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(generated from captions) Individual pursuit. And he's in.

That was a nail biter at the end.

And then our gymnists won gold in

the team event and the women were

pretly heavily favoured in this

event and for the fourth

consecutive time our women have won

that gold med 58al It is great

sharing this experience and really

proud of the girls.

Were were at the pool and saw a

changing of the guard when Leiston

Pickett beat Queen of the pool,

Leisel Jones. That was ur only gold,

although England pipped us in the

50 backstroke and Scotland edged us 50 backstroke and Scotland edged us

out in the 200 metres freestyle.

You got to be joking? I am going to

stop chewing my nails. While we

have been winning medals we have

had one taken off us too. Hassene

Fkiri, he won the Greco-Roman class.

Just as he was about to receive it

he had word he had been disqualified for giving officials

the finger. He wasn't happy either

with the Australian team manager

when he said he was provoked. There

were some things the other side

were doing that wasn't exactly by

the rules either and he obviously

lost his cool. There you have it.

It seems the price of giving the

official a finger is a silver medal

at these games. Let's hope nothing

like that happens to Geoff Huegill.

We have Christian Sprenger and

Brenton Rickard in action as well.

Let's hope that athletic's program Let's hope that athletic's program

gets underway as planned. Thanks a

lot. Paul Cochrane reports from

Delhi. A check from the medal tally

and we are out way ahead with a

total of nine gold, host nation

India has moved up to second spot

with England in third place.

Indian school children may now be

given free tickets to watch premium

events at the games despite 600,000

tickets being sold, most venues

remain empty. Max Futcher is in Delhi.

The athletes are here, the games

are on, but where are the crowds?

Since the packed stadium at the

opening, it has been a ghost town.

The swimming isn't the frenzy it

normally is. The gymnastics crowd

wouldn't fill a bus and the net

wall crowd was embarrassing.

Yesterday it was quite clear that a

number of venues did not have a lot

of spectators. In cricket, IPL

games attract tens of thousands.

The organises committee now says

600,000 tickets are sold and now

sales booths have been set up at

stadiums that should increase.

There were big crews in Australia,

cues of ten miles. This is one of

those ticket outlets. While the out

let may not be a mile long as they

would have us believe, at least now

they are starting to show some

interest.. Today, this one is 80%

empty. It is a shame they haven't

sold because I think being in India

is wonderful Some blame the build

up, the problems, or just a general

lack of interest. Now they are

thinking of giving the tickets to

the school children to get larger

crowds. It is interest, but just

not cricket. Virgin Blue passengers

are facing more disruption today as

the airline upgrades the hardware

responsible for the recent system

melt down. I am joined now from

Sydney airport with John O'Doherty

doe. I understand things are pretty

calm there at the moment. They are.

Virgin told passengers to arrive

early because they are checking

people in manually flight by flight.

Although there have been some

scheduled cancellations which

virgin endeavoured to advise in

advance, things are going quite

smoothly. Here at the airport they

have created separate lines for

each flight rather than one long

snaking line and some people have

stated they should adopt this as

regular practice because they are

not waiting long in line and not waiting long in line and

flights are leaving on time. We

have seen two major system melt

downs over the past week or so. Is downs over the past week or so. Is

this upgrade expected to fix the

problems? They are certainly hoping

so. They are desperate to avoid a

repeat of the disastrous couple of

days they had just over a week ago

where most flights were either where most flights were either

cancelled or delayed, leaving

thousands of passengers in the

lurch. Virgin hopes that the

upguide will prevent a repeat of

that. What is the latest

information the airline is telling

passengers who are travelling today

or over the next couple of days?

Passengers travelling the day, if

it is a domestic flight they are

being asked to arrive two hours

before departure, three hours

before if it is international. Here

at the airport the kiosks aren't

working, the online check in isn't

working and also passengers need to

be aware if you have a connecting

flight you can't check your bags to

the final destination, you will

need to pick them up and recheck in

at the airport you are transferring

at. Virgin is hoping that things

will be fixed by the early hours of

tomorrow morning and perhaps a

little bit less turbulence going

forward. Let's hope so. Thanks so

much. John O'Doherty joins us there

from Sydney airport. A driving died

instantly after his car collided

with a train in country Victoria

last night. Around 25 passengers

were on the train when it derailed

in the crash about 80 kill metres

south-east of Melbourne. No one on

board was injured. It took

emergency crews several hours to

remove the car from under the train.

Opposite Tony Abbott has accused

the Prime Minister of trying to

play politics on the issue of

Afghanistan. But Julia Gillard

denies she knew Mr Abbott was

actually planning a visit to the

war torn country when she invited

him at short notice to join her.

They are on the other side of the

world in separate trips in

different countries but still Julia

Gillard and Tony Abbott are arguing

over whether or not they should

have travelled together to

Afghanistan. The Opposition Leader

has backed away from the comments

he made that he declined Ms

Gillard's invitation to accompany

her earlier this week to

Afghanistan so he wouldn't be too

jet lagged during his meeting with

UK conservatives in Birmingham. It

has always been my intention to

visit the troops in Afghanistan

soon, and I'm not going to talk

about when that might be but that's

always been my intention and the

Prime Minister has always been

aware of that intention. But his

camp has accused Julia Gillard of playing politics by inviting him

when she new he had planned himself

to come at a later stage. That is a

suggestion that did not sit well

with the Prime Minister. The

suggestion that he had a fixed date

to go when I issued the invitation

to him is not correct. And so a

domestic argument has ended what

has been a trip of international

agreements for the PM, the 8th Asia

Europe Meeting has concluded with

leaders recognising the need for

global economic stimulus, the push

for IMF reform, the importance of a

continued presence in Afghanistan

and a united front to combat people

smuggling. I am determined to

pursue a regional approach in

relation to irregular people

movement in our own region. The PM

rubbed shoulders with the King of

Belgium before heading home. She

feels he has made her mark but

admits foreign policy is not her

fashion. Giving my choose I would

be in an Australian classroom

talking to a teacher and watching

some kids learning to read but

obviously as a Prime Minister I

work across the full range of

matters that is in our national

interest. She will arrive home on Thursday Thursday morning.

The Coalition could be heading into

another battle with the Gillard

government, workplace laws. A

number of senior Liberals are

reportedly hinting that they will

push to change industrial relations

legislations. It comes after Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

pledged not to touch labour's IR

laws during the campaign. The

members say the laws need to be

altered to boost productivity but

they maintain that the Howard's

government Workchoices is dead.

Business groups have been lobbying

for the Coalition to change its

workplace policy, especially unfair dismiss dismiss at.

A would-be bomber chilling terror

warning. We have the details next

in our weekly US report.

And a piece of England's history

goes up in flames.

This program is captioned live. An

historic English peer with in its

hey day hosts some of the biggest names in music, including Pink

Floyd and the Rolling Stones has

been gut ed by fire. A structural

survey will determine if of can can beed.

By the time the alarm was raised,

it was too late. Even with crews

above and below land and sea, that

blaze couldn't be contained. The

fire had taken hold whipped up by a

strong wind off the sea and within

hours the land of of of for over a

sen tri was gone. Residents from

the Hastings Pier watched it burn.

The bitter irony is only yesterday

the local council had launched its

plans to renovate the pressure. We

can see what the status of the

substructure of the peer is whether

the columns are intact before we

consider what the future S we will

do our best to see if we can find a

future of this building because

that is what the people of the town

would like us to do, but it is a

very sad day we have come to this

situation. Nobody was hurt in the

fire. The 60 firefighters who

battled to contain it withdrew,

having done what they could. A pier

built in the middle of the 1th

century and rebuilt at the end of

World War I now in ruins. Those who

have rebuild it are hoping that the

damage looks worse than it really

is. Assuming that the structure

behind me, some important parts

aren't damaged at the top of the

column, then if we can still raise

the funding it can be saved. Sussex

police they say they have arrested

two men on suspicion of arson. They

are not be charged with any offence

but it is clear that no legal

process can bring back what this

seaside resort has lost

When you listen to those sort of

comments you realise that vigilance

against terrorism is still very

much necessary here in the US and

across the world. Now, the latest

situation with these trapped miners

in Chile, they have been trapped

underground for two months, are

rescuers any closer to getting to

them? Word today is that rescue is

imminent. No one is game to put an

exact date on it but the machine

that is drilling down to reach them

is only a couple of hundred metres

away from breaking through to where

these 33 miners are at the moment.

Now, the Chilean President was on

the radio yesterday and he said

that he would like the rescue to

happen before his European trip.

Now, he hopes to go to Europe for a

political trip on the 17th, that is

not very far away. Of course he

said he will delay it if of course

they are not out by then but it

just shows there is a real urgency

there now and they are certainly

brought the date forward much more

than they had originally planned.

