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(generated from captions) don't know if you had this, man. Oh, yum! LAUGHTER I don't want to tise him. That's how big they are. They're fucking awesome. You'll have them later on, won't you? I'll save them for tomorrow morning or something. It won't you? I'll save them for will be alright, though - we'll get smashed tomorrow night, Congratulations, guys. smashed tomorrow night, though.

What did you throw out the window? Just ice, man. So typical. I came down toopen indoor and he was like, "What?" He didn't believe me at all. He opened the door. He said, "Yes, I've opened the door." He was standing there, not even said, "Yes, I've opened the door."

looking at me. So I've opened the door, and I was like, "Hi." He was like, "Hi." Then he was like, "Holy fuck!" He was fuck!" He was still asleep. You couldn't imagine. Did you think you had to look good when he opened the couldn't imagine. Did you think you door? No. SooGuys don't do that. I just wanted to hold him. I always look good. I don't even want -- have to worry about that. This was like a movie. Remember how I was talking about my boyfriend that moved to the snow and his friend that worked that snowship ended up working -- hooking up with him. Jess - they're still together. He went overseas and travelled for six months or something in Europe. Then he came back to the snow and he rang her. She thought he was completely out of her life and he was like, "Jess, I'm back, and I haven't stopped thinking about you the whole time I've been gone. I met a girl exactly -- who looked exactly like you." And I fucked her senseless for three weeks. He didn't do anything with her, airpbtly. -- apparently. He drive like six hours and he was on his way and he got there at like He drive like six hours and he was

5:00 in the morning or something. on his way and he got there at like

He's been there ever -- they've been together ever since. And they'd only been together for two weeks before he went overseas. They've been go ogfrut a year now or something. They're completely in love. They're so cute. I fell asleep. I fell asleep the next night and he went out. It was just the worst. I didn't feel find out till six months later. He what? just the worst. I didn't feel find Yeah, after he did all that. I fell out till six months later. He what? asleep on the couch. David, I would have killed him! What a fucking prick. Yeah. Is it hot? Not as hot as me. One, two, three. I've had a lot of hot things in my time. Oh, shit. Oh my goodness. Here, do you want a paper towel? Mm, plt Did you want a drink or anything? Save it for myself. Did you want a drink or anything? Can I put my hand on this or what? Is that alright? Get all this stuff off. Awesome. Ewwww, Bree. Lovers. Johnny and Claire in the bath. How gross is that? They're like sharing dead Claire in the bath. How gross is skin and stuff. She scraped her dead skin off in the bath and he's in it. They're bathing in each dead skin off in the bath and he's other's filth. He likes being in her dirty skin. He's cleaning her toes. That's gross. That's toes. That's gross. That's love. That is love, isn't it ? Do you want to clean my foot? Oh, -- Oh, put it away, yuck! Gross! Well, enough of the foot cleaning. Let's talk to Jessica from Victoria. Hey, Jessica. Hello. How are

Hey, Jessica. Hello. How are you, darling? I'm alright, yourself? I'm very good other than Mike's smelly feet. Who would you like to see go this Sunday? Um, probably - I have no idea, the farmer. The farmer. David. Get your socks out of my face! Why do you think David should go? I don't know, I just don't want the cup tool split up. Fair enough. What's the word for $1,000 It's Pommy. Congratulations. You've got What's the word for $1,000 It's $1,000. Thank you! Have a great weekend. You too, thank you! That's it for us here on Big Brother Up Late. Thank you, Bree. Pleasure as it for us here on Big Brother Up always. Thanks for sticking around. Thanks for having me. Don't forget to be watching the Big Brother eviction show from 6:30 on Sunday. David, David, Jamie, Katie. . My name is Mike and you've been gold, man. Here's Dani. # I've been evicted by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions

This program is captioned live. Tonight, the chilling evidence mother who died on a cruise ship. that's shocked the family of a young very dark day for the entire family I think that this morning was a in what we've had to hear.

A teenage runaway tells of the moment at her hideaway house. the police came knocking Losing it would be tragedy. This vote is important.

to commercial whaling. Fears of a return

they have the old caves The base of the house, where they used to put the animals, become our wine cellar and that will eventually but it's just beautiful. just beautiful. Absolutely - it's gorgeous, into a different time. It's like stepping back making the ultimate seachange. And the Australians

and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Jacinta Hocking to catch a thief topless. Also tonight,

so she leave the T-shirt off, I tried to catch her, so she stand there naked. a bare-chested bandit The raunchy robbery that's earned a good dressing down. First, it's been another dark day who died on a cruise ship. for the family of a woman at the young mother's inquest A tape played revealed new depths of depravity that she was allegedly subjected to before her death. might find this report distressing. A warning, some viewers with Leo Silvestri The first of two police interviews proved so degrading, felt compelled to comment. Dianne Brimble's ex-husband very dark day for the entire family I think that this morning was a in what we've had to hear. But the family are determined to endure more depraved details what happened to Dianne. if it means they find out of a drug overdose The Brisbane woman died Silvestri and his mate Mark Wilhelm. in the company of these men - She had been lying naked on Silvestri's bed admitted shoving her onto the floor. but he described her as 'a dog' and

The 42-year-old also told police a victim of Dianne's. he may well have been Silvestri's is then heard complaining had caused to his holiday of the disruption Dianne's death

The family who stayed in the cabin next to the Adelaide men

to hear Silvestri's police tape. say they were also disgusted by the noise in their room Joanne Muller was woken

a female voice saying, and remembered hearing I don't do that sort of thing." "I'm not like that. They may have been Mrs Brimble's last words. Her body later found on the men's cabin floor. That left the Mullers fearful about retribution from the men, over what they may have overheard. Ma'am, you mentioned that you were quite concerned? Yes, I was, very concerned at the time. The case now adjourns for one week. Amber Muir, Ten News. The case against runaway teenager Natasha Ryan has heard she knew all about the huge hunt to find her. She told police she'd read about a man being charged with her murder but was too scared to come out of hiding. When Natasha Ryan re-entered the world after five years in hiding she had some explaining to do. In a police interview played in Rockhampton Court today, Ryan admitted she learned from a newspaper that Leonard Fraser had been charged with her murder while she was hiding in her boyfriend's house. But she still didn't come forward saying: When asked if she ever tried to call police, Ryan said: The day she was found Ryan says she heard a knock at the door and hid in the cupboard, because she didn't want to be found like that. But she couldn't stay hidden forever. Natasha's reappearance shocked her grieving parents. Her father had even held a memorial service. Today he broke down, saying he'll never forget the day she was found alive. Well, someone reckons I'm the only bloke in Australia that had a funeral for a person and they come back from the dead. Serial killer Leonard Fraser told detectives he'd slit Ryan's throat and buried her body. Ryan's lawyers argue it was that confession which sparked the costly murder investigation, and not the young couple keeping Natasha's whereabouts a secret. The hearing has been adjourned for a week.

Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Australia's relationship with Indonesia is under the spotlight, Labor urging the Prime Minister to turn the heat up on Jakarta over terror figurehead Abu Bakar Bashir. But tonight Indonesia says we should just butt out. It is an image causing anger across Australia.

Abu Bakar Bashir basking in the adulation of his followers. At Friday prayers the radical cleric told them not to worry about being labelled 'terrorists' - this at an Islamic school known for producing some of Indonesia's deadliest militants. It may appear inflammatory here, not in Indonesia. Mr Bashir has been prosecuted, has been tried and has been punished. Logically he is a free man and he has to be released. Howard meets Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 10 days. The Opposition says he should seek action against terror group Jemaah Islamiah which sees Bashir as its spiritual leader. He must require and request the Indonesian President to ban Jemaah Islamiah as an organisation.

