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(generated from captions) in fuel excise revenue on the $14 billion a year they pay to the Government. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. For the Labor Party, tax relief for middle Australia. the Budget contained long overdue it's a Santa Claus Budget. Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan says Paul Bongiorno. He spoke with political editor

Thanks for joining us Mr Swan. Good

to be here. Labor last year wasn't

all that impressed with the tax

cuts. What's your view this year?

I'm happy that taxpayers are

finally getting some of their money

back because as we know they'll

need every cent - rising petrol

prices, the rising interest rates

and the extreme industrial

relations legislation. So they'll

need every cent. What about the

super changes? Some people are

seeing that as a reward for the

self-funded retiree, a reward for

the wealthier older men members of

our society? There's certainly a

need to lift national savings and

encourage people to do that. We'll

look at the detail positively but

I'm not going to sign off on the

package until we've had a good hard

look at it and see if it mesh yurs

up to the objective. So Labor's

happy to support the tax cuts that

are on offer. In a sense, is the

Government, has the Treasurer left

you no room to move on the tax

front? This is not a bonanza for a

lot of middle-income earner but at

least they've received something.

You might recall last year they

were left behind entirely. 7

million picked up a lousy $6. So

it's important that the Government

delivered or delivers some tax

relief to these people and also

some tax reform so it's a better

package than anything that they've

brought forward for a while. You

mention petrol prices, it seems to

me that petrol prices were the

elephant in the room that no-one

poke about. Should the Treasurer

have done more to encourage

alternative fuels or cut excise on

petrol? He's had his head in the

sand. We have to decrease our

reliance upon Middle Eastern oil.

He sirmy denies the importance of

that problem and won't get the ACCC

on the job to investigate

allegations of price gouging.

There's a couple of thing he could

do immediately. What about the fact There's a couple of thing he could

that she's so flush with funds? I

mean after spending 6 billion in

year one he's still got a surplus

of around 12 billion. Isn't it time

the cut the excise or take the GST

off petrol? Think we need to make

sure people get tax relief first

and foremost but he's got to be

very careful in spending too much

because if he does that will put

upward pressure on inflation and

interest rate. Heess chosen to go

this way and at least this package

had some features of a reform pack

iblg. It's not perfect but at least

there are some feature of a modest

reform. You surprised in midterm

you get such a generous budget. The