They thought it was going to be

Christmas, now hopefully in the

next couple of weeks. Let's hope it

is sooner rather than later. Let's

have a look what is happens now in Chile.

The 33 trapped miners could be

rescued a lot sooner than expected.

Rescue crews are drilling holes to

pull the men out and they are

getting it done well ahead of

schedule. The President says he

expects to meet the men before

leaving on a trip in the middle of

the month. But the man in charge of

drilling is more cautious. I

understand everyone's wish to get

them out as soon as possible, he

says, but we can't afford to run

any risk. The miners have been

trapped below 700,000 on thes of

rocks since August. They have been

receiving fresh lunch day, hot

meals a day and are watching TV on

a tiny projector. The men are

clearing debris and exercises to be

ready when the rescuers reach them.

Crews are now testing the 25 inch

capsule that will lift the men out

one at a time hopefully within the

next few weeks.

That story obviously has just said

that the men are exercising. They

are getting tips from a personal

trainer who is talking to them from

above ground. The exercise thrais

doing is to strengthen them so they

can get through this rescue to

these muscles are ready for what is

ahead but also so they are fit

enough to -- thin enough to fit in

the rescue capsule. As well as the

training from the personal trainer

they are getting media training to

prepare them for the worldwide

media. When they are rescued there

is expected to be hundreds of

journalists in the dessert waiting

for their comments so they are

going to be very, very pre-teared.

Just an extraordinary story. Now,

concerning a new photo has been

released of US actor, Michael

Douglas not looking so well. No, he

has been diagnosed with threat

cancer. It is an aggressive form of

cancer. He has been undergoing some

treatment, he is about three-

quarters of the way through but

this photo taken yesterday in New

York, he just dropped his daughter

off to school, he looks thinner

than he did at the 'Wall Street'

Premier just two weeks ago. Let's

home for his sake and his young

family he can beat this disease. He

has been given 80% chance of

survival so fingers crossed there

for Michael Douglas. And finally

the White House is going green.

Tell us about this. Yes, they are

getting some solar panels. Is most famous residents in the United

States are leading by examples in

the next few months, they will have

solar panels installed to help with

the cost of electricity. It all

started last year when Michelle

Obama planted a veggy patch and it

is still going strong, but of

course it is not the first time

they a have had solar plan nels on

the White House. Back in the 70s,

President Jimmy Carter had some

installed but by the 80s, when Ron

rald Reagan came into the house he

had them removed. Hopefully this

lost lasts longer. Hopefully. Thank

you for that. A British gas worker

who sucher ifed a suspected heart

attack has been plucked to safety

by Prince William T worker was

collected from an offshore rig and

take tone a waiting ambulance. It

was the Prince's first mission as a

royal air force search and rescue

co-pilot. We whether have more on

the Commonwealth Games gold rush

when the morning news returns.

Including a chat with a very proud

mum of one of Australia's gymnastic out and realise that this is a been affected times in a day. Do times in # There's another place for me. # You don't know where you're going, VOICEOVER: Maltesers -

Well, as we reported earlier this Well, as we reported earlier this morning, our women's gymnastic team

continued its golden run at the

Commonwealth Games and joining us

now is a very proud mum. Karen's

mum of Georgia. Good morning,

thanks so much for joining us this

morning, Karen? Thank you. What an

extraordinary achievement by the

girls. How are you feeling about it girls. How are you feeling about it

today? We are just wrapped. A gold

medal you have forever and they

have worked very hard. It was a big

shakey at the start and they were

all worried and I am sure they were

too but they got through it and we

knew they were capable of it but

anything can happen on the day. It

was great. Just on that point,

Karen, you said it was a bit shakey

at the start, how nerve racking is

that watching it at home with your

family, tell me what is going

through your mind at that stage? It

is that sinking feeling. I think

the Aussies haven't had a good

track record when they have had to track record when they have had to

start on beam, because all the

pressure is on the end result and

they have to stay in there for

their teammates. They only have to

be out a cm in the air and they are

on their bum, but as it turned out

quite a few countries had a similar

problem so that was good. They problem so that was good. They

certainly didn't let that stop them

they came out and performed and got

gold. How extraordinary. Yes,

fantastic. Where were you watching

it this morning and who was

watching it with you? We had a

gathering at the house. We had some

original coachs of Georgia when he

was about 8 years old and we had

people from the gym, we had

training partners, the reserve for training partners, the reserve for

the Olympics and the reserve for

the national drn the world

championships, he was there

watching so it was great for her,

plus family, and her dad was

watching. There was a huge

gathering. That is also why we are

just a bit tired. Needing heaps of

coffees this morning. Absolutely

Just quickly checking, how was

Georgia feeling there was a lot of

concerned about Delhi belly and

sure issue, did that ever concern

her at all? She had had a stom ache

for a few days and she told her

training partner back in Melbourne

the night before she was throwing

up and he is pretty sick today, so

hopefully she will get some tablets

into her to settle her done. She

has the other round tonight. I find

it extraordinary that so many

Australian competitors haven't been

feeling 100% and have still

performed so extraordinarily well.

