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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - who's telling the truth? Witnesses back up claims John Della Bosca abused staff at a waterfront club.

doing the attacking, if anyone. It was Mr Della Bosca The dark side of inner Sydney - in a city weapons and drugs blitz. police arrest dozens And family tragedy - in a road crash fireball. two brothers die Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Good evening, also tonight - media identities, and sports stars a former Prime Minister,

in the Queen's Birthday Honours. recognised And all the tips and highlights

Australian hair expo. from this year's But first tonight - Education Minister, John Della Bosca, the Premier has ordered his embattled not to drive. about the minister and his wife, It follows more damning claims in the scandal with a new witness coming forward at a Central Coast nightclub. over what happened because he fears retaliation. David is too scared to be identified was also at Iguana Joes But the local businessman on Friday night, and his wife, Belinda Neal, just metres from John Della Bosca after being asked to move tables. when they were arguing with staff Mrs Neal was going off, to close the place down, saying she was going

to underage people. and got standover-ish, Then Mr Della Bosca has gotten up towards the staff members the way he was standing who the eff I am?" going, "Don't you know "Is my effing table ready now?" Belinda Neal has then gone, to come forward David says he felt compelled

of his staff's allegations. had retracted all started getting aggressive Mr Della Bosca was already aggressive. after his wife to accommodate them Staff were trying and do what they could for them. to the Premier Mr Della Bosca has sent a letter claiming he's done nothing wrong. In a statement late today, there was now no evidence Morris Iemma said his minister behaved inappropriately has withdrawn all its allegations. because the restaurant Also adding: has been supplied The Police Commissioner with all the written materials. an independent inquiry. The Opposition wants

on Friday night. Something happened in that nightclub have attested to. That's what six staff members It beggars belief it's now withdrawn nothing did happen. and there's a pretence who is a Rudd Government MP, Belinda Neal, has released only a written statement have been misreported. saying the night's events James Boyce, Ten News. dozens of young people Police have locked up in the city. after a wild long weekend they seized drugs and weapons, In a blitz on street crime,

cracking down on known trouble spots. the long weekend means party time. For Sydney's clubbers, the 'We Love Sounds' music festival Hundreds attended at Moore Park. with officers running sniffer dogs But for police it means drug busts,

who went inside. past nearly every person Their searches paid off - cocaine, speed and cannabis 160 ecstasy tablets, found in bags, wallets and pockets. for drug possession and supply They locked up 48 people in just 10 hours. is higher than your average weekend The arrest rate this weekend targeting the offences. because we've had so many police out on Oxford Street too, They were out in force

flared. where alcohol-fuelled violence Police even arrested two young women

on the packed footpath. who'd been fighting

you need to recognise it, Once you've had enough to a licensed premises, and once you're refused access

you need to go home. five men were locked up for brawling. And on George Street, and smashing glass bottles They were throwing punches when the officers intervened. local bars to control the violence. Police say they are working with to explore the issue of lockouts If the need arises for us

in the future. that's something we'll do Daniel Sutton, Ten News. have died in a fiery crash Two young Bringelly brothers in Sydney's outer west. in Austral, as it smashed into a tree, The car exploded in flames and 16-year-old instantly. killing the 20-year-old along Bringelly Road They were travelling north

to the wrong side of the road. when their car crossed

they were street racing Police are investigating claims to come forward. and are calling for witnesses It appears the vehicle was travelling at road toll to five, The tragedy brings the long weekend crushed under an overloaded ute including a 16-year-old girl that rolled in Wagga last night. victims of Muslim racism Camden residents say they've become

. We are right over Brouwer, there

is a lot of traffic. We cannot get

further north are due to the

weather conditions. The traffic is

starting to filter through. You can

see, the headlights coming around. There are slight delays, traffic

leaving the Bridge, a lot of

motorists heading north. An update

on this other area. The traffic a

good long the Hume Highway,

everyone coming back from the

southern Highlands, if you are

travelling in the western highway,

visibility is affected. Drive victims of Muslim racism Camden residents say they've become the go-ahead of an Islamic school. since their council stopped to reject a Muslim school Camden Council's decision by those behind the project. has been condemned as racist group who opposed the school say Now members of the residents action are being slandered. the town and those living there the normal council process It's gone through but the losers won't accept it. by Muslim leader Kuranda Seyit, Residents are angry about comments

who said: being called names unnecessarily. People here are angry that we are We are actually being vilified a point of view. because we expressed he hasn't vilified anyone. But Mr Seyit says for the racist element This is a victory that exists here in Australia who are racists - and I think that a lot of people and not particularly Camden people, but people around Australia - are seeing this as a victory. Residents will take their complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board. We're worried about revenge attacks and hatred towards the town.

