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(generated from captions) we ever taught her. That's one of the first words This program is captioned live. two years prison Tonight, a thug jailed - over 50 cents. for bashing a pensioner our 60th wedding anniversary. We were a couple of weeks off New alcohol guidelines - how little we should be drinking. the experts dictate

Beer's my friend

more than two standard drinks a day. and I definitely need And the State Government accused on shark surveillance. of ignoring crucial advice Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Sandra Sully. of assaulting a rude car dealer. Also - the policewoman accused

of singer Yunupingu And a shadowy portrait takes out the Archibald Prize. for two years But first - a man has been jailed who refused to give him 50 cents. for bashing an elderly war veteran a month after the assault. 83-year-old Ernest Evans died as she came to court Una Evans held her grandson tight

of her beloved husband, Ernest. in memory His bowling club of Carringbah - today. he's representing his grandfather He was, like, a role model and that. 83-year-old Ernie died last year, in the street by Kristopher Cowie a month after he was attacked to give the young man 50 cents. after he refused to get a job, When the war veteran told him at least three times in the head, Cowie punched him knocking Ernie to the ground. boy, that was a whack and a half. For 50 cents, told police Cowie's girlfriend, Tracy Prater, she was the one who assaulted Ernie, but today she was found not guilty. that you've been found not guilty? Are you relieved Yes. Are you sorry about what happened? Of course I am. swore out loud today Instead, her 30-year-old boyfriend for assault. when sentenced to two years jail The magistrate told him: our 60th wedding anniversary. We were a couple of weeks off a year behind bars Cowie is already serving an airport security guard. for threatening to kill But jail hasn't been easy on him. after being bashed on Monday, He was put in protective custody his lawyer claiming

have been circulating Corrective Services officers within the jail media reports about this crime and pointing him out.

The Department of Corrective Services he is in protective custody, has confirmed but refused to comment. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. tonight If you're heading out for a drink how much you have. you may want to reconsider just two drinks or less a day. New guidelines recommend raises the risk of dying Experts claim any more than that or injuries. from alcohol-related disease The city at lunchtime - in full swing. Friday drinks are already Oh, this is number three or four. And that's just the start. go back to work today. Yeah, we might not Just don't tell the boss! Perhaps the boss has heard about for alcohol. new conservative guidelines each day, on average, No more than two standard drinks

even death. to avoid serious health problems, and the more frequently you do it, The more drinks you have the more your risk rises. Tell that to this group - after office redundancies. drowning their sorrows has started to hit us, The global economic crisis so yeah, beer is my friend, more than two standard drinks a day. and I definitely need And don't think for one big night out. you can save up all your drinks

to four standard drinks per session. limit yourself The experts say

of risky behaviour and fights. Any more increases the chances or who are trying for babies, For women who are pregnant, no alcohol whatsoever. the advice is clear - And the experts say their children to even try alcohol parents should not allow

until they're 18. The home introduction of drinking - Mediterranean concepts - watered wine,

we do not find evidence for these. won't be easy. But cutting alcohol consumption on the harbour, We're here for a weekend a lot. and yes, drinking will feature We do understand on a Saturday night that people going to the pub in their back pocket. are not going to have the guidelines Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Surfers and swimmers are being warned of more shark attacks about the chance of spawning fish. because of the autumn migration And it's been revealed were ignored predictions of earlier shark attacks the experts were just after funding. because the State Government thought This is a bird's-eye view moving up and down our shorelines. of clouds of baitfish They're easy to spot from the air, but more difficult to see if you're amongst them.

This surfer at Bondi looming precariously close. also missed the 2m predator

Michael Brown has seen many times It's a scene as a volunteer shark spotter. We get out there in the morning. where the hot spots are - We can identify

congregating - where we've got baitfish a very clear indication and that gives us throughout the day. of where the dangers could lie to government fell on deaf ears. But he says his warnings for aerial surveillance. He was asking for money

is a not-for-profit organisation SurfWatch three days a week. that runs from dawn that's not enough for some surfers. After recent attacks, first thing in the morning You're not going or last thing at night?

No, not at the moment. good swells... But if there's a good wave, Yeah. It's hard to resist? just go out. Just whenever the waves are good, That's pretty much it. If you get unlucky, you get unlucky. Scientists have rejected claims has exploded the population of great whites in 1999. since it became a protected species They point out the shark can't breed at 15 to 18 years of age, until it reaches maturity, and that's still some years off. But their chase of baitfish makes for a good tale to tell.

I think it's kinda cool. It's cool? Yeah, it's cool. A story to take home with you? Yeah, it is. Amber Muir, Ten News. The Prime Minister wants the owners of clothing icon Bonds in government subsidies. to hand back $17 million Kevin Rudd's demand was made the Pacific Brands Sydney factory as soon-to-be redundant workers from protested its imminent closure. Workers from seven other unions joined the chorus. Chesty, what have you done? Loyalty is a two-way street. Why is it always the worker that shows the loyalty and not the employer?

Some workers were told they'd be locked out if they joined the rally, but they were allowed back in without incident. Former treasurer Peter Costello is again stealing the limelight from the Coalition's leadership. He's being accused of destabilising the Federal Opposition after making some controversial public comments. Keeping up appearances. Surely the backbench is not a place for a man of your experience, of course. In the last 48 hours Peter Costello has commanded more media attention than Malcolm Turnbull, taking up the Opposition's attack on Kevin Rudd's handling of the economic downturn. If Mr Rudd would like to appoint me as his special advisor I'll be around at his rooms tomorrow. The former treasurer's every outing is now bound to spark another flurry of leadership speculation. I think Peter Costello wants to help Mr Turnbull by replacing Mr Turnbull in the job. For a bloke who looks like a dentist, he's got a funky... He may look mild on the outside, but he's thinking funky thoughts. The Opposition's real economic leadership team could only laugh it off. Kevin Rudd wants to talk about everything except his economic incompetence. This is what you call a weapon of mass distraction. But at least one Liberal MP isn't laughing, bluntly calling Mr Costello's media blitz destabilising. From a backbench point of view I think this makes it difficult for people like Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Turnbull's trying to get on with the job,

hosting an employment meeting in Adelaide. Good to see you. Sorry I missed your call last night. The Coalition instead wanted another former treasurer in the spotlight today, with Joe Hockey seizing on Paul Keating's overnight warning that further stimulus packages won't save the economy now. I urge Kevin Rudd to listen to Paul Keating. On this occasion, Paul Keating is speaking good sense.

Daniela Ritorto, Ten News. The terrorists behind the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team have now been linked to al-Qaeda. Authorities have also released sketches of the main suspects. The faces of terror that have changed international cricket forever.

Pakistani police say these are just some of the men who carried out Tuesday's deadly attack. Officials refused to release further details other than to say they believe the militants have links with al-Qaeda. We have found a lot of evidence. We have recovered the weapons. We know exactly, we have identified the people who did this operation. Whether or not there was enough security is now turning into a war of words. The country's former president has weighed in, branding the police and security forces deficient. Since we have not been able to shoot anyone or kill anyone, I think we need to improve that standard. It's images like this which do little for the police case, but the Pakistani Cricket Board has hit back at claims the umpires were sitting ducks. Totally fabricated. The board's now demanding an apology and has opened its own inquiry. Australia isn't taking any chances. Teams of armed guards were patrolling today's training session in South Africa. I think it's a little bit too early to be making too many calls on what the future of Pakistani cricket might hold. Obviously, we're all saddened and, at different times, a few of the guys are quite distressed. The ICC says a minute's silence will be held at all matches over the next three days. Richard Davies, Ten News. Sport headlines with Brad McEwan. Brad, the Australian cricket team will attempt to thwart South Africa again tonight. Yes, the Aussies will clinch the series if they win the second Test in Durban, but still we're not sure how many of our first-choice bowlers are fit. And up, up and away - Steve Hooker continues to soar above his rivals, this time at the World Athletics Tour meet in Melbourne.

And as you'll see by this shot, Australian golfer Robert Allenby is in terrific form at the Honda Classic in the US. He'll head into round two as the outright leader. Also ahead, what Pim Verbeek had to say about the A-League Socceroos' dismal performance against Kuwait, and why the Raiders have allowed dumped five-eighth Todd Carney to work in a pub. An off-duty police officer stands trial for the assault of a car dealer. We'll find what allegedly set her off next. Plus - the high-tech train timetables RailCorp wants banned. And twin brothers turn their darkest years into a funny film. We knew how important this movie was to make and to write. GENERAL CHATTER VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings at McDonald's. Getting off cigarettes on your own can be hard. Getting professional help can make it much easier. Ask your GP or pharmacist about new medicines that can make you up to 2.5 times more likely to successfully quit. Talking to Quitline advisors can also increase your chances. Get off cigarettes for good by getting help. Talk to your GP or pharmacist or call or SMS 'Quit' to Quitline - 13 78 48. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. MAN: Hi, I'm calling about something I saw the other day that seemed a bit strange.

WOMAN: I overheard them planning something. I felt like I had to let you know... MAN 2: ..downloaded documents from suspicious websites. Your detailed information could help keep Australia safe, so if you see or hear something that just doesn't feel right,

call the National Security Hotline on: You can remain anonymous. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. (EXHALES) (GIGGLES) (EXHALES) (SIGHS) Hot & Spicy!

KFC's Hot & Spicy Kebab packs a real punch. (EXHALES) With a fiery fillet, supercharged sauce and your favourite kebab ingredients. KFC's Hot & Spicy Kebab. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. # This program is captioned live. An off-duty police officer is on trial, accused of assaulting a car dealer who mistakenly thought she was pregnant. The woman and her husband have pleaded not guilty to assault. It must rank among the worst of social gaffes - a textbook error for any salesman - wrongly assuming that a customer is pregnant. But Gavin Druitt did just that, sparking a scuffle where it's alleged he was assaulted by Laine Martyr, an off-duty police officer, and her husband, Damien. It was just an innocent mistake, assuming she was pregnant? Officer Martyr was shopping for a new car with her husband

last July in Artarmon. The court was today told a discussion with the salesman about converting the car to LPG became heated and degenerated into name-calling. Mr Druitt, a car dealer with 15 years experience, says he tried to calm the situation by saying: What happened next is hotly contested. The prosecution alleges Officer Martyr hit the salesman over the head with her handbag, while her husband tried to punch him. He ended up pushing him against a wall, leaving a hole in the gyprock. Mr Druitt was left with a torn shirt and bruising to his head. The Martyrs were charged with assault. In cross-examination, the defence accused Mr Druitt of using strong language, saying he called Mrs Martyr a whore. Mrs Martyr's barrister suggested she'd been trying to stop a fight when she accidentally brushed Druitt with her handbag. The magistrate will hear at least another day's evidence

before deciding if the off-duty officer and her husband are guilty of assault. Evan Batten, Ten News. Sydney's notorious train network has sunk to a new low. A computer programmer has been threatened with legal action by CityRail bosses after developing an electronic timetable. Thousands could have benefited, but RailCorp ordered him to take it down. Nick Maher's a software engineer who came up with this - a clever CityRail timetable you can download to your phone. So you can tell when the next train's coming, sort of at a glance. It has the potential to make life easier for thousands of train passengers. And railway bosses were initially very keen on the idea.

But when no action was taken, Nick told CityRail he was uploading it to iTunes for passengers to access free. He got a surprise response. They'd pursue with legal action anyone who'd use their data without authorisation. They threatened to sue. CityRail's timetable is copyright, even though it's public information, but that's where the argument ends, because both Sydney Buses and Sydney Ferries freely allow mobile phone timetable programs similar to this one. It's simply absurd to think the State Government is considering legal action. They should be thanking these people and adopting the technology so that all commuters can benefit. It's not just one software developer that's been knocked back by CityRail, but four, and it's surprising, given it could be a very easy way for the State Government to bring train passengers into the 21st century. RailCorp issued a statement saying: But the developers say some of the programs are simply linked to CityRail's own website. Nick, in the meantime, will take his technology interstate and overseas. It's kind of unfortunate that there are no ones for Sydney trains. Josh Murphy, Ten News. The father of a young girl who died because of a hospital error has broken down in State Parliament. Vanessa Anderson was hit in the head with a golf ball, but died in hospital when she was given the wrong medication. Government MPs voted down a bill called Vanessa's Law, which her father says would have prevented another mistake. It was disgraceful for a parent who's lost their child to see those people laughing and joking in there. It was disgraceful.

And they're politicians - they're our representatives.

Warren Anderson says he'll continue to fight to change the law, to stop other families going through what he has. They could be our next big things in Hollywood - twin brothers who've had to deal with the agony of losing both parents recently are on the road to stardom. Gil and Oren Ben-Moshe have been dealt more than their share of bad luck in the past five years, starting with their father's death. We wrote a sitcom about twins which NBC liked

and we were actually going to produce. Unfortunately, we had to come back and that was put on hold, and just recently, probably just over a year ago, we've just lost Mum. The screenplay for a comedy titled 'The Unreel Life of Joshua Schmuckman' has been pitched to some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. That they managed to write a funny script at their lowest point in their lives has impressed L.A. production companies. It is very hard watching your mother in pain, in agony, suffering, but we knew how important this movie was to make and to write,

not just for us but for her as well. Expressions of interest have been received from Moore Productions, Blackwood and Martin Fabinyi from Mushroom Pictures has proposed a $20 million budget that should include some of Australia's biggest names. Everything's in place, we've got all the cast who we want, and also, the most important thing for us is keeping this film in Australia. Aside from writing duties,

they're determined to play lead acting roles too. So what happened here? Oh, the usual - no-one saw anything, no-one heard anything. Typical! And if everything goes according to plan, the movie should be in the cinemas by next summer. The brothers will pack up their jobs as waiters and head to L.A. in two weeks to make their movie dreams reality. Frank Coletta, Ten News.

For people on the land it is a very

different perspective. Today

Primary Industry Minister came out

and said February was a month of

contrast for our farmers. They

either did it in the mud in the

floods or did it in the dust. Our

local and floods or did it in the dust. Our

local and latest flood and drought

figures are on the screen and now.

In NSW, 56.5 % of the state is

suffering in drought - the orange

in the west of the state. 9.6% is

marginal. 45 million hectares are

still a dry as a bone across NSW

and police state's water levels -

we told you Sydney's dance where at

56.9 %. we told you Sydney's dance where at

56.9 %. Today, our total water

levels are about 27% stake wide.

What about the barbecue for the

weekend? Should be set their

Sunday? I am tipping Saturday. Still to come - uncertainty for Holden as General Motors faces bankruptcy. Also, R&B singer Chris Brown faces court over a savage assault on his partner Rihanna. And a deafening reaction from fans as Michael Jackson announces his comeback. And when I say, "This is it," it really means this is it. Now the world number one in anti-wrinkle creams is even better. Enriched with elastin, of your skin, with a complex that helps stimulate the synthesis of elastin fibres for more firmness and elasticity, and Pro-Retinol A to encourage the renewal of the epidermis My skin feels firmer, as though lifted. New Revitalift, from L'Oreal Paris. The world number one, now with elastin. Because you're worth it. This program is captioned live. Holden workers have a nervous 2-week wait as the troubled car-maker prepares to release a restructuring plan. The company has confirmed an indefinite shorter working week is on the cards. Union leaders also fear up to 600 jobs could go. Production staff in Adelaide will be addressed on Tuesday,

but the company says a final decision is weeks away. Just tell us what's going on, basically - we'd like to know what our future is. At head office in Detroit, parent company General Motors' own auditors admit its survival is in doubt. GM is putting protection for bankruptcy in place. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, the Bank of England's taken the extraordinary step of printing new money to fight the recession? Yeah, that's right. Well, it's got very little room to move in terms of stimulating the economy through cutting the cash rate,

which last night it slashed to just 0.5%, and it now plans to prop up prices by pumping ?75 billion of new money into the country. This is how the bank's governor, Mervyn King, put it. These measures will increase the supply of money, and that will ultimately mean

that spending and the economy will pick up. Now, there are many uncertainties.

I cannot be sure as to exactly when that will happen. No-one's sure exactly what's happening at General Motors, amid signs the car company is on the brink of bankruptcy. That drove the Dow Jones down more than 4% on Wall Street and the local market followed suit today, losing another 1% by the closing bell. The Bank of Queensland was down 2% after announcing job cuts. And AMP went ex-div.

And that's finance for this week, although investors are bracing for a bumpy night on Wall Street, with jobs data expected to show another 700,000 Americans joined the unemployment line last month. George Bush Senior has choked up and then made a joke

about his wife's heart surgery. The former US president says his wife looks beautiful after an aortic valve replacement. It went so well, and I've been a nervous wreck about it.

Today we heard from four presidents of the United States.

It doesn't seem routine to me when you put a pig's valve in your wife. And we've had a lot of jokes in our family about whether she's going to go, "oink, oink". The 83-year-old told her children, including George W. Bush, not to visit her in hospital. The pig valve joke won't be lost on comedian Robin Williams.

Doctors have told the 57-year-old he also needs an aortic valve replacement. The Oscar winner was admitted to a Miami hospital on Monday. American rapper Chris Brown is facing four years jail, accused of bashing, choking and threatening to kill girlfriend Rihanna. Today a court heard details of the assault. It was a very public fall from grace for the fiercely private king of R&B. The People versus Christopher Brown. The 19-year-old former gospel singer turned international rap star fronted a packed Californian courtroom charged with the violent bashing of his celebrity girlfriend, Rihanna. The star apparently lost his temper as the couple drove to the Grammys, allegedly choking his girlfriend in a violent head-lock and biting her ear. Police allege when the singer called for help, Brown screamed: Repeatedly punching the 22-year-old until she was: Mr Brown, you are ordered not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone. Yes, Ma'am. Brown is yet to enter a plea. He'll front court again in April. And while the couple have reportedly reconciled,

it's unclear if their fans will be so quick to forgive. (SINGS) # But it's over now # But it's over now...# Brett Mason, Ten News. Declaring, "This is it," Michael Jackson has confirmed he will perform 10 concerts in London in July. The superstar's announcement thrilled his fans, who haven't seen him on stage in more than eight years. First came the circus, then its star performer - the man who was once the 'King of Pop'. For the first time in a long time, Michael Jackson ventured out without a scarf or mask To greet his fans at London's O2 Arena face-to-face. To a crowd he'd kept waiting for almost two hours,

the singer revealed the worst-kept secret in showbiz.

These will be my final show, performances, in London. This will be it. This is it. And when I say, "This is it," it really means this is it. The biggest comeback concerts in pop history -

a total of 10 live shows over the UK summer. I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. (ALL CHEER) His last live concert was eight years ago. Since then he's had more bad headlines than big hits. He's been tried and acquitted for child molestation

and shocked fans with his bizarre behaviour. The question is, after such a spectacular nosedive, can the 50-year-old convince fans to fork out? A VIP ticket to one of the London gigs could cost up to $2,000. But after years in debt, it's no secret he needs the money. I'll see you in July. Where he'll seal his musical legacy, or his fate as a faded star. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Still to come, police to enforce alcohol bans at tomorrow's Mardi Gras parade. Also, serial paedophile Dennis Ferguson pleads for privacy after being cleared of a new charge. And a humble artist's shadowy portrait of Yunupingu takes out the Archibald Prize. (GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS) SONG: # I... # I'm just passing by

# You are passing me by too # World # Far from perfect world # I see a lot of life in you

# Even though there are leaves on the ground

# The smell of your hair makes me feel like summer's around

# Yeah, snap # Snap, little dragon, snap

# Sprinkler making rainbow Tiny little rainbows for you. # This program is captioned live. Tonight's headlines - a man who bashed a pensioner who refused to give him 50 cents has been jailed for two years. 83-year-old Ernest Evans died one month after the attack.

Kristopher Cowie is already serving a year behind bars for threatening to kill an airport security guard. Workers who'll soon be made redundant from the Pacific Brands factory in Sydney have protested its imminent closure. The Prime Minister wants the owners of the company to hand back $17 million in government subsidies. And new alcohol consumption guidelines

have not gone down well with Sydney drinkers.

Medical researchers now believe we should stick to no more than two standard drinks per day.

They concede four drinks are OK for big events such as weddings. Police have warned they'll kick out Mardi Gras partygoers caught with alcohol

at tomorrow night's gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade. It's the first time in three years an alcohol ban has been in place. The 800 police patrolling the event will have the power to confiscate alcohol from anyone lining the parade route. Don't become a drunken thug, take some responsibility and let everybody have a good time. Police have already seized more than 2,500 ecstasy tablets they believe were destined for the Mardi Gras festival. Police have ripped up $4 million worth of cannabis found in bushland on a farm near Mudgee. A sophisticated piping system was being used to water the 1,500 plants. Four men have been charged. Queensland Police will continue to monitor Dennis Ferguson, despite his acquittal of a child sex offence. The 61-year-old has previously been run out of communities because of his convictions for child molestation. Dennis Ferguson is free - but you wouldn't know it. Shielded from the media by heavy police guard, he looked frail and shaken. Mr Ferguson has requested I make a brief statement on his behalf. He will not be speaking. He didn't have to. Tears still visible in his eyes, his lawyer said he was relieved justice had been done. It is my client's hope that the conclusion of this trial will afford him the opportunity to live without constant media harassment and public intrusion. And then he was gone - driven from the courthouse by police, to a secret location. It's been 3.5 years

since Ferguson was charged with molesting a 5-year-old girl in Dalby. But today, Chief Judge Patsy Wolfe said

while the child had clearly been touched,

she didn't think Ferguson was responsible. She pointed the finger at Alan Guy - a convicted paedophile - who was with Ferguson that day. Child advocates want him charged. We do need to go further with this, we can't allow that young girl to be sexually assaulted. Dennis Ferguson slumped in the dock and cried as the verdict was read out. He's a free man now, but critics want to know how someone with his long criminal history could ever live in the community. The Police Minister says they'll be watching. In the early days the police inform me that they intend to make contact with Mr Ferguson every day to keep a watching eye on him. Jessica Howard, Ten News. They say, if you fail once, then try, try again. Artist Guy Maestri did exactly that - and after nine painstaking attempts can officially call himself an Archibald winner. A defining moment in an artist's life, and Guy Maestri was, understandably, overwhelmed. His portrait of blind Indigenous singer Gurrumul Yunupingu outshone 39 finalists to snag the $50,000 prize. I lied in bed all night last night thinking, "It's just not possible to win the Archibald Prize," so I had to convince myself that it wasn't possible. Guy watched Yunupingu perform last year and was so moved he tracked the musician down to sketch him. The ARIA-winning singer couldn't be there today, but Guy's father, Tony, was. Also a painter,

he's had a huge influence on his son's love of art, and was quick to point it out.

Yeah, I told him what to do, basically. Indirectly, I painted it. The giant oil on canvas took a month to complete. The humble Maestri puts his win down to determination. He's failed to make the cut for the Archibald for eight years running, but still paints seven days a week, and today that passion and talent was recognised. The Archibald and controversy are never far apart. The winning work already has tongues wagging. I must not admit I would not have picked it,

and in a way I'm surprised the trustees chose that one this morning.

Other final contenders included a colourful Jimmy Barnes and a close-up of the young star of 'Australia', Brandon Walters. I'll have a lot more confidence to continue doing what I'm doing. The exhibition opens to the public tomorrow. Amelia Adams, Ten News. Sport with Brad - the Raiders give Todd Carney the go-ahead to resume his career. He's going from the NRL to north Queensland.

Sacked after a number of incidents while on the drink, Carney will be working in a pub. Plus, our pacemen push it in the nets, but who'll be fit to play tonight in Durban? And a Socceroos shocker in the Asian Cup. COMMENTATOR: And Kuwait have a goal! (APPLAUSE) Mothers get Mother's Day. But at Target, kids get a whole week with 20% off kids' and babies' clothing, sleepwear and footwear. Hurry. Ends Wednesday. This program is captioned live.

South African captain Graeme Smith has called on the ICC to take greater control over the security of touring teams in the wake of the Pakistan attacks. Pakistan's upcoming tour to Bangladesh has been postponed, and security will be tight in Durban for the second Test starting tonight. As guards kept a close eye on preparations at Kingsmead, Graeme Smith wants the game's governing body to keep a closer eye on safety in troubled regions.

The ICC need to regulate it

and need to play a bigger part in it and ultimately take more responsibility for the security of touring teams. A minute's silence will be held before the start of play in memory of the eight victims of the Lahore attack. Australia can retain the world's number one ranking with victory, and Ricky Ponting knows it. It's about getting back out there and doing it all again and doing it better than last week. And as I said to the guys yesterday morning, one Test match doesn't mean a series, it doesn't mean a career. Ben Hilfenhaus, Phillip Hughes and Marcus North are the main beneficiaries of that advice. They've been warned the hosts have a new weapon - knowledge. After getting a look at those debutants in the last game they'll have some different ways and ideas about how they're going to bowl to those guys, and probably how they're going to bat against a Hilfenhaus or a McDonald as well. While rookies Steve Magoffin and Brett Geeves remain on stand-by, Hilfenhaus and Peter Siddle appear to have shaken off injury concerns. An unchanged XI is likely. A lot less wickets taken by spinners but last time we were here, Warnie took six wickets on the last day to win us the game. Otherwise I don't think there have been too many 5-wicket hauls by spinners here. Hot-spot technology will be used as part of the third umpire referral process, as the ICC aims to cut out controversy. Glen Lauder, Ten News. NSW has taken first innings points against WA on day two of their Sheffield Shield clash at the SCG. A short time ago the Blues were 4/319 and are on track for a big first innings lead, with damaging batsman David Warner already hitting a run-a-ball 36. Openers Ed Cowan and Greg Mail did most of the damage early on. They both notched up patient half-centuries before David Bandy made the breakthrough. He also snared Ben Rohrer just before tea after a handy 34-run contribution. Canberra today cleared the way for its troubled former halfback Todd Carney to resurrect his football career in the bush. A Raiders board meeting approved Carney's one-year deal with the Atherton Roosters in north Queensland, but did have reservations. Whilst our club's very disappointed that Todd never took up our offer to rehabilitate him and to play football at this club, the board resolved not to stand in his way to play at Atherton. Carney's new job at the Baron Valley Hotel in Atherton has also been cleared by the NRL, despite his string of alcohol-related incidents at the Raiders. And the Sea Eagles have held their season launch, the event providing a chance for the club's feuding co-owners to hold peace talks. Max Delmege says he can work with Scott Penn. If every time you had an argument with your wife you got a divorce, well, nobody would be married. So I think that it's fair to say in business or in a sporting organisation, and this is a business, it is privatised,

there are going to be disagreements. Manly begins its premiership defence in just over a week against the Bulldogs. He labelled two of his players "absolutely hopeless" when the A-League based Socceroos drew with Indonesia, but coach Pim Verbeek was just plain disappointed after last night's loss to Kuwait.

The 1-0 Asian Cup Qualifier defeat sinks the Socceroos to the bottom of their group. He's been heavily critical of the A-League of late, but after last night's stunning loss to a team ranked 125th in the world, Pim Verbeek was in no mood for I told you so's. Oh, that should be too easy for me to get to say that I was right. Again, I think the players can do much better. His A-League strikers were again off the mark, with the goal mouth begging, including the man he labelled "hopeless", Archie Thomspon. COMMENTATOR: Thompson should force it over the line. It's whacked against the post, would you believe? How did he miss? If I had a dollar for every time that someone called me hopeless I'd be a rich man. You've just got to keep on plugging away, and that's what us boys are going to keep doing. I didn't say anything wrong. Sometimes I'm just honest. It could have been even worse for Australia. In towards the near post, off the post and back out. How did that stay out? The loss has sparked more calls for the European-based Socceroos to line up for the next Asian Cup qualifier in November.

As far as problems go, it's tick all the boxes. Not good enough from Australia. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Australian pole vaulter Steve Hooker as extended his unbeaten run this year to seven events. The Beijing gold medallist did well in windy conditions

at the World Athletics Tour meet in Melbourne last night. But after clearing 5.80m, he failed at 6 metres. Very happy with how the season's finished off. Just nationals in a couple of weeks in Brisbane and hopefully I can continue on there. A strong head wind also ruined Jamaican Asafa Powell's attempt to become the first man to break 10 seconds in the 100m sprint on Australian soil. Robert Allenby has a one-shot lead at the Honda Classic in Florida after an opening round 4-under-par 66. Allenby joined Sergio Garcia at the top of the leaderboard after 13 holes, but went bogey, birdie, bogey on the run home. He then regained the outright lead at the last. COMMENTATOR: It sounded like a nice clean hit. What a shot by Robert Allenby. Allenby also proved himself a bit of a mudlark at the sixth,

whacking this recovery shot to within just a few metres of the hole. The NSW Swifts are looking to rewrite the history books again this year with an unprecedented fourth consecutive netball premiership. The 2009 squad will feature four new faces as well as six of the starting seven from last year's grand final, and will again be lead and will again be led by Catherine Cox. We did obviously win it last year and people probably have us in a higher regard than they did this time last year. But our team's not changed a great deal - it's the other teams in the competition that have done a lot of poaching in the off-season. The Swifts' first match in the ANZ Championship is on April 6, against the Canterbury Tactix, and can be seen exclusively on Ten's new sports channel, One. 2-time world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore is on track to claim her first Roxy Pro title since her rookie year in 2005. Gilmore revelled in the clean 1m swell, easily out-pointing former world champ Chelsea Hedges in the quarters. The 21-year-old had a near-perfect ride, a 9.7 out of 10.

That was a great heat. There was a lot of energy before we even went to the water. It's just great. I love surfing against Chelsea - it gets me so wound up. Gilmore meets Kiwi Paige Hareb in the semis. In the other final, Hawaiians Coco Ho and Melanie Bartels go head to head. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow. In Sports Tonight, the first sesssion highlights from Durban, and the Waratahs' Super 14 grudge match against the Reds. Tim Bailey's back with the weekend weather next. VOICEOVER: Dulux Wash & Wear actively repels stains,

This program is captioned live. The

night are getting a little cooler

now. The days are still blue. We

love autumn and we love and

weekends and we were both. That is

the Gladesville bridge. It goes

from Friday to Saturday and we all

like walking across that. Cold

night - nine degrees at Liverpool

last night. They have not had one

that colt since October. In the

high country down at Perisher Blue,

minus seven degrees. 10 below

average and the coldest March night

in around 31 years. Saturday is

looking like barbecue day. If you

are doing anything outside in the

backyard it is your day. 26 to 29

degrees. Fabulous blue skies - and

autumn special. It will last one

day. Showers on the horizon for

Sunday and those showers spreading

deeper into next week.

The sea temperature is about 24

degrees. On the satellite: thick

cloud over the north-east Queensland - tropical cyclone

Hamish causing rain. The map

tomorrow - a build-up of high

pressure will bring a cool morning

and high pressure to the south-east.

Increasingly heavy rain in tropical

Queensland. What is falling from

the sky? Afternoon storms for

north-east NSW. A few storms across

the north-east Queensland coast.

Tomorrow - 26-29 degrees and just

absolutely a sensational Saturday.

Sunday, a few showers - mid-20s the

temperature. Rain later in the week.

An autumn repair coming to your

house tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend.

I am so looking forward to the weekend. That's Ten News for now. I'm Sandra Sully. And I'm Bill Woods. Thanks for joining us. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. OOH, LOOK, THIS IS A PERFECT CHANCE WELL, MAYBE IF HE HAD BETTER ARCH SUPPORT THEY WOULDN'T HAVE CAUGHT HIM. THERE'S THAT BIRD YOU LIKE TO ARGUE WITH. IF IT ISN'T PROFESSOR KNOW-IT-ALL. EXCUSE ME, MARGE. SOMETHING FOR CHURCH