That just shows what amazing

athletes they are. Yes, and

adrenaline, I guess. Alright. Look,

Georgia is still competing. What is

the situation for the next couple

of days? She has the all around tonight with Lauren and Emily

Little and then they have some

apparatus finals following two days

after that. She is in the bars

finals for that. Excellent. Fingers

cosdzed. Just quickly, I understand

there is a funny M&M story you

have? Well, she's had quite a few

people interview her and saying are

you worried about the security and

it is sort of like, oh, is there is

a problem with that? She is really

a bit worried about making sure she

can get some M&Ms snaffled into her

luggage somewhere and that is more

important for her. It is kind of cute.

Congratulations, obviously a very

proud mum, I hope you get some

sleep. Thank you very much. Thank

you for joining us.

Well, details have been released of

another of Mary MacKillop's

miracles less than two weeks before

she is set to become a saint.

The recy gent was a 9-year-old boy

who was diagnosed with cance,

multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and a

loss of neurological functions in

1000. The boy's mother thought he

was close to death when she says

Mary MacKillop appeared at his

bedside. After that, Jack Simpson's

intellectual recovery was

unprecedented and was named as

sister MacKillop's third miracle.

It was held in reserve in case the

Vatican rejected either of Mary

MacKillop's other two miracles.

Well US astronaut Buzz Aldrin is

guest of honour in Sydney today for the Australian Geographic Society

Awards. The second man to walk on

the moon is supporting Barack

Obama's new space program which

includes a manned spacecraft orbit

around Mars within the next three

deck kaedz. The today's awards will

screen never before seen video

footage of Today's medical expert,

Dr Ross Walker

Coming up, why Glenn McGrath is in

no rush to walk down the isle. And

not just childs play. We take a

special look Oh. Hello. (Apollo 11 moonwalk )

This program is captioned live. To

our feature story now, this

Wednesday morning. For most of us

Lego is something we associate with

our childhood but it turns out the

plastic bricks are still

entertaining thousands of adults as well.

Bobby has the glamour, Nintendo

game boy the tech, but to be named

the most popular toy ever made - it

helps to be a little square. Legos.

You know, those interlocking

plastic bricks are everywhere. From

books to fashion, to the internet.

Everywhere! And while most of us

associate the word "Lego", which is

Danish for play well with childhood,

a growing number of adults are

admitting they play well. Well into

their 40s, 50s and beyond. They

even have their own acronym - Afol.

They estimate there are at least

40,000 of these later in life Lego

lovers. In fact, they account for

5% of all Lego sales and they live

among us. Mike is from new city New

York. As an adult, it is like being

a kid again. In instead of buying

one of these I can buy four of them

and take the pieces out and use

them for what I want to do. Mike

guesses he has 400,000 Legos in his

basement. That is about $40,000

worth. It is all in boxes and

indeed the boxes everything is in

plastic bags. My wife things, you

are OCD and knew rot tick because

you are putting plastic Lego into

plastic bags into plastic boxes.

But don't despair for his wife

Erica, she knew what she was

getting into. As soon as we got

involved he was the Lego man. Everyone in town, everyone knew

this is what he did. I don't think

everyone in town knew. Everyone in

town knows. I know that men have a

men cave but in my world the man

needs the Lego room. Mike, along

with ten,000 others, recently

attended brick fair in northern

Virginia, the Super Bowl of Lego

conventions. It makes it worth it.

I am not staying in my room

building for hours and hours with no reason. The convention draws

fans from around the country. They

meet to show off new creations and

connect with other Lego enthusists.

