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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. brings home Australians Tonight, an emotional mercy mission injured in the Bali bombings. for the Indonesians It has been very difficult of him being a terrorist, to find clear evidence terrorist acts. of him having directly sanctioned for JI's spiritual leader. why freedom from jail is imminent Hello and welcome to Ten's Late News. Also tonight, finger pointing. This report is not about to establish. That's for other people this train crashed. why no-one was at the controls when

bomb victims But first, nine of the Bali tonight are closer to family and friends to their home town of Newcastle. after being transported from Darwin is there. Ten news reporter Kevin Wilde an enormous relief Kevin, this must be a terrifying week. for these people who have endured some good news today. Absolutely. And they've had less than originally expected, The flight from Darwin took an hour and whilst that flight was moved, of their return to Newcastle any speedy, hastening

they've received and the tremendous support that right across the community, at the RAAF air force base once the patients got off

at Williamtown north of Newcastle, were delicately - two of the most serious injured and then taken by an ambulance in particular, viewed, assessed here to John Hunter Hospital. were also brought here The other seven patients by teams here and then they have been assessed at this major hospital. emergency department in the State, It's actually the biggest trauma and the best possible care, so they are receiving as they did in Darwin, for one particular patient and some good news also who was released tonight. first bomb. My daughter ran after she heard the come and process it My immediate reaction was to stay just ran but then she looked at me and she so I ran after her to be with her out. which was fortunate as it turned she thought she was shot in the leg. When the second explosion happened backside I've just felt a twang to my and then I supported her. into a third bomb I didn't know if we were running whether to go towards the resort so we thought about where to go, people shooting us because she thought that there were the bushes that she thought we should go into back of the resoprt which ended up turning out to be the for that one patient, Kevin, that is good news but what's ahead for the others? could be here for several weeks, Well, the two most seriously injured who is the daughter of Julia, and, in fact, Alinta, who was released tonight,

to remove some of the shrapnel is undergoing surgery tonight which is still embedded in her body. for many of these patients It's going to be difficult

but they are home, over the coming weeks, the best possible care, they are receiving and there should be some more news, hospital here in the coming days. @ some more people who are leaving There are six on the surgical wards, top quality, two, who really will be receiving over the coming days. the most intensive care,

The patients arrived in a good

condition. They've been assessed by

the specialist medical teams and

have been transferred to the wards

and re-united with their families.

Two of the more serious patients

are in the high dependencey unit.

Six of the patients are admitted to

the general surgeryical ward. Have

you been happy with the condition

they arrived in and the care they

received on the way down. The care

has been excellent. They've been

looked after well. Many of the

procedures that they require have

been had at Darwin hospital. Over

the next few days they'll go to

theatre to manage some of their

wounds and deal infectious issues. of the victims for the Bali bombings. Kevin, we haven't covered all to the rest. Tell us what's going to happen as we know, in Singapore. Well, there are three patients, to be transferred back here They are not in a position is judged to be a bit better, to Newcastle until their health distance down here to Newcastle. and they could fly that enormous who has been treated There is also another patient for serious eye injuries in Sydney. on those four people We hope to have some good news in the coming days, in their best interests but at the moment it's not to be coming back here to Newcastle. in Newcastle, But for the patients that are here of their community, they have the tremendous support coming up and visiting them and they'll have so many people during visiting hour - and friends, not just their immediate family for the nine people so some good news at least who came back from Darwin tonight. Seemingly good news all around. Ten News reporter, Kevin Wilde. Thank you, Kevin. Kevin Wilde in Newcastle. Thanks. over the 2002 Bali bombing, The first convicted over the latest attacks. Amrozi, has been questioned from adhering to Hindu tradition. No terrorist will stop the Balinese the triumph of good over evil The festival of Galungang celebrates their God of the Earth. and gives thanks to


young and old pray for the future. At the ceremonies, Mostly people in Bali

were living from tourists, right. Mostly people in Bali is not good, If the...the...the security so we will pray for that. it will be very bad for us, investigators stayed away At the bomb sites for the public holiday, out of respect

but police maintained a presence. after the bombs exploded, In the hours in his cell. Bali police questioned Amrozi He's the smiling assassin the Bali bombings three years ago. sentenced to death for his role in It's unclear if Amrozi was able on the latest attacks, to shed any light will also be interrogated. or if his co-conspirators Bali police have revealed, however, helping with the investigation. the number of witnesses (Speaks Indonesian) is 39 witnesses. TRANSLATION: The number police investigation in this case. That is expected to sharpen the

14 Indonesians remain in hospital and vital to their treatment is help from Australia. Special medical treatment is on its way to detect small pieces of shrapnel still in the injured. Australian Federal Police officers are today concentrating on identifying the dead, a long and difficult process but crucial before the bodies can be released. This process has to be right. It's not a guessing process, it's a scientific process and with most scientific processes, it does take days and weeks to get the results and to get it right. If the determination is that we do need further assistance, I'm sure that we could make the request to Canberra and the people would be sent up very quickly @ and the people wou However, they acknowledge forensic facilities in Bali have improved greatly since 2002. In Bali, Nichole Strahan, Ten News. Some news causing concern for the Federal Government tonight - the possibility that Jemaah Islamiah's alleged spiritual leader will be freed from jail sooner than expected. Abu Bakar Bashir sentenced in March to 2.5 years jail for masterminding the Bali bombings in 2002. He could be out in six months. That would send precisely the wrong message to anyone concerned about terrorism in Australia and in Indonesia. The Muslim cleric has been listed to receive a remission next month reducing his sentence by 30 days. Added to the 4.5 month reprieve, granted in August, Bashir could walk free in April next year. We continue to make representations in the strongest possible terms to Indonesia that remissions should not apply to anyone convicted of a terrorist offence. The Government is hopeful of swaying Jakarta on the issue. During a meeting with PM John Howard just last month, President Bambang Yudhoyono indicated he would review the system which automatically cuts prison terms on certain holidays. But Indonesian Islamic expert Dr Greg Fealy is not so sure. It has been very difficult for the Indonesians to find clear evidence of him being a terrorist, of him having directly sanctioned terrorist acts. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer

will again raise concerns with the Indonesian Government during a visit to Jakarta next week. He'll thank them for their response to the latest attacks

and again push for terror group Jemaah Islamiah to be outlawed. I am in favour of banning Jemaah Islamiah but I am not in favour of misleading the public and pretending if the Indonesian Government did that, that would fix the problem. Adding to the tension a suspicious package sent to the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. It's being analysed by authorities. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has lashed out at Australia's tough new anti-terror laws saying they're an abuse of civil liberties. Addressing a human rights campaign launch in Sydney tonight Mr Fraser said ASIO's proposed new powers to detain people secretly could have dire consequences. But then you're protected, supported by the Opposition. so under the law as it stands you can effectively be disappeared. How many people really know or understand that this can happen in Australia? Mr Fraser also said the presence of Australian troops in Iraq

was contributing to the growing threat of terrorist acts against us. Olympic swimming coach Mark Thompson has been charged with several counts of sexual assault with a child under 16. Thompson who trains Olympic gold-medalist Brooke Hanson appeared in Melbourne Magistrates court today. He's been charged with several counts of sexual assault including committing an indecent act with a child under 16. He'll appear in court again next year. A man is lucky to be alive after being mauled by his three bulldogs. The pets pulled him to the ground, savaging his face and stomach. We warn details in this story may disturb some viewers. It's a vision Renae Armstrong will never forget -

three deadly bulldogs tearing into her neighbour's body, the 49-year-old victim letting out a blood-curdling scream. We've gone outside to listen for what the noise actually was and it sounded like someone yelling out, 'Help!'. Dragged to the ground during the frenzied attack, the Johnson bulldogs, like this one, went for the man's head, ripping off his ears and biting deeply into his face, arms, legs and stomach, the smallest dog weighing 45kg. I saw a man lying on the ground being eaten alive by three dogs. She wanted to jump in and pull him to safety but she knew at any second she could have been next. Bashing on the fence and screaming and yelling and my boyfriend and my stepfather threw bricks and beers and anything just to get them off. Police and council rangers were called. All three dogs have been destroyed, at their owner's request. It's the latest in a long list of savage dog attacks. The NSW Government announced five months ago a plan to ban pit bulls and other dangerous breeds following attacks on a 5-year-old boy and a 75-year-old man. Standards Australia says in light of this savaging it will examine the possibility of introducing British-style lattice-caged muzzles for savage dogs until the animals are bred out. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. When the Late News returns:

This report is not about finger-pointing. That's for other people to establish. Why no-one was at the controls when this train crashed. Then later in the news... REPORTER: A lot of kids say homework sucks, do you agree with it? I agree with it, yeah. education expert questions the value of homework. But what's his suggestion as an alternative? There's concern tonight for the crew of a yacht missing in bad weather in Bass Strait. The 'Warlord' left Eden on the NSW South Coast on Monday morning and was seen later in the day sheltering in Merricka River. But there's been no word from the three crew

and Tasmanian police are now searching Bass Strait. The crew are all experienced sailors. A report has found a tilt train that crashed last year was speeding and no-one was at the controls.

The driver was away getting something to eat.

Hurtling at twice the speed limit with no-one at the controls. Now the official report's been tabled, it's easy to see how the tilt train came to grief last November with 150 terrified passengers on board.

The Transport Safety Bureau found the train was travelling at 112km/h as it took the fateful bend near Bundaberg. Not only had the driver left his position - perhaps getting a sandwich - his codriver was missing as well. But the report doesn't lay blame. This report is not about finger pointing. That's for other people to establish. This report's about what went wrong and how we can fix it for the future. Police are still investigating and the driver and codriver may yet be charged. A new braking system has been installed on tilt trains. Among other changes already implemented, speed limits of 100km/h, and two drivers must be present at high-speed bends. There's also a need for better passenger safety briefings after passengers reported not being able to quickly escape. People were injured in this accident. Fortunately no-one was killed. But there are some good points to the report -

no mechanical defects, track in first class condition. health issues with the drivers - no problem. No alcohol involved. The report also commended Queensland Rail and emergency staff for their actions in rescuing passengers. Max Futcher, Ten News. Another deadly hurricane has struck - raging floodwaters and mudslides killing 59 people in Mexico. What Hurricane Stan didn't destroy the floodwaters did. Rivers turned to raging torrents in southern Mexico and across Central America, washing away homes and people. The storm yet again forcing offshore oil workers to evacuate in what is now one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has been dealt another blow, the cash-strapped Mayor forced to sack 3,000 city employees - half his workforce. We are just not able to put together the financing necessary to continue to maintain our City Hall staffing. Business owners are trying to rebuild the economy but they face a new problem - mounting rubbish. It's estimated 22 million tonnes of garbage is waiting to be removed - that's equivalent to 200 football fields, each piled 15 metres high.

Today former president Bill Clinton

was welcomed back to the disaster zone as a hero.

CROWD APPLAUDS He's promising those still stuck in shelters that the $100 million

he and former president George Bush Snr have raised will improve their poor quality of life. What we've tried to do is to set up a system that will help people solve problems in the short run that the Government won't fund. Problems, it seems, like a shortage of clean clothes, medical care and a home. In United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. After the break here on the Late News REPORTER: A lot of kids say homework sucks, do you agree with it? I agree with it, yeah. An education expert questions the value of homework - but what's his alternative? Then in Sports Tonight - Kostya Tsyzu talks about life after his World Title loss. Plus the war of words at Bathurst. MACHINES POUND RHYTHMICALLY

COMPUTER: WHIMSICAL MUSIC HEAVY METAL MUSIC New Brut 24-hour performance antiperspirants. There are rules that affect what you see on television. These rules cover program classifications. When you see certain programs, advertising, as well as the presentation of news and current affairs, they are part of the Code of Practice for Commercial Television. If you'd like a copy of the code, visit our website for more information, or write or call us at: An education expert has confirmed what students have always thought - that homework is horrible. He's offered an alternative - teach teenagers about coping with life. For years students have been telling anyone who'll listen that homework is boring. Now they've found an ally.

A lot of kids say homework sucks. You agree with that? I agree with that, yeah. Ian Lillico was a high school principal but is now an education consultant. He says if students did housework and homework they'd be better prepared for the real world. So the work ethic that employers talk about - the kids have not got any work ethic. They got no idea about jobs, they haven't done any work - their parents do all the work for them. His theory has found support among parents and students. I think it'd be alright. I already do a bit of housework but homework does get a bit boring, and it's time consuming. But just busy work - stencils, homework sheets, things to keep people busy at home. It's really not productive use of young children's time. Another homework alternative is shopping. Ian Lillico says children should be taken to the grocery store at least once a fortnight to learn first-hand the value of money. He also says most high school classrooms need a drastic overhaul, listing: as major impediments. It's almost like putting them into a jail cell and saying, "Now, write well and do well and engage," and of course, because they're adolescents,

they want to move around, they think this is just horrible. Well, I think Ian Lillico's probably visited different schools to what I have. He must have visited this one. Oh, the carpet's ugly - we have green carpet. We've got nail polish in ours. I don't know if ours is really going to be classed as carpet - it's really disgusting. Dan Nolan, Ten News. At Commonwealth Securities, Tom Piotrowski. A huge fall on the market today, the biggest in 3 years?

It was a white knuckle ride, that's

for sure. The market with its

biggest drop since September 11.

When you look at it in terms of

what happened since may, the share

market rose by about 17 per cent,

September had its best month in

four years, where it rose by 4.5

four years, where it rose by 4.5 per cent. When you look at it in

those terms, it was a little better

than the emotion that was involved

in the market today. Building

activities across the country down

again this month? The Bureau of

Statistics said in the month of aug,

approvals to build fell to the low

levels. That adds to a patchy

picture. It made life tough as far

as building stocks are concerned

and more so to those like James

Hardy and Rinke exposed to the American market. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. The most influential woman in Australian horseracing has teamed up with her daughter to promote fashion for this year's Spring Racing Carnival. Trainer Gai Waterhouse showed off her finery today in Melbourne alongside Kate. There's no doubting this mother and daughter team are racing royalty - Gai Waterhouse with Kate, the pair sure to look regal track-side at this year's Spring Racing Carnival. I think it's a fantastic opportunity to get dressed up and socialise with people and constant entertainment with racing. It's just a great day out for men and women. Racewear ambassadors for David Jones, the two looked elegant in racing attire, and while Kate was keen to espouse her mother as a fashion icon, well, Gai perhaps had a different take. What a great role model to have. Oh, definitely. She's such a style queen. She is. She gives me a hard time most of the time. Looking a this year's fashions, Gai says women can wear slacks to the races, and her motto - be stylish yet sensible. I think it's nice from my point of view and for my owners, that I look the goods so to speak. And she was coy, or is that keen, to expose fashions also about under garments. That's what I've got on under there! (laughs). But no matter how sore your feet are, girls, there's a number one rule: Never ever take your shoes off. REPORTER: Even if they're cutting like razor blades? Yep! (laughs). However, Gai has the solution for new shoes. I let my mother wear them - she wears them around the house. Mignon Henne, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, the Aussie cricket team back in sizzling form after a disappointing Ashes series? Yes Sandra, our bowling line-up making a mockery of the World XI in a day-nighter that had a bit of everything. Some big hitting some great partnerships and the odd disappointment. The Sydney Swans looks to have abandoned any hope of signing Peter Everitt. And Kostya Tszyu isn't being pressured to make a decision on his future. To matters meteorological There's a high over New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory keeping things clear. There's a ridge of high pressure over the south-west corner. Tomorrow, it'll be mostly sunny in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney,

Darwin and Alice Springs. Showers tipped for Canberra.

Melbourne and Adelaide will be cloudy. Windy with showers for Hobart. Chance of a thunderstorm for Perth. from Ten News for now. And that's the latest with Ryan Phelan is next. Sports Tonight

from the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully - by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions