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(generated from captions) Yep. You think you've got the five grand? win 500 bucks Right. I'd love to see you but I hope you're wrong such a wonderful job today because Mary's done has taken a big risk. and, in the final analysis, your case for me, please? Mary, would you like to open (AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) you're taking home. Whatever's in there, Let's say... ..salaam to $5,000! There was the $2,000 up there. Congratulations! Thank you. Nicely done, Mary. Beautiful work. Let's see the money! Kristy Lean, Here comes our very own sphinx, with your cheque for $5,000. a lot of get up and go, Mary. Good on you. That really showed Nicely played. And thanks for being with us, Fluffy. You showed a lot of pluck as well. Took a chance, paid off. There you go. ladies and gentlemen. See you next time, This program is captioned live. Tonight - as Sydney gangs step up their war. homes sprayed with bullets Airlines slash prices ever between Sydney and the US. with some of the cheapest fares operating across the city. Shoppers warned of pickpocket gangs And a zoo owner explains to put down a much-loved lioness. her heartbreaking decision with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has been caught up An innocent couple in Sydney's escalating gang war on their home. with gunmen opening fire a second house with a baby inside Minutes later, was shot up despite the barrage of bullets, but somehow, no-one was hurt. On Indigo Way, Blacktown, that awoke the street. it wasn't just a volley of gunfire I heard five shots - Midnight, last night, thought it was fireworks. urging a man inside to come out. Also, abuse from the gunmen, It was kids. Kids playing around with guns? It's what kids do. the house would be targeted? Can you think of why I don't know. Bullets were a common theme. including a baby boy. Five people had been in the house, at nearby Doonside, 10 minutes earlier was peppered with gunfire another house in Taworri Street. and lied down straight away. My wife got down in the bedroom Otherwise, one of us get hit. burned-out Range Rover in Blacktown. Police found a stolen, happened within minutes The fact both attacks of each other and a few kilometres a likelihood they were linked. was enough to suggest police soon discovered And if that wasn't enough, had something very much in common. both households of emerging gang 'Notorious' The man at Blacktown is a member although he's in jail now. and so is the Doonside couple's son, into a house Any person who fires shots ramifications of what they're doing. must understand the serious It is an incredibly dangerous act. minus the bikes - Notorious is a bikie gang on established gangs, believed responsible for attacks Hells Angels' Petersham clubhouse. like the recent bombing of between a number of gangs. We are looking at links that we're following at the moment. We have a number of lines of inquiry

was shot at only a few days ago - A Bandidos sergeant-at-arms last night could have been payback.

Brett Seymour Sharks rugby league star and fined $20,000 has been suspended for two matches in Cronulla last weekend. for his drunken behaviour is at the Sharks Leagues Club. Sean Berry Sean, it's a tough penalty. Tony Zappia says Chris, club chief executive the Sharks had little choice revealed the full extent after an independent investigation early on Monday. of Seymour's drunken antics and heavy fine He says the two-match ban to other players send a clear message this behaviour won't be tolerated. in an inappropriate manner, Brett knows he's behaved evidence became available today more in particular when the fresh and that was discussed with him and he's very despondent and he's knows he's let down his club and his team-mates. tough stand against Seymour. The NRL has endorsed the Sharks with the Roosters, It wasn't as impressed $10,000 who only fined Jake Friend drink-driving charge. for his high range Late today, the NRL intervened Late today, the NRL intervened for two matches. and suspended Friend is another wake-up call, Hopefully today to the game's attention that if you bring yourself an alcohol-fuelled incident, because of then penalties are going to be imposed. Leagues Club are disappointed Fans arriving here at the Sharks they understand the decision. but say might not be so understanding - Manly fans a four match ban Brett Stewart was given

into disrepute. for bringing the game Chris. than across Australia, It's now cheaper to fly to the US between the airlines. with a fierce price war erupting Fares are so low, a ticket from Sydney to New York is the same amount as a Government stimulus payment. It's the Battle of the Pacific - onto the Australia-America route two more airlines allowed and the prices have been shot down. I ever got Yeah, I got the cheapest fare (LAUGHS) in 20 years of living in Australia. So helpful to me -

and was saving up for it. I'm younger more perfect timing for me. Couldn't have been sparked it Virgin's new entrant, V Australia, the world's biggest airline, but the July 3 arrival of Delta, has taken it far further: It's offering LA return for $1,050. United, about the same.

V Australia went to $950 $900. and today, Qantas surprised all - Cheaper than flying to Broome, WA. There's real pressure on prices the Australian travelling public. and the big winners are

as the Government's stimulus bonus. All coincidentally, about as much Personally, they're going down to $800 so everyone can spend that $900 on it. It's unclear how long the airlines can sustain those prices or if they could fall further but aviation experts say it's all long overdue - the US route has cost too much for too long. Tickets to LA were almost 20% more expensive per kilometre than tickets to London.

I think it is fair to say people

have been ripped off on the trans

Pacific up until now. Not so good if you bought months ago. So thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate that - you're telling me I wasted a whole lot of money! Shoppers across Sydney are being targeted by professional pickpockets, who've come here from Eastern Europe.

Police warn the gangs have been stealing purses from women's handbags, and even from a mother's pram. The pickpockets are seasoned thieves. On the right, one digs deep into an unzipped handbag as her unsuspecting victim chats with a friend. On the left, an accomplice closes in on another shopper. I think they're very, very good. As you can see from the footage, it's not something you just start doing, it's practice. Security cameras inside a George Street store caught three of the Bulgarian thieves in action. Holding up clothes to shield themselves, they hem in their victim and swoop. The shopper is oblivious. Within minutes, they've emptied the wallet and dumped it. A woman carrying an unzipped backpack is their next target. In another store,

a woman steals a purse out of a pram. The mother leaves without realising. Police say pickpocketing offences in the city jumped 30% last month. And that's just the ones that were reported. They say countless more victims probably just assumed they'd lost their wallet. Two women, aged 26 and 34, will face court tomorrow accused of targeting stores on George Street and in Paramatta. Investigators believe other gang members are still operating here and in Melbourne and are urging shoppers to be vigilant. I'm conscious of my handbag when I'm shopping or on the train. I just walk around, I don't even notice. Pickpockets aren't the only ones out for a quick buck. Opportunists are scamming people who don't know they have cash to be collected from the Office Of State Revenue.

A fee is charged to find the money even though it should be free. David Hope usually fancies himself as pretty good with money. So he was shocked to discover $55,000 in a fund which the bank didn't tell him about, now in Government coffers.

It's easy enough to do and it's silly. I mean, we were silly. But we expected something better from our bank. Despite tight financial times, many others are being silly too. The Office of State Revenue has $120 million in unclaimed riches listed on its website. These are unclaimed insurance refunds, premiums, share dividends, deceased estates. Unscrupulous money sharks are cashing in. One company found David's listing and wrote asking for a 10% fee to recover his money. Unfortunately, there are companies attempting to claim massive commissions for what is effectively a free service that anybody can access on their own. If someone writes to you promising pennies from heaven, don't just take their word for it - see where those pennies are meant to be coming from. Because anyone can look up the site, consumer advocates say

worst case scenario is this becoming an elaborate identity theft racket.

It might be some fraudulent attempt to get your financial and other details for which you can then pay a very heavy cost. To see if you have lost money, go to the link on our website. Fewer people will know his name, but the Premier insists Brian Eno has more fizz than Tiger Woods. Nathan Rees has announced the musician will perform as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival in May. In stark contrast, Victoria is spending $1.5 million bringing Tiger Woods to Melbourne in November. I'd much rather Brian Eno's work on display for the people of New South Wales for three weeks, than Tiger Woods for three days. Brian Eno for four weeks, with all due respect to his Roxy Music days, simply doesn't stack up. For the unfamiliar,

Eno has also produced albums for U2 and Coldplay. With last drinks called on the alcopop tax, the Rudd Government's facing a whopping hangover having to pay back $290 million. The money will go not to drinkers, but to the drink makers who are promising most of the cash will go to a good cause. The death of the alcopop tax gave these girls something to drink to. Cheers! Not that the increased price over the past year affected them. No, I haven't really slowed down at all! (ALL LAUGH)

Nor sales at the bottle-o.

