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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - Kim Beazley versus Kevin Rudd. The Labor leadership showdown - it's a ballot I will contest, Obviously, and it's a ballot I intend to win. from the widow The tearful tribute killed near Fiji. of a Black Hawk pilot

He was my rock - he still is my rock. upstaged an Australian awards show. The push and shove that

in the second Ashes Test. And England off to a slow start with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. is fighting for his job Labor's Kim Beazley and was granted, after Kevin Rudd asked for, a leadership showdown. in a party-room ballot on Monday. They'll go head-to-head

joins us. Political editor Mark Riley Mark, how likely is a change of leadership?

Well, Kim Beazley goes into

weekend with a clear lead. Labor Well, Kim Beazley goes into the

turned to him two years ago

Mark Latham crashed and burned turned to him two years ago when

looking for an experienced leader.

That gives Kevin Rudd two days to

convince them things are so bad now

they need to turn to another

inexperienced leader, him. for the ALP right. A Christmas dinner last night

is to remain as leader. The only present Kim Beazley wants Oh, mate. of Australia. The next Prime Minister This morning, moved to pre-empt the plotters, a bleary-eyed Mr Beazley calling on the battle. on Monday morning, Today I announce,

for the Labor Party leadership. there'll be a ballot it is a ballot I will contest Obviously, and it is a ballot I intend to win. this morning It followed a 20-minute meeting at which his rival, Kevin Rudd, to challenge for the leadership, declared his intention with Julia Gillard as a running mate for the deputy's job.

what we bring to the table here We believe and a bucketload of energy - are fresh ideas, a fresh vision a bucketload of energy. is at a fork in the road It is an election where the country

it's going to take forward. and it has to choose which path all frontbench positions Mr Beazley wants to throw open to elect a fresh team. Labor MPs face a tough choice... Even Party executive members think

they've got the responsibility I'm very happy on Monday. Well, I'll be supporting the leader ..but the premiers are split. I've said to you, in Queensland. that I think Kevin is a vote winner I've never hidden that. I support Kim Beazley. the best person to lead the Party. I believe him to be is having a field day. And the Government I'm just a little bit mystified yet again tearing itself to pieces. as to why the Labor Party is

you'll win on Monday, Mr Beazley? REPORTER: Are you confident Absolutely. vote on Monday. The 88 members of the ALP Caucus with a lead, Kim Beazley goes into the weekend but he needs to win empathically. would be as good as a defeat. Anything less than that

More trouble for Labor, thanks, Mark. The wife of the Army pilot Black Hawk helicopter crash, says killed in Wednesday's possible to save his mates. he would have done everything Melissa Bingley says through their baby son. her husband Mark lives on Captain Mark Bingley loved to fly and he loved his family. His wife, Melissa, smiled bravely as a proud Australian soldier, as she spoke of a man she described a wonderful husband and father. he was my rock - He was a very loveable rogue,

and he still is my rock, actually, I can still feel him here. from Mark's greatest achievement - Melissa says she is drawing strength his 3.5-year-old son.

Correction, three.

Correction, three.5 month old son. to have Mitchell We waited a very long time of his father. and he's the spitting image I can't help smiling. Every time I look at him, Mark told his wife

than any other helicopter. he felt safer in a Black Hawk and accidents do happen. But Mark was human In my heart, I know Mark did everything possible and his aircraft for his crew, his passengers to keep them all safe. The Defence Department has confirmed was captured on video the helicopter crash by cameras aboard 'Kanimbla'. Using those pictures and accounts from the crew, to find out what went wrong. investigators hope arrived late today in Noumea The survivors of Wednesday's crash aboard 'HMAS Newcastle'. tonight. They will be flown home to Australia since the accident The soldier missing

SAS Trooper Joshua Porter. has been named as 28-year-old the Solomons and Afghanistan. He served in East Timor, Two days after the crash, it is still looking for him. the Defence Force says A military inquiry has found shot himself dead. Private Jake Kovco The official report shows it wasn't suicide but the tragic result of tomfoolery. has rejected the findings Private Kovco's widow

and wants a new investigation. but the meaning was clear - His words were carefully chosen, Private Jake Kovco died inside his Baghdad barracks. while skylarking with his gun as a result Private Kovco died of his personal weapon. of the inappropriate handling

but an accident. Not murder or suicide, Private Kovco's death in April most embarrassing bungles also led to one of the Army's on the way back to Australia. when it lost his body into how it lost him. Then, it lost a report into the whole saga Now the military inquiry has recommended for our soldiers in Iraq. better weapons training the Browning pistol, in particular, The training for the use of

and all self-loading pistols.

