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(generated from captions) Good morning. to Ten's morning news. I'm Natarsha Belling and welcome A nationwide manhunt is under way of shooting three people in Melbourne for the Hells Angel bikie accused

into lockdown. and plunging the heart of the city his abandoned car This morning police found is still on the run. but Christopher Wayne Hudson struck fear in Melbourne's CBD. This is the man police believe

29-year-old Christopher Wayne Hudson, the Hell's Angels. member of notorious motorcycle gang been driving was found in the city. This morning the black Honda he'd

after the shooting. It's thought he abandoned the vehicle obtained by Channel Ten Police say this security vision could be Hudson fleeing on foot. Realised that that could be the car, to work I heard it on the radio on my way

and I rang police straight away.

24-year-old Kara Douglas from a taxi The bikie allegedly dragged by her hair stopped to help, shot all three. and when two passers-by

who came to her aid, The good Samaritan was killed. 43-year-old solicitor Brendan Keilar, People who knew the father of three and football. say his two passions were family of all investigators It really strikes at the heart their daily lives to see somebody who was going about to be killed in such a tragic way, go out to the family. so our hearts and thoughts The female victim, and part-time model, a hospitality worker in hospital. is in a serious but stable condition a 25-year-old Dutch backpacker, The second bystander, gunshot wounds to his upper body. is in a critical condition with

carried out on a gun found nearby, While forensic tests are being

and should not be approached. police warn Hudson may still be armed Veronica Buck, Ten News.

the hunt for Christopher Hudson, And with more on joins us live from Melbourne. Detective Inspector Stephen Clark is the man you want? What's led you to believe Hudson

We have had Mr Hydes and identified

are quite by witnesses late last night so we

are quite confident that the he is

the man he we want to speak to end

we are urging Mr Abson, the is

watching his broadcast, to give

himself up at the newest police

station or of anyone sees them to

contact police. Do you have any

idea where he maybe he did? He does

idea where he maybe he did? He does

have connections in Queensland, NSW,

nests - South Australia. He has not

been since - he has not been seen

since 80 copies than a morning.

Diaz unfortunately a large number

of witnesses and the

of witnesses and the St so we're

continuing to take statements from

witnesses in and around the scene

that has occurred until late last night again today. We're asking for

all when Mrs to come forward in

contact crime stoppers. The Jews of

be unable to talk to others seriously injured SLA heavy

be unable to talk to them? They are

still receiving medical treatment.

The young woman was listed as

serious but stable this morning are

the young man is critical of a

hospital. It he is extremely dangerous. What should people do?

If people see ham we urge them not

to approach home

police. to approach home but to contact to approach home but to

paedophile ring Police have smashed a global Internet worldwide including four Australians. rounding up more than 700 suspects The two-year investigation being sexually abused - found sickening images of children some were just a few months old.

It's an ongoing war. an online child pornography ring As quick as police smash and shut it down, internet sex predators open up another. involving two Victorian paedophiles, This latest horrifying case and one from Western Australia. a South Australian The Australian users,

Kids The Light of our Lives. were accessing a chat room called 27-year-old Briton Timothy David Cox, Its ringleader known as the Son of God, to break the sex ring. Police hijacked his identity

Cox is now in custody. We had to take a lot of steps and infiltrate this group to masquerade ourselves but effectively we did do that of the person Cox. and we assumed the identity of images of child pornography. Police have seized thousands

Sickening scenes, were being abused live online. some showing how children Some just three months old.

Images there from everything through to teenagers. from sexual abuse of babies hard drives and MP3 players Australian police seized laptops,

in three States. Three of the four men Today delivers what I have been talking about for some time,

to offenders. that clear and real deterrent Do not go online. because if you do, Do not attempt to hurt our children and we will hold you to account. we will track you down

31 children were rescued including Canada, the US and UK. during raids in countries

Australian children were involved. Police won't say if any

that you can't hide. It sends the message today we are finding you. We are looking for you, a timely reminder to all parents This latest cyber child sex bust of internet predators. about the dangers investigations are continuing. The Virtual Global Taskforce

Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. its third major storm this month. New South Wales is bracing for off the coast Cyclonic winds are brewing with torrential rains predicted. Fed up with the wild conditions, northern beaches residents on Sydney's their front yards. are struggling to keep

of wild weather. This is the result of 10 days

We monitor the beach every day. has been eroded back. We know how much 5 or 6 metres, It can still take about another

maybe 10 metres in some places another major storm can do that. and one major, Two down but more to come. and windy conditions ahead. Experts predicting and wet very dangerous seas develop This particular one will see very,

with very strong winds offshore. with gusts up to 100km/h Some of the very severe winds

could form across the coastal strip to Newcastle. between somewhere from Nowra This low will sit off the coast, winds expected to reach 100km/h. enough to review water restrictions. Dam levels are up, but not high in the snowy mountains. It's a prettier story falling in Thredbo At least 10cm of the white stuff

over the past 24 hours. Driving is a little tricky, but nothing is keeping the snow crowd off the slopes.

Gemma Riordan, Ten News. has been left red-faced Labor leader Kevin Rudd after an embarrassing memo was leaked to the Government. Prepared by economic advisors the 10-page document urges Mr Rudd to ignore recent positive productivity figures that might blunt Labor's attack on the economy. Mr Rudd wasn't honest and he was caught out and his own advisors have now belled the cat.

You can't base an argument on productivity on two sets of figures from the GDP. Kevin Rudd's office doesn't deny the document exists but Labor insists the Government should be ashamed of its long-term record on productivity growth. The baby abandoned outside a Sydney church has been given a new start at life. Doctors have decided baby Joan is well enough to leave hospital

and move in with a temporary foster family Baby Joan will stay with the family until the Children's Court decides her future. She was only hours old, with the umbilical cord still attached, when found in a box on a church door-step. Next we bring you an exclusive report from Baghdad - the incredible story of US soldiers orpahns who were left to starve. uncovering and rescuing disabled

It's a heartbreaking story with a remarkably happy ending. It's coming up after the break.

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American soldiers have stumbled across an horrific case of abuse

in an Iraqi orphanage. Two dozen special needs children discovered close to death in the most appalling conditions imaginable. We warn the pictures in this report are very upsetting.

This was the scene that shocked battle-hardened soldiers captured in photographs obtained by CBS News.

On a day-time patrol in central Baghdad just over a week ago, a US military advisory team and Iraqi soldiers happened to look over a wall and found something horrific.

They saw multiple bodies laying on the floor of the facility, they thought they were all dead so they threw a basketball trying to get some attention and actually one of the kids lifted up their head, tilted over and looked and they went back down until they said "Oh, they're alive"

so they went into the building. Inside the building, a government-run orphanage for special needs children they found more in little bodies tied to the cribs, kept this way for more than a month according to the soldiers called in to rescue the 24 boys. The soldiers found kitchen shelves packed with food and in the stock room, rows of clothing still in their plastic wrapping.

Instead of giving it to the boys the soldiers believe it was being sold to local markets. This is the man in charge, the orphanage caretaker.

His well-kept office shown in this photograph a stark contrast to the terrible conditions just outside this room. I got extremely angry with the caretaker when I got there and it took every muscle in my body to restrain myself

from not going after that guy. My first thought when I walked in there was shock

and then I got a little angry that they were treating the kids like that and that's just when everybody started getting upset. who army medics didn't expect to survive. Hard to believe that this is the same boy one week later

now clean and being cared for along with all the other boys

in a different orphanage located a few minutes away where they suffered their ordeal. When we visited the orphanage with the soldiers it was clear the boys had been starved of human contact as much as anything else. Some still had marks on their ankles from where they were tied. for the Iraqi Government - This is a tough test how a nation cares for its most vulnerable

is one of the most important benchmarks for the health of any society. 13 tourists have been killed and 30 injured after an horrific bus accident in Eastern Germany. Police say the tour bus collided with a truck, forcing it across the highway. The bus then overturned and plunged down an embankment. Helicopters ferried the victims to nearby hospitals. 48 senior citizens were on board the bus when the accident happened.

It's still unclear if anyone will face charges over the tragic drag racing incident that left six people dead in Tennessee. Australian Troy Critchley was behind the wheel of the car and has offered his sympathy to the victims and their families. Investigators are still trying to determine exactly what went wrong as Troy Critchley performed the exhibition burnout, the modified car spinning out of control and into spectators.

The Australian-born driver,

with more than 20 years racing experience, and all of his team have been interviewed by police. But no decision has been made about any charges with police yet to finish speaking to witnesses. That decision will have to be made at a later time by my office about whether and to what extent anybody will be charged for criminal responsibility.

and his racing team expressed In a statement, Troy Critchley

shock and sadness over the tragic accident saying: precautions for the event Questions remain about the safety

but Critchley's team has insisted it only went ahead after the road was inspected and police had cleared the area.

Police have defended their role. Where the burnout takes place is a five-lane street. Two northbound, two southbound and a turning lane. We asked the folks to stay behind the white lines on both sides of the road. A close friend and fellow racing driver insists Critchley would not have compromised the safety of fans.

His safety record was 100%. There were no incidents anywhere that have put him or anyone at risk. The 36-year-old, originally from Queensland, had performed more than 1,000 exhibition burnouts before Saturday's tragic accident. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Pakistan has called for the knighthood awarded to controversial writer Salman Rushdie to be withdrawn. His novel 'The Satanic Verses'

outraged many Muslims around the world when it was published almost 20 years ago. He was forced into hiding for nearly a decade

after a Fatwa death warrant was issued by the Iranian Ayatollah. A senior Pakistani minister says the knighthood is a slap in the face to Muslims and provides justification for suicide attacks. A bakery in Paris Hilton's hometown of LA is cashing in on the heiress's misfortune.

The City Bakery has designed a Paris Hilton Visitor Cake - a cupcake with a file nail in the icing.

The nail file is actually an emery board, so if anybody gets these to Paris Hilton with them or try to break out. The idea is a hit. Up to 75 cupcakes are being sold everyday. Hilton is behind bars after violating her probation in an alcohol-related driving case.

Ahead - the latest on AFL tribunal charges. That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also - Newcastle grabs the opportunity to hold an NRL top eight spot.

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CRASH! So you could win a truckload of cash! This program is captioned live. A truck driver's had a lucky escape in Brisbane. Kevin Quirk's rig was left teetering on the edge of a bridge in the city's west after a collision with another B-double.

Pretty hairy up there, yeah. Long way down. REPORTER: What were you thinking? What was I thinking? I'm gone, straight over, that's what I thought, yeah. The truckie wasn't the only one on edge. Peak-hour commuters faced delays of up to two hours while a heavy tow truck cleared the motorway.

In finance news -

the Australian share market has dropped slightly today after falls on US markets overnight.

A blow this morning for the Western Bulldogs. Veteran Nathan Eagleton has accepted the 2-match suspension handed out by the Match Review Panel. It was a classic jumper punch-on until Nathan Eagleton left the jumper behind. COMMENTATOR: Gee, it was on there. Bit of a combo from both players. The Bulldog has accepted a 2-week suspension.

He'll miss games against the Kangaroos and Port Adelaide.

The Bombers have still to decide if bigman David Hille will challenge a 1-match ban for rough conduct. And Port Adelaide's Michael Wilson has accepted his reprimand for a high hit. In other AFL news, St Kilda co-captain Nick Riewoldt has given the best indication yet he'll stay a Saint beyond this season. In the perfect world, I'd want to play for St Kilda.

on the weekend and to sit there and look at a guy that's played for the club for 20 years, and the emotion that poured out on that night was something that really touched me and I'd love to be in that situation in the future as well. And Fremantle will today continue investigating a nightclub incident between forward Chris Tarrant and Darwin football and political identity Damian Hale. The Northern Territory Labor candidate claims

Tarrant punched him in the face and exposed himself to a female patron. I took offence to that and she did too, so I chipped him about it. I said, "Look, that's inappropriate and I'm disappointed in that,"

and I turned to talk to Dean Solomen and he just punched me, gave me one and then he took off. Assistant coach Mark Harvey is also recovering after he was knocked out in a separate dispute at the same nightspot.

Tim Hodges, Ten News. Roosters utility Craig Wing

is expected to announce this morning that he will join former club South Sydney next year for a four-year deal that will see out his NRL career. Meanwhile, Newcastle skipper Danny Buderus has led his side to a narrow win over Canberra in his 200th game. Newcastle are back in the top eight thanks to last night's win over Canberra.

The Raiders left unimpressed with the video ref after Alan Tongue was harshly denied a third minute try. I'm deadset stunned. COMMENTATOR: I'm stunned. Oh, I'm shocked.

I was confident as ever. I wasn't worried about it at all. I told all the boys that I'd scored the try, there wasn't no doubt about it. Anyway... The decision costly as Knights skipper Danny Buderus proved inspirational in his 200th first grade game,

his mid-field bust leading to opening points off a Jarrod Mullen kick. ...grubbering in behind them. MacDougall chasing through, needs a bounce. He gets a bounce as well. MacDougall made it a double early in the second half. Buderus celebrating his milestone match with a win and man-of-the-match honours. Off the field - and Bulldogs star Sonny Bill Williams and seek professional help has promised to stay sober after his latest alcohol-related drama,

caught by police urinating in a public place.

I know all the bad publicity I've had has all been alcohol-related and I know I've been in this position before. But this time I've come to the conclusion that enough's enough. And both South Sydney coach Jason Taylor and Penrith coach Matthew Elliot have been slapped with $10,000 fines after bagging the refs following losses at the weekend. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News.

Sidelined Wallabies fullback Chris Latham believes he's on track to return to Test rugby after a 6-month lay-off due to a knee reconstruction.

Latham has been training with the Queensland academy squad and hopes to be back for next month's Tri-Nations clash against the All Blacks. My body's feeling as better as it's ever been. My mind's definitely there and ready to go

for that final day. And that day could come as early as next weekend with Latham tipped to pull on the boots for his local club, the Gold Coast. Australia's Annabel Luxford has finished second in the richest World Cup triathlon event ever held. Only 26 of the 42 women were able to finish the race

in Des Moines USA with 34-degree weather taking its toll on the field. But it didn't stop local favourite Laura Bennett.

The American picking up US$200,000 for her win plus a $60,000 car. Aussie Annabel Luxford was just 14 seconds off the pace while Denmark's Rasmus Henning took out the men's event. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

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This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather - and a reminder a severe storm warning is in place for parts of the NSW mid north coast, Hunter Valley, Illawarra, south coast, alpine region and Sydney city. That brings you up to date with all the news.

I'm Natarsha Belling. TTN is next. Good morning. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.