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(generated from captions) Good morning. on board a Japanese whaling ship Two protesters detained

are expected to be released. is refusing to say The Australian Government as hostages. whether the men were held by the Federal Police. The incident is now being ivestigated board the Japanese whaling ship Two Sea Shepherd activists boldly a protest letter. to personally deliver We're on board - whoo-hoo! on icy waters off Antarctica, But on deck of the 'Yashin Maru', the situation gets heated. Japanese crew then tie up and assault Sea Shepherd claims the and Giles Lane, Australian Benjamin Potts to throw them overboard. even attempting this is the 'Steven Irwin.' MAN: 'Nissan Maru', two of our crew members illegally, You are detaining our crew members illegally, you are detaining two of

we strongly advise you release them. the two men were held, Japan has confirmed illegally and were hostile. but only because they boarded Sea Shepherd admits propeller of the vessel using ropes, protesters tried to entangle the they hurled acid on the decks. but reject claims we threw detergent acid, We didn't throw acid - rotten butter, which is literally like

at all, but it smells pretty bad. so it's not going to hurt you

of the Japanese ship, The group, who's now lost sight is defending its actions. I don't believe it's illegal - and never been convicted of a crime we've been doing this for 30 years are criminals. because our opposition

The high seas commotion erupted a Federal Court ruling just hours after in Australian waters. banning the whale hunt Emily Rice, Ten News. to Foreign Minister Stephen Smith Ten's Dougal Wallace spoke

of the hostage drama about what he knew a short time ago.

I enjoyed by foreign affairs minister at Stephen Smith. What is

the latest? What we now want to see is the men transferred from the Japanese

Japanese vessel to the Sea vessel. That was our requester Japanese vessel to the Sea Shepherd

vessel. That was our requester last

night to the Japanese government.

The Japanese government has instructed the Japanese whaling

vessel to effects that return. It

now requires rip Corporation

between the captains of the two

vessels. That is what we are now

waiting on. I urge the captains of

that the vessels to co-operate and make

to the that exchange. When did you speak to that exchange. When did you

to the Japanese government? I was

made aware of the incident late

yesterday. The government became

immediately aware of it. At a

departmental officials and the

officials at the embassy in Tokyo

approach the Japanese government.

Last night I was advised the Japanese government had agreed Japanese government had agreed to

our request. Through the course of

last night they instructed the last night they instructed the

whaling vessel to arrange the

transfer of the two men concerned.

Regrettably, that has not occurred

yet this morning. I have a game

called on both the captains to co-

operate to ensure we get a safe

transferor of the Two Gentlemen. The most important thing now The most important thing now is

they are returned to their own

vessel safely so that their safety, security and security and welfare is protected.

Do you think these protesters have

gone too far? When I announced the

policy to seek the Japanese

government to stop wearing, I made

the point that in the Southern

Ocean people need to exercise

restraint. There is a lot of

potential for harm and not much

capacity for rescue or assistance.

exercise I have been urging people to

exercise restraint and I am now

urging those two captains to be

restrained and to co-operate and

make the transfer of the two gentlemen concerned as quickly as

possible. What action will the

government be taking on the federal

court case result yesterday,

deeming the results are illegal? We

were not a party to that. Late last year we

year we enabled the federal court

to make the decision he did, but

the judge himself yesterday

acknowledged the very great

difficulties of enforcing that

judgment. We remain of the few that

the best way to try to persuade

Japan to seas whaling is through

diplomatic efforts and also through

international legal action, which

we are currently contemplating.

justice for Before the Court of international

justice for the tribunal of law of the EC.