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(generated from captions) taxpayer-funded phone accounts. We expose politicians' unlimited Tonight -

of the public purse. Legalised pilfering of planning to bomb his old school. A Sydney teenager cleared A man arrested of JonBenet Ramsey. 10 years after the murder after Qantas profits nosedive. And air fares to rise tomorrow with Ian Ross. This is Seven News

This program is captioned live. Good evening. for federal politicians The game could be up a massive waste of taxpayers' money. with more evidence tonight of spend-up on political junk mail, After exposing their $60 million Seven News can now reveal on electoral office phone bills. there's no limit A whistleblower MP, shadow minister, says who's a former long-serving stealing from the public purse. politicians are like burglars trusted with taxpayers' money. Now even MPs admit they can't be just trust politicians is over. The era where you

16 years ago, When Daryl Melham entered Parliament of his allowances on re-election. he couldn't spend a cent in taxpayer slush funds. Now, MPs are knee-deep to get re-elected. They'll do anything the public purse even further, Now, if that means milking they will. in printing and postal allowances On top of the $60 million revealed last night, unlimited telephone expenses Seven News has learnt MPs also have for election calls. Hello, this John Howard. RECORDED TELEPHONE MESSAGE: of contacting you I'm taking the unusual step with this recorded message. That was paid by the Liberal Party similar messages could be made but next election on taxpayers' money. But wait - there's more. $60 million on propaganda Not only will our MPs get

and unlimited phone calls from the Electoral Commission they'll get another $40 million exactly the same election costs. to cover it's double-dipping, I think it's a rort, it's too much. sparked a rush in the Senate Last night's report and the Democrats as the Greens beat Labor in moving to disallow the increase. of self-investment for politicians. It's a nasty piece and it might be this one. He needs one Government vote, (laughs) And, it's your money. A northern beaches student Columbine-style school massacre accused of plotting his own

has been found not guilty. the teenager wrote out Police had alleged of bullies he wanted to target a hit list

to blow up his old school. and planned ways He was a bullied boy schoolyard tormentors in his pocket. with a death list of his We can't identify the 15-year-old, of wanting to destroy. or the school he was accused He told a friend: for the attack, He nominated April 5 this year wrongly believing it to be and Hitler's birthday. Columbine's anniversary with their attack more easily they could get away The boy told his friend

if they used a bomb. where to plant explosives "He said he learnt the best place

"while he was in the Army cadets." placing the bomb under the stage. He suggested the so-called threat His lawyer argued of dealing with bullying. was just his client's way He said: Magistrate Paul Mulroney agreed, idle threats and pure speculation. describing the boy's plan as "No comment" any lesson from this?" "Have you learnt

at school who picked on you?" "What do you say about the guys "No comment". for the murders of his three sons A Victorian father will stand trial when his car plunged into a dam. who drowned he had a coughing fit Robert Farquharson claims

crashed on Father's Day last year. when he lost control of the car and 7-year-old Tyler Killed were 10-year-old Jai, and Bailey, who was two. The magistrate found it was either a tragic accident against his former wife. or a wicked act of revenge She told the court he was innocent, had planned to kill his sons. but a friend said Farquharson serial child killer Kathleen Folbigg the legal aid lawyer for In Sydney,

for an appeal. has launched a new bid rest on a mystery document. Folbigg's hopes Is it a case of juror misconduct? REPORTER:

at this stage, thank you. We don't wish to make any comment a special court hearing Folbigg wants of the potential new evidence. to ask for the release has already refused Folbigg leave The High Court for killing her four children. to challenge her conviction She's serving a 30-year sentence. A man has confessed unsolved crimes - to one of America's most famous JonBenet Ramsey. the murder of child beauty queen who's been arrested in Thailand, He was a neighbour, only the killer could know. after revealing details (sings) She was the beautiful little girl of a brutal murder who was the victim most thought would go unsolved. and dead ends, But after 10 years of speculation finally, a breakthrough. CHURCH BELLS TOLL an American primary-school teacher, 41-year-old John Karr, was arrested in Bangkok this morning while being held on unrelated sex charges.

only police would have known. He's reportedly confessed to details When my officer asked him, that's all, he loved the girl. he said he loved the girl,

that an arrest had been made, I was notified this morning and just absolutely impressed accomplishing this. with the effort that went into

6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was beaten, strangled, and possibly sexually abused, on Boxing Day 1996

in Boulder, Colorado. in the basement of her home A ransom note was also found. were instant suspects. Her parents, John and Patsy, JonBenet. I did not kill my daughter, I did not kill JonBenet. anything to do with it. I did not have after a long battle with cancer, Patsy died in June this year

were about to make an arrest. aware authorities While police hold a press conference tomorrow to release more details officials will be escorting Karr back to America where it's expected he will be charged over a murder that's fixated a nation. Convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby

has had her 20-year jail sentence cut by two months. The remission is given to most Indonesian prisoners to mark the country's independence day.

Nine of the Bali bombers got a four-month reduction.

Corby's release date is now August, 2024. She's due to face court next week for a final appeal against her conviction. Bulldogs Rugby League player Reni Maitua has lost his licence for 18 months for drink-driving. The 24-year-old recorded a high-range blood alcohol reading of 0.165 on Anzac Day. As a P-plater, his legal limit is zero. I'd like to apologise again for what I've done. I did the wrong thing. The magistrate was fair and I'm just going to accept my punishment.

Maitua was also fined $2,800. Qantas passengers are set to pay more for international flights

after the airline's profits took a dive. It made nearly $500,000 million - a drop of 30%, because of soaring fuel costs. If you think it's expensive to fill the car right now, try filling one of these.

In the last 12 months, Qantas has spent $2.8 billion on fuel, almost 50% more than the year before - a cost to be passed straight to passengers. It's sort of getting to a point where it's unaffordable. You're not going to be able to afford it, simple as that. A fuel levy hike will be announced tomorrow. Overall, air fares are still very, very reasonable. But Qantas admits problems - profits down 30% to $480 million. There'll be restructuring,

more workplace agreements for Jetstar staff, and 1,000 jobs to go. I do think that inevitably there will be some more jobs overseas, but if that's a headline tomorrow, it'll be the wrong headline. The unions don't think so, accusing Qantas of chasing cheap overseas wages. Absolutely, because in Thailand, they're paying those people $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year. Qantas bosses also say they'd like to see more of the company sold to overseas buyers, claiming it wouldn't affect the "Flying Kanagaroo's" iconic status. They argue it was allowed to happen with Holden and Vegemite. Would it be any less Australian? No, I don't think so. Investors welcomed the Qantas result. Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has broken down during an emotional tribute to Vietnam War diggers. He was reading a letter from colleague Graham Edwards, who lost both his legs to a landmine. As we left the table he said to me "Both our countries must look to the future." I agree. The Prime Minister apologised for the way veterans were treated when they came home.

That we collectively failed those men at the time and they are owed our regrets and our apologies for that failure. Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of the battle of Long Tan, an Australian victory against overwhelming odds. Sydney shoppers are being downsized, though many might not realise what's happening. Manufacturers are quietly boosting profits by putting less product into smaller packages,

but charging the same price. People are getting bigger, but products certainly aren't. "Oh, that's smaller," when you go to put it in the container. Cereal's the biggest one I notice. The latest casualty - Schweppes mixers. 315ml bottles will soon be replaced by 300ml ones, but the price remains the same. A recipe will call for 450 grams of something and when you go get the tin and it's 425. It makes all the difference in the world when you're cooking. It's happening all over. Toilet paper - 400 sheets has become 260. Toothpaste used to be 145 grams, now you pay the same for 120 grams.

Even beer - bottles were 375ml, now many are 330ml. And that's a good mouthful. Everything. A lot of packets seem to have, yeah, extra air in there. One excuse is manufacturers are helping the obesity epidemic. Some claim customers prefer the new packaging. I'm very much doubting that soft drink companies are thinking about our waistlines. Product downsizing is one area where customers are really left out in the cold. The Consumers Association says it has better priorities,

while the ACCC and Fair Trading can't investigate

because it's not against the law to reduce a product size. If they are downsizing and they see it's just a ploy, they can boycott them.

Len Evans, known as the godfather of the Australian wine industry, has died, aged 75. It's believed Mr Evans suffered a heart attack, while picking up his mother-in-law from Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital. Len Evans was Australia's first regular wine columnist and wrote our first wine encyclopaedia. Ahead in Seven News - Our solar system set to expand with three new planets.

Also, a fireworks record attempt goes off with a bang. And Jennifer Hawkins floors them at Myer's fashion spectacular. If you don't know much about DIY, having a bit of trouble, come down to Bunnings and see some of our friendly faces and we'll help you out. There are a lot of people here that know what they're talking about. 3-piece bistro outdoor setting - only $49.98. Laundry tub - $159.

Twin floodlight with sensor just $15.99. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. So come on down. (Giggles) Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Sydney detectives have made a breakthrough in a long-running murder investigation. Andrew Heavens was shot dead at Callan Park at Rozelle three years ago. Police have now charged a 26-year-old Nowra man with murder and they're hunting a second suspect. There are other people out there in the community who have specific knowledge of this crime and may even possess some evidence in relation to the crime. Investigators want witnesses to call them. Remembering the planets of our solar system looks set to get harder with astonomers voting next week on whether to add a few more. The candidates are small and with decidedly down-to-earth names like Charon. Orbiting our sun are the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and the rest. Now we might have to remember more. Astronomers are meeting to decide if three contenders are worthy of being called planets. One is an asteroid, the others more like Pluto, the little outpost some say isn't a planet at all. We felt that, scientifically, between these Pluto-like objects which are being found beyond Neptune and the other planets. There'll be eight traditional planets, that we know of, and there'll be these four plutons of which one we already knew about, which is Pluto. This is our part of the solar system we all know. The new planet, or Pluton Ceres, is here in the asteroid belt while all the way over here, past Pluto, are Charon and UB 313, nicknamed Xena. That's 'Xena the Warrior Princess' Look out! Pity they can't name planets after superheroes. The change will mean an overhaul of our education system. Out go textbooks about the old solar system with those old lines to remember it, like "My very energetic mother jumps swiftly up near Pluto." And, like the universe, it never ends. With better instruments, we'll find more of these, for sure. US President George Bush has made a pitch for votes, using one of America's most famous exports. The President went to the Harley Davidson factory in Pennsylvania to talk up his economic credentials. But with biker sunglasses on, he couldn't resist hopping aboard a hog and revving it up. MOTORBIKE REVS

A recent poll found only one-third of Americans support Bush's handling of the economy. A British university professor has taken a shot at the world fireworks record, setting off 55,000 skyrockets at once. FIREWORKS EXPLODE The spectacular stunt was the highlight of the British Fireworks Championships. Official confirmation of the record will only come

after every spent rocket is counted. Making fashion fireworks in Sydney was Jennifer Hawkins, lighting up Myer's summer launch. The former Miss Universe brought some muscle along, too, NRL footballers tackling the catwalk.

A chance for the girls to wiggle and twirl. Kate Ritchie, Erin McNaught and Lara Bingle were also among celebrity guests. Harry Miller knew what he wanted. A bit of nudity. When the Myer jet landed, out came the main attraction. Whoa!

Jennifer Hawkins and comedian Gary Eck talked us through what's hot for spring and summer - women with baggage, women with crazy shoes. I just love the way they strut. Socks go with heels. Michelle Leslie looked better out of her burkha. The bikinis were bright and colourful. The belt is back. Muscle men, all beef and budgies. The League boys have got the rest of us covered. The disco ball came down. And we slipped into evening wear. The guys tried their best to steal Hawko's heart. Eventually they all got a dance as the ballerinas tippie-toed in lingerie. It all went to plan. I was just like, yeah! It was cool. So which girl won you over - Jennifer Hawkins or Megan Gale?

Which store will you shop - Myer or David Jones? Let the store wars begin. Time for sport with Matthew White. And two Rugby League greats are in the clear. Gordon Tallis won't be sacked from the NRL board, while Andrew Johns will be part of the finals. Joey's Apology coming up - saved Joey's season. How saying sorry I'm so remorseful for what happened. I wish I hadn't done it. And a winning start for the Socceroos' new order. COMMENTATOR: A real chance for Australia - goal! Oh, fantastic! KFC's Boneless Banquet. With eight tender boneless fillets, six pieces of Original Recipe Chicken and heaps of your favourite sides, there's more than enough of everyone's favourites. KFC's Boneless Banquet. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. #

In the end, it was a simple apology that saved Andrew Johns from a season-ending ban at the NRL judiciary last night. But while the Knights are happy with a two-game suspension,

they want to make sure that, from now on, the League is consistent in punishing players who abuse officials. A quick goodbye from the captain

as his side headed to Townville to tackle the Cowboys then Andrew Johns was off to enjoy an enforced holiday after he accepted a two-week ban for abusing touch judge Matt Cecchin. I'm so remorseful, what happened. I wish I hadn't done it. Johns' apology, though five days after the event, saved him from a four-week ban. You gotta respect the officials

and with the kids, it's not the behaviour you should act and watch me when I come back, I won't be doing it in the future. But the Knights say the code's crackdown on abuse better apply to everyone. All players have now, I guess, been given some notice, or warning, that it won't be tolerated and I hope that's the case for all clubs from here on in. And News Limited won't sack former Bronco Gordon Tallis after a complaint arising from a pub incident was today withdrawn. Regardless of who was to blame for the incident, but, I wish to take - look, I mean, whatever. Fellow board members, though, say their job is to set an example for players. It's nothing to do with the ARL because it was an appointment of News Limited so if I may say, if it was me, the ARL certainly would say, "Well, you shouldn't be there."

