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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - where Osama bin Laden was shot dead. inside the Pakistani compound the world a safer place. The US President declares the death of Osama bin Laden. It is a better place because of But warnings of reprisal attacks al-Qaeda's new leader. amid speculation who will become with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News

Good morning. the heavily fortified compound New video has emerged from inside Osama bin Laden was shot dead. where al-Qaeda leader American special forces shows The video taken by the aftermath of a bloody gunfight. raided the home in Pakistan A small team of US Navy SEALs from the capital Islamabad, about 80 kilometres including one of his sons. killing bin Laden and four others News of the terrorist's death across the United States has prompted jubilant celebrations and the world. This is a good day for America. to see that justice is done. Our country has kept its commitment it is a better place The world is safer, of Osama bin Laden. because of the death A senior Pentagon official says prove with 99.9% accuracy DNA tests on the body that they got the right man. Osama bin Laden was buried at sea which President Barack Obama says with Islamic custom. was done in accordance our US correspondent Angela Cox. For the very latest I'm joined by Good morning, Angela. of the background to the operation? Have any new details emerged

Yes, good morning, Nat, the United

States found the compound where bin

Laden was living in August last

year. They weren't sure who was

there but they knew who was didn't

want to be detected. The security

was extraordinary, walls were 4 to 6

metres high and no walls facing the

road, the people there burn their

rubbish. There were no phone lines

or Internet connected. They current

completely sure but midFebruary they

were confident been Loddon was

living there with his youngest wife.

The CIA boss over seaing the

operation sent in special troops

yesterday to execute the raid. At

the time, President Obama was

actually watching the situation

unfold, live, via pictures being

beamed into the White House.

Look, afrpg lu, the big question

now, who will succeed rr him?

Yes, al-Qaeda's No.2 man, Ayman

Al-Zawahri, an e swripgz surgeon. He

was the mastermind behind the

movement but Aboriginal was the

figure head and the deputy is

considered to be the brains behind

the operation and will be the one to

replace Osama bin Laden. Klwhat does

it mean for the war in Afghanistan.

Support for the war in Afghanistan

is waning here in America and

opponents are saying the time has

come to move. With Osama bin come to move. With Osama bin Laden out of come to move. With Osama bin Laden

outf of the way they say the game

has changed. People on the ground

say nothing will change, at least in

the daily operations of the Taliban.

What we are hearing from NATO

Hillary Clinton they don't have immediate Hillary Clinton they don't have What we are hearing from NATO and

immediate plans to withdraw troops.

Kevin Rudd is actually in Washington

at the moment, just had talks

Hillary Clinton, let's listen to at the moment, just had talks with

what he had to say.

We believe that we have the right

timetable to do it. We respect

President Karzai's's 2014 date and

we with well on track to achieveing

that and we see no change as a

result of the last 24 hours.

for the report. Okay, Kevin Rudd there, thank you

Mike, what is the atmosphere

Ground Zero. Mike, what is the atmosphere at

Very much an atmosphere of

celebration, the news came through

more than 12 hours ago, we saw the

excited scenes in the city here

enNew York and Washington, DC. It

has toned down somewhat, you can see

the Ground Zero and rebuilding

process, but

process, but many in the city the

scars are as deep as the site behind

me. The city is rebuilding after

9/11 but they think it might be the

final chapter in that sad day almost

ten years ago. Thank you, Mike Amor,

we will check with you later. has been welcomed The news of Bin Laden's killing by governments around the world. India, says But Pakistan's neighbour, in Pakistan the terrorist's discovery to its credibility. is a serious blow in a compound in Pakistan. Bin Laden was apparently found (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE) If proof were needed of Osama bin Laden's death of the significance at the world's news channels. you only had to glance As information filled bulletins, congratulating the US worldwide reactions centred on for its dogged and daring capture. This operation shows how long it takes, no matter how difficult it is, of violence tries to hide, however much the perpetrator kill innocent civilians if you, by acts of terror, and we will bring you to justice. we will find you applauded bin Laden's death. Israel's President Shimon Peres This man was a mega murderer. a better world without him. The world will become of all terrorism. Doesn't mean this is the end in cafes across Afghanistan As they learnt the news warned Taliban members the country's President to learn from this moment. (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE) prove Afghanistan is right - It does, he said, the villages of this country that terrorism is not in but in the safe havens -

by the Indian government. a note echoed this united effort The world must not let down the safe havens and sanctuaries to overcome terrorism and eliminate

terrorists in our own neighbourhood. that have been provided to the that will martyr bin Laden. There are those described him as a holy warrior The militant Palestinian group Hamas and condemned his death. Of course, reprisals may now follow work to their own timetable. but as history shows, terrorists World leaders have warned the war on terrorism. Osama Bin Laden's death won't end

about the future of al-Qaeda Questions are now being asked

as its new leader. and who will step up was not just about one man. Al-Qaeda recent years he'd become isolated, Bin Laden was the figurehead but in

of being traced living in constant fear operation that finally killed him. by the kind of intelligence of al-Qaeda? So who might become the new leader bin Laden's mentor and key deputy. Ayman al-Zawahiri was is the most likely The Egyptian-born doctor to become the public face

of the world's most feared terrorist organisation. Said al-Adel Saif al-Adel is the third in command, with a prominent role in military operations. Finally, Adnan Shukrijumah, a Saudi brought up in the US, became al-Qaeda's chief of operations last year after drone attacks killed two other senior commanders. The next most important target now, after Osama bin Laden, will be Ayman al-Zawahiri. Whether he was anywhere near Osama I would rather doubt because would I think that would have been revealed by now and it would be logical that they stayed apart except when they came together to make their occasional video appearances but he undoubtedly is now the most important figurehead in the organisation.

But al-Qaeda is now a very different organisation than the one which planned the 9/11 attacks. The massive so-called spectaculars have become less of its focus instead it has spread its terrorist ideology not just to groups but to individuals who take their inspiration but not their direct orders from its commanders so the question of who leads al-Qaeda is not the issue it once was. So bin Laden is dead but his legacy remains the ongoing threat. Australians have been warned to prepare for potential reprisals for the killing of Osama bin Laden. A travel warning has been issued for Australians overseas to stay away from protests organised in the aftermath of the killing but there's been no increase in the official threat level. There is a risk of reprisals and people need to, both internationally and domestically,

conduct themselves with the usual vigilance. The international police agency Interpol has also warned there's now a heightened terror risk. And Prime Minister Julia Gillard will join us live on Sunrise after 7:00. To other news now, and voters appear to be impressed by the Opposition's strong stance against the carbon tax and detention centres. The latest Newspoll shows voter support for Tony Abbott has jumped six points in the past month while Julia Gillard's satisfaction rating has slumped

to her lowest level of support since becoming Prime Minister. Ms Gillard maintains a nine point lead over Mr Abbott as preferred prime minister.

Plans for a $500 million revamp of South Australia's iconic Adelaide oval have been given the go ahead. Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the project which would see AFL matches return to the inner-city ground in 2014. This will be so great, this will be the best place to watch sport in the country.

The Rann government will kick in $450 million for the redevelopment. Now for your first look at Tuesday's weather - Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - our panel of international and political experts

will discuss the life and death of Osama bin Laden. But next on Seven Early News, a major funding announcement leaked ahead of next week's budget. And, a light plane comes down in a Florida backyard. VOICEOVER: One day you'll be able to get more from your everyday banking. ANZ gives you round-the-clock fraud protection

after threatening officers with a knife. Yesterday afternoon a 34-year-old man waving a knife at police was shot at a Centrelink office at Windsor.

The capsicum spray proved to be ineffective. The injured man is in a stable condition in hospital. South Australian Premier Mike Rann will address state parliament later today about the MP charged with child pornography offences. The man at the centre of the scandal was yesterday suspended from the Labor Party. I believed that it was inappropriate to have a member of parliament charged with child porn sitting in the caucus until the issue was resolved. The MP will remain a member of parliament although it's believed he'll take leave to deal with his court case.

Just over a week out from the federal budget a government minister has let slip a major funding announcement. Regional Australia Minister Simon Crean drew jubilant applause

when he let the cat out of the bag on live television. We will be announcing in the budget the funding of the cancer clinic here in Albury. Funding for the long-awaited $65 million clinic is part of the government's commitment to boosting health infrastructure in the country. Your first finance this Early News: A pilot has been killed when his light aircraft crashed into a house in Florida. The small cargo plane had just taken off from a Miami airport when it crashed through some trees and a metal fence before erupting in flames. A family of four who'd been inside the house had left only moments before. Thousands of mourners have turned out in Tripoli for the funeral of Moamar Gaddafi's youngest son. Saif Gaddafi was killed in a NATO air strike on the family's compound on Saturday. His father was represented at the funeral by two of his elder sons. Pro-Gaddafi forces angry over the death have launched reprisal attacks on the rebel-held city of Misrata. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - what Osama bin Laden's death means for the families of his many victims. But next on Seven Early News, the Demons stand by embattled coach Dean Bailey. And a special milestone for the Kangaroos ahead of their clash with the Kiwis. The stories we're following on the Early News - new video has emerged from inside the heavily fortified compound where al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was shot dead by US forces.

And Australian tourists are being warned to prepare for possible reprisal attacks as world leaders warn Osama bin Laden's death won't end the war on terrorism. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning.

Melbourne president Jim Stynes insists under-fire coach Dean Bailey has the club's total support. Angry fans have pointed the finger at Bailey for the Demons underwhelming start to the season culminating in last week's disastrous loss to West Coast but skipper Brad Green says the coach isn't to blame.

He's implementing a style that we

want to play and we're just not

playing to that at the moment. We

love Dean being our coach and we

have no doubt Dean will be our

have no doubt Dean will be our coach in the future. Up north, Brisbane's Simon Black has attacked his ex team-mates who took big money offers from the Gold Coast ahead of this weekend's inaugural Queensland Clash. End of the day, the mercenaries aren't here any more and good luck to them. St Kilda's Zac Dawson and Adelaide's Richard Tambling are both expected to accept 1-match striking bans today. The Kangaroos will feature a record number of Indigenous players in Friday night's test against New Zealand on the Gold Coast. The selection of debutants Jamal Idris and Jharal Yow Yee has boosted the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian squad to six.

Words can't explain what I'm

Words can't explain what I'm going to be going through, you know, I'm

still nervous wearing the jersey now

and it's not even Friday. Can't wait

to put the jersey on with me name

and run out for me family. As soon and run out for me family. As soon as I made Origin I didn't think it would come this early. Prop Kade Snowden will also be making his test debut as a replacement for the injured David Shillington.

Country playmaker Jamie Soward says master coach Wayne Bennett has changed his life and improved his football

since arriving at St George-Illawarra in 2009. A strong performance against City on Friday night will almost certainly see Soward selected at five-eighth for the Blues for the State of Origin series opener. It's always pleasing to see your name tossed around but it's just up to me

To go out there and put in a nice

solid effort if the team, if we get

the win, hopefully it will go on

from there. Meantime, Knights captain Kurt Gidley is still in the frame for Origin 1 after deciding not to undergo surgery on his injured shoulder. Rocky Elsom is adamant a lingering hamstring problem won't prevent him from leading the Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup. The injury has kept Elsom sidelined since Australia's win over France in November last year. And while he's unsure if he'll play for the Brumbies this season, the Aussie captain expects to be fully fit in time for our opening pool match against Italy on September 11. Reigning trans-Tasman netball champions the Adelaide Thunderbirds have closed the book on a disappointing title defence

with a loss to the West Coast Fever last night. The Thunderbirds recovered from a sluggish start to get to within two goals in the final term but they couldn't sustain the effort, going down 64-59.

Caitlin Bassett was unstoppable for the Fever, netting 50 goals. That's all for now I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. Next on Seven Early News we'll take a weather check right around the country.

And that's Seven Early News for this Tuesday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for Sunrise. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media