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SISTER TO COME BACK TO THE FAMILY I HOPE THAT WE CAN GET MY AFTER AND SHE CAN LEAVE US ALONE. AND WE CAN ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER This program is captioned live. the Bonnie and Clyde crime wave - Tonight - of explosive ATM robberies a Sydney couple linked to dozens across three States.

gun-toting bank robber. the hunt for Sydney's cross-dressing, dressed as a woman, There was one lone offender but it was clearly a man. of trying to bribe a teacher And the parents accused into a selective school. to get their son because I have no other way. I was desperate. I paid money Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. Also - travelling at a snail's pace -

is getting even slower. confirmation peak hour traffic And there go the sleep-ins - dive back into training. our swim stars you have to get used to again. The early mornings, But heading the 5:00 news -

a Bonnie and Clyde-style crime wave the Sydney couple suspected of across three States.

have been charged The parents of two young children in Queensland, over an explosive ATM heist and are now being investigated

blown up and robbed across Sydney. over dozens of teller machines Arriving under police guard, husband and wife bandits. Sydney's alleged faced court 30-year-olds Housam and Alison Afchal in Brisbane charged over an explosive ATM robbery

which netted $118,000. The offences are extremely serious. The couple was caught spotted the weekend explosion after an off-duty officer and followed the suspect's car. Just off-duty at the time

at the right time. and in the right place at a Gold Coast resort, They were arrested by their side. their two young children

and explosives Police allege they stole cars and had $40,000 in singed bank notes at the time of their arrest. who owns a Sydney childcare centre, Alison Afchal, has been granted bail and 5-month-old boy. to look after their 2-year-old girl to be released Mrs Afchal is very pleased so she can be with her child. for the magistrate. It was obviously a concern are now investigating Police in three States

to other ATM explosions, if the married couple is linked including 24 in New South Wales. involved a methodology The crime in Queensland

a broad range of these offences that is consistent across that have been occurring. that they are allegations only, My understanding is and that there is no evidence of which that I am aware

other than that which links them to any offence that is before the court. to raid homes The breakthrough led Sydney police in Granville and Roselands.

suspicious items have been seized. A small amount of cash and other next month. The Afchals will face court again James Boyce, Ten News. Police are hunting a gun-toting cross-dresser

who's held up a Sydney bank. during the robbery, Staff were tied up and assaulted suffering chest pains. with one taken to hospital police investigate, Of all the armed hold-ups of a robber quite like this. we've never heard a description

dressed as a woman, There was one lone offender but it was clearly a man. at North Strathfield. His target was the Commonwealth Bank an hour before opening time. It was 8:30 - wearing a blonde wig, a black dress, A witness claims the bandit was women's shoes and make-up. and a handgun. He had a beard, a handbag during the commission of the offence A number of staff were assaulted

and tied up. a woman aged in her 50s - One of the three staff - suffering chest pains. was taken to hospital to be interviewed The other two were well enough at Burwood police station. Shocking. I could have been in there. escaped with cash. The cross-dressing robber

A witness claims he saw the man just 50 metres from the bank sitting on a bench

before the hold-up. about half an hour they think this woman - or man - What police won't say is whether was a full-time cross-dresser, were some sort of elaborate disguise. or whether the wig and clothes and DNA samples from the bank They've taken fingerprints very odd-looking - security video. and are examining some - no doubt Daniel Sutton, Ten News. to their son's teacher offering bribes a selective school. in the hope he would get into containing thousands of dollars Envelopes teacher at Westmead Public. were handed over to the Year 5 Qinghua Pei admitted to ICAC to his 11-year-old son's teacher that he paid a bribe of $500 into a selective high school. in the hope of getting him because I have no other way. I was desperate. I paid money

all the correct way but no use. I approach all the legal process also paid the teacher $2,000 The boy's mother, Xiaodong Lu, in the hope of a good school assessment mark. she would increase his chances Jodie-Lee Pearce. to their son's Year 5 teacher, Both bribes were in envelopes containing letters from Mr Pei. The teacher told the inquiry:

Mr Pei said they were desperate to get their son into Baulkham Hills High. Every reasonable person would assume my son would get a place in a selective school. Both parents gave evidence to ICAC that other families at the school were paying bribes to teachers in return for favourable treatment for their children.

