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over International condemnation

over Israel's deadly raids on a

Gaza-bound aid ship. Support

for the Greens surges as voters

turn away from the major parties. Documents show the

Government began planning an advertising campaign weeks before it announced a before it announced a new mining tax. Australia's

Samantha Stosur knocks Justine

Henin out of the French

Open. Good morning. It's

Tuesday 1 June. I'm row row The

top story on ABC News Breakfast

- the UN Security Council has

held an emergency meefting to

discuss an Israeli-led raid on

an aid ship that left at least

ten Pro Palestinian activists

dead Israel insists it acted in

self-defence saying its

soldiers were stabbed kicked

and beaten but its critics are

calling the response herry

handed and State terrorism. As

navy ship returned to the port of Ashdod Israeli leaders

blamed the violence on the

organisers of the aid on koi

vow The matter of hate and

violence in support of Hamas

terror organisation was a

premeditated and squout rage os

provocation. The organisers are

well known for their ties to

globe allergihead, al-Qa'ida

and Hamas. They have a history

of arms smuggling and deadly terror. Liz continue to decisively protect its

sovereignty, security and its

right to protect itself and its

eitself residents anywhere, any

time and with every means

required. A significant number

of Israelis are right behind

their troops. I think that what

they do is very, very good to protect our country. These

people on the ship, there is

absolutely no doubt terrorists

because if someone takes a life

and put it in the stomach of a solder. Some of them solder. Some of them were

injured by clubs, fives and two

pistols which were taken from

Israeli commandos. Israel's

army also says it found a box

of weapons on board including

knives and metal bats but so

far no fire appears. And reports from on board say it

was soldier it's we began

firing first and firing first and that activists

were waving white flags. And

Israel is yet to explain why on

a supposeingly peaceful

interception, its commandos

chose to board the ship by

propelling from a military

helicopter in the dark in

international waters. Right now

what is absolutely vital is

that we first have full account

of the incident, what had happened,

happened, and Israel must

provide the full explanation

on The #350ur7b has also demanded an investigation,

while the German chancellor

Angela Merkel has suggested international observers be

appointed to speed up the process. Turkey, Greece and

Spain called in the Israeli

ambassador s for an explain

ampltion Turkey recalled its

ambassador from Israel back to Andorra. We're starting to Andorra. We're starting to see some of the boats run to, a

Dodd and this area right behind

me is where the hundreds on

board will be protest. This

area is closed to media but

also to foreign diplomats and

there's something that's

unlikely to calm the anger of

foreign nations. The US issued

a carefully worded statement,

saying it regretted the loss of

life and injuries sus Spained -

It was hardly solid support

for Israel's PM who was due to meet with the US President

Obama this week. Benjamin Netanyahu has now cancelled

that meeting to return

home. Now an Australian

journalist and photographer

were on board the ship when it

was attacked and Fairfax

newspapers say the two are safe

and have now been taken to an Israeli detention centre Israeli detention centre and

very shortly we'll bring you an

interview with an Israeli

Foreign Ministry spokesman

giving Israel's version of

events on the high assess. In

other news, the latest

newspaper shows support for the

Greens has surged as voters

turn away from the major

parties. Today's poll in the 'Australian' shows support for

the minor party is up 4% to

16%. Support for both Labor and

the Liberals top dropped by 2

points. The documents show the Federal Government has planning ads promoting its Super Profits

Tax before the Henry review was

plirkly released. The review

recommended the mining tax.

Letters between Federal MPs

show the Government expected

the tax to affect share prices.

PM Kevin Rudd has repeatedly

said volatility on Australia's

share market was due to

instability in global markets.

The man wanted for questioning

for the murder of Perth

millionaire Craig Puddy is due

to face court in Queensland

today. Police have aflied

extradite Cameron Mansell to

Western Australia. He was

arrested near Townsville after

going missing for almost two

weeks. Police will carry out

tests on a wheelie bin found yesterday which is believed to

have been used to dispose of Mr

Puddy's body. Victoria's health

department says it could take

months before the full ent

ex-tent of a hepatitis C cluser

is known. 44 women who attended the Croydon Day Surgery in

Melbourne have tested positive to the virus. Dr James Peters

who worked at the surgery was

suspended from practising in

February. Victoria's Chief

Medical Officer says it's

likely the virus was

Electrical Trades deliberately massed on. The

Electrical Trades Union in Queensland and the Northern

Territory is banning members

from working on uranium mines

or in the nuclear energy

industry. The union says

corporation and political

leaders are trying to bribe

workers with higher wages while denying the health roifks

uranium mining. The ET U says

it has saent DVD to members

outlining the dangers and the

reasons for its stance. Returning now to our

stop story and that's the death

of at least 10 Pro Palestinian

activist on board an aid ship bound for Gaza. The Israeli

Government has accused the

activists of having linked to

al-Qa'ida. A short time ago I

spoke with the Israeli Foreign

whether Israel was concerned Ministry and I began by asking

about the sweepg international

response? Well, it's not - it

wasn't supposed to be one from

the beginning. We knew that

those boats are there for

provocation, we knew that - the

weesh not talking about a

peaceful mission, we're talking

about vak viss who are engaged,

some, with terrorist

organisations, we offered them

to disembark as does the United Nations and the ro,z they

denied. We didn't expect them

to be so violent. Could you

stopped the boats without the

use of force? Five of those

boats were stopped without the

use of force, only one boat on

which activists of the

organisation called IHH which

is a is an extreme Islamic

organisation with ties to

al-Qa'ida and ties to Hamas

both known as terrorist organisations of course, on

that boat we experience tad

kind of violence. By the way we

were surprised by the extent of

that violence i, by the level

of those people. They had fives

and metal clubs, they had stun

grenades, they are Molotov cock

tiles, and it turned ugg I how

was this not as the French

President Nicolas Sarkozy has

said, is not a disproportionate

use of force by the Israeli

soldiers who bored that

boat Seven of those soldiers

were injury, two of them

critically injured. Win of them

was shot in his stomach and in

his knee. I don't think that's

accepted force, you know?

You're trying to stop people

from smuggling things into the

Gaza Strip where we're trying

constantly to smug Newcastle

weapon, missile, rockets weapon, missile, rockets and

explosives, what else can you

do. What evidence do we have,

what evidence do you have that

Israeli soldiers were indeed

fired upon? We have a soldier

with gun shot wounds. I think

that... Was the gun involved on

the boat already or was Israel

as reports suggest an Israeli

weapon that was seized and then used on Israeli sold

soldiers? Yes,, it was two

weapons were abduct from

soldiers, the soldiers did not

use their weapons, did not fire

until fired - until fires were directed at them Why were

Israeli soldiers put in a

situation therefore where they

felt the need to open

fire? Well, if they did use

accepted force then of course

there wouldn't be a situation

where their life would be

threatened would it? This boat

was stopped in international

waters so surely that was a

wrong move by Israel. Why did

the Israeli soldiers feel the

need to board the ship while it

was in internationally

recognised waters? Well, somebody's approaching your

home, on his way was with clear

intent to break the law, you're

allowed to stop him on his way.

If you know that he's going to

do that, he's saying it clearly

he's going do that. He has the

means and the ep tension then it is legal to stop him on his

way. I think that even

Australia sometimes stops

people on their way to

Australia, if they're doing it

illegally. This incident has

already had serious diplomatic

consequences for Israel, a

number of your Corazon Aquinos

in Europe have been called in

for please explain meetings and

a scheduled meeting twoop your

PM and President Obama in

Washington has been postponed.

How does Israel go about

rebuilding what is very much

bettered international

reputation in light of this

incident? Well we already had

today extensive briefings with

all the ambassadors here in

Israel. Our ambassadors all

over the world are going to the

Ministerries of foreign affairs

to explain our position, to explain our position, there

are more and more footage which

is released as we speak proving

that the soldiers were attacked

on the moment they embarked

those ships, but we have to

remember that when we're

talking about organisations

such as the UN and multilateral

bodies, there's only one 22

Arab countries. There are

double the number of Muslim

countries. Yes, it's not the

first time you see an immediate

or dramatic majority condemning

Israel. It's not the last time,

it's not the first time and unfortunately that's the

situation which we face. But

it's fair to say that

international relations between

Israel and the international community have never been as

low as they are this morning,

given what's happen on the

those waters? There are people

who remember other times of course. We hope that lit not

have a long lasting effect.

This is not a pleasant day. I admit but at the end of the day

a country has also to think

about protection of their

citizens. Hamas has carried out

a stunt, a political stunt,.

Hopefully the international

community will fall into that

trap. Andy David trap. Andy David I appreciate

your time this morning. Thank

you very much. Thank you. That was

was Andy Dave frid the veil

Foreign Ministry. BP is

preparing to make a new attempt

to stop the oil leak in the

Gulf of Mexico with with the

help of underwater robots. But

the situation could get worse

before better with fears the

new attempt could increase

water flow by 20%. ... Millions

of oil have now contaminated

the gulf and nobody knows how

much more is on the way. In a region growing shorts of on

optimism the worst case their

Joe is being openly discussed.

August before the leak can be

stopped. The emphasis now is on

containment.. We are doing

everything we can to contain

the oil off over, se despeepd

the shore line and return

people's lives to normal as

fast as we can. Following its

failed attempt to plug the

leak, BP will now try to place

a dome over the pipe to collect

the gushing oil and pump it to

a surface storage ship. It's a

technique the company has

already tried. And although engineers say they've learned lessons from lessons from the previous

attempt, lawmakers in

Washington have lost

patience. Their focus was not

completely on the liveability

of the gulf, it was also on the

liability of BP and as a result

they had a stake in low balling

the number right from the very beginning in terms of the

amount of oil going out into

the gulf. So you think the gulf. So you think they lied? I think that they werer

this lie organise they were incompetent. Meanwhile, another

threat is looming. Tuesday

mashes the official start of

the Atlantic hurricane season

when tropical storms are

expected. High winds could push

the oil further inland. Some

weather experts are predicting

activity to rival 2005, the

year that sporned hurricane Katrina. If you'd like to send

us your feedback on any of the

stories we're cover dag, in

particular your thoughts on the

Israeli storming of that aid

ship bound for Gaza and also

your views on why the Greens

have done so well in this latest Newspoll, send emails to

- The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - a United Nations

meeting as roundly criticised

Israel's attack on boats

delivering aid to the Gaza

Strip. At least ten people were killed when Israeli forces

stormed one of the ships.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

said soldiers were trying to

defend themselves. A poll out

today shows voters are turning away from the major parties. The newspaper in the 'Australian' newspaper shows

support for the Greens is up

four points to 16%. Support for

both Labor and the Liberals

dropped by two points. It's been revealed that the

Government was planning ads

promoting its Super Profits Tax before the Henry Tax Review was

publicly released. The review

recommended the mining tax.

Letters between Federal MPs show the Government expected

the tax to affect share prices.

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott

are both on the nose with

voters according to latest

Newspoll out today

The big mover has been the

Greens which have registered

record levels of support. And

it seems according to this

Newspoll it's a case of mute

youly assured destruction for

both Tony Abbott and Kevin

Rudd? They are both certainly

on the nose. No-one wants to

vote for them. When we look at

this Newspoll and the primary

vote, who people would

initially choose to vote for

when they're presented with a

ballot papers full of options,

whether they vote for Labor,

Liberal? The answer is No. What

we have is a plummeting primary

vote for both Labor and

Liberal. Or the Coalition.

They're both down two points so

the Labor primary vote is down

to 35%. The Coalition primary

vote is down to 41%. They're

both below the primary votes

recorded at the 2007 election.

In fact for if Labor Party

their primary vote at the last

election was around 43%,

whereas at the moment it's at

35% so that shows how far

they've fallen since the last

election, but those drops have

been picked up by the Greens,

their prime aye vote is now at

16%. They have been through

most of the last two year

steady at around 10%. In the

last couple of months they

picked up and seem to be able

to hold on to another 2% and

has been hovering around the

12% mark but in the last

Newspoll period over the last

fortnight they've jumped up 4

points which is an

extraordinary take for the Greens. You're talking with

Virginia yesterday about the

threat the Greens posed to some

key seats, particularly Lindsay

Tanner in the seat of

Melbourne. These figures will

make the Finance Minister much

more nervous this morning Not

only him in the seat

o-Melbourne but also Tanya

publicer second, another

Government Minister and a

number of seats in Western

Australia, even where they have farely comfortable margins

they're still worried about the

rising green so it's not just

the traditional marginal seats

but even those with wider

marginsment some of those

Minister will start becoming

nervous and you can see it in

the part-times on of some of the Minister recently. Lindsay

Tanner has been a bit more

fired up and a bit more

unsettled in some of the recent

interviews he's given. He

really lashed out at the Greens

in the last interview he gave

on the ABC and seemed quite

unsettled. I wouldn't be

surprised if he was very

worried about what's going on

in his own back yard The tit-for-tat Government battle

over Government advertising,

continues and this morning it's

the Government in the country

over the timing of these ads

supporting the mining tax? They

released documents themselves,

these are Cabinet document,

that show the Government were

planned this ads before they

released the Henry Tax Review.

And announced their plan for

the tax to be implemented. So

it hasn't entirely been a

direction response to the

mining companies putting out

the ads because they started

planning the ads before the

mining companies even mining companies even knew

about it. The so-called kitchen

cabinet of the PM, the Deputy

PM, the Treasurer and the

Finance Minister gave approval

for these 38 million dollar ads

to go out just a couple of days

before the Henry Tax Review was released. And what we've also

found out over the last 24

hours is that the special

Minister of State, Joe Ludwig

who gave the exemption for

those ads to bypass the

advertising guidelines that the

Government has in place, that

he did that - we know that he

did that on the Monday and announced

announced the exemption on the

Friday but he was interviewed

by the '7:30 Report' on

Wednesday and she was asking him him directly about advertising

money put aside and whether or

not it would be used to promote

the mining Super Profits Tax.

Let's hear a little bit of that interview. Would a campaign on

the Government's mining tax be

legit my use of that

money These are matters for the

Treasury to determine. My role

is tone sure that there are

guidelines in place and that

secretaries adhere to those

guidelines Is that something that that money could be spent

on for example? That's still a

matter for the Treasurer. It's

a matter for each individual

department to make decisions about what advertisements they

want to run. So there we have

Joe Ludwig saying it's still a

matter for the Treasurer and

the other departments yet we

know that at that point two

days earlier, he had already

granted an exempt shun for

these advertisements so he had

already made a decision by then

so the Opposition is using this

and saying that it shows that

the Government is being

dishonest and it's not the

first occasion I think we can

expect more questioning on that

in Question Time and yet

another merry-go-round of

fighting over this tax. Just

the stuff you enjoy, Melissa

Clarke, thank you. Europe's

debt crisis will be one of the

key issues discussed at the

Reserve Bank board meeting today. Economists are today. Economists are overwhelmingly tipping that

interest rates will remain on

hold at 4.5%. But it might be a

short lived reprieve. Less than

one month ago the Reserve Bank

board brought the problems in

Greece would be contained to

the Eurozone. But that hope was

short lived. That remained true

for about 24 hours and then the

problems in Greece and Europe

engulfed global financial

markets and so markets are

really quite shaky right now so

I think the Reserve Bank will

be content just to sit and wait

and watch and see that and hope

that things pan out. Economists

keeping a close eye on the situation say Australia could

still be immune from the contagion in Europe. There's

nothing to say that another

week we won't see a sustained

equity market rally, our

interest rate future itself,

those price movements could

reverse very rapidly and we're

much more closely tied to

China. However, this are growing fears about credit

drying up and a return to the

worst days of the global

financial crisis. Domestically

interest rates interest rates sensitive sectors are starting to show

signs of weakness. Official

figures show the flow of credit

to business and households hit

a five month low in April. Over

all, lending number numbers

drew which by a weaker than

expected 0.2% in the month.

Personal credit was up a little, while business credit

fell 0.4%. So the corporate

sector still not showing the

sort of rebound that would be

expected given the high level

of business confidence and now of course with the business

confidence numbers starting to

soften, this will be of concern

that we're not going to see the

sort of strong surge sort of strong surge in

business investment that we had

been expecting as recently as a

few months ago Mudling the economic picture, official

figures showed company profits

were up by a stronger tan

expected 3.9% during the

quarter. Housing Industry Association figures were up a

nationally but that was

nationally but that was mainly

due to a spike in Victoria.

While the a private survey

shows the value of homes in

April, leveled off. There's

plenty of ammunition nor bears

and Bulls. The bears will look

at this housing data and say

that the economy is slowing

market edly whereas bulls and

I'd put myself in that camp

will say it has been but maybe

it's the pace of rate hikes

affecting behaviour The Reserve

Bank also has also has to

contend with rising inflation

which is reaching the top of

the target boobd They've now

had to revise their inflation

forecasts so saying that its

low point will be in the top

part of the band and we know

that in 2008 the inflation got

up to 4.7%, whennure thinking about holding it between 2 and

#3, that was a very

uncomfortable time for them so

they'll be very mindful about

those inflation risks. A

private gauge of inflation rose

3.7% in the year to May. But

economists put that down to an

increase in tobacco tax. As for

where interest rates are

heading by the end of the

year... I think we will be at

5% which is probably at the

restrictive side of normal. I

think whatever forecasts anyone

had for buoyant Australian

economy a month ago, whatever

forecast you had a month ago

you'd probably hold those

forecasts with less confidence

today given the shakiness of

global financial global financial markets Next

month we're unlikely to see a

rate hike next month but the big one will be in

August. Where a lot of that

will depend on what the CPI figures

figures reveal when they're

released in July. A fairly quiet night on international

markets -

It was a great night at the

French Open for Samantha

Stosur. Here to tell us about

all about is Paul Kennedy Good

morning. Yes Samantha Stosur is

through to the quarterfinals of

the French Open. This how she

did it. This is match point

against Justine Henin. The two

fought a really tight tussle

and was relief for the

Australian when she was finally

able to close out the third

set. 6-4 and it started off

fairly shakely with Stosur

losing that first set 6-2,

Justine Henin been in terrific

form of course. She's won four times previously at Roland

Garros, and she started very, very confidently, that was the

first set point there. And then

somehow Stosur was able to turn

it around. These two played

just a couple of weeks ago so

that probably helped the

Australian and she had a good

form line going into the town..

That's her closing out the

second set and then there was a

crucial match point, crucial

point at 4-4 in the third set

and as you can see there was

just milly meeters in it but

the call went the Australian's

by a and shy went on to win

that match. Let's hear now from Justine Henin and Samantha

Stosur. Just wanted so much to

keep going and I haven't been

of course at my best today and

Samantha was the best player on

the court and she took her

chance, the opportunities and yeah, it's of course the

difficult but it's part of the

sport and when you come back at

this level you know after two

years off you know it's not

going to be easy to deal with a

lot of situations and that

means I still have to work harder. I

harder. I said it before going

into today's match, I thought

I've been playing quite well

and my third round was my best

match up until today and I

played better today so going

into quarterfinal I couldn't

probably hope to be in a better

position I continue think and

obviously beating Justine is

going to give me lots and lots

of confidence for the next match

match snr. That next match will

be against Serena Williams, so

if Stosur beats Serena Williams

you can expect her to be almost

the favourite to win that

tournament. Her first grand slam that would be. The Sydney Roosters came from behind last

night in the NRL to beat the

Gold Coast Titans. It didn't

look good for the Roosters when

ooerly when they conceded two

tries but they came back and

won in the end 30-16. COMMENTATOR: He won't even get

back to I. Tapped back wards by

Carney. Straight to Luke Bailey

who has some speedters with

him. Meaz one of them and he

will run away and scoring the

opening try of this one..

Showing it to Harrison, fooling

everybodyings what a lovely

piece of play. Pearce it is the

cross field bomb. Chance for

pertote go up, he taps it back

for Anasta, he goes to

Kenny-Dowall who goes for the

line. Pearce to Carney, a

chance for Graham, back on the inside for Minichello... Anasta

little chip for the corner.

Graham is there. Anasta from

dummy half, he cracks them.

Pearce, going to the line, what

a ball Paul for much for the line. Kenny-Dowall. The

left-hand side, that's where

they go and crashing across to

score... So 30-16 was the final

score there. The other big

story in rugby league is that

virtually all the newspapers

this morning are confirming

that Israel Folau, the Brisbane

Bronco will cross over to

travel today. And play for the greater western Sydney team.

When that comes into the AFL.

Let's hear now from Karmichael

Hunt and the Brisbane Lions

coach Michael Voss. There's

been a lot of publicity on my

move and as you mentioned, I'm

probably one of the highest

profile AFL players on the Gold

Coast that hasn't played a game

yet but comes with the territory, comes with the move

and I'm just looking forward

and excited to start training

and develop myself as a

football player. Sit really

worth us paying that much to be

able to get though that though?

I think there's something not

quite right about that. You

look - when I came through as a

player, we were forever sold

about the investment in the

game, the players had to make

and, you know, that we would always put some of these

interests behind because game

development was exceptionally

important within AFL. So we did

that. What we thought we were

investing in those was Ausic

and under 10s 11s and 12, we

didn't expect we were investing in two players who would back

the highest paid players in the

AFL. That just seems ridiculous to me Brisbane Lions coach

Michael voth making his opinion

very, very clear, expect him to

be howled don by others within

the AFL because this whole

thing is one upsmanship, the

AFLly theing to get within over

the NRL to get Israel Folau

across and I agree with Michael

Voss. I think he's got a point.

These players aren't tested and

it's the case that both the

Gold Coast side and western

Sydney are exempt from the

salary cap in terms of these

marquee players. That's right.

One of the other things that is

being said is that all of this money is on top this

sponsorship and promotional

money for Folau and Karmichael

Hunt. I'm not against them

crossing codes, I think it's

terrific, anyone who watched

Jim Stynes career when he

crossed over and won a bronl

medal would know that there's something exciting about

players testing themselves and

crossing codes but paying them

more money than the stars of

the game, is a little bit ridiculous as Michael Voss

says. What's that saying? It's

good for football? Yes,, well it's good for the AFL apparently because they make

the point that Michael Voss

talking about these players in

a press conference and that's

the point. We can be watched

live on the web from

anywhere. Just visit the main

ABC News website. If you scroll

down you'll find a link to

breakfast. Vanessa O'Hanlon

joins with us the wirt. Good

morning. Let's take a look at

today's satellite image.

Lighter showers today for the

NSW coast. As the low moves

into the Tasman Sea and

weakens. Cloud is also building over the rest of the

south-east, it's in a

developing low. Just the odd

light should have those though

cloud over southern WA also

causing a few showers. Around

the States for today - You're watching ABC News Breakfast. Still to come -

we'll be speaking to former Anne ambassador to Israel,

Peter Rogers, about the lal raid on a pro-Palestinian aid

ship. And also ahead - we'll

have a review of some of the

newspapers and this morning

we'll be joined by Radio

Australia broadcaster Phil

Kafcaloudes. That Israeli raid

leads the news this morning and

world powers have expressed

outrage at Israel's attack on

boats delivering aid to the

Gaza Strip. The United Nations has held an emergency meeting

to discuss the attack. At least

ten people were killed when

Israeli commandos stormed one

of the ships in international waters. Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu stays soldiers were

trying to defend themselves. The

The last Newspoll shows support

for the Greens has surged as

voters turn away from the voters turn away from the major parties. Dees poll in the

'Australian' show support for

the minor party sup four points

to 16%. Support for both Labor

and the Liberals dropped by two

points. Documents show the

Federal Government was planning ads propoeting its Super

Profits Tax before the Henry

Tax Review was publicly

released. The review

recommended the mining tax but

letters between Federal MPs

show the Government expected

the tax to affect share prices.

The man want tord questioning

over the murder of Perth millionaire Craig Puddy is due

to face court in Queensland

today. Police have applied to

extradite Cameron Mansell to

Western Australia. Forensic

tests will be carried out today

on a wheelie bin found

yesterday which is believed to

have been used to dispose of Mr

Puddy's body. And Victoria's

health department says it could

take months before the full

extent of a hepatitis C cluser

is known. 44 women who attended

the kroi cry have tested

positive to the vier yuxs Dr

James Peters who worked at is

surgery was suspended from practicing in February. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has

expressed regret after at least

nine people died when troops

stormed a ships trying to break

the Gaza blockade. But he said soldiers has

soldiers has been defending

themselves after they were

clubbed, beaten and stabbed. He

was speaking after a meeting

with the Canadian PM. We try

to let in all humanitarian

goods into Gaza, all peaceful commodities, food, medicine,

and the like. What we want to

prevent coming into Gaza are

rockets, missile, explosives

and war material that could be

used to attack our civilians.

This is a an ongoing policy and

it was the one that guided our

action yesterday. We told the

flotilla of ships, we said you

can take all your cargo, put it

in our port, we'll just clear

it out of any war material it

is rest will go through. We

succeeded cog this peacefully

with five of the six ships. The

sixth ship, the largest, which

had hundreds of people on it,

not only did not cooperate in

this effort peacefully, flay

deliberately attacked the first

soldiers who came on the ship,

they were mobbed, they were

clubbed, they were beaten,

stabbed, there was even report

of gunfire. And our soldiers had to defend themselves,

defend their live or they would

have been killed. We regret any

of the violence that was there.

We would like dish would like

to wish speedy recovery to the wounded including four of our

own. Israel's PM Benjamin

Netanyahu. As we've been

mentioned there's been widespread international

condemnation of the attacks.

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

said he was shocked and he condemned the violence. An emergency meeting of the UN

City Council has been held in

fork. More more Craig McMurtrie

joins us now from joins us now from Washington.

Craig, what's been the

overwhelming response

there? Well it's been condemnation basically. The various members of the Security

Council one by one expressed

their condemnation for the

violence, Turkey, said that it

was a serious crime, they

likened it to murder by a

nation state, Japan called for

a full investigation, Russia

called it a grass violation of international law, China expressed its serious concern,

France said it was a

disproportionate use of force,

the UK and the US stopped short

of outright condemnation of

Israel though they have both called for a full investigation.

investigation. The UK is saying

that it deeply deplores the

loss of life and that's it's a

grave concern. The US

representative Mr Wolf said it

was deeply disturbing and that

direct delivery of aid by sea

was not appropriate basically saying that it was

unnecessarily provoke tifr but

he it rayed the US position

that there thought b a

transparent investigation. The United States is dopely

disturbed by the recent

violence and regrets the tragic

loss of life and injury suffer

among those involved in the

incident last night aboard the

Gaza-bound ships. We are

working to ascertain the facts.

We expect a credible and

transbarnt investigation and strongly urge the Israeli

Government to investigate the

incident full y. Mechanisms

exist for the transfer of

humanitarian assistance to Gaza

by member states and group it's

want to do so. These non-provocative and non-confrontational mechanisms

should be the once used for the

benefit of all those in Gaza. We will continue to work

closely with the Government of Israel and the Palestinian

Authority. And Craig what sort

of response has there been at

this stage from the White

House? Not too much. It's

memorial day long weekend here

so today is a public holiday.

We haven't heard directly from

the President but there was a

phone call between the path and PM Benjamin Netanyahu this

morning. The Israeli PM was

expected here tomorrow for talkses and quite important

talks as we now know he's

returning home to deal with

this crisis. All the White House's essentially saying is

that the President expressed

his - expressed the sporns of

learning all the facts and circumstances around this

morning's tragic events as soon

as possible so in other words

echoing the line there from the

US representative at Security

Council that there needs to be

a transparent a investigation.

And the City Council is - the

Security Council is still meet

beg hind closed doors now

trying to figure out a form of

words, a resolution on this,

and it's quite likely that

there will be a call for an

independent investigation

coming out of those

talkings Who would conduct this

independent investigation, is

there any word? ONA. Not that

I'm aware of and that will of

course be the interesting question. Presumably a UN sanction investigation of some

sort but those are the sorts of

details that are now being

hammered out behind closed

doors at the UN headquarters in

New York. Thank you,

Craig. OK. Thapd's PM has been

accused of violating the human

rights of anti-Government protesters. The accusation was

made during a heated no confidence debate in

parliament. With the street

protests cleared the latest

round of political debate

returned to parliament. But the tension replains. The

Opposition says the PM violated

human rights. TRANSLATION: By ordering the

military to use war weapons to

disperse people and by not

following the standard

measures, that's what caused

the large number of casualties and injured people. The

Opposition also says the army's

approach was not in line with

international standards. 88

people died in people died in violence

associated with the two month

rally and its dispersal however

the PM says the army was

defending itself against armed

militants. He stays Government

only ever planned to surround

the rally sight to block access to supplies. There will be consequences to what happened.

Once you have been given all

the information,ly clarify the

real cause of problems that led

to damage and loss. Mr Abhisit Vejjajiva says he tried a

number of times to reach out to the protest leaders. The no-confidence motion will come

down to a vote on Wednesday.

Scientists in America claim to

have developed a vaccine which

could prevent breast cancer.

Successful tests of the vaccine

were carried out on mice and

researchers are now carrying

out human trials. A cell

ravaged by breast cancer. It's

the most common form of

the most common form of cancer

in the UK. Killing 1,000 women

every month. But scientists in

Ohio believe they may have

found a way of stopping it in

its tracks. Researchers

selected mice which were

genetically prone to cancer.

Half were given a vaccine which

targeted the protein found in

most breast tumours. All of

them remained healthy. But

every single one of the mice in

the control group which didn't

receive the vaccine went on to

develop the dweez. The

vaccine's create vors described

the findings as potentially

monumental. My ultimate hope is that when

that when a woman reaches the

age of 40, they go to their

physician and they get their

breast cancer vaccine. It

should be part of the normal healthy vaccination protocol. The possible

breakthrough has been welcomed

on this side of the Atlantic

where 45,000 new cases are

diagnosed every year. But

breast cancer charities are

urging caution.. This research will help us understand ways in

which we may be able to prevent

breast cancer in the future but

it's very early stage research,

so far it's only been carried

out in the laboratory and we'd

like to see how this works in women. Clinical trials on women

could start as early as next

year. Although even if

successful, it's likely to be

at least a decade before a mass

produced vaccine is available. There is

There is some optimism that a technique may have been found

to overcome this deadly

cancer. You're watching ABC

News Breakfast, the top stories

this morning - a United Nations

meeting has roundly criticised

Israel's attack on boats

delivering aid to Gaza. At

least ten people were killed

when Israeli forces stormed on

to the ships. Benjamin Netanyahu say said soldiers

were simply trying to defend

themselves. A poll out today

shows voters are turning away

from the major parties. The Newspoll in the 'Australian'

newspaper shows support for the

Greens is up four points to

16%. Support for both Labor and

the Liberals dropped by two points. And it's been revealed

the Government was planning ads

promoing its Super Profits Tax

before the Henry Tax Review was

publicly released. The review

recommended the mining tax but

letters between Federal MPs show the Government expected

the tax to affect share prices.

For a look at the national

papers today we're joined by Radio Australia broadcaster Phil Kafcaloudes. Good morning Phil Good morning to you both It's a big news day. It

certainly is and the stories you've just been talking about

there have made the splashes

across the papers. Let's start

with the mining tax and it's

pretty clear that a lot of

people don't understand it but

I itself doesn't mean that they

don't want to not like it. You

can look at this Newspoll that

we've just been talking about

it there and the Newspoll shows

that in the mining tax 36% of

people are if in favour, 41%

against it. So... Not numbers

Kevin Rudd would like to read

this morning in Absolutely not.

This was going to be his big

plan. He was just in the Budget

a couple of weeks ago saying

that it was this mining tax

that allowed to us get into surplus in two year time if those projections are right. Financially what is interestinging people are asked

would they be better off with

this mining tax. It's not about

giving money to people

individually. 22% of people said they would be better off

and I think the figure was 31%

say they will be worse off with

a mining tax which is

fascinating, good for the

economy, well, that was a

different story, people saying

yes, they think it is, 41% say

yes at least but the nos are 3

#% on that. So, yeah, the

message is not across. The PM

will be hoping the rest of

these ads might be helping

there. We haven't seen the

television ones yet No and the

ads are interesting here

because we've got the PM, he

said before the last election I

think the quote was the Government advertising was a

sick cancer, well, obviously it's not that bad cancer, it's not that bad cancer, it's

a good cancer maybe. Which is a

terrible way of putting it. That grab will be played

over and again. Trflgt 'Financial Review' is banging

the drum for some mine wors are

potentially at risk from the tax. And the 'Financial

Review', the front page of the

'Financial Review', says that

miners are risking the economy

according to to the PM. Which is such an interesting take here because it's the miners

who have been saving the

economy over the last ten, 15

years or so, and the PM has

made the point that it's mining

that is going to be getting us

out of the trouble that we're

in or getting us out of the

global financial crisis here.

Of course what itself he means

is that the miners with their

ads, the more that they play up

the problems with the mining

tax, the more instability

they're going to cause to the

markets and really all it takes

is a secretary of the Treasury

in the US to make some downbeat

comment about the economy, and

the market s global warming Of

course the Government is doing

nothing to add to all of this

uncertainty in term of giving

Peter Gee these conflicting

messages. Both sides can be

cup possible on that

front That's a very good

point. If we go to the

'Australian', in the A plus section, a couple of comments.

There you can see the headline, the price of political

expediency. He says this will

cost 38.5 million as we've been

reporting to advertise the tax.

But he says it's a shameless

act of opportunism. It has the

potential to backfire as we've

already seeing in the polls. It

doesn't have the poll

pocialtion it could well be

backfiring already against the

Government. And of course you

look at some of the ads on that

page there on the right, sides

there is one about WorkChoices,

now that was one famous

Government ad campaign that

certainly didn't work. And

probably the reverse. Were you

still in Washington when that

came about I was but

WorkChoices travelled all the

way across the Pacific in

material of how desies eave

policy it was and the Howard

Government spent truck loads of

money trying to promote it and

it was possibly one of two or

three key reason bhis the

Government was ejected. Every

time it came on, I don't know

about you, but every time it

came on I just went "oh no, get

off." I started to see the

political background to it all.

It's not about informing people

about their their right and if

bosses are exploiting them that

they can go to an Ombudsman of

some kind, it was about some kind, it was about the

Government saying this is what

we're doing, this is good.

Let's look at how the

Australian papers are are

treating the raid by Israeli

soldiers on that aid ship steaming towards Gaza? This

happened of course late

yesterday so there were no

editorials that I could find in

any of the papers about this

story They're coming They will be. Absolutely. But the papers

were going to bed as the toll

was supposed to be 19. At the

moment it was nine and as

you've reported up to ten In fact I think the 'Australian'

puts in a figure of 19 which is in... Several of them do. That's a story with

particular resonance for the 'Sydney Morning

'Sydney Morning Herald' in particular The front page is

fur, in fact it's good because

even though the story is a late

stair, forry follows deadly

attack, so there's obviously

very strong language used

there. If we go to the

'Canberra Times', the furry is

replaced by outrage, and the

and the 'Age' does it much more

straight, it just says Israel

kills boat proprotesters And

the 'Age' is verying the, at

the bottom of that page, you'll

be able to to tee fact that the

Fairfax press had journalist

Paul McGeough and photographer

Kate Geraghty on that flotilla,

not on the boat that was attacked. They had first hand

accounts of what they saw and

as we go to air this morning we

learn that they're in Israeli detention centre so obviously their independent account of what happened will be keenly

awaited not just by Fairfax but

everyone here as well There was

also on that newspaper the fact

that they were filing up until

the moment that the firing started. They were filing as

the firing started. That makes

stunning reading as well. In

fact, there were quite a few

hours there where the two of

them - it wasn't know whether

they were so it would have been

a pretty strained time for

their colleagues and family not knowing if they were safe or

not Indeed. The flotilla of

course was carrying

construction equipment for the

Gaza which is really needed but

apparently is illegal for some

reason there. So it's a very

interesting story indeed. The

breaking thing this morning

about Benjamin Netanyahu who

was in the US to meet President

Obama, then going home which

goes to say something has gone

really really wrong I think he

realises the enormity of the

crisis and it's interesting we

may not know for sometime

before he was disinvited by the White House because relations

have been strained already and this incident could potentially tip those releases of the

edge Disinvited would be an

interesting way of putting it.

Certainly it hasn't gone the

way that Benjamin Netanyahu was expected. He would have expected. He would have onot

have planned this. As the

Israelis are saying they claim

that they were attacked first,

axes or whatever. Can we fish

on the bike scheme F you know

Flinders Street station where

the crocs are there are now a

whole row of blue bikes. This

whole row of blue bikes. This

is the first city in the world,

Melbourne, where this free -

not free, this pike scheme, the

public bike scheme is in place.

You put your credit card in

$2.5, you get on the bike and

drop it off at the other end of

the city. The unfortunately

unfortunate thing is it's first

city in the world that has done

it has that bicycle helmet laws

so that makes things a lot more difficult. You

difficult. You have to bring

your own which people might

be BYO helmetment I noticed

when they were lined when they were lined up yesterday there was quite some confusion with people wanted to

getting on. I think someone was

fine for not wearing a helm

electorate while riding The

people in Melbourne can rook at

other cities where these

schemes have been operating for

some time, but no helmets. Just baguettes ft Very good. The 'Herald Sun'

'Herald Sun' says that it

counted for incident minutes a

after there o'clock yesterday

there was not one bicycle taken. They'll have to bed that

down It is early days. As I

say, people just standing

around looking, what do we do

with those bikes, but it's a

great idea If you can cycle

around tram tracks Not just but

flat shoes. You can't go riding

in heels, that's another My

wife's done it. It looks

wife's done it. It looks

great And they do in Paris, I'm

sure. With style. Thank you

guys. Thank you Phil. Now to

sport now and a great night for

Australia at the French Open

here is Paul Kennedy. And

Samantha Stosur has gone

through to the quarterfinals of

the French Open. She defeated

Justine Henin, now Henin was a

slight favourite for this

match, she's won four floches fact

fact and this is a really great

court for her but that's match

point there, Samantha Stosur

taking the match out. It wasn't

all Stosur, as you can see

there, Henin won f-2 the first

set and looked to be on track

for another defeat of Samantha

Stosur. The two played a couple

of weeks ago and help hen as

wabl to win that. I think it

was in Stuttgart so was in Stuttgart so Henin would have been confident going into

the second set but Stosur

the second set but Stosur upped

her game. She's been in

terrific touch all tournament

and it's her power and her

serve that got her through that

second set. And then there was

a crucial point at 4-4 in the

third set and as we can see

here, Henin just hit one a

little bit wide. She desputed

the call and the ref went down

and confirmed that break of

serve and then Stosur went on

to win the set. We'll take a look at the league

look at the league from last

night and it was the Roosters

versus the Titans, the Titans

sped away to a 10-nil lead

after just nine minutes but

then it was all Roosters after

that. The final zor there

30-16. And there were some

wonderful tries among them and

we'll just a look at this one

which is interesting. The ball

wandering over the try line and

doing the Roosters a favour

there. We'll move on now and have a look

have a look at the next item.

Of course it's Israel Folau, is

tipped today to sign with the

greater Western Sydney which is

an AFL club. And he's said to

earn a million dollars for that

so there'senty of debate

around. That let's take a look

at Tebble in from last night

because the interests result

was that the Queensland

Thunderbirds were about to beat

way catto. The magic is one of

way catto. The magic is one of

the power house teams from New

Zealand. They've got all the

stars from the silver ferns,

but with ro melda Aiken

shooting well for the

Thunderbirds their able to win

by one point and I can have the

ladder for you with just three

rounds to go. The Swifts are on

top, the Thunderbirds from

Adelaide are next, then then

the two New Zealand teams and

the Firebirds are hanging in

there with fifth place, if they

there with fifth place, if they

had of lost last night it would

have been curtains for them and

their finals hope And heading

back to Paris, Samantha Stosur

is in cracking form at the tat

right end of the townment I think she can beat Serena

Williams. I think if she can -

if she gets over her, then

she's just got two matches

until she could possibly when

her first grand slam but Justine Henin would have been

one of the favourites for the

entire tournament and not just

for that match against

for that match against Stosur

so I think she's in with aral shot, taurngs she finished

there in the semifinals last

year, so it's not like she's a

flash in the pan. No a Nadal,

think he'll go all the way? I

think so. I always barrack for

Federer against Nadal but he

looks in good touch and he won

against last night. In the next

half hour I might walk you

through a couple of the other

winners but Nadal looks like

the player to watch but I

always barrack for Roger. I

always barrack for Roger. I

can't help myself It's a

sentimental thing.. It's odds

on as well. I just hope they

get to the final, those two,

that will be another terrific

final at Roland Garros. Thank

you. Now news that will strike fear into the hearts of many

people, it's the first day of

winter and here is Vanessa O'Hanlon Thank you. Fortunately

we won't see much of it this

week though. Let's look back at

May, its started off as mostly

dry autumn in Sydney but it ended up

ended up being the wettest May

in seven years. Why? Off the

coast, ocean waters have been

unusually warm, and that's

combined with a few pulses of

upper cold air. In 25 years of recorders it was Batema