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Tonight, hundreds evacuated as the

Coobamble flood crisis comes to a

head. I wouldn't like to be in the

river. It's like woosh, you'd be

gone. A huge show of support for

the farmer threatening to starve

laws. himself to death over land clearing

And a couple receives an avalanche

of traffic fines for a car they no

longer own. I just want this to end.

Good evening, I'm Kathryn Robinson.

And I'm Ron Wilson, also tonight,

plans to reign in executive pay watered down.

for three days. And New Years revellers snowed in

First tonight - natural disaster

zones have been declared in the

State's north-west because of

worsening floods. But there's good

news for the town of Coonamble, news for the town of Coonamble,

where the local levee bank just

swamped. managed to stop the town being

High noon and high tide for the

nervous residents of Coonamble. As

a swollen Castlereagh River surged

toward the town's levee bank, 1,200

residents were ordered from their

homes. While most chose to stay and

defend their properties, more than

400 spent the night sleeping at the

Bowling Club. My son came home and

send you have five minutes and you

have to get out. It is a scary when

you look at that river. There is a

lot of water there. It is a very

scary. By early afternoon the scary. By early afternoon the

floodwater had peaked at 5.14 r

metres - well below the 5.4 metre

levy. I don't think anyone is very

scared, we had just enjoying it.

But relief quickly turned to anger, But relief quickly turned to anger,

as those evacuated blamed, what

they claim, is a poorly maintained

and unreliable levy, for causing

the widespread panic. This is the

first time I am aware of that

people have been evacuated. The

Premier saw for herself the State's

fourth natural flooding disaster,

promising emergency funding. We can

look at the Levy and weather on not

it needs a longer term a repair

work done to it. It could take

three weeks for the water to recede,

leaving some locals to toast the Christmas downpour which has

delivered a welcome present for

2010. We wanted the rain and we

will have three harvest in a row, will have three harvest in a row,

which is great.

The danger over?

The SCS feared the water could

raise up 5.5 metres. But that did

not happen, the highest level was

five prime one metres. At this

stage, there will be no significant

flooding. Why has the SCS and local

residents concerned is a severe

thunder storm warning. There is

still a slight possibility of a

widespread flooding later this

evening and later in the week so

that they have at the flood boats

on standby and have made the

decision to continue the evacuation

order for another 24 hours.

Residents who have left their home

last night will not be allowed to

return in the short-term future.

The whole town is isolated, when

start receiving? are they expecting the border to

We can already see it happening

here. The trees show the level

starting to drop. The SCS and

police have been out inspecting the

major roads that are leading he and

two Coobamble. The only way out has

been by air. In the last half an

hour, roads have studied to reopen

for for will drive away because.

The town is on the side of the

Castlereagh River which was under

threat. Shops were deserted. The

residents on this side of the river,

who are not affected of threat and,

have not be able to go about their

general business. They cannot go to

the bank or shops. They are looking

forward to the water falling.

rain? Some residents have welcomed the

Absolutely. We went down to the pub

at this afternoon and spoke to some

of the locals. They were happy not

only because they were not at work,

but they will get more work later

this year as a result. Fencing

possibility of repairing hundreds contractors are excited by the

of kilometres of fencing that has

been swept away although there were

relieved it has not cause too much

damage. Local farmers are overjoyed

at the news and they will have

their third consecutive harbours.

This flood will have a Flower in

effect to the local economy.

Another anxious night but overall

good news for the country town of Coobamble. good news for the country town of Thank you.

