight towards a bus carrying the royals. And a warning - this story contains graphic images. The moment a day of celebration turned to horror -

spectators were flung into the air and strewn across the road as a car burst through a security barrier.

It slammed into a stone monument. A police cyclist narrowly avoided being hit.

I heard a noise, so I watched - people flying through the air, and then the car came through.

And as far as I could see,

that seven or eight people were hit by the car. The car missed the open-top bus carrying the royal family. They watched on, shocked, as the drama unfolded. Almost 20 people had been mowed down by the speeding car. Onlookers rushed to help the victims, while police closed in on the wreckage of the vehicle. The driver, a 38-year-old Dutchman, was found slumped in the seat, critically injured. While he was still conscious he admitted to police he had targeted the royal family. (SPEAKS DUTCH) In a televised address, a shaken Queen Beatrix said her family was shocked such a great day had ended in a terrible tragedy. She passed on her sympathy to the victims and their families. Neighbours say the driver had recently lost his job as a security guard and was about to be evicted. Meredith Marks, Ten News. Adam Hawse with sport headlines. Adam, one punter stands to win a fortune on Penrith. Yes, Sandra. He's put $400,000 on the Panthers just to make the finals. The staggering amount he stands to win shortly. And after a week of headaches thanks to a controversial high shot against Cronulla, Craig Wing has surfaced for tomorrow's match on the Gold Coast, but remains in doubt. And a rookie's rise - the Swans create AFL history by naming a former Canadian World Cup rugby player in their team to face Richmond. Plus - we'll have the soccer nut

who's attempting to juggle a ball for 24 hours! Warnings of a looming unemployment crisis - we'll have the details next. Also tonight - warring teenagers arrested after a wild gang brawl at a city train station. And why you'll no longer be able to bag a bargain at Target. Please stop and think - do you need a bag?

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Youths in the Mount Druitt area say graffiti gangs RTV and FTA were feuding

over the assault of a girl associated with one of the gangs. Police interviewed dozens of teenagers before issuing orders for the groups to move on. The two injured teens have been released from hospital. Police want more witnesses to come forward. Evan Batten, Ten News. The Rudd Government's new 'earn or learn' policy has had a lukewarm response from some young Australians. With predictions of a million unemployed by the end of next year, the scheme is designed to get under-20s off welfare and into training. These Sunshine Coast teenagers don't like Kevin Rudd's "earn or learn" plan. I wanted to have a gap year. Like, I was planning on that, but I don't know - might have to do some more work. I reckon it's really unfair that we're given no choice.

The Prime Minister wants young Australians to train or study if they can't find a job, and those aged under 20 who choose not to won't get welfare payments. We must resolve together not to let this recession steal the future of a generation of Australians. The PM doesn't want to see the creation of more long-term unemployed. We've got about 50 years of work ahead of us. Why rush into it now? 16-year-old Jay Fitzgerald left school in Year 10, then lost his job, and today he was at Centrelink. His mum, Kim, believes Kevin Rudd's plan might be Jay's best option. I think that the kids today need to go back and learn a bit more and whether he needs to do a traineeship or a trade at TAFE or something like that, that's what he'll have to do. Probably might go back to school and try and finish Year 11 and see what comes from that. The Prime Minister attended a jobs summit in Melbourne today, as reports surfaced Treasurer Wayne Swan had told his State counterparts in Hobart yesterday declining economic growth would push unemployment well above 8%. There is no doubt, sadly, that there will be an impact on unemployment as a result of the global recession, but those forecasts will be there on Budget night. If the figures prove accurate, unemployment could hit a million by the end of next year. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Target department stores are banning plastic bags. From next month, shoppers will have to bring their own, or buy environmentally friendly carry bags. You can find many different goods in a Target store, except for plastic bags. The national chain has got the jump on its competitors by being the first to ban the bag. From 1 June we're going to be saying to our customers once again, "Please stop and think, do you need a bag?" Shoppers will need to bring their own carry bags, or they can buy reusable or corn starch biodegradable bags. But Australia's peak retail group says the move is mainly symbolic. Plastic bags and plastic represent something like less than 1% of the litter stream. The move will prevent more than 100 million plastic bags from entering landfill each year. Even so, that's less than 3% of the total 4 billion bags given out by retailers every year for free. hat figure will fall further from next week when South Australia becomes the first State to ban plastic bags.