Camden Council has also received but the mayor says the school was rejected on legitimate planning grounds and he stands by the decision. Those behind the Muslim school

are expected to appeal to the Land and Environment Court. John Hill, Ten News. Former prime minister John Howard says he's touched at receiving the highest honour in the Queen's Birthday list. He joins other politicians, media identities and sportspeople awarded for their service to the Australian way of life. After more than 30 years in Parliament and 11 years as prime minister,

John Howard's elevation to a Companion of the Order of Australia is in keeping with a long career of achievement - recognition of the former leader's contribution to politics and to economic and social reform while doing a job he loved. It has been an incredible privilege to be the prime minister of the greatest country in the world. for much of his tenure The man behind Howard was his chief of staff, Arthur Sinodinos, who's also on the Queen's Birthday list. Other politicians recognised included former WA premier Geoff Gallop and the late Peter Andren, the much-loved Independent MP and former journalist. Channel Seven boss Kerry Stokes has been honoured for his contribution to business and the arts, as well as his purchase of Victoria Cross medals for the War Memorial. Their history is a story that we need to tell all Australians and I take great personal pride in being able to assist in that. Another recipient from big business was Woolworths chief Roger Corbett. On the other side of that equation - Bill Kelty. The former ACTU boss was awarded for service to the trade union movement. And making plenty of sense when it comes to dollars, money man Paul Clitheroe. I think it probably tells you some of the stuff you've been doing actually has value, and that's greatly appreciated. for his efforts on the cricket field, and Reg Grundy, the pioneer of TV game shows. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A look at sport with Brad McEwan, and the Blues are in their Brisbane bunker tonight. Yes, they've settled in just two days out Willie Mason arriving as public enemy shortly we'll hear how NSW plans Queensland's new half Scott Prince. And done and dusted on clay again - Rafael Nadal strikes a familiar pose as he equals the great Bjorn Borg's French Open record, leaving Roger Federer stunned. Plus, a bizarre pit lane accident in Formula One, and why Sydney's Adam Goodes is set for more controversy. Next, a 747 targeted in a laser attack - the bungle that helped the culprits get away. Also, the midair incident that delayed the return of our Aussie troops from Iraq. And the seeding success saving our snowfields. We actually just use what Mother Nature has already given us. (QUIRKY MUSIC) Bed wetting can be embarrassing for kids. Low self-esteem can often result. Thankfully, DryNites Pyjama Pants allows kids to discreetly manage the bed-wetting stage. Kids often become dry in their own time. In the meantime, there's DryNites.

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Butter-Menthol original, herbal and new Kids range. SONG: # And I can't hide VOICEOVER: Their most important reason for workplace safety hasn't even been born yet.

This program is captioned live. Hundreds of Australian soldiers are safely home with their families tonight

after returning from Iraq. But the journey was delayed by a few agonising hours It's hard to imagine a warmer welcome. Whoo-hoo! 130 Brisbane-based troops were due to touch down yesterday but instead arrived at 2:00 this morning after a stray bird grounded their flight from Darwin. Mate, it's a great feeling to come home, and to see my family again, it's the best feeling I've had. It's terrific to be back. There was a bit of a hiccup getting here, anyone could do about it. but there was nothing So we are here now -

After a 6-month deployment, relieved family and friends just happy to have their loved ones home safe and well. He has been worth the wait all the time - not just this last seven months, but for him, anything. The troops from the Combat Team Heeler of the Overwatch Battle Group West in southern Iraq were involved in security operations and reconstruction efforts. But one injured mate is still to arrive home. One of the team's still missing - Private Liam Haven. From what we understand, he's recovering well in Perth and hopefully will be able to make it for the parade later on this month. The Federal Government began withdrawing troops from Iraq last month as part of its election promise to bring home all combat personnel by mid-year. The job's done. The job's over. The Iraqi security forces started to step up to the plate in southern Iraq around about a year ago now. They are now confident and competent. A parade will be held later this month in Brisbane to honour the soldiers. I'm so proud of him - that's the main thing. A delay in reporting the latest aircraft laser attack has hampered police investigations. A Qantas Boeing 747 was targeted with a green laser as it flew into Sydney Airport from Melbourne last night, but authorities didn't notify police for two hours. The beam was spotted between Kings Cross and Royal Sydney Golf Course.