It comes as sacked Bronco Brett Seymour learned They did the job, but the stand-in Socceroos who beat Kuwait last night don't want to be forgotten by national selectors. A 2-0 win puts Australia into the Asian Cup finals and these Socceroos want to be considered when the big guns return. A big crowd, all those gold shirts - it was just like being back at the World Cup -

well, almost. No A-League players got on the field in Germany. Last night was their chance to shine, now they want to do it again. If the Harry Kewells and Vidukas come back in the A-League just because you're playing the chance. doesn't mean you should not get David Carney plays for Sydney FC - a less-than-impressive first-half. he had the best shot in COMMENTATOR: To Carney.

Sat up nicely for Carney - then the follow-up header. beaten away The Kuwaitis were playing for a draw one until the 76th minute. and it looked like they might get Real chance for Australia - goal, Travis Dodd! Travis Dodd for the opening goal. Carney's pass teed up Adelaide's

Dodd had another crack. 10 minutes later, by Sasho Petrovski. Followed up and in for the coaching position, too. It could have been an audition

But Graham Arnold's accepted the top job full-time. he won't be given to take over, Whoever does come in for this job

I can say to him that are good enough there's 30 players to take you to South Africa, not 15. is expecting a rock-star reception Australia's Geoff Ogilvy later tonight, when the US PGA begins to do with him. but he knows it has very little paired with World No.1 Tiger Woods The reigning US Open champion is and No.2 Phil Mickelson -

the biggest rivalry in golf. Bottom line - it'll be noisy. more than anyone else, Tiger's crowds and Phil's crowds, bring out non-golf fans, you know.

for the final major of the year. There are 12 Aussies lining up A possible early shower tomorrow. details after the break. Nuala has Sydney's weather

Good evening. to a very special film festival The Randwick Ritz is playing host this weekend, A Weekend at the Flicks" "Young at Heart: talks and workshops is two days of film premiers, for seniors, friends and families. for grandparents and grandkids There's even a special session this short 'Tommy the Kid', with great films like that all ages will enjoy. about today's warm weather There was plenty to enjoy

for over 3.5 months. It hasn't been this toasty which is 7 degrees above average. The city hit 25, But a change is on the way. is moving across our State. Cloud with a cold front the north-east tomorrow, It will weaken and settle over triggering some isolated showers. A change is also approaching WA tomorrow. with showers developing in Perth

Tomorrow won't be quite this warm will give way once north-westerly winds westerly change tonight. to a slightly tamer shower along the coast There is just the risk of a morning for a mostly sunny day throughout. but that will clear quickly, As for our weekend, but fine and mild both days some cloud about Saturday next week and we could hit the mid 20s again which doesn't help our dams much.

No real rain fell in the last week, to 41.4%. with levels dropping a fraction This is a great cinema, When in Rome... and popcorn. plenty of character,

Do you know any seniors I can bring

to this film festival? Present

company excluded I hope. Enjoy your popcorn. And that's Seven News to now. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross.

Hello and welcome to Today Tonight.

Tonight - I'm Naomi Robson.

Unmasking our meanest boss. He paid this man $6.11 an hour

to take half of it back and had the gall to let him live in this dump.

I'm just asking you, mate. how he got away with it for years. And we'll show you That story in a moment. Video madness. Plus -

crazy stunts on the highways, The copycats trying to outdo on the line. putting their lives - and yours -

Also - Solved at last. Jonbenet Ramsey. The murder of child beauty queen The mystery that baffled the world. there goes the neighbourhood. And, celebrities move in next door See what can happen when on an island. and when they're trying to survive But first, is a business success story. Murphy Moses He's a millionaire. as Australia's best boss. But he won't be winning any awards he's the worst we've come across. In fact, And Bryan Seymour explains why. Mr Moses. REPORTER: Just a quick question, has been underpaid $250,000? Can you tell us why Christos I beg your pardon? $250,000. Christos says he's been underpaid get out of here! You're not to talk to me, I'm just asking you, mate. No, no, I'm just asking you, Just ---- out of here! I'm just asking you, mate. He'd be the boss from hell. Don't get angry. Mr Moses, don't get upset. I just want to ask you a question. we just want to ask you a question. Hey, just calm down,

and doing packing jobs. $10 an hour for driving a forklift well-to-do business owner, Murphy Moses, by exploiting those most vulnerable. apparently doing well