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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. was dominated by petrol prices, Federal politics this week and the Iguana nightclub scandal. fringe benefits tax changes,

of the week in Parliament To sift through the highs and lows for Education, Tony Smith, I'm joined by the Shadow Minister secretary for child care, and the Government's parliamentary Maxine McKew.

How much damage to How much damage to think the

scandal has caused the federal

government? Members of parliament

aren't just public figures they are aren't just public figures they are

publicly paid public figures. The

people we employ all of us are your

viewers and all Australians. They

want to know that we are setting a

lower at high standard nor low

standard. The scrutiny of the standard. The scrutiny of the

Linda's public behaviour. Also her

parliamentary behaviour in regard

to comment about an unborn to comment about an unborn child.

Most members of parliament are

hard-working, they fear of their

constituents very well. By favour

of both sides of politics. To have of both sides of politics. To have

any sympathy? I agree with you. We

are public figures. I electors have are public figures. I electors have

a right to demand and expect the

from very highest standards of behaviour

from us. From where I sit as a new

I MP Sunday's life in the chamber and

I she bad behaviour on both sides.

I also feel great generosity and

great ability from colleagues on

both sides. The public often

doesn't see is that we doesn't see is that we have

exchanges in the corridors and

throat Parliament has my colleagues

on the opposite side. It happens

all the time. The public doesn't

see that. The Prime Minister has

made his views very clear on this. There has been unacceptable

behaviour. The affair is now a

flooded to a police investigation.

The other matter of The other matter of Commons made in

the chamber there is now before the

Privileges Committee. That is best

where it should be left at the

moment. Moving onto petrol prices.

The commission of petrol prices

seems to be on discipline. A

backbencher proposing every Jew backbencher proposing every Jew for

10 a litre. We are want to see a

car in the petrol excise. It is

just hit one dollar 70. The total

tax take is about 50. When you add

the G S T. We consider it very

carefully. Our position is that it

should be cut 5 a litre. We know it

is modest but we is modest but we think it is is modest but we think it is

bearable. We think it is

responsible. We want a cup of 5.

Everyone listening to the show want

to see a cut in the petrol excise.

Many people do not want to see it

up the cabin road and Maxine. Are

letter about you hearing scepticism in your

letter about fuel watch? It is

interesting. In my electric yesterday

yesterday there was an interesting

example of why we need fuel watch.

It will give it motorist's some

certainty - at 24 hours in a branch

- or where they can find petrol a

set price the next day. Be it in my

one area yesterday it was one price in

one area or and 9 in another area. one area or and 9 in another area.

A 9 and litre difference. If we

have your watch up and running if

the coalition would get it through

the Senate, it will mean motorists

going into the summer break will

have certainty about prices. We want to give motorists want to give motorists the same

information available to the oil

companies. 13 pieces of legislation

of the Budget had been delayed or

blot in the Senate. She think there

is a danger it could look like sour

grapes? We do not agree with those

figures. We pointed that out in the figures. We pointed that out in the

parliament this week. The

government introduced 40 bills are

a couple weeks ago. There are some

inquiry that we are sending off a further

inquiry in the Senate. That is what

the Senate should be doing. There

are some things that we have said

we will vote against. There are we will vote against. There are

areas where Labour have raised taxes and taxes and there are areas where

Labour had done things but they

said before the election that they

would not do or did not mention.

But budget process is taken place.

The Senate is fulfilling its role.

They are used at the import and.

Here and there is the integrity of

the surplus. We need have downward

pressure on inflation and pressure on inflation and by a

consequence hopefully keep control

of interest rates. That surplus is

coalition to recognise the important. It is up to the

integrity of that. Money was not

invested and put away for the

future in past years. It is up to

the coalition in the Senate to get

their act together. We also have

left you a pretty healthy surplus. left you a pretty healthy surplus.

The long to continue and remain the

integrity of that surplus. But find

that 300 million and getting back

in there. A fully shared those

figures are not ride. We will not

bore the viewers with each and

every single measure.