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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning and Happy New Year. First this morning, the new year, Australia has brought in around the country. with celebrations taking place of their lives Sydneysiders enjoying the time as they ushered in 2008 in style. Seeing in the new year with a bang.

packed the harbour foreshore More than a million revellers promising us the time of our lives. for the fireworks, And they delivered. the ideal backdrop for the display. Perfect conditions providing

The harbour lit up with colour. Spirits were high. (All cheer) But not too high -

of revellers. police praising the general behaviour about the crowd behaviour, We're generally pleased

Sydneysiders and I'd really like to thank conducted themselves. for the manner that they've is in a serious condition A 22-year-man

in the middle of the city. after being stabbed in the chest Another man impaled himself at Bondi. while trying to climb over a fence Officers made 94 arrests, and attacking police. including a number for assault

went off without a hitch. But for most, the celebrations finally the wait was over. After a long day in the sun, ALL: Four, three, two, one! the streets. The party then spilling into And as thousands began the journey home,

time to reflect on the year ahead. Just to live a peaceful, happy life. Hannah Spurr, Ten News. last night's celebrations, And while revellers sleep off after the festivities. city workers are busy cleaning up joins us live now. Ten reporter Catherine Kennedy under way? A massive clean-up operation

That is right. I am standing across

from the bridge and it is difficult

to believe that just hours ago

people were packed in like sardines.

There is a cargo ship behind me.

People were positioning themselves

to get a prime spot to watch a spectacular

spectacular fireworks display

before partying into the night.

Partygoers were still having a very

good time in Bondi ate early this

morning. People were sleeping morning. People were sleeping off

the night lying on the beach.

People had such a good time they

were being carried by their friends.

Bondi is known for hosting many

tourists and locals and last night

was no different. Lots of partying

is still going on. Speaking of partygoers on Oxford Street,

partygoers there are known for

their longevity, but it early this

morning we saw some people still

having a very good time. Lots of

people are still out and about

enjoying the sunshine. A pat on the

back to all the City workers who

have been working hard since to the

club this morning to get the city

pristine and clean. While most

people wearing during the night,

the City workers were out and about

cleaning up the rubbish. When we

were cut this morning, as you can

see, the harbour is relatively

clean. When well everything be back

to normal? At around 1 o'clock this morning the Harbour Bridge was

reopened to motorists. The roads

that were closed in the city has

to normal. reopened. The City is already back

the new year in searing heat, Revellers in other States celebrated experiencing with both Victoria and Adelaide record December temperatures. the crowd numbers down in Melbourne. The sweltering conditions saw well down on the 500,000 expected - 350,000 packed Melbourne's CBD, 40-degree heat keeping many away. The heat getting the better of many, ambulances fielding 850 calls and alcohol-related illness. relating to heat exhaustion Families gathering under a night sky bursting with colour,

of an early fireworks display. making the most some aerial entertainment Others soaked up via free transport services, Most making their way home for police, but the night was just beginning across the State. with more than 500 arrests police faced trouble early, At Phillip Island, this beachside scuffle. but were quick to break up Nice family night, lots of fun. At Lorne, party spirits were high, at the annual Falls Festival. thousands rocking in the year At Adelaide's Glenelg Beach, welcomed 2008, around 100,000 revellers in more than a century. the hottest December night 150 arrests were made, and drink-driving. many related to assaults

Erin Cassar, Ten News. And in Brisbane - thousands away from South Bank the wild weather kept tens of only fireworks show. for South East Queensland's The rain fell, the wind blew, came to South Bank, but still around 35,000 revellers

two thirds less than last year. easier to fight for a front row seat. Armed with umbrellas, it was a little Arrests were down on last year - and the number of hangovers in check the weather keeping violence, crowds for Brisbane's date with 20O8. into why a decision was made An inquiry will be held

through a raging bush fire through a raging bushfire to allow a convoy of trucks of three men. The fire claimed the lives Ebbeny Faranda We're joined now by Perth reporter who has more on the story with the fire this morning? Ebbeny, what is the situation

The bushfire is still out of

control this morning. It has bent

out more than 30,000 Hector's have out more than 30,000 Hector's

bought land. Police say they will

conduct a full inquiry into the

circumstances surrounding this

tragedy. Just how and why a

roadblock was lifted to roadblock was lifted to allow the

convoy of 15 trucks to pass through.

The Premier has thrown his weight behind a full investigation. The

victims were three men from Perth.

Two men aged 43 and 46 were found

huddled together in the sleeping

cabin of their semi trailer, which

was burned out. A third man aged 53

was found in his semi trailer. He

was in the process of trying to

turn it around at the time he was

overcome by flames. We have also

heard from truck drivers who drove

through the firestorm. One man

captured images on his mobile phone

of driving through the flames. He

stopped to pick up another truck

driver on the side of the road. The

transport workers' union is now

putting him up for a bravery award.

He says if he did not rescue the

driver he feared he would have been

killed. Another man escaped alive

but with severe burns to his hand.

We also heard of truck drivers on

the two-way radio with distress

calls for help to get them out of

her there had also warning other

truck drivers to turn back before

it was too late. There are a lot of

angry truck drivers this angry truck drivers this morning

who say they want answers as to why

the roadblock was lifted. They say

this tragedy could have been

prevented. As we speak, there is a

meeting being held in Kalgoorlie

between fire emergency services between fire emergency services to

decide what steps to take next in

terms of getting this fire under control. A 21-year-old Australian man has appeared in a Bulgarian court

charged with murder. John Paul Freeman from Sydney, John Paul Freeman from Sydney This is the man Bulgarian police have accused of murder and the attempted murder of a second man. John Paul Freeman, from Sydney, sat in a Bulgarian court and talked briefly with his lawyer. He's been charged over the killing of 20-year-old Andrei Mandov, the son of a prominent doctor, and the attempted murder of Christian Dimov. But Freeman pleaded his innocence

and, through a statement, told the court he had gone to the aid of a gypsy who was being attacked. The 21-year-old stood with chains around his legs, but appeared calm and together during proceedings. Freeman arrived in Bulgaria three days before Christmas. Police say he claimed he had been serving with the British Army. The alleged attack took place in the early hours of Friday morning. Mr Mandov died on the way to hospital after a stab wound pierced his heart. The court remanded Freeman in custody after he failed to provide police with an address. But his lawyer told reporters he would appeal the decision. Australian consular officials plan to speak with the 21-year-old today. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. of the new year in Melbourne, with a man in his 50s dying in a house blaze. Fire crews were called to a unit block in the city's north shortly after 1:00 this morning. It took 15 minutes to bring the blaze under control but officers were unable to save the resident. His body was found at the rear of the 2-bedroom unit. Investigations have revealed the back door was deadlocked and no indication of a smoke alarm. It's not yet known what sparked the fire. It has only taken a few hours for a life to be lost on the nation's roads in the new year. A female driver, who was alone in the car, was killed in a single vehicle accident Her sedan struck a tree at a notorious intersection. The first road fatality for 2008 takes the Victorian Christmas road toll to 14. After 30 years, secret Cabinet documents have shed new light on Australia's past. They show the Fraser Government struggling over the economy

yet taking a stand on social issues, as Vietnamese refugees flooded Australian shores. 1977 was the year 'Star Wars' hit the big screen and became a box-office hit. The Queen visited Australia as part of her Silver Jubilee, and Kerry Packer pulled up stumps on cricket as it was known, starting his own World Series event. SONG: # Come on, Aussie, come on, come on! # It was also the year that a fat bloke called Norm told Australians to get off the couch and get some exercise. In politics, life was anything but relaxed. My memory of the year is one of unease. Journalist Peter Manning was editor of the national satirical weekly 'Nation Review'. He says the dismissal of the Whitlam Government in late 1975

was still being felt like a festering wound. The humour had gone out of politics.

Cabinet documents released by the National Archives reveal major concerns over the economy. Unemployment was on the rise, as were wages, increasing at 14.3% annually. The government saw wage restraint as crucial to the attack on the inflation and unemployment. But an industrial firebrand called Bob Hawke

was making his presence felt, fighting for wage increases. had legs. Fraser was right to see the threat and it would finally undo him. One of the most controversial decisions by Cabinet allowed Australian uranium to be mined and exported, providing it be used only for peaceful purposes. Kakadu National Park also was established.

Malcolm Fraser became a hero in some quarters for standing up to apartheid. And did so with a passion. He opposed sporting contacts with teams based on race, the most controversial of which were the Springboks. Mr Fraser also had a heart for Indochinese refugees,

believing the Government had an obligation to help the thousands flooding in. There had been several hundred boat people

by about November that year, but it was an issue that was literally coming over the horizon in '77. Security was also a concern. The Indian military attache was attacked by a member of the Ananda Marga sect. A month later, 11 land mines were stolen - threats made to use them on police and politicians. Cabinet boosted police numbers. Then it emerged the Ananda Marga was receiving Commonwealth funding.

ASIO had its knuckles rapped for taking six weeks to produce an urgent threat assessment and Cabinet decided to suspend the sect. all recognition of or assistance to Don Chipp launched the Australian Democrats Party. It would become a third force in Federal Parliament for 30 years. Keep the bastards honest - no-one else will. One other man was making a name for himself - John Howard was appointed Fraser's Treasurer.

He too would play a key role for the next three decades. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Gale-force winds and huge swells are set to continue along the east coast of Queensland today. Overnight the Sunshine Coast was soaked after more than 100mm of rain fell. Surfers have been told to stay out of the water as big waves continue to erode beaches. The Gold Coast recorded the heaviest rain, with 120mm falling in the hinterland. Beaches remain closed as dangerous surf conditions continue. NSW coastal areas. The wild weather is also affecting

Beaches in Sydney and throughout the State will remain closed after dangerous surf conditions. Strong swells and currents are set to continue over the coming days. People are strongly discouraged from entering the water, unless at a patrolled beach between the flags. People are strongly discouraged from entering the water, unless at a patrolled beach between the flags. When we return, the Australian daredevil hoping to make history. Plus, more New Year's Eve celebrations from around the world.

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celebrations are still taking place to bring in the new year. So far, only half the world has already seen the clock strike midnight. New Zealand was the first country to ring in 2008, with a traditional fireworks display at Auckland Harbour.

The 328m-tall Sky Tower was the centrepiece of celebrations. A huge celebration lit up Hong Kong Harbour. Fireworks blasted out of every level of Hong Kong's tallest building and skyscrapers all over the city. China welcomed in 2008 with themed celebrations looking forward to the upcoming Olympic Games.

Beijing hosted a New Year's party with hundreds of revellers waving Olympic flags. And on the stroke of midnight, Russia welcomed the new year in freezing temperatures. Around 50,000 people crammed into Moscow's Red Square for celebrations in -5 degrees. Pakistan's general election is expected to be delayed several weeks following the assasination of Benazir Bhutto. Meanwhile, a major clean-up is under way across the country after days of violent protests. Soldiers line Pakistan's main north-south highway

just outside Hyderabad. It is a long stretch of desolation. It is against this background that officials met today to decide whether elections can still go ahead next week.

We found a road cluttered with hundreds of vehicles

attacked in protests at the killing of Benazir Bhutto. Many of the main routes around this city, like this, are still blocked,

and here they've had to bring in regular army units to try and open up the highways. And all this will be necessary if the elections are to take place on January 8.

Some ballot papers have still to be delivered and it will be days before this main supply route is working normally. In Hyderabad, the petrol stations that survived are guarded by troops. In the bazaars, they were cleaning up.

But the cry here is for security rather than the polls. Then, on to Hala, a stronghold of Benazir Bhutto.

Party officials here believe they will win a sympathy vote and are impatient to go ahead.

People are prepared for the elections, though we've got a very short time. While trucks today were beginning to brave the highway again,

the election body delayed making the hugely sensitive decision on whether to delay the election.

Australians have been warned to stay away from parts of Kenya as the post-election bloodshed continues. More than 100 people have been killed in clashes between police and protesters. No matter which way they voted, Kenyans are appalled, many angry that democracy has let them down. Violent clashes have flared up in many parts of the country

and the police are out in force. (Men shout) are flooding the streets Paramilitary units

trying to restore calm. Political tensions have exposed tribal divisions, so they're settling old scores, and looters are running amok. GUNFIRE A new administration has ordered police to crack down hard. Those too young to vote have been caught up in the chaos, parents rinsing tear gas from their eyes. Police are trying to push the crowds back with water cannon and with live rounds.

There are thousands of angry people behind me. And Kenyans are saying this simply shouldn't be happening here -

this is a country that is used to peace. We found this woman collapsed with grief -

her son shot dead whilst out shopping for milk. His 14-year-old sister, Selina, told us what happened. I saw that police, he shot him in the stomach. And then he fall down. The violent aftermath of this election is being felt countrywide. Many worry what happens next.

I can see that over the next couple of days things are going to become very desperate unless the Government can manage to take control very quickly. GUNFIRE

But the Government denies things are falling apart. These are unprecedented scenes in Kenya and though all sides have called for calm, they've been largely ignored. An aircraft has crashed into a car during take-off at an airport in Romania. The dramatic incident was caught on camera by a passenger onboard the plane. The wing of the aircraft clipped a vehicle parked on the runway. It then veered off and crashed into nearby fields. When the plane came to a halt, evacuation slides were deployed for the 123 passengers onboard.

No-one was injured. Thick fog and bad weather conditions are being blamed for the crash. A teenage girl in the United States who says she didn't know she was pregnant has given birth in a McDonald's bathroom. The 16-year-old was working a night shift at the fast food restaurant when she began feeling unwell. She ran to the toilet, where the pain intensified.

A colleague rushed to her aid,

and a few moments later she had a baby boy in her arms. I was in shock, I couldn't talk. I mean, I was shaking the whole entire time. I stopped shaking at 3:00 in the morning. My sister stayed the night with me. Mother and baby Austin are both now doing well. All the weather details when Ten's morning news returns. Plus, some unusual predictions for 2008.

SONG: # Woke up this morning # I suddenly realised we're all in this together # I started smiling 'cause you were smiling # And we're all in this together # Yeah

# We're all in this # We're all in this together # In this together # We're all in this together. #

This program is captioned live. Recapping our top stories now, and Australians have brought in the new year - millions flocked to celebrations around the country. Police praising the general behaviour of partygoers despite hundreds of arrests. An Australian man has appeared in a Bulgarian court charged with murder. 21-year-old Joe Freeman is accused of stabbing a man in the heart and attempting to kill another during a fight in Sofia. Pakistan's general election is expected to be postponed

for several weeks after the killing of Benazir Bhutto. The country left to clean up after her death sparked days of violent protests. Aussie motorbike dare-devil Robbie Maddison from attempting a world record jump. is just hours away he's hoping to jump more than 100m. As 2008 clicks over in Las Vegas, from Las Vegas. He joins us live now on the phone Good morning, Robbie.

why are you attempting this? I have to ask -

I guess it is a tour of mind. It

has been a lifelong passion of

riding motorcycles and I have

always tried to outdo each thing

and try to achieve more and more

goals. Here I am trying to do the world's longest jump.

world's longest jump. How do you

hardest prepare mentally? That is the

hardest part. We have been working

on this for four months. I have

been going over it in my head and

done a lot of research and

mathematics to understand the

angles and all the science behind

it. Once I understood that an cross-checked

cross-checked all my cross-checked all my mechanical

stuff - I has had great bite and

the best mechanic - we have done

our homework. When you have faith

in everything it is down to my own

ability. One thing you can't

control is the weather, and I

understand you are concerned about

the conditions developing?

Unfortunately we were cut today

with 10 to 15 knot winds coming

from the north, which is a

crosswind for my jumper. We have

flags on top of the goalposts. flags on top of the goalposts. They

are waiting as we speak. They are

starting to back off. Locals say

that as the sun sets the wind it

usually drops off, and the sun is setting out, so we will

setting out, so we will wait for

the win to drop off. I understand

you are dedicating you jump to you are dedicating you jump to your

idol. I originally asked him to

come and be a guest of honour at my

jumper. It was something we were starting

starting to put together and he

sadly passed away. A win to his

funeral and has the support of all

his friends and the daredevil

community. They are all

community. They are all here. His

late wife is he a. I have the

support of the family, which is

awesome. Good luck. in a global credit crisis to be caught up their interest rates. as major banks put up

rates for all loans have gone up In recent weeks, beyond the Reserve Bank's 25 basic point increase in November. Credit card owners, owing a record $31 billion, are the most at risk, facing interest rates of 19.9% arrive. when their post-Christmas bills Economists have forecast this year, the mortgage rate could hit 9% with global interest rates rising the US sub-prime mortgage crisis. because of

at the national weather: Now for a look what's in store this coming year, For those of us wondering

could provide the answers. a small town in Florida of Cassadaga are psychic, Nearly half the residents our feature story is next. and I can predict

This program is captioned live. In breaking news, the mystery death police are investigating of a 10-year-old girl near Brisbane. ran to neighbours this morning Other children from the house to say they couldn't wake her. for the girl's father. Police are searching Over the last week and a half

disappearance of Madeleine McCann. we've looked back at the But after being missing for so long, is it possible that the 3-year-old could still be alive? Could Madeleine still be alive? I strongly believe that Madeleine is out there,

and I suppose it's a feeling, but I don't believe Madeleine has been taken away from us permanently. I don't believe it. I don't feel it.

That feeling has been fuelled in part of Madeleine by dozens of reported sightings

and, most recently, Bosnia. across Europe, North Africa I mean, the reassuring thing for us still looking for Madeleine, is that it implies that people are and that's really important and encouraging.

Just three weeks ago, of a man carrying a child the family released this sketch based on the brief sighting

Jane Tanner. of their dinner companion

but none has panned out. It too triggered a flood of leads, We are 100% sure that she's alive. a Spanish private investigator And now this man, Francisco Marco, of the McCanns, hired by a wealthy supporter claims he has the answers has been waiting to hear. the whole world and we know where he is. I know the kidnapper and we know how he has done it. We know who he is Marco would not reveal publicly the identity of this alleged suspect. He did tell police, saying he has a new witness who claims that Maddie was moved two days after she disappeared. Madeleine was in a car two days after the kidnapping. and she was given to another person

It's riveting, but is it reliable? Again, when pressed for details, publicly. Marco would not reveal anything in all of this case. I cannot because we are working

'48 Hours' has learned this information. the Portuguese police just received

a "wait and see" attitude. The McCann family is taking

Other people have had happy endings. We're a good family. We're entitled to one as well. but I would like to get one. We might not get it, Yeah, yeah. after Maddie disappeared, More than six months arguidos - Gerry and Kate McCann remain suspects under Portuguese law. As does Robert Murat, a focus of the investigation. the local man who continues to be

Maddie was abducted. Our private investigator believes are withholding certain facts, Police believe that friends to solving this case. facts that may be key under Portuguese law, With questions left unanswered,

for as long as 15 years. the McCanns could remain suspects "Will we get her back, Mum?" She said to me,

time and time again, And I was able to say, We will get her back." "Yes, Kate, of course we will. We'll pray and we'll get her back. And now she doesn't ask me, that I would have difficulty there. because I think she knows For now, the McCanns are focused

in order. on somehow getting their lives at his medical practice. Gerry is back to work personally Everything that we could have done I think we have done. We are six months down the line, behind us, the infrastructure is there on my job. and it allows me to concentrate Kate is home with their young twins. They wait, they worry and they wonder what went so terribly wrong.

Please give our little girl back. Por favor, devolver a nos Maddie. what's going to happen in 2008, Well, for those of us wondering

than a small town in Florida. there's no better place to go Dubbed the psychic capital of the world, here are some predictions for the new year, and they include a few surprises. It's a little town where about half the residents are psychics, of one kind or another.

are planets, OK? So what you're going to see here your lunar path. I see a great opportunity around

Did you know we were coming? Why Cassadaga? in 1894 Well, spiritualists settled here if you will, was stronger here. because contact with the other planes

later opened for business Psychic entrepreneurs like Dr Rob around the religious settlement. It's like Disneyland for psychics.

'The Twilight Zone'. And they say it's Maybury meets just scores of psychics. No barbers, grocers or bankers - Hi, how are you? Good. accepted. No waiting - major credit cards a little bit of digestive problems? Your cat hasn't been keeping well -

A little bit. So what does Cassadaga's psychic industry foresee in 2008 - for the economy? I feel that the economy could actually be turning around in a very positive direction. And what do they predict for the presidential election? Psychic Jamie Tolaver-Ruiz.

I think it will be Hillary. And I'm not saying that that's my choice.

but I do feel that Hillary will be the one. I do feel female energy coming into the White House. But like Washington political pundits, these psychics are not all talking to the same celestial sources. I definitely feel the Republican energy. I will predict that our next president, more than likely will be Republican.

CELESTIAL SINGING Taking a poll of psychics is not for the claustrophobic. Small rooms, small tables, small decorating budgets.

And some rather small questions. Will we be able to get an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds after 11:00? I don't think that'll ever happen. And what about Brangelina? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - what kind of year is it going to be for them?

I think they'll hang in there one more year! One more year. And then it's over? And then the divorce card comes out.

And of course, there's the cosmic question we ask every year - will Elvis come back? No, I don't see Elvis coming back. Elvis is not coming back.

The message from Cassadaga is that things should be more stable and happier for all of us next year. So you think 2008 is going to be a good year? I think it's going to be an awesome year. A good year for you and your cat. A good year for the world. By the way, Jamie is also a pet psychic. And how's this for good news?

In 2008 we're all going to be thinner.

You need to stop saying, "I want to lose 10 lbs." You want to say, "I've lot 10 lbs already", as if it has already happened. And you say that and it will be so? If you really believe it.

Coming up next on Ten's Morning News, a look at sport. And all the goals from a 7-goal thriller in the A-League,

as the Central Coast lose top spot on the ladder.

This program is captioned live. We start with cricket,

and final preparations for the Australian and Indian teams ahead of tomorrow's second Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Ten reporter Paul Cochrane is at the SCG. Paul, the Aussies are shooting for the world record equalling 16 Test wins in a row. Are they on track?

Happy new year. What a glorious day

in Sydney. Where would you want to

be? Under the sun, the Australians at training behind me.

at training behind me. They are

looking sharp today. They have been

doing some fielding drills this

morning. What a difference morning. What a difference 12

months makes. Last year we were

preparing to farewell three of the

greats of Australian cricket. The

doomsday is well out. The guys

tomorrow begin their quest for a

16th straight Test victory. You

would have to say they are on track.

would have to say they are on track.

They were ruthless in Melbourne.

One man who made a big impact in

Melbourne, particularly in the

second innings, was Brad Hogg. He

was targeted by the Indians but

made his mark. I just felt they

would go after me from the start. I

was prepared for it. I was not

going to let that get to me. I knew

what I had to do and at the end of

what I had to do and at the end of the day I think I'm going into the

next match with some confidence. He

should get some extra conference

with the fact that beat S C G is

the traditional Turner for spinners

on the Australian cricket fields. I

spoke yesterday to the curator or.

The pitch is a belter. It will offer

offer assistance to the quicks,

which is fuelling the fire in the nets

nets behind me. The quicks are

steaming in here this morning. They

should be something for them. This

pitch has a good, consistent bounce.

At the last few Test pitches here

over the years, we seem to be increasing the bounce every This increasing the bounce every year.

This will be similar. The Indians arrived

arrived in Sydney yesterday. It is

fair to say they have work to do.

They were poor in Melbourne. Their

batsmen in particular were under

enormous pressure from the

Australian quicks. One man they may

look to bring into the side made

190 at the MCG when they last

toured here a few years ago. In any

case, they have work to do. As far as Melbourne

as Melbourne goes, they do not want

to talk about it anymore. We don't

really want to talk about it. It

has passed. This game is in 2008.

New year is on their way. Perhaps,

the forecast is fantastic, we could

be looking at this the Australian

team shooting for win number 16. Victoria and Tasmania have enjoyed victory in the domestic Twenty20 competition. The Bushrangers beat Queensland by 47 runs, Chasing 188 to win, skipper George Bailey guided Tassie home with an impressive innings. COMMENTATOR: And there you go, a full toss over mid-on, and all the way into the crowd! Bailey hit 2 fours and 3 sixes in an innings of 51

as the Tigers cruised home with more than an over to spare. The Central Coast Mariners' hopes of winning the A-League's minor premiership suffered a big setback last night after being thumped 5-2 by the Melbourne Victory. The Mariners have also lost top spot on the ladder to the Queensland Roar. A record crowd of over 18,000 packed Bluetongue Stadium, but there was little for the home fans to cheer -

a terrible defensive error gifting Adrian Caceres the opener. COMMENTATOR: A chance here for Melbourne. And it's been taken. Surprise, surprise, it's Adrian Caceres! 20 minutes later the Mariners were in deeper trouble when Daniel Allsopp doubled the lead. Here it comes, in from Caceres, there's number 2 for Melbourne! How easy was that for Danny Allsopp! They were back in the match temporarily

when Mile Jedinak produced a stunning goal before the break. Goes for goal himself - what a goal from Jedinak! A piece of absolute magic! But the defensive problems exposed by Sydney last week were still there. He's looking for Thompson,

Archie Thompson, the goal poacher extraordinaire. Archie Thompson causing nightmares for Tony Vidmar and his defenders. Thompson goes to ground - a clear penalty.

And when Kevin Muscat converted from the spot the lead was out to three. after halftime when the skipper opened the Mariners' defence again. It's Allsop. Allsop, surely number 5 - It's Allsopp. Allsopp, surely number 5 - A consolation goal from John Aloisi but the damage was done - the Mariners conceding a massive 10 goals in the last 2 matches.

Neil Cordy, Ten News. After a 3-month injury lay-off Lleyton Hewitt will resume his singles campaign at the Adelaide International today, hoping to win his home town tournament for a record fourth time. With the Australian Open in his sights, Hewitt warmed up by battling 40-degree temperatures, partnering Nathan Healey in a first-round doubles loss. But with more scorching temperatures expected this afternoon the former number one has weighed into the extreme heat policy debate, claiming players need to be able to adapt to the searing conditions. To the NBL, where the Gold Coast has broken Townsville's 7-game home winning streak. James Harvey top scored for the Blaze with 20 points in the 87-79 victory. Cairns won the night's other all-Queensland affair. Beating Brisbane by eight points.

Now if you've woken up after a night of partying with your head in a spin this morning, here's a guy who probably knows how you feel. An 18-year-old student named Ono from Osaka

has ended the year upside down in Hong Kong - CHEERING His previous record of 101 spins smashed head-on -

the new mark now, 109 non-stop twirls of the melon And he's already eyeing off even greater numbers - he wants at least 130 and beyond. Ono by name - 'Oh no' by nature. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live. Now for a final look at our top stories, and Australians have brought in the new year - millions flocked to celebrations around the country. Police praising the general behaviour of partygoers

despite hundreds of arrests. An Australian man has appeared in a Bulgarian court charged with murder. 21-year-old Joe Freeman is accused of stabbing a man in the heart and attempting to kill another during a fight in Sofia. Pakistan's general election is expected to be postponed for several weeks after the killing of Benazir Bhutto. The country left to clean up after her death sparked days of violent protests.

Now for a look at the national weather:

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. We'll leave you now with pictures of the spectacular New Year's Eve celebrations. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Have a great new year's day and a wonderful 2008. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.