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in Michael Jackson's will. Diana Ross named without explanation. A rugby union superstar sacked steps out in Melbourne. And the Cruise family Early News with Ann Sanders. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Good morning. Singer Diana Ross has been named of Michael Jackson's children. as a possible guardian has been filed this morning Jackson's will

have been made public. and the details by US correspondent Rahni Sadler For more, I'm joined the singer's Neverland Ranch. who's outside What have police found? Rahni, good morning.

Diprovan and it is only used in Police have found a drug called

hospital. Used out of the hospital,

people could die because it is so

powerful. A woman who said she used

to be his nurse said he was having

trouble sleeping and could not sleep

trouble sleeping and could not sleep

for more than three hours. She told

him you can not take that drug

without medical care around you

without medical care around you

because you won't wake up. We

understand Diana Ross has been named because you won't wake up. We

in the official will? Yes, he said

he wants Katherine Jackson to raise

his children. If Katherine Jackson

passed away or unable to look after

his children he wanted Diana Ross to

raise his children. He left the bulk

of his estate to his children and to

charity and nothing to Joe Jackson.

Do we know anything about funeral

arrangements? Funeral arrangements

seem to be all over the place. There

seems to be no confirmation. There

is media everywhere. There is more

media than I ever seen. There is a

suggestion that it is illegal to

bury his body at Neverland and they bury his body at Neverland and they

may not bring it up because it could

be dangerous. It will all remain

be dangerous. It will all remain in

confirmed. Los Angeles but none of that is

Lote Tuqiri appears over The career of rugby superstar by the Australian Rugby Union after he was mysteriously sacked last night. was torn up His $2 million contract but the ARU wouldn't reveal why releasing a short statement saying matter. the issue is a standard employment was contracted to union until 2012. The former league star of off-field indiscretions Tuqiri been embroiled in a string in recent years. to challenge the ARU's decision. He's instructed lawyers

by a prison inmate are investigating an alleged attempt New South Wales police

Cronulla Sharks boss Tony Zappia. to solicit a bikie to hurt former an intercepted letter to police. Prison officials have handed

it included Zappia's home address Seven News understands a lesson but not permanently hurt. and asked that he be taught

in the next few days. Police hope to interview a man He is known to Mr Zappia for legal reasons. but can't be named in the Sydney Airport brawl The brother of the man killed has been charged over the fight. was arrested yesterday afternoon Peter Zervas

for two hours and questioned by detectives with riot and affray. before being charged with brother Anthony The 32-year-old was out on March 22. when the airport fight broke

outside his mother's apartment. Peter Zervas was shot a week later

He'll face court today. For the first time in 15 years will gather in Darwin today State and Territory leaders Governments meeting. for the Council of Australian the global financial crisis Leaders will discuss but will focus on closing the gap

and non-indigenous Australians. between indigenous in areas like welfare, It means making a difference and employment and that's what we're on about. last met in Darwin, in 1994. State and Territory leaders A 3-year-old Victorian boy child to die with swine flu. has become the first Australian

the national swine flu toll to nine. His death takes are from Victoria. Seven of the victims The boy's family has requested

of his medical history be withheld. that further details

Victoria's Country Fire Authority The much-criticised chief of

for at least two more years. is set to be reappointed at the Royal Commission Russell Rees has been grilled for his handling of Black Saturday. the commission Senior counsel assisting have accused Mr Rees of being divorced from fundamental aspects

of the responsibility as fire chief.

made a scapegoat Some believe he's been which killed 173 people. for the February 7 disaster Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Hollywood superstar couple with daughter Suri. have been snapped in Melbourne They treated their 3-year-old last night to a visit to the Aquarium before sneaking out a back door. is expected to venture out The glamour couple

again tonight of the luxury suite at Crown Casino to celebrate Tom's 47th birthday. big-budget horror movie on Monday. Holmes begins rehearsals for her at Thursday's weather. Now for your first look warm and windy today. Brisbane will be in Sydney. Fine for Melbourne. Showers and storms or two in Canberra. Windy with a shower in Hobart. Fine in Adelaide. Windy with showers for Darwin today. Fine and dry in Perth. Fine and cool

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - of the national anthem. hear one Australian's new version But next on Seven Early News - denied parole. train robber Ronnie Biggs to avoid the crippling heatwave. And Britons warned to stay indoors (EXCITING MUSIC) Brrrrrr! (ALL LAUGH) (LAUGHS)

ALL: Brrr! # Wind me up, put me down... # # Start me off and watch me go. # Brrr! Brrr! the Sunshine Coast. on quite a show yesterday, The rare whale put thrilling boatloads of tourists. deep blue off Surfers Paradise. Migaloo appeared to glow in the Whale watching tours were packed. rolling swell 18km off the coast Sightseers forgot about the when they saw the white whale. is unbelievable - To actually see it for yourself once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Peter and Liz have been to sea eight times trying to catch a glimpse of him. Ah, amazing. I cried - absolutely wonderful. Oscar Petersen manages a research website dedicated to Migaloo. It was pretty emotional for a bloke. On any other day the focus would have been on the humpbacks But the attention was all on Migaloo. One British tourist was so moved he's considering a white whale tattoo with the date he saw him.

Won't need all the colouring in, won't be so painful. All people in the world should protect these wonderful animals. Cruise operators must keep 500m away from the white whale but Migaloo seems attracted to all the attention. With a few flicks of his tail he moved in close to the crowded ships. He wasn't shy at all. He gave us a fright when he came over quite close - quite quickly towards our bow to give us a look at him. One of Britain's most notorious criminals Ronnie Biggs has been denied parole despite reports he'd be released this weekend. Ronnie was jailed for 30 years for his role in the 1963 Great Train Robbery.

He escaped 15 months later and fled to Brazil

but turned himself in to British authorities in 2001. His application for parole was rejected because of his lack of regret. Not everyone agrees.

Ron had, all times during his life, has said that he's very sorry for what has happened in the train robbery and any upset for what he's caused people. including Jack Wells and his family. So to say that he's unrepentant is absolutely ridiculous. The 79-year-old is currently in hospital with pneumonia and a broken hip. It might not sound like a heatwave to us but Britons are struggling in temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius. A heatwave plan has been put into action and residents have been advised to stay indoors. They're even helping out their furry friends. Tigers have been sprayed down by visitors at the Isle Of Wight Zoo. And gorillas at London Zoo were given some icy treats including ice blocks and iced tea.

Curvy carrots, misshapen mangoes and twisted tomatoes are returning to supermarkets in Europe. The European Union has lifted a 20-year ban against selling ugly fruit and veggies. Until now, the EU believed irregular shaped produce couldn't be sold. The misshapen vegetables will now be clearly labelled as non-standard. European farmers say they're pleased with the decision. Best job in the world winner Ben Southall has arrived on Hamilton Island to take up his role as caretaker. Ben and his girlfriend moved into their 3-bedroom ocean-front villa yesterday. I can't be anything apart from excited, can I? Best day of my life really. Ben's job includes publishing weekly blogs and video diaries about his experiences. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - an exclusive look at P!nk's new video for Funhouse. But next on Seven Early News - Mike Hussey knocks up an unbeaten century in a warm-up clash. And an all-time classic at Wimbledon ends in tears for Lleyton Hewitt.


..and discover honey and almond nougat hidden within. BELL TOLLS The stories we're following on the Early News - Singer Diana Ross has been named as a possible guardian of Michael Jackson's children. Jackson's will has been filed this morning and the details have been made public. The career of rugby superstar Lote Tuqiri appears over

after he was mysteriously sacked by the Australian Rugby Union last night. His $2 million contract was torn up but the ARU wouldn't reveal why.

Hollywood superstar couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been snapped in Melbourne with daughter Suri. They treated their 3-year-old to a visit to the Aquarium last night before sneaking out a back door. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. The Wimbledon crowd has been treated to an all-time classic overnight with Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick slugging out an epic 5-set quarterfinal. They battled for almost four hours before Roddick overcame the Aussie. Roddick next meets Andy Murray for a place in the final. Roger Federer is also through. He faces Tommy Haas in the semis Novak Djokovic. Andy Roddick came straight at Lleyton Hewitt but the Aussie wasn't in this battle alone. COMMENTATOR: Roddick just having a quick look over there at the Fanatics. The Fanatics were back and in full voice. That's the way to return Roddick's serve. Hewitt gave the American a taste of his own medicine and some. Oh, beautiful play.

But Roddick snared the opening set. The second set proved thirsty work for all involved but Hewitt kept pace and his accuracy kept him in the match. Oh, well done, great shot. The unseeded Hewitt continued to play smart forcing the American to dig deep. But the duel went on and on.

Exhausted and Roddick prevailed.

COMMENTATOR: Roddick is the man who

COMMENTATOR: Roddick is the man who

is victorious. Andy Murray stands

between the first place. He

dismantled Ivo to a step closer to

claiming a title. 21 is quite a

claiming a title. 21 is quite a

number. Injury free and I have been

able to keep it up. Once you are in

this kind of position you try to win. He'll tackle veteran Tommy Haas.

The German upset Serbian 4th-seed Novak Djokovic to progress. Mike Hussey is back on top of his game ahead of the opening Ashes Test next week in Cardiff. Mr Cricket was lethal with the bat smashing an unbeaten 143 runs to guide Australia to 8/337 at stumps on the opening day of a 4-day tour match against the England Lions. Hussey did well to negotiate the Lions bowlers surviving scares on 75 and 132.

Get in habit of for long periods of

time. I felt good

time. I felt good but want to do it

again next week. Simon Katich was solid but fell victim to a short ball from Steve Harmison on 95. Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting struggled with the bat out for just one. Marcus also continued his lean trot. The Melbourne Football Club is likely to call a media conference this morning with illness expected to force club president Jim Stynes to stand down immediately to undergo surgery. At Fremantle, Dean Solomon has been suspended for Sunday's match against Carlton. Solomon was penalised for drinking with former Essendon team-mate Mark McVeigh

at a Melbourne bar in the early hours of Monday morning.

He's turned up to training. Mark

McVeigh did not turn up. Fine, he

missed a week. He has done nothing missed a week. He has done nothing

wrong. He fulfilled his requirements

as a footballer. And St Kilda says defender Max Hudghton

is on track to play in Sunday's top-of-the-table clash against Geelong despite an ankle injury. It won't be made official until after game three in the State Of Origin series but Karmichael Hunt will leave the NRL at the end of the year. He wants to explore his options playing rugby union overseas. Hunt says he's not unhappy at the Broncos. His decision is based on a hunger to experience different cultures by living abroad. Meantime, Tonie Caroll is back on deck to help salvage the Broncos' season.

Just not coming together. I am

jeopardising the team, then I will

put my hand up and say I was wrong

to come back. And Kiwi Test forward Epalahame Lauaki has completed his move to Hull in the UK after receiving a visa.

And while Brazil has knocked Spain off the top of the latest FIFA world rankings, Australia has scored its highest-ever position. The Socceroos have jumped an impressive 13 places to number 16, That's all for now. Next on Seven Early News, Thursday's weather forecast but first, live pictures of the media frenzy outside Neverland.

BIRDS CHIRP (French accent) Explore rich Swiss chocolate... ..and discover honey and almond nougat hidden within. BELL TOLLS

'Sunrise' is coming up after the Early News. So let's see what's ahead with Kochie and Mel. Ann, is it time for a new Australian anthem?

One Aussie icon thinks it is - he's even written a replacement. This morning, he'll play it for us. Then we'll see what you think. Also, the so-called wonder drugs that help cut the risk of heart disease. Should more of us be taking them even if we're healthy? We'll get some medical advice. We've also got updates live from Neverland. There are now reports there won't be a public viewing at Michael Jackson's ranch. Plus, Eva Mendes is in trouble over a new ad campaign. Not because it's racy - the critics say she's too thin. We'll see what the experts think. And don't miss your first look at P!nk's new video clip for 'Funhouse'. All that and more is coming up soon on 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country: Another cold front will sweep through South Australia

and Victoria today bringing more showers and gales, while warm north-westerly winds will bring another spring-like day

to much of Queensland and the Northern Territory. A high will bring a generally fine day to the western half of the continent. Around the capitals: Brisbane will be warm and windy today. Mostly fine in Sydney. Showers and storms for Melbourne. Windy with a shower or two in Canberra. Fine in Hobart. Windy with showers in Adelaide. Fine and dry for Darwin today. Fine and cool in Perth. And hundreds of people have been left with egg on their face. in this year's World Egg Throwing competition in the UK. The aim is for a team of two to throw and catch the egg without breaking it over the longest distance. Two teenage boys won for the second year in a row. Ecstatic, yeah, you could say that. We are elated and just extremely happy. I'm sticky. Twice in a row, isn't it Teams from all around the world took part. And that's Seven Early News for this Thursday. I'm Ann Sanders. Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia