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(generated from captions) burst into flames. who've cheated death after their jet for more than 300 people But first, a miraculous escape Ten News with Frank Coletta. a major security scare. whose text message sparked And the Australian with him. and takes another frontbencher Premier Carr hands over the reins all on board managed to survive. What forced the plane down and how and bursts into flames. A passenger jet crash lands This program is captioned live.

that are working in separate cells. or 60 in Australia Perhaps the number is around 50 operating in Sydney and Melbourne. He's told the ABC terror networks are now a private security consultant. is a 30-year ASIO veteran Michael Roach acting suspiciously. to photograph travellers He's also urged the public in Australia. in terror cells planning attacks there may be up to 60 people has warned A former senior ASIO officer Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the US, to have been on board. No Australians are believed to extinguish the blaze. It took two hours speculate on the cause of the crash. but officials say it's too early to for lightning strikes all afternoon, had been on red alert in Toronto The Pearson international airport but there are no known fatalities. and again, I can't confirm - At this stage - one of those a pilot. to hospital, all with minor injuries, Only 24 people were taken down emergency chutes. Incredibly, everyone escaped but it went up in such flames. and try to help, We were about to run over the valley and cracked in half. MAN 3: He went straight into then saw flames. ram the engines into reverse say they heard the pilot into a tree-lined ditch before nose-diving twist and turn out of control Motorists who watched the jet that everyone is OK. We just want to hear someone say We were all running like crazy. managed to get out of the plane. I don't know if everybody there was a lot of gas and smoke. We were all running everywhere, MAN 1: There was a lot of panic. was run like crazy. MAN 2: Really, all I did by lightning as it landed. Witnesses claim it was struck in shocking weather. when it overshot the runway by 200m from Paris to Toronto was making its daily flight and 12 crew, The plane, packed with 297 passengers We just tried to escape. around. MAN: There were lots of flames explodes in a fireball. when the Air France passenger jet records the horrifying moment A traffic camera as it landed in Canada. was hit by lightning Witnesses say the Air France flight

Morris Iemma, Within hours of the Premier-elect, in NSW State politics. Another day of drama sole purpose of killing his wife. who claimed he seduced her for the between Mr Korp and his former lover, courtroom face-off yesterday It follows a dramatic brother of accused husband, Joe Korp. The evidence has been given by the and his lover. of being killed by her husband had expressed fears the 'woman in the boot' victim And a Melbourne court has heard found in Corby's boogie board bag. about who owned the drugs to give evidence via video link to organise for a Victorian prisoner He says he needs the time for a 3-week adjournment. is expected to ask the court Corby's lawyer, Paris Hotman Hutapea, further delays - But the case could face at Brisbane airport last year. when she checked in about Corby's baggage they did not notice anything unusual they will tell the court It's expected at the reopened trial. will give evidence and baggage handler A Qantas check-in officer to the Bali High Court today. Schapelle Corby heads back Greg Turnbull, Ten News. should something occur. yes, that photo could be invaluable that has fitted that criteria, or carrying the briefcase person who's wearing the backpack If you can take a photograph of the they regard as suspicious. to photograph fellow passengers Michael Roach wants Australians Controversially, of the public. and video taken by members of mobile phone cameras proved the immense value The aftermath of the London bombings really concerned and anxious. somebody who looks to their backpack, somebody who's holding on is somebody standing in the corner, need to be looking for What the train officials before it occurs. to try to head off a suicide attack to be more vigilant and transport security officers He's also urged the public that will actually deliver the bomb. down to those people of the group, For example, having the coordinator within the cell structures. They are divided into groups Some of the remainder still active. have ever been charged. trained overseas at terror camps only 10% of Australians known to have Michael Roach says that I'm aware of. He's close to the figure The Federal Police agree. The threat is real.

news for the Government is they're safe Labor seats. But as you say, the cost is substantial. One of the estimates is each byelection will cost at least $100,000. Australian-born Andy Thomas's mid-space emergency - that story when Ten's morning news returns. And the text message this Australian girl used to spark a security alert at a London airport. Here are some simple reasons for choosing OptusNet Broadband. We've got a range of plans with: And for a limited time, when you add your home phone, you'll enjoy $0 connection. Plus, by adding an eligible mobile plan, you'll receive 6 months free Broadband access in your first year. It all adds up with Optus. So call 1800 555 558. taxpayers? That's right. The good an expensive exercise for Three byelections, a big test, plus quickly and to move decisivelyly. the opportunity to move both deserved both the flexibility and directions. It's my strong view he Morris is clearly setting new you to say it's time to move on. and Deputy Premier, I come before short while ago. Like the Premier Knowles made the announcement a government. Here's how Craig means three byelections for the NSW Carr and Andrew Refshauge. That politics altogether, joining Bob Carr. He's announced he's quitting most likely person to replace Bob one time he was regarded as the Planning Minister Craig Knowles. At Also missing will be the former Morris Iemma's new team is sworn in. won't be there in half an hour when morning surrounded by the media. He record term. He left home this day at work at Premier. 10 years, a an era, Premier Bob Carr, his last drama again. We saw the passing of the moment. It's been a day of make predictions in NSW politics at I don't think anyone's prepared to Given the events of the past week, for the NSW Government? Is this the last of the dramas Paul Mullins joins us now. Channel Ten's State political editor into retirement. and Deputy Premier Andrew Refshauge has joined Premier Bob Carr Planning Minister Craig Knowles has quit politics. another senior minister announcing his new cabinet,

This program is captioned live. Risky mid-flight repairs begin tonight on space shuttle 'Discovery'. US President George W. Bush rang the crew this morning, telling them America was praying for their safe return. BUSH: Thanks for being such great examples of courage for a lot of our fellow citizens. After initial doubts, the crew now says it is confident astronaut Steven Robinson will be able to remove or cut off two strips of gap filler protuding from the thermal tiles, which could cause the shuttle to explode on re-entry. Australia's Andy Thomas will coordinate the never-before-attempted repair. Space flight, by its very nature, is risky. That's true of this mission, it's true of every mission that's preceded it and it'll be true of the missions that follow. Hopefully we can learn to properly mitigate that risk and that's one of the aims of this mission, is what we're trying to achieve. The crew is expected to return on Tuesday. Qantas has played down an attack on a ticket agency in Tehran. An office building, which also houses British Airways, BP and Mercedes Benz, had windows blown out after a bomb was placed in a rubbish bin on the 10th floor. The bomb was hand-made, but no-one has claimed responsibility for the blast. There were no injuries. An international crisis is looming over Iran's nuclear program. The US and the European Union are warning Iran to keep its nuclear plant shut or face the consequences. This is what the international community is concerned about - an uranium-processing plant near Isfahan. Yesterday, Iran announced it planned to resume converting uranium ore into gas here, the first step in a process that could be used to fuel nuclear weapons. Last year, Iran had agreed to suspend its nuclear fuel activities. Today, France, one of the countries that had been negotiating with Tehran, had this warning. TRANSLATION: It seems to me that the Iranian affair is very serious. It could be the start of a major international crisis. A short while later, the German Chancellor joined in, describing Iran's decision as 'threatening'. Britain, along with France and Germany, has sent a letter to Iran saying that if it resumed its nuclear activities, all negotiations would end, and other actions would follow. Tehran's response was swift - there was no going back, it would restart nuclear fuel work. If Iran breaks the suspension, then that will automatically refer the issue to New York. and that will lead to a series of steps by the Security Council and possible counter-moves by Iran, which could create an escalation and an international crisis. Iran has long claimed its program is solely for generating electricity. The West fears it's trying to produce nuclear weapons. A massive fund-raising effort has been launched in Britain to help save up to 3 million people facing starvation in the West African state of Niger. Aid is only just starting to get through to the region devastated by drought. Since before dawn, people have been coming to the mud and stone-walled town of Bamu. News that aid workers were bringing children's food spread fast. They're expecting 200 families here. Those are the ones they've registered with the smallest underweight babies. Many more have turned up an hour before the aid is due to be distributed. How many come will be a barometer of the need here. Everyone who brings a child is assessed, measuring tiny arms and legs to see how badly malnourished they are before going on for further treatment. This is Habu. He's two years old but looks less than half that age. He can't walk. In the first year of his life, drought meant that little food grew and locusts took their share of the harvest. Drought in many places in Niger again this year set alarm bells ringing but the cries for help were not answered. And there was another problem - food ordered by the Niger Government did not arrive. The food didn't come because private suppliers didn't bid to their contract and to their commitment, so more than 30,000 metric tonnes were cancelled, due to arrive in Niger were cancelled late June, early July. Here, those with the smallest children are the only ones getting handouts for now until more substantial aid arrives. So there's a chance of survival for babies like Hasanna, not much more than a month old. Her twin sister has already died. A staggering increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in London since last month's bombings. As a harmless bus fire sparked a new terror alert, Scotland Yard revealed that, in the last month, there's been more than 270 attacks on Muslims and mosques, an increase of 600%. A number of Tube stations were re-opened overnight, with police continuing to target particular ethnic groups for questioning. An Australian teenager who triggered a bomb alert at London's Stanstead Airport is awaiting her fate. Angela Sceats has told a jury the hoax message she sent to delay a plane was just a stupid joke. Last November, Angela Sceats was running very late for a flight from Stansted Airport. She'd mistakenly gone to Gatwick and realised she may miss her flight. Chelmsford Crown Court were told she sent a text to her flatmate in Islington saying: Her flatmate replied: Angela Sceats texted back saying: Her flatmate then made the call. It led to a huge security alert at Stansted Airport. Three planes were temporarily grounded. Police even considered closing the airport. Angela Sceats was arrested and charged with communicating false information with intent. At her trial today, the 19-year-old Australian, who was living in Islington at the time, said the text was sent to her friend as a joke in order to make her laugh. Angela Sceats denies all charges. Her former flatmate hasn't been called to give evidence. Saudi Arabia's King Fahd has been laid to rest. Muslim kings, presidents and prime ministers joined ordinary Saudis to pay their respects at a very simple and brief afternoon ceremony. King Fahd's body, wrapped in a brown shroud, was carried through the crowd and driven by ambulance to an unmarked grave. Tight security surrounded the funeral and his successor, Crown Prince Abdullah, amid fears of terrorist attacks. Rugby league great Andrew Johns caught in a club versus country wrangle. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. And Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie talks about his terrorism fears.

