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(generated from captions) do it then the problem becomes

very serious very rapidly. Tact

has been accused of sending

rather confusing messages about

WorkChoices on the campaign

trail. The issue overshadowed the Opposition Leader's

campaign yesterday. Christopher

Pyne is the ops spokesman for

education, apprenticeships and

training. He joins us now from

Adelaide. You must be hoping

your leader has a better day on

the campaign trail today? The

Labor Party is throwing

everything they have about

WorkChoices. They have no

intention of talking about

their own record for the last

three years. They don't want

the focus to be on waste,

mismanagement, debt, deficit,

high interest rates, cost of

hundred million dollars of debt living pressures and the

they're borrowing every day. So

far they've been getting their

way. But there is a long way to

go in this campaign. The public

will want to know what Labor will do in the future and how

they'll explain their record

rather than talking about

somebody else for the whole

campaign. Is Mr Abbott simply

speaking the truth when he says

he can't make a guarantee that

workplace relations laws won't

be changed? You won't trap me

into talking about WorkChoices

for this interview. The campaign is about a lot of

other issues. WorkChoices is

not a policy at this election

campaign. It seems remarkable

that people would be wanting to talk about a policy that the

coalition is not bringing back

rather than talking about

either Labor's failures of

waste and mismanagement particularly the Prime

Minister's when minister for

education in the school hall

debacle or in fact about our

policies for the future like

paid parental leave, like the

national action plan on climate

change and like many other

things that we will be doing

over the coming weeks. You

seem one of the few MPs in a

marginal sheet who has been

left out of this deal. Have you

feel left out? I've been left

out in a good way. The national

Greens have done a preference

deal with Labor as they

routinely deal at election time

which proves that a vote for

the Greens is is a vote for Labor. But in Sturt in South Australia because of my record

on the Murray-Darling basin on

supporting environmental flows

and water for Adelaide, because

of my record on supporting

action on climate change even

down to small issues like fair

trade chocolate in every

vending machine in government

departments the Greens have

decided not to preference Labor

in Sturt. I'm glad they'll let

their voters make up their own

mind about whether I have the

record on issues that have

attract their support. You

believe Green support may help

you be re-elected? Every

preference is helpful. Sturt is

a very marginal seat. It's a

very willing contest. Labor is throwing everything they have

at Sturt. They'll outspend me

10 to 1 in my electorate, and

every vote is very welcomed. Of

course I'm not unhappy about

the Greens' decision. Looking

at the realisation there will

only be one campaign debate as

early as this Sunday, do you

believe the Prime Minister is

shirking scrutiny by going down

that path? This is another

broken promise from the Labor

parties. They said at the last

election they'd always have

three debates in a federal

election campaign. They're only

having one. Labor is supremely

confident. In which case, why is Julia Gillard so frightened

to have more than one debate? Clearly she doesn't want her

record to be scrutiniseed in

education n the school hall

debacle as one example. She

doesn't want the government's

record to be

borders, of pressure on the

cost of living, of debt, of

$100 million being borrowed a

day by this government to fund

its addiction to spending.

Therefore she is running from

three debates. It is early days

in the campaign. Are you - workplace relations legislation

aside are you confident Tony Abbott

Abbott can maintain the discipline necessary for the

duration of this long and

gruelling five-week campaign?

Since Tony Abbott has been the

leader since December he has

managed to save the country in

a damaging emissions trading

scheme, he has managed to see the government back down over a

very bad mining tax, while it's

still bad they've come way in

backing down from its worst

excesses. It's still $10.5

billion of tax and we will

oppose it and he has seen off Kevin Rudd as a Prime Minister

in his first term. You'd have

to say Tony Abbott has been an exceptionally effective Leader

of the Opposition and candidate

for Prime Minister. I have

absolute ly no doubt at all

that Tony Abbott will have the discipline needed in this

campaign and if elected as

Prime Minister, that he will be

a 10 times better Prime

Minister than the one we've had

foisted on us by the trade

union leaders in Sussex Street

in Sydney. Is it a red flag to

you that in the story this

morning says a number of

Liberal Party MPs and candidates including Malcolm

Turnbull aren't including Tony

Abbott in their campaign lit a

rat tour? Tony Abbott is being

included in my literature. Tony

Abbott is proving to be a very Abbott is proving to be a

Opposition across the country. popular choice as Leader of the

He has been a very effective

Leader of the Opposition. Not many Leader of the Oppositions

have seen off a Prime Minister

in their first term. Sew I

think Tony Abbott is doing a

very good job leading the

party. He has excellent

policies. He's laying those out

over the coming weeks and has

over the last few months. We

have a low tax policy. We have

a low spending policy. We have

a taking pressure off interest

rates and cost of living

policy. And we have a strong

border protection policy. I

think all of those issues will

stand us in very good stead on

election day. Does it strike

you as strange want nothing to

do at least in their campaign

literature with Tony Abbott? I

think that story in the News

Limited I papers was very premature. I mean, quite

frankly, it's Tuesday of the

first week of a five-week

campaign. How on earth could

the News Limited papers know

what the coalition's literature

is for the election campaign

after two days? So I do think

people should take a cold shower and start realising that

we have a long way to go

otherwise they might find

themselves so exhausted they

won't get to the end of the