Extreme weather is also hammering

WA. Four firefighters have been

injured and several properties

badly damaged during a blaze north

east of Perth. Water bombers were

called in to help crews as they

battled the fire which started in

semi-rural Brigadoon yesterday

afternoon. Residents were this

morning able to return to their

homes. Peter Nielson could only

watch as his shed burnt to the

ground. We're all safe and the

house is fine so we got out pretty

lucky. Crews are on standby with

catastrophic conditions and hot

days. weather forecast over the coming

Police have hit out at drivers who

take unnecessary risks, blaming

them for many of the 23 deaths on

New South Wales roads during the

festive season. Fresh flowers were

laid at the site of a shocking fuel

tanker crash, after the father of

the two girls who were killed, also

passed away in hospital. 47-year-

old David Bridge died 6 days after

the accident. His partner Debbie

remains in a critical condition and

is expected to undergo surgery

tomorrow. Around the nation 70

people lost their lives on the

roads during the 17 day Christmas

toll period, which ended last night.

New South Wales police blame driver

stupidity. It disgusts me that we

are now driving on our roads with

people who have done the wrong

thing and taken and risks and 23

people thus have died. In this

state, 17,000 drivers were fined people thus have died. In this

for speeding during the blitz.

Some information for commuters -

train services have returned to normal on the Cronulla line.

Services were suspended after a

person was injured by a train. A

depraved predator has tried to lure

a young boy away from his mother

while they were shopping. The

mother and her 7-year-old son were

in the main street of Campsie in

Sydney's southwest yesterday When

the man tried to get the boy to

walk away with him, the mother

yelled and he walked off. Parents

in the busy shopping area are

shocked by the incident. I keep an

eye on her the whole time, that's

the important thing. Especially in

this day and age, you just don't

know what's going on. Very, very

careful, because always you see, careful, because always you see,

always hold her hands and look

after her. Watch her everywhere

because I don't want her to talk to

anyone. Police are appealing for

witnesses or anyone with

Crimestoppers. information to contact

The health of a NSW farmer is

rapidly deteriorating as he enters

the sixth week of a hunger strike

protesting a ban on land clearing. Peter Spencer's supporters have

rallied at Parliament House urging

the Prime Minister to intervene.

People power cracking the whip for

action as Peter Spencer entered the

43rd day of a hunger strike at his

southern NSW, more than 300

supporters backed his fight for

compensation over laws which ban

him from clearing his property.

There is a word for that and the

word is communism. But it was the

Howard Government which introduced

the ban a decade ago in the name of

battling climate change. Fed up

after years of fighting in the

courts, the 58-year-old started his

hunger strike high above the ground.

He had a hard day yesterday and his

health is deteriorating. He has

lost a lot of weight. You do not go

that long without eating and not

have some physical downturn but he

is still sound of mind. He's

threatening to starve himself to

death unless the PM intervenes.

Peter Spencer has been visited by

the Parliamentary Secretary and his

local member. These protesters will

next take their support directly to

Peter Spencer's wind tower, where

he'll also let doctors in to

evaluate his condition for the

first time in 43 days. The

opposition has pleaded for him to

come down. We want you to come down.

Yes! So c'mon Kevin, get moving -

before Thursday so I can give him a hug.

The long awaited review into

executive salaries has rejected a

salary cap. The Government was

talking tough, but now says corporate Australia must govern

itself. They walked the walk but

the Government's no longer talking

tough in the corporate playground.

It's not the role of Government,

it's not the role of ministers to

sit around setting salaries. At the

height of the financial crisis,

executive salaries topped the

Government's hit list. These

outrageous approaches can't be

justified in the clear light of day.

But none of the recommendations in

the productivity commissions final

report address salary caps or

strengthen shareholder authority

over executive remuneration. Kevin

Rudd declared war on executive

salaries, just as he's declared war

on 20 other things over the past

two years and he hasn't waged it

very effectively. The draft two

strike policy has been dumped for a

3-strike policy, making it

virtually impossible for

shareholders to force a board spill.

If you want to sort of get your ego

going with this chest beating exercise about how evilcorporate

executives are then I would have

thought you'd come out with a

document that is stronger than you

did. The report found executive pay

has surged 250% in Australia in

just the past six years, and that

the CEOs of the top 20 companies in

Australia are taking home an

average of 10 million each year in

salary alone. Gail Kelly is no

exception. She also owns $40

million of Westpac shares. The

review refused to give shareholders

power to veto how much company

stocks execs can hold. Without a

cap of salaries, without some

disincentive by way of tax

treatment then corporate greed will

continue to escalate. And the

lessons of the past year, may be forgotten.