New Telstra chief Sol Trujillo has slammed the Federal Government's telecommunications rules as unfair and stifling. Mr Trujillo fired the broadside in a speech at Lismore in NSW, saying the current regulations hindered competition. The rules under which Telstra operates today are rules that might have been appropriate five or ten years ago, but not today. He did, however, praise Nationals leader Mark Vaile's call for a $2 billion trust fund to be set up to provide services to the bush. Mr Trujillo met Mr Vaile yesterday for the first time to discuss the proposed Telstra sell-off. He'll head to outback Queensland today. In finance news the Australian share market is slightly stronger. Donahue D'Souza joins us at Commonwealth Securities. And Jet Star is taking to the skies to New Zealand? It certainly is. Qantas has been doing it tough on that route and they've been looking at cutting costs in the face of soaring jet fuel prices and competition. Qantas's discount unit, Jetstar will reduce the costs and low cheaper airfares. It will be competing against Qantas, freedom air, Virgin Blue and emrate. They're offering flights fl Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne to chies church . Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie says the cricket team will consider leaving England if terrorists detonate another bomb during the Ashes campaign. His team-mates might appear relaxed and calm before the second Test against England, His team-mates might but Jason Gillespie gave an insight into the Australian team's mood appear relaxed but Jason Gillespie gave an insight into the Australian team's mood about the threat of more terrorist bombings. A few of the boys were a little bit nervous in London when we were there and it is a bit concerning The boys were a little bit nervous when we were there and it is just a bit concerning and I must admit if something else did happen, yeah, we'd have to question why we're here. On the cricketing front Gillespie, who's had a poor tour, is being challenged for a Test place by Michael Kasprowicz. Coach John Buchanan unwilling to give an insight into whether Kasprowicz's 5-wicket haul against Worchester has given him an edge. In the end from the player he's perspective, results are important, but it's not necessarily what we look at. He was much clearer in whether the Australians will try to press home the advantage of a first Test victory. Where there would be technical damage or technical damage to the England camp, we'd like to explore it through the 14 day period. England has picked Paul Collingwood as the most likely replacement for beseiged spinner Ashley Giles on an under-prepared pitch. He's adamant the English spirit is as strong as ever. We've been a great unit for two years now and everybody's really confident they can go out and put that behind them. Andrew Johns could still be forced to choose between club or country at the end of the season. The Australian Rugby League has granted permission for Johns to play an-end-of-season stint with English club Warrington, a move that may clash with the Kangaroos first tri-nations Test. The move to Warrington has the opportunity for Johns to win an English Super League title. But should he take them to the final, it will clash with Australia's test against New Zealand. So far, Australian officials have opted to wait and see how Warrington fares. Kangaroo great Tommy Raudoniki told Sports Tonight the ARL should've confirmed Johns's intentions if it does come down to a choice between club and country. Look, what they should've said to him is "Do you want to play for Australia, "or don't you want to play for Australia?" and he might've said "I'll retire from representative football". Raudonikis believes Johns can't miss a Test and expect to play the rest of the tri-nations series. You can't fill in for one kick. You're either in or you're out. How does a player fill in? I don't agree with that. Meanwhile, the NRL has dropped referee Hamstead for this weekend's after a ruling blunder. He incorrectly called play on to the Bulldogs instead of awarding a scrum when Souths lost the ball in a completed tackle. Collingwood has succeeded in having full forward Chris Tarrant's 3-match suspension reduced at the AFL tribunal. He will now only miss this Sunday's match against the Kangaroos but the Magpies still aren't happy. Chris Tarrant emerged from last night's tribunal hearing having had his 3-week ban reduced to one. But the Magpies still couldn't help feeling a little hard done by. We believed that he wasn't guilty. That's why we forwarded it and pleaded not guilty and we won most of the points and still finished up with a week. So in some ways we are a bit disappointed. The club successful in having Tarrant's striking charge against Fremantle's Matthew Carr downgraded from reckless to negligent, from behind play to in play, and from high contact to low. But the decision has only added to the confusion over the assessment of incidents. The AFL again forced to defend its fledgling tribunal system. I am 100% convinced that what we've done with the tribunal system is the right thing for the game going forward. Coach Mick Malthouse will learn later today the league's penalty for comments he made over the umpiring at the MCG last Sunday. I thought the umpiring today had - was - they were the third team. You need to see two teams out there, not three. They had far to much influence They had far too much influence on the game. But ironically, those at headquarters don't necessarily disagree. It was a below-average performance and there were some decisions that were missed including some decisions that could've been paid to Chris Tarrant. The Magpies face the Kangaroos on Sunday who will be strengthened by the return of skipper Adam Simpson. Look, I think he'll come up. He was pretty happy about the win on the weekend and he definitely wants to be a part of it this weekend. Damain Booth, Ten News. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

Now for a look at the national weather. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Frank Coletta. Good afternoon. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre