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Tonight, the CityRail overhaul:

Long suffering commuters put new

Terrible timetables to the test.

Terrible train was late. The

parents of a severely disabled boy

make a desperate plea for help.

We have been promised a lot of

stuff that never came through.

Also, the push to ban young

children from watching any TV.

And the Masters Games in Sydney

Prince Frederik. bring back memories for Denmark's

Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods. Also: 2-DAY FM

publishes photos of Jackie O's

injured husband on the net.

final song. And this is it! Michael Jackson's

First tonight, there is a row of

the New City Road timetable which

has cut peak services on four lines.

-- anger over the new CityRail.

Station. Our reporter is outsider Wynyard

Commuters are not too happy at all.

They learned for the first time

that only six of more than 100

promised new train services will

actually be running during peak

hour. As we heard earlier,

commuters we talked to weren't too

happy about this. They were

expecting a lot more and they were

saying that they need new trains, not new timetables.

Please stand clear, the doors are

now closing on Sydney's biggest

public transport shake-up in five

years. Terrible. The plane was

delayed, about 26 people in the

vestibule, if this is the new timetable, forget it.

There were 8,000 extra seats on the

busiest north-west and south-west

lines this morning but good luck

finding one there was empty. If you

look at the train at the moment,

half the people are standing.

They are not doing anything about it.

Timetable tweaking right across the

network kept commuters running to

make connections. But for the most

part, it was just another long

journey into the city, even with

on-time arrivals of 99.6 %.

These new timetables will provide

additional and better services for

passengers. an overwhelming number of

The opposition says CityRail is juggling carriages.

Only six additional peaks services

have been reinstated across the

whole network and is won't address

exists. the massive overcrowding that

The biggest cuts are on the North

Shore where the government is

pushing population growth of up to

33%, at the same time, cutting rail

services by up to 10%.

If you make more services somewhere,

services somewhere else. you are going to have fewer

Services will be put to the test

when school goes back on Monday. when school goes back on Monday.

It is not just commuters putting

pressure on the government. The on-

again, off-again Sydney tramline

could be on again?

Clover Moore has said the council

would like it if the State

Government support of their

proposal. We have heard about this

plan for years and this afternoon,

transport minister David Campbell

has confirmed that the government

it will seriously consider running

a tram line through the heart of

Sydney up George Street. Whether we

see. see it, we will have to wait and

There are fears for a disabled

child with the State Government

forcing him to live with disabled

adults. The boy's family has

accused authorities have not

showing proper care.

Aaron Blinman has severe cerebral

palsy and is intellectually

disabled. Unable to cope, a year

ago, his family placed the 80-year-

inter-state care. old into stake -- the 80-year-old

It is very hard with Aaron. The

child is fed three tubing his

stomach and when he is awake, Aaron

demands constant attention. The

Department of disability has been

trying unsuccessfully to find a

foster home. In the meantime, he

has been living in temporary accommodation with intellectually disabled adults.

These State Government has failed

to find appropriate accommodation

for Aran. We're doing everything we

can to find accommodation. We share

the family's concerns.

The family visit often and take

arrant to his doctor's appointment.

They want him to live in a safe and happy environment.

We are he is settled so he can

maintain the full contact with us

as a family. Disability advocates

say that a shared home for disabled

children would be more appropriate

but the government refuses to set

up a shed homes for children under

12. -- shared homes.

Prosecutors in the Diane Brimble

case have dropped a key part of the

manslaughter charge against a

suspect. They no longer allege Mark

Wilhelm displayed a gross criminal

negligence by failing to treat her

after she had the drug fantasy upon

this cruise ship.

This judge has also instructed the

jury to disregard a photos of Diane

Brimble lying naked on the cabin

floor. Closing arguments are

expected to finish tomorrow.

Former rugby league player Ian

Roberts has clashed with a key

witness over the murder of a

teenage friend. The body of Iran

Light was found dumped in a

construction site just days before

he was to testify against an

Light. alleged paedophile ring. -- Iran

Convicted criminals -- and this

form a Rostand Ian Roberts clashing

heads over who is to blame for the

murder of this Sydney street kid.

It has destroyed everything about

me, but I don't care.

He remains a person of interest

after the team's body was found

dumped at a construction site in

Alexandria. He disappeared shortly

before he was due to give evidence

against a paedophile ring which

included this man who was later

acquitted. Inside Court, the

coroner warned him. I'm not going

to be listening to you carrying on.

I'm not letting you Grandstand time and time again.

The victim's mother gave evidence

that her son at change demands

before his death. When he

disappeared, she feared the worst.

Desperate for answers, she phoned him.

As the afternoon wore on, the

coroner became increasingly

intolerant of his line of

questioning. She warned him to stop

grandstanding, shows and

sensitivity and get on with it.

The inquest is expected to run for 15 days.

A 300,000 dollar luxury cruiser has

been destroyed in an apparent arson

attack. The motor yacht wrapped in

flames after 3am this morning. It

was parked next to a security fence

at the Roselle City Yacht Arena

just metres from a petrol station.

The scientific investigation

indicated that there was probably

accelerant used to start the fire.

A white sedan it was seen leaving

the area at the time.

It seems voters are just as

confused about who should lead the

opposition as Liberal MPs are. Two

new polls today are split over

whether Malcolm Turnbull or Joe

Hockey should lead the Coalition.

Malcolm Turnbull doesn't want to

lead a party that is in serious

about climate change but voters are

not sure they wanted to see Risley

take the liberal helm.

The question is an exercise in futility.

That did not asked of the voters

asking it.

But News poll gave it to Malcolm

Turnbull by half a length. The only

opinion polls I believe are the ones on election day.

Both Paul has agreed that Joe

Hockey is preferred by the Labor

voters the Coalition needs to prize

away from Kevin Rudd if it is to

avoid a drubbing on that election day.

And one will a lovely institute

poll is expected to show that -- a

Is this issue that has seen the

Liberals tearing themselves apart.

The Greens say neither side is

serious. They wanted missions to be

cut by 40% and polluters to pay.

This liberal senator Bill Heffernan gatecrashed the event.

The Prime Minister agrees but is

looking to the Liberals rather than

the Greens to come up with

amendments. We have a plan

ourselves but instead be had

excuses for inaction from our opponents.

Glenn McGrath, still an amazing

cricketer. He is nearly 40, but he

is still a batsman's nightmare.

Glenn McGrath has turned out for

the Dehli Daredevils in the

Twenty20 Champions League. The man

known as pigeon grabbed two wickets

over Sri Lanka's away amber 11.

Also ahead, after a 3.8 kilometre

108 swim, 180 kilometre bike ride,

as Trevor APPLAUSE. At Alexander

has won his second consecutive Hawaiian Ironman.

Will Davidson talks about the

downside of winning the Bathurst

1,000. And we touch base with Harry

Kewell ahead of the Cup qualifier against Oman.

Still to come - the push to ban

toddlers from watching TV.

Plus, 2-DAY FM publishes pictures

of Jackie O's badly burned husband on the internet.

And the Masters Games bring back

memories for Prince Frederik of Denmark.

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This program is captioned live. The

husband of 2Day FM's Jackie O has

been badly burnt in an accident on

the couple's farm south of Sydney.

Lee Henderson was rushed to a

hospital by air ambulance late

yesterday. He'd been burning off

with petrol when he was engulfed by

flames. His face and arms were

burnt but it could have been a lot

worse. He's doing quite well though

now. Photos of the rescue and his

gruesome injuries were posted on

the 2Day FM website. They have

since been removed. Parents are

being urged to switch off the telly

to stop under twos becoming too

to stop under twos becoming too

tubby. New federal guidelines

suggest banning TV for toddlers,

but many parents say that's

unrealistic. Australian children

are watching more TV than ever - a

source of concern for authorities

and guilt for mums and dads. But

parents are taking issue with the first official recommendations on

children's viewing. There's so many

rules for parenting now most people

feel like a bad parent. A government report recommends

government report recommends

children aged 2 to 5 shouldn't

watch more than an hour of

television a day. And those under 2

shouldn't be exposed to any kind of

electronic media. But mum Danielle

is happy for her children to watch

a couple of hours of educational

programs a day. The telly is good

for that get the housework done.

The only other times you've got is

when they're having sleep and when

they don't sleep you don't have

that time either. Dieticians that time either. Dieticians

welcome the initiative but say it's

not practical for the average

family. It's very important for

people not to get stressed about

these guidelines. I mean, they're these guidelines. I mean, they're guidelines. They're based on guidelines. They're based on

research. Just do the best you can

and the key issue is to minimise

sedentary activity. Spend more time

with your kids. Obesity isn't the

only problem the Federal Government

is trying to tackle under the new

guidelines. Research shows children

who spend more than 10 hours a week

in front of computer or television

are more likely to have underdeveloped social, emotional

underdeveloped social, emotional

and cognitive skills. The

and cognitive skills. The Government's Get Up and Grow guidelines will be officially

released next week. Ellesa Throwden,

Ten News. The 000 emergency service

is being bogged down by an

increasing number of unnecessary

calls. Almost half the calls should

have gone to other services and it

seems mobile phones are part of the

problem. Police emergency, Cath

speaking. Hello. Hello. There's

been a big accident. OK. Where is

the accident? Ah, on Pittwater Road.

One of the 80,000 000 emergencies

NSW Police respond to every year.

But 1 in every 5 calls this

operator receives is a nuisance or

a hoax. There was a reported

incident where a lady thought her

DVD player not recording was an

emergency, when clearly, it's not.

Emergency services must respond to

every call, even from well-known

pests which ties up valuable

resources. I would hate to think

that a front-line officer or police

were being diverted to a hoax call

when in fact, a real genuine call

was not been met in an appropriate

time simply because they were

dealing with something that was

non-genuine. Telstra's 000 Centre

is the first line of response. They

receive 10 million calls a year -

half of them are not emergencies.

Police, fire, ambulance. No

response. The popularity of mobile

phones has also seen a big jump in

000 calls. Might find one event, a

car accident got two calls 10 years

ago, now we're getting 20 calls for

the one event. So that has an

impact as well. Police do chase

down the prank and nuisance callers

who can face three years in jail,

but convictions are rare because

many of these callers have a mental

illness or are simply children. One

option having some impact is confiscating mobile phones from offenders caught misusing 000.

James Boyce, Ten News. Denmark's

Crown Prince Frederick has brought

a touch of royalty to the World

Masters Games in Sydney. He also

found plenty of inspiration,

meeting some of our oldest athletes.

The Crown Prince's first official

duty at the games - picking up some

winning tips from Australia's

newest golden girl 100-year-old

shot-putter Ruth Frith. He then

toured the pool deck where he was

told the Aussies think they're

going to beat him in the sailing.

(Laughs) I think if it's part of

mounting up the competition and the

fun of it, I'm fine with being the

bait. But he did have one supporter.

Good luck in sailing! At the

Aquatic Centre, it's not how you

look in your togs or even your

technique that counts. It's all

about passion for the sport and

having a sense of humour. I had a

90-year-old to start off with this

morning. He said he gets massages

all the time so he's OK if I need

him to take his jocks off. That was

Jack Mathieson, proud bearer of

three silver medals already these

games. He only took up swimming on

doctor's advice following a heart

doctor's advice following a heart

attack in World War Two. How many

more are you going to score? I

reckon another two silver and a

gold. But the showdown of the day

was in the women's 100 metres

backstroke where the oldest swimmer

took on the oldest Olympian. 99-

year-old Adelaide gran Margo Bates

eager to show Canadian Noel Morrow

what a few extra years training can

do. After a goggle check, they were

off - Margo just a little off the

pace. She seemed perfectly at ease

but it was round one to the

Canadian. I feel a bit puffed! Canadian. I feel a bit puffed!

Margo, a crowd favourite, coasted

in a minute later with plenty left in a minute later with plenty left

in the tank. I feel as fit as a

fiddle. That's just as well,

there's still six days of

competition to go. Amber Muir, Ten

News. Spring is back but that bad

weather delivered some rain forests.

It is our wettest and five years.

20 millimetres more than the

monthly average. We have had 10

days in a row below average. Today

was half a degree above average. A

good rainfall a cross my South

Wales. The best we go to your wet

rag -- where the photograph. Some great work

great work across be.

Jack wins at 10am goes in the

running for the at camera.

If you have a winning week - where

that photograph pleased share it

with us. A windy and sunny week.

Next - refugee status for Afghan

nationals who arrived on a boat

that exploded. Also, members of

Boyzone rush to Spain following the

shock death of singer Stephen

Gately. And a young brain surgery

survivor achieves what most golfers

only dream of. I didn't think I was

going to get a hole in one. (GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) There's a change in the air at McCafe. Now we're freshly baking a new range of delicious pastries in store throughout the day. Caramel swirls, apricot Danish, choc croissants and all your favourites.

So come and try a new freshly baked pastry at McCafe today. SONG: # A moment just for you. #

This program is captioned live.

Unfortunately for a Monday

afternoon drivers cannot big

problems for our motorways. Be

terrible smash on the M5 at rose

lands. To container trucks and a

car. The M5 will be closed at rose

land. Another smash on the M2 out

to the north-west. Just rapping up

the smash as we speak.

Unfortunately, it has already done

the damage. Traffic back past the

seven hills, back onto the M7 and

unfortunately, a slow run for the

traffic heading out to cover in

front. We have the M4 after a bad smash at Maryland's

smash at Maryland's reopened.

A taxi driver and two passengers

were forced to run for their lives

when their cab was crushed by a

train at a level crossing. The

driver and his passengers had been

trying to move the cab from the

tracks when the boom gates came

down, so they fled. Transport

police just happened to be on board

the train. First thought was, was

everybody ok? Fortunately everybody

got out of the taxi. The cabbie

says he'd tried to do a U-turn

because the passengers were arguing

about the route he'd taken.

It looks as though the Australians

are feeling confident to borrow again.

It is often said that the way out

of the downturn is for people to

resume borrowing to one frees the

credit flow. Today's and EBS

figures show a rebound in people

doing just that. More than $7

billion borrowed from the banks in

August. Lending for mortgages and

business loans is up but we are yet business loans is up but we are yet

to see how the flag increase -- to see how the flag increase --

interest rate increases.

Ahead tomorrow -- National

Australia Bank's latest survey.

42 Afghan men, rescued from a boat

which was deliberately set on fire,

will be allowed to stay in

Australia. The decision is attracting criticism, because an

inquiry into the blast, which

killed five asylum seekers, hasn't

even started. The explosion which

destroyed suspected illegal entry

vessel 36 resulted in five deaths -

and sparked a firestorm of

criticism over the government's

asylum seeker policy. Now the 42

Afghans rescued from the boat have

been granted permanent residency.

At the time I made the comment that

fuel was spread on the boat. That's

now proved to be the case. That

full inquiry should be completed

and certainly anyone who is

implicated in that should not be

given the right to stay in

Australia. Northern Territory

police believe the fire was

deliberately lit, but didn't have

enough evidence to lay charges over

the explosion. The coroner will

investigate the deaths in January.

You don't punish the whole group

because one or two may have done it.

You deal with the justice of the

situation The men are being held in

Perth and Brisbane immigration

facilities after being transported

to the mainland for treatment. The

government says refugee status is

determined independently by the

department for immigration. But

should the coronial inquest result

in charges being laid against any

of the refugees - their status will

be reviewed. Anyone who is not

found to be a legitimate asylum seeker will

seeker will be sent home. That

seems short sighted. It doesn't

seem sensible at all to anyone who

is concerned with this inquiry.

Irish pop star Stephen Gately

reportedly choked to death in his

sleep, after a wild night-out,

partying in Majorca. The claim

emerged as his former Boyzone band

mates led tributes on the resort island.

Arriving in Spain, the remaining

members of Boyzone are wasted no

time in flying out when the news

broke. The 33-year-old died in his

sleep on the weekend.

This was Stephen Gately's last

public appearance. At a TV awards

ceremony last week. Today, his band

mates led the tributes.

It is a huge loss. A huge tragedy.

I extend my tribute to the family.

He lived a life so full. He had a wonderful showbusiness career wonderful showbusiness career and

for this to happen is just terrible.

Boyzone have notched up a string of

hits in the 1990s. Stephen Gately

broke barriers as the first member

of a boy band to come out. Making

it easier for other singers to come

out. If two people are very much in

love, I don't see why it should be

a problem. After the band split,

Stephen Gately had a short solo

career before taking lead roles in

several West End musicals. I think

Stephen was an amazing talent.

His body will be sent home to

Ireland for his funeral later this week.

And 8-year-old is celebrating a

feat most golfers spend their lives

trying to achieve. Jonathan Britton

scored a hole in one of just six

days after emergency brain surgery.

He knocked it right over the water

on the green and it rolled about 25

feet into the hole.

Jonathan suffers from irregular

bleeding to the brain. He puts the

Golden Shot down to his new short

haircut. He is hoping for a repeat haircut. He is hoping for a repeat

performance next time he tees off

on his Lucky 9th hole.

A still to come - the new tell-all

book about James Packer.

Also, a permanent memorial to the

Bali bombing victims to be built in Sydney.

And this is it! Michael Jackson's final song. They look cute, but they're really nasty little things that cause plaque.

(GRUNTS) This is what they're doing. Dentists recommend chewing Extra Sugarfree Gum

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This program is captioned live.

And arson investigation has begun

after a luxury cruiser went up in

flames at Roselle. It was on a

trail ride just metres from a

petrol station. Charges for Iman

accused of contributing to the

death of Diane Brimble have been

downgraded. Long-suffering Sidney

commuters have put City row's new

train timetables to the test. Some

complained about overcrowded

carriages and struggled to make

connections. The system will face

another challenge went school

holidays end. Rough seas are

hampering attempts to salvage

what's left of the yacht which

crashed off the south coast at the weekend.

Pieces of the super-maxi Shockwave

still remain in the waters off

Wollongong. The 24 metre vessel

smashed into rocks on Saturday morning, killing sailing identities

Andrew Short and Sally Gordon. I

can't allow my police to do an

assessment of the area until assessment of the area until its

safe, simply it can't be done.

Prince Frederik of Denmark, who's

participating in the sailing

competition at the Masters Games,

paid tribute to Mr Short. I sailed

against him before, its tragic, its

almost incomprehensible how it

could happen, but all my

condolences to his near and his loved ones.

Police want anyone who finds

wreckage to hand it in.

A memorial for New South Wales

victims of the first Bali Bombings

is to be built at Coogee beach.

Randwick City Council announced

plans for the permanent shrine,

during a ceremony marking seven

years since the terror attack.

Survivor Michelle James, who lost

several friends in the blasts,

spoke publicly for the first time.

I was told I was lucky. That was

and never will be my feeling. I

think we all died a little that

night. Half of the 88 Australian

victims were from New South Wales.

He's gone from being Australia's

richest man, to becoming the

subject of a tell-all book. James

Packer is trying hard to improve on

the achievements of his famous

father Kerry, but it appears the odds are against him.

If you believe what you read, James

Packer hasn't had a good year. He

has reportedly lost $4 billion of

the $6 billion he inherited from

his father and to top it off,

someone has written a retell book

about him. The publicity has been

amazing. I couldn't ask for James

to go out and marred David luckily in public.

All the juicy areas of James's life

are covered. Girlfriends, one tell,

Tom Cruise and scientology. He was

vulnerable because he was reeling

from that disaster. He does believe

needed somewhere else to look for a

reassurance and support. They gave

it to him.

But it was not just James Packer's

personal life that comes under

scrutiny. His business interests

are put under the microscope with

Paul Barry plane close attention to

be gambling interests in Australia.

-- paying. I think crown and other

casinos need to look hard at how they treat them.

The content is full of information

that comes from anonymous sources that comes from anonymous sources

and it has value because people are

prepared to be more candid.

Michael Jackson's haunting final

single has been officially released

after it was leaked on YouTube. after it was leaked on YouTube. Much of Much of the track was produced

after his death.

This is it was to be Michael

Jackson's comeback concert. They

showed that he never had the chance

to do. -- a show.

It was just a take the 50 roads in

a left behind. Just piano music and

vocals. Sony and the rest including the Jackson Brothers as back-up.

But part of the highly-regarded

single was leaked on YouTube only

hours before its official release.

Some speculate by Sony itself. It

will play as the final curtain on

the new Jackson documentary. A

compilation of his final moments

rehearsing at Sony pictures paid

$60 million to own. Selling out

weeks before it was released.

This could be the first in a flood of unheard and Michael Jackson

material with Sony suggesting there

are as many as 100 songs in various are as many as 100 songs in various

stages of completion. A double CD

of all favourites and the new

single is out of this month,

netting a new fortune for the

Jackson estate.

Wright is back with sports and an

Australian continues to make waves in Hawaii.

For the second year running,

Cronulla born Craig Alexander has

taken out the gruelling Hawaiian


Bad news for a rising Australian cricketer.

Class, Phil Hughes leaves NSW's

charge into the next stage of the Champions League.

And a Californian crash-landing for

Aussie Marcus Ambrose in the latest round of Nascar.

This program is captioned live. A

third wicket stand of 90 from Phil

Hughes and Moises Henriques has led Hughes and Moises Henriques has led

New South Wales to victory over

Sussex, at the Champions League

Twenty20 Tournament in India. In

last night's other clash between

Delhi and Wayamba, Glen McGrath

proved at 39-years-old, he still

has plenty to offer. Littered with

international talent - New South international talent - New South

Wales was a hot favourite for its

final pool match. Warner's impact

was minimal. COMMENTATOR: Brilliant fielding.

fielding. That is outstanding. fielding. That is outstanding.

Dynamo Dave caught short for 14.

The Blues lost Smith the very next

over holding out in the deep

The Blues lost Smith the very next over holding out in the deep for

two. The big-hitting Henriques

upped the ante. That's a big one upped the ante. That's a big one

I've seen so far. As Moses

monstered the Sussex attack. Hughes

kept his composure. The exiled

Aussie opener grafted a crucial

knock as the Blues reached 130 on a

slow Delhi deck having traded the

green and gold for his home state

strip. Lee made his mark early. Oh

that is certainly out. Brett Lee on

the money straight away. The

veteran frugal - his four overs

costing just 8. As the Blues

strangled the Sussex batsmen,

Henriques half century with the bat

backed up with the ball. That's a

good hit. Very good catch. He

claimed three wickets - as the star

studded Blues booked a berth in the

quarters. The Aussies also did the

job for Delhi. Glenn McGrath showed

he's lost little in retirement.

Bowled him! Got another one. He

claimed two wickets while Victorian

Dirk Nannes grabbed four as the

Daredevils notched an easy win over

Wayamba. Nannes Bushrangers team- Wayamba. Nannes Bushrangers team-

mates play tomorrow as they also

look to cement a spot in the last

eight. Roger Oldridge, Ten News. look to cement a spot in the last eight. Roger Oldridge, Ten News.

Harry Kewell says the pressure of a

must-win game will bring out the

best in the Socceroos when they best in the Socceroos when they

meet Oman at Etihad Stadium on

Wednesday night. Australia must

collect all three points to keep

its hopes alive of qualifying for

the 2011 Asian Cup. We can't afford

to get anything but a win and have

to go full steam ahead. A thigh

injury means midfield general Vince

Grella is unlikely to play.

Bathurst 1000 winner Will Davison

admits he feels like a holiday

after ending Holden's 4-year

after ending Holden's 4-year

drought at Mount Panorama. With the

Peter Brock trophy firmly in hand,

a tired looking Davison flew out of

Sydney this afternoon and says it

might be difficult to refocus for

the remaining rounds of the season.

It's challenging for some people

because this is such a high. You

know, it's like our grand final

event where you just feel like

going on holiday for two months but

going on holiday for two months but you just can't. Davison is

currently second in the driver

standings. It's a long way from

Bathurst, but former V8 supercar champion turned NASCAR driver

Marcus Ambrose has crashed at the

Pepsi 500 in California. Ambrose

managed to avoid a number of prangs

and was travelling smoothly in the

middle of the pack but the Aussie

couldn't stay out of the trouble

with just 7 laps to go. COMMENTATOR: Oh, trouble! Marcus

Ambrose is involved in that.

Ambrose one of 7 cars involved in

the crash. He still managed to the crash. He still managed to

finish in 23rd place and is

currently in 17th position in the overall ratings.

overall ratings. Australian

triathlete Craig Alexander says his

life has changed forever after

winning his second consecutive

Hawaii Ironman crown yesterday.

Rated as arguably the toughest

single day race in the world the single day race in the world the

Sydney athlete dominated the course

in 8 hours 20 minutes and 21

seconds. He finished over 2 minutes

ahead of American rival Chris Lieto.

Alexander becomes just the fourth

man in history to win back to back

Hawaii Ironman crowns. In the

women's category Britain's Chrissie

Wellington earned her third

consecutive title. The United

States has retained Golf's

President's Cup with a 5-point win

over the Internationals in San

Francisco. Tiger Woods became just

the third player to win all five the third player to win all five

matches in the one event. His six

and five win over Y.E. Yang sealed

victory for the Americans and took

the world number one by surprise.

This is a first. I swear I didn't

know. The Internationals have now

lost all five President's Cups on

American soil. In the day's other

big match, Hunter Mahan fought from

two down to power past Columbian

Camilo Villegas. 19-year-old Sam

Wrench is the lone Australian Wrench is the lone Australian

remaining at the Oakley Pro Junior

event in Bali. Wrench, who hails event in Bali. Wrench, who hails

from Ulludulla on the New South

Wales south coast, has taken a

liking to the barrelling right-

hander at Keramas. He beat American

Nat Young to progress.

Nat Young to progress. I've got

nothing to lose. Wrench faces nothing to lose. Wrench faces

Hawaiian Granger Larson next who

posted the days best score with a posted the days best score with a

9-point barrel ride. Later on

Sports Tonight on ONE at the

special time of 9:00pm - the gun

group one jockey scratched from the Caulfield Cup.

Caulfield Cup. A major accident on

the M5 involving injuries. This is

a terrible smash that occurred at

Beverly Hills. At their accidents

seem we have to trucks and at had

involved. It has happened just

before the King George's Road turn

off. One has still been rescued

from the accident. All rescue units from the accident. All rescue units

are occupying the M5. The delays are occupying the M5. The delays

caused all go all the way back to

my Ascot. There are still rescue

units trying to get to the M5 as we

speak so it is important if you

know anyone who heads from us city

to avoid their M5 and take a back

way through to Bexley. Tim Bailey's

next with all the weather details next with all the weather details

and some very crafty competitors

put a new twist on an old puzzle.

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Not much rain in those clouds.

Plenty of grey in your day but it

doesn't look like it will drop any

in the dance. It has been very

promising. We are 96 millimetres in

the rain gauge to this particular

point in time. We have some hot

north-westerly winds coming and it

is going to make it hot tomorrow.

Sydney will be 25-26 degrees and it

looks like being a windy but drier

and sunny week. They may not be any

more precipitation until around

about Monday or Tuesday next week.

A really good falls. 10 worth got

11 millimetres worth of rain.

Added lower will generate strong

winds across the South East. A few

showers about the sudden interior

and ranges of New South Wiles

tomorrow. Storms will clear the

North East early. tomorrow. Storms will clear the

North East early. Very windy

conditions out of the north-west,

dry, sunny around 25 degrees

tomorrow dropping to 21 degrees.

Clear skies. Saturday will be

cloudy. A fine day on Sunday.

Finally, the Rubik's Cube

phenomenon has made a colourful

return almost three decades on. 450

participants from more than 40

countries rolled up their sleeves

for the World Speed Rubik's Cube

Championships in Germany. An 18- year-old from Japan triumphed

putting the cube together in just

46 seconds. If the personal best

time wasn't enough to put a smile

on his face, surely a share in the

$32,000 prize purse was. That's Ten

News for now. I'm Deborah Knight.

I'm Bill Woods. Thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at

11.10pm. Our first bulletin

tomorrow is at 6:00am. Good night. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING )