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Good afternoon. In this bulletin - will be reignited Fears Melbourne's gangland war after a key figure is shot dead. as parliament returns. The Coalition under attack first face-transplant patient And the world's starts her new life. after almost two years But first, has been shattered the peace in Melbourne's gangland war

Mario Condello. with the death of underworld figure late last night The former solicitor was gunned down of his Brighton mansion in the driveway

in the city's south-east. was a member of the notorious gang, Police believe Condello

the Carlton Crew. this week, He was expected to face court Carl Williams and two other men. charged with plotting to kill were shocked by the shooting. Condello's neighbours I run inside to my husband. Rah! Rah! Rah! It's actually quite scary,

early in the morning 'cause I go for a walk and I kept thinking going to happen today" type thing. "Oh, I wonder what's in the back of my mind. Yeah, it's always linked to the underworld Condello is the 28th person to have been killed since 1998. joins me now from Melbourne. Seven police reporter Peter Morris

had refused police protection? Peter, I understand Condello

That's right. Originally there was

a target or an alleged plot to kill

him back in June of

him back in June of of 2004. When

police uncovered that, they did

discuss matters of protection with

him. He refused those. I think it's

fair to say the overnight events

have shocked, certainly surprised

police. They say they had no

knowledge that this was about to

happen and I think it's fair to say

that we could well see a reignition

of the under World War here in

Melbourne and to that end the

Myuran a task force is being ramped

up today. There are a number of

meetings taking place. Simon

Overland had this message for the

killer. which is further deaths. It can only lead to one outcome, unfortunate and, ultimately, And that would be extremely we will bring this to an end. and we will prosecute them. We will find the people responsible or in jail. So you either finish up dead It's not a good option either way. to face court in the coming days? And Condello was expected

He was. In fact today there were

proceedings that were due to be

underway. The legal team for

Condello made the approach to the

judge annexe plarm the

circumstances. Those proceedings

have been basically shut down. They

have been cancelled. Interestingly

enough, what has come out of today

also is Mr Condello's friends Mick

Gatto whose name will be familiar

to a lot of our viewers, police

believe he may now be under some

level of threat. They are discussing security measures with

him today and there is every chance

that he may refuse those also. But

they are concerned for his welfare

as a result of what occurred in

Brighton here overnight. Peter Morris, thank you.

has come under more fire The government as parliament resumed today. over the Iraqi wheat scandal joins me now. Seven political reporter Geof Parry to defend the government again? The Prime Minister has been forced

Yes, this is of course over the AWB,

oil for food program which was

reported in the allegation and AWB

paid bribes to the regime of Saddam

Hussein. After a couple of weeks of

hearing in the coal skwir I in

Sydney and after the quite inflamed

reactions in the United States,

they wanted to get to the

government and have the stage to

ask the questions. They bold up a

couple of questions to the Prime

Minister but their real target was

Mark Vaile. Basically the

government's case what did the

government know about these

kickbacks and certainly if it

didn't know anything, it should

have known something. What appears

to be emerging here is another

government tactic, a new tactic of

Vaile. blaming someone else. Here is Mark

It wasn't DFAT's responsibility on the UN contracts. to check the prices It was the UN's responsibility. They engaged - the United Nations - professional operators the United Nations engaged price and value are credible. to assess and establish whether

So that's the tactic to say that

the UN had all this information and

in fact they should have known

whether these were inflated prices,

not the Department of Foreign

Affairs and trade. The opposition

moved a censure motion saying that

basically the government has

completely mishandled this. Here is opposition leader Kim Beazley. it was all the AWB's fault - It was all the UN's fault, $300 million! the only headache for the government? And, Geof, it wasn't

No, indeed. There was an incident

at the Canberra airport yesterday

involving two senators from New

South Wales, Bill Heffernan and

Fiona Nash. Bill is a close friend

of the Prime Minister's and they

were closely questioned on it

before they went to church before

the resumming of parliament. He

told Fiona Nash t doesn't bear

repeating but enough to get the

nationals going. They were inflamed

what he said to her. They accused

him of bullying. They said it was

workplace harassment. It kept the

print machine going all day. But in

fact it was largely settled last

night. A busy Amanda Mark Vaile,

here he is again. Bill Heffernan last night and Fiona, I had a discussion with

has been resolved. and the difference of opinion apologised to Fiona overnight, And Bill has, in fact,

so the issue is finished. Thank you. Geof Parry in Canberra, of crystal methamphetamine Police have seized almost 46kg

from a home in Sydney's south-west.

commonly known as "ice" The drugs, shipped from Canada. were hidden in a speed boat detected the drugs Customs officers and Federal Police at Botany Bay. in a shipping container under surveillance Police then placed the vessel and arrested three men to a home in Bringelly. after it was transferred

They faced court this afternoon. of more than $17 million. The drugs have a street value an out-of-court settlement Lleyton Hewitt has reached of a luxury Sydney cruiser. with the owners had refused to pay a $4,000 charge The tennis star for hiring the cruiser in 2004 and Bec Cartwright was published. after a photo of him when photos taken during the cruise The couple had countersued were published in a newspaper. Both parties have reached a confidential agreement. The French woman who received the world's first face transplant has appeared in public for the first time. Isabelle Dinoire has thanked the family of the donor who gave her a new face and a fresh start in life. Just two months after her groundbreaking face transplant Isabelle Dinoire braved public scrutiny. Only close-up are the scars visible where surgeons reattached the nose, lips and chin from a brain-dead donor. The skin graft is healthy but her lower lip is paralysed, at least for now, making speech difficult.

Isabelle Dinoire was mauled by her labrador last summer leaving her with terrible injuries. In a five-hour operation surgeons removed the skin from the face of a young woman. They then patched Madame Dinoire's face laying a skin graft on top of her muscles. Surgeons are pleased with her recovery. She can speak. Not perfectly, but before she couldn't speak. She can eat. This is Isabelle Dinoire This is Isabelle Dinoire before she was injured. This is her now. The face transplant has barely altered her appearance. The success of the operation will go some way to answering the critics

but they warn she still runs the risk of cancer from the drugs she takes to stop her immune system rejecting the skin graft. They question whether it's right to expose a patient to those dangers for a cosmetic procedure. She dismisses the fears.

Madame Dinoire is having physiotherapy to build up muscle control of her lips. That could take many months. Next in Seven's 4.30 News - The amazing coincidence The amazing coincidence between two life-saving rescues.

And Muslim anger turns deadly over controversial cartoons of Mohammed.

A New Zealand man will be extradited tomorrow to face charges of murdering Sydney woman Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island four years ago. 28-year-old Glenn McNeill faced Nelson district court today and didn't oppose an application by Australian Federal Police for his extradition. The body of 29-year-old Janelle Patton was found partially wrapped in plastic at a reserve on Norfolk Island in 2002. At least five people have been killed as protests against cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed sweep across the world. Police fired tear gas when the Danish Embassy in Tehran came under attack from hundreds of Muslim protesters. Tonight, it was the Danish Embassy in Tehran, demonstrators throwing rocks and firebombs. Earlier, four people were killed during demonstrations in Afghanistan. There were Muslim protests in at least a dozen countries today. (all chant)

And more harsh rhetoric over cartoons of the prophet Mohammed - intended to be humorous, but a provocation to many Muslims. Either they are very insensitive or they are very ignorant. They didn't know what kind of reaction it would provoke. In Denmark, which rarely makes world headlines, most can't comprehend why their country is now a lightning rod for such anger, just because a small local paper there first printed the cartoons. Many say their government has done enough in explaining why it doesn't censor the press. They shouldn't go out begging on their knees because then we just play by their rules. In recent days, the protests have inspired new cartoons, suggesting press freedom is under attack - one showing a Danish cartoonist one showing a Danish cartoonist in full armour.

Many Muslims believe the issue goes far beyond offensive cartoons, saying it reflects a deep-rooted lack of understanding and respect for Islam... SHOUTING ..and enables many to vent over other controversies. Lots of things, at the same time, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine. Anger that was simmering is now boiling over

in much of the Islamic world. An American teenager who saved a woman from choking on her food in a restaurant was amazed to find he was only returning the favour. He later discovered the woman had saved his life 7 years earlier. 17-year-old Kevin Stephan and Penny Brown will always have a special connection. I owe my life to her. Seven years ago on this Amherst baseball diamond, Kevin was working as a bat boy. He was accidentally hit in the chest with a bat as a player practised his swing. All I remember is that I dropped the bat off, and then all of a sudden, just got hit in the chest with something. I turned around and passed out. Penny Brown, who was a nurse, happened to be at that game. I started CPR on him, and he came back. Penny helped save Kevin's life that day. But this story didn't end there. Fast forward seven years to last week. Penny was eating lunch with her family at the Hillview Restaurant, where Kevin happens to work. Penny started to choke. The food wasn't going anywhere and I totally couldn't breathe. While several people tried to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on her, Kevin was called from the back of the restaurant. They knew I was a volunteer firefighter and they called me over and then I did the Heimlich, and I guess you can say I saved Mrs Brown! Yeah, I was - it was very frightening. But when everyone had calmed down, they recognised this amazing twist of fate. Years ago, Penny saved Kevin's life on a baseball diamond. Now a teenager, he had saved hers. It's almost unbelievable. The fact that it's been two individuals, one person, that, you know, helps each other out in a pretty dire situation, it's pretty extraordinary. Fake goods are nothing new. Even the laziest shopper can find a bargain among thousands of designer-label replicas. But a small town in China has gone a step further - where life really imitates art. A masterpiece painted by Rubens in the Baroque style, painstakingly copied by Su Ping in a Chinese factory.

He makes his living knocking out giant fake frescoes for European boardrooms.

In just a few years, the town of Dafen has become the fake art capital of the world, ripping off the world's artistic heritage on an industrial scale. Nothing's too difficult - from fake Renaissance paintings to Dutch old masters, or even a bit of the Sistine Chapel. One Michelangelo to go. At the age of 18, Li Junyang has already painted 300 Van Gogh 'Sunflowers',

an apprenticeship in mass production. TRANSLATOR: Boring? No, it's not boring at all. Sometimes I do this painting, sometimes others. I'd like to paint my own paintings but I haven't tried yet. When I've finished learning Van Gogh, I'll have a go. It's all making their boss very rich, Once persecuted by communists for his painting, Wu Ruizhou is now an art tycoon. TRANSLATOR: We're selling between 400,000 and 500,000 paintings a year to all over the world. Western demand is driving a fake art boom that's like a gold rush here. Painters from across China are coming to cash in. Whatever the taste, the choice of art here is almost unlimited. The quality is astonishing and it's perfectly legal - dead artists have no copyright. Next in Seven's 4.30 News we will take a look at the financial markets, check tomorrow's weather, and see what is making headlines around the country.

You're watching Seven's 4.30 News. Time to check the financial markets with Westpac global chief economist Bill Evans. Hello, Bill. What happened today?

Rebecca, not much of a lead from

the US only up four points. Those

US fed officials continued to beat

that interest rate drum. Copper and

aluminium prices hit record highs

again but the oil price was down 25

cents and now down about $3.50 over

the last couple of weeks. Our

market steadied today down a few

points. Woodside was down because

of that oil price story, profit

taking in BHP. Australian wheat

board continuing to be weighed down

about the skarn dal in Iraq. The

Aussie dollar is down to its lowest

level for a month now and that's

very much to do with that interest

rate story in the US. Rising

interest rates in the US, no change

here, squeeze he is the' traction

of the Aussie dollar and brings it

down. I don't expect to see any

change here from the Reserve Bank

tomorrow when we hear the announcement of the deliberations

at today's meeting. Also I will be

very closely watching the Westpac consumer sentiment index to be released tomorrow morning. Now let's take a look at what the weather has in store for tomorrow. David Brown has the details. David. Thanks, Rebecca, and good afternoon.

The satellite we can see this has

been driving showers and

thunderstorms throughout far North

Queensland. Cold front bringing

somehowers a and storms to the far north north

north of the country. This system

will head towards the east.

Bringing extreme fire danger. A few

showers are likely along parts of

the earn see board. We will see

cooler weather starting to spill

into the south-west corner of

Australia later tomorrow as that

high pressure ridge moves in: Let's

look at the forecast for the major centres. That's the latest weather.

More at 6.00. Rebecca.

Thanks, David. Seven News coming up in your capital city at 6.00, and these are some of the stories making headlines. In Brisbane, a burst water main has caused traffic chaos and massive water waste at Woolloongabba. 8.5 million litres of water spilled down drains at a time when the city is facing a water crisis. Sydney police have charged two men with making threats of violence against two radio talk-back hosts following the Cronulla riots. It's alleged the men sent emails to the 2GB staffers, warning them they and their families would be attacked by Lebanese gangs. In Melbourne, the amazing story of little Tyler Fishlock. The three-year-old has already lost one eye to a rare cancer. Tomorrow, doctors will remove the other to save his life.

Tyler spent today with some special visitors. Workers at Hardy's wines in South Australia have walked off the job in their fight for a bigger wage increase. Union leaders argue what they're asking for would be a fraction of the pay rises awarded to company bosses. And a convicted paedophile has returned to Perth after being thrown out of Bali because of visa irregularities. Paul Thompson says the offences occurred years ago and he just wants to get on with his life. We'll have those stories and more in State editions of Seven News at 6.00. But that's all from the 4.30 News team for today. I'll leave you with pictures of the Olympic torch passing through the French Alps on its way to Torino, Italy, where the Winter Games begin on Friday. I'm Rebecca Maddern. I look forward to your company tomorrow. Captioned by Seven Network Email - A little kitten's ended up in thousand volunteers Whatever you want in life you can have it all at Wells Station Select your ideal land to design and build the home of your dreams. Enjoy the historic views of one of Canberra's oldest homestead properties. Live just 15 minutes to the heart of the city and have beautiful parkland, shops and schools at your doorstep. Have it all at Wells Station Country living in the city.