It was the third laser attack on aircraft this long weekend. A Federal Government ban on imports of high-intensity laser pointers takes effect next month. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News:

We're interested in both photos and video. There are growing fears over a cloud-seeding experiment in the Snowy Mountains. While some are happy it seems to make more snow, there are worries about the chemical run-off affecting drinking water.

But scientists in the Snowy Mountains aren't cultivating land, they're harvesting clouds. is investigating Snowy Hydro Corporation if cloud seeding can generate more snow across the Australian Alps. For the past four winters, it's used technology to artificially tease falls from the skies. The expert opinion was that we were expecting a 10% increase in precipitation, and all of our results so far are supporting that increase. Sounds like science fiction, but cloud seeding for rain has been occurring in Tasmania and overseas for decades. We can't create extra clouds out of nowhere. We actually just use what Mother Nature has already given us. Snowy Hydro constantly monitors the weather. When conditions are right, 13 generators burn silver iodine, releasing crystals into the air. These attach to freezing water droplets in the clouds, forming snowflakes.

Some scientists say it's virtually impossible to distinguish between artificially generated snow and that which falls naturally. Environmentalists also have their concerns. The real concern is to do with silver iodine itself, and there's no real knowledge as to how it will impact upon the environment.

The trial has been extended until 2014 in the hope that successful seeding will defend the Alps against climate change, giving better ski seasons and extra snow melt for the Snowy Hydro-Electric Scheme and River Murray. Emily Rice, Ten News.

. How has it been up a friend by?

We have a little bit of a We have a little bit of a

temperature, we are pretty warm

down here. Plenty of elated faces.

Monday had everything. Except the Office,

Office, do not we love it? 10

degrees in another, it is no degrees in another, it is no good

in the sand, we needed in the Damm.

This week it looks like we have

more grey stuff coming. Tomorrow 20

degrees. Around 20 degrees and

showers in the morning. See you around Next, shopping centre massacre - the chilling admissions of a killer. And 'Kaptain' Knievel stops traffic with a death-defying stunt.

This program is captioned live.

Last year's Young Victorian of the Year A disturbed comic book fan who killed seven people in a stabbing frenzy in Japan warned of his actions on the Internet. The attacker told police he came to the busy Tokyo shopping district to kill people because he was "tired of life". Panic on the streets of the Japanese capital as the emergency services attend the scene of a massacre in a packed shopping centre battle to save lives. and, behind green screens,

It happened at lunchtime in Tokyo's Akihabara district, popular for its electronic stores. In the first few moments, it appeared to be a road accident, after the driver of a truck drove the vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians, running three over. But then, say witnesses, he jumped out and began screaming as he stabbed passers-by indiscriminately. This man said he saw people collapsing onto the street one after another. "Someone shouted," he said, "that he had been stabbed." These dramatic pictures show the moment the police arrested the suspect, named as 25-year-old Tomohiro Kato. Dressed in a cream suit, he is pinned to the ground. His blood-splattered face is visible as he is bundled by officers towards a police car. They later said the suspect had told them he was tired of life and sick of everything. Once-rare knife attacks have become more frequent in Japan in recent years, as violent crime increases. Today the country once more has to ask itself why. Nina Nannar, Ten News. Chinese soldiers have used military might to stop a mega flood threatening a million people. Troops fired rocket-propelled grenades at close range, clearing enough debris to drain water from a so-called quake-lake, formed during last month's earthquake in the Sichuan Province. The tactic was successful in widening the run-off channel. Authorities feared the lake could burst its banks and cause catastrophic flooding. There are fears 35 coalminers could drown, trapped underground after an explosion in the Ukraine. and ripped through the shafts of the Karl Marx mine. Rescuers can't get through the debris but have reported hearing voices from about 700m below the surface. Authorities say there's the risk of the shafts flooding within the next few hours. A strong earthquake has rocked south-western Greece, killing 2 people and injuring at least 50 more. The quake, measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale, struck near the western city of Patras. One man was killed when his home's roof collapsed on him, while an 80-year-old woman died of a heart attack brought on by the tremor. Authorities have warned residents to beware of possible aftershocks. Motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel has stopped traffic

at a speedway in Texas, performing another death-defying stunt. Knievel successfully jumped 21 Hummer vehicles, four less than he'd originally planned because of a strong headwind. The landing ramp protected though they were easily cleared by the 'Kaptain'. It's Knievel's second public jump since the death of his father, stuntman Evel Knievel, in November. Up next, the latest tax to be slugged on plane passengers. Also tonight, the breakthrough bone transplant that saved a young cancer victim. It's lucky that we all come with a few spare parts. And "hair" we go again - tips and highlights galore at the Australian Hair Expo. MAN: It was the perfect holiday. We were having a ball. We had no idea that people were worried about us.

I'm really worried about our daughter and her family. Have you checked with any friends or family for information? Were they registered with Smartraveller? To help us find you in an emergency. MAN: I'm looking forward to homemade spaghetti sauce made with home-grown tomatoes. WOMAN: I'm looking forward to everything being new. MAN 2: I'm looking forward to jam on toast, freshly squeezed juice on the balcony. WOMAN 2: I'm looking forward to having my lounge room back. MAN 3: I'm looking forward to seeing a star striker in action. No matter what you see in your future, Bonner in north Canberra is somewhere to look forward too. With a few simple actions, each of us can change the future. We can use less energy. WATER RUNS We can use less water. DING! We can use the car less. BIRDS CHIRP And we can waste less. Weathering the Change is the ACT Government's climate change strategy. For more information, visit the website. VOICEOVER: With the availability of a true one-tonne payload... This program is captioned live. Kevin Rudd has used his Japanese visit to unveil a major international initiative to rid the world of nuclear weapons. The Prime Minister's announcement came after an emotional visit to Hiroshima, the city devastated by a nuclear bomb in World War II. According to the Mayor of Hiroshima, Kevin Rudd is the first serving Western leader to pay respects here. He's certainly the first Australian prime minister.

You can't come to this place and not be confronted by the sheer brutality of one bomb killing 140,000, laying waste to a city and destroying the lives of thousands more survivors. was profoundly moved, The Prime Minister his thoughts recorded in the visitors' book. Hiroshima should cause the world community to resolve afresh that all humankind must exert their every effort for peace in this 21st century. And he says the people of the Asia-Pacific should resolve to work together

for a world where nuclear weapons are no more. that was the message he took to Kyoto University after offering an olive branch to Japanese feelings. (SPEAKS JAPANESE) (APPLAUSE) That's the extent of my Japanese. Mr Rudd retraced the Australia-Japan relationship, reaffirming its importance and restating his commitment to it. and specially singled out our past cooperation on nuclear disarmament. I announce today that Australia proposes to establish an international commission and disarmament. on nuclear non-proliferation Former foreign minister Gareth Evans will be a co-chair. for others to join him and will seek Japanese involvement. The statistics on nuclear weapons are chilling - there are 10,000 nuclear warheads and another 20,000 in storage, Kevin Rudd says, any one more powerful than the bomb that devastated Hiroshima. Australia, with most of the world's known uranium reserves, has a big stake in eliminating nuclear weapons and the PM makes it clear our uranium will not be going to India unless it signs the non-proliferation treaty. The university audience applauded but a nagging question remained. What do you think about Japan? Japan is a fantastic country. In Kyoto, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A young netball player is looking forward to returning to the court despite fearing she may never play again. Doctors have swapped her bones to treat her cancer. 14-year-old Katie-Lee Brown's sore arm was fixed Last November she thought it was just broken, but it proved to be much more serious - cancer. I hit my arm in my sleep and then the next day I woke up and it was just red and, like, really puffy and bruising. Six weeks ago two teams of surgeons at Sydney's Children's Hospital at Randwick

took five hours to remove the arm bone and fit one of two leg bones as a replacement. It's an operation that is rarely performed. It's looking good - a lot less swollen than before. Dr David Ziegler is pleased with the progress. She had this very large tumour in the forearm - all this white area extending almost all the way from her elbow right down to her wrist. She then had very intensive chemotherapy, which she responded really well to, and as a result of that The bone swap has gone smoothly. It's lucky that we all come with a few spare parts and she can get around perfectly normally without having this bone in her leg. Katie-Lee and her family are from South West Rocks, so months in Sydney away from family and friends is a burden, but her mum is hoping the worst is behind them. It's because you just don't know what's round the corner. Each day it's a different outcome, yeah, but looking positive as each day goes past. If there are no more serious setbacks the next three or four months here, Katie-Lee will still have to spend but she's confident - and so are her doctors - that she'll be home for Christmas. But she has plans to go back to the netball court. Hopefully my arm will be able to do everything, but I won't have the strength I did in it. But hopefully I've got most of it back. So you'll have to do weights. (LAUGHS) Yep. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Virgin Blue could soon be charging passengers to check in their luggage. The airline confirmed that the measure was under consideration to counter rising fuel costs. Virgin Blue would be the latest in a string of airlines to charge luggage tax. Tiger Airways announced a $5 fee to check in baggage in May, Virgin Blue is also likely to announce another rise in fares. Big hair is back, Trend-setters from around the globe have gathered in Sydney to reveal the latest dos and insider snippets. There was no sign of the three bears, but Goldilocks was everywhere - 15,000 visitors checking out the highlights at Hair Expo. It looks like it might be good for a wet day. Umbrella, sunshade - whatever you like, basically. Just so you know, mullets are smaller this year, fringes slightly longer and Princess Leia's doughnut hairdo has travelled north and gone blonde. And there's no excuse for men not to be coiffed. Wearing it with more of a floaty, with an air-in-the-hair texture. It was a case of so you think you can model a hairdo for 'Dance' favourite Vanessa. They're doing something amazing Yeah, it's not quite finished yet. I'm going to have a beautiful flower here and I get blonde hair! That'll look natural. Yeah, of course. The really important thing in the relationship between a hair stylist and a client is trust and communication. There you go, Angela, just a couple of inches off, just like you asked for. Is that good? You can barely notice the difference. And if you've lost contact with the one who did get it right, can help you find them. You can actually put their name in the 'search' button,

press the search, her name should come up and have a photograph next to her so you can actually recognise her as well. You can find out where they are now. The other big news - hair product is becoming more environmentally friendly. The great thing about it is we don't contain any ammonia in the products. But while the hair biz might be going green, the hair itself can be any colour you like -

Britney Spears pink a big seller. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A tornado has ripped through Perth's southern suburbs, cutting a path of destruction. It severely damaged more than two dozen houses of around 50 people and forced the evacuation from an aged care home. Witnesses say it's lucky no-one was killed or injured, with roofing material flung hundreds of metres. and there was a resident in there and she just let out a big scream and the roof was gone. It's estimated wind speeds of and at one stage 13,000 homes were without power.

. The weather is a lot calmer. A

lot more of the grey stuff to come.

We wave goodbye to a long weekend

from Fred Bowe. 400 metres above

sea level. We're going to have a

short working week, but it is short working week, but it is going

to be grey just like last week.

Tomorrow around 20-22 degrees. Some Tomorrow around 20-22 degrees. Some

called starve - 17 degrees called starve - 17 degrees with

heavy rain later in the

. Sydney had 17, there was average.

Top of 16 in Canberra. The state's

We made around two hours of snow- making. Eyebright they got married

in this there, then went snowballing immediately. See Sport now with Brad McEwan, and Scott Prince is in for a tough night in State of Origin. Yes, NSW will go after him - why, shortly. Also, Nadal equals Borg's French Open record in a one-sided final. And the red-light incident that left Lewis Hamilton red-faced. The unique combination of Codral Cold & Flu tablets' active ingredients helps you win the fight against cold and flu. (All sing) # With Codral, you can... #

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Brett Kirk's tackling arms. Peter Everitt's height. Activate the Excitement Machine Machine. Hello, my Excitement Machine. of Excitement Machines, like this one, This program is captioned live. The Blues have arrived in Brisbane looking to wrap up the Origin series. Reporter Adam Hawse joins us live from Brisbane. Adam, being up north makes the Blues an even tighter unit?

. No doubt about it. Especially

when one of them caused

Queenslanders now begs. Rednecks.

After three days on the Gold Coast,

the boys after Willie's sledge may

have a quiet night here. The Blues

are looking to wrap up the series.

They have won the first game in

Sydney. Today they have named Scott

Prince the new half-back. The prime

target. He will probably have a bit

of traffic coming his way. How is

Queensland coping without Darren Lockyer?

The Queensland the six Melbourne

players were spurred by a New South

Wales players in game one. - were I don't think Craig really coached us out of it. You know, we played poorly as a team. I think probably a couple of the Storm guys thought about his influence on our game a bit too much, so I'll just put that out of my head this time. He's just another coach and, you know, we're gonna play our own game.

. Queensland have not won an Origin

game without Nokia since 1999. I

can smell a bit of fear, it could

be the mangroves. There is another

game on tonight, the dockers are taking on another No public holiday for the Sydney Roosters after yesterday's 42-0 drubbing from Manly - coach Brad Fittler putting the team through a video session then a tough fieldwork session, instead of the usual swimming pool recovery. I think as a group we didn't deserve one,

so we had to get straight back into it. We've got a very quick turnaround.

We play Penrith on Friday night and they also got beat, so it's gonna be two teams that are pretty desperate. Fullback Anthony Minichiello says he's confident he'll see out the season despite his ongoing back problem getting a torrid workout yesterday. More suspension worries for the North Queensland Cowboys, with stand-in halfback Travis Burns facing a minimum four weeks on the sidelines. Burns was today hit with a dangerous throw charge as well as a high tackle charge out of Saturday night's loss to the Wests Tigers. And Canberra prop Scott Logan is facing a minimum 3-week ban for a dangerous throw on Parramatta's Luke Burt. Sydney's Adam Goodes after the Match Review Panel gave his report a low grading. Goodes went into the umpire's book early in Saturday night's dramatic win over the Eagles for this hit on Adam Selwood. But an early guilty plea will see him escape with a reprimand. The result is sure to provoke a negative reaction from other clubs, with Goodes previously escaping suspension for other incidents. And Melbourne's lean year has continued at the hands of Collingwood - the Magpies souring the Demons' 150-year celebration with a 21-point win at the MCG. the great Bjorn Borg's record Rafael Nadal has equalled of four consecutive after defeating Roger Federer in the final at Roland Garros. The Spaniard clinically dismantled the world's best in straight sets. As the French Air Force painted the sky above Roland Garros, beneath them Rafael Nadal began work on his clay masterpiece. Taking on the world's best for the third successive time in the Paris final, the Spaniard made it look easy. COMMENTATOR: It's too good. Nadal blitzed through the opening set 6-1 in 32 minutes, before Federer finally found some form.

Well, that's what it takes. Just an unbelievable angle. The Swiss Master broke back to square the second set... ..and he appeared to be getting back into the match. Well done. But Nadal quickly extinguished Federer's fire. Oh, that's quick. The world number two combined deft touch... Stop it. ..with a barrage of heavy hitting to wipe his opponent off the court and set up a historic fourth consecutive French Open title. It's long. I didn't expect one match like this, no? But I think I played a almost perfect match. Roger had mistakes more than usually. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Former Wimbledon champion Lleyton Hewitt believes

that despite battling injury, he's ready to make another run at the All England Club Championship. Hewitt will compete at the Stella Artois titles this week as he looks to adjust to grass.

. Especially after playing on grass.

It is a totally different style of

game. It is always nice to come

back to a place we have had great Notice the South Sydney Rabbitohs hat? Seems Russell has been sending him things. There's just a 2-week break between the French Open and Wimbledon

this year. History at the Canadian Grand Prix, with Robert Kubica the first Polish driver to win a Formula One race. Things were made a bit easier on lap 18, though -

Lewis Hamilton running into world champion Kimi Raikkonen as they waited for clearance to leave pit lane. waiting for them. They were doing the right thing and those behind were not expecting it. That wiped both of them out of the race. Hamilton had been leading by almost seven seconds. Aussie Mark Webber finished 12th, despite spinning in the closing stages. Kubica beat home Nick Heidfeld in a BMW one-two. Spanish rider Dani Pedrosa has won at home, taking out the Catalunya MotoGP. Aussie Casey Stoner Pedrosa took an early lead by more than eight seconds. and at one stage led the field COMMENTATOR: Two wins in Spain this year - Dani Pedrosa is the man. After a gripping battle throughout the race, championship leader Valentino Rossi finished second, just ahead of Stoner. A brilliant day for the Blue Oval in the V8 Supercars at Sandown. Ford's Craig Lowndes took advantage of a slip-up from team-mate Jamie Whincup COMMENTATOR: This is the moment of the race Whincup locks it up. Lowndes surging through! Lowndes made it career win number 70, finishing ahead of 5 Falcons. But his luck ran out in race three - Lowndes forced to retire after breaking an axle on the warm-up lap, who took the spoils. We've done it again - different format, but still number one. No doubt about it in race three.

That was Whincup's second win of the weekend, handing him his second round victory of the year. In the lead-up to the US Open, Australian golfer Robert Allenby has lost in a play-off for the first time in his career at the St Jude Championship in the United States. Fellow Aussie Gavin Coles also figured strongly on the leaderboard before finishing in a tie for eighth, but there was nothing as pretty from American Tim Herron. COMMENTATOR: Oh, here's a new look on tour. Allenby powered home with a blazing round of 65, setting up a playoff with US Masters champion Trevor Immelman and former British Open champion Justin Leonard. The American holed a 6m birdie putt on the second extra hole to win the title. Ahead in Sports Tonight, the highlights of the Storm-Titans game. Plus, game two of the NBA finals series between the Celtics and Lakers. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather is next. (HISS!) WOMAN: (SINGS) # Oh, just a feeling WOMAN 2: (SINGS) # Just a feeling # Just a real good feeling # Oh, just a feeling # Oh, yeah

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. This program is captioned live.

One of the great things to do in

the snow is to toast marshmallows.

We have some picture-book images

coming through. What

What a way to read up the long

weekend. They are toasting marshmallows, how does Uncle Ron like his marshmallows?

Six at once. If you missed out the

opening of the ski season, we will

show you what it looked like and

what it felt like. It was a

delightful weekend. Mother Nature

did not turn up, we made a little

bit of snow. There were grins all over

over the place. Look at those

delightful images. What about this?

A white wedding coming up. That A white wedding coming up. That is

a bride on a border, going for a

snowboard. What a way to celebrate

your wedding. What about Sydney

Camm? Gray, grey, grey.

Unfortunately, that is the way it

is going to stay. The shower and

rain is going to continue right

through the next weekend. Tomorrow,

20 degrees, a shower or two, blue 20 degrees, a shower or two, some

blue Thatcher's. Tuesday similar. Wednesday and Thursday colder

temperatures. Did she not love

Monday? It came at minus the Office, they they should be more

. Cloud is spreading over West W A

causing gusty storms and rain are

mainly near the west coast. Other

distortions is contracting his word

distortions is contracting his word

shifting rain to inland New South

Wales. Tomorrow, a trough will take

rain into in London WI and west and

South astray. - West Westerners

show you.. Precipitation - trips

and troughs across eastern New

South Wales and Viktoria. It might

rain for Northern Tasmania. Patchy

rain across Westerners show rain across Westerners show you.

Showers for south-west Westerners rain across Westerners show you. Showers for south-west Westerners

. I think they are just about done.

Uncle Ron likes them six at a time.

Snow report - when is the natural

stuff going to show up? May be

Thursday or Friday and a little

later towards the end of June.

That is it from all of us. Happy

had a lovely long with a talent for martial arts. and the voice behind the bear, Jack Black, is on the red carpet with entertainment reporter Angela Bishop.

. Welcome back to Australia Jack.

Thank you good to be back. The

Panda you play has some pretty good

moves IU as flexible? I do not have

all the moves that are displayed in

the animated feature, otherwise we

would have done it as a regular -

as a regular movie and put on a pen

or make-up. I have some moves. You

have become a father for the second

time, is this one you would time, is this one you would like your kids to see?

I started doing this movie before

thinking of having kids. My all

this kid is two. I started doing this

this movie format queues ago. -

four years ago. It is an incredible

animated feature. I look forward to

them sing it. Maybe in a couple

more years. You blew their lead on

Angelina Jolie having twins the

chip an issue for that? No, there

was no punishment. OK, they may

have been a little bit of a

whipping. But nothing too bad. The

movie has done enormous box Office,

delight? I like. It is a big story

back home. It is bound to do