Todd is foundinger of the brick

fair. This is from my childhood and

to hear the noise and see the

people, it is just great. There are

Lego obsessions of all shapes and

sizes. This man says one trait is

universal. When you meet a Lego fan,

you will get a hint of nerd dyness,

but when you get a room group of us

in a room, it is great. Next meet

the first couple of the fair. You

could say that Legos are an

important building block in their

marriage. In fact, their Jewish

ceremonial canopy had columns made

of Legos. We wanted to build it out

of something that we enjoyed using.

Bill it out of Lego! Most of these

fans enjoy building with Legos in

their spare time, but for Nathan, a

part time hobby has become a full

time profession. This swing next to

you you were describing it as

incredibly personal, how so? This

really is my story, breaking out of

where I was to try to do something

brand new. Breaking out from his

career as a corporate lawyer in

order to build on his talents as a

self-described brick artists. His

works can be play 68, surreal, even

disturbing, and each one is made

solely with these regular square

and rectangular pieces. So I have

tried to take this toy that people

are so familiar with but really

make them thing about it in a

different way, almost make them

forget that it is a toy. Museums

and galleries across the country

have now taken notice and they are

on an nation wide tour. The gallery

is going to take a chance on it

they are blown away because so many

people can relate to the medium.

Young, or old, these Lego lovers

seem to agree - when it comes to

Legos, there is no such thing as a

generation gap. This is innovation.

It is fun for all of them. You can

really get creative about it. I am

making a new Lego creation. Do you

know you can build almost anything

with them? Even construct a bridge

to childhood, one plastic brick at a a time.

Retired cricket great Glenn McGrath

says he's in no hurry to walk down

the isle with his fiance. The

couple was engaged in July, just

15340s after first meeting. Glenn

and Sara Leonardi say at this point

they are just enjoying each other's

company. No, we are happening to

enjoy our engagement, we haven't

made any plans. My girlfriends are

like what are you going to do and I

am like, "I have no idea yet". The

couple also has no immediate plans for for children.

An Australian wrestler stripped of

a sim ver medal at the Commonwealth

Games for an obscene gesture. We

will show you the pictures next.

Also, India steal an incredible

victory in the first test.

This program is captioned live.

Time now to look at the markets and

we are joined by Mick Walter from

Macquarie Private Wealth. Good

morning, some good news from the

Reserve Bank for the moment. How

did the market react to yesterday's

news. The In market reacted very positively yesterday. The market

was down throughout the day but it

did rally 25 points late in the

afternoon. The perception of lower

interest rates is it is good for

confident, it is good for the

consumer and good for general

economic activity. The perception

also for 2011 changed because it

was the one point in the interest

rate where the Reserve Bank had an

opportunity to shift away from the

neutral position and they didn't do

it, so the view is perhaps we will

have - excuse me - lower interest

rates for longer and that is always

relief all around. The banks were a

big part of that rally yesterday.

Lower interest rates obviously

maintains a fairly high appetite

for debt. In overseas markets,

markets are very strong last night

the Dow Jones up nearly 200 points

so our market will be up to a very

good start today, up around 50 or

60 points. Thanks very much.

Checking figures in detail now -

The decision to leave interest

rates o on hold could be short

lived. The Reserve Bank met for its lived. The Reserve Bank met for its

monthly board meeting yesterday as

we mentioned earlier and against

expectations decided against a rate

rise. The Governor has given a

strong hint that this relief will

be temporary, forecasting a hike

soon to keep inflation in check

Mining giant Rio Tinto is set to

abandon a $120 billion joint

venture with BHP Billiton in

Western Australia. The iron ore

deal faces Opposition from European

and Chinese buyers who are

concerned that the two companies

would control global iron oor

prices it would have been the

biggest merger attempt in

Australian financial history (A iron ore)

As reported earlier this morning,

controversy at the Commonwealth

Games with an Australian wrestler

stripped of his silver medal for

unsports man like behaviour and

making an obscene gesture. Hassene

Fkiri made the gesture after losing the gold medal bout.

Hassene Fkiri lost his temper and

in the process his silver medal.

The Greco-Roman disqal foied for

making obscene guess fewer to the

officials and the crowd. That is

why they have taken the silver

medal off and given it to the other

opponent. He obviously lost his

cool. It is unexcusable what he did.

The 36-year-old competing at his

first Commonwealth Games's refused

to shake his opponent's hands. It

was left to one of the coachs to

explain the behaviour. Without

going into too much. The other side

was sort of the to blame, things

they were doing was not by the

rules either and he obviously lost

his cool. Maybe it was a employ to

upset him, I don't know. He is not

normally like that. His

disqualification turned the opening disqualification turned the opening

day into chaos, the officials

forced to make last minute changes

to the medal ceremony. Australia

has picked up swag of medals in the

pool but the only gold came from

newcomers, Leiston Pickett,

upstaging, Leisel Jones. She is the

new face of breaststroke and she new face of breaststroke and she

has now toppled the Queen. Pick

pick is going to do it! The 18-

year-old, Leiston Pickett takes

down Leisel Jones! It was an

experience coming into Delhi and it

is great to go away with a gold

medal. It would be our only gold on

the day. Day 2 bebelongs to the

united king come, England winning

two and Scott London had one as

well. We had three women hers in

the 50 fly, and England beat them the 50 fly, and England beat them

all. I have to say I was

disappointed with myself, I stuffed

off the finish. What can you do? We

had the two fastest qualifiers in

the men's 50 backstroke but England's swimmer was reaching

right out. A bit disappointed with that.

2 100s. I you have to be joking in?

I am going to stop biting my nails.

Christian Sprenger goes into

tonight's final the faster

qualifier, and Rick Rick is there

too, but only just. He will swim

from lane one after a nervous wait.

I live tonight another day.

(Brenton Rickard) We maintained a

golden run also at the Commonwealth

Games with cycling opening with

three gold a silver and a bronze.

Silver medal list at the bay

beginning Olympics, Anna Meares

commanded favouritetism at the time

trial. Meares powered home to beat

her own game's record time. Her

third straight Commonwealth title.

We have high expectations and I

guess that is what really pushing

our performances. Scott Sunderland

was the last ride tore take part in

the time trial. His split time so

impressive, the experts tipped at

the halfway mark the 22-year-old

would claim gold. Another games

record goes to an Aussie. Jack

Bobridge became the third Aussie to

strike gold in as many events. He

led through the individual pursuit

before the New Zealander came

storming home. Bobridge came back

with little to spare. Despite some

hiccups in the opening routine, our

women gymnasts claimed gold for the

third straight time in a row. You

can catch the games live on both

Ten and One. Leisel Jones is

swimming, Eamon Sullivan and Leiston Pickett and Christian

Sprenger in the pool while the

athlete eks get under way.

And we lost the first zest to India.

The Aussies bowler, dough Bollinger

left after lunch to stom ache

fitness. India were able to battle

on to reach the required total of

215. Australia will have just three

days to regroup before the second

Test in Bangalore. Investigating

into the NRL's betting scandal have

intensifyed with reports that

Bulldogs captain Andrew Ryan and

Brett Kimmorley were among dozen of

players questioned. They were

questioned for more than an hour

over regular betting activity on

the round 24 match between

Canterbury and the North Queensland

Cowboys. Match officials on the

game will also be interviewed next

week. Stay with us, the national

weather details coming up next Coming up, foreign correspondent

lied lied lied t creater of high

five and special guest Colin Lane.

Recapping the top stories now, and

Delhi is in another race against

time. Organisers are battling to

get the main stadium 7 to scratch

before competition charts today. A

section is being relaid but there

are still open trenches.

And 16 Virgin Blue flights have

been cancelled as the airline up

grades its systems to mend a

computer glitch which caused

massive delays last week. It's web

and kiosk check in services are

expected to be back on deck tomorrow.

Now for a look at the national

weather details for the rest of

Finally this morning, quite a

refreshing change, older women are

one of the inspirations for

Chanel's Spring Summer range.

Designer, Karl Largerfield reunited

with Ange 80s supermodel who hadn't

strutted the catwalk in 21 years to

unveil the stunning collection.

Some say only the young could wear

some of the clothes with teen any

tiney hot pants and holes cut out

out fits. An array of celebrities

studded the front row, with Tweed,

black and an injection o of pass

tells the colour thiement

Stay with us on Ten for updates Stay with us on Ten for updates

through o the day and of course all

the Commonwealth Games action at 5.

I'm Ms Belling, thanks for your company. Good morning.

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Good morning! Good morning and

welcome to The Circle. Another

cracking audience today. Please

welcome back for Day two our guest

host Colin Lane. Hi. 345 applause

Australia had another big day in

Delhi with our athletes scoring

five Gold medals bringing the tally

up to 9 golds. One Aussie lost his

temper and lost his medal over

night. Hassene Fkiri was competing

when he was disqualified midway

through his gold level bout against

his Indian competitor. Look at 48.

Looked a little frustrated - ah!

That is not sporting, is it? Giving