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Gunned down in the street, a milder

-- neighbour charged with murdering

two brothers. Kevin Rudd overlooked

on Julia Gillard's front bench team.

That there is nothing about this

period of time that is easy or

happy for Kevin Rudd. The bush

stabbing that has left Blue

Mountains residents of living in

fear. And it League's new man, Mark

Gasnier or returns to the Dragons.

I'm glad it has turned out well.

Also, the Mercury plummets, wha Also, the Mercury plummets, what is

Also, the Mercury plummets, what is

behind the cold snap? And

death. Australian F1 champion's brush with

But first, a cleaner has been

charged with murdering two brothers

in a suburban street. The victims

aged 22 and 29 were shot dead and

the spark a man-hunt. The bodies of

two young brothers on the side of a

quiet Newcastle Street. Shot dead,

police allege, by their neighbour.

Not only tragic it is quite

shocking to think that this could

occur in a local neighbourhood. The

victims were 22-year-old primary-

school teacher Luke Willis and his

brother Sam who worked at a youth

hostel. They are very nice and they

always spoke and waved when they

saw you. It happened after six last saw you. It happened after six last

night in a suburb of Mayfield.

a Neighbours say they heard two shots,

a pause and then another loud bang.

I walked out and there were two I walked out and there were two

bodies on the ground. 5th D 3-year-

old Chris Philippo hand himself in

him Belmonte police station at

lunchtime. His white Ford it was

found a few blocks away. Neighbours

say he and the two victims had a

condom for months. They were always

yelling at each other across the

fence. They would goad each other

as well. They were as well. They were threatening to

punch each other. Police recovered

a pistol they believed to be the

murder weapon. The boy's father is

flying back from overseas to be

with his distraught wife. One of

the reason so the neighbours are so

what said is that these murders did

not happen over a dispute of guns

and drugs and money. It was over an

afternoon argument about loud parties. This

afternoon Mr Filippo was charged

with two counts of murder. Kevin

Rudd has been told he can have a

senior ministry but only if Julia

Gillard wins the next election. Gillard wins the next election.

Today the two Prime Minister and by

the new Cabinet she will take to

the polls and Kevin Rudd was no way

to be seen. It looks and sounds

like an election campaign. like an election campaign. Julia Ms

Gillard received a mostly positive

reception as the first public Atman

as a Prime Minister. It is lovely

to meet you. Newspoll confirms the

sentiment is widespread. There has

been a jump in Labor's primary vote.

A Liberal candidate tried to

gatecrash but was politely rebuffed.

A lone protest has still had Kevin

Rudd in his sights. Because of the Rudd Government!

Rudd Government! The new Government

will not have Mr ride anywhere near will not have Mr ride anywhere near

it for now. If the Government is

re-elected I will be delighted to

welcome Kevin Rudd into the Cabinet

in a senior position. The deposed

Prime Minister is holed up in the

large. His overtures for immediate

key role was rebuffed. That premium

I have put in making the new

ministerial group arrangement is

aren't stability. This leaves a

great wealth -- grateful Steven

Smith in foreign affairs with trade

tacked on. Simon Crean takes up all

of Ms Gillard the old jobs. What we

have to do is get as cells and

elected so that framework is not

dismantled. You can change the

ministers but the only way to

change the policies are to change Government.

Government. The Rees suffer sharp

fall was as Sir to clean it as the

coup that brought Ms Gillard to

power. It is a clear sign that it

she does not intend to delay the

election brainy longer than is

necessary. If the stunning 15. Left

him preferred Prime Ministers stops

Tony Abbott steady rise in its

tracks. If this was enough to drive his deputy mad. Paul

Paul joins us from Canberra. And

Paul, Julia Gillard keeping the

changes to her front bench to the changes to her front bench to t

absolute minimum, how soon will we

be going to the polls?

133 days is the statutory man at

MAM. Julia Gillard could at

announce an early August election

this weekend. It is more likely she

still has a bit of tidying up to do

before that. There is a feeling

around the building that maybe all

the 28th is the date. If Labor wins

the election, will there be a seat

at the Cabinet table for Kevin

Rudd? Or the betting would be on

foreign affairs. There is a

precedent for this. Sir Robert writ

Menzies, the famous Liberal Prime

Minister had a rival, and Minister had a rival, and he made

him a Prime Minister to keep him

out of the country and Mr.

Locals have locked themselves

indoors, fearing a violet homeless

man who stabbed a bashed diplomat

was bush walk up. Police have

widened the man-hunt. Not only was

she repeatedly stabbed, Alison

Foster's attacker punched during

eye the face so hard it fractured her

eye socket. The 29-year-old spent a

day in intensive care after five

hours of surgery at no be in

hospital. Police believe this man

who was seen at a nearby

supermarket it, this stab care on

there popular foreign Bella walking there popular foreign Bella walking

track. It is thought he lives here,

in a cave just behind the homes on

Ross Street. It is believed Alison

Foster spoke to him just before the attack.

attack. I think she confronted him

about the rubbish that we had all

there. Detectives to disagree. They

said the attack was unprovoked.

Today the walking track appeared

all but deserted as people pleaded

police warnings to avoid the area

until the offender is caught. After

carrying out a search of the pikes

ground, Lane area from by the air and the

ground, officers are confident

there are suspect has fled the area.

They split -- spent much of today

certain Western Sydney, including certain Western Sydney, including

his last known address in Mt Druitt.

But despite the man can't residents

do not feel safe. It is right

behind my house so it is a worried.

So I make sure it is locked up for

time and I keep the children inside. time and I keep the children inside.

Until they catch this person I will

not allow my children to go that

way. Police say if he is spotted,

he should not be approached. They

fear he is still armed with a knife.

Six Australians remain in hospital

after yesterday's horror speedboat

crashed in Thailand. 42 people

including seven Australians were

injured when two tourist boats

collided head-on during a collided head-on during a storm

near the resort island of Koh Samui.

They had been ferrying passengers

to a four-man party. For Sydney

women had been flown to Bangkok 4th

great man and say they are lucky to

be alive. My friend and I just sat

on the bottom and braced. The next

thing I remembered was being in the

wartime with Ward and of wartime with Ward and of feeling

like I was drowning. I thought I

was going to die. I have been

through the wars but I am all

called. Everyone is looking after

me and I will be OK. Two me and I will be OK. Two

Australians remain in hospital in

Koh Samui. How about the course

that today? It was actually an icy that today? It was actually an icy

start to the day in many parts of the State?

the State? Very cold overnight and

them very stinging temperatures

during the day. Thing we went down

to -3.3 in Mori. About was a polo

average. What about Richman? -2

degrees there. The Blue Mountains?

This is why there were called blow,

the temperature has turned the

fingers and toes blue. Temperatures

will dip overnight tonight 2-3

degrees. In Sydney Grammar we had

five degrees, for below average,

and our poll this night in two years.

A clear blue skies, not a cloud in

sight, and the cold front sight, and the cold front that is

slipped across the South East. The

cold air will sit on us and we will

get negative temperatures right

through the week. They will only

rise to 15 degrees of maximum

during the day. Before clear days,

icy nights and about three of four

of those in store for you. Up next,

the schools are too scared to

report fraud Government projects.

report fraud Government projects.

Children at warned to takes rather

than talk for the sake of their

health. And the mansion that could

break Sydney real estate records.

VOICEOVER: We were the first

This program is captioned live.

Police have issued warnings over a

graffiti contest offering 1300s

break tears for free.

The company says it is just

supporting graffiti as art.

It is a Brisbane based company manufacturing manufacturing spray-paint aerosol

cans. But its current mural contest

has sparked controversy. If you

just think, 500 cans of spray paint

and the vandalism that that can do.

The company also market clothing

including her face covering holiday

that looks more like a balaclava.

Most artists I know are proud of

their work, they

their work, they want to be seen

with their work, they don't want

their faces obscured.

This is the man behind the clothing.

I don't pain myself, one of the

other guys pains regularly.

Here is how the company promotes

its latest line of spray cans - in

tunnels, with paint plastered all

over to trains. It doesn't look

much different to this attack on a

Sydney train poster on YouTube.

Anyone who carries out graffiti on public transport is an

public transport is an idiot. It is

also very dangerous.

Police said they are on the watch

for contest entrance of vandalising property.

There have been accusations of

bullying by officials, over the

controversial school building

program. A principal claims the

education department has a culture

of intimidation, threatening

critics who speak out.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have

been ploughed into the "Building

the Education Revolution", amid

growing complaints about money wasted.

wasted. We always knew there would

be issues. Now there are claims her

department's Director General

Michael Coutts-Trotter can be a

bully and leads a culture of

intimidation against teachers who

speak out. I've been summoned to

meetings with the Director General.

Some of those meetings have been

very ugly, there have been threats, implied sacking, implied limited promotional opportunity.

It follows revelations more than a

hundred new complaints have been

forwarded about the scheme, from

schools that claim they're not getting value getting value for money. Absolutely

disgusting that a respected public

school principal, speaking on

behalf of other principals feels

threatened if they speak out

against the building education rort.

But instead of investigating the

bullying claims. The Minister has

turned the spotlight back onto the

Whistleblower, claiming the Education Department's just

promoted the person it calls it

most outspoken critic.

She herself has just been promoted, given a bigger given a bigger school and a pay

rise and I really don't believe

there's systematic discrimination

within the department. It's gone on

for years so it's gone on well beyond this particular director general.

The Minister says she'll act if an

official complaint is made.

Children are being urged to text

more and talk less on mobile phones.

Researchers warn it's better to limit exposure limit exposure because the long-

term radiation affects are unknown.

It's a warning from the Federal

Government's main advisory body on

radiation protection and parents

are listening. If an expert is

saying it could be dangerous and

they should just be texting it

helps take the onus off the parents to police it.

The agency says children should

limit time with phones near their

heads, texting and using hands free

devices instead. Noted Neurosurgeon

Dr Charlie Teo has warned of Dr Charlie Teo has warned of the

potential dangers too and he

applauds this advice. I think you

should take it very seriously. A

government body wouldn't come up

with a statement like that unless

they'd reviewed the literature and

they felt pretty strongly about it.

Dr Teo believes children are at

greater risk because they have

thinner skulls. The paediatric

brain is developing at a faster

rate the cells are turning over

faster and we that when cells are subjected subjected to DNA damage and

breakage the faster the cells turn

over then the more chance of DNA

mutations. I think if there are

going to be problems with brains

and tumours. I think it would be a

great idea to just text.

This recommendation is a direct

response to the recently released

interphone project, a 10 year

international study, the world's

largest into the effects of mobile

phones and cancer. And while it

didn't show an overall increase, it

did show that using mobiles for 30

minutes or more a day did increase

the likelihood of developing the

most common type of brain tumour. I

think from a safety point of view

they are a terrific idea but I

would be concerned if my child was

using it for extended use.

Dr Teo, though, goes one step

further, saying the advice is

children. important for everyone, not just

The career of one of Rugby Union's

rising stars is in jeopardy - after

his driver's licence was suspended

for the third time in three years.

Quade Cooper told a court he wasn't

aware his licence had been

suspended when he was caught

driving last month. The 22-year-old

says the letter of suspension was

sent to an old address. Cooper's

lawyer told the court his

conviction could impact on the re- conviction could impact on the re-

newal of his contract and overseas

travel with the Wallabies. The

footballer will face court again

the Gold Coast. this week for a burglary offence on

Adam Hawse joins us with a look at

Sport, and one of rugby league's

biggest names is officially back.

Yes. Mark Gasnier is a Dragon again.

After two years in French rugby Gasnier has returned on Gasnier has returned on a cut price

deal for the remainder of the

season, before a $2 million

years. contract kicks in for the next four

Plus - what an escape for Mark

Webber. He's okay despite his Red

Bull taking flight at 300 km/h at

the European Grand prix. Webber has

blamed the slow driver in front of

him for causing the smash. Speaking

of flipping out. England fans are

doing just that. After being denied

a fair goal at the World

a fair goal at the World Cup. We'll

have that later in sport. A new

record is expected to be set in Sydney for Australia's most expensive home.

The harbour-side mansion "Altona"

is back on the market, and is

tipped to fetch more than $45


If you can't manage to come up with

that much, you could follow the

latest real estate trend and buy

with friends - then share the eight

bedrooms, seven bathrooms and

spectacular view. It's already proven its investment value.

proven its investment value. The

Point Piper home last sold eight

years ago for $28 million and has

since almost doubled in value.

Prince or pauper? Up next,

purchase. William's surprise supermarket

Also, a controversial cleric kicked

out of Australia.

And Australia's longest-serving car

maker marks a golden anniversary.

put a value on your health." MAN: Huh?

for young singles.

This program is captioned live.

Lets look at the traffic. The M2,

accidents causing problems? Years,

or traffic heading for the North.

Just before the Beecroft tunnel on

the M2 heading west bound, there

are vehicles in the breakdown Bay.

Unfortunately the damage has been

done and the peak-hour traffic is

dreadful. The best bet is the

bureau worker now is to take Epping

at road, or pen and told us that road.

laid Prosecutors say no charges will be

laid over the heat stroke death of

an Aboriginal elder in the back of

a prison than in WA. The respected

community member died in 2008 after

spending four hours in the back of

an under a condition ban as

temperatures soared past 40 degrees.

Despite a damning kind as finding,

they say there is not enough

evidence to charge the security

criminal guards with manslaughter by

criminal negligence. The family

members are out rage and are

calling for a review. One of

Australia's iconic cars the Ford

about them is celebrating its 50th

anniversary. Despite fears that the

Saddam would not make it this bark,

it is starting to drive up sales.

50 years of Australian engineering,

spare place. revving and roaring in the Belkin

spare place. A blue oval cake to

mark the occasion. It is a bigger

slice of the motoring market that

the bosses are after. We are

excited and crab with what we have

a chip. Do spite concerns the

Balcombe would be discounted, the

sales are up at 20% higher than

last year. It's still

last year. It's still betrayal I

hope -- trials Holden Collor de --,

of. The 2011 edition will feature

fuel-saving technology but there is

no word of a hybrid is on the way.

We have done find a way of getting

out good cars going well with

hybrid power. While the future is

uncertain for the large car market,

today's milestone was cause for celebration.

celebration. A after 42 years it is

a great day. Over the past 50 years

there have been 27 different models

of the Vulcan. Ford sold 3.5

million of it. It has kept

thousands of workers in points

since the first one robbed of the

production line in 1964 stopped up

more durable than ever before and

with a ball the lock. It is not

that choice for everyone on the

commodore. floor? Art always driven a

After the i n g direct find its

report., bad data was it

responsible for this morning spake

market surge? Are a data

miscalculation bought BHP's shares

at $3,800 instead of $38 which

caused a 13% surge in the benchmark

index. The mistake was quickly

rectified and the ASX is adamant

that no actual shares were affected

for better or worse. that no actual shares were affected

for better or worse. It has been a

week. disappointing start to the trading disappointing start to the trading

Futures markets

Futures markets have Wall Street

getting off to a lacklustre start

to the session tonight. An Iranian

cleric cleric deemed a security

threat has blown added Australia

just hours before a deadline

imposed by the Government. Sheikh

Mansour Leghaei exhausted all legal

appeals to stay in the country

after ASIO declared him a threat to

national security. He does not know

if he can return. The cases with

the UN. They have to respond to the

submissions we have. The Sheikh

Mansour Leghaei leaves behind his

arms and but 0 0 EE arms and but he arms and but he has been forced to

take his daughter even though she

was born in this country. Prince

Harry has taken a tumble during a

charity polo match in New York.

After a good gallop, the horse put

not. on the brakes while the Prince did

not. He used his royal brain to

ease the impact. The match was part

of his pledge to continue his

mother's charity work. This will

help African children with AIDS.

Her prince William has been caught

short at the checkout. Security

video shows a man able to have paid

off frozen pizza and chips in Wales.

Prince If even than his father is the

Prince of Wales, he had to wait for

his girlfriend Kate Middleton to

whip out a credit card. Up next,

Julia Gillard's deputy goes on a

mum with Barack Obama. It's also

have lizards could unlock the

mysteries of cancer. And the hit

Broadway production ready to drive

Australia wild. With think we have

the basis for what will be the next

big musical hits.

This program is captioned

This program is captioned live. At

the start of the new financial year

comes a host of higher fees and

charges. Householders will be

fought stew for out more. How to

survive the looming price hikes,

tomorrow at five.

Police have widened

Police have widened their hunt for

a man who stabbed a bush walker in

the Blue Mountains. Locals say they

were living fear until he is caught.

Police believe he is a homeless man

who lives on a popular bush walking

track. A man will face court

tomorrow over them murder of two

brothers in Newcastle. 53-year-old

Chris Philippo it added himself came.

Wayne Swan is on his way home from

the G20 meeting in Canada, boasting

Australia is streets ahead on most

world economies. The Deputy Prime

Minister says there is no

disadvantage in not sending out new leader. For

leader. For a second day, violence

erupted on the streets of Toronto.

Police fired rubber bullets and

tear-gas at angry G 20 protesters

and arrested some 600 people. I was

protesting against the G20. Saved

from the chaos, world leaders were

making progress and agreed

to/budget deficits within three

years. Bayed knowledge that the

still fragile markets that one size

will not fit all. Were cannot all

rushed to the exit at the same time.

There result gave me Wayne Swan

reason to smile. In the same year

that she 20 it advanced economies

have agreed to halve their deficits,

Australia will be back in the

Australia will be back in the black.

There was also this, a meeting,

however brief, with President Obama

who reaffirmed America's commitment

to Australia and its new Government.

He gave no indication of it if or

when he will reschedule his trip

back to Australia. He did not go

into detail of his visits, but of

course he is welcome. The after

confronting the Kevin Rudd

questions of broad, the Deputy

Prime Minister is now on his way

home to face the opinion that

matters are the most - a federal

election. A simple blood test may

one day predict when a woman begins

menopause. At developed by Iranian

doctors, it will be a crystal ball

for women who want children but

fear they will either too late. It

works by measuring a poor man that

produced by the ovaries and that

could predict the onset of

menopause decades in advance. It is

still in the research says.

Pregnant lizards could help

scientists unravel some of the

mistress of cancer. A zoology

student has accidentally discovered

similarities between a skinned

embryos and the way their tumours

grow. A shy little scheme but

spends most of its time underground has helped a

has helped a young scientist UN

Earth a link between reproduction and

and cancer. This is a total

accidental discovery. I was a

lightbulb moment. University of

Sydney student Bridget Murphy has

discovered a powerful protein in

the uterus of pregnant stints axe.

The only other place the spreading

has been found is in cancerous

cells. They are

cells. They are exactly the same

protein in pre-cancerous cells and

a lizard uterus. In the Lizard and

protein encourages the growth of up

by Brussels to support embryo at a

press of -- development. Him pre-

cancerous cells it also encourages

the growth of blood vessels and

spread the cancelled. This will be

really important because it will

change the way we think of cancer.

The more that side

The more that side has learned

about embryos, the more they will

uncover about the disease. So far

the protein has only been found in

one lizard species which gives

birth to live young, as opposed to

most lizards that lay eggs. The

challenge now is to work out what

other animals, including at mammals,

add the protein. Off Lizard lovers

say the latest discovery is further

proof of how important reptiles

proof of how important reptiles AAP

DQ meant survivals. They are very

important, their names are used in

medical research quite often. They

also make great pits.

Big dance numbers and even bigger

hair are said to take over the

stage when the curtain goes up on

'Hairspray: the Musical'. A

national audition call netted nine

Australians to star in the shower.

This includes Jack Chambers, the

winner up of 'So You Think You Can

Dance'. But it the producers

believe there will strike a chord

with audiences. I'm sure there will

absolutely love it. It is a

knockout show with a brilliant

casting creative tame. The show casting creative tame. The show

opens in Melbourne in October before moving to

before moving to Sydney. The

surname Gasnier is back in the

Dragons? Mark Gasnier is back with

the Dragons. And the ills denied a

rift between Jarryd Hayne and the

coat. Mark Webber's incredible

escape in Spain.

And the no goal blunder that has

marred the World Cup.

I'm an outdoorsy sort of guy

like bluetooth, alloys, crossbars,

This program is captioned live.

Well it's finally official. Mark

Gasnier is back with St George-

Illawarra. Gasnier's signed a 4.5

year deal, believed to be worth

almost $2 million - and now he has

one goal: to win the Dragons a premiership.

He's back and with unfinished

business to take care of.

business to take care of. I want to

win a comp. The Dragons odds of

winning the premiership shortening

further today with the bookies. All

appears in place to claim their 1st title since 1979.

Would I say they can win the comp?

No certainties. I wouldn't say they

are certainties. no way.

are certainties. no way.

Gasnier conceding today while in

France he often thought about the

Red V. He wasn't able to leave it

behind. I did have mum on the phone

every week telling me how well they

were doing. I did miss it.

And this is where the former

international is expected to make

his return - Kogarah Oval in front

of the Dragons faithful, against

the high flying Panthers in one

week's time. At this stage, we will

name him in the 18,

name him in the 18, we have players

missing for origin but we will look

after that, I won't push him.

Dragons and NSW prop Michael Weyman

is facing a lengthy stint on the

sidelines after being charged with

a grade 3 dangerous tackle.

And you can see Mark Gasnier's

media conference in full by going to

Parramatta boss Paul Osborne met

with Jarryd Hayne this morning amid

reports the star fullback is feuding with coach Daniel

feuding with coach Daniel Anderson.

The Eels went into lockdown mode as

Hayne missed a gym session, instead

holding talks with Osborne. I have

spoken to both the coach and I saw

Gerrard this morning and we're

disappointed do with the results at

the moment but there is certainly

no rift and they are working together.

Osborne denies Anderson will be hauled before the club

hauled before the club board tomorrow night.

Mark Webber has walked away from a

horrifying high speed crash during

the European Grand Prix. A major

setback to his title hopes, the

crash sent his car somersaulting

through the air. Webber admitting

he's lucky to be alive.

Webber sat second on the grid in

Valencia as lucky spectators soaked

up the action and Spanish sunshine

from a pool with a view. At 320

kilometres an hour, the

Australian's Red Bull got wings. COMMENTATOR:

COMMENTATOR: oh no!!! Mark Webber's

gone right up there!

He'd been trying to slipstream the

Finn in a much slower lotus. The

high-speed collision sending Webber airborne.

COMMENTATOR: Whoa!!! What a picture

that is. Heavens above. And lands

as well and bounced again. As

Webber added his steering wheel to

Webber added his steering wheel to

the debris, over his radio,

kovalainen stated the obvious.

I was defending and i think he run

into me.

Emerging from the wreckage, Webber

was taken to see trackside doctors

who diagnosed nothing but bumps and

bruises. The Australian admitting

he was lucky to be alive.

Extraordinary. Team-mate Sebastian Vettel led throughout as chaos continued behind him.

Still leading the driver's championship, Lewis Hamilton

championship, Lewis Hamilton finished second; Jensen button

third. But the day was dominated by

an accident that could have been so much worse.

It's not the first time the

Australian has had a racing car

briefly become an aircraft. Like

then team-mate Peter Dumbreck 11

years ago at Le Mans, Webber twice

flipped his Mercedes and twice

walked away unhurt. This latest crash helps his driver's championship rivals, but at least Webber again lives

Webber again lives to drive another day.

Jana Rawlinson could be running for

'Australia' at the Commonwealth

Games in Delhi.

Rawlinson is upset at reports she's

turning her back on Australia and

defecting to Britain. Athletics

Australia head coach Eric

Hollingsworth scotching the rumours.

She has an Australian,

She has an Australian, has an

Australian passport and she is

going to compete for Australia.

Rawlinson hasn't run for Australia

since the World Championships in

Osaka in 2007 after a horror run with injuries.

Argentina and Germany have scored

convincing victories overnight to

reach the World Cup quarter-finals. convincing victories overnight to reach the World Cup quarter-finals.

Argentina eliminated Mexico 3-1

while Germany ended England's

campaign 4-1. Both games not short of controversy.

of controversy.

The agony was clear - of controversy. The agony was clear - England out

of the World Cup after their

heaviest defeat of the World Cup after their heaviest defeat in tournament history. heaviest defeat in tournament

history. It could have been so

different, this shot clearly

different, this shot clearly

crossed the goal line but was

missed by the referee. That would

have levelled things at 2-2 after

the German put them ahead.

the German put them ahead. Terrible

England defending allowed Lukas England defending allowed Lukas

Podolski to score, sparking wild

celebrations in Berlin and despair

in line done. Matthew Upson Scored in line done. Matthew Upson Scored

before Frank Lampard was denied.

But a more woeful defending again exposed England.

exposed England.

It is impossible in a World Cup to

play important games without

technology and the referee behind

the goal.

The Germans were excellent, let's be honest.

We weren't good enough, Germany

played far superior to last.

A Argentina went

A Argentina went through after

another controversial refereeing

decision against Mexico. Carlos

Tevez's opening goal clearly

offside. Gonzalo Higuain Made it 2-

0 before Ted

Australia has lost the one Australia has lost the one day

series against England, falling

just short of a miracle win at Old

Trafford. Shane Watson was the best

of the Aussie batsmen with a well

made 61. Before 87 to Andrew

Strauss put the home team in

control. As England neared the

target though, Shaun Tait and Doug

Bollinger gave Australia a glimmer

of hope. The home team losing 6-

for-18 in the space of 7 overs.

But England hit the winning runs

with just one wicket and five balls to spare.

to spare. The result snapped

Australia's streak of seven

straight one-day series wins.

The Boomers are in line to sweep

the series against Argentina. The

Australians in high spirits against

the world number one ranked nation.

They dominated game two in They dominated game two in Melbourne before Argentina charged

to get within 12 points at full

time.Joe Ingles top scored for the

hosts with 15 in a physical battle.

There are competitive country, we

are a competitive country and they

are briskly wanted to win just as

bad as we wanted to win. Hopefully

we can put our foot down and have a

good game and finish of this series

well. The third and final game is

in Adelaide tomorrow. On Sports

Tonight at 9:00 on ONE. We'll go one

one on one with Mark Gasnier and

the Bulldogs take on the Raiders in the Bulldogs take on the Raiders in Monday night football.

Great news for the dragons today

with the signing of Mark Gasnier.

Son George fans would be very happy.

A few problems on the roads this

evening as we travel home. Vic Lorusso in

Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

Green a cap, out Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

Green a cap, out into the south-

west. Roberts Road, we are live now.

We have the stretch from Homebush

Bay drive to Roberts Road, you can

see three traffic lanes barely

moving, unfortunately after an

earlier accident at Green Maker,

that is what really has caused the

that is what really has caused the

traffic problems. Big delays for

the traffic getting to the northern

beaches. Out towards the Essex, if

you're heading towards Wollongong, a bad Smash.

Tim Bailey would definitely say it

is a slipper

is a slipper wearing weather. VOICEOVER: We were the first with a five-star

first with EcoBoost technology Who's most likely to bring you

This programme is captioned live.

This programme is captioned live.

We have some breaking news through

to the desk and a pipe-bomb has

just been decimated at Sydney's

West. The bomb squad robot

detonated the device about 40

minutes ago. It was found in the

bonnet of a car. About 100

residents were evacuated and local

schools were locked down as police checked over

checked over the bomb which was

inside a 1.5 metre-long piece of piping.

It was covered in soil before being It was covered in soil before being sent off.

Let's go to the weather now with Tim Bailey.

We are going to need everything, We are going to need everything,

flannelette with the loss as these

freezing night time temperatures

continue, courtesy of that south-

east change that came across the

east change that came across the weekend, delivered snow across the

Alps and his city across the Sydney

basin at the moment.

Minus two Celsius at Richmond

tonight. -3 Celsius across the Blue

Mountains and zero Celsius at cross

for do and Penrith.

Five Celsius in the city. The

clarity and that beautiful blue sky,

fantastic. The winter days are

gorgeous but the temperature is

still stinging, the maximum is

around 15 Celsius.

That partial lunar eclipse puts you

in the box seat.

That partial lunar eclipse puts you in the box seat.

If you have got a photo,

If you have got a photo, you are in with a If you have got a photo, you are in with a shot. If you have got a photo, you are in

with a shot. Send me all your creativity. with a shot. Send me all your

creativity. Freezing nights,

brilliant blue days, all the way brilliant blue days, all the way

through until Thursday or Friday.

Cloud pushes into the

Cloud pushes into the south-east

along a cold front, this is the

satellite, that generates rain over

parts of South Australia, Western

Victoria and Tasmania. The weather

map tomorrow, a high will bring a

cold morning to the south and

generally dry days for much of the

country, a front and low will bring

another burst of cold, gusty

another burst of cold, gusty winds

and showers to the south. Predicted

precipitation, showers across

southern states will reach far southern states will reach far

south-west NSW late in the day and south-west NSW late in the day and

will be light, south-west NSW late in the day and will be light, generally dry

elsewhere in the country. The

Mercury going down 2-2 Celsius at

Richmond, -3 Celsius at the Blue Mountains and

Mountains and zero Celsius at

Penrith. Five Celsius in Sydney, it

is cold as we go into a state.

Flannelette is the order for tonight.

So here again tomorrow.

Finally, fans have forked out big

bucks for their very own piece of

Michael Jackson memorabilia. More

than 200 items went under the hammer during an

than 200 items went under the hammer during an auction to

commemorate the anniversary of the

singer's death. Jackson's Yearbook

from the 1962, it has all of them in there.

This Swarovski crystal studded

glove worn by the king of pop

during his 1984 Victory tour

fetched the highest price. $217,000.

That's Ten News for fetched the highest price. $217,000.

That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks

for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening, and

you can send us your stories at The Late News is

at 11:00pm. Our first bulletin

tomorrow is at 6:00am. Goodnight.