What we lost in our RTD sales, alcopop sales, we made up in bulk spirits. The alcopops tax was booted out last night - Family First's Senator Steve Fielding wouldn't play ball. But the Government says Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull is the one who scored an own goal. They will be calling them 'Malco-pops' around the country into the future. The $290 million in alcopop taxes gathered so far will go back to the distillers. Because the Government is so stubborn, so pig-headed. We don't want to give this money back to the distillers. MR SPEAKER: The member for Dixon... It should stay with the Government for education programs. The liquor companies say that's how they will spend it. They will be putting the refunds that they receive into the DrinkWise organisation. This is hush money and the Liberal Party have fallen for that trick. Hush money for the $1.6 billion tax break on alcopops

that the liquor industry now keeps forever. The Government says that's the really big drink. The Prime Minister summed up his Government's frustration with one unintentional gesture. Diggers in Afghanistan have farewelled their mate killed in a Taliban ambush on Monday. A solemn ramp ceremony was held for Corporal Mathew Hopkins at the Australian base in Tarin Kowt. The 21-year-old, affectionately known as 'Hoppy', was shot during a gun battle with insurgents. Be consoled in knowing that he loved this job and that he was damn fine at it. As the casket began the long journey home, illumination rounds were fired as a mark of respect. Corporal Hopkins was recently married and had just become a father.

A South Coast zoo owner has explained her heartbreaking decision to kill a lioness, hand reared from birth.

Sally Padey has been swamped with hate mail but says tranquilising the escaped animal wasn't an option and the RSPCA agrees. When you have a blink of an eye to make that decision, how do you? A decision to kill one of her beloved animals and it clearly haunts Sally Padey. I don't want to ever want to have to make that decision again. She had hand-reared Jamelia, who, Tuesday morning, got out of her enclosure. Dozens of elderly visitors had just arrived.

It was a situation that could have been far, far more devastating than it already is. She ordered a marksman to shoot to kill, saying a tranquiliser dart could have taken 10 minutes to work. If you use a tranquiliser dart and hits the animal the animal doesn't go down immediately. The dart may well prompt the animal to, you know, attack. Sally has been bombarded with hate mail. That came from the US. This is my life - the animals here are extremely important to me. How do you think I felt having to make that decision? But there have also been plenty of congratulations and sympathy. Animal welfare inspectors will soon be visiting Mogo Zoo to investigate whether any action should be taken but it's hard to imagine it being any worse than what the people there are already going through. For the very first time in my life I made a decision with my head and not my heart and I will live with that. Still to come -

pictures of America's 'Octomum', settling into home life with her babies. Also, the young driver with a lot of explaining to do

after crashing Dad's Merc. Plus, what Prince William told a 10-year-old interviewer. Brilliant, brilliant Alice, that is a keeper. A 16-year-old boy has some explaining to do after borrowing Dad's Mercedes sports car and crashing into a shop. Police say they tried to stop the driver for a random breath test at Kogarah around 2:20 this morning. He allegedly pulled over on Railway Parade, then sped away, losing control of the coupe, worth more than $80,000. The boy was trapped and had to be cut free. Dad's just glad his son's OK but police want some answers.

America's 'Octomum' is pleading for privacy despite putting her private life on the world wide web.

She's complained about the media trying to get pictures as she arrived home with two of her babies but then she released video of them on the internet. If the trip home for two of the octuplets looked crazy from the outside... They're all over and they're making them cry. ..imagine what it was like INSIDE the car surrounded by the swarm of paparazzi.

Are you serious - what am I, the President? As the garage door buckled from the weight of hundreds trying to get in, 'Octomum' called police. My name is Nadya Suleman. I'm coming back to my house from picking up two of my eight babies. The paparazzi is dangerous at this point - they're trying to break down the garage door. It's not the typical homecoming for newborns. NADYA: This is Noah and this is Isaiah. They're pretty content right now. But this is no normal family. Little Noah and Isaiah finally spent their first night with their six older siblings. The rest of the octuplets will be released from hospital when they're strong enough - eventually, two to a crib. Suleman claims she wants privacy but her new home is still full of cameras after she sold her story to a paparazzi website. I still keep telling myself every week it's going to die down,

it's going to slowly, slowly disappear. With six more babies to come home soon, that's unlikely. Actress Natasha Richardson has died in hospital from a brain injury aged 45. Her mother, actress Vanessa Redgrave, flew to New York to be by her bedside. Richardson's husband, actor Liam Neeson and their sons aged 12 and 13 were also there

when her life support machine was switched off. Close friends including film star, Lauren Bacall, visited the hospital. Come on get out of the way - out, out, out of the way! Richardson suddenly fell ill, hours after a minor fall during a ski lesson in Canada. A 10-year-old cancer patient has scored a major TV scoop. Tonight, I'm going to be interviewing Prince Harry. (LAUGHS) Brilliant, brilliant Alice, that is a keeper, that is a keeper. But Alice overcame her nerves. If you were not a prince, what would you be? (LAUGHS) Well, that's a very difficult one. A long time ago, I wanted to be a policeman, when I was younger. And William revealed, he'd been to hospital as a 9 year old. That was for my Harry Potter scar, as I call it - right here. I got hit by a golf club when I was playing golf with a friend of mine. We were on a putting green and the next thing you know, there was a 7 iron that came out of nowhere and hit me in the head. The interview was to promote a children's cancer charity. Sport with Alex Cullen - and to spin or not to spin - that is the question. All will be revealed very shortly, Chris. Ricky Ponting has just announced his team for tonight's third Test in Cape Town where South Africa believe they can trap young gun Phil Hughes. Also tonight,

Eamon Sullivan turns on the speed as he reaches for Rome. The Warriors are set to inflict more pain on premiers Manly by unleashing veteran halfback Stacey Jones for his comeback to the NRL on Sunday. After two seasons in France and a year in retirement, the 32-year-old believes he can again be a force but for his first game back, he'll come off the bench. I think it's a little bit of less pressure on me in that aspect but I guess only time will tell.

And a new paint job means the Rabbitohs now have a home away from home

with their dressing rooms at ANZ Stadium a replica of their Redfern base. World record holder Eamon Sullivan has qualified fastest for tonight's 100m freestyle semifinal at the World Championships Trials at Homebush.

Sullivan was told by medical experts

not to contest the race after recent hip surgery but now, he's the man to beat. He's the fastest swimmer on the planet but a fourth hip operation in January looked set to derail his hopes in the 100m at these trials and for the World Titles in July. His recovery, though, has been remarkable and this morning, he shrugged off any concerns. It does, knowing I've still got a bit more to give in the back end of the 100m and probably in the front end as well. I was quite relaxed and definitely got a few things to improve on.

Sullivan's training partner Libby Trickett has been impressive, clocking the fastest time for tonight's final of the women's 100m. 40kg lighter, Geoff Huegill faces a near impossible task of making the team for the World Titles after recording the 5th-fastest time in the semis. But team-mates are in awe of his comeback. The first time I saw him was, I think, last year when he was at his heaviest. To see him now, it's like a different person. And meantime, British star Craig Elliott has became the first male athlete to be disqualified for wearing two suits under new rules introduced by FINA.

His decision to wear traditional Speedos under his racing suit because of discomfort has proved costly at his national titles. It's quite clear now that to break a world record, you can't have two suits on. South Africa believe they've hatched a secret plan to dismiss Australia's damaging opener Phil Hughes in tonight's third Test. Australia have just named their team omitting Marcus North who's still suffering from a virus. He'll be replaced by spinner Bryce McGain who should get some life out of the Newlands pitch. It's one of the most picturesque grounds in the world and South Africa are hoping they can play some equally impressive cricket. All-rounder Albie Morkel is favoured to make his Test debut after his brother Morne was dropped to fix the Proteas bowling problems. Little bit too short and we've been a little bit too full. We haven't been able to hit that in-between length. Albie possesses that ability - he possesses the ability to swing the ball back into that left-hander. Left-hand opener Phil Hughes has been a serial pest for South Africa but they've settled on a secret plan to dismiss the young gun. The guys have sat down at length and worked out what we, hopefully, think is the way to get him out. The Newlands pitch favours spin bowling but it can be expensive. Bryce McGain and Nathan Hauritz were holding out hope they'd be picked. The skipper was hesitant, giving Marcus North until the last minute to recover from gastro. I don't think there's any real standout reason why you'd make that change. Ashwell Prince and Imraan Khan are likely to open South Africa's batting.

That is all in sport. I will see you tomorrow.

Checking finance now and the share market has closed 1% higher, but Telstra slumped to an all-time low.

The ASX 200 closed up 34 points. Sara's next with the weather and what a spectacular week we've had, Sara? Perfect autumn weather, Chris but that might come to an end with some showers heading our way. I'll tell you when and give you the dam figures, next.

It's hard to complain about blue skies

and balmy temperatures but after four days of endless sunshine, a shower or two would be a nice change. There wasn't a drop in sight today as northerly winds gave the city its warmest top in nearly a month - 28 degrees was 3 above average. It's still 24. This morning was cooler than expected, especially on the South Coast where it fell to 11 degrees. It didn't take long to warm up though

with tops climbing into the low 30s across the western part, which is 5 up on normal. A large high is causing the heat. It's sitting right over NSW, steering warm northerly winds across the State. is bringing rain along the Queensland coast. The low responsible is being monitored for cyclone development. For NSW, instability over the Central Tablelands and North East could lead to a shower or storm, possibly reaching the western parts of Sydney later in the day. Strengthening northerlies will bring a warm end to the week

across South Australia and Victoria, showers increasing in Brisbane and Perth, fine and 30 in Canberra. A combination of cloud and higher humidity will bring a warmer evening. That'll continue tomorrow, with the risk of a late shower or storm in the west. A top of 27 for the city and coast, at Parramatta rising to 29 Penrith, and 30 at Richmond, and Campbelltown. Liverpool There could be some showers on the way next week and sunny - 27-30 degrees but the weekend is looking fine sticking around with the summery heat for the remainder of the week. And that's Seven News to now. thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath, Goodnight.

You got it right here, right now,

I'm angry, real angry.

Tom's tantrum backfires.

Scientology's spokesman blows it, revealing the secret have been hiding. the stars of the church Hundreds of homes cracking up - an entire suburb sinking trying to cover it all up. and the government

Gavin Alder is my name. I work

Today Tonight. Now Today Tonight Gavin Alder is my name. I work for with Matt White. when it comes to real estate, We keep being told that, now is the time to buy. Property experts are saying in these uncertain economic times. is the only certainty that the value of bricks and mortar

pinpointed the suburbs And they've even

but thrive. that will not only survive, Gavin Alder has the rankings. ('GOD SAVE THE QUEEN' PLAYS)

Forget London... ('STAR SPANGLED BANNER' PLAYS) ..and the Big Apple - unaffordable housing, when it comes to not even Hollywood can beat us. AMONG THE GUM TREES' PLAYS) ('GIVE ME A HOME

Could homes among the gum trees most unaffordable? really be the world's

It could be true. A US-based survey has found is the tougest place in the world Queensland's Sunshine Coast to afford a home - the average household income. the average price is 9.6-times

City in the top five. Honolulu is second, and the only US The Gold Coast, the average income, with an average price 8.6-times