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This program is captioned live. the wild mobs. Tonight - new laws to contain powers. NSW police given sweeping emergency join community leaders Maroubra's Bra Boys condemning the escalating conflict. So when will it end? yet again counts the cost. The big question as the community that's ever happened to me. It's the most frightening thing

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson times call for desperate measures. But first this evening - desperate unseen since the Sydney Olympics. Our police to get sweeping new powers recalled to pass the measures. State Parliament has been urgently the people behind the riots Premier Morris Iemma insisting have declared war on society. a news conference today He outlined to at their disposal. the extra powers police will have to declare lock-down zones They will involve special powers with the Olympics. similar to what we saw These lock-down zones will ensure command of an area that police will be able to take people and vehicles in that zone. and also enable them to search the police to take command So a lock-down zone enabling searching people and vehicles

to ensure public order and safety. premises in the event of a riot Further, powers to shutdown licensed public disorder. or to prevent large-scale temporary alcohol - A further power to declare temporary zones alcohol-free a vehicle and further, powers to confiscate or public disorder. if the driver is involved in rioting yet another night of violence. The Premier's announcement followed a woman stabbed, Shops and cars smashed, taken to hospital, several other people and 11 men arrested. Anarchy on our streets. Sydney once again a battle zone of Middle Eastern background as angry young men the weekend race riots at Cronulla. went in search of retribution over We're back here for revenge! Get this (bleep)! We're going to (bleep) your mothers! clearly evident in police responses. Fear that gripped the city, in the south-west The chaos began to unfold at Lakemba would be attacked. amid reports Sydney's main mosque building up in surrounding streets. It wasn't, but an agitated mob began

and contain up to a thousand people Authorities put up road blocks to try at passing cars. as some began lashing out as scuffles broke out. A policewoman injured of Maroubra were also kept busy Officers in the beachside suburb disarming locals of their weapons of Molotov cocktails. including up to 30 crates its way to the southern suburbs. A car convoy then began speeding

to wreak havoc. Young men on a mission up to 30 car loads. Police failing to intercept In a series of smash and grabs -

and Brighton Le Sands were hit hard. Cronulla, Caringbah a vehicle pull up POLICE RADIO: Witnesses saw at Miranda. and a female being chased down A woman was stabbed. seven people were taken to hospital. Another man beaten senseless as you could get your hands on - It was a case of use anything cricket bats, golf clubs and rocks. knives, steel pipes, baseball and to everything in their path. as they lay siege Residents terrorised. full of Lebanese guys. There's a whole street Just the whole - crammed with cars.

They all just jumped out. Set my husband's truck alight every single car in the street. and then they smashed Got the shovel off his truck, our bedroom window. threw it straight through so frightened in all my life. It was absolutely - I've never been


and at the height of the rampage, Shop fronts were destroyed station would be set on fire. there were even fears a petrol Across the suburb of Wooloware,

that's been repeated over and over this has been the sort of scene during the night. and windows smashed to pieces. Countless cars with their windscreens Dozens of vehicles were damaged. terror is not over by a long shot. The concern is that this reign of inciting more violence this weekend New text messages continue to do the rounds. a full time police riot squad. NSW is starting up a month away from being operational. But that's still at least Frank Coletta, Ten News. For a second day, with the violence residents who had nothing to do faced a heartbreaking clean-up. as the gangs moved in. Many had watched helplessly another victim of mindless violence. A Cronulla bystander and

with steel bars and baseball bats. 20, 30 guys came running up of my car. One guy smashed the window

just turned on me, just beat me. Just tried to stop them and they came face-to-face with the angry mob. Steve had just returned home when he with a fractured arm and bruises. He was left left stunned. Those who witnessed the attack that at any given time, It just scares me to think just walking down the street. yeah, we could basically be attacked

saw the mob using bats to smash cars Others along this street of friends' homes. and ran to the safety that I've ever seen. that's ever happened to me, It's the most frightening thing

that's ever happened to me, It's the most frightening thing

that I've ever seen. watching their cars being destroyed. And again, residents were helpless It was just mayhem. bashing things. They were pulling people out, that were around. They just jumped on any cars and they dispersed pretty quickly. Then the police turned up

the evidence of a wild night. Shop windows also bearing Residents report hearing gun shots

sound of bats striking windscreens. but concede that could have been the The sound was really scary. the window and shattering the glass The sound of a baseball bat hitting that you're just not used to. is something It's very frightening. to wreak their havoc. The youths emerged from vans The police were so far behind them with them. that they couldn't catch up destruction and anger. But in their wake,

Unfortunately, there are some clowns out there shooting their mouth off inflaming the situation and it's innocent people like these families that are getting harmed by this. Even putting the garbage became a hazard for one man, left badly injured after a savage beating. Cronulla's troubles are having a broader impact. At least one of surf club has pulled out of the weekend carnival being held here and others are now considering their positions. Some locals fear the beach may not be safe to bring their children to. It's a lovely area, we love Cronulla and it just gives the suburb a bad name when most of the young kids are probably not even from here. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. And Eddy Meyer joins us now from Cronulla. Eddy, are police prepared for another night of violence?

There are fears of what could

happen tonight. Are police prepared

for another night of violence?

There's no specific intelligence,

according to the deputy police

commissioner, but he's taking no

chances. A short time ago, he

announced there would be 450 extra

police on the beat tonight. They

were caught a little offguard last

night. Basically, they won't allow

that to happen again. Flying

squad-type arrangements so we can

actually get to them before they do

the crime, or, in fact, to

intervene shortly thereafter. We

can't have a policeman on every

corner, but we can have a team

that's rapidly mobile, that can

intervene, and we will be working

towards getting to them before

thigh do what they intend to do.

You are in Cronulla. What's the

atmosphere there like now? It's

safe to say there is tension. We've

had people coming up to us all day

talking about who's to blame,

blaming the other parties. We

talked about the surf carnival

meant to be held this weekend. A

short time ago, that was cancelled

because of that tension. It's been

postponed till a later date - no

date has been set. It's safe to say

that this is now having a serious

impact on what goes on in this area.

Thanks. Eddy Meyer in Cronulla. Community leaders are calling for calm fearing a third night of racial uprising. Rival factions coming together today in a public show of peace.

A handshake to mend three days of racial unrest. Notorious Maroubra surf gang members building bridges with the Lebanese community. We don't support any of these actions of the Cronulla people, we don't support any of them and never have. Bra Boys, the Abberton brothers, talking with a Lebanese bikie member about how to appease the racial hatred sweeping Sydney's streets. I think this is a start and this is how we have to go to ease these tensions and calming the racial violence. Maroubra boys taking the initiatives and reaching out to be part of the solution and they are to be congratulated for this.

Lakemba residents and business owners also calling for calm. I say this to all my brothers, to the Australians and to Muslims, we've gotta learn to live together. Fighting will get you nowhere.

All it will do is create more hatred and reason for revenge. But for many, it's just rhetoric with further reprisals expected as early as tonight. I do believe that there is going to be revenge attacks. Many Lakemba residents are urging their wives, sisters and mothers to stay indoors. This 25-year-old nurse is now too frightened to even leave her home. It's unsafe to go to work. I've had to call in today to come into work because I am afraid someone is going to beat me up. I've had to call in today to come into work because I am afraid someone is going to beat me up. Comanchero member Nic admitting last's night's violence in Lakemba was unprecedented. I've never seen so many Lebos and so many weapons since I've been in Beirut. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. Dramatic political developments tonight as State Parliament is re-called in the wake of the race riots. Special legislation ill be introduced giving police wider powers to deal with offenders. As the racial violence escalates and youth gangs of Middle Eastern descent adopt guerrilla-style hit-and-run tactics, unprecedented political action. The NSW Parliament will be re-called for a special emergency sitting on Thursday morning to provide the police with extra powers. Those extra powers include locking down an area as was done for the Sydney Olympics enabling police to search people and vehicles, shutting down hotels and bottle shops and declaring temporary alcohol-free zones, given drinking was a key factor in Sunday's Cronulla riot. Police will also have the power to confiscate cars. Think carefully before you go using your car for this purpose because I'll guarantee you, the car will be confiscated. The new laws will also removed the presumption of bail for offences of riot, affray and violent disorder, increase the penalty for riot by 5 years to 15 years, and double the penalty for affray to 10 years. These criminals have declared war on our society and we are not going to let them win. For once, political agreement on both sides. The Opposition will back the tough new police laws. The Government will have our full support to quickly pass legislation

which will assist police. I won't allow Sydney's reputation as a tolerant and vibrant international city to be tarnished by these ratbags and criminals. And the Government has confirmed it's begun talks with Victoria and Queensland to send police back-up if the violence continues. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Police were caught by surprise during last night's rampage through the southern suburbs. Officers accusing the rioters of using guerilla tactics. Confusion and chaos on the police airwaves. The rapid hit and run tactics of the rioters caught authorities off guard. Some riot-trained officers were sent to the wrong suburb. The 000 switchboard went into melt-down. I rang the emergency number and the lines were jammed. I couldn't get through. They said there were so many calls coming through, I'd just have to hold the line, so it was very terrifying. It led to dangerous delays. Riot-trained operational support group officers massed outside Cronulla police station waiting for a commander to show up, others were deployed without their crowd control equipment.

Due to lack of evidence, many police were forced to let suspects go. Come on people, move along thanks, move along. You people, let them go. It's not easy trying to fight guerilla tactics according to retired riot squad boss, Tom Lupton. I would suggest that many commanders are running this type of situation for the first time and one must understand that public order policing is one of the most complex and demanding police situations that any commander can try and control. The new police powers could be used as soon as this weekend. They aren't going to win, no matter where they come from. If they're from Maroubra, Cronulla, Lakemba, or wherever. The police unions happy with the powers but says the proposed riot squad, due to start work in January, isn't big enough. We are disappointed that they only announced that 50 people would be in that squad. We believe it should be around 200. Many of the 50 officers could be unavailable at any time due to sickness, training and court appearances.

Shaun Fewings, Ten News. The jury considers its verdict in the Peter Falconio murder trial next. Plus, hiding his face in shame. One of the nation's most sadistic child killers arrives back in Sydney. And the damning photo Schapelle Corby doesn't want the world to see. MAN: Hello, George. Hello, Patrick. You said we could come around and use your broadband. Oh! That was quick. (Plays bagpipes loudly) We're definitely getting broadband at home. Now you can afford broadband in your own home. For eligible customers.

For details, call: (Plays Big Pond theme on bagpipes) Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season.

Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe, be prepared this bushfire season. The $2 Jackpot Lottery... CRASH! ..has really gone up a level The jury has retired to consider its verdict against Bradley John Murdoch in the Peter Falconio outback murder trial.

They went out at lunchtime after more than eight weeks of proceedings. More than 80 witnesses gave evidence and scores of exhibits were tendered. One of the country's most notorious child killers is likely to be charged over the murder of a Sydney toddler. The coroner's recommendation coming almost four decades after Simon Brook's body was found in bushes at Glebe Point. For 37 years Donald Brook has mourned the loss of his 3-year-old son, Simon. The coronial inquest reopened the case for a two-day hearing that shed new light on the mystery. Yes, it is harrowing, but these processes should go through and they should go through properly and we're very relieved that that is happening. Police believe Derek Percy suffocated the boy, stuffing newspaper in his mouth and mutilating the body afterwards. He told police he was:

Only last year a schoolfriend of Percy came forward to reveal an alleged confession to Simon's killing.

Percy was flown up from his Melbourne jail cell for the hearing, the case reopened last year by the homicide squad.

Percy is Victoria's longest-serving prisoner, being held for the murder and mutilation of a 12-year-old girl. He was found not guilty due to mental illness. He's being investigated over possible links to other unsolved child murders across four states and territories. Police have questioned him over the 1966 disappearance of the Beaumont children from an Adelaide beach. The Coroner's Court found a known person was responsible for the death of Simon Brook, and recommended criminal charges. State Coroner John Abernethy made his finding on the basis that there were strong similarities between the two cases, with the death of the 12-year-old girl in Victoria so close to that of the 3-year-old boy in Sydney boy a year earlier.

The police do their work and the judicial process grinds on, irrespective of time. Percy denies the killing. she's to blame for her daughter's latest crisis. Photos of Corby posing with an alleged drug trafficker have been located by South Australian police but her mum insists there's nothing sinister about it. They're the photos some believe could see Schapelle Corby spend even longer

in an Indonesian jail. But the 28-year-old's mother says it's all an innocent mistake. I just went into shock. I just started bawling. I couldn't talk anymore. I went, "Oh, it's me! It's my fault. All of this is because I tried to do someone a good deed, be nice to someone. She says she took the photos after two men claiming to be Schapelle supporters asked to meet the former Gold Coast beauty student in Bali. The photos were subsequently found during drug raids in homes in SA late last month.

But her mother says she's been told by police there's no doubt when or where the photos where taken. As soon as you see the photos, you will know it's taken in jail.

Her mother has written to South Australia's Police Commissioner, looking for answers.

So far, none have been forthcoming. Roseleigh expects to fly to South Australia tomorrow.

She wants to meet the State's Police Commissioner to ask him how they were leaked and to see them for herself. The photos are also creating renewed interest in Indonesia, where prosecutors are hoping they'll boost the case to have Corby's sentence increased. Australia's top cop says he can't say whether they mean something more. The thing we have to look at is whether there is a network exporting cannabis to Bali and whether this has anything to do with Schapelle Corby or not,

remains to be seen. Roseleigh says, now news of the photos is out, it's in her daughter's best interests to have them released. Daniel Barty, Ten News. Collapsed drug company Pan Pharmaceuticals has been slapped with a $3 million fine. The District Court decision comprises $500,000 for causing grievous bodily harm to users of a travel sickness drug and $2.5 million for supplying counterfeit medication. An investigation into the company in 2003 led to Australia's biggest medicines recall and the collapse of the company. With liabilities of $180 million it's unlikely they'll be able to pay the penalty.

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All sun, shiny and blue. Currently 26 degrees.

I'll see you again in around about 10. Clemency denied - next the prisoner whose execution may spark wild riots. And Prince William's final day of work experience takes him to new heights. Right now, buy a $10 Scratchie with a chance at 500 grand and get four free $1 Scratchies. Or buy a $5 Scratchie with a chance at 250 grand and get two free $1 Scratchies. It could really win you stacks. SONG: # Scratch me happy! #

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Vic, the heart

of Parramatta seems to be in

trouble tonight. Have you spotted

what's happened? Ron, we did. It

was actually a small truck that had

given up the go on Windsor Road,

heading into Northmead. The truck

has moved on but, unfortunately,

the traffic delays for motorists

exiting Parramatta exist all the

way back toward Victoria Road. It's

having a knock-on effect. The

traffic leading into West Ryde.

Take Parramatta Road or James Roost

Drive in towards the inner west.

Thank you, Vic. Calls for calm in Los Angeles with a former gang leader only hours away from being executed. The city braced for riots after California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger denied Tookie Williams his final request for clemency. With Stanley 'Tookie' Williams

about to be led to the execution chamber, his supporters took to the streets with civil rights activitist Reverend Jesse Jackson. He is no longer a threat to society. He's been in jail for 25 years. If he's killed it will not make us safer. But Williams's fate has been decided. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has refused to spare the life of the convicted murderer and founder of one of LA's most notorious gangs. For the relatives of the four people Williams gunned down during a 1970s crime spree, it's the right decision. I will be standing there in the name of Albert and his father watching that execution. Governor Schwarzenegger, who admitted all clemency cases are difficult, simply said after studying the evidence and wrestling with the profound consequences, he could find no justification for granting clemency. LA authorities are now urging calm. Williams has convinced thousands he's a reformed man. In prison, he wrote children's books about the dangers of gang life and was even nominated for a Nobel peace prize. Those people who have strong concerns one way or another,

do not jeopardise themselves or the community while expressing those views. Williams maintains he's a changed man. Tonight his past will cost him his life. Williams will die by lethal injection. In California, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Firefighters are claiming some success as an oil depot blaze continues to rage in Britain. Using foam and 30,000 litres of water per minute, they've put out 12 of the 20 fires burning in fuel tanks. At one point, firefighters were evacuated amid fears of another explosion. Because the last thing I want or anyone else wants is human tragedy on top of the environmental tragedy. They later resumed the battle, as a massive smoke cloud stretched for more than 100 kilometres visible in satellite photographs. A dashing prince has come to the rescue in North Wales. Prince William scaled brave new heights as part of preparation for his officer training which will begin in the New Year. The 23-year-old abseiled down a cliff face in a mock rescue successfully making it to the bottom unscathed. It was part of a 2-week work experience adventure which is helping the Prince get fit before he joins the army. A South American woman has been declared the oldest person alive. Asian reaction to the Sydney race riots next. Plus, Australia's space cadets. Our first private astronauts pay a high price to make their dream come true. And the 'American Idiot' tour - Green Day back to rock Sydney.

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Tomorrow - 25-27 degrees. These

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$3 at Woolworths. And you'll help

the kids! See you again at 5:55. Today's major stories - police to be given sweeping new powers to contain riots.

They'll soon be able to close down areas, confiscate vehicles, shut down licensed premises and impose temporary alcohol-free zones. The measures will be introduced to State Parliament

during an emergency sitting this week. And more than 450 police will take to the streets tonight to foil any more trouble in the city's southern beachside suburbs. The force is considering seeking support from interstate police

if necessary to head off more violence. And a Catholic primary school in Sydney's west may have been caught up in last night's racial violence. It's alleged members of the school community were heckled by a group of Middle Eastern men while attending a carol's by candlelight service around 7:00pm. A short time later, gunshots were heard and it's alleged two teachers found bullet holes in their cars. We would like everybody in the school community and the local community to keep as calm as possible and that's what we will be endeavouring to do I think it's really important for the children that we play down anything that is happening and keep everybody as calm as possible. Today, police officers seized spent cartridges from outside the school grounds. The PM insists the riots should not damage our reputation in the Asian region. Malaysia's Foreign Minister saying they show extremism isn't restricted to Muslim countries. Asian leaders are holding a serious of meetings in the Malaysian capital, all aimed at creating a trading and security bloc to rival Europe and America. Their attention has been distracted by Sydney's weekend riots, news reports being carried on local television and throughout Asia. It shows extremism is not peculiar to Muslims or to Asian- or Arab-looking people. Before departing for the East Asian Summit tomorrow - Australia's big chance for closer ties - John Howard again condemned the racist thugs as law-breakers. Every country has incidents that don't play well overseas. I can't think of a country in the world that hasn't had an incident that hasn't played well overseas. Malaysia, no stranger itself to race riots, agrees. I don't think that should in any way bar Australia or make Australia less appropriate to be a member of this process. But there still is a reluctance to see Australia as an integral member of the region. China and Malaysia are suspicious of our close ties to the US and whether we see ourselves as a deputy sheriff for Washington. In Kuala Lumpur, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Yesterday's rally on the Australian share market was short-lived. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. Local businesses finishing the year on a strong note.

Yes, Ron. The National Australia

Yes, Ron. The National Australia Bank business survey was out today.

It was positive. Employment,

profitability and business spending

all higher in the latest month, and

no signs of inflationary pressures

- those higher wages not being

- those higher wages not being passed through in terms of higher

prices. What that suggests is

prices. What that suggests is interest rates should remain on

hold for quite some time. We'll

actually get more information on

this topic when the Reserve Bank

governor delivers a speech later tonight. Thanks, Craig. Thanks. Craig James at CommSec. Not content with taking over much of the corporate world, Richard Branson has his sights set on space. The Virgin Galactic founder announcing three Australians will be among the first private astronauts to join him on a space joy ride. Virgin Blue CEO Brett Godfrey, and journalists Alan Finkel and Wilson De Silva have paid their $200,000 fare and will take off for their 2-hour adventure in 2008. We will have 50 test flights before we send anybody up

and I suspect that NASA have only had a couple of hundred flights since day one in total. Another 34,000 people have registered for a space flight. Rock group Green Day have arrived in Sydney for their show at the SCG tomorrow. It's the last leg of their 'American Idiot' world tour. Their political statements drawing as much attention as their music. It's been an amazing year for punk rockers Green Day. (Sings) # Don't want to be an American idiot. # Selling more than 10 million copies of their album 'American Idiot', winning a Grammy Award and headlining at the Live 8 concert. The trio taking a major risk with the album which criticises the political environment back home but it's won them even more fans. We were just trying to write music with a lot of integrity and in keeping those fans in mind. I think a lot of people have had enough of it and there's no such thing as the greatest country in the world. The band bringing their huge stadium show to Sydney and Melbourne, fans will be treated to more than 300 tons of equipment, staging

and TV screens. Bass player Mike Dirnt taking the chance to improve his cricket skills. It actually took years to work out what was going on and I still don't really have a clue, but I have a lot bigger clue than I had in a long time.

But he can hit the ball really far. The shows in Sydney and Melbourne the last shows on their world tour. Is Up to 40,000 people will pack the SCG tomorrow for what Green Day promises will be one hell of a show to cap off a phenomenal year. I think we're going to try and play like extra songs and, you know, make it more special for the people that are here. Tim Potter, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and cricket authorities concerned the Perth Test won't be played in the right spirit? Yes, with Australia and South Africa about to square off there are concerns. Ricky Ponting's views shortly. Also Wayne Bennett's stunning attack on the new Australian coach. And the 6-year-old whiz kid who surprised Pat Rafter Right now at Beaurepaires buy four Dunlop tyres and a wheel alignment and we'll give you a return flight. SONG: # Beaurepaires! # SONG: # Oh, yeah! # I just gotta have it Oh, yeah! # Oh, yeah! # PUMP WHIRRS AND KERCHINGS Buy four Goodyear tyres and you'll get $75 worth of free fuel. But only at participating Goodyear Auto Service Centres. In a bitter aftermath to his resignation as Test coach, Wayne Bennett today took a swipe at new Kangaroos coach Ricky Stuart. Bennett scoffed at suggestions his replacement is a better man-manager. According to Bennett, Ricky's Sydney Roosters have discipline problems. The idea of Wayne Bennett slipping quietly into rep coaching retirement shattered on Brisbane radio. Bennett reaching boiling point at suggestions Ricky Stuart will better manage players and let them have a drink. Don't tell me that Ricky Stuart or somebody else is going to do a better job because they'll go and drink with the boys and the boys will behave themselves because they're drinking with them. Just look at the Sydney Roosters's track record over the last four or five years and some of their player behaviour and you tell me if that approach works or not. Bennett's barbs at the Roosters clearly aimed at past indiscretions by Chris Walker, Michael Crocker, Anthony Minichiello and Craig Wing. A non-drinker, Bennett defending his strong stance against drinking, on Australia's failed Tri-Nations campaign. I'm sick of the drunks and I'm sick of our game being dragged through every media outlet in the country every time some guy behaves badly. Because every time a rugby league player behaves badly, he behaves badly because he's affected by alcohol. League legends stunned by the attack. You'd be disappointed if it was sour grapes. I mean, Wayne, I'm sure, if he wanted to continue on in the position of coaching Australia, he would have been able to do that but he decided to resign and the door has been opened up for Ricky. Daley warning the Kangaroos, next year will be no party under the new coach. Ricky is known as a tough disciplinarian and I'm sure the Australian side will get that. For now, the Roosters remaining silent on Bennett not knowing how they've provoked the 5-time premiership winner. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Test captain Ricky Ponting believes

the series with South Africa will be played tough and hard despite ICC warnings to play the series in the true spirit of cricket.

Ricky Ponting says the banter

between South Africa and Australia

in the lead-up to the 3-Test series

has been nothing bought bit of

child's play. I'm comfortable with

what's happened so far in the press,

which is all we can go on so far.

Banter is part of our game and, so

far, the build-up to this Test

series looks like it will be pretty

intense. It has been pretty

light-hearted banter. The ICC

taking the unusual step of warning

both sides to uphold the spirit of

cricket before a ball has been

bowled. All the Australian players

certainly know where the line in

the sand is drawn. The Aussies have

assembled in Perth and will get

their first chance to it test out

the conditions this afternoon.

Glenn McGrath expected to train

after recovering from the flu.

Nathan Bracken and Stuart Clark

keen imtoo impress in the nets,

Bracken likely to be favoured.

These are similar conditions to

Brisbane. The left arm tends to

swing here in Perth. It's a

line-call at the moment. Someone

will have to make that judgment

over the next few days. A solitary goal has ended Sydney FC's hopes at the World Club Championships in Japan. The A-League team went down 1-0 to Costa Rica's Deportivo Saprissa. A warm farewell from Nagoya did little to ease the dissappointment for Sydney FC as they departed for Tokyo and Friday's play-off for fifth spot. The fledgling club dominated the opening to last night's match but could'nt find the breakthough. COMMENTATOR: Pretrovski coming in on his right foot. What a good effort! A momentary lapse of concentration after the break proving costly. That's a good ball. Good strike! Their chances of a showdown with Liverpool dealt a further blow when Alvin Ceccoli earned an instant red card for his challenge on the keeper. That's the thing I've taken to heart because I don't think there was anything in it at all and now I'm missing out.

At the other end, Clint Bolton keeping Sydney in the match. Bolton's done it again! Would you believe it!

The A-League side fighting it out till the end but coming up just short. Milligan - it's a good ball!

CROWD CHEERS I think we showed today that we're a good team and we belong in this stage, really. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Just when Australia's tennis prospects were looking bleak a new ace may have arrived but we'll have to wait a while. 6-year-old Cameron Habib was awarded a $5,000 sponsorship for his talent and a hit up with Pat Rafter. At 6-years-old, Cameron Habib can just peer over the net, but this kindergarten kid knows how to hit a tennis ball. Here comes a big one. Well done. His outstanding skill scoring him a Dunlop sponsorship package and the chance to test a former world number one. It was good, actually. He hit it right at my chest. I thought I was going to get hit by a 6-year-old, who's in kindy. This is really good. When you think child prodigy, you think pushy parents - but for this family, it's the opposite. At three years of age, Cameron dragged his dad to the local court - a routine that continues today. Six hours a week and he gets up early in the morning, goes for his lesson and we rush him back off to school - that's about three times per week. With just one Aussie male ranked in the top 100, it's understandable Cameron's favourite is Swiss sensation Roger Federer, but there's no saying when a new Rafter will emerge. I think Australia has always had the ability to pull something out of the fire and it may not happen in the next couple of years

but I'd be surprised in 5 years time if we don't have another good competitive player on the circuit. Rafter has already contacted Wally Masur to ensure this amazing talent is nurtured. And there's no surprise what Cameron wants to be when he grows up. Be a professional tennis player. Scott MacKinnon, Ten News. Later on 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan - all the news from the AFL draft. Plus Danny Green's change of heart over the treatment handed out to Anthony Mundine.

Thank you, Tim. Check of the

traffic with Vic Lorusso. You're

over Green Acre. How's the traffic

tonight? We had reports of an

accident on King Georges Road near

the intersection of Roberts Road.

We can see delays in directions.

Towards Hurstvilletle is fine. We

have had issues all afternoon

toward Parramatta. It continues for

Church Street and James Roos Drive

Church Street and James Roos Drive and it continues. Thank you.

Tim Bailey's weather next.

from Goodyear Auto Service Centre and you'll get $75 worth of free fuel. That's right! $75 free fuel. Cal 13 23 43 now. HORN TOOTS

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, with less than two

weeks to go till Christmas, you

better get a move on with those

Christmas hampers. That's it,

15,000 of them going out with some

tens of thousands of toy hampers,

Ronnie. It starts like that - an

empty cardboard box, which isn't

empty cardboard box, which isn't much good to anybody, is it? Thanks

to the generosity of Woolworths, we

stack it with tons and tons of bits

stack it with tons and tons of bits and pieces and a Christmas dinner.

So, underprivileged families - what

happens to them is, on Christmas

Day, they, like you and I, sit down

and have a brilliant day, and the

kids get toys. We're talking about

680,000 kids that are members of

jobless households, that we can put

jobless households, that we can put a smile on their face. 12 days to

go till Christmas. We still need

$2.5 million. You can help us out

by buying a star at Woolworths, and

the money will go to the Smith

Family, everybody's

second-favourite - your own is your

favourite - second-favourite family.

Everybody here is a volunteer.

Stacking and packing hampers. Well,

until the cows come home. The

message is rather simple. (All)

message is rather simple. (All) Merry Christmas! And the number is rather

rather simple. The number is 1800 -

(All) 99 66 77.

We've got $2.5 million to raise

before Christmas. That's a little

bit. We're gonna get there. Thank

you to Woolworths, AMP, Amex and

the Sydney Showgrounds. Big round

of applause. APPLAUSE They give us

this facility each and every year

so we can put smiles on the dials

of underprivileged families. I left

the weather around here somewhere.

Where is it? Sue? Here it is rights

here. Dear, I knew something would

go wrong. By the way, come here for

a second. Sue, you go back around

like you were before when we

started. I said to Sue prior to

going on the television, I said,

"About 800,000 people will see your

bum on television," and what did

you say? "800,000 lucky viewers."

Exactly. Maybe a storm tonight, a

late shower tomorrow, and partly cloudy conditions.

Satellite - cloud stretches across

the north along a trough is causing

thunderstorms, severe in south-east

Queensland, north-east NSW. The

weather map - onshore winds behind

weather map - onshore winds behind the trough will cause isolated

the trough will cause isolated the trough will cause isolated showers along the NSW coast.

Isolated showers along the NSW

coast, mainly in the morning. By

Thursday, a trough will spread rain

and isolated storms across South

Australia and the NT. That number

again - 1800 (All) 99 66 77. And

all you're doing is making yourself

all you're doing is making yourself feel brilliant on Christmas Day as

absolutely everybody in Australia

gets a Christmas feed and -... did

I just knock that over? Yeah, good!

Everyone gets one of those. It

means everyone smilings. It's the

least we can do. Everything going wrong here!

Thank you very much for putting up

with me, everybody! CHEERING Merry

Christmas and please give

generously to the Smith Family. Thank you, Tim. Taronga Zoo is celebrating a cute new arrival. Finn, the cotton-top tamarin, has finally ventured out on his own after spending the past 10 weeks clinging to his mum's back and getting to know his twin sisters Morticia and Wednesday. Finn is the fifth addition to Taronga's tamarin family. Mum was also born at the zoo through their breeding program while dad is from the US.

Now there's a school holiday idea! That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Sandra Sully will have the late news at 10:25. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )