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Live. Another gloomy forecast -

the world deep in recession and

getting worse. Hillary Clinton

accuses Pakistan of abdicating

to the Taliban. Rebels

surrender as Sri Lanka pushes

its final offensive. A strong

South Africa. turn-out as voting ends in

Good morning. The International Monetary Fund

says the global economy will

shrink this year for the first

time since the second World

War. Most of the agency's

latest assessment makes for

gloomy reading, growth

forecasts significantly coun

from earlier this year. Significantly

Significantly down. It was

widely expected but no less

disappointing. It cast doubt on

recent hints from the US that

the worst may be over. Overall

we expect the global economy to

decline by 1.3% in 2009, this

is year on year. The weak est

performance by far of the whole

post-war period. Growth would

return in 2010 helped by

return in 2010 helped by strong

policies, but would remain just

under 2% so still well below

what we would see as a normal

growth rate for the average for

the year. Zsh for most of the

industrialised world the

predictions are dour. Japan's faring the worst, the

downturn's across the board including Australia which

officially went into recession

this week. There is still

modest growth in China and India and

India and Asia's developing

nations. The world's biggest

economy, the US, won't get out

of the red this year. The best

it can look forward to is the

meltdown becoming a

slowdown. Consumer demand has

been a little bit stronger. So

we're expect ing growth in

consumption and there has been

some improvement in business

confidence, some signs of bottoming out in housing markets. These are

markets. These are very early

days. We should not expect a

return to growth any time soon.

It's taking longer than

expected to stabilise financial

markets and get credit flowing

freely again to consumers and

business. Until the money starts moving, jobs will

continue being shed, with the

IMF warning many wealthy

nations will top 10%

unemployment next year. That

won't help Asia, where the

won't help Asia, where the boom

economies have relied heavily

on exports to fuel growth and

where the IMF says the focus

now has to shift to boosting

domestic demand if the region's

to stay in the black. Mark

Simkin says although the big

economic engine of Asia, China,

is holding up relatively well,

many other developed nations in the

the Asian region are not faring

as well. Asia is - has a

separate set of problems, if

you like. It is still, of

course, its fortunes are tied

closely to demand in some of

these big industrial countries.

Sow look through the list the

IMF is providing of its

forecast, most of those major

Asian countries are taking

serious hits, some of them looking here at for

looking here at for example

Singapore, 2007 it grou at

7.8%. In 2009 it's forecast to

contract by 10%. That is a

simply massive turn around.

That really is a sign of the

dislocation that we're likely

to see in these Asian

countries. Some of the real

engines of growth in aishia,

places like Japan, are also

places like Japan, are also

going to take hits there, we're

looking at a contraction of

more than 6%. So Asia is not

going to be immune to these

problems. It could be buff eted

severely. Mark, trillions and

trillion of dollars have been

spent on stimulus packages, is

that still the way ahead

according to the IMF? Yes, the

IMF has been quite explicit in

that. This is a rather political

political issue. The IMF says

further stimulus is required,

even though it's concerned

about the lack of public

appetite for further

stimulus. Here in the United

States, for example, stimulus

is a bit of a dirty word,

particularly in Republican

circles, there are real

concerns about the mountain of

debt the United States is building up, real concerns

about putting money into

about putting money into these

stimulus projects in what the

IMF is saying is we do need to

break this vicious cycle of

decreasing demand, decreasing production, increasing

unemployment. It's a negative

feedback loop, if you like the

IMF is saying a lot of money

has to be spent to try and

break that. Therefore it is

arguing for further stimulus to

come. Our North America correspondent Mark Simkin there.

there. The US has warned Iran

it faces very tough sanctions

if it rejects offerses of

engage ment over its nuclear

program am Hillary Clinton says

the US was more than willing to

reach out to Iran but was

laying the groundwork for

punitive action should Iran not

cooperate. She's also warned of

a growing threat to Pakistan

from the Taliban. She says the

Pakistani Government is

basically abdicating to the

basically abdicating to the

militant group. The top level

talks are due to take place in

May. President Obama will host

President Karzai and President

Zardari in talks before the 3

sit down together. Mr Obama

launched a new US strategy for

Afghanistan in which he

emphasised Pakistan's role in

achieving stability in the

region. But there is grow ing

region. But there is grow ing

concern over the spread of the Taliban influence throughout

the country. The Pakistan

Government recently allowed the

Taliban in the Swat Valley to

adopt Sharia law while latest

reports say they have moved

into another district about

110km from Islamabad. In her

first appearance before the US

Congressional foreign affairs

committee, Hillary Clinton had

stern words about the Zardari

stern words about the Zardari

Government's handling of the

issue. I think the Pakistani

Government is basically

abdicate ing to the Taliban and

to the extremists. Pakistan has demonstrated in the past that

it doesn't welcome outside

interference in its affairs.

It's accused India and

Afghanistan of meddling in the

resource rich province of

Balukastan, they claim the two countries are

countries are backing ethnic

separatists. This is the kind

that we have to expose those

hostile agencies, those hostile

countries who are help ing

them. Zsh Hillary Clinton was

also quizzed by the

Congressional committee about

how the Obama administration is

tackling the nuclear threat

posed by Iran. She says

Washington is confident that

diplomacy backed by increasing

diplomacy backed by increasing

ed sanctions will persuade

Tehran to abandon its atomic

ambitions. Iran says it's ready

for constructive dialogue, but

remains stead foos into its

refusal to halt its nook

nuclear program. Sri Lanka has

ruled out an amnesty for the

Tamil Tigers leader as troops

continue with their final

offencive against the cornered

rebels. The Government says the

Tigers are being push nod a

narrow stretch of coastal

jungle in the north-east of the

island. It's announcement not

to pardon the rebels' leader

comes as two other senior Tamil

Tigers leaders surrender to the

military. The number fleeing

has reached more than

80,000. Thousands of people

continue to stream out of the

war zone after heavy fighting

erupt ed between the Tamil

rebels and the military. Up

rebels and the military. Up to

now 81, 423 civilians rescued

from this safety zone since

morning 20th April. 41,070 on

the 20th. 36, 718 on the 21st.

While thousands have managed

to escape, thousands more

remain trapped in the 17 square

kilometre stretch of land still

controlled by the Tamils. The

controlled by the Tamils. The Government says the rebels are

surrounded and the army is

closing in. We have now got

about to one third of the

entire zone, perhaps it's left

about 1-14 square kilometres

with this (12-14). We are

making a thrust more towards

the no-fire zone, filtering the civilian s,

civilian s, bringing them out. While the Government says

it's getting the civilians out

the Tamil Tigers have accused

officials of killing up to a

thousand. It's a claim the

Government's denied while maintaining it's doing all it

can dp to get people out of the

war zone. This can be in fact

considered the largest ever

rescue mission that the country

has embarked on or any organisation.

organisation. And we believe

that the people will move out

of this area. The Sri Lankan

Government has rejected calls

for renewed truce saying it it

can't allow a group recognised

as a terist organisation time

to re-arm. Two senior Tamil

rebel leaders surrendered while

trying to flee with civilians

but the report is yet to

but the report is yet to be independently verified.

Meanwhile, the Indian Prime

Minister has convened an urgent

cabinet meeting in New Delhi to

discuss the situation in Sri

Lanka. It's also pressuring

Columbo to give civilians more

time to escape the fighting

there. The Indian Foreign

Minister says he has appealed

to Sri Lanka for an extended

pause in fighting. Also I

pause in fighting. Also I have

request ed the Sri Lankan

authorities to ensure that the

relief we are sending that

should be distributed through

the International Red Cross

organisations. Indian

politicians face pressure to

protect vank Anne Tamils who

are closely linked to about 60

million Tamils in the Indian State

State of Tamil Nadu. Another

boat carrying asylum seekers

has been intercepted off the

Australian coast. It was

apprehended by the Australian

navy near Barrow Island less

than 50km off the West

Australian mainland. The men on

board are believed to have fled

Sri Lanka. This is the first

boat carrying asylum seekers to

enter Australian waters in the

past 3 weeks. The boat

past 3 weeks. The boat was

detected in the last 24 hours.

It was kept under surveillance

then from the air, and it was

intercepted as I say, as soon

as it entered our migration

zone. It was stopped by the

Australian navy. There were 32

men on board, they're all

believed to be from Sri Lanka.

This time they didn't transit

through Indonesia. We are virtually

virtually certain this boat

came from Sri Lanka. The

Australian Government says the

arrival of more boats is no

surprise. There is a

significant increase in the

total number of people who are

move ing without permission

throughout Asia. Mr Debus

blames the surge in violence in

places like Sri Lanka and

Afghanistan. (Gun fire) but

border protection policy is

highly politicised in

Australia. The country's

opposition blames

opposition blames softer

policies for making Australia a

more attractive destination for

people smugglers. I have no

doubt that tragically there

will be more boats on their way

given there has been no

different message put out from

this Government. Zoo border

protection command is out there

4 hours a day making sure poem

don't reach the mainland - 24

hours a day. It's less than

hours a day. It's less than a

week since another boat of

asylum seekers explode the in

the sea, killing five people

and seriously en- injuring more

than 40. It prompted a massive

rescue ap ration, - operation,

dozens are being treated in

hospitals. Police brought

ashore what remains of the

wreckage to try to determine

what happened. For those who

arrived their immediate future

is clear - they're being taken

to an immigration

to an immigration detention

centre on Christmas Island

where they'll have health and

identity checks and lodge

claims for asylum. You're

watching ABC News for Australia

Network. Coming up - security

stepped up in parts of India

ahead of today's second round

of voting. Near feeble batting

effort, Australia humbled by

Pakistan in the 1 day

Pakistan in the 1 day series

opener. South Africa's ruling African National Congress has

taken an early commanding lead

in the early count of the

nation's elections. this could

be days before South Africans

know the full make-up of the

Parliament. Record number of

The ANC people have turned out to vote.

The ANC has just over 53%

support so far. Casting his

vote for just the fourth time

in his life. 90-year-old Nelson

Mandela braved the cold weather

and a large pack of onlookers to exercise his Democratic

right. The former president was

one of the 23 million South

Africans ren stered to vote in

an election the ruling ANC

an election the ruling ANC was

expected to win in a land

slide. ANC leader Jacob Zuma is

almost certain to become the

next President. The emergence

of rival parties has posed the

biggest challenge to the ANC's

15-year rule, across the

country long queues formed when

the polls opened. Most people

were force to wait for

hours. To many South Africans

this is more than an election,

it's a celebration of

it's a celebration of

democracy. 15 years after the

country's first Democrating

poll, these people still

cherish their right to

determine South Africa's

future. Can you tell me who

you're voting for? That's my

secret. But I think

national-wise is only party

with - we knew suffer for us

is what I can say to you. The

is what I can say to you. The

ANC? Of course. Let's give them

another 15 years, I know

everything will come right. Later a new generation

of voters wanted a change of

Government. Impatient their

lives have not improved under

the ANC. It's been a long time

since I've completed my... In

2004. I'm still sitting there's

no job opportunities. Late at

night after the polls had

officially closed, people were

still queuing to have their

still queuing to have their say

in this Young democracy's

future. No charges will be

brought against any of the 12

men held after a series of

counterterrorism raids in

Britain earlier this month. At

the time the Prime Minister

Gordon Brown suggested a very

big terrorist plot had been

foiled. The group of 11

Pakistanis and one Briton age ed between

ed between 22 and 38 were

arrested in north-west England.

They've all been released now

after prosecutors told the

police there was insufficient

evidence to justify holding any

of the suspects any longer. The

11 Pakistani nationals have all

been handed over to immigration

officials to face deportation on national security grounds.

We think they should not be

deported if there is no

evidence against them. They

can't be tried

can't be tried in Britain and

if they're innocent our

position is they should be

allowed to continue their

studies and live a normal

life. The men still have the

right to contest that decision.

There are calls for an

independent inquiry into the

whole case. I don't say this

lightly, I think it's very important and it's in the public interest for us to find

out why this

out why this occurred and more

importantly to make sure it doesn't happen again so innocent people are for the locked up without any reason.

The arrests took place in a

hurry after Britain's senior counterterrorism officer compromised the investigation

contents of confidential by inadvertently revealing the

documents. The operation had

been planned over many months.

ten in It was claimed the suspects,

ten in Britain on student

visaers s , - visas, had links

to al-Qaeda. It was spoiled n

my view, by having to go

prematurely before the evidence

was fully in place. British

officials are understood to be

working with their Pakistani counterparts to make

deportation arrangements. The Pakistani interior Minister

Pakistani interior Minister has

insisted all along that any

prosecutions should take place

in the UK. Thousands of

soldiers and policemen are on

high alert in parts of India

ahead of today's second round

of voting. A night time curfew

has been imposed in many border

areas. Staggered over a month

to provide adequate security,

the five rounds of voting in

India's elections were meant to

avoid scenes like this. Despite

a large military and police

presence at least five people

were killed after their vehicle

hit a mine in Kashmir, and 200

armed Maoist rebels briefly

hijacked a train in the eastern

state, as they called for a

general strike. TRANSLATION: We

shutdown and will call for an indefinite

shutdown and the public will

become agitated and protest and

the police will take the law

into their own hands and beat

innocent people. 19 people died

am rebel attacks during the

first voting stage last week,

security forces are take nog

risks. Tralgs tras there are

chances - TRANSLATION: There

are chances of disturbances,

border security is in force, a

night time curfew has been

imposed in border areas. We imposed in border areas. We

have deployed both central and

state police. Militancy and

India's anti-terrorism strategy

with Pakistan is a big campaign

issue for the ruling congress

party and its main rival, the

BJP. So far as terrorism is

concerned, zero compromise. We

would like to have good

relations with Pakistan. But

not at cost of the country's security. security. The second round of

voting is the biggest. More

than 2,000 candidates are vying

for seats, include ing Prom BJP

candidate, he has filed his

papers, despite facing charges

of inciting religious hatred.

There has been a shake-up in

the race for Indonesia's

presidency, the country's presidency, the country's

second biggest party Golkar has

dropped its support for the

incumbent Susilo Bambang

Yudhoyono. The split in

Government ranks came after

Golkar accused the President of

being patronise ing, it means

the vice President might now

run against his boss in the

July poll. President Yudhoyono's deputy has long

been regarded as the engine of

the Government. Now that

successful double act appears

over with the decision by

Golkar not to back SBY in the

July presidential election. The

party withdrew its support

after the President continually

refused to say whether he would

choose a Golkar running mate.

The party says it might now

back another candidate.

As the big political party

and all the political party,

the Democrat party, they feel

that the way Democrat and

Yudhoyono treated Golkar party is

is not proper. They're

insulted. It's obvious they're

insulted S Analysts say the

President has been emboldened

by his party's apparent victory

in Parliamentary Leek twos

weeks ago and is confident he

can win reelection with a

running mate from a smaller

party. But Golkar's decision

means the cabinet will be

effectively split until the

going July poll. I don't think it's

going to really matter. The

Government is not going to be

disturbed, because Yudhoyono is

going to take control. It's

possible Golkar might reverse

its decision, but for now it's

challenged Indonesia's

President to risk a reelection

bid without its heavyweight

support. You're watching ABC

News for Australia Network. News for Australia Network. The

IMF is predicting the global

economy will shrink by 1.3%,

the weakest performance since

World War II. Let's take a

check of financial markets now.

The Dow closed down in the US.

Over hints car maker GM might

miss make ig ing its debt repayment.

Yesterday most regional

markets were down including

Australia... Ahead of profit


A year best 6/38 by afrid

A'Has help ed Pakistan demolish

Australia in Dubai.

COMMENTATOR: It's another

wicket. It's the Shaheed Afridi

show. Man of

show. Man of the match, Afridi

helped bowl Australia a out for

168 in the 39th over. James

Hopes top scored for Australia

with 48. Andrew Symonds managed

just two. When Pakistan came in

Afridi and Akmal hit 15

boundaries between them to take victory with 35 balls

remaining. Japan's Kashima remaining. Japan's Kashima

Antlers were big winners in the

group stages of the Asian

Champions League. There was a

win too for another Japanese

side, Nagoya Grampus and for

both the South Korean teams.

Kashima showed their opponents

Singapore armed Forces no mercy

banging in five goals to nil.

It was 2 It was 2 nil 8 minutes before

half-time. 3 more goals

followed in the second period.

Osaka grabbed Kashima's fourth

3 minutes later. two more goals

with 15 minutes to go. Su WAN

are best placed to are best placed to join them

after a win. Two quick goals

just before half-time gave the

Blue Wings a winning lead. Lee

scored the first, Bay added the

second 2 minutes later. In

group E, Australia's Newcastle

Jets were desperate for a win

against Nagoya Grampus to

improve their fading chances of

making the knockout stages, the making the knockout stages, the

Japanese took all 3 points with

a second-half goal to sen the

jets to the bottom of the

group. Ul San has moved to

second place with a one-nil win

in China. Oh scored the vital

goal after 73 minutes. Let's

check the regional weather

forecast for the remainder of

today. cool southerlies are

easing along the southern

Queensland coasts. Should clear

up in Sydney. A trough and

front is bringing a cool

change, thundery showers later

today. Windy with rain in

Adelaide. late showers in Alice

Springs. As a low edges closer

to New Zealand it will become

cloudy in Auckland, showers in

Wellington. Clearing shower in Nuku'alofa.

Nuku'alofa. showers for Noumea

and Nadi. storms over port

villa. Heavy rain across

Indonesia. Heavy rain in

Manila. Gaum mostly sunny, the

chance of storms every where

else. fresh easterly winds will

bring a mostly cloudy day at bring a mostly cloudy day at

times, drizzle in Hong Kong.

Stormy in Rangoon. late thunder

in P Phnom Penh. To naishia, -

North Asia - set to be a mostly

cloudy day in Shanghai and

Pyongyang. A high pressure cell

west of Japan should keep the

day sunny for toky and Osaka. Calcutta will Calcutta will hit the 40s

today. Storms. Dhaka is hotter

on 42. Storms in Kathmandu.

Blue skies every where else.

Columbo storms brewing. You've

been watching ABC News. Let's

take another look at our top

storys - the International

Monetary Fund says the global

recession is much deeper than recession is much deeper than

previously thought. America

accuses Pakistan's Government

of abdicating to the Taliban.

That's the bulletin for now.

For more news and current

affairs you can check our web

site. we're going to leave new

China with parades marking the

60th anniversary of its navy.

Hope to see you soon. Bye bye

now. Closed Captions by CSI