Still to come, a founding member of

Split Enz charged with stalking.

Plus, a couple swamped with traffic

fines for offences they didn't

commit. The car is a $1,000 car,

it's going to cost me more than a

Ferrari, you know. And a $180,000

dollar payday for an Aussie darts player in London.

This program is captioned live.

Police are investigating the death

of a fisherman who's body was found

floating in seas off Kurnell. The

New South Wales ambulance rescue

helicopter winched the man from the

water early this morning, but

paramedics were unable to revive

him. Police retrieved fishing gear

from rocks near Point Potter and

are preparing a report for the Coroner.

One of the founding members of

Split Enz is in custody, charged

with stalking. Phil Judd is already

serving a suspended sentence for a

similar offence. The guitarist

formed Split Enz with former friend

Tim Finn. He left the band before

its hey day but achieved a number

one hit with the Swingers for

'Counting the Beat'. # No other

place I'd rather be

#. Judd didn't apply for bail, and

will remain in custody until he

returns to court next week.

Bungling by the RTA is costing a

Sydney couple a fortune. Besides

losing cash they've spent days in

court, because of mounting fines

for a car they don't own. For this

couple the Daily check of the

letterbox is a sure that they now

fear after receiving 25 finds in

the mail for offences they did not

commit in a car they have not owned

for more than one year. Poll months

of getting fines and no-one takes

responsibility for them. I just

want it to end. The offences have

been run up by the new car owner

but because of bureaucratic

bungling this man has copped the

blame. They said my licence will be

suspended because I have not paid

his finds. I did not commit any

crime. He runs his own business and

has had to take days off work to

fight the fines in court. We had

all the find them all. For each one

I had to pay $50. All of this

despite prove that the RTA knew

they did not own a car before any

of the offences were committed --

committed. The car is now out of

registration so the RTA is refusing

to update its ownership details.

This means as long as the car is

driven the fines will keep on

coming. Anything that happens with

this kind now, we are still

responsible for it. Despite hours

on the phone they say no-one is

listening. It is a $1,000 car but

will end up costing me more than a

Ferrari. Sports headlines are next

with Adam Hawse. And an Aussie

strikes it rich in darts. Simon

Whitlock was nicknamed the 'Wizard

of Oz' during the tournament which

is a huge sports event in the Old

Dart. Step aside Super Bowl, data

is exploding on to the world stage.

The world darts final has become a

huge event. Cheeky Brisbane born

Simon with Lock is 14 times

champion local hero Phil Taylor. --

Simon Whitlock. In the early sets

Taylor looked unbeatable. But then

the Australian came back. It was

not to be. Armies on the bullseye -

- he missed the poolside. -- bullseye.

Phil Taylor is the champion!-that

is one of the quotas finals. Not

disrespecting any other final.

Don't shed too many tears for a Don't shed too many tears for a

runner up. He is $180,000 better

off and will now go professional.

If I move over here I can play the

circuit and pushed these guys. And

get his hands on more prize money.

Next year I hope to come back even

stronger. Also coming up in sport,

a wipe-out at the George Bass surf

boat marathon on the south coast.

Defending womens champions Woolami

misjudged a wave and paid the

penalty. The girls getting that

sinking feeling. A full wrath of

the cricket and tennis highlights

coming up later. -- fall wrap --

full wrap. Emily Rice joins us with

the weather and Emily still no sign

of summer? 2010 has been very

dreary so far with mild

temperatures and dark skies. The

sun has broken through finely this

afternoon. Temperatures are still

quite mild. Only 23 degrees right

now. There is sunshine on the way

tomorrow but he might be right

about more rain tomorrow. Monty

tells closer to six o'clock. Next,

one of the world's earliest

aeroplanes found entombed in ice.

Also, a new year's party kicks on

for three days after a pub is

snowed in. And the world's tallest

building is ready for business. This new year, millions of Australians started a diet, pledged to work less and vowed to get their credit card under control.

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This program is captioned live.

Breaking years: A child has this

appeared in a they've floodwaters

around Coobamble. Explain what has happened?

Just after we spoke to you, a fleet

of ambulances and police vehicles,

helicopters and crews, descended here on the Castlereagh in river.

Their cordon of this area after

reports that a person and chant of

the bridge into will the river and the bridge into will the river and

had been swept away. While we were

talking to one of our Interstate

channels, the crews descended and

ran past us, searching the side of

the Castlereagh River to find any

sign of the boy. At this stage, sign of the boy. At this stage,

there were some children playing, there were some children playing,

celebrating the fact that these

floods had not been as dramatic and

as bad for the region as expected. as bad for the region as expected.

At this stage, we are experiencing

reports that there is someone

missing and we will keep you up to date.

A piece of Australia's Antarctic

history has been found by accident.

Melting ice has revealed the

century old remains of a plane Sir

Douglas Mawson tried to fly across the frozen continent.

They mightn't seem like much but

these rusted pipes represent one of the most significant recent

historical finds on the frozen

wastelands of Antarctica. Encased wastelands of Antarctica. Encased

in ice for a hundred years, they're

believed to be the remnants of Sir

Douglas Mawson's plane. First plane

ever brought to Antarctica and it's

just a few hundred metres away in

the ice. The famous Australian

polar explorer bought the first

Vickers monoplane in 1911, just

eight years after the Wright

Brothers took to the sky. But the

plane's first flight ended in

failure and after a short stint as

a tractor, the aircraft was lost

until an expedition member stumbled

across it at Cape Denision on New

Year's Day. I noticed something in

the water but all I could see was

some sort of corrosive objects -

2mm objects. Mark Farrell didn't

know what he'd found until he told

the others in the expedition. They

got pretty excited - more excited

than me, really. The Australian

Government will decide whether the

relics will be brought to Australia

or left at Cape Denison.

Now for the finance report. The

local market started the year off

on a high?

We are off to a great start but

unfortunately the market was not

able to hold on to the early

momentum and has ended higher but

not so high.

They raise finance and years for

now. US Marcus lost ground in the

final trading day on Wall Street.

They're hoping to see that

direction reversed tonight. direction reversed tonight.

New threats from al-Qaeda have

forced Britain and America to shut

their embassies in Yemen. The UK is

also ramping up airport security.

High on a terror hit list and

closed until further notice. The

American and British consulates in

Yemen have both been shut down.

Threats were made against the

embassies by the same offshoot

group of al-Qaeda linked to the group of al-Qaeda linked to the

thwarted bombing of a Detroit bound

jet on Christmas Day. Yemen has jet on Christmas Day. Yemen has been recognised, like Somalia, to

be one of the areas where we've got

to not only keep an eye on but

we've got to do more. Westminster

and Washington have boosted their joint

joint counter terrorism operations

in the impoverished nation and

increased funding to the local law

enforcers. We're determined to

destroy al-Qaeda, whether it's in

Pakistan, Afghanistan or in Yemen

and we will get there. The head of

the White House review into the

failed Christmas Day attack

revealed errors in US intelligence

sharing meant Nigeran Umar Farouk sharing meant Nigeran Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab could board Flight

253. There was no single piece of

intelligence, a smoking gun if you

will, that said that Mr

Abdulmutallab was going to carry

out this attack against that aircraft. Regardless, America's

close call has prompted a global

overhaul of airport security. In

airports, people will see gradually

being brought in the use of full

body scanners. The scanners would

form a last defence against would-

be terrorists. The first, to focus

on finding them in places like


Prince William has announced he

won't be a shadow King, saying he

won't adopt any public duties that won't adopt any public duties that

undermine his father as heir to the

throne. The prince has issued the

statement, saying he wants to focus

on his military career for the next

few years. 27-year-old William is

about to embark on his first

foreign tour, to Australia and New Zealand.

More than 170 people have escaped

injury, after a plane skidded off a

runway in Germany. The pilot was

forced to abort take off, because

of a technical problem, which is

still being investigated. Despite

the wintry conditions, the airport

was fully operational. None of the

passengers was hurt.

And the fierce northern winter has

led to an unusual record in the UK.

Snowed-in New Year's revellers have been

been left to party for days.

It has much to boast, are It has much to boast, are

overlooking the North Yorkshire

Dale, it is the highest public

house in Great Britain and its New

Year's Eve party lasted three days.

We knew it was going to look pretty

bad weather-wise, we tried to put

notices on now websites to tell our

guests to it should be prepared.

But it was those who were not

prepared, they had no way of

leaving. They are locking in a

beautiful part they sound like a

dream but as time rolled on,

worries and did so 10. People had

things to go to, they were running

short of medication and we were

beginning to worry about whether we

would ever get out. The drama

continues despite the magnificent

backdrop. It calls itself an oasis

from the daily grind, as the

landlady enjoys a moment on the

other side of the park, she may

want to add, it is an oasis when

all else grinds to a halt.

Africa's most active volcano is

still spewing lava, after erupting

yesterday. It's threatening rare

animals in a nature reserve at the

base of the mountain. Forty

endangered chimpanzees live in the endangered chimpanzees live in the

national park, along with 200 rare

mountain gorillas. So far, no human mountain gorillas. So far, no human

casualties have been reported. The

volcano last erupted four years ago.

The world's tallest building is

about to be unveiled. The final

height of the Dubai Tower is still

a closely guarded secret, but it's

believed to stand around 818 metres

high, easily surpassing the

previous record holder in Taiwan,

at a mere 508 metres. Besides

luxury apartments and offices, the luxury apartments and offices, the

tower will hold a hotel designed by

Giorgio Armani. The building will

be officially opened tonight with a

lavish fireworks display.

Still to come, uproar in India over

the murder of a student in Australia.

Also, the plane passenger who owes

her life to fellow travellers.

And the ultimate gut buster - it's

a girdle for men.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's headlines, couple are at

their wits end after being hit with

an avalanche of traffic and parking

fines for a car they sold in 2008.

They've paid hundreds of dollars to

have fines annulled, and spent

countless days in court.

A major show of support in Canberra

today for the farmer who is

starving himself to protest against

land clearing laws. Peter Spencer

has refused food for 43 days,

demanding compensation for bans on clearing his property.

A child is feared missing after

seen jumping from a bridge in

Coobamble, a town surrounded by

floodwaters. Floods in the area or

peat without breaching the town's river levy.

The Australian government has

condemned the murder of an Indian

student. He was fatally stabbed in

a park on his way to work in a

Melbourne's West. Indian headlines

call it racist. We are and

accepting, tolerant, multicultural

nation. We have no toleration for

races and in any form. Police say

it is too early to know what motivated the crime.

A grandmother who collapsed and

died at Melbourne Airport has St

bystanders who brought her back to

life. She suffered a complete

blockage of a major art vessel, the

kind of heart attack most do not survive.

She remembers feeling dizzy and

waking up in an ambulance. Six days

later, a room full of visitors

helped piece together the missing

minutes. I get your mouth to mouth.

That would be nice. Mark no.

Bystanders are rushed to her side

as she went into cardiac arrest at

the baggage terminal last Wednesday.

All three at trained in CPR. When I

got there, there was a lifeless

body on the ground. What can I do

to help? We lost to again. This

situation was dire until an

emergency the fibber later was

found. Her heart began beating. The

rout that many, 24 here at

Melbourne Airport. They are

specially designed you is by people

with no experience. You read this

machine off the wall and you can

apply this machine to the chest of

a person and it will talk to and

what you through the things you

need to do. 26% of people face with

a life-threatening situation will

be unwilling to try CPR. But an

paramedics urge everyone to give it

a go at even if it is the first

time. It is an enormous faith in

humanity, the ability for people to

step in when needed.

Not sure why they gave me this

story. A new take undershirt four-

man which is like a girdle. It is

promising to turn be guts into six packs.

This before mum was finding a

little more than he is... It helps

me get into my chums UDC, look my

best performing. It seems they are

a hit with all sorts of guys,

promising to a posture and shrink

waistlines. Well Farid and has

started to fit one on so we can sip

on one or two at the pub. You can

tell I enjoy a couple of beers and

it has lifted my chest up and pull

me back as well. 20 medals were

sold since Christmas at this store.

It stops anything hanging over the

top of the genes and firms

everything up. This product is made

by a Sydney company and is only

sold in around three stores around

the country, but it seems that the

craze has taken off overseas. It is very popular back in the state.

Although, most Aussie blokes are

still not sold. Stocker say it is

actually a matter of time before it

becomes a staple in drawers down under.

What do you think?

I can't top, I'm a breathing in.

Sport is next. Australia continues

to struggle?

The bowlers suffered at the SCG. We

will have the highlights next.

And I Ivanovitch holds on to defeat

Jelena Dokic at the Brisbane

International. Leeds United shark

Premier League Manchester United in

their clash. With a balance transfer rate for the first 12 months, you could

This program is captioned live. Are

Australia has had a tough day at

the SCG.

Australia has had a tough day at the SCG.

Pakistan has capitalised on its

brilliant bowling display to build

a commanding first innings lead on

day two of the second test at the

SCG. Openers Imran Farhart and

Salman Butt putting on 109 for the

first wicket, before some fireworks from the middle order.

The Pakistan openers took advantage.

The ball started to turn square but

there was no breakthrough before

lunch. Then came the Marstons, with

a half century, before Pakistan's

reach 100 for the first wicket.

Then as the run rate appeared on Then as the run rate appeared on

the rise, Adam Horowitz struck -- the rise, Adam Horowitz struck --

Nathan Hauritz. Then they fell to Johnson on 71. Nathan Hauritz. Then they fell to

Johnson on 71. That was masterly

played, a beautiful drive. He has

got him! No he hasn't. Peter Siddle

did not have to wait long. What a

catch! The number five did not have

to wait long. The second screamer

was not far away. Has that been

taken? Yes it has. Australia took

the new cherry. The Australians

claimed the right other players

soon after. Jelena Dokic has been

outlasted in the Brisbane International. outlasted in the Brisbane International.

Jelena Dokic was up against an

adopted an Australian. She was not

in a welcoming mood.

The pair traded breaks before a

double fault handed her opponent

the first set. A completely

different story in this second set

as Jelena Dokic dominated the third

seed. Running away with the set 6-1.

A crucial break came in the third. I took some risks and it was an

important point. I was very happy

with the result. In front of a large with the result. In front of a

large crowd, we have never met so

there was a lot going on. I large crowd, we have never met so there was a lot going on. I think

it is OK and not a setback at all.

This player considered herself the

unluckiest second seed player of

all time. Her opponent showed she

had lost very little during

retirement. At controversial

Frenchman produced a baseline

slugfest with the Finnish player.

There was plenty of desperation to

take the second set. An early break

in the third was enough. The

Frenchman advanced. Alex Brosque

and a number of A League based

Socceroos are set to ask coach Pim

Verbeek just what their chances of

World Cup selection are. Brosque is

one of 8 locally based players in

the team which faces Kuwait in an

Asian Cup qualifier on Thursday

morning. We'd like to think

everybody's got a chance. While

there is a chance you want to keep

playing. At the same time you do need playing. At the same time you do

need that rest at the end of the

season, so if there's not much of a

hope you need a rest as well.

Brosque plans to chat with Verbeek

after the match against Kuwait.

Leeds have stunned Manchester

United, knocking the Red Devils out

of the FA cup in the third round

with a 1-nil win. Germaine Beckford

the hero as third tier Leeds

eliminated the 11 time champions.

And score at the

End for Leeds United, and it

doesn't get any better than that. Manchester United came doesn't get any better than that. Manchester United came agonizingly

close to equalizing on a number of

occasions, but couldn't break

through. Leeds beating United at

Old Trafford for the first time since Old Trafford for the first time

since 1981. And its been a tough battle The Premier League's Firm' derby Celtic


It has been a day out danger at the

surf bird marathon on. There was a

two-metre swell on the south coast.

The boat was badly damaged and

three seats had to be replaced

before they could recommence the

race. It is something we will have

to work on. There was further cash

were several birds crashing out in

spectacular fashion. Australian

punter Ben Graham has continued his

record- breaking NFL season. But

not even his hot streak could help

the Arizona Cardinals. Up against

the ultra-impressive Green Bay

Packers, Graham was called on 4

times to punt, averaging more than

47 yards. He has tied with the NFL

record. But Graham's Cardinals were

on the receiving end of a 26 point

hiding, meaning they'll host Green

Bay again next week, in the opening

round of the playoffs. The New York

Jets also booked their spot in the

post- season. They'll play today's

opponent Cincinnati, next weekend.

And the Buffalo Bills braved arctic

weather to beat the NFL's best side.

The Bills 23- point winners over

the Indianapolis Colts. And later

in Sports Tonight, Chris Gayle in

doubt for the Warriors Twenty20

clash with New South Wales, and the

latest from Cycling's Bay Classic

in Geelong. Plus some breaking news

on Rooster told Carny. might have The burgers are better

This program is captioned live.

Returning to our breaking news

story, a child reportedly washed

away in flood waters in Coonamble.

TEN reporter Brett Mason was there

as the emergency unfolded. Brett

what's the latest? First

helicopters are still circling

overhead, they appear to have

spotted something just upstream

from here. The police have called

in an ambulance. The crew have been

going right up and down the river.

Kristina Keneally has just declared

at Hanworth, and Warren national

disaster areas. This month they

will be eligible for assistance

from floods. -- this means. There

may be a second surge from the

Castle wrote river between 9pm and

midnight this evening. --

Castlereagh river. Helen in mood

bulletin there were plenty of young

children down here playing indie

waters.-earlier in the bulletin.

This is a very tragic development

that a child has potentially been

swept away. They have held -- homed

in on a particular area and we will

keep you posted on developments.

What other towns are in the path of

the flood? It is hard to say at

this stage. There is concern for

Burke and Naren dry -- Narembi.

Thank you very much. Emily Rice

joins us with the weather. Emily it

has been another dark summer's day

in Sydney. It was very overcast and

crew. But great for cricket ought

arrests. The bid story is for the

291 millimetres of rain in Coonamble. Coonamble. 291 millimetres of rain in

You can see thick cloud across the

tropics and a monsoon is generating

rain in the top end. The cloud on

the top coast is starting to thin

out. Showers and storms in

Queensland and northern NSW.

Rainfall tomorrow and showers and

the odds-on in north-east NSW with

further storms later in the West. the odds-on in north-east NSW with further storms later in the West.

We know there are the issues

happening in inland NSW but there

is more interesting were happening

in the top end. A tropical lower is

forming new Darwin. Forecasters

think it may develop into a cyclone.

Who we have fights here in Sydney

but there could be also

developments in Dahl won over the

next couple of days. -- floods.

Summer in Australia is proving to be very Summer in Australia is proving to

be very interesting in 2010.

We are expecting more rain in

Sydney but our concern is for the

people in northern NSW and inland people in northern NSW and inland

NSW. Let's hope the floodwaters

don't come up any higher. That's

TEN News for now. Thanks for your TEN News for now. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at

10.30pm. Our first bulletin

tomorrow is at 6:00am. -- 11:00am. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia