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Listen, get the jet prepped to go. We're gonna take a trip to Paris. to locate someone for me. And I need you Her name is Beth Logan. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. a Friday frenzy on the stock market - Tonight -

a surge in Australian shares. the banks lead a Lazarus-like comeback today. It's had Gunned down - in the Hunter Valley. a man arrested over a double shooting

for the State Government - And a rare win heading off the ambulance strike. Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight.

to stop a Muslim school being built. Also - another Sydney suburb fights $16 million secures a prized Cezanne. And a motza for a masterpiece - Future generations will thank us

and getting this painting. for going out on a limb But heading the News at Five - there's been a dramatic recovery on both the local and world share markets

amid what's being labelled since the Great Depression. the worst crisis Opposition demands The Prime Minister is refusing to stay at home and deal with the crash,

saying his upcoming trip to the US at the turmoil. will give him a first-hand look What a difference a day makes. A green light from Australian markets injected billions after the world's central banks

into the global economy in a bid to end the massive downturn. after Wednesday's plunge, Overnight, Wall Street surged to bail out banks. buoyed by word of US Treasury plans the first turnaround day Today really was

so you can only say that to this decline. yesterday was the first bottom led by the financial stocks. Our stock market shot up over 4%, after yesterday's slump, Macquarie Bank rebounded over 30% we're not yet out of the woods. but market watchers say

remains concerned Even the US President over further money meltdown. I've cancelled my travel today to stay in Washington

to closely monitor the situation where I'll continue

in our financial markets. for Kevin Rudd to do the same The Opposition is calling

to address the UN General Assembly. as he prepares to fly to New York disconnected from what's going on, This guy is getting completely he's going to realise and sooner or later in this nation, that the main game is actually not some other nation. Kevin Rudd's actually going of the financial crisis is occurring to where the heart that he's there.

a week of parliamentary debate The PM will miss while he's overseas but he says it'll be worth it

economic and financial regulators to build ties with US he'll have a direct line to action, so if things turn really bad

but Malcolm Turnbull says Australia's financial security if Mr Rudd is serious about cementing

he'll meet with them. or on the weekend or Monday, Right now, today, to sit down with the Government which can be undertaken immediately. and look at the measures and it's close to home The PM says he has the solution being blocked by the Opposition. in the Budget measures It can start very close to here.

and slightly over there - About 100m that way it's called the Senate. $6 billion of bipartisanship. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

in the Hunter Valley overnight A man accused of a double shooting with him is believed to have had two children while he was on the run from police. who has head injuries, The 38-year-old, at a local hospital. handed himself in but stable condition. The two victims are in a serious in rapid succession - The loud cracks rang out in the back and legs a man and woman shot twice each known for trouble. in a cul-de-sac at Metford

aged 35, was paralysed, Neighbours say the male victim, 30m up the road. but managed to drag himself arm over arm - He just kept crawling, just arm over arm, he couldn't move his legs - swarmed the area, Heavily armed police

back into their homes. forcing residents We looked out the window and there was just hundreds of police, and ambulance and firies everywhere.

the gunman cornered. They thought they had We know you're in the building. We want you to come to the front door of the house. they realised he was long gone. But 10 hours and two raids later, at the man's home, Police found a shotgun and rifle he was probably still armed. but warned may have left the premises The person of interest

prior to police arrival.

here at Maitland Hospital, The alleged gunman handed himself in, at about lunchtime. Emergency ward staff called police, in a cut on his head. but also had to put stitches Ten News understands his two sons with him the 38-year-old had while he was on the run. as a drug house Neighbours describe the home also kept dangerous snakes. and say its occupants in the house he'd ever use them. but I didn't actually think to the illegal gun trade. Police believe the shooting is linked Daniel Sutton, Ten News. for the State Government, Finally, a win the threatened ambulance strike. successfully heading off The new Health Minister has managed out of taking industrial action. to talk 3,000 officers to swallow the bad, After being forced for the Rees Government. finally some good medicine

In just four days,

miracle worker - the new Health Minister turned threatened for this weekend. averting strike action by paramedics of Minister Della Bosca The intervention

is a breath of fresh air. in this matter in the past week He has shown a capacity of paramedics. to listen to the concerns Now, I've sent them a clear message I've dealt with their issues by the way led by Premier Rees, that this government, values their work very highly. takes their issues very seriously,

at rescue crew and rostering changes, He's agreed to take a fresh look buying at least another two weeks peace. It wasn't the only reason Nathan Rees was smiling today. He also unveiled his first plaque as Premier... Everyone get that? ..opening the State's first Medical Assessment Unit, which fast-tracks the treatment of elderly patients. Nepean Hospital has

one of the busiest emergency departments in the country. We see over 1,000 presentations each week and a large percentage of those are elderly. altogether, They now bypass emergency for this calmer, specialist 18-bed ward. Another crisis was also averted today, when ex-premier Morris Iemma finally tendered his resignation,

meaning all four by-elections can be held on October 18, saving taxpayers at least $200,000.

The Premier's hoping the good luck will continue

and he won't be forced to replace anyone else from his government. As far as I'm aware, it's four, limited to four - that's that four only. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A bitter row has flared over another Muslim school, this time in Bass Hill. Residents are accusing the State Government of bungling the sale of Education Department property earmarked for residential development. Residents were up in arms when the Education Department broke its own policy and sold three hectares of Bass High to a private Muslim school for just over $4 million. Now they're fighting to block Al Amanah College from building a school for 1,200 students. The residents of this area are determined to fight this to whatever length is necessary. Residents complain traffic from two schools would overwhelm their suburb.

This road is just chaotic and it's going to be even more chaotic if this college proceeds. But at his Liverpool campus, the school's head says 20% of the families in Bass Hill are Muslim, claiming racism could lie behind community opposition. He defends the land purchase using a school company called Gardenview Apartments, which led Education Minister John Della Bosca to believe they would build a housing estate. They say it was sneaky. Well, all the sale has been legal and legitimate and without this we not would be the owners of the land. Bankstown Council has since rejected the school's development application. The school has now appealed Bankstown Council's decision

and the row will be resolved here in the Land and Environment Court.

Every single bit of education land sold will now have a covenant over that land explicitly stating that it cannot be for a non-government school so this will never happen again. to oppose the development. Residents plan to rally next weekend John Hill, Ten News. Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has accused the media of muck-raking during a nightmare week for the club. And fans have turned on a nightclub that dobbed in team captain Darren Lockyer for bad behaviour. An angry Wayne Bennett didn't hold back when it came to particularly over attacks on skipper Darren Lockyer. I thought it showed the worst side of journalism, personally. There was just a lot of muck-raking.

He tried to play down accusations that Lockyer was the one who grabbed the owner of the Casablanca Bar

two weeks ago. He does have a tackling problem so he probably was trying to get a couple up that he probably missed in the game, but at the absolute worst whoever it is it was a bit of skylarking. A clear version of the security video has been released. Lockyer and the club have previously denied his involvement. I've said all I wanted to say about the allegations two days ago and that's all I'm going to say. MAN: So it wasn't you?

Fans are now turning their anger to the media, including this mum who's named her son after her favourite player. We've named him after a respectable man and I think he's done nothing wrong. ..and they're targeting Casablanca. The abusive phone calls, the emails - quite personal and quite nasty really quite vulgar. and some of them They are so scared that fans will carry out

against staff and the building their threats for tomorrow night's game. that they've tripled security

Bennett wouldn't say their drinking. if players have been warned about right now, guys. Trying to beat a dead horse that's what we've done. Why don't you get on with your life, After a nightmare week their premiership dream alive the Broncos can keep

over the Storm. if they score an upset

Leisa Roles, Ten News. for a look at sport, Adam Hawse joins us finally gets to a parade. and our glamour Olympics girl Yes, Deb. Stephanie Rice, Swimming's golden girl, for skipping other Olympic tributes, had been criticised but her home town didn't miss out. for the welcome back parade - Thousands lined Brisbane's streets for Stephanie. the crowd going wild (CHEERING AND SCREAMING) (SCREAMS) Stephanie!

her overseas trip Rice says she cut short for the reception, to make it back to Brisbane she was a little overwhelmed. but admits This is amazing. she was a little overwhelmed. This is amazing. parade like this before. I've never done a welcome home so good to be able to give back. Such a great reception here, now added to her three gold medals. The keys to the city And 'fessing up to a bad lie - Nick Faldo Europe's Ryder Cup Golf captain

tried to pass off these notes for his players, as just the lunch orders rather than the actual team line-up.

And coming up, Roosters/Warriors semifinal. we'll preview tonight's

And how Warriors fans a bit too soon, Ron. might be counting their chickens Next, big cat hunting - the Penrith panther. the Premier to go after Also tonight, the new technology making it harder to avoid

It's a damn rip-off. It's a time bomb waiting to go off. And luxury up in flames - in a Sydney Harbour boat blast. a man burned

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This program is captioned live. at the Rose Bay marina. A boat has exploded, injuring a man Witnesses say they heard a loud blast was engulfed in flames. before the vessel The victim grabbed his labrador dog and jumped into the water. He's been taken to St Vincent's Hospital with minor burns to his back and arms. The dog wasn't hurt. Crews tackled the blaze from both land and water, quickly putting out the fire. If you witness a breaking story We're interested in both photos and video. One of two Sydney women convicted

over the euthanasia drug killing of an Alzheimer's patient has taken her own life. 74-year-old Caren Jenning died last night, after taking the banned veterinary drug Nembutal, the same drug she helped Graeme Wylie take, leading to a manslaughter charge. on October 7. breast cancer, Ms Jenning had been suffering which had spread to other parts of her body. It's about to become even harder to avoid a parking ticket.

Several Sydney councils are considering buried in the road using a new device to alert rangers as soon as your time is up. It's a time bomb waiting to go off. It's a damn rip-off. She's just learnt parking bays could soon be tipping off rangers, betraying anyone who outstays their welcome. Quite lucrative for the Government, isn't it? Funny that. So we're actually going to inform the ranger, who's already a pain in the neck, that in fact we've now expired and gone over... A motion-activated bug, buried below each parking spot, starts counting as soon as it detects a car parking. (ALARM BEEPS) The alarm tells rangers exactly which car has stayed too long. in Victoria. Timers are already being used At one car park, twice as many tickets have been issued. Several Sydney councils are considering them, but one parking lot in Wahroonga could be the first. So we've got people who come and park in our Ku-ring-gai car parks, which are made for the residents, and park there all day. One business owner fears it will make shoppers cut short their stay. Unfortunately for the customers it's a bit of a problem, because they should be able to stay a little bit longer. If, however, you believe that there's a good chance you'll get a ticket, you probably will pay attention to the time-limit, and guess what? Parking becomes more available.

The company behind the technology will pay to install the timers if it can take a cut of all parking tickets. Why can't we have some alarm system linked to him?

When he comes round, warn us. The devices could be installed in time to sting Christmas shoppers. Evan Batten, Ten News. Australia's consumer watchdog has attacked

bogus green claims made by two motoring bodies. It's warning other companies to cut the 'greenwash', but advertisers say the industry is getting cleaner. V8 Supercars was taking the public for a ride when it promoted a carbon-neutral championship. The consumers' watchdog has forced organisers to correct claims that planting 10,000 trees cancelled out emissions created by a year of racing.

They might have offset the carbon emissions, but it would have been over several decades to compensate for one year's emissions from racing the V8 cars.

Saab has also been reprimanded for claiming its cars were carbon neutral. Just 17 trees were planted for every vehicle purchased, offsetting emissions for only one year. The findings form part of a crackdown by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

on bogus green claims, dubbed 'greenwash'. Ignorance is never an excuse for greenwash. have all been put on notice. It's not just cars under the spotlight. A recent examination of 185 products by consumer group CHOICE counted more than 600 associated green claims. It seems the ACCC has its work cut out. on green marketing.

They have to treat it like other marketing and tell the truth. But the publisher of eco-publication 'G Magazine' believes is legitimate. We have a policy of investigating the claims of our advertisers. We've only ever knocked back one or two. Consumers can report dodgy claims to CHOICE. Emily Rice, Ten News. Two weeks into his new job as Premier, Nathan Rees has announced he's on the hunt for a big cat. The myth-busting Minister believes a panther-like creature could be on the loose in Sydney, and he wants it captured! Legend has it that lurking in bushland on Sydney's outskirts is a big cat. A four-legged feral, just waiting to strike. Now the tale has prompted the Premier to probe.

I don't think it's necessarily an urban myth -

there are too many people reporting sightings. Over the years,

sightings, alleged attacks and tangible traces of the panther-like creature

have put many on the lookout. Now Nathan Rees is joining the hunt. Of particular concern, obviously, is if there's little kids out there and there actually is one of these things. billion-dollar budget deficit, he's promising a fully-funded investigation

and says 600 sightings are certainly suspicious. It's easy for all of us to dismiss these things as urban myths, but if we're actually wrong, there's an altogether different set of scenarios. Anyone sighting the panther, or Bigfoot and Loch Ness for that matter, is urged to contact the Department of Primary Industries: Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

Tim Bailey is lurking on a harbour

tonight. The how but his sparkling.

It will be a battle all weekend It will be a battle all weekend

long. The weather meant gets the

big bucks on the Friday because it

is important to you.

is important to you. We have 48

hours of playtime. 31 degrees. On

Sunday it will be 23 Aug 25 degrees.

On Friday it was 24 degrees. awarded thousands in compensation Up next, a notorious paedophile for being run out of town. And desperate measures - to save his life. the kayaker who broke his leg of fire-side horror stories. This is the stuff

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This program is captioned live.

Here is Vic Lorusso with the Here is Vic Lorusso with

the M4? traffic. Were lots of problems on

the M4? We had an accident with a

cemetery luck involved. We are

flying alive over the highway now.

This is the traffic here. We are

strongly recommending it to avoid the highway this afternoon. the highway this afternoon. The

accident was very severe. have farewelled Australia's film and TV stars one of the industry's top agents. and Hugh Jackman Actors Naomi Watts, Jack Thompson for John Cann, were among the mourners who died in Sydney last week with liver cancer. after a 9-month battle Nicole Kidman and Bryan Brown. Mr Cann also represented He will be buried next to his mother, John Cann was 57. has successfully sued a pensioner Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson in Queensland three years ago. who led a vigilante group against him more than $2,000 compensation The judge awarded Ferguson for his emotional suffering. of a friend's car, Cowering in the back seat Dennis Ferguson was under siege. Get out! Get out of that car! threatened to kill him Noel Watterson unless he left Ipswich. No sleep tonight! Three years later, to pay for his anger, the 61-year-old has been ordered but he doesn't regret it. if he came back. No, I'd do it again tomorrow has been told Noel, an invalid pensioner, to pay Dennis Ferguson $2,250. in part, The judge ruled he's responsible, post-traumatic stress disorder. for Ferguson's

out of my pension. I've got nothing left He can have $2 a fortnight. That's all I can afford. But the money has to come from somewhere. If Noel Watterson can't pay, the State Government may have to, and that means taxpayers. The legal system is there for you or me and, unfortunately, also for people like Dennis Ferguson. for other communities Noel has a warning who've protested against Dennis Ferguson that they could be next -

communities like Murgon, Miles and Carbrook. Just watch what you do. You can't take the law into your own hands. Jessica Howard, Ten News. A kayaker says

his life-or-death decision to break his own leg was an easy one. Five days after he was trapped under a fallen tree in a raging river,

David Wilson can now laugh about his decision to break his leg to scramble to the surface. At that point I knew I was in a fair bit of trouble because this is the stuff of fire-side horror stories. He says it didn't hurt when he broke his leg, but it was an agonising and cold night camped by the river waiting for help, and a windy winch rescue. Mr Wilson intends to kayak again, but says he'll be more vigilant for hidden hazards.

She's the woman who's put a new spark into the American presidential campaign. Sarah Palin has given the Republican party a new focus, but the controversial candidate for vice-president has also become the target of comedians and computer hackers. When John McCain chose the largely unknown gun-toting evangelical Christian Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, he surprised many. But now she is on the world stage, many think she is fair game, including computer hackers. One prankster, who knew she met her husband in high school and her postcode, convinced Yahoo to create a new password for her email account. The FBI is investigating it but the hacker is far from the only one impersonating the Alaskan governor. I believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy. And I can see Russia from my house! (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Dozens of wannabe comedians are on the humour campaign, posting their skits online. Senator Clinton dented the glass ceiling and now I am here to riddle it with bullets. Ready, aim, fire. No, I am not running with the young black one. I am running with the old one - Don McCain. We've met twice. While Tina Fey's striking resemblance to Palin is professionally advantageous, that is not the case for this news reader. I don't think I look like her. I think I look like me. Viewers disagree. WOMAN VIA PHONE: We hope you don't keep that hairdo. You don't want to be tarred with that same brush. WOMAN 2 VIA PHONE: You know, it's not coming off really well. But then again, maybe it's the glasses. Sarah Palin's distinctive spectacles are now a hot fashion item.

The Japanese manufacturer has taken 9,000 orders for the titanium rimless specs in the past two weeks. The company doesn't think they will remain a bestseller on who wins the election. but that could depend In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Next, we'll have more on the global money meltdown - how billions were lost in just a week. Also, the $16 million masterpiece the New South Wales Art Gallery wants you to help buy. if he finds a Cezanne, that I'd give him $1 million. And they're back in black -

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And Medicare addresses are one way the population is counted. So update your address today by calling Medicare Australia on 132011.

Then enter the draw at a Service One Members Banking branch or at and you could win $5,000 and help your community.

This program is captioned live. Finally some relief on the financial markets today after a week of turmoil. Our market had lost almost $80 billion since Monday, leaving investors to wonder how this could happen.

With the credit crisis crippling the American banking sector,

economists say we shouldn't panic in Australia.

Because our banks were pretty well protected in a booming local market they didn't have to go overseas to try some of these dodgier deals that are now coming unstuck. That leaves them remarkably well placed, by world standards. That hasn't stopped investors from being spooked. It's affecting a lot of people and it's a bit of a wake-up call. You don't know where to put it in the stock market - what will be successful later on or what will not be successful. 20 years ago it was all so rosy. Financial deregulation brought big deals in stocks and money. Credit was easy to come by, creating global competition on more capital, just to stay in touch. Analysts insist there's nothing wrong with having a financial system based on debt. but there has to be confidence that those debts can be repaid and, as has been seen in this week's market rollercoaster, that confidence quickly disappears when banks collapse. This week's crash has been made worse by short selling - where you sell borrowed shares, via a broker, in the hope of buying them back later they have pulled it out as a short-term trading opportunity. My suspicion is we won't necessarily need to do that here in Australia. Before today's rebound one of the biggest losers had been Macquarie Group. The so-called millionaires' factory hit a 5-year low, with almost 50% wiped from its share value in a week. It's had a Lazarus-like comeback today, Macquarie Bank, up almost, I think around $10 or 25% in a day. While the Friday recovery is a welcome relief, the bad news is the money market squeeze casts more doubt on whether local banks will pass on Reserve Bank rate cuts. Frank Coletta, Ten News.

With the latest finance news, here's Cindy Pismiris from BankWest. Fear has governed world markets this week and stocks suffered, despite massive bail-outs to try to ease the crisis. But Australian stocks gained today, boosted by the efforts of global authorities to help the financial sector recover. To today's markets - the All Ords gained 190 points today, but it was 115 points lower at the end of the week. Macquarie surged, after plunging in recent days on concerns about its ability to fund its business model. Miners, such as BHP, rose, after copper prices recovered from 9-month lows. Centro Properties was lower, on reports the group had sold two Australian shopping centres for $157 million. To our currencies - the Aussie dollar staged a late rally.

It's currently 81.2 US cents. And commodities - gold ended higher. Oil fell slightly - it's currently over US$98 per barrel. Next week, we'll continue to monitor the developments in the finance sector, both here and off-shore. See you then. Global financial markets might be in turmoil, but there's no shortage of money in the art world. The Art Gallery of New South Wales has bought the most expensive painting in Australia, paying more than $16 million

for a masterpiece by French impressionist Paul Cezanne.

For a nation obsessed with real estate, it seems fitting that our most expensive painting ever

depicts just that. 'Bords de la Marne', painted by Paul Cezanne in 1888, is now at home in the Art Gallery of NSW.

The purchase marks the end of a 25-year search

for just the right work and price-tag. It's taken a long time, but the wait has been worth it. in the history of modern art - so important, he prompted Australian artist Margaret Olley to have a wager with the director. I said to him, if he finds a Cezanne, that I'd give him $1 million. I thought it might spur him on. So he did - it was like a dare! Find one he did - for $16.2 million - leaving Olley to write her cheque. Future generations will thank us for going out on a limb and getting this painting. Supremely well spent. Much better than putting it

into an investment bank or share portfolio. Financial markets might be in turmoil but you wouldn't know that in Australia's auction houses, with this wall of work alone worth a cool $4 million - the centrepiece, the Andy Warhol worth $1.5 million. Just around the corner, a work by Olley to help top up her cheque-book. The market may not be quite as strong as last year, but the galleries aren't short of interest, either. I'm actually seeing this as an opportunity for bargain hunters.

The Art Gallery of NSW still has to raise the final 15% of funds for the Cezanne, but what's a house without a loan? Amber Muir, Ten News. Can Here is Tim Bailey with the

weather. A masterpiece coming our

way this weekend? You are going to

Brisbane. I think the weather or Brisbane

Brisbane is coming to Sydney. That

is how good it is going to be.

Beautiful in Sydney right now. Have

a look at the sunset. Beautiful in Sydney right now. Have a look at the sunset.

The snow is in excellent form. Fine and look in Sydney. Australia's most successful musical export, AC/DC, are back with their first music video in eight years. 'Rock 'n Roll Train' is the first single from the legendary rock band's new album 'Black Ice,' due for release next month. (SONG) # Runaway train # Runaway train # Running right off the track...# It's Acker Dacker's first album of all-new material since the release of 'Stiff Upper Lip' in 2000. They'll embark on an 18-month world tour in October. Sport now, and Adam Hawse, Wayne Bennett is getting on with business. Yes, even with new vision released of Darren Lockyer's nightclub incident, Bennett's defiant his team will put the events behind them. Wayne's view is next. Also, are roosters on the menu in Auckland tonight or are Warriors fans counting their chickens a little too early? And taking orders or giving them? A bad lie for Europe's Ryder Cup captain who claimed this picture was the lunch list rather than the secret team pairings.

It's springtime, and a man's thoughts turn to...hardware. Makita 14.4-volt drill with a bonus torch: Talon 25CC line trimmer:

This program is captioned live. The Sydney Roosters season goes on the line shortly when they play the New Zealand Warriors

in tonight's NRL semifinal. Ten's Adam Thompson's been in Auckland all week and joins us live from Mt Smart Stadium

There is not a lot of red and white

at the stadium. The people of Auckland may be counting their chickens before they hatch. The Warriors faithful are ready to serve up an unsavoury welcome at Mount Smart Stadium. This is the Roosters feed! The tri-coloured support crew arrived in the Shaky Isles, There was only expected to be 1,000 of them, but they came packed with passion. The Roosters are going to win. Why? Well, because they're fabulous. We've got the colours on. The boys have actually packed their gear as well

so we'll be one big crowd trying to out yell them!

After dealing with the Brisbane Broncos controversy this week,

David Gallop seemed relieved to touch down, the NRL boss happy that the Warriors earned a home advantage. and also a sell-out in Brisbane. If those games had been in Sydney, clearly they wouldn't have been sell-outs. After defeating the Warriors 38-12 at Mount Smart Stadium in their last clash, the Roosters were just as content that the game is in New Zealand. It's a ground we like playing at, actually. The last few times we've had some good success here

so I'm looking forward to playing here.

There has been talk of a late

changes. What can you tell us?

I can tell you that Mitch Aubusson

will start. Setaimata Sa has

recovered from a hip injury. The

Warriors are up as per program.

Catch all the action later. The Broncos are confident they can overcome the most tumultuous week in their history when they face Melbourne in tomorrow's second semi. Coach Wayne Bennett says his team will ignore the distractions and get on with the job. The Broncos are under siege heading into tomorrow's sudden death semifinal, is doing his very best but Wayne Bennett

to foster a sense of normality. No, we just get on with life here. It's happened to us in the past and I'm sure it'll happen in the future. We just get on with life and we've done that, and I'm more than happy with everybody. Bennett is toeing the club line,

refusing to comment on sexual assault allegations against three players, but he has taken exception to the media's treatment of Darren Lockyer. New pictures reveal the skipper was involved in an incident with a nightclub manager, but Bennett doesn't think it matters, regardless. He does have a tackling problem so he probably was trying to get a couple up... (REPORTERS LAUGH) ..that he probably missed in the game, but at the absolute worst, whoever it is, it was a bit of skylarking. With players under so much pressure for their off-field behaviour, the timing couldn't be worse

facing the minor premiers in sudden-death football. Just don't tell the coach that. It couldn't be a more opportune time for us to play them, actually. In another week, you don't know what players you could have missing, and we got them at home, which is much better than going to Melbourne. The Storm has been going to extreme lengths

refusing media interviews today and holding a secret training session at Langlands Park. Peter O'Dempsey, Ten News. The battle to play in the AFL Grand Final begins tonight at the MCG, with Geelong the hot favourite to advance Finals fever arrived for Hawthorn this morning. 3,000 fans watched their final training session ahead of their blockbuster tomorrow night against St Kilda. On the track, Trent Croad and Chance Bateman both appeared, but did little. The coach, though, is confident they'll both be fit. They'd need to have a hiccup not to play, so we're expecting them to be right to play. If they have a hiccup this morning, then they won't. Over 75,000 fans are expected for each of the two preliminary finals. And the second preliminary final, between Hawthorn and St Kilda, can be seen here on Ten tomorrow night from 8:30. John Aloisi is hoping to continue his rich vein of goal-scoring

against Adelaide United. Aloisi and his Sydney FC team-mates will be on a Reds alert at the SFS tomorrow. Aloisi will play his first full game at home for his new club after over six months on the sidelines with knee and foot problems. He's not missing any sessions or any times during the sessions now which is good. The longer Johnny goes on, the more game practice or match practice he gets, the better he'll become. The former Central Coast Mariner scored in both games he played against Adelaide last year. A huge boost for Australia's hopes of hosting a soccer World Cup in either 2018 or 2022. Football Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy has been awarded a place on the prestigious World Cup organising committee, an inner circle that includes most of the powerbrokers who decide where each tournament is held. The Australian Government has promised $60 million to help fund the bid. To golf and European Ryder Cup captain Nick Faldo has found himself in a bad lie after a photographer captured confidential team information. Faldo appeared relaxed as he led out his European team to the Ryder Cup opening ceremony, but it was a different story in an earlier media conference. The Englishman had been snapped with a piece of paper bearing the initials of his players in their pairings and provided an extraordinary explanation when confronted by reporters. It just had the lunch list - it had sandwich requests for the guys. I was just making sure, you know, who wants the tuna, who wants the beef, who wants the ham... ..that's all it was - a sandwich list. Pressured further, Faldo eventually cracked. No, it's tomorrow's pairings. OK, I've been caught. I learnt a lesson. You now know tomorrow's pairings, and we're going to play foursomes on the front line. Any more questions? The pairings are usually kept secret by the teams' captains, speculating about them all part of the build-up of this epic confrontation. The Americans recognised that when asked about their own tactics. I came in here with a concept. It's a secret. The Americans will be hoping to make amends for their third straight defeat in Ireland in 2006. All the action is on Network Ten and Ten HD later tonight. Andrew Brown, Ten News. To Michael Sullivan's tips: And in Sports Tonight, from tonight's NRL and AFL finals, all the action and reaction plus the Newcastle Jets' mission to win their first A-League match of the season against the Queensland Roar. Here is Vic Lorusso with the

traffic. Some problems still on the

M4? It's is bad news for the M4

tonight. We showed you pictures

early art of the accident. This is

the aftermath. It could take quite

some time to get into Penrith and

the Lower Blue Mountains tonight. Stay with us, it's going to be a warm one tomorrow. Tim Bailey's back with the weekend weather details next.

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This program is captioned live.

Here is Tim Bailey with the weather.

The shot makes it look like Tim

Bailey can walk on the water

tonight. Perhaps he can.

The weekend will be a special treat

for you. Hot tomorrow. A big wind

factor. The beach will be a good factor. The beach will be a good

place to be. Sunday looks like

being a peach of a day. being a peach of a day. The blue

sky it would just smile and sparkle

at you. I work with some wonderful

people at Channel Ten. Tim - - Ron

Wilson at asked me to keep my talk

short tonight because then he can go home.

Turn the sausages over. Keep the cordial cold.

It will be hot. Waterproof your

kids. On every beach this weekend.

A band of cloud causing a few light

showers, mainly in Queensland. A front

front will bring a burst of wins to

Tasmania and other states. A trough

in NSW and Queensland will trigger

storms neither Rangers. Light

showers across South this Australia

and Victoria and sudden NSW. Serve

season at not far away. Get between

the flags. Waterproof your kids.

Get your kids involved in it surf

life-saving this summer.

Come to NSW if you are looking for

a good one. Very windy in some places.

Has he finished talking? It is the

weekend. Have a wonderful one. That brings you up to date on the News at Five. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. ('I NEVER LIKED YOU' BY ROGUE TRADERS PLAYS)

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