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(generated from captions) will take sometime for this

matter to move through the

Federal government court and

we will await the outcome. If

you have been watching the

news this week you will know

the nation's politicians have

put on a rowdy display in

Federal Parliament. Debate

defended into farce. Last

time the Labor Party had a

debt it took the Coalition

the pay it off. Now the

Opposition has an even bigger

debt... That was a prop too

far! The Member for North

Sydney resume his seat. New

concrete sleepers... The

Prime Minister will resume

his seat! The Prime Minister

has a whole stack of these hard what photographs he

wants to show the Husband and

I would ask him to not do so! show the Husband and I would hat photographs he wants to

ask him to not do so!

The Prime Minister thanks

call. Mr Speaker, how

sensitive they are about

infrastructure construction!

No, the Manager of Opposition

Business can resume his seat.

The manager for opposition

business can resume his seat!

The manager of opposition is

named. Is leave granted?

Leave is not granted. The

Treasurer! The Member for

north sidefully resume his

seat. Get your affects

right in opposition, you not

it fit to run the nation's

finances. This house

censures the Prime Minister

and the treasure for

misleading the husband and

for refusing to come clean.

The Opposition failed for the

numbers and you have to feel

sympathy for the Speaker

Harry Jenkins. Julie Bishop

joins us to look back on the

parliamentary week. Thank you

for joining us. I guess it is

amusing when you look back on

it like that but a steerus

question first up. For whose

benefit is Question Time

these days? There were very

serious issues debated this

week in Question Time.

Particularly... I hardly

call it debated! The level of

debt that the Government is

now driving this country

into, $315 billion is the

largest debt this country has

ever seen. We had to extract

the detail of this line

byline from a very reluctant

Government. But I think what

occurred this week in

Question Time was a first. I

have never seen a Prime

Minister stoop to the sort of

silly an tick thanks we saw

this week. I remember John

Howard used to seek to set

the highest standards in

Question Time. I'm not

suggesting that everybody

else followed suit but the

Prime Minister bee fitting of

the office would always seek

to set the highest standards

but here this week we had

Kevin Rudd playing with silly

prpts and all sorts of antics

which were demeaning for

Prime Minister. Tell me you

are not being serious are

you? Yes, I am. Do you want

me the replay to you all the

silly props your side brought

in? Please do not bring the

discussion down to this

level. That is not the point

I was making. Question time

has always been extremely

theatrical but there were serious points to be made.

What was unusual this week

that is the Prime Minister of

this country engaged in the

silly antics and I have not

sent that before. And you had

the match him? I have never

seen John Howard ever descend

to that level. He always was

able the promote his policies

through his words and his argument but the Prime

Minister used props. I mean

we were expecting him to

bring in the hard hat and the

fluoro vest he carries around

in the car with him these days. Having a Prime Minister

to do that I thought was

demeaning but your point

about for whose benefit is

Question Time. There are

serious issues raised in

Government does not answer question. Very often the

them. I asked a very serious question in Question Time yesterday about why the Prime

Minister had personally

interfered in the career

advancement of a highly

respected Australian diplomat

yet he avoid answering the

question. So if the

Government answered the

questions of course the

beneficiaries would be the

Australian public who would

start to understand what is

behind some of the Government's actions particularly in relation to

its economic policies. And

they are serious discussions

I'm sure the public would

like to see discussed inch

calmer manner. We will let

the pictures of Question Time

speak for themselves. We will

just show them again and let

the people decide who was

more silly. What did you

think you achieved this

week? We highlighted the

fact that the Government has

lost control of the country's

finances. Is unable the pint

to any eam also of growth,

interest rates, inflation to

back up the claim it will be able to pay back this depth

of $300 billion by 2022. The

temporary debt but when find Government says it is a

for the first time it will

take until 2022 to epay it.

Then we find through

painstaking questions in

Question Time that the

Government has no idea how it

is going to achieve that.

This means that the burden of

debt is going to remain on this generation of

Australians, on the next

generation of Australians and

that is a very serious

question because all

expenditure from now on by

the Government is borrowed

money. The Government has no

savings. It has blown all the

savings built up under the

Howard Government. The budget

is in deficit to the tune of

$58 billion and the national

debt t Government borrowings

are $315 billion! That means

our finance are in total

disarray and this Government

has no plan on how to get

them back into order. Just

finally a question on the

other big issue of the week which is the advent of swine

flu and it clearly seems to

be spreading in this country.

How do you rate the

government's performance in

managing that so far? There

are already in place some

very good processes for

dealing with pandemics and I

believe the Government has

taken on board those

procedures that have been put

in place and we hope the

Government will be able to

continue to monitor this in a

way that contains this swine

flu. The ship that obviously

docked has caused some

problems. I know there is

another cruise liner that is

having to return to Sydney

and that is a worry that there are people on board

boats, tourism boats that are

coming in the Australia. We

help that the Government has sufficient procedures in place and we understand that

they do, to manage this. For

the sake of all Australians

we hope that if swine flu can

be contained in this

way. Thank you for your time