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(generated from captions) when the insulation program

started when the liability for

failure rests with Mr Garrett.

The Federal Government says it

will put forward a proposal to

the international authority to

ban Southern Ocean whaling. But

the opposition says that's not

the kind of stand that

the kind of stand that was

promised at election time. For

more, Julie bishop joins us now

in Canberra. Good morning.

Thanks for joining us. Good

morning. What would you like to

see the Federal Government do

on this issue right now? No-one

should take seriously Kevin

Japan to the International Rudd's latest threat to take

Courts over whaling. He has

been calling for this for five

years. He has been in

government for two years, and

he has done

he has done absolutely nothing.

Kevin Rudd can't be believed on

this issue. He has been

threatening to take Japan to the International Courts over

whaling. He hasn't taken any

action at all. Now, to make

these hollow threats against

Japan is counter productive and

he should either fulfil his

promise after two years and

institute action, or he should withdraw

withdraw these hollow threats

in Japan. It gets complicated

when you're in government when

dealing with a key trading

partner like Japan and also the

International Whaling

Commission that does accept

that scientific quhailg is

taking place. It's much, much

harder to prosecute this matter

than would you think in

opposition? He made a promise

multiple times to the Australian people

multiple times throughout 2007,

2008. That if elected he would

institute proceedings against

Japan in the International

Court. Now, if he thought it were too complex he should

never have made the threat in

the first place. The timing of

this latest threat is to take

place after the next election.

In November 010. It's a hollow

threat and Mr Rudd can't be

believed on this as with so

many of his other pre-election

many of his other pre-election promises. Turning to other partly matters this week. Do

you believe you have Peter

Garrett in your sights now, are

you about to take a scalp? The

main issue in relation to this

tragic home insulation scandal

is to uncover the truth. What

the minister knew and what

warnings he received. We now

found there was a risk

the assessment report delivered to

the government in April 2009.

Any prudent, competent

government wouldn't have

proceeded with a program if it

had in its hand as report

setting out the risks that

would occur if you pumped

billions of dollars into an

unregulated sector. But the

government proceeded in spite

of all the warnings and we've

seen the tragic the position consequences. You've been in

the position of minister

interesting to hear this before, though. It's

morning Peter Garrett speak

about when he read that Minter

Ellison report in its entirety,

and clearly he'd received a

briefing note from his

department on this before. In

your experience would a

briefing note have included all

of those details given that we

don't expect any minister to

have read an entire report

himself in its entirety, he receives the briefing notes from the department, would it have included that sort

have included that sort of

detail about the risks? If a minister has engaged solicitors

to carry out a risk assessment

report in order to roll out out this massive stimulus program,

the minister should have made

himself aware of the content of

the report. A briefing from the

department should have rung

alarm bells in a competent

minister's mind because it was

a risk assessment report

setting out the

setting out the risks. Surely a

competent minister would want

to see what the report

indicated were the risks. And

as I understand it, the report

actually set out the kind of

problems that eventuated in

this tragic home insulation

scandal. The opposition is

very keen to see the

reintroduced private health

insurance rebate legislation in

the Senate defeated again, but

it would seem that the door has

been opened by the Greens to some kind of

some kind of negotiation. Steve

Fielding the senator there is

speaking about aspects of the

legislation that would suit him

if it was amended. Do you think

there is a chance it might

pass? This is another broken

promise of Kevin Rudd. No, I'm

just asking you about political

strategy here. We know very

well what the opposition thinks

of this legislation. Do you

think there is a chance it

might actually pass this

time? I haven't seen what Steve

time? I haven't seen what Steve

Fielding is suggesting. I

haven't seen the proposal. He

is saying if you take account -

if you means test it in terms

of how many children there

might be in a family, and take

account of that, then he is

prepared to talk to the

government? This is a broken

promise of Kevin Rudd. He said

he would not change the means

testing, he would not change the rebate for private health

to protect the public health

system. In order to have a strong public health system in

this country, you must have

this country, you must have

strong private health

insurance. Kevin Rudd broke his

promise. I haven't seen the

detail of any other proposal.

As it stands now, this is about

Kevin Rudd's broken promise to

the Australian people, and the

consequences, the negative

consequences it will have on

our public health system. Good