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(generated from captions) I'm not going to say that at all. when he gets home. I'm going to let Jim talk about that for an extra $500? Lorraine, what do we think's in 6, Oh, yeah? $75,000. Well, let's see what's in 15, hey? of China's best wishes. Lucky 7, plus all There it was! Lorraine. And there was the $1,000 right there, Great work. Great work. Let's see the money. Well done, brother. The lovely Miss Emma Gurney... ..and the lovely Quiche Lorraine. Delightfully done. Congratulations. Lorraine, I'm so thrilled for you. Nicely played. $18,929. A fantastic outcome. call it a win for Walter. Although, Jim, you'd have to of the average, come on! You're a dollar shy 'Bye now. See you next time on the Deal. This program is captioned live. leads to new laws Tonight, a Sydney girl's death to protect children in hospitals. being considered Compulsory school driving lessons to stop P-platers breaking the law. after its worst storm in 25 years. The massive clean-up in Brisbane And Hugh Jackman's excitement 'Australia' premiere. ahead of tomorrow's with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. The death of a Sydney teenager

has led to the drafting of a new law in the State's hospitals. to prevent other children dying It'll be called 'Vanessa's Law' at Royal North Shore after the schoolgirl who died in a series of medical mistakes. after years of inaction. Her family hopes it will be passed, after being hit by a golf ball Vanessa Anderson died three years ago.

the 16-year-old's death was The coroner said 'tragic and avoidable', miscalculated her painkiller dosage. caused by hospital doctors who on Christmas Day We burn a candle all day and that's Vanessa, for Vanessa. that's the presence we have and Jillian Skinner Now Opposition MPs Judy Hopwood want to protect other teenagers. a Private Member's Bill They're introducing called 'Vanessa's Law'. It would force hospitals the treatment of children to have a paediatrician oversee in adult wards millions of dollars, It's not going to cost of children but it's going to protect the lives to Vanessa Anderson and her family. and it would be a great tribute In New Zealand there are strict laws in adult hospitals. governing how children are treated there are no laws Here in New South Wales and very few specific guidelines. have closed over the last decade Experts say 30% of paediatric units

pushed in with adults. with more children into an adult ward If you move a child of supervision in general, they don't tend to have the quality

and that lays them open to risk.

Warren Anderson believes have saved his daughter's life. an expert in child medicine would next to me today, I think Vanessa would be sitting without a doubt. The bill will go to Parliament before the end of the year.

a Sydney house A teenager accused of breaking into is in a critical condition with one of the residents. after a fight this Marrickville house last night The 19-year-old was inside

when a man arrived home. Police were called the alleged intruder unconscious and arrived to find on the front lawn. has been interviewed by police. A 26-year-old who lives at the house has been declared A national disaster in parts of Brisbane in a quarter of a century. hit by the city's worst storm Residents feared for their lives smashed into homes as cyclonic winds and hail swept a young man to his death. and flooding rain to Cyclone Larry. It's no wonder it's been compared (THUNDER CLAPS) Late yesterday, swept across Brisbane a spectacular electrical storm large hailstones, flash flooding bringing torrential rain, and 130km/h winds. it was just like a hurricane - Before you knew it,

A 20-year-old man was killed things were flying everywhere.

in a stormwater drain. trying to take photographs a few hours later. His body was found His friend managed to escape. This morning, it became obvious the storm had been. just how ferocious was dumped hundreds of metres away. The roof of this house The owner, lucky to be alive. It was like an explosion. it was just like a huge bang. When the windows blew, No protection for this home either, clearly visible. its bedroom and lounge room

smashed across the street. Another roof, if you've lost your roof, The size of the downpour means you've pretty much lost everything. blew trucks over The storm uprooted trees, and cut power to 230,000 homes. to help clean up. Today, the army was called in have to travel far to find damage. Seven News in Brisbane didn't the studios were flooded. An hour before the news went to air, to make sure the show went on. Staff scrambled Welcome to the Channel 7 newsroom. at the moment. It's about 7cm deep in water will cost tens of millions The clean-up from a storm lasting just minutes. is expected to announce Prime Minister Kevin Rudd new spending projects from the G20 Leader's Summit after he arrives home tomorrow in Washington. a meeting with China's President His final official function was faster progress where they agreed to on a free trade treaty. If it wasn't for the US Secret Service, might have been bowled over Kevin Rudd Chinese photographers. by some very keen of their leader, Hu Jintao, They were trying to get shots who Rudd was on his way to meet. to speed up free trade The two leaders pledged between China and Australia. will continue to grow and grow. China's significance Not just for Australia, and global economy as well. but for the wider regional of G20 nations, It followed the meeting economic agreement which came up with an unprecedented world financial crisis. to try to end the worsening Mr Rudd's now expected to unveil $100 million of local infrastructure projects

when he returns home to a mayors' conference this week. We'll make a decision on what we announce when I get to the conference.

And it may not be anything at all. He's indicated the Government will spend billions more to encourage economic growth, potentially taking Australia into deficit. If governments fail and if we don't restore health to credit markets then that recession becomes deeper. That's logical. Mr Rudd leaves Washington on a high. World leaders adopted many of the ideas he proposed and a new poll shows Australians appreciate what he's doing. His popularity is back up where it was a year ago when he was elected. Sydney has become Star City with some of the biggest names in Hollywood here for the launch of blockbuster movies. Angela Cox is on the red carpet for 'Madagascar 2'. Angela, how's the reception? Ian, about 200 people are down here at the State Theatre and they got to meet the stars, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller when they arrived a short time ago.

I got to meet Daniel Craig

I got to meet Daniel Craig yesterday so that was fun. Those peersing blue

eyes in person. They can't mess with

us, we are so much better than them. This is the second premiere in Sydney in 48 hours, after the James Bond launch. And tomorrow night, streets will close for 'Australia'. Tomorrow will be Hugh Jackman's opening night of nights. But today his role was supportive husband, as Deborah-Lee Furness launched National Adoption Awareness Week. I felt quite emotional, you know, it's really exciting. Deb's just leading the charge, I think she's amazing. The couple will hit the red carpet tomorrow night for the world premiere of Baz Lurhmann's epic 'Australia'. The leading man hasn't even seen the final cut. I've actually decided not so see the movie until the night because I want to make it kind of special, like an opening night. While Hugh's excited, co-star Jack Thompson admits having the jitters. I'm not very often nervous about it all. I don't mean I'm worried about whether it's going to be good or not, but it really feels like a first night. Leading lady Nicole Kidman is due to fly into Sydney tonight, making celebrity snappers even busier.

They've been hot on the trail of 007 Daniel Craig. We're coming up for one of the biggest weeks in Sydney

in a long, long time. Tomorrow's premiere will disrupt traffic. During the morning peak, one lane each way will be closed along George Street outside the cinemas. At 10am a second northbound lane will close. From 2:00 until midnight, all three will shut. There'll be simultaneous premieres in Kununurra, Bowen and Darwin, where the film was shot. It's a real clash of the movie titans here in Sydney. Britain's James Bond, Hollywood's Madagascar but 'Australia' is expected to blow them all away with 3,000 official guests and hundreds of fans in the city tomorrow night. Ian. A piece of Sydney Harbour history is going under the mouse in an online auction. For more than half a century the Manly ferry 'Baragoola' was a workhorse of the fleet. Now she's taking bids as low as $9.

She just sits now. 'The Baragoola' hasn't been on the run to Manly for 25 years. But she did it for 60, could carry 1,500 passengers. We're just hoping that someone will buy it

and do something with it, whatever it be. Just a bit of work. Yes, I know, just a bit of work. Yachtbroker Gareth Venn-Brown is selling her for the owner, who's had enough of looking after a ship. It's an online auction. So, what did you start at? $9. She's 60m-long.

Some work has been done, but there's plenty left. The ship's wheel is gone, but the steel hull is watertight. She still has her engines and generators, and might be worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars as scrap if you could break her up,

but it would be nicer to keep her. There's no reserve - the boat is for sale, and it will be sold. How much money to put her right? Ah, no. It's got to be millions, isn't it? Got to be millions, well it's got to be. So far the highest bid at Grays Online is $4,009. The State Government thinks it can keep more students at school by making it easier to move from primary to secondary. The transition will now involve more than swapping shorts for long pants, with Year 6 pupils going to sample classes with a mentor. Long before Nathan Rees entered the big, bad world of politics, he was scared of entering high school. At the time I remember going into high school, going into Year 7 and I was terrified! I was lonely and I was isolated. He went on to be school captain but the Premier thinks a new transition program will make the move smoother for today's kids. This is the sort of program that can alleviate that sort of discomfort, that sort of stress, that sort of alienation. Studies have shown alienation and lack of interest in school leads students to drop out early. The transition between Year 6 and Year 7 is incredibly important in terms of, I suppose, setting up a child's attitude to high school. The program treats Year 6s to taster classes in subjects like science. We also want to make sure that the information is passed along between primary and high school better about an individual student. And seniors mentor younger pupils.

They can learn to deal with the sort of social circus that you get when you come up to high school. Originally in 30 schools,

it's being expanded to all high schools by 2010. The Premier will first have to deal with angry teachers. They're defying an Industrial Relations Commission ruling and planning to strike on Wednesday over pay and conditions.

The Government's currently getting legal advice to determine if it can stop them. Still to come - police raids over Sydney's cash van robberies. Also, the Iraq war veteran swapping his fighter jet for a spectacular stunt plane. And Miranda Kerr leads the Australian models

at the world's most glamorous lingerie show. That's next.

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(QUIRKY MUSIC) Looking for a home loan takes so much time it's exhausting. Mortgage Choice does the legwork for you and our service is free. Sydney police say they foiled a plan to rob a cash van just moments before it was carried out. A Guildford couple in their early 20s was arrested after police fired gas canisters into their car

at Kellyville shopping plaza. It was a situation where we weren't gonna take any chances both for our welfare and the community. Police say the couple was spotted there previously. They've both been charged with conspiring to commit armed robbery. All high school students could be forced to undergo driver training

to cut the high rate of young people breaking road laws. Senior police are furious at the number of P-platers losing their licence, telling parents to take more responsibility. Michelle Amess has dedicated much of her life to her sons' deaths. Well, we knew Brendon to be a good driver. Three years ago, Mathew, 16 and Brendon, 19 died in Brendon's car. He was a P-plater. Now, Michelle teaches safety to others his age. We need to be much more vigilant, talking about it, educating about the rules.

In 16 months,

1 in 8 P-platers has been suspended from our roads. Of 400,000, 52,000 lost their licence, 2,500 were caught driving high-powered cars, slightly fewer broke curfew, nearly 600 used mobile phones and 22,000 didn't display their plates properly. I'd be more concerned if the road toll was going up, and the road toll is going down.

Many P-platers believe they're unfairly targeted. And because of the few that go and do these stupid things, they pick on all the P-platers. Suspended P-plater Romtin David believes education is crucial. You show someone that's been in a mangled car accident... (inaudible) wreck itself and see what it could do. People don't want to die, that's a fact. Some say all the deterrents in the world - larger fines, longer suspensions, tougher restrictions, won't make a difference. That you can't legislate for impulsive behaviour and that the best solution is educating young drivers and their parents. The Government is considering introducing formal lessons to schools.

I've spoken to the Education Minister Verity Firth this morning and we'll be having further discussions. Crews in California are getting on top of the state's worst bushfires in half a century. The gale-force winds, which had fanned the flames over the past four days

have eased. Firefighters are now starting to gain the upper hand over three large blazes. 800 houses were destroyed over the weekend, leaving thousands homeless. When you come here and get the full scope of this thing, it's just... heart stopped. I'm sorry.

Veteran firefighters say they've been shocked by the scale of the disaster. British actor Reg Varney has died. He starred as the happy-go-lucky bus driver in the Channel 7 comedy 'On The Buses'.

He also appeared in a number of TV sitcoms during the 1960s and '70s before touring Australia with his cabaret show. I couldn't be bigger than I was in buses, you can't get bigger than that. Varney died after a short illness. He was 92. Australia's Miranda Kerr was among the supermodels lighting up the catwalk at the annual Victoria's Secret spectacular. She was one of three Aussies invited to take part in this year's lingerie show with the theme 'Return to Glamour'. Although she looked the part, Miranda says it's hard to appear so good. For a regular show where you have like one fitting, this show, you need like five because everything is moulded specifically to your body.

The show is one of the most-watched fashion events on television. He used to dodge missiles over Baghdad. But now, Australia's own top gun has a new mission. Former fighter pilot Matt Hall will have his precision flying skills put to the test as the first Australian to compete in the Air Race World Championship. 'TOP GUN': I feel the need... ..the need for speed. Ow! Forget Tom Cruise, this is our real-life Maverick Matt Hall. My father and grandfather were pilots as well so I've always been involved in aviation. As a fighter pilot, he won medals for bravery after the "shock and awe" campaign in Baghdad. Hall was almost shot down. Now the 37-year-old from Newcastle is joining sport's daredevils in the Air Race World Championship. He had to learn to fly all over again. Like flying fighters -

I'd be sitting here when I was just learning it'd be like in two days time I'm going to be fly that fighter on my own and you'd go 'wow', but you do it. He has already a very strong fan base based on his background. He obviously was one of the 'Top Gun' trainers. They race at 370km/h with G-forces that send most people unconscious. That's a lot harder than Matt makes it look. If I were to set myself goals, which I generally do because I'm a goal-oriented person, I can not unrealistically say I would like to be in the top three of the series next year. And like that other Maverick, Matt likes riding motorbikes too. Time for sport with Ben Damon and the Eels have a new coach. It's one of the biggest jobs in rugby league. We'll tell you who's got it, next. Also tonight,

the Kangaroos left black and blue after a World Cup whitewash. COMMENTATOR: Slater - number three! And the Socceroos aim to give Bahrain the flick in the desert.

Local boy Daniel Anderson has been given the job of delivering Parramatta its first premiership in 23 years. Anderson today signed a 3-year deal with the club where he started his coaching career in 1991. I regard this position as a privilege and my aim is to give a return to Denis and the board of directors here on the investment they have given me. And Craig Bellamy will return to coach New South Wales in next year's State of Origin series. Kangaroos winger Brent Tate faces a race against the clock

to be fit for Saturday night's World Cup final against New Zealand. Tate suffered a hip injury as Australia smashed Fiji 52-0 in a bruising win at the Sydney Football Stadium last night. Forget the scoreline - Darren Lockyer knew he'd been in a battle. While the skipper struggled to see this morning, the Fijians didn't miss him last night.

COMMENTATOR: A big shoulder from Hayne. Yeah, yeah, he got me. There was a few guys, got a few big hits tonight. Yeah, I think it was just lucky and I was actually on the wing for a rest. (ALL SING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Despite the pre-game prayers, the Fijians didn't have much luck on the night. Gallen's over the line. Brent Tate had two tries and they led 22-0 when he went down like he'd been shot possibly opening the door for the 'Wolfman' David Williams. I saw a sniper. I think it was in the fifth row from the top. It wasn't you? Got him pretty good, no. I've got an alibi. Not saying I wasn't an accomplice. Coach Ricky Stuart believes that despite his hip problem, Tate's still a shot to play the Kiwis in Brisbane. He said he'll give me to game day which is great and mate, I'm just hoping like hell. Not that the Roos are struggling. Billy Slater and Johnathan Thurston grabbed hat-tricks but it was Greg Inglis who produced the moment of magic. That is unbelievable athleticism. Australia should have a full squad to choose from for Thursday's first Test match against New Zealand in Brisbane. Despite lingering injury doubts over Brett Lee and Michael Clarke, both looked sharp in the nets and are set to take on the Kiwis. It's going to be a good game come Thursday and we're all looking forward to it, to get out there and show the world we're a force to be reckoned with. New Zealand haven't won a Test series here in more than 20 years but believe it's Australia who are under pressure. The Socceroos will be stretched to the limit against Bahrain. in Thursday's World Cup qualifier and Scott Chipperfield Brett Emerton, Craig Moore are all missing

but captain Lucas Neill believes in depth. the squad has enough strength when the chips are down We've showed plenty of times

that someone seems to step up and become the new hero and it keeps Australia going. in the World Cup finals A win would give Australia one foot but Neill remains cautious. for complacency There won't be a chance won't allow it. because the manager and I will join the squad tonight. Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill

He scored 7 goals since he went to

Turkey in 7 games. We hope he can

them. keep it up this week. A couple of

Checking finance now and the share market dropped to a four-year low

with investors disappointed by the outcome of the weekend G20 Summit. Shares in Coca-Cola Amatil gained almost 13% after a takeover bid from brewer, Lion Nathan. Sara's next with the weather

and are these grey skies here to stay, Sara? I'm afraid so, Ian. But on the upside, some welcome rain. it looks like they're going to bring after the break. I'll have all the details, for the perfect Christmas presents, If you're searching Dick Smith. there's only one place to go - like this Olympus digital camera. resolution, With a massive 10-megapixel 3x optical zoom and a crystal-clear LCD display. Just $258. And if you buy now, you'll go in the draw

with Dick Smith. Make this the best Christmas ever

Humanising technology. Sydney remained cool and cloudy overnight showers. following some brief the average - Temperatures stayed well below

a top of just 20 degrees in town. Currently it's 18 degrees, but feels more like 15. Last night's showers brought 4mm to Katoomba where temperatures today struggled to reach a paltry 13 degrees, 7 down on normal. Gosford and Terrey Hills got to 19. Liverpool was the warmest on 22. From the satellite the trough that savaged southeast QLD has retreated inland to central parts of the State. bringing more severe storms starting to push across NSW. the trough will deepen And tomorrow across much of our State. extending rain will be over the north-east Heaviest falls in the north-west. with the chance of storms tonight, That cloud is going to hang around

until tomorrow afternoon. but it should stay dry We'll see some rain developing, during the evening. then becoming heavier Tops a bit warmer than today below normal. but still a few degrees 22 or 23 in most suburbs. 21 at Terrey Hills and Wollongong. 17 in the mountains. Brace yourself for a wet week with the chance of a thunderstorm on Thursday. The rain looks like it'll be at its heaviest on Wednesday but isolated showers are forecast for the remainder of the outlook. That's good news for allergy sufferers with pollen levels staying low to medium. And Roscoe, great news for our farmers and dams. And that's Seven News to now during the evening. but we'll have updates

Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross.

Hello. I'm Matt White. a widespread pricing racket. Tonight, to inflate the cost. Butchers pumping meat full of water And the best Bond ever? one on one with Sonia Kruger. Daniel Craig you have just turned 40. ..because I know Haven't you, Daniel.

It was going so well. Yes. Thanks. in just a moment. More of Daniel Craig

over a grandmother who won $23,500 We begin with the controversy on 'Deal Or No Deal' last week. was this - What producers didn't know and had done jail time she has a criminal record for embezzling a huge amount of money. The question is should she now have to give her winnings back? Jackie Quist has the story. 'DEAL OR NO DEAL': I'll ask you officially. Hanne Laura Hahn, deal or no deal? Deal. Done deal. Well done. (APPLAUSE) Another happy winner, but no-one suspected was hiding a dark secret. 69-year-old pensioner Hanne Hahn from your employer? How much money did you steal over the years. It should be around about $400,000 and all the money is gone. It's a big amount of money That was 10 years ago. it feels like another lifetime. For the vivacious grandmother, she was addicted to gambling, Back then, stealing to feed her habit. physically you feel sick It's not only in your mind, sitting on that machine if you're not and pressing the button. and then you can't get out yourself. It's just a terrible sickness at the right time You have to have help a proper professional, and the help has to be but it wasn't there at the time. At the time, of a philanthropic trust fund, Hanne worked for the administrators

earmarked for charity. over five years, pilfering money swallowed up by poker machines The $400,000 at seven different suburban venues. to get this money back I was probably already hooked and, well, then you carry on, you take someone else's money but then if it's available, and this is what happened. Hanne was charged with fraud, In 1999, and sentenced to two years jail. convicted she's turned her life around. Since her release, she claims Her gambling addiction cured, with friend Charlotte Robinson. she went on 'Deal Or No Deal' to split any winnings. The pair agreeing they had no criminal convictions. Signing a contract declaring