Indonesia may not be willing to listen, though. Indonesia will not allow ourselves to be dictated by other countries. Mr Howard has sent a letter to the President explaining the hostility caused by the early release of the cleric, but he says Indonesia's position has to be acknowledged. It is not right to say they haven't done anything. He has been in jail for 2.5 years

and he was not convicted of direct involvement in the Bali attack. Indonesia's apparent unwillingness to take into account Australian concerns, will no doubt further anger those who believe we've caved in to theirs with planned changes to our migration laws. The Prime Minister rejects the criticism but is still negotiating with rebel Liberals who feel the laws go too far. So that's what we're doing at the moment, taking it very seriously.

Those talks expected to continue next week. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A soldier wounded in Afghanistan has been brought home to Australia for medical treatment. The soldier's identity, the nature of his injury and details of the incident are being kept secret for security reasons. And Australian soldiers are winding back their duties in southern Iraq. They'll start handing over to Iraqi forces this month but it doesn't mean they'll be withdrawing. A new life ahead for the kitten abused and left for dead by her drug-addicted owner. While he spends a year in jail, little Katie is settling into a loving home. Katie the kitten is thriving

almost six months after being bashed and left for dead. She's now being cared for by Paul and his wife, Tracey. It's just great to see the fact that an animal who has gone through so much comes out the other side being so happy and so healthy. This was Katie in early February, 12 weeks old and recovering from injuries including a broken pelvis and a shattered eye socket. It was a slow recovery and there were complications, but that's all behind her. It never ceases to amaze me what animals can endure. Certainly, this particular attack was horrific. Her one-time owner, Stephen Clancy, is spending 12 months behind bars for torturing Katie. Well, I've got nothing to say about him personally, but the laws are toughening up and hopefully will put these things to rest. That's also the RSPCA's hope. The society believes the increase in prison terms to a maximum of five years for animal cruelty, plus stronger cooperation with police will make a difference. So if someone is picked up for committing an act of animal cruelty, further down the track at least there's a record of that on the police system. For her part, little Katie has landed on her feet and won't suffer again. Not ruling the roost, but she's found a little place in the house and everybody loves her.

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. The PM is backing moves for a World Cup in Australia in 2014. But there's a far more pressing matter at hand -

our looming showdown with Brazil. This is a scene being repeated right across Germany, this time it's dedicated Dutch fans flanked by scores of police waiting for their favourite players. For Australia, all roads lead to Munich this weekend

as we prepare for the big match against Brazil after the latest celebration in Oehringen. Let the good times flow

The Socceroos are the toast of Oehringen, where they turned a public holiday into a green and gold festival. A mix of German and Australian traditions going down well. (All sing) # Advance Australia fair. # Go the Socceroos! While our first-up performance had them dancing in the streets, our football bosses sense we're on the verge of something very special. That inner belief now is so ingrained in them that when you sit down and talk to them one on one, you know, it's the most satisfying experience I've had. The Aussie festival in the heart of Oehringen has attracted hundreds of Australian tourists. Among the crowd, the wife of one of our highest profile players. Harry Kewell's wife, Sheree Murphy, revealing a family day spent with the Socceroos has given the whole squad a huge lift before the Brazil clash.

We haven't seen each other for probably about three to four weeks now, and he hasn't seen the kids, so all the families were so happy.

The Kewells have two children, Taylor, five, and Ruby, aged three, and there's no doubt who they're barracking for. My loyalties lie with Harry and Australia, definitely. The importance of catching up with loved ones also stressed by Lucas Neill's parents. We really haven't talked too much about him about the game. We've just had family time together and it's been absolutely fantastic. They know what's happening around them and they can feel the buzz. Here in Stuttgart preparations are already under way for what could prove to be, one of the most volatile matches in World Cup history with the possibility that the host nation Germany will take on England in the second round on June 25. If Japan get a simple majority at this meeting, it means that the IWC is in the whalers' hands for the first time since the 1970s, and that is a disaster for whales.

When we come back, fears of a return to commercial whaling. It's just got so much character and history It is beautiful, it's a beautiful part of the world. And the Australians making the ultimate seachange.

Hon, what's your ultimate fantasy?

With all the grunt of a big Rodeo V6, and good enough for the weekends too. Is that all? No, I want it all from $19,990. and government charges.

This program is captioned live. A woman has been stabbed to death in Melbourne tonight. Police say the victim arrived at a medical centre suffering wounds to her neck. The woman, believed to be Sudanese, died at the scene shortly afterwards. A man who turned up with her at the centre

is now being questioned by Victorian police. Australia is scrambling for votes

to stop a return to commercial whaling.

On the eve of an international summit, it's feared Japan may have the numbers to overturn the 20-year ban. It will be a night of last-minute lobbying for Environment Minister Ian Campbell,

who is heading up the international fight to save the whales. This vote is important. Losing it would be a tragedy.

It would see Japan, which, in the name of scientific research, slaughtered 863 whales last year, including 10 endangered species, in control of the industry's governing body. If Japan get a simple majority at this meeting, it means that the IWC is in the whalers' hands for the first time since the 1970s, and that is a disaster for whales. To win the numbers game, Japan is accused of buying votes by providing foreign aid to small, poor countries, such as St Kitts in the Caribbean, where the summit is being held.

Of the 70 countries eligible to vote, 36 are said to support Japan,

but it would need a 75% majority to overturn the ban immediately. Japan will put its numbers to the test tomorrow when it's expected to call for Greenpeace to be banned from the organisation. Australia has not ruled out taking Japan to an international court to try to stop the killing. There is no reason to destroy them, there is no reason to spill the blood that they've spilled. The Japanese delegation refused to comment before the crucial meeting begins tomorrow. In St Kitts, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A lone humpback swimming close to Gold Coast beaches has kept whale watchers enthralled with its unusual behaviour. It was thought it was giving birth but so far there's no sign of a baby.

It's a mystery of mammoth proportions. What was this whale doing so close to the Gold Coast shoreline? You don't see the whales in that close very often. Is it sick or not? First sighted at 7:30 this morning near shark drum lines at Burleigh,

the humpback attracted the attention of beach goers with it's unusual behaviour. Today it just seemed to be remaining in the one spot and not breaching the surface of the water like we normally see.

While whales aren't rare this time of year, it's unusual to see

one of these gentle giants just lolling around on the surface unless they're in trouble. Fisheries officers checked out the giant visitor and reported seeing red stains in the water. It appeared that due to the size of the whale and the way the whale was acting that it could've been giving birth to a calf. But there was no sign of a new arrival and no obvious injuries. The lone humpback was last seen slowly heading north on it's usual migration. And as for why it was behaving this way, well that's destined to remain a mystery of the deep. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. Australians are making the ultimate seachange, snapping up property in the south of France. One big attraction of finding property on the other side of the world is the bargain basement price. It doesn't get much more French provincial than this. Three hours from Paris, the beaches of Spain and the Italian border, and Mal Sword knew he had to have it. The base of the house, they have the old caves where they used to put the animals, and that will eventually become our wine cellar but it's just beautiful. Absolutely - it's gorgeous, just beautiful. It's like stepping back into a different time. Three Brisbane families bought equal shares in the renovated 13th century cottage near Bordigett in southern France for about $300,000. And they're already looking for another one. We haven't bought this for investment, we bought this as a haven, and a gateway through to Europe. It's a lifestyle choice. It's a lifestyle more than an investment. This is no one-off. France has become the new real estate hot spot

and these people are helping make it happen. You can buy a renovation project if you've got a strong heart and a strong will. We can buy a renovation project for around $100,000 up to a chateau at $2 million - 2.5 million, $3 million, $4 million. Apart from the attraction of owning a piece of French 13th century architecture, the numbers has Queenslanders more than interested as well. 100% finance, fixed at around 3%. and values currently on the increase at 12% annually. It's just got so much character and history It is beautiful, it's a beautiful part of the world. Tim Collits, Ten News. The new Superman movie getting off to a flying start. Seeing some of the visual effects come back and how I was flying is, you know, really pretty awesome. After the break, the man who plays the Man of Steel. And the bizarre case of the bare-chested bandit.

But Brad has a bright idea. BRAD: If we bundle four services with ActewAGL and TransACT, we'll get a free Privileges Card, saving us 20% to 50% at over 200 restaurants and attractions, plus we'll save 10% off our electricity account! Start saving now.

This program is captioned live. Dozens of people have been injured in a basketball riot.

As riot police moved in about 40 people crashed out of a stand. The clash between the rival supporters later spilled out onto the streets. It's two weeks before the Man of Steel

returns to our big screens, but his alter-alter ego is already here, the actor flying in to talk up the most expensive movie ever made. June 29 is the day we can look up in the sky to see Superman return.

But today you'd have been better off looking inside this Sydney hotel room. It's great to be back. Despite wrapping up filming here in Sydney last November, Brandon only got to see the movie last Friday, the day it was finished. Seeing some of the visual effects come back and how I was flying is, you know, really pretty awesome. It's a 2.5-hour adventure with plenty of surprises, including a cameo by the late Marlon Brando.

Sydney's streets barely recognisable after being digitally transformed into Metropolis,

all adding to the astronomical cost of the movie. We hear tell that this is the most - What do you hear tell? That this is the most expensive movie ever made. Go on! I think a lot of the exaggerations are just inaccurate. People don't spend $300 million to make movies. I'm sorry. They just don't. Allegedly, whatever the final bill, it also included some digital manipulation to minimise a protrusion on the famous Superman suit.

There's been so much speculation about the codpiece on the costume. Do you want to clear any of that up? Yes, a little weird but, you know, I'll stop those rumours. That's not happened. They had, they had a lot more things to spend money on than to worry about that. For a relative unknown like Brandon,

having Kevin Spacey play villain Lex Luthor was reassuring. Well, just knowing that he was willing to do this film with me, I mean, you know, because he had to trust that I could pull this off. Otherwise, he could look bad. So long, Superman. Angela Bishop, Ten News. To Finance news, and a remarkable rally for the Australian stock market.

Proof a life of crime the shirt off your back. will eventually see you lose

after a bungled robbery. A female thief has fled topless It was 1:30 in the morning of this convenience store. and Omar Takow was behind the counter

and selected a can of drink. A female customer came in But, when it came time to pay, for the open cash register. she lunged she jumped on me. After she gave me the money Omar fought back, managing to hold onto her shirt. trying to grab her but instead only but to leave topless. The startled robber had no choice so she leave the T-shirt off, I tried to catch her, so she stand there naked. the bare-busted burglar came back, Exposed to the elements, in exchange for her shirt. offering to return the $3 she stole was punishment enough, Deciding the humiliation

and let her go. Omar gave the woman a firm lecture Omar's foiled a robbery. It's not the first time away with a golf club - His last effort - chasing a thief made the national news. Omar hopes the publicity helps deter other would-be thieves. but they will get what they deserve. They can come and try Ten News. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, with Rob Canning. Sports Tonight is next

with the Socceroos a short time ago? And Rob, Harry Kewell failed to train continues to be a major concern. Jacinta, his groin with the main group Kewell didn't train with the Cup favourites. ahead of their showdown Next, we check in with the Socceroos, and bring you the very latest. in the AFL.. Plus tonight's results and sends it long. COMMENTATOR: A dummy to Luke Ball ..and the NRL. He will score. He's flying down the side.

This program is captioned live. Now for a quick look at the weather. Showers in Cairns, and mostly sunny in Sydney. a possible shower in Brisbane in Canberra, A frosty morning and a sunny day

and Hobart, a clearing shower in Melbourne and mostly sunny in Adelaide. Sunny in Perth, and sunny in Alice Springs. mostly sunny in Darwin And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next. I'm Jacinta Hocking. From the Late News team, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions This program is captioned live. Welcome to Sports Tonight. Hello. I'm Rob Canning. jam-packed weekend of sport We're on the verge of another with your Friday night footy. and we'll kick it off are at it tonight - The Saints of both codes sing the song? can St Kilda and St George-Illawarra There to stop them marching in - the Crows and the Broncos. The Cook Cup is on the line - on the Wallabies versus England. we'll have the latest Speaking of England... ..through to the second round. A complete World Cup wrap is next, and eye off their battle with Brazil. as the Socceroos beat up each other as the US Open gets under way. The door is open for our Aussies Plus Lleyton gets a crack at Nadal. It's late, but there's no chance of sleeping because.. ..things are heating up. The Adelaide Crows have underlined their premiership credentials, dishing out a hiding to St Kilda at Telstra Dome. The Crows dominated from start to finish,

inflicting a 63-point belting with a 10 and 2 record. and going into the week's break during the week Adelaide had been talking finals it was easy to see why. and within the opening minutes, sizes them up and goes wham! Stevens runs to 49, and he gets the Crows' second. Riley steps inside 50 While the Crows could do no wrong getting into the game, the Saints took their time needed goal for him and St Kilda. Stephen Milne with a desperately His first of the month. Has he got his first? tough in the Saints forward line While Nick Riewoldt was doing it

was getting tough in defence. team-mate Matt McGuire as the Crows stretched their lead. The Saints frustration setting in and sends it long. Sold the dummy to Luke Ball Thompson snaps - he's kicked a goal. across the ground St Kilda caught short a handy half-time margin. as Adelaide built

it right, brings it back. All eyes on McGregor, starts Worst possible news for Saints fans. didn't start well for the Saints, Down by 7 goals, the second half Robert Harvey off with a hamstring and Adelaide going further ahead. Hentshcel, 15 metres out - gets his.

a glimpse of being human When the Crows finally showed and came marching in. the Saints took advantage Riewoldt gets his second goal. He steps and gets a goal. Away comes Milne. so did St Kilda's hopes of victory. When Max Hudghton went down,

to take the margin out to 10 goals. The Crows bagging the next two something to cheer about, Cain Ackland gave Saints fans

around the corner. Ackland gets a shot But he saw no reason to celebrate.

The Saints top-four dream dented as premiership favourites. as Adelaide firmed than the Saints, The Crows had 40 more kicks more tackles in a crushing effort. took 20 more marks and laid 20 will only get better. Neil Craig confident his side tackling side all year. I think we've been a pretty good of our game tonight - Certainly that was a feature and to pressure them. the ability to get to people quickly

Ideally we would like to be a side on, because you've got the ball. who's not putting a lot of tackles

and their tackling was superb, I thought they hit us really hard and the pressure they put on us even made us compound a little bit any pressure on us. when we didn't have at Suncorp Stadium. It was a dramatic night

a 2-point win against Brisbane St George-Illawarra stealing in the dying stages. But it wasn't without controversy, assisting the Dragons to victory. a suspected forward pass backing up from Wednesday night. Brisbane had six Queensland players a State of Origin hangover If there was stunning St George Illawarra. it didn't show with an early try COMMENTATOR: Lockyer drifting, Carmichael Hunt, goes back to the second man,

Berrigan! He's done it again! find the line? Shaun Berrigan. Oh, can't he score a try? Can't he extended the lead to 8-0 A Darren Lockyer penalty to their name, with four straight wins with a contentious try the Dragons in form and responding appeared to be a forward pass backrower Ben Creagh throwing what in the lead-up. That ball's gone forward.

Cooper will score. He didn't stop and check,

Cooper scores. Dragons are in. the spotlight from Matt Cooper's try. Creagh's controversial pass stealing

The Broncos up 8-6. More pain for Brisbane with St George Illawarra coming up with a 5-star 4-pointer. Now Colin Best is flying down the right side. Colin Best, he will score. So close for Darius Boyd, denied this try as the hosts went in to half-time down 12-8.

Luke Bailey's corked thigh a concern for the Dragons. but he later returned. Their defence had problems early in the second h alf. Greg Eastwood unstoppable - 12-12. Now they find Eastwood out in the centres. Eastwood will score. More controversy with referee Tony Archer ruling a knock on against Brisbane before reversing the call and penalising St George Illawara for stripping.

The penalty Lockyer's second for the half, the Broncos ahead 16-12. That lead wasn't enough. St George finished on a high, Brett Morris levelling the scores in the 77th minute. Morris has scored. The Dragons are home. Aaron Gorrell converted from the sideline to seal a stunning 2-point win. Away she goes! I don't know! Yes I do, it's a goal! A kick to remember - the final score 18 points to 16. The Broncos gutted with the loss and furious with the officials failing to call 'that pass' forward. The frustrating thing, the officials are on the ground, you've got linesmen and referee, I was in the box 30m behind the play, and everyone in the box said, "How far forward is that?"

as it passed his hands. So the disappointing thing is the officials, they can't get it right. When you put so much effort into something and you come up empty, it, it, it hurts. But we'll bounce back. The Socceroos have had one last hit-out before embarking on their trip to Munich and the ultimate showdown with Brazil. There was one notable absentee, though, Harry Kewell didn't train with the side. Sports Tonight's Neil Cordy has the latest. Yes, thanks. Just over 48 hours before the Socceroos' biggest test of their lives when they take on five-times world champions Brazil. They had their final training session here in Oehringen before heading to Munich this afternoon. And while all 23 of the squad members trained

it must be said Harry Kewell looked a long way off top fitness as he tested out his injured groin on a number of occasions. Guus Hiddink says it's time to rest a number of the players

that are on yellow cards. But Tim Cahill the goalscorer believes they should go with their best team. We could actually go through on this game and you don't know what Japan and Croatia are going to do. If it's a draw and we draw then it's all there for the taking, there'll be goal differences and that, so we've just got to be positive. Whoever plays, yellow card or no yellow card, it doesn't change a thing. Cahill's confidence is mirrored throughout the team. The man who could be the busiest player during the match - keeper Mark Schwarzer - believes Australia can't be intimidated. It's going to be a very difficult game but we have to be careful not to get too carried away about the game itself. We have to take the game in context. It's a group game, another three points up for grabs. Tony Popovic was part of the Australian team which beat Brazil 1-0 in the 2001 Confederations Cup. He learnt from that match, and Brazil's 1-0 win over Croatia. If you get right in their faces and make it difficult for them and force them into decisions that they wouldn't take normally then there is a chance.

Apart from Harry Kewell's groin the rest of the squad looks in top shape. for what will be the high point of their careers. Another match to look out for which could be a ripper is the potential of England playing Germany If both teams play in their current positions they will meet in the round of 16. I'll be back with more tomorrow night. England has qualified for the second round, but was far from convincing

in its 2-0 defeat of Trinidad and Tobago. Both goals came in the final seven minutes. Sweden also relied on a late goal to defeat Paraguay. While Ecuador impressed against Costa Rica. England's crusade was full of frustration. COMMENTATOR: He's a long way away from his target. Only a desperate John Terry clearance

prevented Trinidad and Tobago going one up. And for Sydney FC's Dwight Yorke, a rude awakening. I think Dwight would be grateful if we cut off this particular shot. England's lacklustre performance had the crowd chanting for change. "Rooney, Rooney" is the cry from England fans. The wish granted in the 58th minute. But seven minutes from time, relief.

And Crouch this time! Stephen Gerrard then put the result beyond doubt. They have found the touch - Stephen Gerrard.

You know, we can get better than this and we hope there's better to come, and we know there's better to come. England fans celebrated long into the night Their next round opponents either Germany or Ecuador, which impressed against Costa Rica. COMMENTATOR: Mendez! Right on the money! In the Ecuador capital, the 3-0 victory was celebrated as the country's greatest ever sporting achievement. Yellow also the colour of triumph along the fan mile in Berlin. It was sooooo good! That meant heartbreak for Paraguay, losing to Sweden 1-0. COMMENTATOR: Here's the chance, and here's the goal, finally! Freddie Ljungberg goal in the 89th minute ending their dreams. You are watching Sports Tonight. There's still plenty more footy ahead including a preview of this weekend's AFL and NRL rounds. Plus the Wallabies' road to redemption. The Melbourne Test. The second Test. Ogilvy on song in New York. Nadal on target for Hewitt.