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(generated from captions) Today at the National

Press Club the leader of the

Australian Greens Bob Brown,

almost climate change and the

environment have emerged as

vital issues in this federal

election and the Greens are hoping to increase hoping to increase their

numbers in the Senate and

possibly even take the

balance of power. From the

National Press Club in Canberra, Senator Bob Brown.

Welcome to the National

Press Club. Today's National

Australia Bank address, we

are pleased to welcome are pleased to welcome back

Bob Brown leader of the

Australian Greens to give you

the first address from a

party leader in this election

campaign. I will remind you

briefly that Senator Brown

actually practised as a

doctor before he turned to

politics as a member of the

house of Assembly in Tasmania

Tasmanian Parliament before and he spent 10 years in the

moving onto the Senate where

he has been for another

decade. He is hoping decade. He is hoping as

leader of the griens the

Senate, he has four members

in that house and hoping to

do better next year. But also

of course the Green preferences will be a

important factor in this coming election on November

24 for the House of Reps. I

guess he will tell you why he

things that is important too.

APPLAUSE Please welcome Bob Brown.

Thank you, Ken. Members of

the National Press Club of Australia, National Australia

Bank - I would like begin by

acknowledging the people of

indigenous Australia we

honour as the first

Australians and to pause a

moment in honour of Trooper

David Pearce, whose funeral

takes place today. This

Australian who gave his

thrifn service of our country

in Afghanistan and I, on

behalf us all send our

condolences to his family,

his loved ones and his

friends. I would also like

to send a cheerio to a friend

and a wonderful parliamentarian Peter

parliamentarian Peter Andren

the independent Member for

Kilair. Peter is fighting a

Canberra and I wish you well

Peter and in most things you

tackle, victory and a return

to good health A decade ago

the Greens have a simple

slogan - "No environment, no

economy". Today that is even

truer. 10 years ago it was a

warning but now it is our

reality. The farmers, the

fishers, the tour rist

industry workers, the city

dwellers on water restrictions, Australians everywhere know how true it

is. Without the environment

there can be no economy. Yet

John Howard, the now self-defined climate change self-defined climate change reel ist persists with the

that has failed Australia same policies and thinking

over the last decade. Kevin

Rudd shows little sign of

making that seismic shift in

thinking required to address

the most urgent matters

confronting Australia today -

that is climate change and

water security. John Howard's

so-called good economic

management has produced

another key them for this

election, that is the growing

disparity between his

prosperous and comfortable

Australia and the millions,

including pensioners, who are

struggling with the huge

burdens of personal debt and

rapid increases in the cost

of lichlgt on Monday I - a

report funded by the

Australian research council

found that one in seven

people who rely on charities

is not eating at least one

proper male a day, that is

here in Australia. One-third

of the 22700 respondents in

the study do not have a

decent or secure home T study

found that parents from poor

families are going without

food so their kids can eat.

Another report released on

Monday as part of

anti-poverty week found that

Queensland's housing

affordability crisis has

plunged almost 350,000

resident into poverty. Some

people live on as little as

$10 a day. That is here in

Australia. This study

estimates that more than

65,000 children in Queensland

are living in poverty.

Meanwhile, a small but no

growing number of Australian

corporate executives take

home pay packets in the

millions of dollars. Bank

1996 Mr Howard condemned Paul

Keating for governing for the

elites, he won the election

with the slogan "For all of

us". We now know that was a

sham. It was not true for indigenous Australians, for

pensioners, for people with

disabilities and their carers

or for millions of other

Australians who watch as the

cost of living rises and

their pay packets shrink by

comparison. Under Howard's

watch Australia has become

more like America, more

divided than before. We

Greens offer Australians a

much better option when they

go to the polls on November

24. We advocate a more

compassionate Australia, a

less divided nation and an

environmentally secure

nation. The Greens have

different values and

priorities from both the

Labor Party and the

Coalition. We do not change

our princples to suit the

latest polls or the big end

of town. Where Howard and

Rudd have voted for

above-average pay rises for

politicians the Greens have

voted to increase the aged

pension by $30 a week and to

restore free pensioner dental

services instead. Where Kevin

Rudd and Howard back tense of

billions of dollars in tax

cuts favouring the already

rich t Greens would raise

spending tonne education to

best OECD standards. Where

Rudd and Howard would build

more toll ways we at the

Greens would make public

transport cheap and on-time

across the nation. Rudd and

Howard want only the uranium

mine. We back clean

technology for export instead.

instead. Let me list at few

policies we ahead of the

Howard Government's thinking

and actions. Today, well hires one where President

Bush is the head of John

Howard, can you believe?

Today the US President will

be at Congress to award the

congressional gold medal to his holiness the Dalai Lama

while our Howard and Rudd

after churlish

procrastination this year met

him out of public reach. If

Alitas warranted an order of Australia why not this peace-loving Tibetan? The

Greens have legislation to

ban junk food ads in children's television children's television viewing

hours. We would end the

scourge of billions of

plastic bags in the

environment and pursue a

national agreement to extend

South Australia's highly

successful Pev yadge

container deposit legislation

which makes stopping

literature a paying proposition and creates

thousands of jobs. The Greens

will tend broad scale

discrimination under national law against law against Australians on

the basis of their sexuality.

This includes laws preventing

same-sex partners from super

an weighs entitlements . We

will pursue the idea of one

person, one vote, one value

and push for proportional representation in the house

ever Government, the House of

Reps. We will vote in the

Senate against Mr Howard's

intention to throw out his

own laws prohibiting nuclear

power station in Australia.Ly

for a third time move for a

Senate inquiry to thrift lid

off the exclusive Bretten

sect which for bids voting

and military service, moves

money around the world in

couriered envelopes,

separates families and

ardently supports Mr Howard Tasmania right Prime

Minister. A term he has taken

up himself. We will work to

ensure the next Government

thanks gumption to take on

Japan including in the

international courts over its

bloody harpooning of our

humpback and other whales in

our Antarctic territorial

waters. In 2007 Australia

will be voting who will be

Prime Minister next. John

Howard or Kevin Rudd? But no

matter who holds the keys to

the lodge a strong

independent Senate will hold

and can hold that Government

to account. So this election

is also very much about the

Senate and restoring to it

its proper role of house of

review and back stop for the people. There are three

possible outcomes in the

Senate. One, the Coalition

will retain a majority and

fit does, but loses the

election, there will be a

hostile Costello-directed

Senate blocking such things

as reform of work choices

legislation and moves to

climate change action.

Secondly, the Greens could

hold the balance of power

alone and if that happens we

will be do that responsibly.

Taking issue by issue. Third

t Greens could share the

balance of power the

Democrats. What a great

record they have and how

wonderfully they have

contributed to the democratic

wellbeing of this country.

Or Family First, lone

Senator, or an independent

but in any balance of power

configuration the Greens will

have a major role to play.

Remember if the Greens do

achieve the balance of power

our vote will only matter

when the major parties disagree. For example, if disagree. For example, if a

Rudd Government brings in strong climate change policy

and the Coalition opposes it,

the Greens and the balance of

power will determine the

result. Attively, if Labor

and the Coalition both

support further tax cuts for

the rich instead of a pay

rise for pensioners, we have

to grin and bare it. Our vote

would be irrelevant. It is

important to note therefore

that the Greens would be

unable to prevent any

legislation being passed or

to insist that any

legislation is passed unless

we have the support or are

supporting Labor the

Coalition. We Greens would

use the balance of power responsible

responsible bli, as I said,

just as we have done in the

West Australian Upper House

since 2001 during the

resources boom. We will

restore the Senate's role as

the house of review,

beginning with its vital committee system. We will

ensure that Australians have

their right robbed of them by

the Howard Government to be

heard before vital

legislation is shoved legislation is shoved through

the Senate. Either major

porty willing we will have

more Senate sitting hours so

that legislation and the

affairs of this nation can be

better considered. The Greens

almost move legislation to

ensure fixed the three-year

terms of Government to stop

Prime Ministers manipulating

election dates. You do not

need a constitutional change

for a fixed for a fixed three-year term.

We will restore people's

rights safely enrol at

election time and we will

move to stop Government

advertising unless it is for

truly essential public

information and we will

ensure that is thements the

Government puts up there are

costed, and that is on the ad

with the authorisation so

people can see where their money is going. On

money is going. On a more

comprehensive plane the genes

will work for a bill of right

as in most other countries around the world, something

the Americans got 200 years

ago. We will pursue a new referendum based on the

Greens 1999 formula then

opposed by the major parties

for a simple yes or no question to Australians - do

you want our nation to be a

republic with an Australian

as head

as head of state? We welcome

to the repeated Howard

proposal for a referendum

recognising first Australians

in the constitution but that

has to come with

consultation. In consultation

with indigenous Australians.

Biff fish talking about the

balance of power I want to make it clear make it clear that we will

shred, if we k WorkChoices

and return better protection

for working Australians to be

represented by the unions and

for better pay and conditions

as welcoming through

collective bargaining. The

Australian Greens are now the

only party left with a policy

of abolishing the full

WorkChoices regime. We owe posted WorkChoices at the posted WorkChoices at the

time, we owe posted it when

it was rushed through the

parliament and it has become

clear since then that

WorkChoices is hurting many

workers in Australia. Labor

now agrees with the springs

amount of WorkChoices but the

Greens believe a fair an just industrial relations system

must provide a framework that

values workers, has

collective bargaining at its

centre and provides a centre and provides a fair

dispute resolution process

while acknowledging the

important role of unions. We

will negotiate to amend

Labor's workplace laws in the

Senate and approve them. But

let me tell you this - we

will not block a Rudd-Labor

Government's WorkChoices over Government's WorkChoices over

throw replacement regime. We

are not going to leave

Australians in that position

with the alternative of the

nasty worker defrauding

WorkChoices legislation which they put through the

Parliament when they got the

majority in the Senate.

Those tax cuts, 34 billion of them

them announced on Monday!

That brings to a total 100 billion in the last three

years. But a rise in the

pension is not on the ledger.

What these tax cuts mean is

that Australian families not

only will have more money in

their pockets, they will see

increasing interest rate,

they will end up spending

more money on private health

insurance if they can afford

it, more money on private

school fees or school fees at

all. HECCs fees and rm

heating. I call on Kevin Rudd

not to get into a tax-cutting average with the Peter

Costello. Building our nation's schools and

hospitals is a better and

more popular option. Labor wants an education

revolution. Here is the

chance. The $34 billion could

fund it T Prime Minister

compares our tax rates with

the OECD average but he

should look at our spending

invested another on education instead. If we

invested another $5.5 billion in education it would bring

us up to world's best

practice and we could also

eliminate the future HECCs

repayments that total $645

million a year made through

the tax system. Those

pensions, the big end of town

is doing

is doing well but

Australians, 2 million aged

pensioners are not. They

remain John Howard's

forgotten battlers. I want to

make them Bob Brown's

battlers. We greens are determined to put pensioners

back on the election agenda.

This year Labor and Liberal

combined to vote down our

Senate motions to halt the

politicians 7 per cent pay

rise and give Australia's

pensioners a much needed $30

a week. In the new Parliament

we will try again. What is so

tough about a $30 a week

increase in the aged pension

for the lowest income

retirees? Come on John

Howard and Kevin Rudd, give

Australia's pensioners a fair

go. We can tell you where to

find the funds. Take a little

bit of that $34 billion. Take

the 3.5 billion to give

specified tax cuts for people

like politicians on over

$70,000 a year and give that

to the pensioners so they can

get this small improvement to

help them battle

help them battle the cost of

food, housing, transport and

medicines. The Greens would

also pursue a return of the

concession card holders

dental care program which Mr Howard abolished back in

1996. What a cup delay there

are 650,000 people are 650,000 people on waiting

lists for as long as two

years who cannot get their

teeth fixed. Is that a

wealthy, prosperous caring

country? Under John Howard

we have failed people on

those waiting lists and we

intend to succeed for

them. Ladies and gentlemen,

the Greens will call for a

Commonwealth dental scheme

for low income earners and

their families to ensure essential dental care and

full dental examination is

available every two years.

The prospect of a national

dental care system paralelling Medicare should

be followed up. Good dental

care of course cuts hospital

and other health care 'cause

can't in the long run. While

Government continues down the

path towards an American

two-tiered health system we two-tiered health system we

Greens would awould bollish

the taxpayer funded private

health rebate scheme and I

will tell you why. That

scheme serves the nation so

badly that the top-up for

this private system blew out

by $283 million last year alone. Recent studies show

that at the expensive rebate

is not taking the pressure

off Australia's 750 public

hospitals. We would are

return the $3.5 billion

rebate to the public health

and hospital system. It comes

out of the health system,

goes the the private

insurance system. We take it

back and give it to the

public health and hospital system this. Would make

available an extra 100

million a year for example in

Tasmania, more than twice the

Mersey Hospital buy-back Mersey Hospital buy-back

scheme if you like. Same for

the ACT. Much bigger amounts

for the pigger states. Would

it provide a big boost for

beds and equipment as well as

many more trained nursing and

medical staff for our ho.s I

have no difficulty because it

is right in saying sorry to

indigenous Australians. I do

not have to resort into stead

saying I am sorry I group in

the 1950s and 60s, I am not T

Greens share with most

Australians a deep sorrow for

the Aboriginal people

seperate from their children

or parents separated from

their children and children

separated from their parents

in those same decades. We

will do everything we can

based on a commitment I renewed

renewed last Australia Day on

Palm Island for the Greens to

provide health and other

essential services to end the

17-year shortfall in life

expectancy still faced by

first Australians in cities

as well as in the bush. The

Northern Territory

intervention has not been

accompanied by a long-term

plan to close that dreadful

gap. Health experts including

the Australian Medical

Association agree that $500

million a year is required.

Taking that figure the Social

Justice Commissioner has

propose add plan to lift the life expectancy to parity

within a generation. We

Greens back him. Greens

policy has always been to

recognise the first

Australians in the

constitution. However, unlike

Mr Howard and Kevin Rudd we

back the constitutional right

of indigenous Australians in

the Northern Territory to

receive just terms

compensation for the land

taken from them under the

Government's emergency

intervention laws. There is

2.6 million carers in

Australia. It is increasing

it is going to increase

faster as a result of the

Government's failure to

invest in service and

facilities to meet the needs

of people with disabilities.

Carers make a huge

contribution to society, some

$30 bill yoint is valued at a

year. Their care also comes

at big personal cost. The Deakin University study

released this week says

one-third of Australia's carers are suffering from

severe depression and that

young people caring for

family members what disbill

trithe most depressed groin

Australia. Think of that. It

is time we recognised carers,

that governments did. We

notice develop ing an integrated

integrated national career

strategy that recognises the

role and contribution of

carers and provides

coordinated career policy

across Government. Financial

security for carers, we will

double the allowance to $197

a forth night, $9 27 million

per annum a drop in per annum a drop in the

bucket compared to those

massive tax cuts. According

to a galaxy of experts from British Prime Minister Tony

Blair and Australian Federal

Police Commissioner Mick

Keelty climate change is a

worse threat to the future

than terrorism. Australian of

the Year Tim Flannery has

pointed out the green has gas

build-up is past the critical C02 equivalent will make

scientists worry that we pass

a warming of the globe by 2

degrees bring on catastrophic

climate change. Climate

change is not a future event,

as I said earlier, it's here

T Greens have a comprehensive

six-step plan to tackle it

that. Sets greenhouse gas

reduction targets at 30 per

cent below 1990 levels by

2020 and at 80 per cent by

2050. We challenge Labor and the opposition to match that.

It will increase energy

efficiency. Our plan ensures

15 per cent of Australia's

energy comes from clean

renewable resources by 2015

and 25 per cent by 0020. We

support a user pays emissions

trading system. We would

immediately tend logging and

burning of Australia's old

grogt forest and we would

ratify Kyoto protocol so we

can participate on a

post-Kyoto target. We will

release poll since this area

as our campaign continues

because this is such a

priority. But let me

highlight one area the Greens

are the stand out party and

that is energy efficiency,

redirecting currently wasted

electricity to new users

without more coal mines or

coal-fired power stations

being needed. We would retro

fit Australia's 7 million

households, everybody's,

yours, with an energy-saving

measure including

installation and a solar hot

water service. The Greens

energy fish say access and

savings initiative, that's

easy, Kermit got it wrong -

will be funded up-front by

the Government. It will take

decade but lit also cut everybody's power bills

Tasmania price of electricity

climes in then give

constrained era. This nation-building scheme The

Greens will create thousands

of jobs in metropolitan and

rural Australia and will cut

grey house emissions by a

whopping 10 per cent. On

water, we would also work

with the states to put a rain

water tank in every backyard.

We will pursue the rapid

implementation of water

collection, recycling and

re-use schemes in every

suburb, town, house and

business in Australia. We do

not need to dam the Mary

River but the genes will be

releasing a comprehensive

plan for the Murray-Darling

Basin in the coupleing weeks.

So what then given go-ahead

by Labor and the Coalition

will use an incredible 40

billion litres of freshwater,

wreck more than 200 football

fields of forests, put out

100 million tonnes of

greenhouse gases and

contaminate the air shed of a

valley home to 100,000 Australians that. Is Gunns

Limited pulp mill. Howard and

Rudd both back it. Turnbull

and Gareth both back it,

Peter Gareth says he is

perfectly comfortable. Peter,

I am not perfectly

comfortable. Nor are the

people in the Tamar Valley

with their vineyards, farm

lands and fisheries. Them

mill which will create 284

jobs according to Gunns

Limited is a job-loser and

will impact tonne rest of the

economy but I say this to

you, ladies and gentlemen -

vote Labor, you vote for

Gunns Limited polluting pulp

mill. Vote Coalition, you

vote for Gunns Limited

polluting pulp mill. Vote for

the Greens and you vote for

the clean green alternatives,

uncontaminated food and wine

and fish, second logically-based businesses

and more jobs in the Tamar

Valley where the people want

the breathe clean air. We go

to this year's election

offering a plan for Australia

which is more far-sighted

than either the Coalition or

Labor. We build this country

as a world leader in science,

ecology innovation and good

green business. 10 years ago Coalition senators laughed

when I pointed out the

dangers of climate change.

Now they are not laughing any

more. Here come the Greens! I

say thank God we have been in

the Parliament and this

country will be the better

whether it is a Rudd or

Howard Government if we there

in bigger numbers after this

election. We are growing in

membership, we are growing in

voter support and we appeal

to Australians to put us

first on the ballot paper

because it is double value

voting. You send a message to whoever gets into Government

with that first vote for the

Greens in both houses. The

Greens not elected it goes

over as a whole vote to the

next party of your choice so

you do not have to vote

twice, you get double value

voting by going one for the

Greens! In each state and

territory we have great green

teams and Senate candidates. My fellow

My fellow Senator Kerry

Nettle up for reelinks new

knew and certain to be - win

a big increase in her primary

vote as a reward for her top

performance in the Senate

these last six years. In

Victoria Dr Richard, Scott

Ludlum, in the ACT, Kerry

Tucker. In Queensland Ms Waters, in the Northern

Territory and in South

Australia, Sarah Hansen

Young. In Tasmania I am up

for election.... (laughs)

And I must say - I feel

better about this election

than ever B I have been in

dozens of them. The first one

I got 112 votes. I will do

better this time I am getting

a great reaction in Tasmania

a really warm reaction from

people. I am getting it for

the Greens right round this

country. Besides that, I

have former intelligence

officer who blew the whistle

on John Howard and his

so-called weapons of mass de

strings Iraq Andrew Wilkie on

the ticket showing how the

Greens basis broad anything

as we appeal to more and more

Australians and add depth and

talent in this me-too-ism.

Many Rudd wide-eyed the for

yes with the the loggers and

claimed "I am 100 per cent

with John Howard!" Well, we

genes aren't. For the first

time in history we will go

optic yet in Australia. We

will advise people to go for

the non-pulp mile,

forests-saving, green

job-saving option then work

out which big party they will

vote for themselves. We are

giving 15 million Australian

voters the best option on

climate change and on

policies which are


nation-building and as far as

ecology, out in front. Ladies

and jeft Press Club, nobody

already know if you vote

green except as the smile on

your face as you leave the

polling booth. I hear, Ken,

you are hosting a leaders

debate on Sunday night.

Though I think so far only Mr

Howard has said he is going

to be there. What a measly

approach to debating in front

Australian people this Prime

Minister is putting forward.

You know, have one debate,

four, five weeks out from the

election so it will not be -

well, Mr Howard lost the last

three debates don't forget. I

presume he knows hissing to

go do it again. He will lose.

He thinks if he is up against

Kevin Rudd. So far Kevin Rudd

has not said he is turning

up. John,ly come! And we

will make it the most

exciting debate it has been

for decades. APPLAUSE

What's more, why isn't this

a three-way debate? Because

standing here as the leader

The Greens, the real

opposition in this country.

Not me-too-ism for us but a

whole sex alternative

exciting policies for modern

Australia. Well We have not

been invited to the Great

Hall. Nor have the 20 or 30 %

people who are not going to

vote Labor Liberal. We offer

an alternative. We are not

going to be coralled by jou,d

I tell you. We have booked

the theatre at Parliament House. Ladies and gentlemen

come on up and hear the

alternative on Friday night.

Oh, and the worm. We like

worms, they indicator beganic

produce. Let's have a more

organic debate. We are doing

our best to get the worm up

there. We will fit people out

so they can say what they

think about the Howard v Rudd

show then after that I will

be there with my colleagues.

To pull them up on the things

they did not talk b on this

me-too-ism that takes away the choice voters should have

and to have a bit of fun

along the way. We are not

going to be shut out of

anything, count us in! Here

are the Greens, here is the

real alternative and here is

the exciting differentins

this age of me-too-ism in

this 24 November election. I

think we are going to have a

great time as we to go the

ballot box and as those

numbers go up on that night

between now and Christmas. I

hope all Australians enjoy it

as much aims going to. Thank

you, Ken.


Thank you Senator broufnlt

let's start with Chris

Johnson. Chris Johnson from

the west Australian. In the

last election your drugs

policy received sustained

attack T current Greens

policify can read it from

advocates to replace criminal

penalties for personal drug

use with a system of civil

sanctions excluding imprisonment with mish urs

such as education, counselling and treatment

commensurate with specific

cases and circumstances. In

light of that I wonder how

you think the law and the AFL

should deal with West Coast

Eagles star Ben Cousins?

Look, shall yes - and the

Federal Government has just

endorsed that policy with a

$200 million added money for

harm minimisation for not

sending people to the

purgatory of jail where

things get worse but into

rehabilitation renewal and

back into society. It is not

easy. It requires great

ex-per tee, funding and time.

As far as an AFL footballer

who gets into trouble, I

agree that people, if they

are going to use drugs, should face the consequences

but they should have the

back-up that is then required

to make sure that life is not

wasted. That is where our

policy comes in. That is

where providing the

counselling, the education,

the re-skilling if necessary

and the health back up

including psychological

health assistance is so

vital. Drugs is a scourge. We

believe that those people who

promote the sale of drugs,

get involved in the import

and distribution of drugs

should cop the lot. But the

people at the other end, the

users who fall into trouble

and, you know, if you are a

supporting star and you get

into trouble, you lose more

than temporarily your health.

You can lose your career and

you can spend the rest of

your life suffering from it.

My advice is just don't do

it. I am a doctor. I say

live longer, healthier and

happier if you stay away from

drugs and I include tobacco

in that recommendation. Next

question? Senator, where

will the Greens direct their

preferences in the south-east

Wentworth and how confident

are you of the Greens winning

the balance or holding the

balance of power in their own

right in the Senate? Thank

you, Jim. In Wentworth the

New South Wales Greens

decided before the Gunns

Limited issue blew up to give

preferences to the - at the

end to Labor, like-minded

candidates first but then to

Labor across the board. That

came out of an arrangement

with Labor at the New South

Wales releases, Federal

flow-on, preferences from

Labor to the Greens in the

Senate in return for preferences from the Greens

to Labor in marginal seats

including went womplt across

the rest of the country we

have yet to conclude a similar arrangement with

Labor if they will. Although

we have been at it for some

three or four months now and

we in Tasmania as I have said

have decided for the first

time in history doctor and

this is again a sign of our

mature ti, our broad anything

appeal but also our

determination that we are not

seconded to anyone, we are

Australia's third political

party and we will go optic

yet in the five seats in

Tasmania including the

marginal seats of Bass and

Braden and where we go optic

yet, let me be direct about

the this, the 7 per cent of

Greens votes which would have

gone to Labor no longer do.

But it is up to voters. My

advice to all voters is you

do not be directed by the

political parties, make your

own choice hint comes to

preferences. If you are like

me you might like to do it

from the bottom up, you know,

tick off the one you like

least fwirts. No names will

be mentioned here! Don't

forget if you spoil your

ballot paper go back and get

another one, you can do that.

That is Hoyt should be done.

Lincoln wrigt? From News

Limited Sunday. How you

going? Very well, thank

you, Lincoln. I was thinking

before under a Rudd-Labor

Government whether the Greens

have the balance of power in

the Senate your relationship

with Kevin Rudd would be a key factor in the passing of

legislation. Kevin Rudd is

certainly no green, he is in

many ways a self described

serious Christian and his

wife is a money making family

woman. Would you expect to be

invited to The Lodge if you

won the balance of power and

would you expect to have a

close relationship with Kevin

Rudd? The answer the in the

I have station The Lodge is I

would take it up if it is

offered. I think Mr Wroud

live at the lodge which the

Prime Minister abandoned, Mr

Howard abandoned. Let me go

back on one thing you said

about Christians and

families. Most Greens would

fall into the second category

and like across the rest of

the community and many, many

Christians vote green or are

in the Greens or are Greens

in the Parliament. We have a

very strong spirituality

about like after this planet

of ours and so there is no

dissonence there at all and I

think people with families

look at the Greens for the

best option. When it comes to

working with Kevin Rudd, of

course I K he I have met him

a number of times and we get

along well. I did on John

Howard on the one occasion I

met him. He invited me for

tea in August 1996. I found

out while I was in there they

had cut $400 million out of

spending on indigenous

Australians. It was not an

auspicious start, I don't

know y I extended him an in I

have Tiges come and see the

forest. He offered me a cup

of tea. I took the cup of tea

and he took the forest! But

yes, I find Kevin Rudd a

decent guy, a straight-taking

man. He puts himself straight

on the line. I respect that.

I think it is time we a

change of government I think

the nation will benefit from

it so personally I hope he is

the next Prime Minister but

my job is to ensure that

people have an offset. He is

conservative. He says so

himself. We are conservative

in some ways, we are

conservationists but we are progressive and we want this

nation proceed grintion in

the ways I've spoken about

today. But we will have some

very robust conversations but

I think we can and democracy

demands that and the good

working of parliaments demand

that so I am looking forward

to it and if it is Peter

Costello, ditto.

The fifth of your six-step

plans calls for the immediate

ending ever logging and

burning of old-growth forests

in Australia. Given that both

are regulated under the

regional forest agreements

negotiated in 1997 not due

for review until 2017, how

would you go about achieving

that? I did not negotiate

those regional forests

agreements and the fought, I

took action against the

logging of the forest where

the giant Tasmanian

wedge-tailed eagle, whose

chance of surviving if Gunns

Limited's pulp mill goes

ahead falls from 35 per cent

to 1 per cent according to studies by Melbourne

University. This is of the

world's greatest Eagles a2.2

metre wing span directly

threatened by that logging,

that regional logging in

agreement, Mr Howard's

signature on it and Labor's

complicity in it. It is so

unnecessary. We can meet all

our wood needs from 1.5

million hectares of plantations. I am in the

Parliament to put that back

into last century. There is a

regional forests agreement

there but that is not a

licence to destroy forever.

We Greens are growing because

the big parties do not get

Australia's love for its

wildlife, its great forest,

its natural heritage and we

will be continue to argue for

it and to campaign for it

with we can it will be again

an issue in this election campaign because Gunns

Limited said they want their

pulp mill now and brought it

onto the agenda, today. I

don't know why Mr Howard is

so happy with him having done

that but it is there and we

will campaign to save the

forests and part is there

inform make laws and they

made some laws wrong in 1997

and they can undo them. I

think you would agree that

John Howard has been

particularly lucky in the

fact he has been able to give

his $100 billion tax cuts

because of the resource boom

Yes. In the future the

agricultural industry is not

going to be able to contribute because of global

warming at the latitudes we

line of now and drier

wenters. Where do you see the

wealth of the nation coming

from when China and India are

not buying our resources the

way they are now and fighting

over that? There is nothing

much in the policy statement

on the web, which is must

admit is a very clear and good one then in your speech

today you have not really

dwelt on where the wealth

will come from to do what you

say you want to do. Let me

disagree because point to the

- right up-front - to the

environment being the basis

of future economic

prosperity. Sir Nicholas

Stern said at this podium those cup delays take the

ecology lead will take the

business lead in the 21st

century. Germany legislated against pollution and for

recycling back in the 1990s

and it is leading the world

in environmental technology.

It has its carbon-trading

scheme and its carbon tax and

has created 200,000 jobs in

the last couple of years in

renewable energy and

multimillion dollar exports

that, us cloudy Germany.

Hires John Howard putting

money into the coal industry

which made $23 billion

largely owned outside the

country and can fund its own

research fit want to hunt for

the grail of putting gases underground at sometime in

the future. No, we have the

technology now, solar-thermal

is here to provide our power needs. Why should somebody

from Sydney University have

to go to Anrold

Schwartznegger California to

develop that technology and

get it going? Ly tell you

why? Because John Howard has

not come into this century.

He has held this country back this. Nation's business

depends upon it understanding

where climate change and all

the other social changes on

this plampb yet are taking

us. Sir Nicholas is right and

we Greens notice. If there is

one thing that is needed in

bigger numbers in this

Parliament it is vision

because that will to be big

in Kew baiter for jobs and

business prosperity and for export income in this

century. This is a century of

ET. Ecological technology.

And we intend to foster it

and get Australia back to the

front instead of being the

laggard at the back as it has

become under John Howard.

Simon Gross. The climate

change debate has spawned the

era of aspirational goals and

you have a few in your plan.

I will focus on one line. You

say that 15 per cent of Australia's energy will come

from clean renewable sources

by 2015 under your plan and

25 per cent by 2020. As you

know now it is less than 5

per cent T majority of that

is hydro which will probably

produce less as the years go

by because there will be less

water around where the hydro

station are so on my rough

calculation you talk - well,

your aspirational target is

in the next 8 years our

renewable energy contribution

to our economy will increase

six fold and in 15 years 12

fold. I put to it you that is

not an aspirational target

but a false hood. One of the

problems Greens leaders

perpetrate is that they hold out false hope for the

general populous and that

false hope just like you talk

now about the solar-there

natural and the Gullit billty

you per say about

solar-thermal, I think the

contribution inform the

debate by people like yourself lowers the quality

of the debate and I would

like to after having that

diatribe I would like you to

explain how by 2015 you would

increase the renewable energy

contribution 12-fold, I put

it to you that is impossible?

Well, Simon, vote for John

Howard, that is the best

thing, it will keep you

happy. This is very important

because it is people with

that mind-set that holds this

country back T targets we are

putting here are targets

already adopted by people

like Anrold Schwartznegger,

like Denmark, shake your

head, but we are not. We

saying - you are saying no.

We say.... Denmark get most

of their electricity, they

have 21 per cent of

electricity from windy think

but they are dependent on the

European grid and they have

not stopped - they have not

closed down any fossil fuel

power stations so don't raise

Denmark as some Greens flag.

It is not as pretty as you

think. I am sore you feel so

#15d about it, I don't. Look,

I don't. There is a

difference of mind-set heempl

I am not saying to people who

want more cool mines, who

want more thermal power

stations and vote nuclear,

vote green. Don't. But if you

Ant clean, green alternative

and matching Anrold Schwartznegger and catching

with the Chinese, yes, what

about the billionaire Chinese

presenter for solar who came

out of the University of New

South Wales, found Australia

was too hard because of that

mind-set and went and made

his billions in China. Guess

what? Two weeks ago I put a

hot water service on my own

house. Australian technology,

but while portd it from

China. Because of that

mind-set. That Howard

mind-set and I hope lit not

be a Rudd mine set but it has

been Labor's mind-set in the

past. We should be using that

technology, that exciting

innovation here in this

country. We should be, we

should now have a carbon

trading scheme. We should be

funding instead of massive

tax cuts the renewable energy

technology that is going to

put us on that path, Simon.

So I am an optimist about it.

You might say the Greens, how

dare the genes do that! You

know, how dare the Greens say

you should not flood the

Franklin, bad for jobs, can't

do it, there will be

blackouts. How dare the

Greens says you shut not

protect the Daintree forests,

close sawmills, bad for

business again. Ditto! This

attitude which is so

predominant because the big

parties are so close to the

big he end end of town. They

are not innovators, but we

are. That is what makes me

excited about being an Australian leader of a

political party which last

the optimism and can point to

the parallels over seas and

if Anrold Schwartznegger can

do it, so can we!

Dr Brown, I do not think I

- this question will be quite

as controversial but 20 seats

in the 2004 election were

optic yet for the Greens. Do

you expect that to go up, go

down this time around?

Across the nation - that is

my first question. The second

relates to the seat held by

Peter Gareth. He is someone

you said you have lost

respect for and he represents policies you do not agree

with as opposition

environment spokesperson. Do

you think he will go optic

yet in that seat and if I can venture a third, you have

been complementary about

Kevin Rudd, you have been

less so about John Howard.

What about Peter Costello?

Is he a bitter option than John Howard?

Yes, he is. And John Howard

should have made way for

Peter Costello last year and

such things as the

announcement of wanting to

recognise indigenous

Australia in the constitution

would have had a great deal

more traction if it had been

Peter Costello who was

putting it forward rather

than John Howard. When it

comes to opticest, I don't

know, because these decisions

are made state by state and

seat by seat. I doubt it,

actually. I think will be

more seats, not withstanding

Tasmania where the genes will

direct prechenses to Labor

and it is based on the

feeling it is time we had a

change of Government. Let me

say that again - no, we not a

preference machine, we are

there to get people's first

votes to, get that double-Val

of value vote to come out as

a safely voting for the

Greens and to turn over to

vote for who is next. I have

a lot of respect for Peter

and I have had a long-standing relationship

with him and I told him about

Little Red Riding Hood, "Come

a little bit closer and look

at me from inside!" It is a

terrible dilemma, that is why

it happens, that is why I am

a green. I tell you what

though, I am not a minister,

I suspect I would have been

had I joined one of the big

parties. Who knows? But I am

not, but I am feeling

terrific and I am feeling sad

for Peter and no the Greens

in New South Wales, that is

another seat that decided to give the preference those

Labor on the basis of that

arrangement made at the last election. Can I say this

about Peter Garrett

about Peter Garrett though -

he would be good on the front

bench of a new Labor party.

He would add colour and

talent. And I would work well

with him. I would with - I

am sure Peter Costello as

well - but things have

changed and to stand on the

pulp mill or a stand against

exporting more uranium to

countries like China and

President Vladimir Putin's

Russia would have marked out

a sensational newcomer to big

party politics and we didn't get it. Closed Captions by CSI

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