But it's a contentious policy - shop staff in Adelaide are already dealing with bag rage. In Sydney, a developer has gone to court to try lift a local ban on plastic proposed for a new shopping precinct. But green groups say it's in retailers' best interest to follow Target's lead. While they continue to hand out these bags, their reputation as environmental citizens is being besmirched. And many consumers agree. It's good for the environment - it will force us all to do the right things. I think everyone should be doing it. Despite those concerns, for now, no other States are prepared to bin the bag. Emily Rice, Ten News.

It is the end of the working week.

Saturday will be better than we

thought and Sunday it will not be.

Tomorrow will be paid sunny day. 21

degrees. Late afternoon and evening

showers. Showers on Sunday and 22

degrees. Very cold across the state

last night. In some places the

mercury dropped to below zero.

Tomorrow - a sunny day and 21. A nursing home under investigation after bedridden patients were gnawed by mice - that's next. Also, a twister turns on storm chasers in Texas, And meet the 2-year-old girl who's almost as smart as Einstein. Dos, tres, quatro...

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It's your money. Online, over the phone and overseas, more people go with Visa Debit. This program is captioned live.

Friday traffic can be a lottery in

Sydney. It is a perfect sunset

tonight. I cannot say the same for

the traffic, especially going over

the Harbour Bridge. Take a look at

the traffic leaving the city for

the Western Distributor. It goes

all the way towards the Inner West.

The traffic does start to improve

past the northern end. It is a

perfect harbour. There are dramas

in the south-west.

There are claims mice have attacked two elderly men

in a nursing home west of Brisbane. Locals want the plague culled before someone else is hurt.

They're shy by day, Dalby's hospital grounds, the plague's getting too close for comfort. Yeah, in the bed. Almost a week ago,

mice savaged the face and neck of an 89-year-old war veteran in his nursing home bed. A second man was also bitten. While fewer were caught overnight, the outrage against Queensland Health hasn't died. We're appalled to hear that an elderly veteran, or indeed any elderly Australian, would have such a cruel experience

in an Australian quality nursing home. Today, workers were trying to mouse-proof doors and clear away excess debris, but mice keep popping up at the front door. There's one in there, he's running around. Oh, he's gone. with council about using poisons. Queensland Health's still in talks in the paddocks - So far, only baits have been placed off hospital land. Exterminators hope that'll work. as big as a 5 cent piece. Mice can get in through a hole Yes. Really? Yes, it does. Makes it hard to kepp them out. Makes it hard to keep them out. of the residents were concerned, We'd be very happy, if any

to relocate them

to every single one of them. and we've offered that the invitation at this stage. None of them have taken up which funds the home, The Federal Government, has begun its own investigation. in the license here being revoked

in the licence here being revoked In the worst case, that could result or residents evacuated. No-one in Dalby wants that. need to do something about it I think they just needs a good nursing home. because I think every town But they want one that's safe. In Dalby, Emma Dallimore, Ten News.

with Jacqueline Maddock, Now to the ING Direct finance report but not necessarily out. and, Jacqueline, Chrysler down, That's right, Sandra. The American car giant has gone bust, it'll stay in business. but the US President is promising Workers watched in stunned silence announced the bankruptcy on TV. as Barack Obama what a bankruptcy process means. No-one should be confused about This is not a sign of weakness, but rather, one more step on a clearly charted path to Chrysler's revival. The bankruptcy filing will take at least a month, and during that time it will merge with Italian car maker Fiat. Chrysler plants will be closed while the deal is being done, but workers will still be paid. Well, after yesterday's strong gains,

our market closed a little lower today. Shares in Macquarie Bank remain in a trading halt. Among the most popular stocks today -

Qantas and Leighton Holdings, both up more than 3%, and Telstra, up almost 1%.

And that's finance for this week. Britain's war in Iraq is over. A ceremony was held at the British base in Basra to hand over control of southern Iraq to US forces. Officers read out the names of the 179 British soldiers who died during the 6-year mission.

Some of the younger soldiers struggled in the heat. About 20 needed treatment. will be home by the end of May. Almost 4,000 British troops 400 will stay to train Iraqi forces. 430 will stay to train Iraqi forces. in the US. Tornado season has arrived twisters across Texas, Storm chasers have been pursuing recording the action. to a tornado One car drove dangerously close

and threatened homes. that brought down powerlines that spawned the twisters The powerful storms and baseball-sized hail. also dumped heavy rain it's got brains. Britain hasn't just got talent, which is just behind Einstein. 2-year-old Elise has an IQ of 156, Britain's brainiest child. The media has dubbed her

can't you? REPORTER: You can count in Spanish, How do you do that? seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, And what about capital cities? Paris. How about France? London. England? Washington. America? I assure you that's unrehearsed. And Spain - Madrid! of Mensa, Elise is now the youngest member with a high IQ. the society for people We'll tell you where next. Swine flu cases soar worldwide. Also, the sassy local designers at Fashion Week. doing it for the kids on sale, with a price tag to match. And Australia's top drop goes Phenomenal. It's smooth, it's rich, it's divine. It is on this night in Vatican City that an ancient ritual is taking place. With a top prize of $100,000, the new $5 'Angels & Demons' Instant Scratchie is the most fun you can have in the dark.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - passenger safety is at risk there are claims busiest train stations. at one of Sydney's Risk assessors say is too narrow. the upgraded platform at North Sydney A sensational development at Sydney Airport. in the bashing murder A court has heard of the Comancheros bikie gang the president a metal bollard during the brawl. bashed the victim with of the global recession, And Macquarie Bank feels the pinch with profits more than halved.

It means a $26 million pay cut Nicholas Moore. for the the bank's big boss, cases has hit more than 250. Worldwide, the number of swine flu

With 11 countries now affected, public health campaigns. governments are stepping up affected by the virus rises, As the number of countries are appealing to the people. governments around the world VOICEOVER: Flu viruses can spread your coughs or sneezes hygienically. if you don't catch The public health advertisement by the British Government is the latest line of attack that shows no signs of slowing. against a virus In Mexico, city streets are deserted, all non-essential workers after the President ordered to stay home for five days, of the illness. even if they show no symptoms I don't know, because it's boring, and you're, like, in jail. becuase you can't get out of here

largest airports, And at the country's the monitoring of passengers officials have stepped up by using thermal imaging technology. remains the United States, The greatest spread outside Mexico have topped 100. where confirmed cases a pre-emptive strike Some hospitals have launched by setting up outdoor triage clinics an expected influx of people to cope with who fear they have the disease. at a school in Fort Worth, Texas, And after just one suspected case have been told to stay home. 80,000 schoolchildren to come out and say I don't know if anyone wants

we're severely overreacting to a child. and then something tragic happens Overreacting, however, the US Vice-President is doing. is what some say and I have, I would tell members of my family, in confined places now. I wouldn't go anywhere

it's you're in a confined aircraft - It's not that it's going to Mexico, all the way through the aircraft. when one person sneezes, it goes who fell ill in Mexico As for an official US President's visit two weeks ago, while preparing for the enough to the Commander-in-Chief apparently he never he came close to pass it on. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. After five days of parades and parties, Australian Fashion Week is wrapping up for another year. Ten's Gabrielle Boyle is in the designer display area.

Gabi, it's been relatively low-key compared to previous years. How has it been received?

From the quaint to the quirky and

the strange and everything in

between, this has been the last day

of Fashion Week. It has been

received it really well. Today they

showcased up and coming designers.

They had plenty to offer. It was

great. Going into the week everyone

was nervous given the economic

situation. The collections have

been so strong this week. Weary now

14th year of Fashion Week. It has

been critically acclaimed. On the

catwalk we saw plenty of boys in a

large sunglasses. We saw a lot of

neutral colours. Plenty of lace and

feminine fabrics. According to the

catwalk displays, face masks are

making a comeback. That was certainly unusual.

certainly unusual. It was a

fractured fairy-tale Tiber feel for

this particular catwalk parade. You

could also bring your own at

surfboard. There was plenty of

unusual things to see. There were

two sassy local designers are doing

it for the children last night?

Sass and Biden took a little

unusual take - - sass and by took

an unusual take for the launch of

their latest collection. They took

on a party for charity. A very

tight - - theatrical and exciting

into Australian fashion Week.

and the first drops savoured The cork has been popped from the latest vintage of Australia's most renowned red. And the critics are raving, claiming the 2004 Penfold's Grange claiming the 2004 Penfolds Grange could be one of the best yet. Wine-lovers keen to be among the first to taste the latest Penfolds Grange, an early start with just rewards. Phenomenal - it is so smooth, it's rich, it's divine - and for everyone. If you don't drink wine, you can drink this. And the experts agree. Critics say the shiraz/cabernet sauvignon blend is almost perfect. It's a wine that you can trust very easily. It's a wine that is definitely going to age well and it will be one of the greats, I believe. We use the expression 'a stylistic template' of the '96 and the '90, which is really saying something, because they're two of the best vintages in a quarter of a century. Word quickly spread to critics in the United States. Unfortunately, it's delicious now. Cheers!

For many, it's more than a top drop - it's a quality investment. If I was to compare Grange, I think it's almost like finding a good wife - very hard to find. This drop is already being rated at 98% and 99%

by critics across the country. If it ages like they hope, it could eventually become one of the most valuable wines

in a collector's rack. If it is indeed one of the greats, well, who knows what the price could be. The sky's the limit. For now, the Grange carries a price tag around $600 a pop. Kate Freebairn, Ten News. Adam is back with the day in sport. Adam, can the Eels end their losing streak? Yes, Sandra, they'll need a big game from young halfback Kris Keating. He's up against Cowboys star Johnathan Thurston. We'll hear him from him shortly. Plus, a hot Tiger Woods strikes on day one of the latest US Tour event, just missing a course record.

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This program is captioned live. Talk of last year's Grand Final has been all but banned in the Manly and Melbourne camps ahead of tonight's rematch. Both teams are struggling and know a win at Brookvale could turn their season around. The Sea Eagles may have won the decider by a record margin, but that's counted for little so far. They're both of them going to use this game on Friday to try and get themselves back on track and now try and kick-start something for the season. Those wins both featured Brett Stewart, but Manly's sick of hearing it can't win without the star fullback. The Storm would still be smarting after a draining draw with the Warriors. They have dismissed talk of exacting premiership revenge. That was last year, it's a new season now, and it's always a big game against Manly. Parramatta will be hoping to snap a 4-game losing streak against the Cowboys tonight. Halfback Kris Keating's baptism of fire continues, facing off against Johnathan Thurston.

It's going to get harder and harder but we've got to pick our game up as well, come out and get a win to get our season rolling again. Souths take on the Titans at Skilled Park for the first time tomorrow. After a week of headaches Craig Wing will be given until just before kick-off to prove he's recovered from Paul Gallen's hit. It's getting better every day, but he hasn't trained up until this point. We have a run on the Gold Coast this afternoon, and hopefully he'll get through that and then he'll be OK to play. Brisbane skipper Darren Lockyer doesn't want special treatment from his team-mates just because Sunday's game against the Knights is his 300th. We've been doing well without having to do it for someone, so there's no need to change our approach to our football. And one Panthers fan will be cheering extra hard for his side. to make the top eight - He's had $400,000 on them to make the top eight.

He'd win $2 million. Glen Lauder, Ten News. Waratahs reserve Sam Norton-Knight has been ruled out of tomorrow morning's crucial Super 14 match in South Africa against the Cheetahs, after suffering back spasms during training. The kickers had a run at the match venue earlier today, knowing they must grab all 5 points on offer

to be a chance of making the finals.

You can tell the guys are ready to

play. I cannot see any reason why

at kick-off we will not be jumping out of our skin. That definitely goes for the Waratahs backline - the Cheetahs have been bagging our lack of pace in the local press all week. After sending the Swans a DVD of his playing talents just last year, former Canadian rugby player Mike Pyke will complete a remarkable achievement at the SCG on Sunday. He'll make his AFL debut against Richmond. When injury forced Mike Pyke to quit rugby union he was looking for a new sport and a new challenge. Aussie Rules was his choice. Now with just over six months experience, he'll play at the game's highest level. It's been a while since I played first class sport so thats the thing I'm most excited about - to play in front of a big crowd. Any athlete at the highest level, that's what they want to do. For the 200cm ruckman, handballing is clearly the most difficult skill to master. Handballing is the most foreign movement. It's such a bizzare sort of skill for me to get my head around and that's still a challenge. After playing 17 Tests for Canada, the transition to another elite sport hasn't been such a big deal for Mike Pyke, but it has been for everybody else, including coach Paul Roos. Extraordinary really, when you think not that long ago he didn't even know the game existed. He probably watched the game on television. On Sunday, Pyke will become the first international sportsperson to play AFL football from a non-Irish sport. I don't think it's going to spark a mass interest in the AFL overseas, but I do think it will spark interest in other AFL clubs to look offshore,

particularly with two new teams coming in. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Adam Gilchrist's Deccan Chargers have suffered their first defeat of this year's Indian Premier League. Gilchrist scored just eight with the bat as his side went down to the Delhi Daredevils

by six wickets at Centurion Park. COMMENTATOR: What a way to finish the game! In this morning's other match, Matthew Hayden's Chennai Super Kings defeated Shane Warne's Rajasthan Royals by 38 runs. It was a double blow for Chennai's Suresh Rainer after the ground scoreboard showed he'd scored a century when he was still on 98. Unfortunately he got out the very next ball. And you can catch an Indian Premier League double header tonight on ONE HD. Tiger Woods holds a 2-stroke lead after a superb opening round at the Quail Hollow Championship. The world number one had the ball on a string, carding seven birdies in his 7-under 65, his score just one stroke off the course record. The tournament is his first since the Masters last month, as he continues his comeback from injury. They say it takes a lot longer than you think, and they're right. I keep keeping better. Physically I feel better and better as time goes on, so I'll stick with it and hopefully I can play well. Woods leads Australian Robert Allenby and Phil Mickelson by two shots. An English soccer fanatic is currently attempting to juggle a ball for a world-record 24 hours. For 25-year-old Dan Magness to reach the target he'll touch the ball an estimated 250,000 times, but he's had plenty of practice in confined space. He's been keeping the ball in the air... I think the most was 16 hours in my kitchen. So there has been myself and the kids and everyone else roaming around him doing everything we need to do. Dan's allowed a 5-minute break every hour for a massage. He's expected to kick on until late tonight our time. Racing, and sad news today with champion New Zealand mare Sunline put down

after suffering a disease in her hooves. Sunline won 13 Group Ones. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow.

And coming up on Sports Tonight on ONE HD, why Mark Skaife is back in the V8s again.

Time to check the traffic.

Time to check the traffic. A file

has just occurred at Eastern Creek.

These are live pictures on the M4.

You can see the flames from that

vehicle. The traffic behind the

accident - take a look at it. It is

not moving. That is as a result of

that vehicle fire at Eastern Creek.

Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details.

Take the stairs. it'll satisfy your healthy side.

This program is captioned live. Tim

Bailey, we need some rain. What is

happening? We do need some rain.

Last month delivered 26 mm at more

than the monthly average. Sydney's

catchment level is 25% down on

average. Sunshine tomorrow and 21

degrees. Some showers coming

through Saturday night and across

Sunday. Showers forecast for much

of next week. 21 degrees tomorrow of next week. 21 degrees tomorrow and sunny.

Cloud over the south-east is

causing light, coastal showers. Cloud over the south-east is causing light, coastal showers. A causing light, coastal showers. A

southerly change will move up the

New South Wales coast bringing New South Wales coast bringing

showers tomorrow. Winds will ease

and no showers will clear from

Victoria and Tasmania. Isolated

showers along the southern New

South Wales coast. Possible showers

along then Queensland coast.

Showers clearing in Victoria.

Showers in western Tasmania. Showers clearing in Victoria. Showers in western Tasmania. 21

degrees and sunny tomorrow. Showers

and 21 degrees on Sunday.

Have a great weekend. World-renowned soft rock gods Air Supply are back in Australia for the first time in almost a decade. Airport baggage handlers may have lost their guitars in transit, but the sultans of smooch claim they still have their melodic magic. (BOTH SING 'LOST IN LOVE')

Backed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, they'll perform their classic hits 'All out of Love' and 'Lost in Love'

at a concert in Brisbane tomorrow night.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Sandra Sully. I'm Bill Woods. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late news at 11:20. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.