has been highly critical The Kovco family

of the Defence Department. keep going back on their word They just and they say they care, but I don't think they do. That was yesterday. has been speaking to her lawyers. Today, Shelley Kovco She felt the evidence in the report didn't support the principal finding

and she also had a concern about the term 'skylarking'. The family now want independent investigation

into how Private Kovco died. That will be decided by the New South Wales coroner, who was also handed the report today. Hundreds of firefighters from Victoria and Queensland are on their way to the State's central west. Seven trucks left Melbourne this morning to relieve local crews who've already been on the job for three weeks. Major fires are burning at Coonabarabran, Mudgee and Narrabri where weather conditions have worsened today. Mid-30s temperatures and low humidity have fanned the flames closer to small communities, but at the moment there's no immediate threat to private property. Smoke from fires in the Blue Mountains

has blanketed Sydney, but that bushfire is contained. A southerly change will cross the State tomorrow, hopefully helping the 3,500 firefighters on the job.

Child killer John Lewthwaite has been charged over a second case of indecent exposure in Sydney's south. The allegations put more pressure on a Parole Board hearing next week

after he was found guilty on Monday of nude sunbaking at Cronulla. A familiar excursion to court for John Lewthwaite and fresh allegations of indecency that could see him return to jail permanently. Because he had been unsupervised for such a period of time, we had no real degree of satisfaction or knowledge that he hadn't done this on other occasions. It now appears that there may be a pattern developing.

Having just been convicted of nude sunbaking at Wanda Beach,

the child predator has now been charged with running naked up to two women in January and performing a sex act. The women say they only recognised him on the news months later when the other allegations became public.

The Parole Board has known about these allegations ever since Seven News revealed them two months ago. But now that Lewthwaite has actually been charged, becomes a lot more compelling. the argument to keep him in jail

Lewthwaite was granted lifetime parole after 25 years jail for the 1974 murder of 5-year-old Nicole Hanns. It meant one slip-up, and he'd be back in jail. The State Government said that he just had to step over the line and he'd be back behind bars. Well, how many lines does he have to step over? Lewthwaite denies the latest allegations. He'll remain in jail, with the Parole Board due to decide next week if he deserves his freedom again. This puts enormous strain on the family of the victim, it puts enormous strain on the Parole authority and I believe, they're going to have to stand the matter over. A secret witness in the Dianne Brimble inquest has admitted he never saw a person of interest selling drugs, despite making the sensational claims yesterday. Peter Pantic is one of those accused of drug dealing in an Adelaide nightclub. But today, the secret witness confessed his information was second hand. Pantic is one of eight men accused of involvement in the drug death of Brisbane mother Dianne Brimble aboard the Pacific Sky in 2002.

The inquest was today adjourned until February for another six weeks of hearings. Sunday Telegraph columnist Glenn Milne has apologised for jumping on stage, and attacking a presenter at journalism's awards ceremony. He's blamed a toxic mix of medication and alcohol for his bad behaviour, seen on TV across Australia. The best in the business gathered for journalism's top honours -

usually a rowdy affair, but not this rowdy. You! You are an absolute disgrace! News Limited political journalist Glen Milne attacked founder Stephen Mayne for criticising him in online columns. You are disgrace. Thanks, buddy. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

Pig. You a big. Mayne didn't miss a beat. That is the former Sunday Telegraph political correspondent, Glenn Milne. It was a remorseful Milne in the cold, sober light of the day. I, unfortunately, combined anti-migraine medication with too much alcohol and it turned out to be a toxic mix.

Not only for Stephen Mayne, but also for me. Mayne was nursing a sore ankle. Look, it's not serious. I'm not going to press charges, I'm going to go to the physio, I'm not going to overplay it. But Glenn Milne will keep his job. Sunday Telegraph editor Neil Breen tells us he accepts his apology, but is disappointed in him

and embarrassed for him. He'll discipline Milne

and expects a cracking-good story for Sunday. Milne has a Walkley himself, for his reports on the Thredbo landslide while at Seven News. Glenn did better than winning a Walkley. He's immortalised himself because now, he's going to be on every magic moments of television for the next century. The Navy has confirmed a wreck discovered off Sydney is the missing Japanese midget submarine that attacked during World War II. Divers found the M24 off the northern beaches. a protected site The wreck has been declared and jail for trespassers. with the threat of heavy fines is not known. The fate of the two crew has told Seven News The brother of one returned to Japan. he wants any remains Ahead in Seven News - most bizzare murder trials. The verdict in one of Sydney's that turned on its trainer Also, the whale

during a theme park show.

for Rugby League legend Wally Lewis. And a health scare

of murdering a Sydney accountant, A man's been found guilty

who had acid poured down his throat. A Supreme Court jury found on Dominic Li. Yonky Tan planned the attack Four years ago, was poured on Mr Li hydrochloric acid at their Concord home. in front of his wife and son He died 20 days later. Today two men, allegedly hired to carry out the attack, were found not guilty. Tan will be sentenced for murder in February.

Fiji's threatened coup is off, for now,

reportedly pushed back to Monday. with a military showdown Prime Minister and Cabinet say But the country's over the weekend, they're going into hiding just in case. would the military postpone a coup Only in Fiji in the annual Rugby match so its soldiers could play against the police force.

leader arrived, The country's maverick military to overthrow the government. unwilling to discuss his threats

What's going to happen, sir? REPORTER: Can we ask you? Nothing. please. We're gonna have a Rugby match, pounced on our camera His bodyguards could sit and watch the game so Commodore Bainimarama while his country crumbles. he visited Fiji's President Earlier, to clean out the government. to tell him of his plans midday deadline approached, As the army's

Fijians lined up at ATMs. the capital was quiet But hours later, although troops were on patrol. By mid afternoon, many of the Indian shopkeepers - during the last coup - the target of looters and gone home. had boarded up their businesses

Probably we are expecting, like, going on. maybe there's looting or rioting was forced to return to Australia. Fiji police chief Andrew Hughes of other Pacific nations The foreign ministers to discuss the crisis. met in Sydney The situation, and a constitutional sense, in a legal a pretty tragic situation. is already has been delayed, The Fijian flashpoint but remains a threat. Iraq's Prime Minister has declared

to take over security his country will be ready from the middle of next year. a hastily-arranged breakfast meeting His assurance came after

with US President George Bush.

the night before was cancelled, A planned dinner after a leaked memo from Washington questioned the competency of Nouri al-Maliki. Mr Bush later praised him and promised no quick exit from Iraq. We're going to stay in Iraq to get the job done so long as the government wants us there. Mr Maliki says to take over from US forces by June. Iraqi forces would be ready

with a history of aggression, A killer whale, at SeaWorld in San Diego. has turned on one of its trainers grabbed the trainer by his foot The 2,000kg whale for up to a minute. and dragged him under water twice

shocked many in the audience. The ordeal the weirdest noise I've ever heard - The whale, himself, was making like something was wrong. squealing noise and it was constant,

and treated for a broken foot. The trainer was taken to hospital has suffered a health scare, League legend Wally Lewis appearing disorientated on Channel Nine News in Brisbane. while presenting sport last night

Good evening, despite the... (sighs) without Lewis, The bulletin continued or any mention of his condition. Channel 9 now says

the former Australian captain will take holidays immediately. It's the second time he's been replaced on air in a fortnight. Last time he blamed migraine headaches. A rare public appearance today for Steve Irwin's little boy, Bob, celebrating his third birthday at Australia Zoo. All kids were allowed in for free as Mum, Terri, helped cut a 'Thomas the Tank Engine' cake.

Thank you very much. Bob smiled Happy Birthday, while thousands of visitors sang with Dad's death. hopefully, a sign he's coping better Time for sport with Matthew White,

in the Second Test. and it's a go-slow

Nothing too fancy enAdelaide. progress on day one. The Poms are making steady But again, is delivering for the Aussies. Blues bowler Stuart Clark you're a beauty. COMMENTATOR: Ah yes, Stuart Clark, Also tonight, is going nowhere. why Rugby reckons Mat Rogers

They're taking their time, but the English are making sure of winning the toss, and batting, they make the most out at the Adelaide Oval. on day one of the second Test It's been safe and steady from the Poms with Paul Collingwood leading the way. Glenn McGrath is playing, is again in good touch. but Stuart Clark

The fans queued early desperate to learn if the conjecture was right. It wasn't. and Aussie fitness tests, After English soul-searching both teams were unchanged. The key variation from Brisbane... Andrew Flintoff wins the toss. COMMENTATOR: Heads it is.

..that sent the Army - Barmy. Rightly so, the Adelaide pitch was a belter. nicely played. That's a good shot, dented English confidence. But the arrival of Clark of Andrew Strauss. That is the end That's out!

with only 45 on the board. Both openers gone Oh, yes! Stuart Clark you're a beauty. Clark had 2/5 - England limped to lunch at 2/58, a plight not lost on Aussie fans. Still, after lunch, repairing the damage. Collingwood and Bell set about Yeah, really good. They weren't yet out of jail, the signs were good. but for the first time this tour They controlled the middle session. The pair closed on a 100 partnership and just before tea both notched half centuries. The Barmy Army are enjoying this. For Bell, it ended just after the break, a victim of Lee's sucker ball. He's gone for it. He should be out, he is out. He's gone unless they muck it up - no, they don't. almost costing Australia Another communication breakdown on a day when wickets were gold. Kevin Pietersen to the crease. That brought a a fired up so much talent. He's got so much talent -

And as the Aussies tired, another half-century partnership. England posted

Cut that one nice and hard and that's 4. The Australian Rugby Union says until after the World Cup. Mat Rogers won't be going anywhere he's unhappy in Rugby Rogers won't deny rumours

and wants to go back to League a year early.

But the ARU say it doesn't matter because he's under contract. Handshakes all round as Mat Rogers hosted his future bosses at a charity golf day. The only question now, how long until they host him on the Gold Coast? I'm not going to even take any questions. Thanks, I know it's a long drive. Thanks for coming out

and supporting the Steve and Carol Rogers Memorial Golf Day - it's what today's all about. And, look this has hit me from left field as much as anyone else. with the Titans for 2008 Rogers has already signed

but the rumour is he's over Rugby after a disappointing spring tour with the Wallabies and wants to make the switch now. He'd be strong and he'd be great, from our point of view, as a full-back. Certainly take some pressure off our squad. So it would be good to have him involved. If that occurs - that's great. If not we'll look forward to him coming in '08 And that's the way it will have to be according to the ARU. Rogers spoke on the phone with Wallaby coach John Connolly today and Rugby bosses say there will be no release.

Mat's a contracted player and like every other contracted player, we expect our players to honour that contracts. He's still got a lot to offer. And speaking to him before the last World Cup he's pretty keen to be part of that and maybe win one. So, hopefully, he can be part of that. Australian swimming enters a new era this weekend when competition begins without Ian Thorpe

at the National Titles in Brisbane. With selection for next year's world championships on offer, world records are almost certain to be threatened. There's no doubt you're going to have to swim fast to make the team, I guess. I've had a pretty good season leading up to these trials and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do. The 100m butterfly world record could be broken when Lenton goes head-to-head with Jessicah Schipper on Monday night.

That is on Monday night you will

That is on Monday night you will see the coverage in the news. With will

be weird without Thorpie.

be weird without Thorpie. But it

looks like the girls have it

looks like the girls have it all over the boys. Yeah, you will over the boys. Yeah, you will see some stars.

Checking finance now, and the share market ended the week lower. Qantas shares rose 11 cents after forecasting a 30% profit increase this financial year. Nuala has the weekend weather details after the break,

and she'll tell us just how long this Sydney scorcher will last.

by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. The Goodyear Christmas Cashback on now.

When you see a big news story, grab your camera or video phone and start shooting then send your images to: Good evening. Summer's off to a sizzling start. Day one, and the mercury's already hit 40 degrees in parts of Sydney. So it's straight to the pool. But a milder change is on the way tomorrow. Hot, northerly winds around the high in the Tasman delivered this summer's scorcher, but the high in the Bight will push through a cooler south-easterly change tomorrow, with some showers along the southern half of the coast. Interstate - a shower or two to start the weekend for south-eastern capitals. Afternoon showers in Darwin, a late storm in Alice Springs, fine and warm in Brisbane.

A strong wind warning has been issued. And warm at first and fairly cloudy tomorrow.

Windy at times in the afternoon with a few late showers. That change will cool Sunday, back to 22 with a few early clearing showers. Just the chance of an early shower Monday, 22 again. Fine and warming up again Tuesday.

Pollen levels back to medium.

The pool is open to 8 p.m. So still

some time for a few laps, I should

think. I'm a bit worried, there is

think. I'm a bit worried, there is a guy here who needs to work on his

tumble turn. Every time he comes

here, I get wet. Maybe he thinks you

need some cooling down. It has been

10 degrees above average today.

Thanks for that.

And that's Seven News to now. Don't forget, if you have a story for us to investigate, we'd like to hear about it. Go to our website: and click on the news tips link. I'm Chris Bath. Hope you can join me for Seven News over the weekend. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Naomi Robson. Tonight - Christine Keenan gambled away over $6 million - including money stolen from her employers. Now the casino has been forced to shut down

because it did nothing to stop her.

While Kate Jamieson stole $7.3 million from her employer and blew $4 million of it on the pokies, now she's out to make Australia's biggest casino pay. Also - so much for university. Some of the country's richest people, who didn't go on to higher education, share their secrets of success. And talking about success, this man has bought 137 houses.

They don't look like much - but he's making a fortune. And he'll tell you how you can do it too. Plus - bombarded with junk mail and outrageous offers. The pensioners and families spied on and targeted. Are you on the list? And the world's biggest entertainers. We reveal their demands before they'll go on stage. But first,

over three years, Kate Jamieson stole $7.3 million from her employer to feed her gambling addiction. And while she's been found guilty of the crime, her lawyer has blasted Crown Casino for never questioning her access to the vast sums of money.

And considering one casino was forced to shut down due to its inaction over a problem gambler, what's next for Crown? Well, Jackie Quist has the story. This woman, Christine Keenan, gambled away $6.6 million - $500,000 of it stolen from her employer. You might say that's her fault, but in a groundbreaking decision, her case forced a casino to close its doors.