But when pressed, they refused to name other parents. ICAC says no teachers at Westmead are being investigated for bribe-taking. Yes, I had a moral struggle because in this democratic society, Australia's so nice, so fair, we shouldn't do that, it is morally wrong. Mr Pei said Chinese parents pressured their children to perform

in the hope they would pass the selective school exam. John Hill, Ten News. Sydney's main roads are getting slower than ever. A new government study has confirmed vehicle speeds have steadily dropped

over the past four years - and there's little hope of conditions improving. If Sydney is the nation's financial heart, its roads are clogged arteries. (HORN BLARES)

The auditor-general's report has found driving around the city has never been slower. On Victoria Road in the city's west,

the average morning speed is just 23km/h. Robert De Costella, the marathon runner, could beat most motorists or cars along Victoria Road. Even major projects like the Lane Cove Tunnel have had little impact. In just one year, driving speeds dropped through it from 38km/h to 31km/h.

On the M5/Eastern Distributor, drivers are going 6km/h slower -

at 34km/h per hour. And along Pittwater and Military roads, motorists now averages about 26 kays each morning. The RTA says the difference between morning and afternoon peaks is partly the result of human behaviour. Commuters are tending to sleep in these days and travel into the city en masse.

But the return journey home tends to be more staggered. In the last 15 years, we've had a million extra vehicles on the road network.

That means that we do get longer peak periods. We know that Nathan Rees loves his bikes - well, it's about time he got into cars, understood what people are putting up with, and committed himself to providing better public transport options in this city. They include the Government's axed north-west metro rail project and south-west rail link. It's enough to give insurers a case of interstate envy. John Brumby yesterday announced a $38-billion integrated transport plan for Victoria. We got 75 parking spaces in the south of Sydney. Amber Muir, Ten News.

The police want a special pay bonus to work in Sydney,

saying the city has become too expensive. But the cash-strapped State Government says a metro allowance would cause a revolt. but many of the officers who form it are wearing thin themselves. 93% of areas in the metropolitan area police could not afford to live, so they are living further afield and they can't live where they work. Thom Aylett's a detective at Quaker's Hill in Sydney, but he lives in Newcastle.

Transferring there's not an option - and he says he can't afford the $200,000 mortgage he'd need to live in Sydney. The median house price down here is a lot more expensive than in the Newcastle area. Often he's too tired to make the 2-hour commute home and goes without seeing his partner and child for days.

It's tough on her, tough on my partner. I'm like a part-time dad.

The Police Association is calling for a special metro allowance to compensate for Sydney's cost of living. A similar payment is offered in London - where Metropolitan Police get more than ?6,500 extra a year. The State Government can't simply stand by

and allow front-line personal - including police - to be lost to other States because of increasing cost of living in Sydney. But the metro allowance has already drawn criticism from the State Government

which is looking to rein in expenses. You'd have a revolt not just from country police, but everybody if we started to have different rates of pay for city and country. The Police Association is pushing ahead with the demand, when negotiations on a pay claim resume tomorrow. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A look at sport with Brad McEwan.

Brad, some doubt over whether Mal Meninga will be the new Kangaroos Coach. The Australian Rugby League says he can't coach Origin as well as the national team. More on that shortly. Plus the tough road, yawns and all, to the London Olympics starts now for Libby Trickett in Sydney's new super squad that has seen Geoff Huegill lose a heap of weight. the results shortly.

And a running start at the Australian Golf Open - you'll see a slap-happy Gilmore with an array of trick shots that make the game look so easy. Also, a fitter Jelena Dokic apologises for an outburst at Australian officials. And the contenders for League's fastest man. Next - how Malcolm Turnbull's helped the Government to record voter support.

Also tonight, a touching tribute for a young boy killed by his friend. And bring it on! Economic gloom fails to dampen Sydney's appetite for a New Year's Eve party. (BIRDS TWITTER) (CLOCK RADIO PLAYS 'WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS') (SIGHS) (CLOCK RADIO CONTINUES PLAYING) VOICEOVER: Get the Nokia E51 with access to video calling...

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This program is captioned live. Malcolm Turnbull says he takes responsibility for the Federal Opposition's disastrous showing in the final Newspoll for the year. Ten's Political Editor Paul Bongiorno joins us from Canberra.

Paul, what's behind this poor result for Malcolm Turnbull?

I think in a very big way what is behind

behind it is the global financial

crisis and Kevin Rudd's reaction to

it. But there is no doubt that the

opposition has contributed in a big

way to its poor performance in the

polls. It does look like, while it

makes tactical wins, points here

and there, strategically it and there, strategically it does

not seem to know where it is going

and there have been some not seem to know where it is going and there have been some massive flops

flops in the past week or so and

divisions on the floor of

parliament. The graphic shows News

poll in the 12 weeks since Malcolm

poll in the 12 weeks since Malcolm

Turnbull has been leader. Heat a day in Turnbull has been leader. Heat a

day in Melbourne was asked for his response

response to what is going on. There

is no doubt unity is vital in

politics. It is - of disunity is

something to be avoided. There is

one thing he has to come to grips

with and that is to - that is how

to deal with Barnaby Joyce and his nationals in the Senate. How

quickly all these polls turnaround if the economy slides into

recession? Malcolm Turnbull is

under the pump. If that happens it

will also put the Government under

the pump but Malcolm Campbell is

going to have to appear to be a

credible alternative and one of

credible alternative and one of the

problems he has, if the economy

slides into recession and the

argument becomes who can better

handle it, Julie Bishop was out

cold 2-1 by Wayne's one as a better

economic manager.

Family and friends of a teenage boy shot dead at a sleepover party have paid a touching tribute. They lit candles at a vigil for Josef Cruickshank

in a park near his home at The Oaks in Sydney's south-west. Fighting back tears, they also gave the footballer three cheers. who can't be identified, The 14-year-old's friend, has been charged with his murder - although Josef's mother has asked police to reconsider. A teenage hero has been given special recognition for an extraordinary act of bravery. He jumped off a bridge into freezing water

to save a drowning woman. Meet Corey Warburton - a typical 15-year-old who performed a very untypical act of bravery. Did it because it was the right thing to do. I dunno, I just didn't want her and I didn't want me to drown,

so it was pretty hard. In July, Corey was walking across a bridge near his home in Grafton, when he saw an elderly woman floating face down in the river.

He jumped in - keeping her afloat for an hour until help arrived. It was kind of hard to breathe because the water was so cold. And she kept pulling me under, so that made it harder. That selfless act earned Corey a Royal Lifesaving Commendation for Bravery presented this afternoon by a Governor obviously taken in by his modesty and cheekiness. You're just beautiful.

Can't help it. No, you can't.

extraordinary acts of bravery from our young people. And this generation of young Australians, I can tell you, are extremely special. Corey and his mother still see the grateful woman he saved. Can't stop smiling when she sees me. She seems really happy lately. Commendations were also handed out to dozens of others from all walks of life, who thought of others instead of their own safety.

As for Corey - he says he's still called a hero - it even became his nickname for a while. Just a regular kid - just did something I can feel proud of.

Got something I can take places and say, "Yes, I did that." Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Despite the economic doom and gloom, Sydney is set to sparkle on New Year's Eve. Plenty of locals are in the mood to party, with exclusive venues selling out fast, and organisers promising the biggest and best fireworks display on earth. The Lord Mayor ignited celebrations by attempting a new world record for the world's biggest sparkler. It's going a long time, isn't it! New Year's Eve should be much more exciting. Organisers are promising a spectacular $5 million light and sound show. There's in excess of 8,000 aerial fireworks, and 20,000 or 30,000 shooting comets - in total, about 100,000 pyrotechnic effects. This year's theme is creation, and for the first time the celebrations will be powered with renewable energy. 1.5 million spectators will be treated to a midnight storm

of lightning and thunder effects. Police warn a strong presence will keep an eye on crowd behaviour. We don't want people to end up in hospital or in a cell. Harbourside entertainment will start at 3:00pm. It seems the current financial squeeze won't stop Sydneysiders from celebrating the New Year in style. Tickets to some of the city's most expensive parties and vantage points are selling out faster than ever. At times when things don't seem so good with the economy, people need an escape. while 30,000 people are expected This year, in fact, we're selling out tickets even faster than previous years. The night will end with the traditional secret Harbour Bridge effect to welcome 2009. Amelia Adams, Ten News.

It was a beautiful day. What about

the show Mother Nature put on the

last night? That brought

substantial rainfall, in some

places that have not seen it rainfall like that in December for

six years. Today it was this Barber,

26 degrees. 31-32 out Penrith way. 26 degrees. 31-32 out Penrith way. Over the next 72 hours,

temperatures will not budge from 21

and showers. Labor heavyweights gather to farewell former Whitlam government minister Frank Crean. Also, carnage as a 'Top Gun' fighter jet crashes into a suburban street. And how zoo keepers recaptured a rampaging, lovestruck rhino. Can we stop and ask someone? No, we don't need to stop and ask someone. Just keep going straight. You're positive? Pos...positive. OK... I think we should have gone back there. You even got the map up on there? I'm trying. Right or my left? Left, left. to me like that! I'm not... I'm trying to drive. Sorry. I know. I'm sorry. Just keep... So we've just done a circle. (BOTH TALK AT ONCE) I am reading the map. I just... So what is it that you're doing that's helpful? Keep going straight. I'm telling you where to go.

I'll tell you where to go. Is your phone working? Yeah. It's working? No, it's not working. Use my phone. GPS: You're going in the wrong direction. Please turn around. Oh, it WAS back there. How come your phone does that? VOICEOVER: If your network's letting you down, try the network that works better in more places - Telstra Next G.

This programme is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic.

Let's check on the traffic. What is

the problem at St Andrew? It is

peak-hour traffic, there has been

at four car crash near the St

Andrew's exit. I will show you the

extent of the traffic delays. It extent of the traffic delays. It

goes all the way back into

Liverpool and now the M5 has been

affected from - for traffic leaving

from banks town. Huge delays are heading down to Campbelltown. heading down to Campbelltown. If

you know anyone heading to the

south-west, get them to avoid the Hume Highway. A who's who of Australian politics joined family and friends to farewell former deputy prime mnister Frank Crean today. Prime ministers past and present were among hundreds of mourners to attend the State funeral for Mr Crean. The Whitlam government minister was described as a good man

who devoted his life to his country through public service and helped galvanise the ALP during what was termed the wilderness years.

At a time when men of ill-will hoped we'd be destroyed. The 92-year-old died last week. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, two sons and grandchildren.

Now to the finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. to business confidence? Ron, absolutely. Business confidence plummeted to a new low in November. Canberra's stimulus package and a 3% drop in interest rates in as many months has failed to improve the mood of corporate Australia. According to NAB's monthly survey, forward orders, profitability and wage growth all lost ground.

The reading strengthens the case for the RBA to keep cutting rates in an effort to get businesses hiring and investing. And Westpac announced it's cutting its credit card interest rates - effective December 15. It's also beaten the Commbank to an institutional capital-raising valued at 2.5 billion. As a result the other big banks were sold off heavily. But mining giants BHP and Rio a faster than expected shrugged off figures pointing to

economic slowdown in Japan.

The All Ords closed weaker and Commonwealth bank took a tumble. And the average price of petrol in Sydney tonight is just over $1 a litre. And that's the day in finance. An American fighter jet has slammed into a residential area killing at least three people. the scorched wreckage trying to work out what went wrong. Two homes took the greatest impact of the FA-18 Hornet, the jet's fuel sparking an intense blaze. Residents in the highly populated area were told to get out quickly. Several saw and heard the jet strike trouble moments before it crashed. I just heard a big explosion and then just flames going all over the place. I heard a sputtering and I got up from my computer, went out in my backyard, and saw the big, huge plume of jet fumes and black cloud. All those killed were from the one family. There might have been and two children at home. a grandmother and a mother

No-one was at home at the second house.

The plane was returning from a training run, and was about 3km from the Marine base Miramar, made famous in the movie 'Top Gun', when it went down. The pilot, aged in his 20s, managed to eject safely. and the aircraft go down.

My next move was to find the pilot. He was found hanging by his emergency parachute from a nearby tree. Hey, he just looked like he was dazed, like "Oh my God, what happened?" The pilot is believed to have told military air traffic control moments before the crash, that his jet was experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Designed in the 1970s, F-18 models in the US were grounded recently after a crack was discovered in an aircraft hinge. Inspections found only a small number with the problem

and most were cleared to fly again. Now investigators will be trying to work out if it was that problem, or something else, that caused this deadly crash. In San Diego, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Five men charged with plotting the September 11 attacks say they'll plead guilty at their US military trial in Guantanamo Bay. Self-proclaimed mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and four others have asked for an immediate hearing

to confirm their confessions. President-elect Barack Obama wants to close Camp X-Ray, but the trials will now take place under his administration. Violent rioting in Greece has continued into a third day, An Indian woman has become the world's oldest new mum. Rajo Devi is 70 and the proud mother of a 2-week-old girl.

She married 50 years ago and has been trying to have children but only conceived after undergoing two months of IVF treatment. The child was delivered by caesarian and both are in good health. his last taste of freedom A lovestruck rhino has had after yesterday's rampage at a South Australian zoo. His enclosure will be strengthened to ensure he never breaks out again. The 3-tonne rhino eventually surrendered meekly to his keepers. With one of several tranquillizer darts still embedded in his hide, 18-year-old Satara made his own way back to his enclosure, ending a day on the run in Australia's largest open-range zoo. The darts had finally started to take affect. Some went in, some didn't so there was a whole cocktail of drugs in him but he was moving around so much that I believe his adrenaline levels probably counteracted a lot of the drugs. Keepers are convinced the rhino smashed out of his enclosure

to reach his mate who was being courted by another male in a nearby pen. Unlucky in love, he ventured on safari, roaming the huge park, barging through several fences and evading all attempts to capture him. At one stage he came within metres of the perimeter and vets were faced with the prospect of having to kill Satara - an absolute last resort considering he's one of the world's most endangered animals.

By the time he was back in his enclosure, staff had already repaired and reinforced the walls. Satara is already the pin-up boy of Monarto - his high-profile escape has made him famous. He's a national celebrity and I would certainly expect lots of people come and see him

and also lots of people to adopt him - I don't mean literally, physically, give him a home -

but contribute to his care. Today the rampant rhino was a sorry sight - lonely and dejected, just longing for a mate. A curious story boosts Cate Blanchett's chance of a second Oscar. That's next.

Also, the simple initiative helping older men fight depression.

And Kylie rocks the Kiwis ahead of her sold-out Sydney shows.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour. The parents of a Sydney school boy have admitted trying to bribe his teacher in the hope of getting him into a selective school. They put more than $2,000 into letters to the Year 5 teacher

at Westmead Public. They've told the ICAC other families at the school also paid bribes. A bandit in a blonde wig, dress and make-up

has held up a North Strathfield bank. The gun-toting cross-dresser tied up and assaulted staff. He's still on the run. And a Sydney couple has been arrested in Queensland over an explosive teller machine robbery. Police in three States are now investigating if Housam and Alison Afchal are linked to other ATM heists, including 24 in New South Wales.

Men retiring from the workforce sometimes fall victim to loneliness and depression. But one community organisation is trying to tackle this problem by providing a save haven where older Aussie men can socialise. Men's sheds have typically been a sanctuary they retreat to for a bit of peace and quiet. But the Men's Shed movement is growing around Australia as a place for older men to come together a few times a week,

where they can meet other blokes, have a yarn and maybe even turn their hand to something a bit creative. It gives me something to do three days a week. It's a good concept - where other blokes are at home, have got nothing to do, they can come down here and have a yarn. Kevin Stanford is a retired farmer. We're all good mates and I didn't know one person in the Shed when I came.

Wife Joyce says she was worried about his health. He's a different man altogether to live with. He was suffering from depression and this is better than all the treatment the doctors can give you, to come to this shed,

he's met so many people who he didn't know. Parkes's Men's Shed is at the showground and it's become so popular, fundraising is under way to build a new larger Shed nearby. The concept is funded by Government and community grants.

There's equipment and insurance costs

but everyone involved agrees it's worthwhile. The most important thing about it is the camaraderie between the men, because when they walk into the Shed who say g'day to them, there are a group of people and, of course, at morning tea time it's a very social occasion. They don't get scones every day - mostly wives take a break themselves. Absolutely! It does. We love it, don't we? Yes!

We do, we love it. We can do what we want for the mornings. The bowl we were turning up earlier, finished product. These men say it's a lot better than sitting at home. John Hill, Ten News. Hollywood is abuzz with talk of an Academy Award nomination

How would you like to have to get

How would you like to have to get

on the TV in front of half a

million people and tell every

single person watching that tomorrow possible tomorrow possible thunderstorm

early, 21 degrees and cold and

showery and that will go for three

days. How showery and that will go for three

days. How would you like to have days. How would you like to have to do that?

21 degrees and showers for the next

three days but look on the bright

side. The weekend will be good,

Sunny. Hollywood is abuzz with talk of an Academy Award nomination for Australia's Cate Blanchett in her latest film, 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. The star has teamed up again with Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt for the unusual love story. Imagine being born old and becoming young,

while watching all those you love grow old. That's the story of the curious case of Benjamin Button. How old are you? Seven, but I look a lot older. Cate Blanchett's character first meets Benjamin when he's old,

and the two quickly form a bond. Oh, my God. Of course, it's you. Benjamin! will earn Blanchett another Oscar nomination. This particular story is, you know, it's about a life, and, universally about life, in the wrong hands - that could turn to mush. But when I knew David Fincher was going to make it -

he was such a hardened, heartless cynic, then I thought that that would be a really interesting perspective on the story. Directed by David Fincher of 'Alien' and 'Fight Club' fame, the movie is based on a short tale by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Ultimately, it's a story of love and finds its time in what Fincher describes as the sweet spot of what lives.

I want to remember us just as we are now. It's life-affirming and life in all of its complicated glory. While Benjamin Button grows older, Blanchett's character spends much of the film bedridden, made to look like a woman in her 80s - a process that took six hours in make-up. This was quite surreal, I'm lying in the bed playing an 86-year-old and I'd just fallen pregnant.

And so that was weird. (IN AN ELDERLY VOICE) I'm going to be the first 86-year-old to give birth. That was kind of strange. opens in Australia on Boxing Day. In Hollywood, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Kylie Minogue touches down in Sydney tomorrow for the Australian leg of her Kylie-X world tour. The jet-setting singer

in New Zealand last night, the $20 million show impressing the sell-out crowd. (Sings) # I just can't get you out of my head # You're all that I ever think about...# Kylie will perform the first of three Sydney shows this Sunday, but she'll make a public appearance at Myer's City store on Thursday to flog her latest perfume.

Brad with sport - And a Test cricket rookie declares he's fit to take on South Africa.

Jason Krejza is ready for his turn in what's been labelled Australia's spin-cycle.

Plus the rule blocking Mal Meninga from the Kangaroos job. And it's back to the early starts for Libby Trickett as she joins a much slimmer Geoff Huegill in Sydney's new super squad. Plus - he's anything but wobbly as a trick-shot expert shows off at the Australian Open.

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This program is captioned live.

Queensland origin coach Mal Meninga is unlikely to replace Ricky Stuart as Kangaroos coach after the ARL today confirmed he can't do both. The board met in Brisbane and stood by the policy to keep State coaches out of the Australian job to prevent possible selection bias. Personally, I've got a lot of respect for Mal as a person and a coach

not to have a state coach the same as national coach and that didn't change today. Meninga recently re-signed with the Maroons for a further three years, and is tipped to choose State over country. A decision on the Kangaroos job will be made early in the new year. He's just won the Australian PGA and is favourite for this week's Australian Open, but Geoff Ogilvy has a warning for his rivals. He says he's nowhere near his peak.

Geoff Ogilvy is Australian golf's number one. But according to the man himself, he's a work in progress. Hopefully I haven't peaked 'cause I feel like there's a lot of improvement there. I think golf is always a work in progress - I think that's why we all play. If you mastered it it would be boring. The secret behind his recent form surge is a fresher state of mind. He's learned less can be more.

I used to without fail go to the range after every single round 'cause I thought that's what you're supposed to do, 'cause that's what you did when you're a pro - you played your round then you go to the range and hit balls. After a while I realised that was counter-productive. defending champion Craig Parry. Among the challengers will be But he expects Royal Sydney isn't about to do him any favours. I love the golf course, it's just a very demanding golf course at my length off the tee. Maybe Parry should give this a try... Trick shot golfer Jeremy Dale momentarily pulled the gallery away from the pros with his alternate style. To Dale, teeing off the normal way is, well, boring. He hopes it catches on. I think we need to make golf a bit more fun so I'd love to see it.

will be part of the entertainment The touring Briton at Royal Sydney's party hole. And rushing back from the US to be a part of the tournament is Newcastle's James Nitties

who earnt his US PGA Tour ticket today after finishing tied for second at the qualifying school. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Australian off-spinner Jason Krejza says to take on South Africa he's fit and ready in next week's first Test. Krejza completed a solid session in the Adelaide Oval nets this afternoon. His injured ankle did require a brace but he says that was just a precaution. My ankle's feeling beautiful. Got a good ankle brace, it's holding up really good, so I can't really feel it anymore, which is brilliant. Krejza hasn't played a competitive match since his remarkable 12-wicket Test debut against India a month ago. He'll make his comeback tomorrow

in a one-dayer for Tasmania against South Australia. England's cricketers have returned to India for a Test series Libby Trickett says she'd be honoured if chosen to be Grant Hackett's replacement as Australian swim team captain. The Olympic gold medallist returned to training today at her new Sydney base. Back to work for Libby Trickett and, despite appearances, she'd rather not still be curled up in bed. The early mornings you have to get used to again,

but I'm really enjoying it. It's exactly what I want to do and exactly where I want to be. Making those mornings even easier - the calibre of her new super squad of swimmers. Among them, Olympic silver medallist Eamon Sullivan who, along with the squad's coach, has moved to Sydney from WA. in the environment, so it was either change the coach or change state, and so I changed with him.

And a leaner, meaner Geoff Huegill, his new physique already impressing those who count. He's getting back to it and he's done a very good job. Today, day one of their London Olympics campaign under Stoelwinder and the NSW Institute of Sport banner. Trickett the rose among thorns, but being the only woman in a group of six blokes won't lighten her workload. I'm a tomboy at heart so I should fit in pretty easily,

but I might have to remind them every now and then that I'm a girl. Definitely it was a boys' club and there was a bit of education before Libby arrived about their responsibilities to make sure that things don't get too carried away with their conversations, which boys can tend to do. Leanne West, Ten News. Jelena Dokic has finally apologised for her outburst against Australian Open officials

12 months ago. Dokic hit out at the Grand Slam organisers when they refused to grant her a wild card for the tournament. But as the 25-year-old prepares for this year's wild card play-off, she has admitted to being out of line. At the time, I shouldn't have said anything and I regret what I said and I just hope everyone understands that. Once the world number four, Dokic is now ranked 179,

but looks much fitter than last year after a tough off-season in Germany. The fastest men in rugby league will be turning back the clock when they race for a $5,000 first prize at North Sydney Oval on Friday night. The race named in honour of rugby league legend Ken Irvine. Over the years, the tag of the fastest man in rugby league has always been a hotly contested title.

Some of today's candidates for the honour warmed up at North Sydney Oval ahead of Friday night's showdown for money and glory. On hand to lend some advice was Mike Cleary, who knows a thing or two about rugby league and running fast. In 1964 he took on North Sydney and later Manly great Ken Irvine in front of a packed house at Wentworth.

The race went to former empire games sprinter Mike Cleary, winning by a yard in a thrilling finish. Irvine passed away in 1991, but his memory will live on in Friday night's race.

He'd be very proud. It's a shame he's not alive to be here to witness it, so it's a great honour to him.

Cleary will be starter for the footballers' race, the participants with different levels of confidence and motivation.

I'm very serious about it. Five grand's a lot of money - haven't really had that much money in my life, I'll just be happy to make the finish line. I've got to make that first. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Ahead in Sports Tonight - believe it or not, It has

It has been put into voluntary

administration. All the details later.

It is a real tough task for

motorists heading into that south-

west. The Hume Highway from

Liverpool to Campbelltown taking a

long time. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather details - next.

Time for the weather. Tim Bailey

has been busy

has been busy trying to fan the

some of the cloud activity away.

Day 1011 and 12 of summer, I'm

afraid that the cloudy seat in the

sky will colour in Wednesday,

Thursday and Friday. The good news

is that the showers should go away

for the weekend. Wednesday comes with a

with a forecast of possible early

storm, definite southerly change at nine

nine or 10:00am, a temperature that

does not move off 21 degrees for

three days and showers turning to

reign of on Friday. That is what I

have for you. Hopefully we can have for you. Hopefully we can get

that out of our system and get into have for you. Hopefully we can get that out of our system and get into the summer season.

the summer season. It was a good-

looking day-to-day, wasn't it?

The cloud in a trough which brings

rain and thunder. The weather map

tomorrow: A weak trough will bring

a cooler change to New South Wales

and caused isolated showers and caused isolated showers and

storms. Precipitation, showers and

storms for the New South Wales coast and Rangers

coast and Rangers and some in the

rest of the State. coast and Rangers and some in the rest of the State. That temperature

really will not move off 21 degrees.

Maybe a storm, probably a shower

and definitely a range stretching into

into Friday. Saturday, the Blue

afternoon and sunshine, trust me. Sunday,

Sunday, a good day. That is the plan. Sunday, a good day. That is the plan.

plan. Interstate tomorrow:

Possible storms for Sydney and Canberra.

Have its good evening and Have its good evening and enjoyed

the overcast. And the father of a boy charged with the murder of his best friend has been arrested over a number of alleged firearms offences. The 40-year-old Orangeville man was arrested when he presented himself at Camden police station this afternoon.

He is still being interviewed and it is expected he will be charged later tonight. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. Thanks for your company. I'll be back with updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:00. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Kevin Rudd and Labor are finishing the year